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Sparkling Combustion

Part 5

That Friday when I walked into English class, Ryan was already there seated. When he saw me, he nodded a greeting before going back to chatting with the girl in front of him. I was immensely confused. I mean, sure Ryan wasn't as big of a jerk as I thought he was, but I didn't expect cordiality from him at all. Truth be told, I was as mean to him as he'd been to me. Now he was actually acknowledging my existence minus the swear words and derogatory comments? Hmm...

What was up with that?” Nathan asked from beside me. He seemed miffed about something.


You know, Ryan just nodded at you. What's up with that?” He seemed very confused.

Well, you know the descriptive assignment thing I had to do with him, well we kind of got over the whole crap I guess. I realized he's not as big of a moronic jerk as I thought he was and he realized that I wasn't , as he put it, as big of a freak as he thought I was.”,” was all Nathan said before he looked out the window and muttered something which sounded suspiciously like, “ugh...snow.”

I curved a hand around my ear, “say what? I don't think I heard that.”

Nothing, nothing.” He assured me. I just raised an eyebrow and took out the report I'd spent a lot of time on from my backpack. If I did well on this assignment, it would make my grade. I'd tried my best. I got up to hand it in and when I placed it in the blue bin on the teacher's desk, Ryan was already there, placing his inside.

Somebody's a little excited to hand their report in.” I said.

Hell yes. I did so well on that shit. I'm going to get perfect.”

Really?” I guess I didn't sound too confident in him because he said, “Yeah, dude, I made you sound like the fucking prince of England.”

I laughed, “you don't want to know what I wrote about you, Ryan.”

What did you write?”

You don't want know.” I said again.

No, seriously.” He said again.

I sat down at my seat and took out a book, “well I wrote about how big of an ass-hole you are and how ugly you look on a day to day basis.”

He laughed, “well, you're going to fail, because the teacher knows that ain't the truth. I'm charming as hell and I'm the prettiest thing around. We all know that much.”

Fuck you.”

You wish.” He grinned and I sighed.

I told you before, I really don't wish, and don't say that, it's so old.” I gave him a look that I hope conveyed all of the disgust I felt at that particular moment.

That was before. Now you just want a piece of my ass.”

He was right but I wasn't going to admit it. I raised an eyebrow. “You really want to get back to this? I thought we decided on a truce.”

When was this?”

Uh-during the interviewing process,” I told him.

He actually thought about it for a moment, before replying.“Well, I guess you're right. I'll try not to be as big of a dick.” He told me

Okay.” I said simply, not sure what else I could possible say.

That's it? You aren't going to offer anything?” He asked of me.

I don't think so. I mean, we both know you were the cause of my problem with you. I did nothing wrong.”

Fucking moron, of course I was the cause of your problem with ME.” He thought about what I'd said then, and added “whatever...a truce it is.”

And thus, things began to change. Over the course of the next little while, Ryan and I became okay with each other. Of course, Ryan and I still cussed at each other and acted like a bunch of five year old's, but we were better. Now it was all in good fun rather then bloody murder. Of course we didn't really act like we were friends outside of class. We would nod at one another between classes and he would stay with his friends. I continued to hang out with Laura, Josh and Nathan of course. They knew that Ryan and I were cool now, but I don't think they realized that I—I kind of had feelings for him. Even I wasn't too sure of it. I just liked him better as a person now. I'd always been attracted to him, he was fucking burning hot. Now, I was just starting to like him actually as a person. I was afraid of that.

It was different then when I'd liked Nathan. With Nathan it had all been in my head, but with Ryan I was genuinely attracted to him and I genuinely liked him. Well, now at least. It had happened so fast, that I could barely comprehend it. One second I wanted to murder him, the next second I wanted him.

Laura was speaking to me after school one day. It was the last day of school before the christmas holidays. I hadn't really had a chance to speak with her in a while since Nathan and I would hang out and go out for lunch more often then not, and Laura was pretty busy studying at the library for last minute tests.

You going to the party tonight?” Laura asked me as she approached me while I was piling most of my books into my backpack.

Huh, what party? How come I didn't know there was a party?” I was kind of out of it having stayed up the previous night until like two in the morning to get a project finished.

Dumb-ass, what are you talking about? Have you been walking around with cotton balls in your ears? The big party. Everyone's going to be there. Man, I've been stressed out all week trying to get work in and stuff. Now would be a good time to relax and chill out.” She kept on going but I didn't really listen.

I don't think I want to go.” I told her, making up my mind.

One question: why the hell not?”

I just want to go home and sleep,” I yawned, “so tired,” and I really was!

No, you're going. I'm going to come and pick you up so you better be ready.” I just managed a nod and absently watched as she sauntered down the hall and out the side door. Gathering my books and things, I too made my way out. I was walking nonchalantly, not really taking in any of my surroundings. Then I wondered why stupid Laura hadn't offered me a ride home. Now I had to take the bus. I exited from the side door of my hall and was out in back portion of the school, where there were just a few cars parked, some trash cans and a couple of nets (unusual), when I heard some scuffling and a noise.

I kept walking, but there it was again. The scuffling and a muffled voice. So I stopped, turned around and went down the narrow stretch of pavement between the fence and the school. On the other side of the fence were some houses and backyards of people. I think it was mostly student housing because the backyards looked untended for. I turned the corner again and was greeted by a slightly shocking sight. Two boys were pressed up against each other, making out with a fervor. The one boy's back was against the wall of the school and the other was groping him and had his tongue down his throat. They were really going at it. Actually, I think my mouth dropped open.

I sure was awake now! There were two other boys and girls sitting down on some stones. They looked perfectly at ease with these two guys making out. Huh...

My eyes latched on to the two boys again, and I felt this inexplicable longing for something. Someone: Just a body to hold on to.

They turned to me, all of them. Except for the two boys still making out and unaware of a new presence. The girl with the red hair spoke first, “hey, you want something?” At the sound of her voice, the two boys broke apart with a slight sucking sound. One of them was slightly built and blond, and the other had hair the exact colour of mine, but light grey eyes. He was tall and nicely built. Those eyes of his searched my face, and then he smirked.

I shrugged, “No, I don't want anything. I just heard some noise and came to check it out.”

Well, if you aren't going to lash out at us or anything and if you don't care about what you just saw, I think you should leave.” This was the other girl. I didn't like her. She looked terribly mean and her eyes were tilted in a way that to me represented animosity. At least on her.

No, don't leave. Candice is just angry right now. Why don't you stay?” This was from the grey eyed boy. The hot one.

I just shrugged, he didn't look that old, despite his size. It was his spirit that gave him away, “how old are you guys anyway?”

Does it matter to you?” This from the bitch. I just glanced at her before looking away.

Shut-up Candice, seriously, you can be such a bitch sometimes. Can't you see he's not being mean or trying to do anything?” He turned to me, “we're all sophomores, you?” He had this aura of superiority, this raw sex-appeal that made me want to reach out and stroke his hair...and a few other things.

Junior,” was all I said. It seemed as if I couldn't form coherent sentences and thus stuck to replying with one word answers.

The girl known as Candice got up and placed a protective hand on the grey-eyed boy's shoulder, “Jeremy, let's go. Come on, if you're done with him, we can go have fun at my place. My parents are away...” she added teasingly. I was confused and I looked at the boy beside Jeremy. He seemed uncomfortable and looked like he wanted to flee. From what I'd seen, and the way Candice was acting, I was confused.

Fine,” Jeremy relented. He turned to me, “I didn't catch your name.” By now the others were already walking away and were a safe distance.

Kyle Moore.” I supplied.

He nodded, “Well, Mr. Moore, I'll look around for you. We can hook-up.”

I know what he meant by that. I know perfectly well what he was suggesting and I was really confused. “But—the boy, and...Candice.”

I know, you gotta mix it up dude. I'm bisexual. I can't stick to guys or girls. I just pretty much have sex with anything.” He smiled at me. “Just kidding. Not that I think you're just anything. You're a real treat.”

I think I blushed furiously. He was being so obvious and suggestive. “No thanks...I uh am not interested. I've kind of been hung up over someone for a while. Actually two people.”

That doesn't matter.” He said, “I can make you forget all about him or them.”

What makes you think it's a him?”

Dude, it's called gaydar, and you're being pretty much obvious.” I realized that now there was one other person besides Nathan, Laura, and Josh that knew I was gay. “Anyway, see you around. I don't go to this school by the way so don't go looking for me in the halls or anything. Look for Candice if you want me. Or Justin, the cute blond kid I was making out with—at least I think that's his name.” He winked. Like hell I would ever talk to that bitch.

When, I got home I fell asleep until it was time for the party. When I awoke, I changed and looked at myself in the mirror. It was time for some fun! Man, I really wanted to get wasted. I wanted to feel like I could fly.

And fly I would.

It was a night that I would never forget...Ever.


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