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Spring and Sex in Bloom

By Robert the Red

Mathew's parents had moved to the east coast and now he was living in a shit hole of an apartment a few blocks from the high school until he graduated in June. Matt and his steady girlfriend of four years had just broken up, so there he sat in his car crying and contemplating how best to off himself.

Matt drove out of the school parking lot where the big break up had taken place a few minutes earlier and headed towards the local park to find some piece of mind. He needed some solitude to try to sort his miserable mess of a life out. Matt pulled into a parking space at the park, got out of the vehicle, walked over to one of those concrete tables, found in parks now days, and sat down on the cold hard concrete bench. Matt held his head in his hands in despair and began to cry.

To cry and feel sorry for himself was not at all like Matt. He was a tough self-assured street savvy kid, a person of independence. Now, for the first time in his life Matt was alone, feeling unsure and deeply troubled. There was no one to turn to for advice or solace. Then out of the blue a timid teen voice said, "Hey, what's up."

Matt looked up at the timorous teenager that was standing across the table from him who had just spoken and replied, "For shits and giggles, that's what's up."

Matt shamefully wiped the tears from his eyes and face, while trying to figure out who this boy was that had the balls to intrude on him at this sorrowful stage I his life. The boy looked very familiar. Just an average looking boy about fifteen or sixteen at the most, but now the question was: who and why. Who was he and why had the lad stopped and taken an interest in Matt and his troubles.

The young boy gestured as for acceptance to be seated on the bench across the table from Matt. Matt acknowledged and the boy sat down not saying a word. The two teens just sat there in silence staring at each other; Matt looking pensive, and the boy untroubled and happy. Matt was trying to place the angelic face and exactly from where he knew this somewhat bashful boy. The kid presented a radiant appearance and cheerful smile, exposing a perfect set of white teeth. All of that and his blue eyes and blonde hair complimented his facial features. The teenager finally said to Matt, "You don't recognize me do you."

Matt took a chance, "Yeah, I believe we go to school together."

The young intruder replied a little self-consciously, "Yes, we do, but I also live two streets over from where your folks lived on Washington Circle until they moved week before last. I was your paperboy for a couple of years when I was younger, and I've seen you around the teen club and recreation center on different occasions."

"Oh yeah, that's where I recognize you from more than school," Matt said a little more confidently.

"So, why all the gloom and doom, Dude?" The kid asked.

The inquisitive youth had rosy cheeks that were dotted with a slight dimple on each side when he smiled, all in all a very pleasant appearing boy. A person who Matt thought might be a good listener. So, Matt proceeded to run down his tale of sorrow to the inquiring young busybody, spilling out all his problems. Finally, the youthful listener had enough of Matt sorrowful tale of woe and said, "So, let me get things straight, Dude; you're a graduating senior who's been accepted to college next fall, you have your own digs now, you've got a cool ride, so what more could you want or need out of life?"

"A friend right now would be a start," Matt said in a more cheerful tone.

"You've got a friend," the boy replied. With that the boy reached out taking hold of Matt's hand with his hands for a firm two handclasp handshake. They introduced themselves to each other and spent the next hour or so filling each other in on other personal information; Matt soon discovered that Roy was fifteen, soon to be sixteen in a few days, and also a sophomore at the high school. Matt discovered that Roy was on the honor roll and played the trumpet and tuba, plus he was in the high school marching band.

"Hey, why don't you come home with me for dinner tonight, meet my parents," Roy suggested.

"Naw, I don't want to intrude on you family and be a bother," Matt said sheepishly.

"No bother, give me a ride home, we'll go swimming, and then you stay for dinner." Roy said confidently.

"Sounds like a plan, let me swing by my apartment and pick up my swimming trunks."

"Okay," Roy said cheerfully.

Matt was starting to feel a little better since meeting Roy. The boys got into Matt's ride and drove the three blocks over to Matt's apartment. Matt pulled his vehicle into the designated parking space and as the boys got out Matt warned Roy that his place was no penthouse palace. The two went inside and Matt pulled his swim trunks off the shower bar in the bathroom. Roy told Matt that he thought the apartment was cool, and asked if he could come over and visit from time-to-time. Matt assured him he was welcome anytime. Matt locked the apartment up; the boys got into the vehicle, and headed towards Roy's house, back in Matt's old neighborhood.

Once the two arrived at Roy's house Roy introduced Matt to his mother. Roy's mom was the quintessential stay at home mother and part-time worker. The aroma of fresh bread baking and food cooking permeated the house, making Matt think of the way things used to be for him. All the homey things that Matt bitched about and took for granted until his parent's moved and left him alone. Of course, Matt had begged for that, he wanted to finish school where he had started four years earlier, and stay connected with his girlfriend. Now, there was no family or girlfriend, maybe Roy's family would be Matt's new family, for a while at least.

Roy's mother hugged Matt and invited him to stay for dinner. She told the boys that the meal for the evening was Pot Roast with fresh bread and homemade apple pie for desert. Sure sounded good to Matt who had been living off fast food for over a week. Roy and Matt headed into Roy's room where the boys proceeded to change into their swim trunks.

Matt was impressed with Roy's large bedroom. The room was filled with either a queen or king size bed, a computer center in the corner of the room, nice dresser and other bedroom furniture. There was also a small bathroom with a shower on the one side and a walk in closet next to it. The flat screen television was mounted on the wall directly across from the bed. Roy noticed that Matt was looking at his television and said, "The television is all wired in for cable, computer, DVD player, and surround sound."

"Cool!" Matt exclaimed.

Roy was somewhat immodest as he stripped off his school clothes and changed into his trunks. The first thing that Matt noticed about Roy's nude body was the build; he was not extremely well built and about ten or fifteen pounds overweight. His skin was blemish free and smooth with a light dusting of soft blond hair. Roy didn't appear to be all that well endowed either, at least not in its flaccid state. Matt did take notice that Roy was circumcised and had a very appealing appearing pink headed appendage that hung soft about two inches long in its flaccid state and about the thickness of a flashlight battery. Matt now began to question why he was even sneaking a peek at Roy's goodies.

Matt hadn't messed around with another boy sexually since he left middle school when he lived back in Florida. Matt like most boys of that elementary and middle school age had experimented sexually with other boys his age. He had participated in penis comparison and measuring competitions; engaged in some mutual masturbation, circle jerks, and spooge spitting contests with classmates and neighbor boys. Those sexual activities that many prepubescent and young adolescent males are preoccupied with during that period of young males lives. Matt had even participated in some oral sex, sixty-nining with a couple of his young male friends during sleepovers. However, when he moved to California Matt had left all those types of sexual activities behind when he met Sharon.

Sharon and Matt had been steady girlfriend boyfriend all through high school. Now, that their bond had been broken Matt didn't see the break being mended any time soon. Sharon and Matt had participated in some heavy petting, but she refused to have sexual intercourse with Matt until they were married. Matt didn't want to commit to marriage until they both graduated from college, but he wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. So, now after numerous arguments they were at an impasse. Then there were rumors circulating about Matt having wild sex parties with other women that further fueled the fires of discontent.

Sharon had been hearing rumors that Matt was having wild sex orgies at his new apartment after his parent's moved out of town and after Matt moved into the new digs. She had pinned him down and asked Matt if he was being unfaithful to her and their commitment. Of course, Matt denied all the allegations, but Sharon did not believe him. So, after a final heated argument in the school parking lot earlier that day Sharon had given Matt back the friendship ring and walked away from their longstanding relationship.

Now, Matt was alone and starting over with a few short weeks left before he graduated. With Sharon out of his life and his parent's thousands of miles away Matt needed a new friend and something to occupy his time. Maybe the Miller family would be there to assist Matt with the help he needed to sort things out and start over. Matt snapped out of the doldrums of his daydream as Roy playfully punched him on the shoulder saying, "Get your trunks on and let's go swimmin, Dude."

Within a few minutes both boys were in the backyard pool laughing, joking, playing, and splashing with each other. Matt, for some reason, had become drawn to Roy in the short time since they met, even though he was a little younger. Maybe it was Roy's charismatic way. When Matt was down and thinking about suicide earlier in the day Roy was there to snap Matt out of his suicidal thoughts. Roy had been the quite hero of the day. Maybe Roy would end up being like a brother that Matt never had in life.

You see, Matt was an only child; whereas, Roy had older siblings. Roy's brother and sister were now grown and out of the house, so basically Roy was an only child. Roy's brother was away in the Air Force and his sister was recently married and expecting her first child. The boys continued to play in the pool until Roy's mom called out that dinner would be served in thirty minutes.

The two boys climbed out of the pool and Roy directed Matt to the area where there was a shower to rinse the chlorine off their bodies. Both boys stripped out of the swim trunks, rinsing them out and hanging them on the bar to dry as they washed the chlorine out of their hair and off their bodies. Both boys were haltingly pulling on their shrunken dicks from all the time in the cool pool water. After all the time in the pool the boy's white skin was puckered and their dicks suffered severe shrinkage. The boys wrapped towels around themselves and headed back to Roy's bedroom.

As they headed towards Roy's upstairs bedroom they ran into Roy's Father. Roy introduced Matt to his dad and the two proceeded up the stairs into Roy's room to get dressed for dinner. As the two boys slipped the towels off and prepared to dress for dinner Matt's attention again inadvertently focused on Roy's crotch area. Matt couldn't understand why he was drawn to looking at Roy's cock; it wasn't a large one by any means, but it was just a nice looking one.

"Not much to look at, huh?" Roy said to Matt shyly, "I know you been checkin my body and dick out."

"Sorry, I guess I was and I apologize, but you got nothing to be ashamed, Dude. You got a good lookin body and nice lookin cock, too," Matt said.

"Thanks," Roy said a little self-conscious at the unexpected compliment.

"No apology necessary, man. Cause I've been lookin at you, too," Matt said a little sheepishly.

Although Roy didn't have ripped abs of a corrugated steel washboard, a well-developed chest with powerful pecs, or arms and legs of steel, he had an averagely good-looking teenage body. A body that was typical of a teen not heavy into athletics, but more into academics. Roy made up for any of his bodily shortcomings in other ways. He had an affable personality; a nice ass, the cutest pink cock head and nipples, a cock that was now teasing Matt's attention and calling his sexuality into question.

At that point the two horny teens were standing close facing each other when Roy reached out tenderly touching Matt's left nipple. That touch immediately set off a rising response from Matt's groin area along with a soft groan of pleasure. Not only did Matt's cock become immediately erect, so did his nipples. Matt saw Roy smile at his aroused state. Matt then reached over and duplicated the tender nipple noogie on his new friend's erect pink nipple and noticed the same response from Roy's cock. There the two boys stood in front of each other as their rock hard cocks bounced and danced up and down much like a well-choreographed ballet as blood pulsed into them. Roy then made a bold move reaching for Matt's cock he began softly stroking it.

After a few seconds of phallic fondling Roy asked quietly, "Do you want me to stop?"

"Naw, feels kind of good to a horny dude like me."

"Go ahead and touch mine if you want to," Roy quietly said to Matt.

Matt didn't hesitate; he reached down and took Roy's cock into his left hand as he put his right arm on Roy's shoulder.

"Oh man, that feels so fucking good," Roy whispered to Matt.

"Yeah it does," Matt replied in a dry whisper.

The two boys stood there slowly stroking each other's now rock hard cocks moaning and speaking to each other softly while looking into each other's eyes as if to question how far they should go with this phallic play. Both boys would be on the verge of orgasms shortly.

"You know we're not going to be able to finish this off before dinner," Roy said to Matt with a wry smile, "and you know I wouldn't want to do anything that will spoil my supper," Roy said with a mischievous little laugh.

Matt smiled at his new friend and said, "Yeah, I got a feeling your mom will call us to dinner at a crucial time, so let's get dressed and we can discuss all of this after dinner."

The boys released their grasps on each other's cocks and stepped away from each other. They quietly got dressed and headed towards the dinning room for dinner. Matt sensed for sure that had they been blessed with a few more minutes Roy would have had Matt's cock in his mouth milking it dry, and for some unexplainable reason Matt was comfortable with that. All of Roy's family sat down at the table with Roy's newest friend. The meal was great, and the conversation with Roy's parents was pleasant. The dinner conversation centered on the family.

Matt found out that Roy's dad a retired Air Force officer worked for California Department of Forestry in the Office of Emergency Services. His mom was a substitute elementary school teacher and an active member of the PTA. Roy's dad couldn't help bragging on his son who was in the Air Force, while Roy's mom gleefully told about the new grandchild they were expecting from Roy's sister and her husband. Matt found that he really liked Roy and his parents, and thought that he would probably be spending more time with Roy, in more ways then one.

After dinner was over Roy, his dad, and Matt adjourned to the garage where the manly toys were stored. Matt soon discovered that Roy's dad owned a big fifth wheel trailer with a storage area in the rear for motorcycles, snowmobiles, or quad runner, and a big Dodge pickup that he used to towed it. The garage was filled with all types of outdoors equipment, and off road vehicles. Matt thought to himself, why hadn't he ever gotten to know Roy before?

"So, you got any plans for next weekend, Matt?" Roy's dad asked.

"Not really Sir, why?" Matt replied.

"Well, next weekend is the official start of spring and I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, and Early Friday morning I am heading out to the property for the weekend. So, if you boys want to tag along your more than welcome to go with. Just be ready to leave about four in the morning on Friday. Matt you're welcome to spend the night here Thursday if you want."

"Thank you, Sir," Matt replied.

Roy's Grandfather owned property in the Big Bear Lake area of California and property and a cabin up in the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada. So, numerous times throughout the year the family would make trips up to the properties for seasonal outdoor activities in the areas. This outing would be to the closer property in Big Bear. Matt and Roy were high-fiving and excitedly talking about what they would do once they got there.

"You got a board, Dude?" Roy asked his friend excitement to his voice.

Thrilled at the thought of spending a three-day weekend boarding Matt replied "Yeah, I got a kick ass snowboard, Dude."

The boys continued to talk about the up coming weekend. Roy's dad smiled at the boys and excused himself, returning to his wife in the house. Finally, Roy turned to Matt and asked the burning question of the evening.

"So, does what happened in my bedroom before dinner have any type of negative impact on our friendship?" Roy asked.

"No way, Man."

"So, are you cool with messin around like that?" Roy asked, stepping in closer to Matt and putting his hand on Matt's crotch.

The two boys stood there in the shadows of the garage rubbing each other's crotches as Roy nuzzled Matt's neck. Roy was holding Matt close nuzzling and nibbling his ear and neck. Both boys were breathing rapidly, and were fast becoming aroused, again. Both boys who were fully aroused knew that this scene might be hard to explain to Roy's dad if he stepped back into the garage at anytime.

"I guess so," Matt replied as he broke free, "but I got to get back to my apartment. I'm expecting a call from my mom and have to finish my homework if I'm going with you and your dad next week. You want to go with?" Roy asked his friend

"Maybe we'll be able to finish what we started earlier today?" Roy whispered to Matt.

"Why do you think I suggested that you to come back to my apartment with me tonight, Dude? I think we have much more to talk about in private," Matt said smiling at his new friend.

"Let's go ask Mom and Dad's permission." Roy said.

"Okay, but tell them that you are going to help me finish-up my English essay that is due to be turned-in Friday, and that won't be a lie; because, if I'm going with you and your Dad I'll have to turn it in on Thursday. That way we won't arouse any suspicions," Matt coached his new young friend as to what to say.

"Okay," Roy replied as the two boys turned out the lights in the garage and headed inside to ask Roy's parents for permission to stay over at his new friend's apartment for the night.

What will happen between the two boys when they get to Matt's apartment? Has Matt's new desire for male on male sexual contact and relationship resurfaced after all the years of absence? Stay tuned for more of what will happen between these two teenage boys. The story doesn't end here. If you want to provide some feedback e-mail the writer at:

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