St. Joseph's All-boys High School




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Most of the story is fiction but has been inspired by real persons I have meet and real situations I have experienced.

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Authors Note

This is my first attempt to write something so I hope you like it. I want to thank Dabeagle for his help in this issue and especially thanks to John, my editor and friend, thanks both of you for help.

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Chapter 1 - The Exile

12:30 AM - Another long night alone in my bedroom. I have not been sleeping well the last few weeks and that is because I'm not tired. And I'm too bored to go bed early. Being grounded for the last three weeks has been a fucking pain in the ass, especially since these were the last three weeks of the summer. I have actually been grounded almost the entire summer. This time I was looking for trouble with my Dad, so, at least I think I deserved it, and the others too, he he.

Thank God he lets me use the gym and the swimming pool to keep myself in shape. Even with that I cannot sleep well because it is not enough exercise to be tired, at least for me, a 16 year old boy. But he doesn't understand that.

My Dad, he's a soldier, a powerful one. He works for the President and is known as "The Ice Judge." He's in the army but is also an attorney so five years ago he was promoted to Four Star General and named President of the Military Supreme Justice Court.

He has prosecuted and jailed the most corrupt and dangerous people, both soldiers and civilians. Those who have been linked to drugs and other federal felonies.

He has received death threats since the beginning but that hasn't stopped him. I'm so proud of him because he's a straight arrow here in Mexico and that is something really amazing within the high ranks of the army.

I'm also furious with him because being his son is so hard. I have to use a chauffeur, Omar. A personal bodyguard, John, and an armored car.

My own S80 that I cannot drive yet and I think perhaps never will be able to. Another car follows mine all the time, two more bodyguards in there, armed to the teeth.

John, he's the coolest personal bodyguard I've ever had. Friendly and efficient, he's follows one step behind me everywhere I go.

At school I have to sit in the last rows near the door. He's always just outside, a few steps away from me.

He takes lunch with me and the most annoying thing is that he used to taste all my food before I ate it, just in case. I finally told him to stop doing that and he hasn't done it any more. He walks with me in the hallway, jogs with me during PE, stays 3 feet away from me at the pool when I'm swimming, bikes with me. He even goes to the bathroom with me, checks all the stalls before I take a leak, God I HATE THAT!!! You know what it is to take a dump with an armed guy hearing and smelling you just behind the door? It is so embarrassing.

The worst thing is taking a shower with him at school. He does that because he takes exercise with me. When he does that, one of the other guards stays out of the showers to guard both of us.

He's cool but he's a pest and the entire situation is very depressing. My mates never say anything but they don't come close to me.

Just Tomas, he's cool and laughs at the entire situation. It wasn't like that before the incident two years ago. I was leaving the cinema with some of my friends. A group of three armed guys tried to abduct me. In the attempt my two friends and my personal bodyguard were killed.

I saw all of them die in front of my eyes and if Lou wasn't on top of my body then, I wouldn't be here now. He died in my arms just a couple of minutes after he shot down the guys that were trying to abduct me.

That's when my Dad hired John. He was in the Presidential Guards Team, one of the best he said. Dad was so scared that he doubled the security rules for the family, hired more guards and bought bulletproof cars. After the incident I had a lot of nightmares and would wake up screaming and crying, totally drenched in sweat. On those nights John was always there to hug me until I calmed down and went back to sleep.

I owe him so much, he's a real friend to me but he works for my Dad, so I cannot trust him very much. I know that all I say can go back to my Dad's ears, so I keep a certain distance from him.

I think this security matter has something to do with me being grounded. I mean, being a pain as I am for all the family, it's easier for them to keep me locked up until I grow up than letting me go by myself. It stinks anyway.

1:30 AM - I'm still awake but at least tomorrow I'll be getting out of my bedroom. Still grounded but also the first day of school. That will be a change at least.

From 8:00 to 5:00 I'll be out of this prison, my room. Not that I don't like it but I've already heard all of my music, watched all the TV programs and DVD movies, played all the Nintendo games a zillion times. I want to go to school...How pathetic!

I've never imagined I would be saying that.

Sadly, I won't be with Tomas. I wonder if he will have classes with me like last year.

It was great being with him all day long, even at PE. Actually we were the only two guys doing PE anyway, with John close behind us.

Jogging with Tomas in all those classes is enough to keep my mind cheerful and grinning the entire day. No matter, John is always at my back.

Tomas has been my best friend since I came to this school, two years ago. He has these beautiful blue eyes, a little sexy nose, just made to fit his face, a kissable forehead. Blond hair. He's always tanned, and that makes him look awesome, cute, and beautiful. But the greatest things about him are his lips. Well proportioned, smooth and always red. When he smiles, an incredible smile spreads across his face that makes my legs go weak.

Well, if I have to choose his best attribute I have to mention first of all, his friendship. He has been so close to me and knows almost all my secrets except that I'm gay of course. Secondly I would say, his dick. It's awesome, uncut, 6 inches when flaccid. I wonder how it looks and feels when its hard. It looks funny because it normally rolls to the left and the head of it rests up side down, cute but funny. And those big balls hanging down low with just a little hair on the sack.

To bad he has a girlfriend, Susie the slut. I mean, every time both of them are at a party she leaves him at some time in the night to find another guy and fucks him, then she comes back to Tomas as if nothing had ever happened. He knows she is doing it but he doesn't seem care. He's not in love with her. I don't understand him. It must be her mouth because every time Tomas wants to dump her, she goes to her knees and gives him THE BLOWJOB as he calls it. He can't leave her after that.

How stupid can a teenager be? I don't know. Well, Susie must be giving very good head to convince Tomas to stay with her, knowing she's such a slut? Maybe I should ask Susie for some advice on how to seduce straight guys. Well, I cannot blame Susie you know.

I mean, Tomas is so cute and hot that almost any girl at school wants his tool. Being his girlfriend is enough to make her a celebrity at school. Tomas fucks every girl he finds so they are even. Once I counted three girls fucked by Tomas at this one party. By the end of last year, just before summer, and to finish the night, left the party to fuck Susie until dawn.

I'm not in love with Tomas, I mean, I love him but as a friend. But at the same time he is so hot I just want to touch him, kiss him, suck him and be fucked by him too. If you knew the piece of meat he carries between his legs you would like him to fuck you too.

I dream about it quite often, too often to be honest. I imagine myself going to his house and to his room, to listen to some music, lying on his bed, both of us laid back shoulder to shoulder. I wait until he has his eyes closed, then I stroke his leg lightly with the back of my hand.

His cock starts to lengthen inside his pants. I move my hand up to his hips and very very slowly stroke him on top of his now full hard cock.

Hard like a piece of steel. He moans. I feel his belly, soft to the touch. Putting my fingers inside his fly a little, teasing him. He moans again. Then I unbutton the fly of his jeans to allow me access to his boxers. I put my hand in, feeling his dick through his boxers and slowly put a finger inside feeling his soft skin and the hardness of his tool. Two fingers inside running from the tip to the bottom and slightly touching his balls. I remove my fingers and he complains. I put my hand inside his boxers and gently grab his dick stroking the skin, he's uncut, amazing. He's leaking precum. I can see that. My hand tightens on his dick and he moans again. I pull the skin down freeing the head of his dick and with the tip of my finger touch the tip moisturizing the entire head with his own juices.

I sit at his side with my legs crossed. I pull up his T-shirt to display his beautiful nipples. I move closer to them and start sucking on his left one gently, using my tongue and teeth carefully. Slowly without moving from his nipple, I pull his pants and briefs down to his knees and he kicks them off. I can pull the foreskin of his amazing 8-inch cock, the tip is leaking huge amounts of pre-cum. I  leave his nipple and kiss him down to his navel and into that tiny belly button, putting my tongue in it, making Tomas shudder and moan, bouncing his hips up.

I'm on my knees and jacking myself slowly, I'm so hard. I continue down to the pool of pre-cum he's formed and suck it gently tasting his fluids, enjoying the sensation. He's moaning saying, "suck me...pleeeeassseeee." I put my tongue on the head of his dick, tasting his pre-cum. I engulf the entire head, it's so more inch inside my mouth and I use my tongue, licking around his dick now inside my mouth.

I'm between his legs. I touch his balls, big ones hanging down to the crack of his ass. He bounces up and sends almost his entire dick inside my mouth making me gag. I'm so hard now that just touching the head of my dick makes me feel almost ready to cum. I bounce my head on his cock, pulling back until the head is at my lips and down till it hits the back of my throat. I run my tongue over his sensitive head, as he thrusts in and out, slowly gaining speed.

He hits the back of my throat again forcing me to gag, then again and again he thrusts his huge cock deep into my throat, until I can manage the sensation and swallow his tool deep inside until my lips reach the bush at the base of his cock. He's in all the way. I feel him deep in my throat. My cum is going to explode any second now. He fucks my throat grabbing my head with both of his hands. He speeds up and moans "Oooooohhhhhhhh...I'm going!" I feel his body tense up, his dick gets bigger in my mouth and then he stays still with his dick deep inside my throat.

Before I have the chance to react he shoots into me a humongous shot of cum, then another, a third one, and I don't have to swallow, he is there shooting directly into my throat. I pull back until just the head of his dick is in my mouth and he keeps's tastes so great and it doesn't stop either...'I'm almost there...just...a little touch to my more...oh God! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh'.

I'm cumin... Yes... Yes... Yes...ooooooooohhhhhhhhh...oh my...what a great orgasm. I bring my hand to my face and slowly lick my own cum from my fingers, dreaming it's Tomas'...I ate all of it, then move my hand to retrieve the cum off my belly and chest to swallow it.... Until I'm clean, almost. If this is a dream I cannot wait to do it in real life...but just in my dreams...he's straight...and I'm still a virgin.

Well, maybe now I can relax and see if I can go to sleep...

2:20 AM - shit...I'm still awake and I'm not going to make it in the morning, first day of school. A new school, for just eight weeks.

Christ, I have not started and I already hate that school. It was my Mom's idea.

My Mom is an attorney but doesn't practice any more. She's the closest friend of the first lady too, known by the politician's wives and the press as "The Woman behind the Man." And she is, because she has been a strategic part of my Dad's career. She's always helping my dad at every cocktail, lunch, dinner and social event. He needs her, giving him ideas and even writing parts of the speeches he uses in front of the press and the congress. She doesn't participate at the meetings with the President but he always talks to her before and after. They are like a team and define plans and strategies together, and believe it or not, they still love each other after all these years and adventures together.

If I found someone, I would like to have a relationship like my parents, they're like soul mates, so in love with each other.

Mom has this talent, she helps the first lady with her speeches because there is no one in her crew that makes better ones.

Fucking perfect for the press. And well, she is a nice lady and usually a lovely Mom, just a little busy sometimes.

I don't understand, she never wants me to participate in any school activities. She's always saying to me that I don't have to demonstrate anything, she also argues with my Dad when he mentions any activity to me. But now it's different. She invited me to participate in this activity. I don't know why, maybe my Dad asked her to tell me.

I have to see the positive side of this, I'll have more evidence to show my brother he's not that good after all. Joey, my brother, your highness the asshole king. I love him you know, and miss him a lot but I hate him at the same time. We were so close when we were younger, playing together, talking to each other and even sharing the same room but when he entered high school our relationship ended. He turned into the jerk he is now, feeling too important to talk to me. When I try to talk to him he ignores me or starts complaining about it.

"Fuck off shit head!" or, "you're a pest, get lost." That hurts me, I don't understand why he does that. 

If it wasn't for my sister Jill, I don't know what would happen to me. I love her. She's 15 and has been my best friend forever.


We were so close that we always got sick together because we shared toys and food all the time. If she got the flu then I'll have it next day.

If I got sick with something then she got sick two days later. We even went to school together until they kicked me out.

She's the only one who knows I'm gay and is totally cool with me. Last spring break we were at the beach. We were talking and walking along the beach. I saw this gorgeous guy lying on his back, eyes closed taking a sunbath. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. I mean, he was so hot. In his twenties wearing a tiny Speedo, completely tanned. His dick was semi-hard and you could see it outlined in his trunks.

Jill noticed I was staring and punched me in the ribs giving me this funny look. After that she went silent. And no matter how hard I tried to make her talk, she wouldn't. Later that day, during dinner she kept staring at me as if she was looking for something. We came back home and she couldn't hold it any more.

She came into my room just before bedtime closing the door behind her.

"Can we talk?"

"Yes pumpkin head, what's up."

"Do you have something to tell me?"

Oh, shit.... What should I say to her? "hhhhmmmm....No..... Not that I remember right now"

"Come on buckle boy, you can be honest.....It's ok"

"Is it?" Shit...what's she talking about?

"Yes, trust've always talked to me. You can do it again"

"I don't know...I don't have anything to say right now..."

"No lies! Remember? We don't lie to each other..."

"Don't push me ok?"

"I'm not pushing don't trust me, why? I'm Jill...your sister! Remember me?"

"Don't be silly, I know that"

"And then? What's going on? I swear, you can trust me"

"Ok...Stop...I'm gay ok? I think..."

"Was that so difficult?"

" was...I'm confused you know...I don't want to be like this...ok?"

"But you are..."

"How do you know? It could be a phase in my life"

"Yeah, sure...don't sweat it, ok?"

"It's easy for you to say that..."

"No, it isn't. I've known about you since we were little kids"

"What? How?"

"I know you dummy. You are my best friend. I even know what you are thinking before you say something"

"Yes...You're right...why you didn't tell me anything or ask?"

" I was waiting for you to tell me"

"But, how exactly did you knew about me?"

"Honey, you are so obvious that I wonder if Dad and Mom don't know yet. I'm sure Joey doesn't because he is too in love with himself to notice any one of us"

"What? That's not true...I'm not that gay"

"Yes you are...accept are too sensitive...hiding behind that macho mask you wear to hide from everybody.

You're not that bad you know?"

"That's bullshit..."

"No, it's not. You try to disguise yourself in those clothes, letting your hair grow down to your shoulders, like if you just left your Harley Davidson outside. But, you are a nice, sweet and sensitive person. And you are always checking boys."

"That's a lie..."

"No, it's at the beach, you were drooling over that guy. I mean, he was hot but you were lost on him"

"Shut up...

What do you think of me?"

"I don't care who you stare at or who you are in love with, you're a great person, a great friend and the very best brother of the entire world...and the coolest guy I know"

"Thanks, that means a lot to me"

"I love you, never forget that ok?"

"I love you too...thanks"

She is like that, always caring about me, talking to me, making me company, chatting with me and asking me for help with her boyfriend.

She says that she's proud of me, and that makes me feel good about myself.

Both of them, my bro. and sis, are very well behaved kids, always wearing nice clothes, conservative but nice. Always well mannered, and the press loves them, that's why they appear almost everyday in the newspaper.

That doesn't mean I'm a bad guy. Let me explain. I'm just 16 years old ok? A senior in high school. I'm the youngest student in my grade because I skipped one year when I was in kindergarten. I'm the only 4.0 student in the entire school's history (45 years if I recall right) and that is something I can be very proud of because the school is like, how can I say this...mmmmhhhhhh... The last chance for parents and students.

Yes, a school full of students that have been rejected anyplace else. It usually serves temporarily before the parents send their sons to another country or into a drug or alcohol rehab clinic. That is why I'm so popular at school, all the teachers said they are so proud to have me there even when I'm so rude to them. Most girls say I'm very cute and boys just want to hang out with me all the time. They invite me to all their parties...or should I say orgies? Lots of booze, marihuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, anything you want. I drink but not like all of them, usually I drink 3 or 4 beers and then switch to coke. Sure I have been drunk, lots of times and that's why my father has grounded me se many times, but no more.

I don't want to be a 40 year-old man before my Dad cuts out the punishment. I don't do drugs either, no way, that is out of the question because I know they can destroy your life. I can see that with my own mates at school, lots of them lost their chance to have a normal life because of drugs...and yes, I don't do drugs because of my Dad too. Imagine being The Anti-drug Czar with a son who does drugs, that is something I wouldn't do to him even if I hated him and I don't.

I mean I'm a very good student, clean but badly behaved. A rebel if you ask my Dad, skipping classes too often, being rude to the teachers, and to people in general. I'm always doing stupid things, nothing very bad but always getting me into trouble. I like running bets at school, organizing car races at night, selling smoke bombs at school, and yes, to do this I have to leave John behind and I'm always getting him in trouble. The worst thing I have done was to disappear for 5 entire days without notice. A couple of mates and I left school early one Friday, skipping school. I lost John in the library. I asked him to help me find a book for my class and he left me alone for a couple of minutes.

When he came back I was in the parking lot inside the trunk of a car. We left for Acapulco that night. We went to a house owned by the parents of one of my friends. We started to drink early in the morning and I lost track of time. That night we went to a Disco and returned in the early morning. I woke up in the afternoon just as my buddies were leaving for the Disco again and I joined them. We did that for three nights.

It was stupid thing to do after the cinema shooting incident but I did it. I didn't call my parents at all until Monday morning when I saw a newspaper on the street with my picture in it saying they thought I had been abducted. My Dad was so pissed that he grounded me for six months when I finally returned home and almost sent me to Pennsylvania. John was pissed to because my Dad arrested him on duty.

He almost fired him but I said I did it intentionally so it wasn't his fault. I was punished as a consequence.

My Dad has this stupid idea he can straighten me out and he thinks it would happen at this great military school some of his stupid friends talked about a year ago. I'm glad my Mom didn't allow him to do that.

I'm not a bad kid, I have been involved with some pricks and have bad luck, that's all. And I accept the consequences. I'm at this school and you find jerks everywhere, so I have to behave as a jerk. My Dad said I was a disgrace and a worry to my family. He even thinks I do drugs and sends me for blood and urinalysis every 3 months for the past 2 years. He's paranoid.

Sometimes it is very hard but sometimes it isn't. I just can't talk to Dad anymore, and I don't think about showing him any affection, it's just fucking impossible. We are like strangers to each other. Sometimes I think he hates me but Mom says he doesn't. I don't know, he's just mad at me for everything, and yes, I'm always going against his will and behaving worst than anything. I can't help it, it is the only way he pays attention to me, at least he talks to me some more, well, yells at me but that's enough for now.

3:40 AM ...Jesus!!! I have to sleep now. Finally I slept between 4:00 and 4:15 because the last time I saw the watch it said 4:12 AM.

"DAVID!!! Wake up!!! You're late now, it's 7:20 already and you have to go to the new school!!!! Wake up!!!"

What? 7:20? Fucking great, now my Dad will be pissed and ground me extra time, I'll wont be getting out of this bedroom until I'm 80 if I keep pissing off my Dad, better move now.

"I'm up...I'm up...."

Into the bathroom, a quick shower and no shaving, being 16 is great sometimes. Now, same clothes as yesterday, I mean, same type, yesterdays are dirty. Fucking great, I'm late, congratulations David you will receive a Guinness record for pissing your Dad off and being grounded so much during your teen age years.

Now, a quick breakfast and leaving for school, so I walked into the kitchen, I'm starving as always but with the promise of a long day I must have something in my belly before going out. 7:40 AM, maybe a granola bar and juice for the ride. So...

"You're late! You're always late, forget breakfast and get out of the house if you don't want me to ground you until you are 40 years old!" yelled my dad without dropping his newspaper.

"Chill out dude, I'm on time!" I said back to him...shit...I did it again.

"What? What did you say? Don't answer me like that, who do you think you are? DO YOU HEAR ME???!!!! Don't forget you're grounded until next Sunday and if I ground you again that will be the end mister, you'll go to Pennsylvania. Do you understand? DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"Yes, Sir, I'm sorry, I didn't want to be rude!"

"SHUT UP!!! Yes I know, You never want to be rude but you are, get the fuck out of here now!"


And with that he went out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Good start, you're lucky today butthead!!! And it's only Monday 7:42 AM, I bet you wont be here next Friday same time!!" said the king of assholes, my brother, with an evil grin on his face, milk pouring out of his mouth.

"Eat shit and die sucker!!" I said to him.

"Wow!! Rude!! The sissy is pissed!! Help please!! Oh please Dad, help me please. HE WILL CRY NOW!!" And with that I was going to punch him in his face but suddenly Mom was there at the door.

"Watch your mouth!! How you dare to talk to your dad like that? What is going on with you? I don't understand you, this is your last chance and you know that. I'm not going to stand up for you anymore, do you hear me? Just don't screw it up this time!!! Now, move that body and go to the car quickly!!!"

God, I hate it when my Mom talks like that to me, I did nothing but my Dad has been angry with me for so long now that anything I say is rude to him.

"Moooooooom, I just said 'Cool off dude' and he started to yell at me." I replied before my brother interrupted me saying "...was having brain damage??"

Fuck you asshole I thought but said "Moron..." instead.

"DAVID!!" Yelled my mom and added "Get out of here, NOW!!"

"Mom, please, he's bugging..."

"I SAID OUT! NOW!" pointing to the door with her finger.

SHIT! Good fucking morning to you too!!!! I grab my backpack and went out through the kitchen door... downstairs to the driveway and into the backdoor of the car, a black Volvo S80 with black windows. Behind it is the black Crown Victoria that followed us all the time.

The main gate of the house opens and when the guards stopped the traffic both of our cars went out at high speed. I hate that but they never listen to me. They always do it no matter what, maybe they want to be noticed by common people.

"You're late David" said John to me.

"I know...hurry Omar please, I don't want to be late" I said.

"Something wrong David?" asked John.

"Yeah...My life, it sucks!"

"Come on! Don't tell me you did it again? My God, you're a pro at making your Dad mad at you, I think he will fire me because you don't need me anymore, you're always grounded man!"

"Shut up! Please, I'm not in the mood right now...please...ok?"

"Sorry, I didn't want to upset you, I was joking....."

"Ok, I got, just drop it ok?"

"Sure, no problem. Omar, what's wrong with you this morning? Hit the gas man, hurry up!"

Omar just looked at John half-smiling before he hit the pedal, speeding up the car. I hate that too, as if we owned the streets, just because we are in a hurry.

I was trying to look through the window, at the streets, the cars and the people but with the black windows it is almost impossible.

They are supposed to protect me from the outside but just make me feel like I'm inside a prison. I have been feeling this way for so long now, I don't recall the last time I played in the park with no guards at all...I was 10 at that time, yeah.

We lived on this military base in Mexico City. We had an apartment on the third floor. We had this park where you could play baseball, football, go skating, everything you wanted. I had a lot of friends and usually played outside until 9:00 PM because there was only military personnel and family inside the base, we were protected. Even my school was inside the base, three blocks away from home. My sister and I went there walking alone with no guards at all. We just had a chauffeur for my Mom and a cook to help her with the meals. From there we moved one block away to a house but inside the base and my life stayed the same.... Until my Dad was promoted. That's when we left the base and my Dad bought this huge house in the suburbs, gym, pool, everything but I was alone with no friends to play with and grounded in my own house.

"We're almost there David," said John bringing me out of my trek into memory land.

"David...we're at the school!!! Wake up man!!"

I came back to reality and saw a big and impressive metal door slowly opening automatically after Omar identified us to a camera.

St. Joseph's High School, one of the snobbiest and very expensive all-boys school in the country. I'm attending these special classes because I was invited to participate in this stupid contest with the best 50 nationwide students. Mom said that for the next 8 weeks I will attend this school and have special advanced classes, then we would have like a million written tests and one oral exam to determine the top ten students.

She said if I did all right then my Dad and I will become friends again, and that's why I accepted. I don't understand that, I've won other contests before and he is not my friend at all.

The school I normally attend is not one of the best in the country, it is the worst. Anyway, that's why I wasn't invited to take part in the contest before Mom said. The truth she said was that when she was visiting the first lady, some guy within the presidential office overheard them talking about me and how smart I was. This guy took the initiative and called someone at the National Education Board to accept me and they did. Next day, I was accepted as the 51st. Student to take part in this event.

I don't know how but the press knew all about me going to another school and said that I was a special problem for my Dad and that he wanted me out of his way so that I would not mess up his chances to become the Secretary of Defense. They didn't mention any contest at all.

That's weird because I have not heard anything about a contest in the news. I don't know, there is something I don't like about this.

"John, why the hell are you looking at me every two seconds?"

"Nothing at all, you look a little depressed, why is that?"

"You know why, the general of course"

"But what now? What did you do this time?"

"Nothing man, well actually yes but I don't understand, what is the big deal about waking up late?"

"That's all? Are you sure? He didn't tell you anything else?"

"No, he didn't, why? Do you know something I don't?"

", just...wondering."

Fuck, that's weird...I mean, John's weird today. There is something I don't like about this. I shuddered, a bad feeling, I hate that.

We went through the doors to a road in the middle of a forest and after 2 or 3 more minutes we were at the driveway in front of the main building. It was an old and big two-story building from the 1920's, all the facade was red brick. It has two big columns at the front from floor level to second floor level. Inside you see two big wooden doors like 12 feet tall and each door is 6 feet wide. The building has big white windows all around and the ceiling of each floor is like 15 feet tall. 

The building is in a clearing of the largest forest I have ever seen in my entire life, with big trees that didn't let the sun go through them at all. Behind the main building is a square, and across it is the chapel, to the right is the sports facilities, gym, pool, track field, baseball and other stuff. Across the square and in front of the sports facilities is the dorm building. It has four floors and if you look at it from the sky you see a square with a cross in its center. It's huge and has many rooms inside. The main doors are at the front of the building, one on each side of the main square, but you would find two emergency doors and stairs on either side and at the rear of the building.

To the left of the main building is the faculty parking lot and to the right is the faculty dorms and cafeteria. Most of the rooms have been converted into offices because most of the faculty lives outside the school. The main building has most of the classrooms and labs.

John and I walk into the main building where a big and bald man received us with a smile "Good morning, I'm glad to see you here David.

I'm Mr. Peters, the principal. You must be John, hi. You can leave him here with me, I'll take care of him so you can go now"

"He never leaves me, he's my personal bodyguard" I said.

"It's ok David, you won't need him here. And he cannot stay with you during the nights anyway. We have no room for him"

"What? At night? Who's going to be here at night?"

"You are David. Now you are a regular student in St. Joseph's High School, I'll explain this to you"



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