Sparkling Combustion

Part 9

Hope this is long enough for you guys. :P

I was in a state of deep sleep, dozing peacefully when a sound interrupted my rest. I awakened slightly and drifted between a state of sleepiness and wakefulness. I drifted along until the sound persisted and I was forced awake.

Argh,” I groaned as I woke. I realized it was the doorbell ringing and got up. While stretching my wound up muscles languidly, I realized that Ryan had quietly left. I saw a note and was about to read it when I realized the door-bell hadn't stopped ringing. I opened my window and yelled out, “Coming!” And then shut it. Shrugging on a pair of jeans but omitting the shirt, I grabbed the note and briefly read it.


You were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you up. Had a good time, buddy.

Let's do it again sometime.


I smiled and made my way downstairs to the front door. When I opened it Nathan was standing there. “Hey,” I greeted, “Come on in.”

Nathan seemed glued to the spot. It was then that I noticed his eyes were not on my face but rather on my chest. His eyes looked wistful and when he looked up, they had a clarity to them that made me want to reach out and urge them to close with the tips of my finger.

I wasn't ugly or anything but I was no Ryan either. My body wasn't too thin or too bulky, but rather sinewy and ropey. My mom always told me that I was an ageless person. I never really understood what she meant, but she always said that people usually saw in me what they wanted to see. That I brought out things in people, things they didn't know they possessed.

He blinked then, and the awkward moment of stalling passed. Nathan smiled at me. “Hey, man. I was bored so I came by. You don't mind do you?”

I shook my head. “It's cool. Listen, I'm going to go put on a shirt. I just woke up.”

Go ahead, I know my way to the living room. I'll watch TV while I wait for you to come down.”

Yeah, go ahead,” I said, looking back at him as I neared the stairs. He'd been watching my ass as I walked and a smile spread on his face as he realized he'd been caught.

Guilty as sin,” He called out, “ I'm only human. Besides, it should be illegal to look that good in a pair of jeans.”

Nathan,” I said, grinning widely, “Stop being gay and go watch some TV.”

There was something different about Nathan today, but I just couldn't pin-point it. That got me thinking as I shrugged on a shirt and ran a comb through my hair.

I chuckled as I headed into the living room where Nathan was seated. Oprah was on the screen and a lady was talking about a life altering incident that she'd had and how she'd changed her life afterwards.

I sat down. “Nathan, you are so gay. Change the channel.”

Nah, I like Oprah. And yes, I am so gay.” He smiled that heart-stopping grin and I couldn't help but respond.

Whatever, want something to drink?” I questioned.


No but I've got good old coke.” I said teasingly.

That will do I guess.”

I got us both a can and threw him his. He took a sip and said casually, “So where were you half the day? You weren't in any of the classes I had with you. Which were all three classes at the end of the day.” An eyebrow rose questioningly.

I grimaced slightly, before answering, “Yeah, I wasn't feeling too good so I went home.”

Really? Would you have any idea where Ryan was?” His voice was eerily taunting.

If he didn't know for sure, he couldn't prove anything. “How would I know?”

There's no point in lying for him. I saw you both leave the school together and then you both weren't in class.”

I should have known Nathan wouldn't make a remark like that without a reason. “We were both agitated so we decided to spend the day...well not at school. We hung out here.” I managed to say smoothly.

Nathan didn't speak for a bit. When he did, his voice was strained, “Can I ask what's going on between the two of you?”

Nothing, we're just sort-of friends now.” I managed a chuckle.

Kyle,” Nathan said, “if there was truly nothing going on, would you have to lie to me about being with him today?”


Would you?” He demanded.

I didn't care if Nathan knew that Ryan and I had oral sex and were...were what? Seeing each other, dating, in love? That wasn't the case though and I wanted him to know. It was Nathan after all, and I could trust him. Then there was Ryan. I had no idea how he would feel about me telling Nathan. I mean this was all just one big trial run for him and to say something might make him freak out. He would never know if we didn't tell him though. Still...

I sighed and nonetheless made the decision to tell Nathan what was going on. “Nathan, It's not really what it seems. Ryan and I aren't in a relationship or anything. Ryan just has this attraction for me and wants to explore it. We're not serious; It's just physical.”

Kyle, I don't like this one bit. Ryan isn't the best of people for you to be messing around with, seriously. He could hurt you real bad.” Nathan was genuinely concerned. I could tell from the look on his face.

That's exactly what Laura said. I know what I'm doing though, and you have to remember that we aren't taking this seriously. I don't know if it's going to happen once more or even if it will. All I know is that I'm not going to fall in love with him or anything.

I hope not. He's all wrong for you.”

What is right for me, Nathan? Laura said as much but neither of you have told me what is right. You both just tell me what's wrong.”

Nathan was silent, but the look on his face said it all.

It scared me and I didn't want to think about the implications, so I shrugged it off as me being stupid again.

That night in my dreams, I felt like I was being stretched two ways, as far apart from each other as the earth and the sky. I was being torn in two.


There was an eeriness in the air as I awoke to sound of rain pattering against my window. Pitter, patter, Pitter, patter. The sound was so beautiful, containing an earthiness and melodic quality that made me strain my ears to hear more. I'd always loved the sound of rain pattering against my window, loved the way the sound of it swooshed when car tires forced across the puddles formed by the rain. I loved looking out in the evenings and seeing the droplets of rain hitting the pavement of my driveway, and enjoying the silence hush through-out the area as people headed inside.

I raised my sleep-drained body out of my bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself and freshen up. Afterwards I changed into a pair light jeans, and a black t-shirt, on top of which I shrugged on a white Aeropostale sweater. A strange aura seemed to hover around me, quiet and calculating and very thoughtful.

Downstairs, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and muffins assaulted my senses. I grabbed one of the latter and sat down at the table to pick at it.

Good morning, Kyle.” My mom said in a sing-song voice. “You have fifteen minutes till school.” She said this as if I didn't know already, her voice soft and chiding.

Morning.” I mumbled, “what are you doing here anyway?”

How nice of you,” she said sarcastically, “for your information, I'm running late today. Want a ride to school?”

That would be nice.” I said, then thinking aloud, I told her, “it's kind of strange that I have to take the bus usually when my dad is always at home in the morning.”

Mom grinned, “honestly, do you ever expect your dad to wake up before noon?” I knew that but what annoyed me now was the fact that I had to take the bus after school if Laura left without me (which was very often lately). My dad had recently (to be accurate, a month ago) started teaching a writing class to the side, so he couldn't even pick me up after school.

We ate our breakfasts at a normal pace, which was apparently too slow because I was already five minutes late. “Ready to go?” My mom asked me. I nodded and grabbed my backpack.

We got in the car and I fiddled with the radio the entire ride, trying to find something decent to listen to but unable to do so. When we pulled up in front of the school, I got out and said a quick bye. My mom told me to be safe and healthy...goodness.

Forgoing the visit to my locker, I went straight to my period one class, accounting and sat down. I was in a quiet, thoughtful mood today, usually caused by the rain. Laura was used to this and so she let me be.

The sky was dark and sort of a cloudy gray as I stared out the window, ignoring the voice of the teacher. Most people hated gray cloudy weather and wanted sunshine, but I revelled in it. It just made me feel—in a strange and inexplicable way—alive.

Lately I didn't know how to feel. Things went from drab to kind of exciting so fast. Here I was the boy who was liked by most people but only had two really good friends. Now I'd had encounters with two very hot guys. One who was happy and confident and sort of rejected me, yet still became one of my best friends. The other was a tough-seeming, popular guy who everyone knew and wanted to be, and who made it adamant that this was nothing but a trial. He was a guy who was happy on the outside but slightly wounded on the inside.

Then there was me, outside of these two boys, and I had left myself wide open for firing. I told myself I wouldn't get hurt and I wouldn't. I'd make sure of it. No one could hurt me if I didn't let them.

Kyle Moore.”

Huh?” I snapped my head up, “yes.”

Mr. Wesley's glasses stood perched on the tip of his nose. His mouth was set in a grim line and he was waiting for an answer. “The answer to question number three on the test. If you haven't noticed yet, we are taking it up.”

Oh...” I scrolled down the page and gave him the answer. He resumed the lesson, looking to check on me every once in a while. The look on his face made it plain he found something to his distaste.

Stay awake, you seem out of it today.” Laura whispered in my ear from behind me.

I can't help it.”

I know it's the weather and what it does to you and all but just wake up!” She grinned then, “what are you thinking about anyway, huh? Ryan?”

Laura,” I hissed at her. “Not so loud.”

Oops, sorry.” She was silent for a few moments before she whispered again, “so what are you thinking about.”

Laura.” I warned. “this is so not like you. Go back to listening. Besides, I don't want to get in trouble if he looks over here.”

So you are thinking about him, then.”

Shut up. I did think about him but he wasn't my main line of thought. I was just thinking about life in general.”

Me too. Can you believe we'll be seniors soon? I mean, this year went by so fast.” Laura exclaimed.

Yeah it went by like that. In three and a half months, school will be over and it'll be summer.” I said. “I”

You had some new experiences and did something exciting, where as I, haven't gotten any action this year.”

Eww...Laura that's way too much info. I really don't want to know about that--you're like my sister.”

Aww...really? And you're like my brother.” She smiled at me, becoming nice all of a sudden and losing the silliness.

Laura--” My voice was halted by the sound of a throat clearing.

Kyle, that's enough. You have been disrespectful repeatedly in my classroom not only today but for the past few classes. That's a detention after school” Mr. Wesley said calmly. I still held my head high and met his gaze, “I understand, Mr. Wesley. That's justifiable,” And it was really. I suppose my voice sounded so formal and cocky that Laura giggled and Mr. Wesley's grim look became—if possible—more so.

I carried myself around with caution during the next period, counting the minutes till lunch. I didn't want to get in trouble again. Thankfully none of my friends were in the class following accounting and so I could just fade into the background, not bringing attention to myself.

I suppose when the bell rang signalling lunch, my sigh of relief and elation could be heard by anyone within a three meter radius. It wasn't just my mood today, I was just ready for the school year to end. Not only that, I was ready for high-school in general to end.

I mean, so many people love high-school and don't think of life outside of the institution, but I personally can't wait to graduate and get going with my life. Before, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a doctor. Now I wasn't so sure. There were so many options available and so many things to choose from, that I was lost. I really liked all degrees of academics, but what I enjoyed the most was math and science, all forms of the two. How can a person actually enjoy those two? Well I did, genuinely.

I hoped by the end of this year I could decide because I really wanted to graduate next year and not come back for a fifth year as was the trend nowadays with most people. Statistics show that apparently those students who choose to balance out their courses and remain at school for a fifth year, do better in university. Others apparently drop out or have a lot of trouble by their second year in university. However, I just figured, it's a year of my life I could spend doing something else, why come back unless I have to?

I walked to my locker and fished inside for my wallet, however I soon realized that I had not brought it with me. Good going, Kyle. I was starving though and so I went off in search of Nathan, with the thought in mind that I would get him to buy me lunch. He too was at his locker, putting away his books and as I walked up, he flashed me a big grin.

Hey,” I called, “wanna buy me lunch?”

I expected some teasing or reluctance but Nathan just smiled at me and said, “why not? Seeing as you're my best friend in the whole wide world.”

Who's this talking? Shit face? Kyle is my best friend in the whole wide world, “ Josh said from behind me. I turned and did the shake hands and one armed hug with him. He was such a typical straight boy. As I was retreating, I noticed Ryan standing beside him as well. How I failed to notice his beautiful face before, I have no idea.

I see you're extremely loved by your two friends here,” Ryan said with a smirk, that damned dimple flashing again. I don't know if I liked the attitude he put on when we were with others.

Hi, Ryan, It's lovely to see you too.” I said to him sarcastically. Nathan had the biggest grin on his face as he looked back and forth between the two of us.

Ryan just glared at him. “What the hell are you staring at?”

Nothing,” Nathan replied, tongue in cheek. He turned to me. “Come on, Kyle, let's go and eat lunch. See you guys later.”

Hold on a second. Why don't we all go out to eat together. I haven't spent time with my buddy Kyle in so long,” Josh said, then as an after-thought, he added, “And you too Nathan.”

I could tell that Nathan didn't really want to. I don't think it was Josh he didn't want to be around, but rather, Ryan. Those two really didn't like each other. Never had. He relented though, “Okay, why not.”

And so I spent the afternoon, eating lunch with two of the biggest morons on the face of the planet. They both had such strong personalities that they couldn't help but clash. Ryan wasn't bothering to be nice and neither was Nathan. First they argued about what place we would go to eat. Josh and I settled that by choosing the restaurant. Then they argued about how we should get there. Ryan wanted to drive there and Nathan said that would be stupid since it was so close by. Ryan agreed though and we walked there.

When we sat down at our table to eat our pizza, there was an awkward silence.

So,” I said, trying to get everyone talking“Any of you trying out for Rugby?”

I am,” Nathan said.

Ryan snorted , “Rugby is just football but senselessly stupid in the sense that you can get hurt and have barely any padding.”

Please, football is rugby but with all the padding to make less intense and to avoid harm. Where as in Rugby you take the pain.” Nathan shot back at him.

Go live in Europe, they'll really like that attitude there. But in North-America it's all about football.”

Well, aren't I a rebel then.”

Football and rugby are both great sports,” I put in, “they're different though.” They both turned to me and glared. “Do you play rugby?” Nathan asked. I shook my head. “Do you play football?” Ryan asked. Again I shook my head. “Then?” Nathan said this.

Well, you two were being morons so I was trying to shut you up. I can see though, that my efforts were entirely futile.” I looked to Josh for support but he had his ear phones in, and was texting away. “Put away the alpha male attitudes and be real. Who cares anyway? You guys are like a pack of wolves tearing at the other's flesh.”

'Nice analogy, Kyle.” Ryan stated. I'm not sure whether it was out of sarcasm.

Better then you can come up with,” Nathan said.

Nathan! Ryan! Goodness. I'm tired of hearing this for the past twenty minutes. If you're not going to say anything nice, don't say anything. Heard that one before?”

Josh had his ear phones out and was laughing, “ you realize this is exactly how I felt when you and Ryan would fight. You guys stopped eventually—sort of. Now you know how I felt.”

You're a lot of help, Josh.” I said, glaring at him. Then I softened my voice, “let's go now.”

As we were exiting, Josh and Nathan ahead and Ryan and I behind them, Ryan held out the door open for me and our eyes met in that instant. There was look of apology in them. I couldn't believe this guy. He was so cocky and full of it one moment and then nice the next. I looked away from him as I exited. Lightly, he touched my shoulder and I turned. Again, the apology. I didn't know what to make of him!

It's okay,” I mumbled, “You can be such an ass sometimes though.” I swear to god it was those dimples.

I'm nice to you, aren't I?”

Then be nice to Nathan too.” I told him and began walking ahead.

I don't like him.” He said simply.

Why? You don't even know him.” I pointed out.

Ryan pretended like he didn't hear me, “He's still interested in you, you know.”

He never was and he isn't now. We're just friends.”

You're interested in him.” He said.

I shrugged, “I was before.”

And now?”

He's attractive, but we're friends.”

And when this ends between you and I, like I know it will. What about then?”

I honestly don't know. However, that will be none of your business when that comes to pass.” I said lightly. He didn't say anything and I had no idea what he was thinking. That was the thing with Ryan, you never knew what was going on in that beautiful head of his.


After school there was my detention to be dealt with, during which I had to construct an essay explaining why my behavior as of late was deplorable. I tried to write it as fast as I could, but it did take me around twenty minutes, seeing as he was actually going to use this as a deciding factor whether or not to let me back into his class again.

When I finished, I was exhausted and my hand hurt from writing so fast. I just put it on the table in front of him and left, jogging to my locker. I fished through my things, trying to find my bus pass but was met with no luck. Great, my just-in-case bus tickets were in my wallet, and seeing as I'd gotten a ride this morning, I'd been stupid enough to forget my bus pass and my wallet.

The halls were deserted and I knew Laura had left, and Nathan and Josh as well. No one was in sight. Great, I walked slowly, as if trying to delay the inevitable, and came to the front door. I could see through the glass that it was raining outside. How delightful.

I put up the hood of my jacket, and walked outside, my strides were quick and long. I walked fast, figuring that it was about a twenty-five minute walk to my house. I was drenched by the time I was even twenty meters away from the school.

I walked for about ten minutes before I got completely soaked. At the intersection near the school, a car whizzed by, showering me with rainwater. I gasped at the sudden feel and backed away. I kept walking. Eventually I noticed the black car pulled up to the sidewalk. The window opened and I could see a head poke out.

Hey, need a ride?”

Who the hell? Some creep probably, I told myself, and continued to walk ahead, only to have the car follow and pull over again. “Hey, did you hear me? I said, need a ride?”

I turned and peered in the car. A laughing grin teased the corners of the boy's lips upwards, and his silver-grey eyes sparked with mischief. “Jeremy Willows, remember me?”

How could I forget such an adorable face? It was the guy I'd met a while ago when I was snooping around school. Goodness, he was perfect. “Need a ride?” He repeated again.

I smiled, “Do, I ever?” I opened the passenger door and got inside. “ I'm really wet, sorry.”

It's okay, what were you doing in the rain anyway?”

No bus pass, no money, no bus tickets, school's deserted.” I listed off my problems..

You don't have any of those things?” He teased.

I have all of them—just not with me.” I said, eliciting a laugh from him.

Good going, buddy,” Jeremy said, running a hand through his brown hair. “So where to?”

I live in South-Lake,” I told him, listing off my neighbourhood.

Aye, Aye.” He made a U-turn and headed off in that direction.

Mind if I turn on the radio?” I inquired.

No, go ahead.”

I fiddled around until I found a good station. After which I finally sat back in my seat and just stared out the window. The rain was now coming down harder then ever. Boy, was I glad Jeremy happened to be passing by. Otherwise, I would have gotten smoked out there. He was an interesting figure this guy. He seemed like a wanderer to me, like he was searching for something. His eyes had this hard, thoughtful look to them when he wasn't grinning. When he did though, it was as if the room was glittering, that's how great of a smile this guy had.

As if reading my mind, he turned to me then, “What's with the deep thoughtful look? Trying to figure me out?”

I smiled a bit, “Actually, yeah.” I said, “So what school do you go to?”

Not yours.”

I rolled my eyes, “I had that figured out.”

If I don't go to your school but I live around here, What other school would I go to?”

I slapped my head, “Rockway?”


I began to laugh, “Wow, never would have guessed.” Rockway was a private school, the kind where you had to wear a uniform. I never would have guessed that this free-thinking, rebellious “seeming” guy, would go there. Most of the people who went there-- not all--were just big snobs who thought they owned the place.

What were you doing around here anyway, Rockway's not exactly near our school.” I said, “Even if it's in the area.”

I skipped school and spent the day at your school. I know a lot of people there.” Jeremy said, with a light chuckle.

I raised an eyebrow. “The blond guy, and that girl Candice?”

Those are only some of the people I know, but yeah Candice was there. As for the blond guy, I don't even know his name. I just sort of...made out with him.”

And never talked to him again?”

Pretty much. Right now, I'm sort-of seeing Candice.” He stated.

Really?” I couldn't see him with that bitch. “Seeing her, huh? You don't seem like the committed type.”

By seeing, I meant fucking.” He said with a grin.

Good luck with that.” I told him, and said to pull over into my neighbourhood. We wound through the curvy lanes and through many houses until I told him to pull up in my driveway. I got out of the car and stretched my muscles. It'd stopped raining.

Thanks for the ride, man.” I called out.

No problem.”

Will I see you around?” I found that I really enjoyed his company.

Maybe. You never know, though. Sometimes I come to your school so watch out for me. Have a good day, Kyle.”

Yeah, you too.”

He waved one more time before leaving, and I stood there and smiled to my self. Strange guy, that Jeremy.


The next day wasn't a rainy day, but kind of cloudy and gloomy. The kind of day that usually followed a big rainstorm. I made sure I put my wallet, and bus pass into my backpack before school so I wouldn't have to go through the same issues that I had the day before.

However, it was pretty much an uneventful day for the first half really. Most of the snow had been melted the day before and people thought it would stay that way, but as usual, the weather was unpredictable and it was snowing lightly. There was the mood of waiting for some bright rays of sunshine.

At lunch time, I stayed in the cafeteria with Laura. I thought Nathan would go with a couple of friends he'd made –two boys named Matt Johnson and Carl Butler—like he did sometimes, but he actually came into the cafeteria and sat with us.

Laura was going on about how miserable her life was and how much she resented the snow and wanted it to melt. I think I just zoned out, as I tend to do, when Laura whines. Don't get me wrong, Laura's great but who can listen to whining? I always listen to her when she has something important to say, not when she whines though.

My eyes wandered across the room, making a slow perusal of the familiar faces sitting at various tables. Suddenly, I felt strange, almost as If I was watching everything from a different perspective. The words around me dulled and blurred until they seemed as if they were echoing. The peoples' faces were moving slowly, animatedly and I felt as if everything was in slow motion and I was watching from far away. Time slowed down, words ceased to have meaning, actions became a language. And then... and then...

Then the moment was gone, and my mind came back into focus.

Are you listening to me?” Laura yelled.


What is wrong with you?” Laura demanded.

Shut up. Complain to Nathan, I'm way too tired.” I leaned my chin on my hand and closed my eyes lightly. Vaguely, I heard Laura huff and then actually continue to speak with Nathan, who was very good at listening. He even commented here and there. My head hurt and I just felt so bad.

They say that the continued exposure to the cold environment puts you into a psychological hole for part of the winter, mainly because of the lack of vitamin D. Apparently, you could stand naked outside in the winter for five hours and virtually nothing would happen. Most people just became extremely gloomy—I was one of those people.

Not only that, but it raises risk for cancer, heart attack, diabetes and many other disorders. I think I read that in some Maclean's magazine article or something. There was a lot of weird information compiled in my head.

I hoped spring came soon so I could just feel better.

When I opened my eyes, I was looking straight into the eyes of Ryan sitting on the table across from ours. I didn't blush; we didn't look away; we just looked—and saw each other. His eyes had a smile in them, even if his mouth wasn't tilted upwards and his dimple hadn't creased. I felt a sense of—Rightness. It felt right to look at him like that and for him to do likewise. He tilted his head then, and his lips curved upwards, his dimple creasing and eyes glittering a bright green. Sometimes, I forget just how gorgeous this guy is. What the hell does he see in me anyway?

He got up, said bye to his friends, and began to walk slowly out of the cafeteria. As he was exiting, he threw a look at me and gestured for me to follow him. I looked around to make sure he wasn't gesturing towards anyone else before I got up.

Laura, Nathan, I think I'm going to go out and get some fresh air.” I said, feigning a yawn.

Laura looked at me, “Whatever,” she then looked at her watch, “I have to go to the library anyway, so see ya.” With that, she grabbed her bag and left.

I'll come with you.” Nathan said, “Even though it's chilly outside again.”

No, I think I wanna be by myself, you know? I just feel restless...” My voice trailed off.

You're going to meet Ryan,” He said, hurt.


Whatever, I'll talk to you later. Go see your boyfriend.” He said and got up.

He's not my boyfriend,” I hissed in a low voice. “And even if he was, so what?”

You guys don't exactly seem all that casual. I don't think it's all physical anymore, Kyle.”

Not really,” I told him, not sure myself, but angry at him. “Even if it was, so what?” I said again.


So what? Why would it matter?”

Kyle,” he looked frustrated and ran a hand through his hair. Then he began again, “Kyle—You know what, never mind. Just go.”

I will,” I said and turned on my heel. What was his deal anyway? Everything about Ryan pissed him off and everything about Nathan pissed Ryan off. They were so weird! At least Ryan wasn't....wasn' damned annoying. Who was I kidding? They were both born with a psychotic brain. Nathan was just being so infuriating.

I exited the cafeteria and that Nathan stood leaning against the old brick wall. The sight of him somehow calmed me down when at one point it would have made my blood boil in anger. How things had changed. My perspective and opinion of him had altered as well. He didn't seem like that annoying, spoiled jock any more. Rather, he seemed nice occasionally—yet scared of affection and letting down his guard. I also loved that fiery Ryan who's temper came to life within seconds. He was just so unpredictable and odd sometimes.

When he saw me, he gestured for me to follow him again. I walked slowly and quietly beside him to the back of the school. He then opened the door to an old classroom that was now occasionally used for presentations and meetings, and closed the door behind me.

When he turned back around, in place of the serious look was a small smile. “Hey, you.” he whispered even though he didn't need too. Gosh he was so cute when he didn't put up that false front.

I walked up real close and said, “Hey.”

I never imagined I would take a guy into a secluded classroom so I could have my way with him.” Ryan said mischievously, drawing me into the circle of his arms. I placed my face into his neck and breathed in his masculine scent. There was something different about the way we were today. The past two times had been frantic and explosive. Now we were quietly feeling, breathing in. Taking each other in. Ryan was different, not fake. He had put his guard aside and was just being himself and living in the moment.

So how is the experiment coming along, Ryan?” I asked teasingly, “Any conclusions?”

Huh?” He said, and ran his hand across the small of my back to my ass.

Any conclusions?” I repeated, my breath hitching.

Yeah,” he teased the hollow of my neck with a gentle swipe of his tongue. “That you are one hot beast.”

I laughed. “Okay, I suppose that's good enough for now.”

Hmm?” Ryan murmured, too busy trying to shove my jeans down so he could touch my ass. His finger found it's way to my puckered ass-hole and he ran a finger across the sensitive bud, teasingly rubbing but not penetrating.

I moaned lightly, and Ryan asked me, “So, what were you saying?”

I can't remember,” I told him honestly, leaning up into his face.

Me neither.” His hand gripped the back of my neck and his lips found my own. My lips ravaged his and Ryan's moan could be heard as he whispered in my ear, “God, you taste so fucking good.” His hands cupped the round globes of my ass, and he said once more, “Such a sweet, sweet ass.” I groaned, wanting more, wanting to be fucked by Ryan for the first time.

I love it when you talk dirty to me,” I whispered in his ear as he pushed one finger inside me. My words ended off as a groan as that finger moved out slowly and and then back in again in one long swipe. I had to grip something, there was no wall, no desk, I searched frantically with my hands and encountered the hard planes of Ryan's shoulders. My fingers gripped hard. One finger slowly, tormenting, slid in and out. He would bury it to the hilt and then give one quick swipe. One soon became three, as he slid those fingers into my hot, wet ass. I moaned, and again he pushed three fingers into my puckered hole.

My lips found his again, and he devoured my moans with his mouth. His hot wet fingers, the smell of sex and sweat, the secluded classroom, the fingers pushing slowly into my ass, was almost too much for me.

Stop,” I gasped. “Stop, or I'll come.”

His lips caught mine in a hard kiss, then a long, slow kiss as his fingers retreated. “Mmm,” he groaned. “I wish we weren't at school.” So hot, so fucking hot and hard. His body was all planes and angles, hard ridges of taut muscle. I just wanted to take a bite. His hand cupped my nape, holding me in place while his kiss ravaged my mouth. I made an overwhelmed sound in my throat.

Mmm, you are such a sweet fuck. I want to bend you over those desks and pound into you over and over again.” His fingers pushed deep into my hot wet ass and I closed my eyes, my breath coming in short gasps. His fingers did to me what his hard cock against my hip wanted to do. “Ryan...” I moaned, trying to back off, but unable to do so.

I couldn't let him any longer. The bell was going to ring soon and we'd be caught in just a few seconds. I pulled my mouth away from his and pushed my face into the crook of his neck. His hand rubbed over my back soothingly and I just wanted to stay there for the rest of the day.

Kyle?” His voice penetrated through the tension in the air.


Why do I want you so much? Like--” He sighed, exasperated, and ran a hand through his hair. “I've never felt this way before. I mean, sure I've thought some guys have been attractive, but mainly it was girls. I'd always been intrigued by you, but then it was like—I was so turned on by you.” He grinned then, and I saw a glimmer of vulnerability in his emerald green eyes. “I swear everytime we fought, I just wanted to throw you against the wall and press up against you. I think those kind of thoughts disturbed me the most.”

When did you—you know, decide to do something about it?”

Well, initially—you know what that's something you maybe shouldn't hear, but whatever. I was drunk and stupid and just thought that the only way to make sure you did what I wanted was that if I made you or something, and I guess I was wrong.”

You guess? That was the stupidest shit I've ever experienced. Blackmailing me?” I laughed to show him I was only kidding.

He looked at me and laughed too. “Yeah, just quit rubbing it in my face.” Then he was serious for a moment, as his eyes searched my face. “Do you think we'll still be friends when this is over?”

I frowned. “Don't think about stuff like that. I guess we will be friends, because we'll have a clean break—or whatever you want to call it. Both of us went into this knowing what was going on and what was eventually going to occur.”

I know, It's just—I—I really like having you as a friend, and I don't want to lose that. Now that I have it. I feel so...relaxed with you, like I can just be myself. I can be mean, I can be in a bad mood, or I can be nice”

We'll have that.” I smiled at him.

Good.” His lips captured mine in a wet kiss, his fingers running through my hair.

But you're such an ass-hole sometimes, that I want to hit you.”

Mmm, you love it.”

Everything was fine then and we walked away from that room with that knowledge.


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