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Spring and Sex in Bloom: Chapter 2, the first sleep over.

By Robert the Red

As Roy Miller turned out the lights in the family garage and set the lock on the door Matt was deep into thought as the two boys prepared to head back inside Roy's house. Matt was a little uneasy and didn't know what to make of his new friend's earlier indecent actions and careless behaviors. Roy had definitely been acting much like a daredevil retard when it came to the suggestive overtures he had made towards Matt, especially with Roy's parents in such close proximity. Roy had been sexually aggressive with Matt earlier in his bedroom, and then indiscreetly groped Matt in the family's garage. Needless to say, Matt was a little bewildered by all of this; moreover, he was uncomfortable with Roy's devil-may-care attitude and behavior when it came to the sexual advances, especially not knowing if or when Roy's parents would walk-in on them unannounced. Matt Mc Shane was definitely one concerned and confused teenager.

The last thing Matt needed with only a few weeks left before graduation was to be discovered in a compromising situation sexually fondling another boy, especially one under sixteen. The thought of being exposed as a faggot or much worse, a sex pervert, was an absolutely horrifying thought for Matt. Matt would be eighteen on the sixth of July, and thereby considered to be an adult. Therefore, as a grown-up, he would be tried in adult court. If convicted Matt would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Matt was becoming overwhelmed and feeling uncomfortable regarding Roy's actions and behavior; furthermore, Matt was having second thoughts about letting Roy spend the night with him. Matt knew that he and Roy's blatant suggestive sexual behavior with each other was morally wrong, but didn't understand why he hadn't put an end to it when it first began in Roy's bedroom. Matt wanted the new friendship to blossom and survive, but he knew that he and Roy had certain things to discuss later that night if their friendship was to flourish and last.

Matt had immediately been drawn to Roy and his family and wanted to maintain the new found friendship, but he would have to admonish his new friend about the improper and sinful behavior in which the boys had openly engaged. Matt considered himself a very typical teen, yet a horny heterosexual male, too. He had never ever considered himself gay or even bisexual, just the opposite. Sure, Matt had messed around sexually with other boys back in his elementary and middle school years, but nothing since then. Matt had always felt that the previous years of sexual experimentation was just a part of puberty and growing up; besides, those randy activities were strictly for sexual gratification. Even back then Matt or his friends had never been called faggots or other derogatory names for any of the sex play for which they engaged. Now, at seventeen, Matt was caught up in the biggest dilemmas of his young life regarding his wanton sexual desires and sexuality.

Matt decided to put all of his thoughts about his sexual yearnings on hold until he and Roy got over to Matt's apartment where they had a better chance to discuss matters in greater detail and put things into perspective. Matt also knew it was time to excuse himself as he was expecting a long-distance phone call from his parent's at 10 PM, so he needed to get back to his apartment before then. Roy also needed to get permission from his parent's if he was going to spend the night with Matt at his apartment. The two teenagers entered the family room of Roy's house whereby Matt thanked the Miller's for allowing him to stay for dinner and inviting him to share in the upcoming weekend's activities.

"Mrs. Miller I want to thank you for inviting me to stay for dinner tonight; it sure was great grub," Matt said as he hugged Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Miller laughed and said, "Your welcome son, I'm glad you enjoyed my grub."

"Also, thanks for the invitation to tag along with you and Roy next weekend Mr. Miller," Matt said turning and shaking Mr. Miller's hand.

"Glad to have you over, Matt, and we'll have a great time next weekend with some great grub, too," Roy's Dad replied with a chuckle.

"You know, I sure like you folks a lot and sure would enjoy staying a little longer to visit, but I've got to get back to my apartment. I'm expecting a call from my mom and dad at ten tonight, and also need to finish some homework if I am going with you next weekend," Matt said.

"And you don't want to miss that call," Mrs. Miller said with a wry smile.

"Nope," Matt replied with a big smile, "can't miss Mom's check-up call."

"Mom, Dad, may I stay overnight at Matt's tonight? He really needs help on his English essay assignment that is due next Friday," Roy pleaded with those puppy dog eyes, "if I help Matt tonight he can turn the paper in on Thursday so he can go with Dad and me next weekend."

After some brief contemplation Mrs. Miller said, "Oh, I don't see any problem with that, but it's straight to Matt's apartment with no side trips, do you understand young man?" Mrs. Miller snapped.

"Yes Mom," Roy said as he hugged her, "and thanks Mom.

Roy knew that his Mom ruled in the Miller kingdom and he had learned young just how to manipulate his parent's, especially his Mom to get his way.

"And you call home as soon as you boys get to that apartment you understand me!" Mrs. Miller demanded.

"We will," Both boys chimed in.

"Just remember son, you're still fifteen, for a few more days," Mr. Miller warned his son sternly.

Roy hugged and thanked both of his parent's again for allowing him some leeway on a school night. The boys headed up to Roy's bedroom to get few things Roy needed to spend a night away from home. Roy threw the items into a separate bag, grabbed his school book backpack, and threw them over his shoulders. The boys turned out the lights, pulled the door closed, and bounded back downstairs. Roy and Matt popped their heads into the family room to bid good night to Roy's parents as they headed out the door to Matt's car.

Once in Matt's car Roy asked, "So, do you really need help on the paper or was that just some bullshit for my parent's benefit?"

"The paper is complete and stored on my laptop; I just need someone who is good at proof reading and editing to help me tighten it up. Sharon used to help me with my writing assignments. You know, she'd proof read them for me, but she's no longer part of my life as you are well aware. But hey that can wait," Matt said with a shit-eating smirk.

"No it won't," Roy responded, "if you want my help to get the paper ready to turn in by Thursday, so you can go with Dad and me, you'll let me look at it as soon as we get to your apartment," Roy snapped.

"Okay, okay, no problem, Dude," Matt replied a little sheepishly.

Matt continued driving to the apartment as the boys sat in silence for the rest of the ride. Matt was once again deep into thoughts; he was still somewhat confused and concerned about what had occurred earlier. He also didn't know what to make of the young kid snapping back at him the way he had. Matt knew when they got to his apartment that they were going to have to discuss certain things that had happened earlier at Roy's house. However, Matt sure wasn't going to turn down the offer for help with his paper, and he didn't want to miss out on a trip to the snow. Matt had to find out how far Roy was planning to carry the sexual issue, was it just some down and dirty sexual gratification, or more? Matt had it figured out in his mind that the two would wank each other off, maybe in the shower, and that would be it. Whatever the two did would have to be a very discreet matter between them to just get a nut. Matt pulled into his parking space and the two boys exited the car, heading into Matt's apartment.

Once inside Matt's apartment Matt opened his laptop and booted it up while Roy called his parent's to let them know they had arrived at Matt's apartment. Matt brought up the English essay assignment and turned the computer to Roy. In the meantime Matt's phone rang; it was the expected call of concern from Matt's parents. Matt talked to his folks while Roy reviewed the English essay. Every once in a while Roy would make a needed correction and then read the sentence aloud. Roy then printed out a hard copy and scrutinized it studiously, while Matt observed from the couch still talking to his Mom and Dad. Matt was telling them all about meeting the Miller's and his knew friend. He also told his parent's that Roy's Dad invited him along on the snow trip up in the Big Bear area the next weekend, so they shouldn't call until after the weekend.

After a few minutes Matt hung up the phone and asked Roy how the paper looked.

"Not too bad, Dude," Roy announced.

"What do I need to do now?" Matt inquired.

"Read it over. If you're satisfied with it staple it together and it's ready to turn in. Oh, by the way you got any cookies or anything to snack on?" Roy asked.

"Yeah, there are bananas and oranges in the bowl on the counter and the other stuff is in the cupboard and fridge, look around."

Roy foraged for food in the cupboard and fridge looking for something to satisfy his sweet tooth while Matt began to review the freshly printed paper. Once Roy had satisfied his late night craving for food he walked up behind Matt, who was still sitting at the table and began massaging Matt's neck and shoulders. Once he had removed the tightness in Matt's neck and shoulders Roy then draped himself over Matt's shoulder resting his head next to Matt's face with his chin resting on Matt's left shoulder.

"So, what you think, Dude?" Roy asked as Matt continued reading the newly edited version of the paper.

"Sounds great, you're the best, Dude. Just like Sharon when it comes to tightening up essays. I guess some people have a way with words and some don't," Matt said.

"It just takes practice, attention to grammar, and correct word usage," Roy said, giving Matt a light love peck on the cheek as he pulled away and stood up behind Matt.

"Yeah, that's something I'm going to have to learn once I get to college next fall," Matt said.

Matt had become somewhat aroused by the close attention that Roy had bestowed upon him while he was reading the essay. He wondered to himself if he should bring up the topic for the night's discussion or finish reading the essay. However, before Matt could say a word Roy asked, "May I use your bathroom to go take a shower and brush my teeth?"

"Oh... yeah, there's a fresh towel and washcloth in the cabinet in the bathroom," Matt said kind of surprised as his new friend headed off towards the bathroom.

Roy left Matt alone to finish reading the essay as he disappeared into the bathroom to take care of his nightly personal hygiene. He found a towel and washcloth, and then got into the shower where he began to wash his body, paying particular attention to his genital area. Roy was unsure what might happen later that night, but secretly hoped to seduce Matt. Thus, he wanted to be clean and ready for anything and everything.

Roy finished his shower, brushed his teeth, and cleansed his mouth with a mint mouthwash before going back to where Matt was in the living room of the apartment. The last thing Roy did before returning was spray a couple of shots of his special men's fragrance on his body. He knew that the scent would drive Matt wild with lustful desire. Roy reentered the room in his white terry cloth bathrobe that covered his naked body where he found Matt now lounging on the couch still reading the paper.

Matt sat down next to his friend saying, "How do you think it reads now, Dude?"

"Cool, great job," Matt said as he wrinkled his nose, "you've definitely got a way with words."

"Hey, you did a great job of researching the topic; it just needed to be tightened up," Roy said as he edged closer to Matt.

"Wow, what the fuck is that, Dude?" Matt exclaimed.

"What is what?" Roy replied coyly.

"That smell, man. That shit is driving me fucking crazy!"

"It's called International Xavier; it's a very special and sensual men's fragrance, don't you think? I only wear it on very special occasions when I'm with a very special person," Roy replied seductively.

"It sure the fuck works for me!" Matt exclaimed excitedly.

Roy rolled over full onto the right side of Matt's body as the two reclined on the couch. Roy began lightly tracing his fingers tips across Matt's face and chest; every once in a while stopping to tweak Matt's erecting nipples. Roy could see by way of his peripheral vision that there was also a bulge growing in Matt's crotch. Roy's new friend was quickly becoming fully aroused and beginning to breathe more rapidly. Roy leaned in closer to Matt's hot body kissing him loving tenderness on the side of his face, then his forehead, and finally his nose. Noting that this passionate playfulness was not being rebuffed Roy decided to take things to the next level. He lightly brushed his lips across Matt's lips to see what reaction might emerge. He then buried his head next to the side of Matt's face and neck, and then began to delicately kiss and nibble on Matt's earlobe. Roy was whispering into Matt's ear the lustful desire he had for him, and that he wanted to finish what they had started earlier in the day.

Although Matt was horny he was cognizant of the fact that the actions the two were about to engage in was wrong. Matt knew he really needed to talk things over with Roy before things went any further. However, what was going on in his mind was not how his body was reacting to his friend's advances nor coming out of his mouth with any sense of cohesion. Matt, who was usually cool, clam, and collected was now soft putty in Roy's hands babbling incoherently. Matt's little head was now in full control of the situation and all that was happening was new territory for Matt. He had never kissed or been kissed passionately by another boy, or been pursued in such a lustful manner by a boy or girl. He couldn't remember his girl friend ever talking to him in such a seductive manner, nor had she ever acted this passionately towards him. Hell, Matt had never really engaged in sex yet, he was basically still a virgin.

Matt had yet to experience a full and complete sexual encounter with anyone. He had tired numerous times to bed Sharon and a couple of other girls in the last couple of years, but had failed miserably on every occasion. In the end he had been left horny and confused. Now, Matt was engaging in what he considered abnormal sexual behavior and could do nothing to stop it. Matt had secretly thought that the two boys might jerk each other off or at most sixty-nine each other, but nothing this passionate had ever crossed Matt's mind. Matt also knew deep down that what was happening was immoral and illegal; however, Matt was closing in on a point of no return with Roy; furthermore, he had no desire to stop his friend's sexual advances either.

Roy had edged his way up Matt's body and both boys were tenderly kissing each other fully on the lips and beginning to fondle each other. Matt sensed that Roy was trying to enter his mouth with his tongue. Roy's tongue was tactfully toying with Matt's lips and mouth, looking for an opportunity and an opening. Matt knew that once he opened his mouth and accepted Roy's tongue it was all over. The one thing that he and Sharon had done was swap a lot of spit over the last three years; in fact, that was about the limit to their petting. Matt felt that Roy was definitely a much better kisser than Sharon. So, between the scents of Roy's killer perfume and the pheromones being emitted between the boys hot bodies Matt had become overwhelmed by it all. Matt opened up and let Roy's tongue slip into his mouth.

Roy's titillating tongue began a tactful exploration of Matt's mouth and within seconds the two teen tongues began delicately dueling. Matt was confused and overwhelmed by all the sensuous feelings that were engulfing him. Roy was definitely an expert when it came to the titillating tongue action. Then there was the lustful stimulation as Roy delicately licked, nibbled, and sucked on Matt's face and lips. The blinding passion of all the sensual behavior continued to build inside each boy at a fervor pitch. With every seductive kiss and sensuous grinding body movement the boy's lust for each other was being carried to greater heights. Although Matt instinctively knew better, he was aware that he had lost all control and there was no turning back at this point. His new friend had control of the situation and was about to claim the grand prize.

At this point Matt was totally out of control, breathless, and fully aroused. He was clumsily clawing, panting, and pawing at Roy's bathrobe trying to get it open to get at his goodies. Roy on the other hand was methodically manipulating Matt's T-shirt over his head all the while trying to maintain the erotic embrace. Roy wanted to feel Matt's naked flesh pressing against his hot body.

Roy was on top of Matt as the two teens wildly ground their bodies together with uncontrollable lust for each other. Matt could feel Roy's hard cock pressing against his belly. Roy was kissing, licking and sucking Matt all over his face, neck, and chest; he had found and erect nipple and was teasing it mercilessly. Meanwhile, Roy used his free hand to unbuckle Matt's belt; once the belt was unbuckled and the top buttons undone Roy began, with Matt's help, to pull and push Matt's Levis and underwear over his ass off his body while both boys perspired profusely.

Now that Roy had succeeded in getting Matt's Levis and underwear down to his knees Matt kicked them the rest of the way off onto the floor, whereby Matt's hidden treasure was uncovered. Matt's trouser snake had finally been unleashed. The head of the rock hard python slapped against Matt's stomach. Now, both boys' bare bodies were grinding into each other's passionately as they continued their torrid embrace. Roy had only one thing on his mind; overpowering that python, get the head of the serpent into his mouth, and then suffocate it into submission. Roy wanted desperately to taste Matt's precum and then milk the snake dry of its nonvenomous nectar.

Roy began roving down towards the treasure at the end of Matt's rainbow. Matt's head was spinning and he could do nothing to stop Roy's search for the pot of gold. Matt was aware of the fact that within seconds Roy would have the head of his python in his mouth milking it into subjugation. The head of Matt's phallic python had taken total control of his body, and he could do nothing to stop his new friend from conquering the unleashed serpent. The situation was out of control and Matt felt as if he was on the verge spewing forth a sizable volume of nonvenomous goo if Roy's assault on his manhood didn't stop.

Roy sensed that his new friend was on the edge of erupting in an orgasm of spooge much like that of a volcano ready to blow, so he decided to back off a bit. Matt was fully aware that he was no longer in control of any of his bodily functions and ready to explode. What he needed to survive his friend's assault was a break in the action. Roy didn't want Matt to achieve an orgasm yet, thereby spoiling a captivating night of sexual activity. Roy wanted this first love making session with Matt to last a while longer and not simply end in an uneventful pool of goo. Roy wanted to slow the pace down a bit and then rebuild it to a crashing crescendo that both boys would remember forever.

Roy began slowing down so as to lengthen the night of lovemaking with his newest sexual conquest. Matt sensed Roy was easing up and made a conscious decision to free himself from Roy's clutches, saying haltingly, "Dude... we... got to... slow down."

Roy replied with a chuckle, "Okay. You know, that's what girls say."

Matt put his hands on Roy's chest and pushed his new friend backwards onto floor saying, "What the fuck, Dude, you callin me a bitch? Aint no one callin me a bitch and get away with it. I aint no fag either!"

Roy who was now lying sprawled out on the floor replied, "Chill Dude, no one is calling you a bitch or a fag. You just said what every girl says at a point when they don't want to go any farther sexually, and I respect that."

Roy regained his composure, got up off the floor, pulled his robe closed, and took a seat at the table. Roy was totally in control of his actions and emotions; however, as he looked over at his new friend, who looked much like a crushed little boy lying back nude on the couch panting and pouting he knew Matt was not in control. Matt felt his head was spinning out of control; he was totally confused, yet still sexually aroused, and didn't know what to say or do next. Matt's cock was still fully engorged and his nuts ached; he felt like he was on the verge of a sexual implosion. Matt really wanted Roy to get between his legs, wrap his lips around his cock, and finish what he had started so he could get a nut. On the other hand Matt didn't want Roy to come near him. Matt knew instinctively what he and Roy were doing was wrong and they needed to discuss all of what was going on and what had happened thus far.

Matt felt that everything was happening far too fast. The boys had just met a few hours earlier and now they were in the throes of sex ready to suck and fuck each other's brains out, or at least Roy was ready. Matt wanted to talk to his new friend; he wanted them to come to an understanding maybe set some boundaries. Matt started to cry. Roy looked at his new friend sobbing from across the room and for the first time realized that he was scared. Roy figured that his new friend was a very na´ve and scared teenager when it came to sex of any type with anyone. Roy was now fully aware that all of his sexual advances towards Matt were new and maybe Matt just needed some space and time to adjust. At that point Roy felt a need to comfort and reassure his new friend. Matt needed a true friend at this point not a lover.

Roy got up and moved over taking a seat next to his new friend and said, "Dude, life is a just a big wonderful journey. What I mean is, live your life and enjoy the journey, don't dwell on the destination, the outcome. The journey is what counts. Have fun, try new things in life, and enjoy everything in the process. It's kinda like food, try something new each day and if you don't like it you don't have to eat again." Roy said reassuringly.

"I don't think I fully understand what you're saying," Matt said, wiping a tear from his eye somewhat perplexed.

Roy took Matt's hand in his and said, "Look Dude, sure, I wanted to have sex with you tonight, actually I wanted that from the first minute I laid eyes on you in the park today, but moreover, I want to be your friend. I guess I miss-judged what happened earlier in my room and maybe over stepped. I would never force you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing, Dude."

"I just don't know, Roy. Everything has happened so fast between us, and you're only fifteen. You know, I want us to be friends and all, but I'm just not sure I want a sexual relationship with you," Matt said tearfully.

"Dude, I'd never force you to do anything that you don't want to do. So, if you don't feel comfortable engaging in sexual stuff between us then we wont do it again, but I still want to be your friend," Roy said looking into Matt's eyes.

"That's cool, and I want to be friends with you, too. At this point in my life I need friends like you and the support of your family, too," Matt replied.

"I'll make you promise; if you ever decide that you want to experiment sexually I'll be here for you, Dude. And what ever the two of us do together sexually is our secret for ever; it's safe with me and I would never tell anyone. I mean do you think I want to be stopped in the halls at school or have my parents asked me if what they've heard about me is true? You know, are you a fag? Hell No Dude! What ever we do in the confines of the bedroom stays there; it will be our secret till we die as far as I'm concerned. Roy stated emphatically.

"Hell No! I wouldn't ever want anything to leak out about us like that. I guess that is what I'm really scared of; if it ever got out that we were doing sexual stuff I'd be finished." Matt said.

"Dude, I guarantee that I'll never embarrass you at school, in public, or in front of my parents. Just remember one thing, sexuality doesn't define who or what you are in life, just the pleasure you derive from it." Roy said.

Both boys sat next each other for what seemed like an eternity neither one spoke another word. Matt was in deep thought, thinking about what had happened and what might take place in the future between the two. Roy now knew that Matt definitely needed time to think about all that was occurring at such a fast pace in his life. In less than twenty-four hours Matt had gone from having a stable heterosexual relationship with his steady girlfriend to a new type of homosexual relationship with a boy, a younger boy, too. Roy Miller was sure about what he wanted, but Matt Mc Shane was confused and unsure, he needed time to sort things out.

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