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Sparkling Combustion

part 1

Growing up, I was always an outcast. It wasn't that I was rebellious or looked overly nerdy, nothing drastic like that. It was that I was kind of a loner. I didn't talk to people much. Sure I had friends, mainly two good friends. Laura Cressman and Josh Kirk. They were actually pretty out-going and friends with a lot of the people that were popular. If it weren't for the fact that I'd grown up knowing them, I would probably have gone through most of high-school with not very many friends.

Laura was drop-dead gorgeous, as tall as me at 5 feet 10 inches, she had dark sable brown hair with deep blue eyes. A lot of the guys went after her, but she wasn't looking for a least not with any guy at least. Why? Well because she was a lesbian that's why. I suppose that's why we didn't really do much to stop the rumors that we were going out.

We spent so much time together that people automatically assumed we were going out, as people tend to do in high-school. This was three years ago in grade nine, and at that time we'd denied it, but soon in grade ten, it seemed like it was pointless to deny it, so we stuck to it. It's not like we were heterosexual anyway. I suppose it was kind of like a cover for us. By this year, people thought we'd been going out for a little over two years.

Josh always laughed at us, calling us his gay friends.

You guys are priceless,” He'd say, “I mean here you are, doofus number one and doofus number two, both of you are gay, and everyone thinks you're going out.”

Laura would just glare at him, and I'd laugh, for which I'd get a similar glare.

I'd only known one gay guy in my life, actually, I didn't really know him, he just went to the same school that I did. I'm sorry to say this but, Justin Gomes was the gayest guy in existence, well you know what I mean. He talked with a lisp, wore lip-gloss, the tightest jeans in existence, and walked around like he owned the place.

One time I was walking down the hall, and he tripped and broke a nail, and then proceeded to throw a big hissy fit. Even girls didn't do that!

He was never beat up or anything, our school was okay with gay people I guess. He actually had a lot of friends, most of whom thought he was a hoot.

I'd never really talked to him...

I don't think I wanted to.

I didn't have a problem with coming out since it seemed people at my school were okay with it, but I had no reason to. It's not like I was the most social person. I wasn't going to go all out and announce, “hello, I'm Kyle Moore and I'm gay.” I mean, that would be weird.

If I ever had a reason to come out to anyone besides Laura and Josh, I would.


School was pretty much uneventful most of the time. I took the bus to school in the morning and after school so I had to wake up very early. I didn't have a problem with it since I'm a morning person.

Josh took the bus with me, and as I walked to the bus-stop that morning he was already there, waiting for me. He grinned his heart-stopping grin, his eyes flashing a deep amber.

Hey, man,” he called, “what's up?”

I smiled, “Nothing much,” I looked around, “what's the deal, man? You here early or what?” I asked, feigning shock.

Shut up, Kyle. I just went to bed early last night, so I couldn't help but be on time this morning.” He scowled jokingly.

Alright, dude, just don't do it too often or I'll start freaking out.” He grinned and I added, “ You talk to Laura lately?” I asked, grinning even wider.

Josh grinned too, and started laughing, “yeah, I caught up with her yesterday. Gosh, she sounded like she hadn't gotten sleep in days. Priceless. At one point, I was talking to her about football, and she was smiling and nodding along like she knew what the hell I was saying,” Josh stopped and thought for a second, “what do you think? Why is she acting like that?”

I laughed and looked at him, “remember the last time she got that way? Remember the reason?”

Josh thought for a second and then responded with a mischievous grin. “Yep,” he said, “how could I forget?

So who do you think she's stalking this time?”

He made a show of looking around and then leaning in to whisper, “ do you think it could be....a girl?”

No duh, genius. She is a lesbian after all. I think it might be that new girl at school. What's her name?....ah....Marissa. You think she might uh..roll that way?”

I think so bud, I mean, I flirted with her yesterday and she didn't even let up a bit. She just gave me a look and walked away. She has to be a lesbian to give all this up.” He said, holding his hands out as if demonstrating his hotness.

We talked for a bit and then the bus came. This was quite a day, I mean normally, Josh would be coming round the corner just about now, running fast to catch the bus. Josh and I got in the bus and sat beside each other.

On the way to our seats at the back of the bus, I caught sight of a face I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks. Ryan Melbourne. I think I just about drooled at the sight of him. His normally all year round tan was even more prominent after spending two weeks in the Caribbean. His blond hair was a bit longer and looked so soft after all that sunlight.

I walked by him quickly and didn't look over at him again. His jewel green eyes didn't even glance at me. I don't think he even knew my name. Although he was friends with Josh, I'd never spoken to him. I didn't dare meet his eyes when he was around for fear that he would know I found him sexy.

At school that day, I looked forward to my math class, as Josh was in that class. Well, Josh and Ryan, and to be honest, I wanted to see Ryan more than Josh. No offence or anything, Josh was hot but he was like my brother and Ryan...well Ryan was just Ryan. Perfect, so fucking perfect. He was athletic, good looking, intelligent, and good in school. Could he get any more perfect? And to top that off, he was a nice guy and very social.

Well, mainly. He never spoke to me, and those odd times when he actually did look over at me, there was no expression in his eyes. I guess I was just too damn dull for him. Ah, well. He'd still remain the center of my fantasies.

As I sat there daydreaming and waiting for class to begin, a guy walked in that I hadn't seen before. Keep in mind that his was about two months into the school year, so a new person stuck out a lot, especially in a class this size.

He was good looking, average height at about five feet eleven inches, and he had chestnut brown hair. I caught his eyes for a second, and they were what did me in. Aqua blue, and wide, with thick lashes, yet they looked in place on his face. He was nicely built, wide shoulders that tapered into a narrow waist and hot hot legs. I was a sucker for hot legs. Like Ryan's...

He walked over and spoke, “hey, I'm Nathan Brice, mind shoving over your stuff so I can sit?” His voice was deep and friendly, and when he smiled the corners of his tilted upwards in a nice way. I liked him instantly.

Yeah, why not. I was saving the seat for a friend of mine, but he can just sit on the other side,” I leaned over and shoved my bag off the chair. When he sat down, most of the people began crowding in and taking a seat. Some of them noticed the new guy and mentioned something before taking their seats and opening their books. When we were situated, I asked him, “So, obviously you're new. How are you liking it so far, huh?”

This was actually pretty outgoing of me, as I didn't really initiate a conversation on the first meeting. In fact, I only spoke boisterously with Laura and Josh.

Nathan said, “Yeah, I'm new. I guess I stick out huh?” He didn't wait for an answer but just went on, “The school's good so far and the people are OK. I guess people are just down because it's a Monday and all. I'm liking it alright so far.”

I was going to say something but just then Ryan and Josh walked in together. I stopped and looked at them, in a way I was envious of Josh. I wish I could just walk up to Ryan and engage him in some interesting conversation. Josh was exuberant and funny, I was just boring...

Josh saw me and walked over with Ryan. They both took a seat beside me. Josh beside me, and Ryan beside him.

Hey, Kyle.” This was Josh obviously. Ryan just took out his stuff and acted like I wasn't there. Nah, he didn't act, I think he just didn't even notice me. Whatever, like I care...

Hey, man, have you met Nathan. He's new.” I gestured to the good looking guy beside me. When Josh shook his head, I continued the introduction, “Josh, this is Nathan...” I trailed off, having forgot his last name.

Brice,” he supplied.

Yeah, Nathan Brice, “ I said, “and Nathan, this is Josh Kirk.” I purposely ignored Ryan. If he didn't care, why should I care? I thought I saw him look over at me for this gesture for a fracture of a second, but I think I was wrong. Who knows?

Hey,” Nathan said to Josh, smiling in his friendly.

Hi,” Josh replied, and then as if remembering something, he asked Nathan, “hey you doing anything friday?”

Nathan thought for a second before replying with a curt, “Nah, just unpacking and shit. Fuck, I can't wait for the day I'm done.”

Josh laughed and said, “cool, Krista Mcarthy is having a party. Since you probably haven't done anything worth shit lately, why don't you come on down and have some fun with the rest of us.”

Man, that sounds so good. My parents have been all over me, with helping out and stuff. I haven't had time to relax for a while now. I'll see if I can come, alright.”

I guess Josh noticed that Nathan seemed like a nice guy too, since he invited him to that party right off the bat. I wasn't planning on going or anything but suddenly the idea sounded pretty appealing to me. I think I was going to go as well.

Josh turned to me, as if he'd sense the wheels churning in my mind with the force of my decision making. “You going to come this time, Kyle?”

Actually,” I stated, “I think I will.”

Josh smirked at me, and looked pointedly at Nathan. “I can only guess why,” he said softly. I didn't think anyone heard, but I saw Ryan look my way that second. His face was still without emotion when looking at me. I didn't think he was looking at me at all, but rather through me. His gaze made me uncomfortable so I looked straight ahead.

We didn't get a chance to continue our conversation since the teacher chose that moment to stop her stalling and looking around for her notes, she began another unorganized math class.

Afterwards, at lunch I sat with Laura in the corner. Sometimes we liked to sit alone, and no one thought it was weird since we were apparently a couple.

I told her about the new guy Nathan, and she said he was in one of her classes.

He's a pretty cool guy,don't you think?” I asked her, trying to appear nonchalant.

Laura grinned, “I don't know. I didn't talk to him or anything but he seemed friendly.” She gave me a conspiratorial grin, which was unusual as of late, since she was obsessing over a girl. I think Josh and I were right about the girl being Marissa because just then she walked by and waved at Laura. Laura waved back, turning light pink.

Hmm, is there something you want to tell me Laura?” I asked, tongue in cheek, when Marissa was out of sight.

Huh, what?”

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. I know you like the back of my own hand. Josh and I know what's been going on. Why wouldn't you tell us?”

Laura sighed, “what would I say? Hi guys, I like another straight girl, I don't think so.”

Well, you just said it so I'm sure it wouldn't have been that hard.”

Laura smiled then, “I'm sorry, but I just didn't want to tell anyone. I hoped that if I kept it to myself then it wouldn't go so far. I mean, It's not like I have a chance or anything.”

Josh told me that Marissa didn't respond when he flirted with her,” I managed to get in.

And, what does that do?”

Well, she didn't even bat an eyelash, Josh said. That has to mean something right?”

Like what, she's not a lesbian just because she didn't respond to that idiotic pea brain,” Marissa said, “there are girls out there who aren't shallow, okay?”

Well, I guess you're not one of them, since you like Marissa only for her good looks,” I replied.

Laura laughed, “hey, I never said I wasn't . I only wish I was.” She went on more passionately, “it's jus that the sight of her...her...beautiful, big--”

Don't go any further,” I said, “covering my ears,”I don't want to know.”

I was met by the sound of her laughter, which died down when I caught sight of Nathan. He was talking to a group of people, and a further look made me realize that he was speaking with a group of the elite popular girls. He stopped talking to them and began walking again. As he passed by our table, I did something I wouldn't normally do to someone I just met. “Hey, Nathan,” I called out to him.

He stopped and looked around, and when he saw it was me, he walked over to the table Laura and I were sitting at. “Hey, Kyle,” He said, smiling. I just about melted into a deep puddle of goo. “Laura, right?” He stated, turning to her.

Yeah, Laura it is.”

I checked to see how he responded to her. Most guys began flirting right away, trying to get involved with her, but Nathan was a gentleman and secretly I was glad he wasn't being flirty with Laura.

Kyle, you going to that party on Friday right?” Nathan asked.

Yeah,” I said, eliciting raised eyebrows from Laura. I ignored her. “I'm going with Laura.”

I don't know where her house is, and my parents have taken away my car anyway. Mind if I get a ride with you guys that day?”

Kyle, you never even asked me if I was going.” Laura said, indignant.

Whatever, you're going to go because i'm making you.” I told her. Then I turned my attention back to Nathan. “Yeah, you're coming with us. Just give me your address and we'll pick you up on the way. Cool?”

Yeah, man, thanks a lot. I want to get totally wasted.”

I didn't say anything to this, as I didn't drink very often, and I'd only gotten drunk twice with Josh. It had been pretty fun, the sense of doing whatever crap I wanted without having any inhibitions. Maybe I'd have fun that night. I don't even know why I cared about this guy, and I had no idea why I was even going to this party anyway.

Nathan and I talked and it seemed like we had similar tastes in music. We both liked light rock, and hated screamo and hardcore heavy metal. Nathan, like most of the general population, hated country. I know there were people out there like Laura for instance that enjoyed country music, but I personally didn't like it.

We told each other some weird things. Like, Nathan said he said he'd never eaten a peach in about 12 years. He said the fuzzy skin just sort of creeped him out

To which I responded that I hadn't eaten a pear ever, and that I didn't really want to. I couldn't explain nor comprehend it, but I just didn't like pears.

I discovered that Nathan had grown up in California and lived there for most of his life. Then, when his parents got a divorce, his mom moved back down here to Canada. I won't say where to, but for the sake of the story, it's where all the cool people live in Canada.

He said he'd never seen snow in his entire life and was looking forward to the first snowfall. “You'll like it at first, but by the time it's spring and the snow is still not melting, you'll get angry.”

Laura was watching me closely, and I felt kind of uncomfortable under her scrutiny but chose to ignore it.

Nah, I don't think so. I will never get sick of snow.”

I was in a good mood, “you sure you don't want to take that back? You'll end up eating your own words.” I told him.

Nah,I don't think so.” He seemed so confident that I couldn't resist. “Alright,” I said, “How about this, if by the time it should be spring and the snow is still here, and you complain even one bit, I will make you eat five peaches in a row.”

Alright, and if I win, you eat five pears.” he said, laughing.

I held out my hand, “Deal.” He grabbed it, and said likewise, “deal.” I happened to look over at Laura at that moment and saw her looking at me and grinning. She winked! The nerve of that girl!

After a while, a bunch of people kept calling Nathan and kept asking him to eat with them. Man was he popular, and it was only his first day! I guess the girls and some of the boys maybe, saw what a great catch he was and a friendly person. Otherwise, people weren't normally so friendly. So I said, “Nathan, we don't have you in a head lock or anything. Go talk to the poor people.”

He laughed, “I don't want to. You're the only person...I mean people, “ he corrected, looking at Laura, “that actually made a lasting impression. The rest of them are just fake. I'm not going to be rude or anything like that, but I prefer hanging out with you to them.”

I think I grinned like a fool at that comment. Laura told me later that she wished she had a camera with her so she could show me the look on my face. I told her to fuck off.


Friday night, the night of the party, I didn't bother changing out of the jeans and T-shirt I'd worn to school that day. When Laura picked me up, she had big huge smile on her face.

What?” I asked, irritatingly. She'd been smiling at me in that weird way of hers for a couple of days now.

Nothing, hurry up and get in so we can pick your boy-fr...I mean Nathan,” her eyes glinted.

Goodness, let it drop will you? He's fucking hot as hell, does it make a difference? He's straight.”

How do you know?”

I ignored her and got in. When we got to Nathan's house, we waited in the front for a few moments. His house was a nice, newer style with a big front porch and gray white stones making up the front of it. In fact, he didn't live that far from Josh and I. Laura actually lived the furthest.

Which reminded me, “where's Josh?”

Laura was fiddling around with some buttons and seemed distracted, “hmm...oh Ryan's picking him up and they're going together after football,” she said. A vision of the green eyed, blond haired god flashed in my mind, sending a wave of heat to my cock, before anger flooded me.

I really didn't like Ryan Melbourne.

Nathan popped out of his house and jogged over to the car. He got in the back seat and said a quick hello.

I turned around and gazed into the back seat, pretending to whistle, “man, you tried hard to look good tonight. Hoping to score?” Even I was shocked at myself, but I couldn't help it. I was so comfortable around him, almost as much as I was around Laura and Josh, and so my playful side tended to come out when I was near him. Laura didn't even blink when I did this anymore, she'd realized how much I enjoyed Nathan's company over these past few days.

Maybe,” he said elusively. He'd changed into a pair of dark washed jeans that hugged his long legs and a green sweater. His brown hair was a bit on the longish side and looked slightly damp from a recent shower. He was so hot, I almost drooled.

When we arrived at the front of Krista's house, music could be heard blaring from the slightly open door. I was a bit intimidated to tell you the truth, but I pasted on a smile. When we walked in there were people dancing, some people were in little and big groups drinking and having fun. There were even couples curled up and making out in corners.

I was alone. Laura had been ushered away by a group of girls and Nathan likewise. I looked around and saw Josh. He had a cup in hand, and looked halfway drunk. I smiled, and he saw me, ushering me over to him.

'ey Kyle,” he said, “just get 'ere?”

Yeah, but by the looks and sounds of it, you've been here for a while.” I laughed.

Yeah, we have been here for a while,” said a very much sober Ryan, cup in hand. “what are you doing here anyway?”

uh...”I didn't know what to say exactly. I'd never really had a conversation with Ryan before, nothing but an occasional sentence or word or two here and there “I'm here like everyone else...” I finished lamely.

He laughed, “goodness, you're such a loser.” A dimple flashed in his left cheek and I couldn't help but be affected, no matter what he said.

'ey, 'ey, be nice to my buddy 'ere. 'e is a good guy, I tell 'ya.” Josh said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

Ryan gave me a disgusted look and turned back to the group of dim-witted bimbos he'd been flirting with before. I shrugged, and turned to Josh.

'I'm going to get 'ya a drink, okay?” And so I was passed drink after drink until It started to really get to me. Josh and I fooled around and laughed for absolutely no reason. Occasionally we'd look over at Marissa and Laura, who was dancing strangely close to Laura by the way, and burst into laughter. I suppose it was the look of utter shock on Laura's face that made us laugh so hard.

First of all, I think I should let you know, that although I don't drink very often, when I do, I go all out. I get really forward. That's really why I don't do it with anyone but Laura and Josh, because I realized how crazy I get when I'm drunk.

That's what happened that day.

I don't know how long I'd been there at the party, but sooner or later, I caught up with Nathan. I had found my way up into the house and into one of the bedrooms. I wanted to collapse somewhere but found myself looking out the window. Now I was totally wasted but that didn't stop me from admiring the view of the stars outside. I'd been there for a few minutes when I heard the door open.

I didn't turn around but I heard the footsteps approach and stop beside me.

Nice night, huh?” It was Nathan.

I turned slightly, “Nathan, man, 'ow are you?”

He looked at me funny, “you're totally smashed aren't you?” he asked.

No i'm not...” I trailed off. Suddenly I began laughing so hard I thought I would puke my guts out. Soon Nathan joined in and we were both laughing like crazy for god knows what reason. I lost my balance and tripped over him. We both fell to the ground with me on top of him. No one moved or even made an attempt to

I looked around, “ I lied, I'm totally smashed, but let's keep that a secret between you and me okay?” I said, giggling. I never giggled.

Nathan grinned, amused, “alright, it's just going to stay between us, “I stared into his aqua blue eyes, unblinking in their beauty. I could feel his body beneath mine, hard and masculine, sexy. My cock hardened, and I could feel his cock rock hard against my thigh.

His blue eyes surged into mine, unblinking in their perusal, searching for something. A sign. Something. Anything.

I tapped his chest, “'ello...anyone there?”

Yeah, I'm right here alright,” His voice was husky, I felt his hand move to my back, gripping me against his body suddenly. I gasped, feeling our mutual erections rubbing against each other

Are you taking advantage of me?” I whispered.

Maybe,” he murmured, whispering, and as elusive as ever. His face became closer, he leaned in so far, our noses were almost touching. His mouth was just a hair's breath away, and in that instant we were on each other. His hand gripped my ass and pulled my groin to his, pressing, rubbing. Our hands and mouths were everywhere, we couldn't seem to get enough.

I took a deep breath and pulled away for a second. “what do you want?” My voice was ragged.

You...just you.” And he was on me again, pressing, sucking, licking, and it was too much too soon. I was feverish, pulling at his skin, lifting his sweater, licking his nipples, biting them, sucking on his tongue. I wanted more.

I gazed into his eyes. “Don't regret anything.”

I won't,” sucking on my neck, “never,” licking my collar bone, “ever,” groan.

You better not,” and I pulled his face to mine again, searching for his tongue, fusing my mouth with his. Words were lost as our bodies took over and sounds and noises were all that could be heard echoing in the moonlight.

Neither one of us were aware of the bright eyes flashing at us from behind the slightly open door.

None of us knew what was in store.