Someone emailed me, thinking that the story was now going to be about abuse and violence along with dominance, but I assure you that's not what this story is about. I can see why that must have been assumed because of part 6. However, you have to keep in mind that Ryan was very drunk, maybe I didn't make that clear and I should have, but hey, read on and you'll see.

Violent and abusive relationships will not be glorified in this story. This is a love story, a classic, simple love story. Thank you to everyone who keeps sending me good feedback (and even the bad ones I appreciate!). Feedback is the only pay I get , readers, and every time I read another happy e-mail, it makes me want to keep writing :)

Sparkling Combustion

Part 7

I never said a word to him.

I would wait for him quietly, unmoving everyday after school but I never said a word. It'd been a week. An entire week, but I refused to speak. He'd said nothing about me having to speak. Just that I had to follow him around. You probably thought he'd make me do unspeakable things, but no. That's not what we did. We did virtually nothing eye-brow raising or even remotely odd. Nothing. He didn't make me do anything cruel. In fact I would just sit at his house and do my homework with him, then I would spot for him while he worked out. We would eat silently and slowly,and when we were done, he'd take me home.

Oh he'd make conversation all right, and it amused him to see my unresponsiveness. Maybe he thought it was a satisfying challenge to make me finally relent and speak. I don't know, but he did try. Except I didn't relent; not even once. He constantly had this infuriating little grin on his face, not even his regular smirk, but an actual grin. Dimples and all. I really wanted to smack the stupid grin right off his face.

At home when I was in bed, I'd lie down and wonder what in hell he wanted from me. I'd be damned if I knew. I liked it better before, when we'd fight and banter back and forth. Now it was just weird. Awkward was a better word.

During the Christmas break, it'd been so easy to forget about what had happened, but when I'd gotten back to school, that was another story. Ryan was everywhere, and each time I saw him, what he told me the night of the party would flood back into my mind, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

The first day, I was obviously infuriated. I had to actually go home with the stupid ass-hole and do what he wanted it. Logically, I thought that I could probably just tell him to fuck off and leave me alone and just come out. However, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of being the reason I came out, I really didn't want to. And If I did do it, i'm pretty sure he'd boast to everyone about how he'd taken advantage of me and made me his so-called servant.

Psshh...Servant huh? I was nothing of the sort but that's what he'd tell everyone, I mean I didn't speak to the guy and I didn't acknowledge him. I didn't do anything for him except help him out in his work-outs.

By the end of the week, my anger cooled down to a simmer. I felt foolish and just damn tired of the situation and I wanted to find the nearest exit so I could leave him behind and never look back at him.

He made me so angry!

I can't believe I ever let myself think that we could get along. Man, I was a fool.

It was a Saturday, but Ryan had told me he was going to pick me up today anyway. He told me as I was getting out of the car, to be ready by nine. Nine o'clock! Goodness it was a Saturday. What did he want with me? I mean, we never did anything so why should he care about picking me up today? Why didn't he go out and do something and just let me be? Questions, questions, questions, for which I had to actually speak to and acknowledge Ryan in order to get the answers. I lay there in bed, having no idea what time it was and feeling too lazy to actually get up and check on my alarm clock. I eventually gave in and raised myself out of bed. The trip to the bathroom took a while, as I took a really long shower.

When I got out, I grabbed a pair of dark jeans that were a fairly nice fit across my ass and changed into a white T-shirt, on top of which I shrugged on a blue sweater. I didn't care about how I looked today.

When I walked into the kitchen after my shower, and opened the fridge, I noticed something. My parents had left a note on the fridge:


Your dad and I have gone out for the day.

You know, for our anniversary weekend out.

I didn't want to wake you up and annoy you so we left quietly.

Be safe, we trust you to be alone. (especially after all those arguments about

your maturity) This will be a pleasant experience for you with us gone for the four

day long weekend. I trust you, but if you want you can party. After all, that's healthy

for a boy your age.


Mom and Dad

The note was obviously written by my Mom only. She was the only mother who would actually encourage their child to party, finding it a healthy activity for one at my age. I smiled as I thought of her.

Yes! A time for me to be alone for four whole days. I grinned but it slowly evaporated off my face as I remembered Ryan. Ryan Melbourne: a terrible person. A terribly hot person. Checking my watch, I noticed it was fifteen after nine and Ryan still hadn't arrived. I shrugged and gulped some orange juice straight from the bottle. It was pretty satisfying to know that I could do that without parents around to nag me and tell me how gross that was.

Getting up, I crossed the room to the large window and gazed out at the pretty picture of winter outside. It looked beautiful. This was the one thing I actually liked about winter, the mornings. I enjoyed looking out at the fresh and untouched snow framed by a dark and grey sky. The tree branches were covered with a thin layer of frozen snow and ice and looked breathtakingly gorgeous. Everything was snow-tipped and immensely beautiful.

A honk from outside. I sighed: Ryan was here.

I put down the bottle of orange juice, grabbed my jacket, shrugged it on and then slipped my feet into my sneakers. As I opened the door, the cold air hit me directly in the face and I shivered, burrowing further into my jacket. Ryan sat in his car, wide awake. The bastard. I was barely up and I still wanted to go back to sleep.

As I got in the car and he started it, Ryan began to talk instantly. “You look like death just warmed over.” I gave him a look that I hoped conveyed what I was feeling. He laughed. The idiot actually had the nerve to laugh at me. Too bad I couldn't tell him what he could go and do to himself.

Still not talking to me, huh? Well, until you say something, Kyle, this isn't going to go anywhere.” This was said with a touch of amusement

This? This? What was this? This was nothing. We didn't do anything. I guess he read what I thought from my expression because he said, “Yeah, because you aren't responding to me. If you just say something, I'll tell you what the hell I'm doing this for.”

No way, I was not going to talk. Not because of my manly pride or because of any other noble reason. I wasn't going to talk because if I gave in now, I would look like a fool. I actually felt like talking to him...but I would just look like an idiot now.

I know you think I'm the biggest loser in the world, blackmailing you and all, but I had no other choice. Honestly.”

What the fuck? I just rolled my eyes and looked out the window. He made no sense.

Today, we're going to do something different.” He glanced over at me as we pulled into his driveway. I just got out of the car and slammed the door. Then, I made my way over to the front door of his house and helped myself in. I took off my sneakers and climbed the stairs. When I was in his room, I collapsed into a chair and closed my eyes, still leaving my jacket on.

Peace, nothingness. No noise or infuriating sounds. Neutrality...rainbow...

None of that. Wake up.” Ryan's voice brought me out of my safe and Ryan-free haven. His voice was so annoying to me just then that I wanted to smack him. I seemed to want to do that a lot lately. I opened my eyes nonetheless to see Ryan standing above me. “Get up.” I waited a second before complying. He backed away and sat on the bed, looking at me. His eyes were intent on their perusal of me.

Take off your shirt.” I glanced up at him in surprise, before masking it and staring at the ground in front of me. I shrugged my sweater off and then slipped the shirt underneath off as well. I stood there, my torso bared, and didn't dare meet his eyes. What was this? I looked up finally after a minute of silence and saw him looking straight into my eyes. His green eyes were filled with...with something I didn't want to identify, because it didn't make sense. His gaze was cool and Ryan-like. He seemed to be surveying me, waiting for something.

And your jeans.” This was said in a lower voice. A voice filled with...

This time I didn't halt or waste anytime glancing at him. I just did what he asked and stood in front of him wearing only a pair of grey boxers. His eyes watched me, looked over my body and I wanted to cover myself from his gaze. I felt my cock hardening from the perusal of his eyes, and Ryan's eyes settled on my cock as it came to life. It was really embarrassing. Especially since...I'm pretty well...endowed...down there, and therefore the bulge was embarrassing.

Kyle, look at me,” I raised my eyes to his face, “you probably hate me—wait I know you hate me for doing this, but I had no other choice. Listen to me, I will not make you do anything you aren't comfortable with. Have I done anything to make you uncomfortable thus far? Anything cruel?”

I snorted. I'd slept through most of the time we'd spent together.

Have I?” He persisted. I had to nod.

A smile warmed across Ryan's face, softening his beautiful features. “I understand that you have a boy-friend,” he said the word boy-friend like it was a disease, spitting it out of his mouth almost, “ give me a chance?” This Ryan was being sweet and nice, and he looked almost modest and embarrassed. It was kind of strange and cute really. Gone was the alpha male, authoritative attitude. Instead it was Ryan being...sweet?

Wait, wait, what? Backtrack. First of all, I don't have a boyfriend...and second of all, Ryan Melbourne was asking me give him a-a chance? Is that what this was all about? All of this blackmailing, he thought he was doing this so I would give him the time of day even though he thought I had a boyfriend.

I-I know that I'm not the greatest person since I'm so confused about everything, and Nathan is probably sure about his orientation, but I want to try...I want to experiment. I was rude to you because you were the one who brought out these thoughts In me. I hated you for making me want you. The truth is there's no one else I would want to experiment with. I might be gay or I might be bisexual, I honestly don't know. But-but-”

I walked up to Ryan in my boxers, and placed my hand over his mouth. He stiffened immediately,but he relaxed in demeanor.“Shh,” I told him, “If you say anymore in that tone of voice I will lose the minimal amount of respect I have remaining for your sorry little ass. Now shut up. I am not going out with Nathan. I never have and I won't. We are just friends.”

Ryan smiled, when he heard this, “So you'll do it with me?”

I don't know if I'll “do” it with you, but I will kiss you right now.” I smirked.

He laughed, “No, loser, I mean like will you experiment with me? I know that's not the most solid case presented to you, but I'm not sure about what I am or what I want. I do know that I'm attracted to you though. I don't think we'll be like...boy-friends or anything, but I really want to give this a try for as long as it's possible.”

That's plenty--, ” I walked closer to him, not knowing where the courage came from, and placed a feather light kiss on collar bone. I licked the spot once and then looked to his mouth, leaning up, and breathing there, “--to start with.” And then his tongue was in my mouth as he crushed my half-naked body to his clothed one. His hands gripped my back, pulling me into him trying to fuse his body with mine. I licked his lower lip and then nibbled on it, taking my time, but Ryan was impatient and he pulled my lips back to his, sucking sweetly. His tongue dipped into my mouth, mimicking a movement he'd like to do with another part of his body. Swirling around, panting, gripping, licking, and I couldn't get enough. I needed air, but I needed him even more so I dug my erection into his with my hips and felt him moan, and mimic the movement of my hips. The Friction was heaven.

No commitments though. When it ends, it's over. I won't promise you anything, no roses, no love songs. So don't make the mistake...aah,” he let out a groan as I ground my hips harder, pushing him back against the wall. He grabbed my hair and yanked my mouth to his once more. His fingers remained on the back of my head, tugging subconsciously, holding me to him as his mouth ravaged mine repeatedly.

Power, dominance, a sleek need erupted within Ryan and I felt it the moment his control broke. He was frenzied, feverish in his perusal of my mouth. I moaned around his tongue as he swept it within my mouth, staking claim. I returned with an equal need, a need to feel and touch, to know and to take.

I smiled, “what mistake?” I suckled his earlobe and my hips didn't miss a beat, matching his rhythm.

Don't,” Kiss, “fall in love with me or anything.”

I won't,” I assured him, “You're just,” nibble, “a hot piece of ass. Just be sure you don't fall in love with me.” He didn't answer, just returned with a fierce kiss as he sucked my tongue into his mouth. “Do you want this? Do you really want to continue, because there's no going back.”

Hell, yes.” He answered on a groan. “I want this so bad.”

How much?”

More then anything... Aahh.” The friction was unbearable. He was wearing pants and I was confined by my boxers, but the movement of our hips didn't cease. The rhythm remained as we grunted and groaned, foregoing any other words, as our hands and mouths pleasured each other.

Over and over, the agony of it became unbearable, I was reduced to pants and moans. My entire body was stiffening, but yet so relaxed. I couldn't seem to stop my frantic movements. It was as if my body had a will of its own as it gravitated towards Ryan's.

Stars, lights, a big flash, explosions, fireworks, the big bang. All of these tumultuous events surmounted into one eruption as we came simultaneously, and collapsed on to one another.

That wasn't supposed to happen,” he muttered in my ear, licking the beads of sweat that had gathered on the side of my neck. I returned the favor and we both sighed with the force of our release. I had the odd feeling that this wasn't going to be happening very often. This was a first for Ryan, and he had been testing the waters. I knew that if there was a second time, if, he would be way different.

It's not that he was bad, it was that I could feel the control he'd kept within. He'd allowed himself to go a bit over the line of his control, but not much. Ryan was a powerhouse.

That sure was quick.” I said. He laughed, the sound a deep rumble, as my head was laying on his chest. His heartbeat was slowing down. I looked up into his green eyes, “Now will you release me from your evil clutches, blackmailer?”

He groaned, “Don't remind me of that. Gosh I was stupid.”

So you're not going to out me to the entire school If I don't do what you tell me?”

I only did that so you would consider experimenting with me. So yes, that's entirely off. To be honest I was so drunk and at the time it seemed like the perfect solution.” He grinned.

And the next morning?”

Honestly when I woke up and remembered, I was like what the hell did you do Melbourne? But then I was like oh well, might as well go along with it.”

Nothing dramatic?”

Nah nothing noble, I just felt like it would look stupid if I backed out.”

The situation was truly funny, I mean it was like something out of a movie. We both made stupid moves, the biggest of course made by Ryan when he pulled off this stupid blackmailing stunt. Then by me ignoring him. This was actually very funny.

I grinned. “You're brave, you spent an entire week being chicken and just watching me. We could have been doing something fun.” To prove my point I grabbed a hold of his cock gently through his track pants. It was hard again, and it felt good. I'd never held another person's cock in my hand before. Ryan gasped as I stroked it with a firm hand through his pants, up and down, up and down. Lazily at first, stroking gently, around the base to the sensitive head. I slowly ran a finger across the slit and felt a shudder ripple through his body.

Soon I was touching, squeezing, stroking tightly until he was begging me to make him come. I slowly slid down the waistband of his pants and boxers and his cock sprang out. It was impressive, darker in tone then the rest of the skin on his body. The head was slightly darker then the shaft. He was leaking like a faucet, as a result of his arousal. I got on my Knees, the desire to taste him overpowering all my rational thoughts. I licked tentatively along the length to the tip and lapped at his pre-cum. He groaned and his hands went to my head, leading my mouth to the tip. I teased him by just licking lightly for a moment before taking just the head into my mouth and sucking.

I'd seen enough free previews of porn and read enough online to know never to scrape with my teeth. I took one hand and stroked the base to where my mouth could take it to the maximum and began sucking in earnest. I really got into it, sucking him off fast and then right when he was ready, slowing down and teasing him with long swipes of my tongue. Ryan growled, grabbed my head, and began fucking my face with an urgency I'd never seen before. I stroked my hard-on, matching his pace while he drove his cock into my mouth.

Yeah, Kyle, take that...aaah,” he went on fucking and pounding and I stroked my cock faster then ever, turned on and moaning like I'd never done in my life.

I took my mouth off and stared up at him from where I knelt on the ground. “How bad do you want me to suck you?” I was teasing him. I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from his lips. I wanted him to beg me for it.

Yeah, Kyle, suck my cock.” That's all the encouragement I needed as I went back down on my treat, taking it into my mouth as far as it would go. Ryan went back to pounding my throat as if he'd never taken a break.

Yeah, ahhh, I'm gonna....” I heard him and began stroking faster, matching his pace. A few quick jabs into my mouth and he erupted, sending a burst of hot cum into my mouth. I shot right after him, all of it a warm puddle on my chest. I swallowed it all, liking the taste.

Ryan collapsed on to the nearby bed, “wow.” I grabbed a towel and cleaned the both of us off, then fell on to the bed beside him. “Indeed.”

We slept.


Mmm...” I moved my arm, and turned my body slightly, moving subconsciously towards the source of heat. My body encountered hard and naked flesh, taut and smooth, radiating a warmth that I couldn't help but gravitate towards. Instinct lead me on and I draped a leg over this source of heat, my cheek pressing against the hardness of...a warm back?

I lifted my face and opened one eye. Ryan. Ryan. RYAN! I recoiled and moved further back. What would he think now that it was over. I'd made out...and given a blow-job to Ryan Melbourne:The hottest guy at school. Wide awake, I scrambled out of bed and began pacing.

Okay, Ryan had blackmailed me in his drunken state, thinking it was the only way to make me submit to his “will.” Then, he'd spent a week being a retarded pussy. Earlier today he'd finally confronted me and discovered Nathan wasn't my boyfriend. I'd all but jumped at a chance with him.

His words came back to me,No commitments...”

Psshh, it's not like I was going to fall in love with him or anything. What about now, what were we to each other? I grimaced, waving away my thoughts, and donned my jeans, shirt and sweater. I grabbed my jacket and tip toed towards the closed door. As I exited, I turned back to look one last time at Ryan.

He looked absolutely adorable in his sleep. His blond hair was rumpled and stood out in seventeen different directions. He'd taken off his shirt and jeans sometime during the nap and the sheet was bunched at his waist, revealing the masculine lines of his powerful body. My mouth watered at the sight of all of that naked, bronzed flesh.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind it if he woke up and found out I was gone. It's not like we were in a relationship or anything, and he'd insisted on not feeling anything for him. Of no commitments. So if he wanted to continue this he would find me. He wouldn't mind


You what?” Laura shrieked, her eyes bugging out of her face. I definitely had her attention now. She took her hand off the mouse to my computer and turned her full attention to me.

I had sex with Ryan Melbourne.” I told her once again.


No, It's complicated. He says he doesn't really know what he is. He's confused and apparently I'm the one who brought out these thoughts in him.”

Don't tell me he's using you as some sort of experiment. You know, to test the waters.”

Actually,” I winced, “that's exactly what he's doing.”

Again, she shrieked, “what, and you let him?”

It's not as bad as it sounds. He told me right off the bat that there would be no commitments, no roses or love songs as he put it. He plainly said he wanted to experiment. He didn't use me, and if he did, well I used him too. Remember, it's not like I love him or anything.”

Okay,” she rolled her eyes, as if our male logic was alien to her, “just watch your back, Kyle. Don't let yourself begin to care about him. You don't want to get hurt.”

This time, I rolled my eyes, “Okay, Mom. I won't though. I know exactly where I stand and I'm not going to let myself get hurt.”

Well, we'll see at school tomorrow.”

At that age, I believed nothing could hurt me. I believed that only I had the power to let someone hurt me. The naivete. It's unfortunate that everyone has to discover that they aren't immortal, that things can hurt them, shatter them, and they don't notice it until it's too late.

It's too bad that I didn't.

I can't change anything. Not now.


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