This story is about one guy making sweet love to another guy. If you don't dig this shit, then please leave. You're also going to have to leave if you are under the age of 18, or 21 in certain areas, cause it's against the law.


Sorry Sis...

Chapter 3:

We all walked over to my dad's car, and once we opened the back door we remembered that the middle seat in the back that folded down was stuck, and was blocking the seat. My sister groaned, and shot-gunned not sitting with one of us. Fine with me.

I turned to John and said very politely, "Say, John. Would you rather be on top? or on bottom?" I tried not to laugh.

"I think this time I'll hop on top."

"Mhmm." I moaned. We both took off our suit jackets, and put them in the trunk.

I climbed in first, and he sat on my tented lap, constantly rubbing his ass around claiming he was "just trying to get comfortable." My bone was about ready to break through my pants. This was ridiculous. Dry humping right in front of everyone, nobody the wiser.

"Yeah I'm Sorry John, I totally forgot about how lame this car is." Said Sarah.

"It's okay Sarah, It's been a.... fun.. ride so far."

"I'll say" I whispered to him. This kid has one amazing ass, and he definitely knows it.

The rest of the ride John was "getting comfortable" and making small-talk with my sister. I've never seen her so happy but shy around someone. She obviously was in love with him, and he obviously liked her, but you could tell it was just a friend thing. No real magic. That, and I already know how he treats someone he really likes.

- - -

We roll up to the restaurant and my dad waves over a valet. Everyone gets out of the car and my dad hands him a few bucks and pats him on the shoulder. The valet nods and laughs, and we all walk into the restaurant. It's a really nice Italian place, and has tons of good looking guys and girls waiting tables.

"Welcome to Sylvio's, can I help you?"

"Hi, yeah, I have a reservation under Frank V.?"

The man scans a leather book he has in front of him. "For five?" he asks.

"For five." my dad says.

"Alright then sir, follow me."

When we get to our seats the waiters goes to get our drinks. John and I were sitting beside each other so that my sister could sit across from him. He had his hands under the table and was feeling and teasing and rubbing me. I let him do his thing while I look at the menu. After I decide what I want I poke his leg, look him in the eyes to get his attention. Then I turn to my my family and said "Well I think I know what I want so I'll be right back, just need to go to the bathroom."

"Yeah, actually that's not a bad idea... Better now than later." John said calmly and coolly.

It's finally gunna go down. We were both hard and needed relief from each-other.

We headed to the bathroom, me leading the way. I burst through the door and wouldn't you know it, one person using a urinal. I headed for the Handicapped stall, cause it's the biggest, and even has a table you can lower to change little kids on. John headed for the guy at the urinal. I undid my belt, and dropped my pants and boxer briefs to the floor. I unbuttoned my shirt and hung it up on the door. John was just taking a piss right next to the guy, hoping he would leave soon. About a minute later I heard someone leave, then some weird noise by the door. I brought down the table and hopped on hanging my legs over the edge. John threw open the door while unbuttoning his shirt revealing the hottest fucking toned chest I've ever seen. This has to be a dream.

"What was all that noise by the door?" I asked him.

"The towel guy is on break or somthin', so I locked the door with his chair ahaha"

"Goddamn. You're even smart." He dropped his pants.

"Mhm.. well now we've got some 'us' time." He moaned while dragging his hands down my sides. Then he focused on my cock. I had managed to soften it while I was waiting, just to see how he'd get me going again (hehehe).

"Hmm... that's weird. You're ALWAYS big ahah... well, let me fix that for you." He stood up and pulled me off the table. He brought me right tight against his body, locking lips with me. Our naked bodies rubbing against each other was so fucking hot. His skin was so soft, but was tight against his muscles. My one hand on his ass, the other rubbing his silky hair, I started to get hard. Fuck he's a really good kisser! My cock started expanding against his leg, then up to his cock, then up to his bellybutton.

-There was a push at the bathroom door.-

I put my hand on the back of his head, forcing a more passionate kiss. I explored his mouth, his perfect teeth and warm cheeks, and he explored me.

-Another, more forceful push at the door.-

He took his lips off mine and peeked at my wood. "mmm...there we go." He sat me back up on the table, and got down on his knees to suck my cock. I still had my hand on his head, brushing his bangs away so I could see him at work.

-A loud bang came from the barricaded door. Then a waiter or manager or something must have come over; "Sir, please, it must be out of order. You can use the staff restroom. My apologies."-

John started sucking and I started panting. I was looking down watching his muscles in his neck, shoulders and biceps flex. Wow he's into this! He started slurping and I started moaning. He started humming and I tried to tell him to stop. My toes were curled and my eyes were squeezed shut. "Jus--mmmm--I gunna----fuc--" He got the message, took his mouth off my dick and gave me a slap on the face. "What the fuck man?" I asked. I lost my urge to come almost instantly.

"Don't come. Not yet." He kissed me. Then gave me big grin and begged me,"I want you to fuck me REALLY hard."

"OK" I snapped back.

John bent himself over the table and held onto the handicap railing on the wall. What a view. A tight round ass perked up in the air and a toned and tanned back. He he, this was pretty kinky doing it right in the bathroom... I went to prep his hole with a couple fingers, but he stopped me and said he knew he was ready. He said he played with some 'toys' before he came. Fine with me. I took my hard cock and smacked his ass with it a couple times before aiming the head right for his brown button. I grabbed onto his left shoulder with one hand, and his right ass cheek with the other and lunged in.


I got a steady but rough beat going, getting my cock to reach different parts of his body with every pump.

"Fuck YES Kurt..... incred-..mmmm....ohhhhh fuuuuuckk..."

I started squeezing and slapping his bubble butt while I fucked him raw and man did he love it. The rougher I got the more he enjoyed it. I kept workin him in, and found a spot he couldn't help but moan over. I dug into this spot over and over, and he starting backing into me, I knew he would come soon.

"ohh...sh--!!...KURT! shiii--" I felt his body tense up and looked over at his giant hard dick spewing out more cum than I'd ever seen before. Shot after shot, must have been 3 times my average load. He was in pure ecstasy and his ass was squeezing me, making it impossible to hold off any longer. I emptied myself into his hot ass at that moment.

-A few more knocks at the bathroom door.-

I didn't care If someone came in. I'd want them to see who I just fucked, and how much we both enjoyed it. John was still in shock sprawled out over the table. I took some toilet paper and cleaned us both up, letting John recover. I had given one other person an orgasm by fucking their ass, but it was a chick named Candice and she was walking crooked for a week. I hoped John would be fine. I love to fuck hard, and when I'm asked to, what. Am I supposed to say no?

-A voice from the door: "I left it unlocked when I went for break though..."-

I walked over to the door as John got himself together and did up his pants. "Sorry we'll just be a second, my friend slipped on a puddle!"

We got ourselves good as new (except that John could probably use a crutch) and put the chair back. We let in the towel man and I said "Sorry sir, it's just kind of silly, we didn't want anyone coming in. You understand."

"Sure." He seemed to believe us. He looked at John. "You okay kid?"

John had a slightly stunned look on his face still. He didn't say anything. Was he still feeling that orgasm?

"Yeah he's fine.. let's go John." I walked John back to the table and he did his best to act normal.

Dad looked at his watch, "Wow, you guys must be really relieved ahahaha." he joked.

You have no idea. A trip to the bathroom has never been that relieving...

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