Sparkling Combustion

Part 8

People were bustling in the halls, some walking fast and others lazy. I walked at my own pace, taking in everything around me as I usually did. The kid in tow with me had orange-red hair that covered half his face and headphones in his ears that blared with loud obnoxious music. I could make out some screaming words like 'they want to take away our freedom!' followed by a loud shriek. A girl with pale blond hair and translucent skin was putting up posters for the newest charity fund-raising activity going on. She wore a a T-shirt that read 'Fast for Freedom.” Other people were rushing to get to class and some were even heading in the opposite direction to their class.

I caught sight of a flash of Nathan and he waved before speeding off to his locker. My own locker was situated in an okay spot in the school, and as I got my math textbook, I took my jacket off as well. I rushed into the classroom just as the teacher was about to close the door. As I walked through the rows to my desk, I saw that Josh and Ryan were already sitting there. He looked straight ahead, not even glancing at me. I shrugged and sat down beside Josh in my usual seat. Nathan hadn't arrived yet and was late.

Hey, man.” Josh greeted, “how's it going?”

I'm pretty good, stranger, how about you?”

I'm no stranger, it's just that I've been sort of busy with my girlfriend and football and all...” I nodded at him, assuring him it was totally cool. His girlfriend...hmm...I think it was the girl at the party. The one he'd been dancing with. Who cares, with Josh they came and went every couple of weeks.

Ryan caught my eye just then, and I nodded politely at him, wondering what his deal was. He just gave me an ice-cold, statuesque look and began talking with Josh. I frowned and looked away. The rest of the period was spent pretty much taking notes, as our math teacher didn't really know how to teach and wrote on the board the entire approximately fifty minutes. I didn't look at Ryan again and instead focused my attention on working and every once in a while speaking with Nathan or Josh.

By lunch time, I was kind of unsure about what was going on with Ryan. I mean, he'd propositioned me and then just totally froze up on me as If I were doing something wrong. Hello, it takes two to tango. I pretended like I didn't care but it was really getting to me.

Why was he being such a dumb-ass? He really pissed me off and I wanted to ask him about it but he gave me no chance. What was his deal? For years, he never acknowledged my existence. However, this year he began hating on me, then he blackmails me (for lack of a better word at his joke of a blackmail). After which he acts like a baby and proposes an experimental session of...who knows what. The next day he ignores me. I mean he's always been a royal ass, but I don't think that he's really like that. I think that the way he grew up, with barely any attention or affection from his parents, he's become sort of afraid of showing any care for people. Or he's just used to being by himself and being the center of attention with his buddies. He's just all over the place. He'll be this bad-ass annoying son of a bitch who acts like he's boss one second, and then the in one second he'll become this nice and funny guy, or at least with me he does. I don't mind his mood swings, I can handle them. It's that attitude he gets sometimes, that I don't care about you, you're scum on my shoes attitude.

At the end of the day, I even walked up to him at his locker but as I was about to open my mouth, his locker door clanged shut and he was off with his back to me. I think my mouth dropped open and I just stood there for a full fifty seconds before reclaiming my dignity and walking fast. I caught up to him and pushing him out of the way, I walked on ahead.

What the hell, Kyle?”

I turned around, “What? I didn't quite catch that. Was that another intelligent response coming from the big bad jock's mouth?” Even I winced as I finished the sentence, but I masked it. I was acting like a hurt bitch, when it was supposed to come across as a, 'I could care less.'

Ryan crossed his arms and surveyed me. “Real nice, Moore, real nice. This is coming from the guy that just charged into me on purpose like a mad banshee.”

Do you even know what that is?” I asked.

No. Figure of speech.”

Then go figure out what it is and then talk to me. At least then you'll have something to work with.”

Fuck off, Kyle.”

Be glad to.” I walked ahead and turned the corner, losing him there. I was angry at him. How could someone fucking make out with you like it was their dying wish one day and then completely ignore you the next? I fail to comprehend the logistics of such a callous method of dealing with an issue. If he had a problem, he would be mature and approach me, but no.

His treatment was pretty much the same for the next couple of days. Unfortunately, we were doomed by the fact that he was in so many of my classes. I had to go through entire classes of actually having to work on a group presentation assignment with him. The sad thing was, we argued about every little thing so much that our other unlucky group members complained and we were kicked out of class. This occurred twice. Yeah, Ryan and I were pretty mature. I didn't even bother trying to approach him about what was wrong with him anymore though.

Things started to cool down the next day. As it was, my anger had cooled and I was willing to speak with him. During my lunch as I walked to the cafeteria, I witnessed him in the hall with a brunette named Shelly. She was a really sweet girl but it was so obvious to everyone that she basically worshipped Ryan. I can honestly say that the sight of her gorgeous five foot five body standing next to Ryan and smiling didn't really please me.

I kind of stopped and pretended to talk to someone for a second, glancing over at Ryan every couple of seconds. He would look over as well as he was talking, and that let me know that he was aware of my attempts at getting his attention. A few minutes of this and finally he said something to Shelly and she walked away.

Then he turned, bestowing me with his breath-taking eyes. If I were a girl from the eighteenth century, I would have swooned. Frankly I wasn't and therefore I greeted him with a cool and level stare.

What?” Was what came out of his mouth. How amiable.

I smiled. If that had come out of the mouth of anyone else, especially in that rude tone of voice, I'd have been offended. However with Ryan it was like music to my ears.

Can I talk to you?” I asked him politely.

You are, dumb-ass.”

I rolled my eyes, “No, I meant like outside, where I can speak with you privately.”


Shut up loser. It's either yes or no. I really don't want to waste time.”

Fine.” He relented. With those words in mind, I turned and beckoned for him to follow me outside of the school. We walked side by side and walked off the school property and sat on a nearby bench. It was located in a cushion of trees and was a spot that wasn't frequently passed by or visited by fellow class-mates.

The weather was nice that day, but not very sunny. I was frankly sick of it and couldn't wait until it was actually bright and sunny again. With this thought in mind, I brushed snow off my hair.

When we were seated comfortably, I turned my attention to him and inquired of him, “Ryan, what's wrong?”

He gave me a funny look that was pure Ryan. “You made me come all the way here so you could ask me that? You've got to be kidding.”

I'm not joking. Things were fine...the other day when we--” I took a deep breath, “-- 'experimented.' Then all of a sudden you won't speak with me properly at school, and you're giving me dirty looks like a fourteen year old girl. Something is wrong and I just know it.”

Ryan rolled his eyes, “Nothing is wrong, seriously. I'm Just pissed at you.”

I grinned. Finally, something! “Can I ask you why?”

You can but that doesn't mean I'll answer.”

Ryan, I'm being serious.”

So am I.”

Then tell me,” I demanded softly.

He sighed, “okay, I know that it may sound stupid, but I'm mad that you don't care and that you left.”


See you think it's stupid already.”

No I don't, “ I assured.

Well...I woke up after that fantastic—“event”, and you're just missing. Gone. No phone calls after and no explanations. I didn't know what you thought. To be frank, I thought you didn't want to continue and that when you kept trying to speak with me, it was to reassure me of that. I was just really pissed about that.”

Ryan...I won't lie... I think that it's stupid.”

Fuck you.”

Gladly. When? How do you want it? Doggy style? Where, third floor?”

Fuck off.”

Now that I won't do. I really don't want to fuck 'off.' I don't think he's very nice.”

You have to admit that was really retarded.”

I don't have to if I don't want to.”

Okay okay you win. You're so annoying sometimes. It was stupid, happy? I know you didn't mean anything by leaving now, but then I was so angry. I won't lie to you.” He sighed, “Now I just feel like a loser, a real loser. You obviously weren't intending to do anything of the sort.”

Ryan,” I said to him, “don't be retarded like that again.”

He smiled wryly. “I'll try not to be.” He was silent for a bit after that.

Why do you do this, Ryan?”

Do what?” He asked, puzzled.

Why did you just freeze me out like that? Why didn't you come talk to me?”

I-uh-I'm not very good with words. I just don't like talking to people about things like that. Besides, I didn't want to seem like I cared.”

Next time, if there is a next time, will you just talk to me instead of freezing me out?”

I'll try, but it'll be hard. I'm not very...good at confronting people about issues like that.” He told me.

You sure are adept at confronting me when you have a serious issue with me like when you hated me.” I pointed out.

I'm comfortable with calling people out like that. I guess that makes me a coward, because when I do that I don't get hurt. I don't like confronting people when I'm liable to get hurt myself. In that, and many other cases, I'm a coward.” He sighed, and looked away. “You, I made fun of you, but you're way stronger then I am. I just put on this face, you're always yourself and you're not afraid of being hurt. I-I-I'm just not, I'm not the big ass-hole I act like sometimes, okay?”

I know.” I said simply.

You do?” He seemed surprised.

Yeah. I know that you act tough and that you make people think nothing can hurt you, but I know better. I know that you can be nice, that you just don't want to open yourself up to get hurt and that's why you act the way you do sometimes. I think that you began throwing mean things at me when you realized you had some feelings of actually liking me for who I was. That was your way of defending yourself. I can't blame you though. I understand.”

I looked up at him and he was staring off into space, a stony look on his face. “See,” I pointed out, “there goes on the mask.”

He smiled and his facial features softened. “I really do like you.” He said.

I know.”

So what now?”

I don't know but I really don't want to go back to class,” I looked at my watch and added, “In about say fifteen minutes.”

His eyes bore into mine, deep and thoughtful. “Then don't.”

I laughed and said, “And do what? Nathan is the only friend I have who actually skips class and he won't skip today because he has two tests back to back, and he doesn't ever skip his Accounting class.”

He positively scowled, and the fierce Ryan was back, “who said anything about hanging out with...Nathan. No one mentioned him. I meant that you and I could hang out.”

Nah, you're annoying and you argue with me too much.”

It's because you provoke me.” He countered.

I don't provoke you, you merely get provoked. In fact I am so nice to you.”

You're serious aren't you?”

Dead Serious.” I assured, keeping a straight face.

Well, alright then. Keep living in that dream-world of yours where you are perfect.” He got up as if to leave.

Wait,” I said, “Since I have nothing better to do...”

He feigned indifference, “What? Oh, yeah I don't really want to skip anymore.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Come on, Ryan I was joking. Don't be so sensitive.”

He smiled at me, dimple flashing and charm on. “So what do you want to do?”

Well, you,” I pointed to him, “have a car and I have the keys to it.”

O.K, cool.” Then it dawned at him and he lunged for me, “Kyle, how the hell did you get the keys to my car?”

I blocked him successfully and held the keys far from his reach. “You dropped them.”

That's not funny. I know I didn't drop them so how did you get them?”

That's for me to know and for you to find out.”

Do you mind handing them over?”

Can I drive?” I taunted.

Hell no. No one drives my car except for me, alright buddy?” He stated. I relented finally and threw him the keys. A final few words and we went around the school to the front where his car was parked and got in. The plan was to eat first.

Pizza-Pizza?” He asked.

I shrugged, “Why not?”

The local Pizza-Pizza was pretty nearby since they had a lot of business from the university and high-school students that dropped in. We each got two slices of pizza to go and ate in the car while he drove.

Where to?” Ryan inquired, with his mouth full.

I grinned, “My house?”

Will your parents be home?”

No, my mom doesn't get home till six today and my dad has some issues with his new book and is out exploring to find ideas.”

Is that what they call writer's block?” Ryan asked.

Pretty much. He knows how he wants his story to end but isn't sure how he wants to get there to provide the right feel.”

Hmm that's cool.”

By the way, we can't drink.”

Why not?”

Seeing as my dad will be home around four and my parents will know, trust me.”

Do your parents care a lot?”

Well, my parents are a bit eccentric shall we say? My mom is a psychologist so she's very open-minded about most things and my dad is a contemporary modern day author. He writes very, shall we say, enlightening and knowledge driven books. They wouldn't fuss and all but I would care. I don't want to abuse my parent's trust. It's different when you drink at a party and then if you sneak at home.”

We pulled in to my neighbourhood of new, sub-urban homes and Ryan kept driving, knowing the exact turns.

My parents are never around. They're both very career oriented and they don't really care about what I do so long as I keep good grades. I'm used to drinking at home, but I understand.”

I was silent for a bit, but when we pulled up into my driveway, I turned and asked softly, “Do you miss having them around sometimes?”

Honestly, no because they've never really been around much anyway. I wouldn't mind having parents that cared more, but honestly I don't know any different. I wasn't exactly planned. My mom didn't want a child at that time of her life and so I was like an interference. My dad was never really great with kids, so he was indifferent. I've always been kind of by myself. I despise pity though, so don't feel sorry for me. I get everything I want.”

Except love, I wanted to say...except love.

I'm hungry so I'll make us sandwiches.” I said as I opened the front door and we entered. I hung the key chain on the hook, shrugged off my jacket and shoes, and placed them in the closet. Then Ryan and I walked into the kitchen

You just had pizza though.” Ryan pointed out.

I know but I'm still hungry.” I gave him a cold look that said how dare you? Then I turned back to the task at hand and made the turkey sandwiches. We then sat down at the kitchen table to eat them. “See, they're good and you're hungry too.” I told him, satisfied.

Gotta agree, you do make a great sandwich.” Ryan looked at me and the corner of his mouth quirked up in a half smile. I just snickered and took a bite. “You know you're way too full of yourself?” I asked him.

Why shouldn't I be. I'm damned hot.”

I shrugged. “Yeah, you are. Can't deny that.” My hand found its way toward the inside of his thigh and I ran a finger down the covered flesh, issuing a gasp at the unexpected touch.

His eyes darkened and centered on my lips. I froze with the sandwich halfway to my mouth and stared back at him.

Something happened in that look. The sandwiches were left abandoned as Ryan crossed the distance between us across the table and wiped a few crumbs off my face. My hands went to his hair, tugging his lips to mine as my tongue twined with his, seeking hungrily.

Ryan's hand slipped to my back and beneath my shirt, sliding his hand across the taut and smooth skin of my back. “What,” I panted as he twisted my nipple, “about the sandwiches?”

Forget them,” and he brought his lips to mine, his tongue seeking and mating with my own. His hands pulled me closer and then I moved so I was in his lap, straddling his thighs with my legs wide spread. Ryan moaned and the sound was deep in his throat. Sexy. He spread my legs and moved me up so his hot cock was wedged between my thighs. His hips made an upwards motion, seeking heat. I groaned at the friction and wiggled my ass, which caused his breath to hitch in his throat and for him to claim my lips with a ferocious vengeance that bordered on the verge of insanity .

The last time we'd done this, it hadn't been this explosive, wild need hadn't consumed us to the point of abandon. It had been different. Now I wanted nothing more that to be fucked. Not made love to, but a hot, hard fuck. Sweaty bodies, naked flesh, mouths everywhere.

He whispered in my ear, as if reading my mind. “I want to fuck you so bad, Kyle. I want to shove my cock hard up your tight little bubble but. I know how fucking tight you'll be. Man,” he groaned, lifting my shirt up and over my head. “I want to suck your pink nipples into my mouth and watch you squirm.” As if to demonstrate his tongue came out and licked one lightly, issuing a moan from me. He then sucked it into his mouth ravenously, fiercely suckling it and biting it. I twitched and writhed onto his hard cock, leaking like a broken faucet.

I want you so bad.” He said again into my mouth.

You have me. Fuck me, just fuck me.” I needed it so bad, I needed his thick rod up my ass. I wanted it like I wanted my next breath.

No,” he said, “we're not ready for that yet. This is not a movie. It'll take time.” His mouth said one thing but his body certainly said another as it rhythmically thrust up against me.

I don't care. Just fuck me.”

Kyle, I need you.” His hand was at the zipper of my pants and his eyes searched mine, looking for hesitation. I didn't know what he was doing until I was naked, on the chair with my legs spread, with his hand wrapped around my engorged cock. He pumped up and down slowly, as if amazed at the sight. His hands were large and firm as he leisurely stroked my cock.

A finger trailed the velvety length of my cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed out and his finger captured it, his pink tongue tasting it. His finger then teased the slit and the darkened head, causing me to writhe in agony. I just wanted him to pump me up and down madly and furiously.

Ryan,” I begged.

His eyes were dark with desire as he looked up. “What do you want me to do, kyle? Beg me.”

I couldn't. I wouldn't. I just could not ask him to wrap his lips around my cock. He would do it if he wanted to, I wouldn't do it. “Ryan,” I pleaded.

Tell me what you want, beg me.” He demanded.

I moaned, “Just fucking suck me. Just wrap your lips around my cock. Ryan do it, please!” I thrust into his hand, wanting release so bad.

His head ducked, and he licked a lazy path up my cock, swallowing just the head and sucking. I thrust upwards into his mouth, my legs spread wide and his head between them. My hips began a movement of their own. In and out, in and out, furiously, devastatingly hard.

I kept thrusting, as I clenched my eyes shut experienced the sensation of Ryan Melbourne's hot wet mouth around my thick cock. Soon, I was close, “Ryan,” I called, “ I'm not going to last for much longer.” I tried to pull out but he resisted, continuing to suck me off until I came with a groan into his mouth.

I collapsed back on the chair. “Wow.” I said, similar to his reaction when I'd blown him. I reached for him soon though, groping his erection through his pants.


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