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Part 12

The next day at school, the only word that could possibly describe what I felt to the nearest decimal was—well—there was actually no word. I'd drank and not really thought that there was actually school the next day. However it was a good night. I'd relaxed, gotten time to think, and caught up with Jeremy, whom I really liked. The weather had been perfect, the air cool but not cold, and the sand had been utterly beautiful.

As soon as I walked into class on Monday, Josh took one look at me, specifically the dark circles under my eyes, and asked, “What the hell happened to you?”

One word,” I sighed, leaning against the desk behind me, “Hangover.”

Josh looked visibly surprised. “You went to a party, Kyle? Why wasn't I invited?”

You weren't invited because no one likes you.” I stuck my tongue out at him, thus ruining the effect.

Yeah, right. I get invited to everything; everyone loves me. You however...rarely party.”

Shut up. So yeah, I did go to a party and get drunk. I don't exactly have anything against going to them, sometimes I'm just tired or too lazy. Last night I really needed to get away and Nathan mentioned that we should go.” As I said these words, my mind flashed to Ryan. Ryan who was just aggravating; who was charismatic; who was an ass—a royal one at that.

I took a seat and sighed deeply, resting my head against the desk briefly before raising it again.

The devil himself chose that moment to appear and walk in that way of his into the classroom. Except, never had the devil been portrayed blond and green eyed and so gorgeous. My eyes glimpsed him as he walked up the rows to his desk on the other side of Josh. My mind faltered for a minute, and I had to take a deep breath.

What did you need to get away from anyway?”Josh asked.

I shrugged, “A lot of crap has been going on lately.”

Anything you want to tell me about?” Josh said and nodded at Ryan briefly before turning back to me.

No, I just wasn't feeling too good so I went to the party. No big deal.” I wanted Ryan to hear, to know that I didn't care at all about him. Yeah, petty of me. I looked at him and the glare I met was at least better then getting no response. I returned it and sat down.

Josh could sense the tension, “So...what's up with you two. Just the other day you were best friends, don't tell me that didn't last longer than a couple of days?”

I shrugged; Ryan gave no response.

Alright then...I'm taking that as a yes.” Josh said.

Hey, guys,” Nathan said, taking a seat beside me. He walked in just in time for the rescue and looked at me with a sheepish grin. “It was a fun night yesterday.” He said.

It was quite an awkward class. There was Ryan and I in the same room, sitting two meters away from each other. If that wasn't weird enough, Nathan had to be there. The only person who balanced us out was Josh.

Yeah, it was really fun.” I agreed, “It was nice to get away for a while.”

So who was that kid you were with? I don't think I've seen him around before—at least with you.”

You actually remember? You were out of your mind,” I said with a chuckle.

Well, at that time I was a bit less out of it. So who was he?”

His name is Jeremy Sutherland and he's a pretty cool guy. I don't really know him too well, but he seems okay.” he good looking? I can't seem to remember anything beyond some fuzzy visuals and just voices.” Nathan didn't even bother lowering his voice. He knew Ryan and Josh knew we were gay. I wonder if he knew Josh didn't know that Ryan and I had done some...things.

Actually, yeah he's a really good looking guy.” I admitted.

Nathan frowned a bit, “And is he gay?”

Um--” I didn't know where he was going with this, “Well, he's bisexual.”

Oh so he's hot, and he likes guys. Perfect for you.”

Nathan, I barely know the guy.”

So you aren't interested in him?” Nathan asked, grinning.

Uh—I haven't really thought about it, but I guess not,” I replied, fiddling with a pencil. We were suppose to be working, but who ever really listens to the teacher?

Well, that makes sense since you've never mentioned him before.”

Yeah, well I barely know him. I met him a while ago and I've only spoken to him a handful of times. However, I really think he's a cool guy and want to get to know him better.”

Uh...that's cool. I want to meet him sometime.” Nathan said.

Maybe we can all hang out together sometime.”

Yeah, I really want to see a movie this week.” Nathan declared.

Same,” I said, “I might go today,” but Nathan wasn't really listening, he too was glaring at Ryan at that moment. Maybe I'd call Jeremy and ask him to go see a movie with me.

I grinned at him, then glanced over at Ryan. He was surprisingly looking right at me at that moment and our eyes met before we both looked away. Josh just gave me a funny look before asking me if Laura, Nathan, and I wanted to go out for lunch with him. I was supposedly the representative for our little group and so replied with a mock-formal yes.

I'd invite you Ryan, but I have a feeling that wouldn't go too well with Kyle or--”

Yeah, as if I want to eat lunch with Kyle,” Ryan replied in a very snide voice, and extremely immaturely.

I was going to say it wouldn't go too well with Kyle or you, but we've established that already.” Josh said with a mock-salute.


The rest of that school day was pretty uneventful. By lunch, I was in a much better mood and no longer felt as bad. Laura, Josh, Nathan and I went out to eat for lunch. It was the first time in a while that all four of us were eating together.

For the last few weeks it had been mainly the three of us without Josh. Josh had been spending more time with his other friends this year. Laura and I didn't take it to heart though. We'd known each other for a while and petty things like that didn't distance us. When we got together, we just continued from where we'd left off and it was as if there had been no lapse in between. I suppose this was a sign of a long lasting friendship, one that could withstand distance and continue to remain as strong in the future.

Ughh I don't know how you guys eat this stuff,” Laura gestured towards our unhealthy food. I myself had ordered fries, since I too don't really enjoy fast food very much. Nathan and Josh were both having some new form of extra-large seeming burgers the joint came out with every year. Laura was eating her own lunch from home, where she herself had created it. It was perfectly healthy, and well like Laura, perfect.

Come on, Laura, just relax. It's food, it's unhealthy, and you know you want a bite.” Nathan said.

Please, as if. I do not want to eat that...ever.”

Just smell that—it's the smell food. Unhealthy, delicious and wonderfully fattening.” Josh added.

Eww and just gross. You know I heard that the ice in...places like dirtier then toilet water.” Laura added.

Where the hell did you hear that?” Nathan demanded. “That's ridiculous.”

I don't exactly remember, but it's just one of those things that sticks in your head.”

Well, we don't believe you.” Josh said.

Well, I kind of heard that somewhere too.” I said.

Kyle!” Nathan joked. “You're on our side.”

Well, Kyle agrees with me. He counts as two people, therefore I win.”

Josh rolled his eyes, “Yes, you win, because this was so a competition,” he thought for a fraction of a second, “You know what, I'm the only person here who is attracted to the opposite sex.”

That was random,” Nathan said.

That's Josh for you. Besides being very random he's weird...dumb...unintelligent.” Laura added.

That was redundant; dumb and unintelligent. Ha, not so dumb now am I?”

So you admit you're normally dumb but you just weren't dumb during that particular moment?”

My cell-phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out. Their little banter only increased and my brain just blocked them out. I'd just received a text from Jeremy.

Hey. Wanna go to the movies 2night?

I sent him a text message back immediately with a positive response. A few moments later:

Gr8.I'll pick u up at ur house @ 7.

Is that from Jeremy?” Nathan asked. He was peering over at my screen ineffectively.

Why would you assume that?”

I dunno, you just have this sheepish looking grin on your face.” He replied.

Sheepish, huh? I bet you read that word somewhere and have never used it till now.” I laughed.

Shut up.” Nathan scowled. My side-tracking had accomplished its job however, because Nathan forgot about Jeremy. Laura and Josh were discussing something or the other that Nathan obviously wasn't interested in. I could tell because Nathan chose that moment to talk with me without scowling. “So you want to hang out later? My house?”

I'd love to but I have plans.” I said.

Plans that can't be changed?” Those wide eyes were so big and bright, and that puppy dog look on his face would have sent another person to their knees. I was made of tougher stuff and that ploy of Nathan's could not get to me. I tried to envision a night out with Jeremy and Nathan. Jeremy would probably be totally cool, but Nathan had already taken a severe disliking to Jeremy at the mere mention of him. At least from the impression I'd received.

Sorry,” I said honestly.

Plans that can't include me?”

I winced, “Honestly, I tried to imagine how that would work out, but it wouldn't be the best idea.”

You're back to fucking Ryan?” Nathan exclaimed.

I looked over at Josh to make sure he didn't hear, “ careful.” I said. I have no idea why he'd just assume that.

Why should I? Who cares about that bastard and whether or not Josh overhears.”

Nathan, seriously what's wrong? You've been acting...real...bitchy lately.”

Me? Me? You know what...just go talk to Ryan why don't you?” Nathan winced, realizing what that must have sounded like, “Sorry...I guess I am being...bitchy. I just really don't like Ryan, and I really don't want you to...consort with him anymore.”

It's okay. Just to let you know, Ryan and I are not—fucking—and will not being attempting it any time soon. I do not want to do anything with him ever again. However, if there is ever a chance that I do, nothing you or Laura can say will stop me. It seriously annoys me when you guys say things like, 'Kyle you should be careful', or 'Kyle don't let yourself get hurt'. Now, today I have plans with Jeremy, not Ryan. You were right when you guessed the text was from Jeremy. We're going to go see a movie.”

Oh...that sounds like fun...” Nathan seemed to be at a loss for words all of a sudden. A part of me was glad.

How about you and I do something tomorrow?” I asked politely nonetheless.

Yeah, for sure though.” Nathan remained subdued.

So tell me something.” I said, breaking the silence.

Okay, well...oh yeah...” And then Nathan's face came alive again as he realized he had something important to tell me.


When Jeremy picked me up that evening, ten minutes after seven, I felt alive. The sky was a cloudy gray that was darkening to night, the air was fresh, and everything just looked new. I'd changed into a pair of dark jeans. They looked really good on me since the fit was just right, not too tight, not too baggy, and perfect across the ass. Along with my jeans, I'd thrown on a casual t-shirt that added the right touch to the look.

Somebody looks hot.” Jeremy said appreciatively as I walked up. He'd gotten out and was leaning against the side of his car.

Not too bad yourself,” I said, and I wasn't lying. Jeremy had this brooding look about him. He had a charm, an appeal that was beyond his good looks. His dark brown hair had been recently treated to a cut and looked healthy and fingers-running-through worthy. Despite being a year younger, he looked very fit and had an amazing body. His body wasn't as magnificent as Ryan's, but then again, he had a completely different appeal. Jeremy was tall, and had amazing legs and wide shoulders. That I had to give him as I eyed those jean-clad legs.

Damn right.” He smiled.

You know if you hadn't asked to go see a movie with me, I was planning on calling you?”

Really? I guess it's true then, great minds think alike,” he grinned in that adorable way of his again. It was devilish, brooding, and charming at the same time. What a lethal combination! No wonder he had both guys and girls all over him!

It was his eyes that did you in though. Those beautiful, other-worldly, and often ethereal eyes. They were a sparkling silver, not a dull and cloudy gray, but a glittering silver. It was those eyes that held pain, that held a story waiting to be heard. A story that was most often overshadowed by the charm he put on.

Sometimes though, a look fell across his face. I'd noticed this the couple of times I'd been around him. Dark and melancholy, it was worth asking about. He would become quiet and thoughtful, and it was a total change. I could picture him, a lone soul standing against a brick wall, smoking.

Jeremy was nice to people, he was friendly, but I realized then that he was actually naturally quiet. He had many friends from what I could tell. A lot of people enjoyed his company and wanted to be around him. I wonder if there was anyone he really wanted to be around or really call his friend.

When you smile, your eyes smile too. I like that.” I told him.

Yeah? I'm glad. You make me smile because you're such a cheese ball.”

Who's the cheese ball? You're the one telling me I make you smile.” I pointed out teasingly.

Yeah, because you're a cheese ball.”

I laughed, “Please refrain from using that word again.”

What? Cheese ball?”

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, why do I get the feeling that you enjoy annoying me?”

Because it's true. I like you, Kyle, I like you a lot.”

Oh, let's not go there,” I joked.

We're not. I want to be your friend.”

Why? Seems to me like everyone wants to be Jeremy's best friend, but Jeremy doesn't want to be everyone's best friend.”

See, you already know what I'm really like.”

What, that you have an aura that attracts attention but you don't really want it? That you're charming and charismatic but you like to be by yourself? That you don't like opening up to people or discussing yourself?”

Wow, let's really stop there.”

I too leaned against the car, “Jeremy,” I murmured, “You smile, but your eyes hold so much pain.”

Yeah, well I've been through a lot.”

I get that idea.”

You're really easy to talk to you know?” Jeremy said.

Yeah, yeah, I get it from my mom.” I didn't mention that she was a psychologist. That was another conversation for another time.

I mean, sometimes I'll laugh and smile and talk a lot, but I really just want to be by myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty social. I like sex, I enjoy parties, drugs, alcohol, pretty much anything shitty out there, I've done it.” Jeremy paused, deep in thought, wondering. Then he went on, “Then I'll just be silent and not talkative and I'll just want to be alone, I won't even want to be fake anymore. Even when I talk and laugh, it's never about me, I never say anything about me. Even though I don't talk very much most of the time, people like to be around me.”

You have that thing.” I said.

That thing, huh?” His eyes crinkled and I knew he was smiling once more.

Yeah, that thing.” I repeated.

You know you have a thing too Kyle.”

Really, I have a thing?” I looked down.

Jeremy laughed. Yeah, you make me smile, genuinely. Like I don't have to try to smile, you'll just make one escape. I don't want to be fake around you, even though we barely know each other. Like I actually talked about myself, even if it was only a little bit.”

You know what, Sutherland?”

What is it, Moore?” Jeremy replied in like.

I think we're going to be good friends.”

I think we're already halfway there.” Jeremy said.

However, we are not halfway to the movie theatre.” I said. “So get in the damn car and buckle that seat belt.”

Okay then,” Jeremy grinned.

We both got in and Jeremy headed in the direction of the mall. On the way there, I stared out the window at the familiar buildings, both new and old. When you see something everyday, or close to it, your mind doesn't really register it anymore. You don't really notice the details or even spare a thought to it anymore. I'd lived here my whole life and just couldn't wait to get away. It wasn't that I didn't like it, I liked it a lot. It was just that I wanted to experience living somewhere else, get to see some new things. It's probably a natural feeling, this wanting to get away and broaden your horizons. Most people wanted to do something of the sort.

I wanted to go somewhere new and meet new people. People who would make me forget the likes of Ryan Melbourne. In this place, it was nearly impossible to go by without running into him. We had many classes together and were even linked by Josh. He just made me really really angry. Oh well, it's not like we were promised to each other or anything like people were in the nineteenth century and earlier.. We didn't have a relationship, we'd had an agreement. Even though things had taken a turn for the better, with us becoming friends, fate had intervened and the cut hadn't been as clean as planned.

We literally seethed at the sight of the other, even though the reason for the big problem was dying down and cooling off, the anger for the other person made us continue to act in such a way.

So how are things with the guy?” Jeremy asked, almost as if he could read my mind.

I groaned, “Please don't mention him.”

That bad?”

Not any worse than before. I mean, I hate him, he hates me. We don't speak and if we do it's like we're tearing each other apart.”

Forget him. If he's such an ass, just move on.”

It's not about moving on. We never had a relationship that I can even move on from. It's just that I genuinely began liking him as a person. He's not so bad, it's just he puts on this false front.”

He's doing that now?”

Now, he's just angry, but yeah he's back to being that cold-hearted Ryan. Even though I hate him for it, I know what's behind that and I hate that things ended that way.”

If he wants to be your friend again, he'll come to you. Just do things at your own pace, Kyle. If you want to say something to him then do it. If you want to leave things the way they are then do that. However, I think you should let him approach you.”

I liked how he was telling me his opinion but yet not telling me to do just that. He was telling me what he thought, but then saying that I should do what I thought was right. “That might as well be never, because I don't think Ryan Melbourne is going to back down anytime soon.”

Then it's his problem.”

Thanks, Jeremy.” I said.

No problem. I really want to meet this guy sometime, see what he's like.”

Why don't you come to the school dance? You'll get a chance to meet Laura, Nathan and Josh too. You'll like them. You'll probably get to see Ryan's new girlfriend as well.”

I really don't do dances, especially school ones.” Jeremy said.

Too cool?” I joked.

Nah, it's just not my thing.”

Yeah, same, but I'm going this time, so you should come.”

We'll see,” Jeremy replied. He had just pulled up into the mall parking lot. “Now, let's focus on the movie. What do you want to see?”

Well, 'Kung fu Panda' seems funny.”

Then 'Kung fu Panda' it is.” Jeremy agreed.

What about 'The Happening'?”

Stick to one.” An eyebrow rose and his pink lips curved into a smile. I was being sort of annoying today.

“'The Happening' then.”

We got out, bought our tickets and I then waited with Jeremy while he bought us popcorn. There was a lot of junk food and I was kind of in the mood for some.

You want a drink?”

Yeah, and some licorice too.” I gave him a few bills.

I got it,” he said, raising an eyebrow, “licorice huh?”

What? I'm not feeling too good. I need candy.”

You're being a whiny brat, and you were feeling perfectly fine a few moments ago.”

Okay, whatever.” I said. Jeremy was just a nice person and it was fun to annoy him. Somehow, he didn't really get annoyed by me though.

Anything else?” The cashier asked, a bemused expression on her face.

Wait--” I began, seeing a pack of skittles.

No that's all,” Jeremy interrupted, dragging me by the elbow, while somehow passing me my things. I just shut up and put my straw in my mouth, sighing as the fresh taste hit the back of my throat. We were walking towards the entrance to the theatre, but were stopped.

Hey, Kyle!” Someone called from behind me.

I turned, and saw a blonde haired girl standing there, waving slightly. “Oh, hey Ashley.” She was in my business class and was a really nice girl. She was really pretty too.

Hi,” She said politely to Jeremy, who just nodded back. Not much for words around very many people I could tell. “It's nice seeing you here, what are gonna see?”

Oh we're seeing 'The Happening', what about you?”

Yeah, same with us,” She said smiling. Us? There you are! Over here!” She waved to someone on the other side. “He's coming. Yeah so we were just going to hang out at my place but then all of a sudden, he was just like, let's see a movie. I was like, why not?”

Who are you here with?”

Ryan, silly.” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “He's getting us popcorn.”

Yes, It was true.

I looked up just as the blond god walked right up and stood beside Ashley, popcorn in hand. Did he have to be so fucking hot? He looked perfect, immaculate and very unapproachable to me. His eyes traveled to Jeremy, back to me, then back to Jeremy. Then he smirked, and I fumed. He didn't say one word, not a single word. He just took a hold of Ashley's hand and drew her away. Ashley simply waved goodbye.

What was she doing here with him anyway? Well they were obviously on a date, but wasn't he dating Brandi?

So that's the girlfriend? I guess I don't have to wait to see her anymore.”

That's not the one I was talking to you about. That was a girl named Brandi, this is Ashley.”

Two girls in just a couple of days?”“

How did you know that was the Ryan anyway?”

I don't know how I knew, just from both of your subtle ignoring of each other,” Jeremy said sarcastically.”

I'm going to ignore what you just said,” I told him, then went on as if nothing else had been said. “I don't know why I'm surprised. I mean, it's Ryan after all. He probably broke up with Brandi. They didn't even go out for a week,”

Maybe he's two timing them.”

I gave him a look, “I don't think so, that's not like Ryan.”

I thought he was the scum of the frog pond.”

He had me there, so I just zipped my mouth. More like, I just shoved my straw in my mouth. When we entered and were looking around for the best seats, Jeremy led me towards the middle.

Let's sit near lover boy and Ashley.” Jeremy said.

What? No!”

Please, I'll save you the trouble of being overly curious and wanting to know what they're up to from far. You can do it near them.”


Whatever,” He dragged me to a seat and forced to to sit down. He silenced me by putting my straw in my mouth as if I was a baby.

There, that's better.” Jeremy said.

Thanks, but I think I can manage.”

I have to admit, I was curious about them and this was the perfect spot to be able to watch them. They were sitting in front, off to the right a bit, and were at a perfect angle for me to see them clearly. Ashley already had her cheek against Ryan's strong, hard, lovely shoulder. She leaned her head up for a second whispering something into Ryan's ear. Ryan only smiled. I wonder what she said to him because just then he began looking around. Soon his eyes were trained on mine.


I looked away immediately. This wasn't exactly the time to hold his gaze and be proud. I'd already lost my dignity when he caught me staring at him from across the god-damned movie theater! I refrained from looking in their direction again. Well, I stole peeks but never gazed full on.

Although the movie was interesting and it was exciting, my eyes would wander every once in a while. It was pretty good. People were randomly killing themselves with no explanation. I really enjoyed it when the construction workers just suddenly began walking off the edge of the building. By the middle of the movie, I found out that the suicides were a result of a natural phenomena. Many of the scenes were extremely explicit and detailed. Jeremy would look at me and make a face when something gross like a man getting crushed by a lawn mower came on the screen.

During one of these scenes, I would just subtly glance over at Ashley to see if she was doing the whole clichéd thing of being grossed out and grabbing on to Ryan. Indeed she was. In fact, after the first time she cuddled close and grabbed on to him, she never backed away again. For some reason my perception of her as a wonderfully nice person dropped. I couldn't explain it. It's not like she was doing anything to me. I just couldn't help but begin to dislike her.

I shoved popcorn in my mouth.

Jeremy chuckled, “It's okay, Kyle. From what I can see, he doesn't seem to be all over her like she's all over him.”

I don't care.” I huffed. “Just watch.”

Yes you do.”

I sighed. “I have no idea why though. It's not like...I like him or anything..”

Jeremy just shook his head. I ignored him.

It turned out that that the suicides resulting from the effect of toxins was the first sign of the Earth rejecting humans. Like most M. Knight Shyamalan movies, the end was questionable and left me with a weird feeling. However, it was nothing compared to 'The Sixth Sense.”

As we were exiting, I stopped myself from looking around for Ryan and stared straight ahead. Turns out Ryan and Ashley had left before us and were standing right in front of me. I just looked away, grabbed on to Jeremy's arm, and began leading him towards the exit.

Bye, Kyle. Nice meeting you Jeremy!.” Ashley called out, white teeth flashing and eyes sparkling. She was too damned perfect. Her and Ryan deserved eachother.

I briefly looked back to wave and then turned back again. One foot in front of the other, Jeremy and I walked out.

Interesting movie, huh?” Jeremy asked me in the car.

Yeah, it was. I expected it to be more though.”

I thought it was really good. I don't know why critics are bashing it so much. It's like a quiet, soft story about the possible end of humanity. It could have been better, but I liked it for what it was.”

Jeremy Sutherland, you are a poet.”

Jeremy scoffed. “I am not. I've never written a poem in my life.”

You don't have to write rhyming poetry to be a poet, what I meant was that you have a lyrical soul. You speak and it comes from your heart...when you actually do speak.”

I never say anything I don't believe in.”

He pulled up into my driveway. “I believe that, and that is very admirable.” I said, looking at him.

Jeremy grinned. “Let's not talk about me, tell me about you and Ryan.”

No. I don't want to talk about Ryan.”

You sure?”

Yeah, I think I'm pretty sure Jeremy,” I said, rolling my eyes.

And this is why I want to be your friend.” Jeremy laughed.

Wow, and he can laugh.”

Shut up.”

I will,” I said, and got out of the car in one smooth move. The window was rolled down completely so I leaned my head in. “Want to give me a good night kiss?” I was only half kidding.

No. I'd rather pluck my pubes.”

You serious?”

No.” He smiled, leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips. It was just a peck, but It was good.

That was nice.” I told him, leaning in again.

Yeah, but you're taken, and we're supposed to be friends.”

I am not taken,” I thought real hard, a feeling that I couldn't describe filling my chest. This feeling of just wanting to burst. “Like you said before, maybe in another lifetime.” I told him.

Maybe. Until then goodbye.”

Another kiss. This time it was soft and sweet and just a little bit wet. I backed away after.

I laughed, “You douche, you're coming to my school dance. No waiting till the next life.”

Jeremy smiled, “I wonder when you'll realize it yourself, Kyle,” he said evasively.

Realize what?”

Realize what's bursting to come out of you.”

You mean?” I looked down at my cock. “I'm not exactly hard and bursting to come.”

He burst into full-fledged laughter. “See ya, Kyle.”

I stood there, long after he'd disappeared down the road, thinking about his words, relating them to this feeling inside of me. This annoying feeling. My chest was constricting and I felt like—I don't know—running and just running and just breathing fresh air.

It wouldn't go away, this feeling.


So what did you think?

Wasn't too sure about this one for some reason.

Did it bore you? Did you like it?