Sparkling Combustion

Part 10

The next week went by in a flash. The weather was still going up and down. One morning it would be really hot, the next it would be chilly again. The good thing was that there was officially no more snow!

I wished I lived somewhere hot, somewhere up in the states like California. I really didn't like snow very much and wasn't into winter sports either. Occasionally, I went Skiing and tubing (which wasn't technically a sport, but was really fun). However, I really didn't enjoy Hockey or pretty much any winter sport. I tried it as a kid, but didn't get into it. I tried soccer as well and played for a couple of years before I gave it up too. Organized team sports didn't really hold my interest for long. I did go out for a run every once in a while though; I suppose that was good enough.

Lunch-time was the best that week. There were a lot of projects and assignments being given out right now and classes weren't too fun. That made me appreciate it even more so. Ryan, Nathan, Josh and I didn't go out for lunch like we'd done previously. I would sit at my usual table with Nathan and Laura (Josh joining in every once in a while), across from Ryan's table. Every few minutes our eyes would meet and Ryan would make a funny face or slyly wink at me, his dimple flashing and making me want to eat him rather then my sandwich.

It really felt good to mess around with him like that and I didn't want it to end anytime soon, I admitted to myself finally. I wanted to hold on to him for just a bit longer.

Nathan's little fight with me went ignored the next time we'd seen each other, and we continued to act as if nothing had happened. He still made no effort to hide his distaste for Ryan, but never voiced it aloud—which I appreciated. If I were to remain friends with Ryan, which I hoped so, I didn't know how I would keep a balance between those two.

Ryan and I hadn't gotten the chance to really hang out in a while. With the both of us really busy with school and all, it'd been difficult to sneak in some time. We did manage to make out a few times, but nothing beyond that. Ryan was beginning to open up and his attitude seemed different. I have to admit it made me happy to notice this new development.

The Friday before the long weekend, I'd finally handed in all the stupid assignments and was standing at my locker. A relieved and stress-less feeling in my chest as I emptied out my backpack and only put in the books I would definitely need. That feeling of relaxation and the knowledge that I would get to go home and just chill, was so good I could taste it. I would leave all my homework till Monday evening, when I had to do it.

Hey there, Stranger.” Josh said, walking up to his locker which was only about three meters away from mine. “What's up?”

I slung my backpack over a shoulder and replied. “Nothing much. I'm so damn tired.”

Yeah I know, same here,” he yawned, “Any plans for the weekend?”

Nope, I am just going to sleep it out. You?”

Well, there's a party...” He pointed out.

There's always a party.” I said, laughing.

Yeah, well the weather's finally good so I might be going. Wanna come?”

Not this time buddy, sorry.” I really was. I just wasn't in the mood for a party.

He frowned. “We never really hang out anymore. Just you and I, and Laura.” He said.

Hey,” I said, “it's all good, okay? There are other people, and there will be in the future, but no one gets in the way of our friendship. Even if we don't really hang out we're all still going to be the best of friends, us three.” I grinned, thinking of something. “We represent unity and peace don't we? The gay guy, the lesbian, and the straight-guy. The best of friends.”

Josh gave me a hug, grinning wide. “You really do have a way with words.”

What can I say? I'm a talented man.” I stated, going for egotistical.

Little boy, more like it.”

We both burst out laughing. “Fuck you.”

Nope. No chance of that.”

So how are things with the girlfriend?” I asked finally.

We broke up.”

When?” I said, with a chuckle.

Today,” he said, in a matter-of-fact way. “She just wasn't right for me.”

Josh, Josh, Josh. Sometime I wonder when you're going to find your way.”

Into the right girl's pussy?” He wondered aloud, completely serious.

I laughed, “No, you idiot. I meant In life. All you can think about is sex though.”

Hey, what can I say? I'm a healthy teenager.” Josh declared in a booming voice.

I heard chuckling and then a quick, “Are you sure, Josh?” Before I finally saw Ryan standing behind Josh. He had some papers in hand, that looked suspiciously like a list of invalidated absences from school, and a text book in the other hand.

Melbourne, what are you doing here so late on a Friday?” It was Josh who said this.

He gestured to the papers in his hand. “Got in trouble for my invalidated absences. Gotta go home and get these validated. If I don't, I get suspended.” My suspicion was proven correct.

Good going.” I told him.

Shut up, you skip as often as I do—if not more.” His eyes had a friendly sparkle to them, despite his words. “Except you don't get caught.” He added sheepishly.

You're right about that.” Josh said, looking at me. “He does skip a lot.”

The difference between you guys and me, is that I'm smart about it and I don't get caught.” I huffed.

You heading home?” Ryan asked the both of us, ignoring what I'd just said. He asked us both but was really looking at me. Even Josh noticed this because he looked back and forth between the two of us with a questioning look in his eyes.

Yeah,” I said, “taking the bus with Josh.”

I can give you guys a ride.” Ryan offered. He looked so hot today in his casual jeans and green Abercrombie and Fitch sweater. The exact shade of his eyes. His broad shoulders were accented by the material of the sweater and his skin had a healthy glow.

No my mom's going to pick me up actually. Kyle can come with me.” Josh told him.

Do you guys want to come over to my place to hang out then?” Ryan was persistent. “It's Friday and I have no it'd be cool.”


I don't--”

Josh and I both said at the same time. Josh looked at me in surprise at my answer to the question. He thought Ryan and I still hated each other but remained civil. Little did he know...

Well, I can't but if Kyle...” He trailed off, confused.

Kyle, you can come, right?” Ryan asked me.

Yeah, I have nothing exciting planned.” I told him.

Great, let's go. See you later, Josh.” He grabbed my shoulder and was leading me out already! How could I protest when he weighed so much more then me?

See ya' Josh,” I called out, bemused by the shocked expression on his face.

Ryan led me out of the school, around and into the back parking lot where he usually parked his car. When we were situated in his car, I finally asked him. “What the hell was that about?”

What do you mean?” He genuinely asked.

Well, I thought you wanted to keep --this--” I gestured to us, “under tabs.”

We're friends, right?”

Well, yeah I mean--”

Then why do we have to hide being friends from anyone?”

I though you wanted to--”

I never said that. I just want to keep a low profile on our sexual relationship. There's nothing wrong with being friends in front of everybody is there?”


Then it's all good. I'm just sick of hiding our friendship and pretending that I don't know you that well. I don't give a crap anymore. I hate that I can't just walk up to you at your locker and talk to you, or just be with you without being in a group situation. I'm your friend and we don't need to hide that.”

Wow.” I said.

Yeah. Now we don't have to act all sly and steal glances at each other during lunch. I can just sit with you.”

Uh-huh.” I said, still pretty overwhelmed. He reached out and mussed my hair. “You look cute when you're confused.”

Uh-huh,” I mumbled. Cute? Cute?

I am not cute.

Yes you are.”

Hot, sexy, those I prefer.” I pointed out. “But cute?”

Well, you're those things too, but you're still cute.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okie-dokie.”

See that was cute.”

Ryan, shut the hell up.” I told him. “Sometimes it's better when you're an ass-hole.” I only meant it as a joke of course.

Fine, fine.”

We pulled up in his driveway and exited the car. When we got inside, the first thing I noticed was the luggage in the hallway. The next was the woman standing by the double doors that led into the living room. She had a file in her hand and was flipping through it casually. Her hair was a shade of blonde that was identical to Ryan's. It was styled fashionably and hung perfectly straight. When she looked up, I found myself looking into a pair of green eyes that were the same shade as Ryan's but lacked the familiar warmth. Her mouth was thin and serious and when she saw Ryan, a ghost of smile lingered on those lips.

Ryan's eyes were expressionless as he greeted his mom. “Hello, Cindy. How was your business trip?” I didn't even flinch when he used his mom's first name. Ryan had told me he wasn't very close to his parents.

It was successful. I got a great tan out of it at least.” She smiled, not even looking at me. “Your dad's not back yet?”

No he's scheduled to be back in town sometime next week.” Ryan responded. His mom simply nodded. “You're back early.” He pointed out.

Well, yes, I finished early.”She said simply. Finally she turned her cold gaze onto me, “And who's this, Ryan?”

This is my friend, Kyle Moore. Kyle, this is my Mom Cindy Melbourne.”

I smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Melbourne.” I felt like I was watching some sort of business transaction, not a mother greeting her son after a few weeks of not seeing him.

Pleased to meet you.” She looked at me real hard. “ You remind me of someone. Is your mom's name, by any chance, Bella Moore?” She asked.

Yes,” I replied, “Yes it is.”

Ah, a wonderful woman. I knew her quite well at one point in my life. Sadly, it wasn't exactly a great point in my life.”

I nodded, getting the message. If she'd known my mom...and it hadn't been at such a hot time in her life, it was probably because she had been her patient at the time. I'd have to ask my mom about that sometime.

Say hi to your mom for me, will you Kyle? Anyway, I'm tired and I think I'll drink some coffee and then take a nap.” She waved and then was off.

When she disappeared, Ryan rolled his eyes and told me to follow him upstairs. “That's why I want to leave this place so bad.” Ryan told me quietly when we were in his room. “She's like a cold machine.”

Ryan, she's you're mom.”

Well, she's not that great at it. I mean, it's not like she wants me.”

She seemed okay.”

Ryan chuckled. “She doesn't torture me or abuse me verbally or even physically. She's just so damned mechanical and unfeeling. I'd actually like it if she was mean, but she's not. She just never wanted kids. She doesn't care about me. She likes me but she doesn't give a crap. If she found out about us, she'd be so mechanical and disgustingly frigid.”

Is she homophobic?”

She's a clean freak, and she thinks gay people are dirty. If she found out she'd calmly and coolly tell me to stop right away or leave her home. She can't even use religion as an excuse. I know she's not religious. She just cares so much what everyone else thinks, that even though being gay isn't against her personal beliefs, the thought that others will look down on her for having a dirty mark on her family will make her feel that way. I've heard her make rude comments about gay people before and I just-just felt like..I don't know...puking, I guess.”

But you're not gay.” I said calmly. I didn't understand my feelings. I hated this guy a while ago, I fought with him very often. Now he was my friend; I was having sex with him, but he was my friend. I actually cared about him. I didn't go into this thinking this would happen, but I cared for him now. It's not like I was in love with him or anything though.

Yeah, but I'm not exactly straight or I wouldn't feel this way for you.” His green eyes penetrated mine and I just wanted to melt into his body and feel him around me, in me. A window was open and clean fresh air whooshed through, assaulting my senses and making my hair fly. Somewhere, lightening struck.

What way?”I asked, my voice barely a whisper..

Like this.” He whispered, drawing me into his lap on the bed and letting me feel his erection for myself. I moaned at the feel of the hard flesh poking against my behind. I rolled my hips, causing him to moan lowly and clutch my waist, pressing into me.

Everything else faded away and was forgotten.

Why do I want you so much?” He asked me, his breath hot against my lips, his lips hovering. “God I missed the feel of you.” He kissed me, a hard wet kiss that grabbed my breath, then a slow and sweet and utterly delicious kiss. Lots of tongue and saliva. Slow and sucking, sensuous movements that fascinated me.

Because I'm...”Mmm, so hot, I kissed him again, “Cute?”

Ryan laughed, pulled his lips away and grinned at me. “That you are,” kiss, “but you have such a hot ass.”

And you want to fuck me?” We both knew the answer to that. He groaned into my mouth as I wiggled onto his cock. It was so hard and I wanted to take it out and put my lips around it and make him come.

Ryan twisted me around so he was pressed up against me between my thighs. His dick ground against me and I moaned. His hand traveled to my shirt and dragged it up and above my chest, leaving my nipples bare.

Mmm they're so pink, like candy. So sweet looking that I want to take a bite.” I moaned loudly when his tongue took a long swipe and then his teeth nipped at the bud.

I want you so much.” I told him, kissing his neck, “but not right now. Your mom—aah, oh god, Ryan. Your mom—don't--not right...ohhhh.” I was hungry and desperate, my cheeks flushed and my eyes closed. My hips were rolling with need, and I couldn't seem to stop moving. I was moaning a lot of nonsense. A lot of. “No, not right now,” and, “just fuck me,” and a lot of, “please, Ryan.”

Ryan was stroking my—now bare—thighs and his lips closed over my thick, drooling, cock. I called out his name because of the surprise of his movement. He sucked the head, licking sensuously, running his tongue over it again and again.. The tip of his tongue made a gentle swipe down the length of my thick cock before sliding the head into his mouth again. He swallowed the entire shaft, the fat head bumping the back of his throat. He moved on and off and increased the pace.

My hips rocked with pleasure and I groaned with the pure need that filled my body. The suction of his mouth increased and I moaned loudly again, rocking my hips. “Ohh.” I was so close, it was so good, my cock in his mouth, his tongue licking at me like I was some form of desert. I couldn't breath , my body twisted and bucked and I was so so close...

I came hard and fast, my body convulsing, and my breath coming out in short shuddering gasps. Ryan swallowed and I just lay back, breathing hard. I didn't even have a chance to recuperate before Ryan's tongue found its way to my pink-puckered hole. He licked tentatively around it before he slid his smooth tongue in. The feel of him there was like heaven solidified. Words became moans as I was transported into another dimension entirely.

He tortured me like that for what seemed like hours. His tongue sliding into my entrance and then retreating, then licking around. I was ready to scream with the need that filled my body. He just held my hips and kept at me. I was about to scream when he finally pushed two fingers inside and stayed there. I groaned, “Ryan...ohhh...” in and out, slow and sweet and painful. “Mmm fuck me.” I moaned deleriously.


Three fingers slid in this time, and I rolled my hips, wanting more. “Oh yeah.” Faster, deeper, he stroked, fucking me with his fingers. “Ahh.”

Are you sure? Because I've wanted to do this for so long. If you tell me yes, I don't think I'll be able to stop.” His other hand reached out and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. I leaned into his touch.


I don't know where the condoms or the lube came from but suddenly they were there. Ryan slipped his shirt off, the line of ridged abs revealed, leading to his broad, wide shoulders and the most beautiful face on the planet earth. His hands trailed down to his jeans and he slid them down over his hips. His boxers hung low on his narrow hips, and his hard cock tented the front of the silky fabric. I reached out a hand and stroked the fabric covered head.

Ryan slid the boxers off and put on a condom. Then he slicked me up.. The smell of sex and sweat assaulted my senses in the most primal way, and my nostrils flared in response to the stimulation. He placed my feet on his shoulders and lined his cock up to my well slicked, stretched hole. He rubbed the smooth and shiny head around my hole but didn't push in.

I lay back on the bed, the sheets were crumpled around my body but I didn't care. My eyes were half lidded and heavy, my hands limp. I felt the smoothness of his chest against my torso, the fine hairs on his legs brushing mine. I opened my eyes and saw him looking down at me, his eyes glazed with desire and longing. The lights were dim and soft and Ryan's lips curved up into a smile that reflected it.

His eyes trained on mine, and forcing me to look deep into his eyes, he slid into me, watching me. Slowly, sweetly, a fraction of an inch at a time. I'd expected it to hurt like a bitch, but it wasn't so bad. Perhaps for someone else, it would have hurt but I just felt a burn. Ryan was considerate, thoughtful. He ran his hands soothingly along my sides while his eyes were dazed with the feel of my tight ass clenching around him.

One more inch and he was buried to the hilt.

Ryan let out a groan. “So—tight.” He rolled his hips and suddenly I too let out a groan. He began a slow movement, in and out. He would slide out slowly and side back in slowly again, all the way, his entire length filling me wondrously. He was letting me adjust to the feel of his cock. I clutched the bed sheet, grasping at it. “Ryan...”

He changed the pace. One quick thrust and one long, hard thrust, all the way in.. I was in ecstacy, I lay back moaning and writhing. I wanted him to feel what I felt, to know how much I was enjoying it. The feel of him inside of me, the beauty of the moment, the passion and wonder that filled me. I grabbed his face and led him to me, kissing him, trying to convey to him.

I know, baby. I know.” His hands soothed me, running through my hair as his tongue swiped the sweat off my chest. It was the first time he ever called me baby, the first time he used a word of endearment. And it was perfect. I think a part of me just melted right there. The knowledge that this big tough guy was being so gentle with me, knowing it was my first time, was amazing.

I don't know what tomorrow would bring, but I knew that even when this ended between us, I would always remember this. I would have to. He was after all my first.

But now I wanted more.

Ryan,” I begged, wrapping my legs around his waist to hold him there. I could feel him pistoning in and out and it was so so good and I wanted so much more. I wanted him to pound into me like there was no tomorrow. I wanted so much---god I was so close.

Ryan was breathing hard now. He shifted to a better angle and then began driving into me again. Oh so Good, it was so good, so good—wild tremors flashed through my body and I felt so weak. Rippling pleasure, my body contorted and I , “Ah, ah, oh.” I shook with the ferocity of his thrusts. The bed moved and Ryan threw his head back and let loose. His thrusts became wild and hard, and he drove into me over and over again. I couldn't speak anymore as pleasure hazed my brain. Words became sounds, and moans, grunts and groans. A new language that lovers understood. Nothing but the feel of his hard cock fucking into me penetrated my brain. And it was so good, so fucking good that I could scream from the intensity of it.

Aaaah...Ohhh...fuck.” He fucked me harder still, and I couldn't take anymore. I needed to come, it was building up inside me slowly.

Ryan slid out and flipped me over so he was on top and we were spooned against each other. I stuck my ass out in the air, my cheek pressed against the bed. He buried himself in me with one hard thrust. The force of it had me clawing and moaning as my cheek pressed harder against the bed sheet. With each thrust, my body slid down into the bed.

Such a tight ass.” Ryan groaned, driving into me savagely. His thrusts became harder, the sound of his balls slapping my ass reverberated through the otherwise quiet atmosphere.

Oh, god yes.” I moaned, moving back to meet him thrust for thrust. My face smashed against the smoothness of the bed, as a result of the ferocity of his driving into me. It felt so good that I can't even begin to tell you. “Ah, ah, ah, ohh.” I was so fucking close, so close.

Ryan grabbed my shoulder and thrust in once deep, slow, twisting his hips and making me moan even louder. “Fuck, yeah.” He said and then his cock drove into me hard and fast over and over again until I felt like I would black out from the pleasure. He was insatiable in his need for me, he fucked and fucked, his cock torturing me, until pleasure hazed me so intensely, every touch was magnified. A hand dragged across my nipple and I moaned deeply, my senses alert, every touch feeling like a million stars exploding on my skin.

You-- ohhh, yeah.” He twisted his hips again, grabbing my hair and going in and out slowly and sweetly once more. “You're killing me.” I moaned. He slid out, sliding his cock along my hole but not penetrating. I almost sobbed in frustration.

You want this?” Playful Ryan was back and he blatantly pushed his hips forward, sending his cock hard into me. “Yeah—ohhhh, fuck yeah.” My eyes shut again at the feel of the thrust.

Hard, fast, wild. This time there was no play and he just kept driving into me. He fucked me like there was no tomorrow, the way I wanted. By now, I was flattened to the bad, only my ass sticking out slightly, welcoming Ryan's hard, wet cock. My body was limp and shuddering and I couldn't have held it up any longer. “Mmm...Ohhh...yeahhh...” Encourage by the pleased sounds I made, Ryan only drove into me harder and faster, his hands clutching at my back.

Ohhhh...” I groaned, trying to lift up a hand to clutch his thigh to me but too lost in my pleasure to make it far enough. Ryan pounded into me hard and fast and quick , driving his cock as deep as it would go one more time before he finally came, collapsing and shuddering spastically with the relief. His body relaxed onto mine and I came along with him, shuddering and twitching from the release.

They say that during a male orgasm, at that instant, that a male comes, not a single thought is inside his head. Just fulfillment and utter blackness.

For a few minutes, we just lay there, him on top of me. Then as I finally came to and the feeling of deep exhaustion and blackness abated, I finally felt the force of his weight. “Get off me, you big oaf.” I told him.

Way to thank me.” Ryan said laughingly but nonetheless got up and dragged me to the pillow with him.

Excuse me? Thank you?”

Just kidding, relax. But...was that amazing or was that amazing?”

Hmm...” I felt sleepy suddenly and yawned. “Not gonna lie. That was pretty fucking awesome. However, seeing as I have nothing to compare it with--”

He ran a hand down my arm and the other silenced me. “Just let it be. Don't say anything stupid.”

Hmmph. Listen to your own--”

Kyle, I'm not saying anything stupid to ruin this for us. You don't either?”

Ryan you are a changed man--”

Shh.” He silenced me with his lips.


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