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Sorry Sis...

Chapter 2:

Next up, Art. This is a class I can stand. I love losing myself in Salvador Dali's work, or Picasso's, or my favourite work of art, John Bailey by God. I think I already went over this? Well he's in this class too. I sit next to him and we share jokes about other kids in the class, but other than that, we haven't really become good friends. But then one day my younger sister (by one year) did something that would end up being better than anything she could have meant to do for me. Wow... I feel bad saying that haha.

John always made me feel good about myself, wether he knew it or not. I could always feel him looking at me but I'd never look back at him, I just let him stare. I figured it'd be good for him... really I just wished he'd turn out to be a fag. I was constantly staring at him too, and I knew he was doing the same trick for me. Maybe I was just kidding myself.

"Yo John man, what's up?" I said, sitting down in my chair.

"Oh yo Kurt! Long time no see."

"Yeah, I've... been busy ahaha." I was making shit up and he obviously knew. I decided to fuck with him. "How'd my sister treat ya last night? Did you get a goodnight fuck--err... suck--ERR... kiss?" He blushed. AND he was speechless. "Just fuckin with ya... haha?"

"Oh..ha..." He was obviously nervous. I'm about 6 foot, 180lbs. and love to throw out my shoulders and talk in a deep voice to intimidate people. I'm bigger and stronger than John, but as I said, he kicks the shit out of everyone in the looks department.

I tried to lighten up the situation. "Yeah... well I hear you're coming over to meet the folks tonight?

"Mhm... little nervous, not gunna lie." He seemed like it. My folks are really cool though, he's got nooothing to worry about... except of course me losing control and banging his sweet ass in front of everyone. Hm...To some people, that might seem a little intense, but hey, if you love someone, fuck the rest, right? Or maybe that's just me hahaha.

Well if you hadn't already guessed, my sister Sarah had asked John out, and he said "sure". Not the answer she was really looking for, but hey, she was in! As for me, it was perfect. The "sure, whatever" response either meant he didn't care for her, or he didn't care for women at all (or maybe I'm pushing my luck). That, and the fact that he'd be over at our house all the time just gave us more of a chance to become close...close friends.

- - -

I'm sitting in my room listenin to some Daft Punk when I heard the doorbell. I look at the clock, says 6:31. He's fashionably late. I toss my headphones on the bed and run downstairs past my sister yelling "I'll get it!" beating her to the door. I was more excited than she was. I look out the window and nearly pass out. He is FUCKING GORGEOUS. All prepped up and wearing a suit! Blood red shirt, black pinstipe coat and solid black tie. It went perfectly with his tanned skin and brown eyes. I'm such a sucker for brown eyes. As everyone went to greet him at the door I turned around to fix myself (I had to un-tuck my shirt to hide my bone ahaha). Then I strolled up to say Hi.

"Sup John."

He looked over to me, gave me a real cute smile, but didn't say anything.

"Hi Mrs. Vick" He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and she started to glow.

"OH Wow ahah! Nice to meet you John! I've heard great things..." My mom shook hands with him, her doing most of the shaking. I really didn't know what to do. He shafted me! But that smile was kinda interesting...

"Mr. Vick! Nice to finally meet you in person. You watchin the game?" Over the course of the last few weeks John had gotten to know my dad over the phone, and knew that he loved the Montreal Canadiens.

"Yeah we'll leave in a few minutes when it's over. Come on in, Let me get your coat for now." Shit that's right, I forgot we were going out for dinner.

Everyone left the main entrance except for me and John. "Pretty sick suit you got there man." I said.

"Well I like to look nice for you and your family." He looked right into my eyes and gave me another killer smile. Then he gave me a quick squeeze on the ass and turned and walked away.

Holy shit. I felt a warm wave of horniness rush over me. He'd better watch it, I have a hard time controlling myself sometimes... I'll have to teach him a lesson. I ran up to my room to regain control and think about what just happened.

Hm. It's weird that he knows I'm gay... but I don't feel scared, this was the best way he could have reacted! I just wonder what made him so certain that he would be brave enough to grab my ass. Hm. Maybe I can ask him a few things while we fuck later.

"YEAH HABS WIN!!!" Both John and my dad yelled out.

"Ok Frank, time to go, game's over." I heard my mom nag to my dad.

I fixed my hair, brushed my teeth and came out of my room. My mom, dad and sister were trying to figure out who was going to drive. John winked at me and bit his bottom lip lustily as I walked down the stairs. I saw him, but just smiled and looked down at the stairs. Fuck he was sexy.

I don't know what's gunna go down tonight, but one thing's for sure; It won't be long until one of us explodes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now that the ball is rolling...sex is on the way! I know you were all thinking about it... I'm warning you though, in this series there will be a couple non-sexual chapters.

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