St. Joseph's All-boys High School


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Chapter 10 - Heart conflict


I was waiting for the Science teacher outside the classroom with some other guys to drop our work in there when I saw David coming up the stairs two floors below our classroom. I couldn't talk to him because there were a few other mates there with me.

I don't know how much time passed after that but as soon as I delivered my work I was going to run out of there to meet David at the room, he must have had dinner already.

Suddenly, while I was in the classroom with the teacher, I heard the usual helicopter sound we heard few times a day but this time the sound didn't disappear as always, it was stronger than ever. We saw the bright lights of it going down in the parking space at the side of the building making all the windows rumble.

Panic struck my heart and I knew something bad had happened. I dropped my work on the teacher's desk and ran out of there ignoring him yelling at me.

I was running but not fast enough because I wanted to fly and that's what I did. When I had five or six steps more to reach the main floor I lost my step and landed on the floor.

I stood up and ran to the back door, the one that goes out to the main square. When I passed through it I saw a couple of soldiers standing outside the dorms. They stopped me when I reached it and didn't allow me to go outside the building.

A couple of minutes after that a bunch of people came out of the doors loading someone, that someone was David and as much as I tried to reach him the soldiers wouldn't allow me to do so. I could only see Tony and couple of the guys helping the soldiers walking with them.

When they put David inside the helicopter I saw his face covered in blood and unconscious. Nobody was allowed to go with him. There were like 10 military vehicles in there and lots of soldiers running from one side to the other.

I saw Tony walking in my direction with his shirt, sleeves and hands covered in David's blood. He was crying the same as I was and when he saw me he said," I'm sorry, I didn't know about it, I swear."

"What?" I asked.

"I didn't know it, I swear," He repeated just before a couple of soldiers took him by his arms and moved away.

Tony was crying while looking in a mixture of horror and disbelief his own hands tinted on blood.

The helicopter left the ground at high speed, the air and dust made difficult to look at it.

I pushed the guy in front of me almost making him fall down and I took advantage of that jump over him and running toward Tony.

"WHAT DID YOU DO YOU? SON OF A BITCH!," I yelled to him a few steps away.

When he turned his face to look at me, I was already on top of him.

I tackled him to the ground and as soon as we felt I started to throw punches at him and yelling," WHAT DID YOU DO YOU? SON OF A BITCH!"

Almost immediately a soldier grabbed me by my arm and twisted it through my back while moving me away of Tony.

"I swear I didn't know anything about it, Rick and Wayne did it by themselves, I swear," Tony said to me while the other soldier helped him to stand up to his feet.

They took us to the meetings room inside the dorm building. Half an hour later the police arrived to the school and started to make their investigation under military supervision.

I didn't know what to do, say or think. Tears ran down my cheeks without even my notice, fear invaded my hearth thinking on what had happened to David and how bad were his injuries.

The soldiers took Tony out the room and an hour later he came back, when he came back I saw he had been crying and you could see he was suffering from inside.

I walked toward him and a soldier stopped me.

"Please, let me talk to him, I won't do anything just talk," I said almost begging him and he allowed me to get close to Tony.

"I swear I didn't know anything about it," He said with a begging expression on his face.

"What happened? I don't know a shit and nobody has told me anything yet," I asked.

"Rick and Wayne set up David and bullied him.

"They attacked him in the middle hallway of the fourth floor.

"I was in my room when I heard someone yelling 'FIGHT!' outside in the hallway so I came out to see what was going on," He was explaining to me when an army officer entered and called my name.

Mr. Randall called me into the prefect office to ask me a about the incident, but I didn't know anything about it.

Before I left the room I asked him about David.

"The police told me he's on the ER right now, we don't know anything else."


"I don't know, as soon as I receive some news I'll let you know, ok? Now, go to your room and try to sleep, it's getting late."

With that he sent me to my room. It was almost midnight when someone knocked on my door.

"Come in," I said.

The door opened and Tony appeared in the doorway, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He had showered because his hair was still wet. He's such a hunk, he has been always been a hunk.

"Hey…" He said without finishing the sentence.


"May I come in?" He asked with puppy eyes.

"Sure, come in."

With that he walked barefoot until he reached my bed and sat down with me so I moved closer to the wall giving him space.

After an awkward silence between us he started to say, "Everybody was running toward the middle hallway.

"I thought it was the typical fight but then I saw him there in the floor… I saw his face covered in blood and his body in fetal position," He said almost in a whisper.

"I kneeled at his side and he tried to move away so I calmed him down and told the other guys to call for help.

"We didn't move him because each time we tried he complained about it," He was telling me when I interrupted.

"But how bad was he? I saw him covered in blood and your clothes were the same, what happened?"

"I don't know, he was bleeding a lot from his nose and from time to time he spit blood too.

"A few minutes after that soldiers entered running through the hallway and yelled to move into our rooms, but I didn't.

"They checked on him for visible injuries and then they moved him onto a stretcher to lift him between three guys and myself," He added now with tears running through his cheeks.

"Didn't he say to you anything?" I asked.

"No, he opened his eyes from time to time but he wasn't completely awake. He just complained,"

"Where are Rick and Wayne?"

"They hid in their room, but Mr. Randall told me Rick was taken to a hospital and Wayne to the dean office by the police," He said.

"To the hospital? What happened to him?"

"David broke something when they fought.

"Oh God, it's my fault," He said putting his hands on his face and started sobbing again. I just placed my hand on his shoulder and tried to calm him down assuring him it wasn't his fault even when I thought he was responsible.

"Shhhh… It wasn't your fault, it was Rick's fault and Wayne's fault; they did it."

"I could have prevented it if I had confronted Rick or Wayne but I didn't… It's all my fault," He was crying and shaking.

I didn't say a thing. I was so confused to say something that I didn't want to screw it. For me Tony had been a continuous abuse over the last years and if there was someone I didn't trust, it was he.

Then he surprised me as never before, turned around to look at me kneeling in front of the bed, his face was all wet and his eyes were red.

"Please… forgive me for all the times I abused you.

"I know I don't deserve it.

"But, I really repent about my behavior to you," he begged.

"We don't' have to talk about that right now."

"Yes, we do… I've been an asshole with David, but what I did to you was nameless and you must hate me and you would have the right to do that.

"I don't want to become Rick or Wayne," He answered grabbing my arm.

"I don't hate you, but…"

"I know… You think I don't deserve your forgiveness and you cannot trust me.

"But, give me an opportunity to show you I'm not the same stupid immature brat I was in the past and that you can trust me.

"Let me prove you we can be friends again as we were when we met.

"I… I betrayed you… I know… but, please… I don't want to become Rick or Wayne," he begged me.

"Wait… please stand up… lets… see how things happen, ok?" I said to him.

He stood up and sat with me on the bed. We talked for hours about David and him. Especially about why he changed so dramatically a few years ago and that's when I knew why.

"I had two great friends at that time, David was one and you were the other. Both were my best friends, but you didn't know each other."

"You were totally goofy, I recall that," I interrupted him.

"Did David told you about the dinner incident in my house?"

"Yeah, and he was very sorry about that. He told me it wasn't your fault, nor his, but you were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Dad punished me and he didn't allow me to go back to our house in the afternoons and weekends as I always did before."

"Really? That's why you were mad at me?"

"I thought my Dad hated me because I was a pussy, crying and weak. I was so confused and I didn't want to be the same way.

"When I was with you I felt the same as with David and I thought that if I avoided you that would end and I would become normal.

"Then I met Rick and to fit in their group I had to prove to be worthy.

"They asked me to do the things… that I did to you… I'm sorry," he said avoiding staring at my eyes.

"You were my best and only friend in here, do you know that? Not a lot of people want to make a friendship with the poor guy with a scholarship," I said sharply.

"I'm sorry… I'm truly sorry. I… just wanted to make my Dad proud… but I know that wouldn't be ever… not for me, but because of him.

"I won't turn my back to you again even if you don't want to be my friend again."

"I don't know."

"You'll see."

I never expected such a change in his attitude, but it has been a lot of time and a lot of misery that I didn't trust him. Even though I recalled our good times, that couple of months when our friendship grew fast.

Actually, I remember to have a kind of crush on him. He was cute… He still is, but so different to David. I mean, Tony is about my height, but all muscular with big chest, arms and strong legs, definitely a stud.

We kept our chat for hours and at some point after 3:00 AM I lost it and slept. The last thing I remember is to lay down on my bed facing the ceiling, Tony was at my side with his legs curled under him and facing me, God he looked so cute.

I woke up around 9:00 AM to find him sleeping on my bed.

He was lying on his right side with his right hand under his face and his left between us. He's definitely a hunk with short light brown hair and deep honey eyes. He's so big and strong wherever you look at him, Oh God, and I mean wherever; he had a morning hard-on and it looked like a 'big' one.

Suddenly I remembered last night and started to worry about David. Was he ok now? I turned away to face the wall thinking about him.

God, such an idiot I was this week. I was so worried about him leaving me or cheating me that the last five days I acted stupidly against him. If I wouldn't… But I did it and I didn't know if I was going to be able to… 'Oh God No! Please don't do this to me… I cannot loose him right now… Not that way please… I'll let him go with Eli or whoever he wants, but please let him be ok' I prayed and started to cry in silence until I fell back to sleep.

Next thing I felt was Tony hugging me.

For some moments I felt great because that was what I needed a hug. But then he pulled me to him and his dick was against my butt, Jesus! It felt so big and hot no matter it was inside his shorts.

For a few seconds I enjoyed the warmness of his tight hug, but enough was enough so I called Tony's name in a whisper.


"Tony…" A little louder.

"Tony…" Almost talking normal.

"Yeah!" He woke up and rolled onto his back.

We stood up tired and sleepy due to the late hour we slept.

He left the room, but we met again in the showers and I couldn't avoid looking at him nude under the water as I always did in the past.

I wondered how could it be if he wouldn't have gone away from me and our friendship would have become stronger. Would he be like David? God, I totally forgot about him.

I hurried and finished my bath, went out to my room, dress up with jeans and t-shirt and then out to look for Mr. Randall, but I couldn't find him and the on guard professor didn't know anything about David.

It was going to be a long weekend and I couldn't have imagined how long until I had news about him.

Tony met me at the cafeteria at lunch, but he didn't know anything either. After eating our lunch we went out and without notice we walked through the square and onto the woods.

We were talking about last night again and how anxious we felt not knowing anything. When I really paid attention to our walk we were at the pond and he had led me to the edge where you can hear the water flowing inside the pond.



That Sunday I wasn't expecting him to join my family and his for the church service, but there he was wearing those clothes that make him look so hot and giving me that to-die-for smile he has.

God I felt so stupid smiling at him all the time while at church but I couldn't stop doing that. He made me feel like a child with a new toy whenever he's around me.

You know the feeling; your heart beating fast, your hands sweating, little butterflies in your belly and you saying stupidities to whichever question or comment anybody does; that's how David makes me feel.

Thank God he was acting nervous during the flight to our house because that gave me a little rest not being the only one acting weird.

That day was what I call a perfect day; it was like the entire universe was pushing us together, like the planets had aligned to make things happen between both of us.

The night before he was a hot dude with a great sense of humor, that day at the country house he was a dream came true, the chemistry definitely was there and you could feel the electricity traveling between us.

The horse ride was the most wonderful thing that God could have given me. As I told him I could have fallen in love with him at that moment, but the sad thing is his heart belonged to another boy.

Maybe I pushed a little further when I went into the shower while he was showering, but I had to look at him it was too much temptation to do the contrary. If he is hot with clothes on he becomes gorgeous without them.

But not even that heavenly view I got from him naked could be compared with the perfect ending for such an incredible day, a long and passionate kiss that made my legs tremble.

Au contraire last night he didn't reject me and I could tell he felt the same as I because he embraced me tightly and passionately.

Dad was upset because I took his new horse without asking him for it, but nothing of what he said turned me down from cloud 9 where I installed myself after that kiss.

I've known I'm gay since my puberty years, but I also knew that being the son of a prominent politician that couldn't be said to anybody ever. Since then I have been waiting for someone who feels the same as me and believe me I have met quite a few, but nobody made my heart beat faster.

The boldest thing I did was to kiss another boy on the mouth when I was 14. He was 16 and tried to put his tongue in my mouth, it was so gross that I almost puked. When I kissed David that tongue thing felt so natural that I instinctively did it and was rewarded with the most delicious experience ever.

The entire next week was weird; I couldn't concentrate at all and very easily my mind jumped to David. At night he was the last thought and he was the first one in the morning.

I made plans to call him on Saturday to say hello and remember him to see each other next weekend, I couldn't wait another week to see him, but hearing his voice would be enough for now.

That Saturday morning I woke up early, took a shower and went down for breakfast. I felt so good; I was starving and looking forward to calling Dave after breakfast.

Mom didn't expect me at the table so she was chatting with her assistant.

"Someone attacked him at school yesterday and they took him into the ER by helicopter," said my Mom.

"Oh God, who could have did such an horrible thing at the school for Christ sake? Haven't you talked to him after that?" asked Janet.

"Not yet, but Charles told me he was in the IC unit and his condition was reported stable," answered Mom.

"Who's in the IC?" I asked to both of them.

"Jim's son, David. Someone attacked him at school and they took him to the hospital last night," said Mom. My good mood disappeared instantly and a cold feeling run through my back making me shudder.

"What? What happened?" I asked not believing her words.

Mom looked me with a strange look on his face before she said," His Dad received a phone call during a meeting with your father last night and he left immediately to the hospital. Your Dad called him just before midnight, but David still was in the OR, that's all I know.

"You two are good friends, right?" asked Janet.

"Yeah… How bad is he, do you know?" I asked Mom almost ignoring Janet.

"I think he's stable right now, but don't know exactly his condition, why don't you ask your Dad's secretary to call the hospital and find out," She said.

"What do you want dear? Eggs or Pancakes?" asked Mrs. Sandoval, the cook.

"Just OJ, I'm not hungry," I said.

"Eli…" said Mom.


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah… fine… why?"

"Don't worry about your friend, I'll go see his Mom at the hospital today and when I come back I'll tell you how is he, but I think you shouldn't worry about it," said Mom in her usual don't-worry-about-anything tone of voice.

"Ok… thanks… I gotta go… bye," I said and left the room directly to the back door.

"Do you want your car Sir?" asked Don, my personal bodyguard, when he saw me walking down the steps.

"No, I'll take the Roadster," I answered.

"You know your Dad doesn't like you to drive that car Sir," replied Don while he followed close behind.

"I know Don… When are you going to stop calling me Sir? My name is Eli," I said to him while he followed me.

I walked to the garage and to my silver BMW Z3 Roadster that Grandpa gave me my last birthday. Don is right, Dad doesn't like me to drive this car because it's a convertible and not ironed, but that day I wanted to drive myself.

And as usual when I do that they have to follow me, which is difficult because I'm driving a sport car and they don't.

So I turned on the stereo, put in a CD and popped up the volume just before I left the back yard of the house and into the traffic. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be again in the newspaper because some stupid press guy doesn't like me to close the street just to leave my house, fuck them.

Twenty minutes later I was walking inside the building of the Military Hospital where David was. Dad always says that it is the most technologically advanced hospital in Mexico and the best physicians and surgeons work in there, usually that statement sounds impressive, but at that moment that wasn't enough.

Don and company were not far behind my steps, but I arrived at the ER alone and nobody, and I mean nobody paid attention to me. They were too busy and just told me I had to wait a few minutes.

Thank God four minutes later Don was in there and as soon as he identified himself and me of course, a resident was escorting us to the intermediate care unit where David was under surveillance.

My heart was beating furiously in my chest, after a right turn in a hallway I saw David's mom outside the room where he was. She was standing outside a big window from where you could see a bunch of beds with tubes and monitors beeping and hanging everywhere.

"Hi," I said in a whisper.

She turned her face to look at me and a tender smile appeared on her face then she embraced me like a mother embraces her child.

"Don't worry, he's going to be fine," she said in a calm voice.

Call me stupid if you want, but as soon as I heard that my body started shaking and my eyes watered. After a little while I broke the embrace to look at her she cleaned my cheeks and said in a soft and sweet voice," Thank you for coming, he would be happy knowing you are here with him."

"How is he?" I finally asked.

"He's stable now, they transferred him here half an hour ago.

"Someone attacked him at school and he was taken here by an helicopter.

"They took him into surgery due to a big trauma in his left eye, he has retina slippage in that eye, but the surgeon fixed that in a hurry. He said there is an 80% probability to recover completely.

"He has 3 broken ribs on his left and all of his fingers, except his thumbs, are broken too.

"The most painful injuries are two molar teeth he lost and his jaw that was dislocated.

"Plus a lot of bruises and cuts all over his face. They applied more than 20 stitches in different parts of his face. He was under observation the last 8 hours and as he has been stable for that long they moved into intermediate care and maybe tonight they'll move him into a private room," she finally said.

"God, how many guys attacked him?" I asked not believing all that she said.

"We don't know yet, police are still investigating."

"May I see him?"

"He's under too many painkillers and he hasn't woken up yet, but yes, you can go inside a couple of minutes," she said.

I walked inside the room to the end of it; he was at the left and was almost unrecognizable due to the bandages all over his body, especially the one around his head from his chin to the top of his forehead. He had his left eye fully covered and his right was partially covered too.

How much hate must have felt those boys to cause such damage to him. WHY? Was it a gay hate attack? I couldn't find another explanation to it.



The only thing I remember is the pain, lot of pain, and a bright light. It wasn't a mystical experience it was the light at the hospital.

Somebody asked me a couple of questions, but I couldn't answer them then I lost consciousness and the track of time. I felt swallowed by the nothing.

I have read about people who had dreams when they are unconscious. That they fly like lost souls looking things happening on their surroundings, being mute witnesses of the world.

In my case this didn't happen at all, nothing and believe me not a thing in my head. It was like if someone pushed a button in my head turning it off and next second pushed it again and turned it on.

I don't remember an awakening so painful like that one, not even the worst hangover I have felt was a tiny little part of what I felt that day.

The first thing I remember is this humongous headache that started in my forehead and ran to the back of my head and through my spine stopping in the middle of my back. It was like someone connected a high voltage cable in my head and sent waves of power through it, the pain was very intense and then calmed a little then again intense and then calmed and so on.

My mouth tasted like rusty iron and was so dry that I couldn't talk and when I tried to move my mouth to complain it felt like if someone moved the cable from my forehead to the left of my face and applied power to it.

Then I heard that voice. At first the sound of that voice whispering caused my pain in my head and I couldn't understand a thing of what he was telling me. Slowly the pain subsided and the voice cleared enough to recognize it.

What the fuck was doing Eli in here? I mean, you could expect your Mom or anyone from your family but not him and don't misunderstand me, it wasn't an unpleasant thing just unexpected.

"Don't cry stud, I know it is a lot of pain but once you wake up they are going to put some painkillers," he whispered to my left ear and dried the tears from my cheeks tenderly.

I complained 'cause I couldn't speak.

"Could you hear me? Are you awake?" then he grabbed my left thumb and added," Move your thumb once for yes and two for no."

"mmmhhh…" I answered to him.

"God thank you! Welcome back gorgeous. Is it too much pain right?"

"mmmhhh…" I answered and a couple of tears left my eyes.

"Give me one minute to call the nurse," he said but I didn't let him go.

"mmhh… mmhh…" I said as a no.

"Ok, I'm not going to leave you… just let me… grab the… nurse button… ok, done, they'll be here any second," He said and grabbed again my thumb and stroked my cheek.

"Don't try to speak because you have your jaws immobilized, it was dislocated and you could feel some pain," he whispered again.

'You should have told me that before I tried to say something Einstein' I thought to myself.

Seconds later I heard a door opening and a lady asked," Did you call us son?"

I'm sure she was talking normal but that noise was like if she had used a loudspeaker half an inch from my ear so I complained.

"Ssshhh… he woke up a minute ago and he's too sensitive to noise," he said trying to do it quietly as possible. He understood I was in pain.

"Ok, let me call the doctor," said the nurse and left the room.

"You are going to be ok, thank God you woke up," he said and kissed my cheek.

That felt… great, not physically but emotionally.

He told me my family has been here until 10:00 PM when they went out but he stayed. He never stopped caressing my cheek and grabbing my thumb. Slowly his whisperings calmed me down and allowed my headache to subside a little.

Few minutes later the door opened again and I heard the voice of a middle-aged man.

"Well, welcome back young man, we were waiting for you to wake up for a while, and your friend here. Son could you wait outside while I check on him?" said the Doctor.

The Doc checked me all over and of course that hurt a lot but before he left the room he told me they had applied a nice painkiller cocktail in my serum to calm down the pain and that I would go back to sleep soon.

'Great, they were waiting me to wake up to make me sleep again, where am I anyway?' I thought not able to say a thing.

The doctor took a couple of minutes explaining to me all the injuries I had and why I felt so much pain. Basically I was a mummy totally covered in bandages except from the waist down.

They put a girdle around my chest to protect my ribs. I had a special splint for my left hand and nails and wires for my right one, he said I would need a lot of physical therapy to recover it completely.

My left eye will be covered for the next three weeks until it heals.

Finally my jaws, I'm going to use a special bracket to keep my jaw immobile for two weeks and in the meantime I'll be feed with a liquid diet.

He said that my brain entered into a semi-coma last Saturday morning because my brain was swollen and they couldn't do anything until I woke up by myself.

By Monday morning my brain was no longer swollen, but I remained unconscious until now and they had removed any kind of drugs to help me woke up.

'You could have yelled to wake me up you moron,' I thought when he said that.

"Your brother is such an incredible boy, he stayed by your side every day since Saturday leaving only to change his clothes once a day the nurses said," said the Doc.

'Brother? Thank God he's not my brother.'

"Well, you'll go back to sleep soon but you'll wake up in a few hours without pain and rested. Take it easy champ and if you need something tell your brother to call me, see you," said the Doc finally.

The door opened again and closed, few seconds later I heard his voice again.

"Hi cute boy, how are you? The doc said he put something to make you sleep so I just want to tell you that I'll be here ok?" said Eli grabbing my thumb and stroking my cheek and ear.

I just said yes and tried to caress his hand with my only finger available.

Next time I woke up and heard couple of voices like if they were lecturing someone, then I heard the third voice.

"But he needs me, if Don brings me my homework I can work here. Even I can use my computer to connect from here," said Eli.

"Good morning dude, he woke up," added Eli.

"Hi sweetie how do you feel?" asked Mom.

Duh! I can't talk Mom!

"Tired," I said between teeth.

She asked a million of questions. Finally both of them agreed to let Eli stay with me. Don would bring his homework, but just for one more week.

It was Wednesday noon, I slept almost 36 hours after I woke up last time, but the good thing is that there was no pain just a little dumbness in my head.

Mom and Eli's Mom stayed until 3:00 PM when Jill, Joe and Dad arrived. Eli took that time to grab a bite from the cafeteria.

All of them were relieved once they saw I was improving and feeling ok. I had sat up and looked better. Even Joe said he was happy knowing I was better now.

Eli joined us later on and together we had a nice and fun time. Of course I was the fun trying to talk to them. I was able to talk between teeth, but they had to be very close to me to understand what I said so Eli became the official translator because he was sitting next to my left and nobody seemed to mind at all.

At 6:00 PM my family left the room and we stayed alone.

"God, I thought they weren't ever going to leave," said Eli.

I turned my face to look at him and he moved closer looking at my bandages. He was so cute and his fragrance was incredible hot, BOSS I thought.

"Thanks, you have been incredible," I said to him and moved up a little to give him a little peck in his cheek.

He turned his face to look at me directly to my eyes; slowly he approached his face to mine turning it to his left and kissed me sweet and tenderly on the lips. I didn't reject him and just kissed him back enjoying the feeling.

"Sorry, I couldn't avoid it," he said flushing a little.

"You deserved that and something else," I said between teeth.

"Shit, I totally forgot about it, wait a second," he said turning around to grab the phone. He dialed a number and moved the phone to the bed by my side.

"Hi, is Dan around there?

"Is it you? Hi, Eli again, sorry for the delay dude, I totally forgot, but here he is. As I told you, he cannot speak so I'll translate if you don't mind, but he will be hearing you all the time, ok?" said Eli to the phone.

"I called Dan a while ago to tell him you were awake so I promised to call him for you to speak, sort of at least," he explained to me.

"Ok, here we go," said Eli while he moved closer to my ear so we could both hear thru the headphone.

"Hi Dave, how do you feel?" asked Dan.

"Like someone kicked me," I answered.

"I… I'm sorry, I really am. I'm ashamed of how I treated you last week, I hope you forgive me," said Dan between sobs as if he was trying very hard to not cry.

"Don't worry… everything is ok," I said.

"I was going nuts not knowing a thing of you until Eli called me yesterday morning to tell me you woke up, he has been a great friend so I wanted to apologize to both of you for my last week's behavior about you two, I'm really sorry."

"Apology accepted, forget about it now," said Eli without waiting for me to answer.

"Thanks," said Dan.

"Tony wanted me to tell you 'Hi' in his behalf and to let you know that he regrets not being there to help you," added Dan.

"Not his fault… tell him to forget it," I said.

"We have been talking a lot these last days, he apologized for all the things he or his mates did to us.

"He's a nice guy and he had become almost my bodyguard in here."

"Good… you are safe."

After ten or twenty minutes talking by phone he said good-bye asking Eli not to hear what he was going to say.

"I love you and I miss you so much, I'll be counting each second until I see you again," said Dan to me.

"Me too," I answered.

"He said 'Me Too'," repeated Eli moving the headphone to his head and a few seconds later he hung-up the phone after saying good-bye to Dan.

"Thanks," I said.

"Your welcome."

I was exhausted due to so much activity that day and soon I went to sleep without having dinner.

Next day it was almost the same except that John came to visit me, the same as Tomas. Both of them were in there no more than 20 minutes and our talk was about how I felt.

I also received a phone call from Mr. Randall, he told me not to worry about school for the next two weeks and that if I didn't make it by that time he would send me everything I needed to catch up on the program from home.

He also said Rick left the hospital last Monday with a bad fracture of his collarbone and a shoulder dislocation. He was expelled from school that same day and he was transferred to a private school in the US, but he didn't know which one.

About Wayne he told me he still was facing criminal charges as an adult due to the violence and because was almost 18. He said that he would receive at least 3 months in a jail before he had the right to receive parole, but that also meant he was banned for almost every private school in Mexico and South Texas.

The Doc reduced the painkiller dosage and I was able to be awake almost the entire daylight except couple of hours I took for a nap just before lunch and dinner.

Friday morning the Doc said it was enough for the catheter and the nurse removed it. If you haven't suffered such an awful experience thank God for that, it lasts a few seconds but it is the most unpleasant experience you could have with your penis.

The weird thing was that now I didn't have the catheter so I had to stand up and walk to the bathroom to piss. It was quite difficult with a splint on my left hand and nails and wires on my right so the first time I thought to sit like a girl, but Eli was faster than me and soon I had his hand around my dick pointing it to the toilet.

As soon as I finished he shook it as any other man does with it and by the third shake I was hard and he didn't drop me down, he kept his hand stroking me slowly.

"So, that is how you say thanks to a friendly hand, right?" said Eli.

"Get off," I said laughing at him.

I had that stupid gown the hospitals usually make you wear. It's a stupid thing to wear something that lets your butt in the air so Eli called my Mom and she brought clean boxers and some t-shirts for me to wear.

Before dinner a nurse came in to give me a sponge bath. She was pretty and she must have liked me because she took good care of my privates.

The bad thing was that she left me with an incredible hard-on when she left giving me an evil smile.

I had almost two weeks without sexual activity. Like any other teenager I was used to at least jacking off once a day, if not more.

"I see you are happy to see me again," pointed out Eli when he returned to the room.

"Shut up," I said and laughed.

As the last couple of days he helped me to drink my milk shake that tasted everything except vanilla as they said; then we saw TV. As I had a private room it was a single bed and a sofa that a visitor could use like a bed and where Eli had been sleeping, it also had a little closet and the bathroom with a shower.

After dinner I went to the bath and Eli helped me to pee again with the previous known result. Then I tried to wash my mouth the best I could with just water and mouthwash.

I was standing in front of the mirror and he was behind me. I lifted my arms and he moved his arms down my armpits so I could use them as mine. It was funny to do that and we laughed like kids.

All the time he kept his body very close to mine, his cheek rubbed mine tickling me and making me laugh more but that also kept my hard-on and made me leak pre-cum all the time.

"mmmhhh… you smell so good now," he said just before he left me free to go the bathroom.

I went to my bed and he turned off the lights and on the TV. Don't ask me why, but I invited him into the bed to watch the TV, soon the painkillers made their move and I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night I felt Dan coming close to me breathing deeply near my left ear and making me shudder. That made my dick jump to full attention immediately and leakage started again.

Dan embraced me through my belly and giving me little kisses on my ear and neck. I was horny as hell and needed a warm body next to mine.

Someone was moaning and I found out it was me.

Dan moved his hand down into my shirt caressing my belly and little lower until his hand crossed the elastic band of my boxers making me moan again. He stroked my dick slowly making my body shake a little and move my hips.

He moved down and kissed my belly sucking my bellybutton and followed further down to my bush with tender kisses that barely touched my skin, but made me shake from head to toe on each one. The feeling was enough to make me feel my orgasm building deep inside my belly.

Then he stroked me a couple more times making my dick twitch and letting a couple of cum drops rolls out.

"Suck me please," I begged to him.

I felt his wet mouth surrounding my dick from the tip to the middle closing it around it and moving his tongue all along. My hips jumped instinctively and I felt a strong discomfort on my chest that made me move my hand to it.

It wasn't a dream, I was completely awake and it wasn't Dan, it was Eli who was sucking me. He lacked experience but the pleasure was overwhelming and I didn't say a thing at the moment. I wanted to let him do it one more minute, just one minute and then I would stop him.

He tried to suck me all into his mouth and throat, but he couldn't and gagged. Instead he used his tongue all over my shaft time after time increasing my urge to cum very quickly.

I had to say no but the feelings was so powerful. The urge to cum was bigger than anything I had felt before making my hips match his movements up and down my dick. I touched the back of his throat once, GOD I had to say no, I should had moved away, but I needed to cum so badly.

"I'm… gonna… cum…" I said between my teeth, 'move away please' I thought.

But he didn't move and kept sucking sending my dick once more to the back of his throat.

My orgasm hit my body making me contract every single muscle on it. The pain mixed with that pleasure sent me over the edge and I shot once, twice and lot more times.

Wave after wave of pleasure invaded me entirely and with each one I shot in Eli's mouth and he eagerly tried to swallow me.

The climax lasted long after I finished cumming and my body felt limp, but my dick was still hard as a rock.

He cleaned my dick with his mouth then moved up to my side embracing me with his arm through my belly as he had started the experience and put his leg over mine. He gave me little kisses on my ear and neck caressing my skin down my shirt and up to the bandages that covered my chest.

"We shouldn't…" I said before he shushed me.


"You needed it so badly and I wanted it desperately," He said whispering in my ear making me shudder again, I was still hard as a rock.

I shut up my heart and tried to forget the experience at that moment, I felt so tired and vulnerable to confront the conflict, finally tiredness vanquished guilt and I went to sleep in Eli's arms.


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