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Sparkling Combustion

Part 2

The day after the party, I had a major headache. I woke up, and felt a wooziness in my stomach. Great, that's what I get for getting piss-ass drunk. Slowly, but carefully, I raised my body out of bed. Mind over matter, mind over matter, think positive. My body is controlled by my brain, I'm not in pain, I don't feel like crap. Mind over matter, mind over matter...

ahhhh,” I let out a groan, and stretched my muscles, hearing light cracks in various areas. “Kyle,” it was my mother knocking on the door, “you up, honey? It's so late, I thought you might want breakfast or rather some lunch.”

Yeah, Mom, I'm going to take a shower, and then I'll come down.”

Alright,” she said. When I heard her footsteps receding down the stairs, I fell back onto my bed. The events of the previous night crashing back into my head with tumultuous force, I couldn't help but run my hands through my long inky black hair. Nathan Brice...Nathan Brice. I had made out with Nathan Brice like a skanky sixteen year old blonde cheerleader at a shopping convention. Well, It wasn't quite like that. I like to think I had more class and...dignity. Man...did he...did he...

I seem to remember that he didn't mind it. It was the both of us, he couldn't blame me for it if he regretted doing it. I sure didn't. It was the single greatest moment of my entire pathetic almost seventeen years on this glorious and sometimes inhumane Earth.

Nathan's hands on my back, gripping my ass, my hands stuck in his hair, sucking on his neck, sipping from his open lips, feeling his ridged chest, biting his pointed nipples. I could go on and on.

Now to think about this logically. I would wait to see how Nathan reacted to me on Monday before speaking with him. I didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing, out of some drunken make-out session.

With that decided, I got up out of bed again, grabbed my towel and jeans and a T-shirt, and took a shower. Afterwards as I got dressed I smiled to myself, thinking of how Laura would react to this bit of information. If I remember correctly, Laura and I had carpooled home with a friend of hers whose sober older sister picked her up. I don't think I got a chance to tell her what had occurred in that state of mind.

When I finished breakfast, eating with a fervor only an adolescent boy could showcase, I called Laura. My Mom gave me a funny look, wondering what was wrong with me this fine Saturday morning. My Dad just smiled and continued typing away into his laptop, apparantly he'd had a brain wave and the ending for his new novel had just come to him like that. He really wanted to get it done. Luckily I was an only child so I had no siblings pestering me about what was wrong.

Hello,” Laura answered on the third ring.

Hey, Laura It's me.” that you Sadie?” Sadie was Laura's ten year old sister. I know she was joking as she constantly said I sound like a little girl on the phone. I like to think she's just kidding.

No dim-wit, It's Kyle. I have to talk to you.” As I was talking, I made my way up to my room. I didn't see the knowing looks my parents passed one another.

Alright, shoot. I'm busy, I have a huge accounting project due and I can't waste time listening to your blabbering.” She seemed annoyed.

Okay, you won't believe what happened last night.” I told her. “So I walk in, and you and Nathan were swept away and I was left alone. I found Josh and hung out with him for a bit, and oh yeah I talked to Mr. Hot body and face, who is by the way a real asshole--”

Quit acting gay and tell me,” she interrupted me mid-sentence.

News flash, I ain't acting gay, I am gay.” I pointed out.

Shut up, you're like the most non gay acting gay guy I've ever seen. Gay guys are supposed to be fun and all out there, you're so...straight...but yet not--”

Do you wanna hear what I have to say or not?”

Ugh, just tell me.”

Okay, So I got totally wasted, and you know how I am when I'm drunk--” I heard laughter on the other end, “yeah,” Laura said, “I swear you're so stupid when you drink.”

Shut up and listen.”

Alright, alright, go on.”

After a while, I just wanted to lay down because I was so tired, so I found my way into some bedroom and was looking out the window when Nathan walked in. We talked for a bit, and if I remember correctly, I tripped over and we fell to the ground, with me on top of him. Well, from then on, I think you don't want to hear the rest.”

Spare me the details, will you, but seriously did you have sex or what?”

Nah, not really. We just made a lot. Like really...a lot.”

This reminds me of the time--”

I don't wanna hear it.” I interrupted.

You made me listen to you,” Laura whined.

Well, I'm not done. I need some advice.”

Okay, what's up?”

What should I do now? Like, I've never had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend or anything. How do I deal with this? What if he doesn't remember, or what if he regrets it?” I worried.

You should wait for him to approach you about it, I guess. However, if he talks to you but acts like nothing happened then you should be the one to talk with him about it. He obviously didn't mind it, no matter how drunk he was. You should definitely wait for him to make the first move, and if he doesn't then just approach him cautiously. What's the worst thing he could do, reject you?”

Yeah, I guess. Unless he's a homophobe...”

loser, if he were a homophobe, do you think you'd have played sucky-face with him last night, or rather would he have responded? Being drunk may cause one to lose their inhibitions, but a homophobe wouldn't forget their views no matter what.” She pointed out.

Stop making me feel dumb.” I joked.

Honey, I'm not trying, you're succeeding in doing that all by your lonely little self.”

Shut up. Listen, I'll see you Monday okay? Good luck with your project.” I hung up after a quick goodbye and trailed back up to my room. I had to get ready for work soon anyway.


The weekend went by quickly and on Monday I was nervous about school. That was a day I chose my outfit with care, deciding on a pair of light-washed jeans, that had a few scruffs an tears and a green T-shirt that I thought brought out the green specks in my plain hazel/brown eyes. I didn't know what I expected that caused me to dress with care, but I just felt like it. Maybe I thought something would happen...

At school that day I knew I would have to face Nathan, as he was in three of my classes. I had two of those three classes today. First of which was English right after lunch, followed directly by science. Speaking of lunch, I skipped lunch that day and headed to the library to study for a test that I had completely forgot about over the weekend. By the time I covered enough material to guarantee a pass, as I knew my information but just needed to read it over, lunch was over and it was time to go to class.

I was early for English class, and opened my books to read over my notes. I looked up when Nathan walked into class, looked around, and smiled as his eyes found me. I thought I would die. Goodness, I really am gay. Nathan lugged his backpack off and settled into the seat beside me.


Nothing much,” I said, “how about you?” I was oh so polite.

School on Mondays suck. I hate to complain and all but you gotta agree with me,” he insisted, “especially after such a great weekend.” He smiled at me.

Yeah, I totally agree.” I assured him. “I don't like to complain either, but it feels like the day should be over by now.”

Wanna skip next class and go out to eat?”

I thought about it. I never really skipped class, it wasn't that I had anything against it, it was just that I didn't have anyone to do it with and had never thought it would be something exciting. Laura was a total bookworm, albeit a gorgeous and popular one, and Josh needed to maintain his grades otherwise his sports went down the drain and his parents became angry.

The idea sounded immensly appealing, I would have like nothing better then to ditch school for a bit. I remembered the test I'd sort of studied for and was genuinely disappointed in saying, “sorry, dude, but I have this major test next class that I can't miss. Tomorrow maybe?”

Alright, that's cool. We'll see about tomorrow.”

We didn't end up skipping the next day, or the next. And we didn't even talk about the party. I was dissapointed since I really wanted to get to know Nathan on an intimate level, but he wasn't responding, or rather it's not like I tried to initiate a conversation about the night of the party either.

I just didn't do anything, and soon it was kind of too late to do anything at all. Laura kept urging me, but I wasn't going to approach him.


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