St. Joseph's All-boys High School


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Chapter 11 - Disorder


It was going to be a long weekend and I couldn't have imagined how long until I had news about him. Neither could I have imagined the twist things would take for David and me.

Tony met me at the cafeteria at lunch, but he didn't know anything either. After that we went out and walked through the square and onto the woods.

We were talking about last night again and how anxious we felt not knowing anything. When I really paid attention to our walk, we were at the pond and he had led me to the edge.

We started talk about school, then we followed with sports and at the end he emptied his heart with me, he sobbed for a while, then he kept silence, then he cried like a child; but after a couple of hours he had finished, and to tell the truth, he seemed relieved.

My own heart was telling me to still not trust on him, but at the same time I was sympathetic with his feelings so I couldn't have avoided it, I took out of my heart all the bad feelings about him and decided to give Tony a new chance.

In the next couple of days, we grew closer. We spent almost all day together, and on school days we did our studying together. Our friendship had been reborn from the dashes and made me feel great.

Slowly, Tony seemed to feel more comfortable with me and he started to show the same feelings from a few years ago, when we were alone.

As the other boys at the school noticed his change in attitude, they started to open themselves, too. Finally, I was free to have friends at the school. There were still a few jerks that didn't like me at the school because I didn't belong to a wealthy family, as they did; however, none of them were dangerous.

That Saturday night, when Tony left to sleep in his bedroom, David was again in my mind and I couldn't avoid the tears running out of my eyes.

I had been a jackass with him, and slowly sadness and anxiety filled my chest, making my heart ache badly. I finally slept, after 3:00 AM, when tiredness defeated my pain.

That night I prayed to God for him, begged to let me see him again, cursed against Rick and Wayne, even I hated God for taking him away. At the end, I asked him to forgive me for being such an idiot.

In the morning, I called my parents and ask their permission to leave the school, to visit David wherever he was. Sadly for me, Mom told me Dad was out of town and I had to talk to him before taking any action. In the meantime, I wasn't able to leave the school.

Tony knew something was wrong and he tried to cheer me up but I felt so depressed that there was nothing to do, but wait.

Finally, Tuesday afternoon, when Tony and I were coming back from dinner, we were walking by the hallway, to my door, when we hear the hallway phone ringing, 3 or 4 feet away from us.

We jumped and stared at the phone like if we had never seen one in our entire lives. The guy next door came out without looking at us, and both jumped on him to answer the phone.

"Jesus fucking Christ, are you nuts or what? You scared the hell out of my soul," said him.

I just smiled at him and answered the phone," Hello?"

"Hi, I'm looking for Dan; Is he near there?" asked a sweet and sexy voice at the other side of the line.

"I'm Dan, who are you?"

"Are you David's roommate?"

"Yes. Who are you?" I asked impatiently.

"Oh, thank God you answered the phone. I'm Eli."

"Eli? Hi..." I said sharply.

"Well... mmmhhh... ok... look... I... just want you to know that he woke up yesterday -"

"REALLY!? OH GOD, THAT'S GREAT! Tony, David woke up yesterday, did you hear? Of course you didn't... HE WOKE UP... YESTERDAY... IT'S ELI!"

God, I was so nervous and excited. I hugged Tony and he hugged me back.

"Dan? I wanted to talk to you yesterday, but it was kind of late and... well... I didn't know where to call... and well, his mom was here today and she gave me the phone number, and I think David would like you to know he's better now so... I called you."

It turned out Eli was nice and we chatted for an hour or so. He told me everything about David - and by the way, he explained every single detail about his condition. I knew he was worried as I was.

It was noticeable that Eli caressed about David, considering the way he expressed himself. It's like when you see one boy staring at another boy and you know the first boy likes, dislikes or cares about the other boy. I wasn't looking at Eli; I was just listening to his sweet and sexy voice.

Anyway, the best thing of all was that David was better now and that lifted a huge weight off my back. Still, though my initial worries decreased, I was still worried about how he would react towards me.

The answer wasn't delayed too much, since the next day, Eli called me again and I could talk with David.

Eli was supposed to call between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. I met with Tony in my room at 3:30 p.m. to do some homework before Eli called us.

"You two are very close, right?" Tony asked, without looking at me.

"Yeah, you know, being roommates and everything." I answered, not sure what else to say.

"Yeah, I know," he said, looking at me with a mixture of sadness and nostalgia in his eyes. Then, a very slight smile appeared on his face and said, "Everything will be fine, you'll see."

"I hope so... I hope so," I said, sighing.

We chatted for awhile and during all that time, I constantly turned my eyes to my watch, noticing the minutes slowly tick by.

At 6:00 p.m., Tony said, "Don't worry, he'll call you later. Maybe they are doing some tests and he's not at his room. Why don't we go to grab a bite and then we will come back to wait for him to call?"

"I don't know. What if he calls while we are away?"

"He'll call you back," said Tony.

"I ... don't know. I don't want to loose that call."

"Ok, then I'm going to bring something for both of us and you can wait here."

"Don't worry about me; have some dinner yourself. I'm not hungry, anyway," I said.

"Don't be silly. Wait here, and if he calls before I'm back, please tell him how sorry I am, ok?"

"Ok," I said. He smiled at me and turned around, walking to the door and out of the room.

The last 10 minutes were the longest ones; my heart beat like crazy.

Finally, after an eternity, the phone rang, making me jump up and run out my room.

I answered it, nervously, "Hello?"

"Hi, is Dan around there?"

"I'm Dan," I answered.

"Is it you? Hi, Eli again; sorry for the delay, dude. I totally forgot, but here he is. As I told you, he cannot speak, so I'll translate if you don't mind. He will be hearing you all the time, ok?"

Then, he said to David at the other end of the line," I called Dan a while ago to tell him you were awake so I promised to call him for you to speak, sort of at least."

"Dan? This is Eli, are you ready?"

"Yes," I said.

"Ok, here we go."

"Hi Dave, how do you feel?" I asked.

"Like someone kicked me," answered David, in a funny tone of voice.

A thousand words crossed my mind at that moment; a knot in my throat appeared suddenly, and I was almost crying.

Finally, and trying not to cry, I said between sobs," I... I'm sorry, I really am. I'm ashamed of how I treated you last week. I hope you forgive me."

"Don't worry; everything is ok," answered David, a little sharply.

"I was going nuts not knowing a thing of you till Eli called me yesterday morning to tell me you woke up. He has been a great friend; so I wanted to apologize to both of you for my last week's behavior about you two. I'm really sorry," I continued.

"Apology accepted. Forget about it now," said Eli, not giving David a chance to answer.

"Thanks," I said.

"Tony wanted me to tell you 'Hi' in his behalf and to let you know that he regrets not being there to help you," I added.

"Not his fault. Tell him to forget it," answered David.

"We have been talking a lot these last days; he apologized for all the things he and his mates did to us.

"He's a nice guy and he had become almost my bodyguard in here."

"Good... you are safe."

David and I couldn't talk as much as I would have liked, but it was better than nothing.

He seemed to be ok with me but I couldn't assure that. After a little while and before Tony came back, the conversation ended.
"I love you and I miss you so much, I'll be counting each second until I see you again," I said.

"Me too," David answered.

"He said 'Me Too'," repeated Eli.

"Yeah, I heard that, thanks for this call," I said.

"Your welcome, talk to you soon bye," ended Eli at the same time Tony appeared at the end of the hallway carrying the food.

"Eli, hello!" I said trying to make me hear but he didn't and hung me up.

I saw Tony's face and he looked sort of disappointed.

"Sorry, he hung up, I called his name but he didn't hear me."

"How is he? Does he hate me?"

"He is fine, I hear him kind of weird 'cause he cannot speak very well neither louder than almost a whisper.

"And no, he doesn't hate you. He says you don't have to worry about it and I'm sure once he come back and talk to you once everything will be forgotten, don't sweat it dude," I said trying not to sound as if I was patronizing him.

"Are you sure? I've been an asshole to both of you," He said with a pouty face.

"Absolutely, that's what he wants the most right now."

"I hope so.

"Are you hungry now?"

"I'm starving," I said.

Finally on Friday afternoon I called my parents again and Dad had come back that same day. After many attempts to convince him he didn't allowed me to go out of school.

I was angry with him and the only thing I could do was to cry in my bed, my heart ached so bad and I felt miserable, alone and abandoned. Some time passed, one hour, more-or-less, and I felt so tired of crying; there were no more tears to let go out, so I stopped crying. The pain remained deep inside my chest. I remembered Tony and stood up heading to the bathroom to wash my face.

After that, I went to Tony's room and, without knocking, I opened his door.

Tony was standing a few steps front of the door when I caught him by surprise. He jumped back with a look of horror on his face, trying to cover his front with his hands; he stumbled onto his bed, falling backwards. His butt landed at the edge of the bed as he rolled back and down to the floor, lifting his feet into the air.

It was almost in slow motion - his is feet going up and his head going backwards. He had his briefs around his knees when I opened the door; now, his butt was completely in view while he rolled onto his left and landed at the floor on his knees and elbows.

I saw his white muscular butt; I even saw his rosebud pointing at me. A little ways down were a pair of almost hairless testicles, and then I saw a big piece of meat, and I mean big one. It was soft but hung down almost to the middle of his thigh.

He stood up on his knees and tried to pull his briefs up but they were stuck under him. When he tried to move them up, to pull on them, he completely fell down, with his butt pointing up again. In the meantime, to avoid anyone else having such a view, I closed the door behind me, not shifting my view from him, not for a second.

Finally, he pulled up his briefs, stood up, slowly, and turned around with his face full red, looking very pissed off, his hair a mess.
He said," Don't you knock at others people's doors?"

The complete scene was so funny that the only thing I could do was laugh hysterically. After a few seconds of that, his frown smoothed and he started to laugh too.

When we calmed he said," Let me put on some clothes and then we can go to have dinner, all right?"

I nodded at him while walking to the bed trying not to look at him but it was impossible; he was only wearing a pair of briefs. He had a muscular chest, with wide and strong arms. His waist was narrow with a very well drawn six-pack and a beautiful belly button.

His legs were long and muscular and his briefs left nothing to the imagination; his dick and balls were perfectly defined, proving that what I have seen before, indeed, was a big piece of meat.

He didn't seem to be displeased by my stare au contraire; he didn't try to cover himself and just smiled at me and asked," Is everything ok?"

I sat down on his bed and he was one foot away from me.

"Yeah, fine."

"Are you sure? Is there something you would like to tell me?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

I moved my head down, looking to the ground and trying not to cry again.

"You must be thinking I'm a sissy that cries for everything," I pouted at him.

He kneeled in front of me, between my legs; and putting his big hands on my shoulders and then he said," When I said I wanted to be your friend again, I meant it, really.

I can see you have been crying because both your eyes look like big and red tomatoes and I don't see something wrong with a guy crying."

Some tears were rolling down my cheeks even when I was trying not to cry. I felt so sad and lonely at that moment.

Tony pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly. For a moment, I felt like when I was a kid and my Dad hugged me when I was hurt.

I cried openly in his arms, trying to spit out a little of that pain inside my chest and he just hugged me, caressing my back. I hugged him back as if he was some kind of lifesaver.

After a while, I stop crying, but he kept me in his arms. Slowly, I returned to earth and reality again, still sad, but relieved in some sort of way. I had drained into Tony a lot of my worries, fears and sadness.

I pulled myself off him and said, "God, look at this; I made a mess on you," while I tried to clean his chest with my hands. His hands still were on my shoulders and our heads were inches apart from each other.

"Do you feel better now?" He asked, softly, with a real worried look in his eyes.

"Yeah, much better now, I'm sorry - "

"Don't..." he interrupted me, "...ever feel sorry for yourself in front of me; you don't have anything to be ashamed of."

"Thanks," I said and hugged him again, feeling his big and muscular body against mine. I swear to God, it wasn't anything sexual but my dick jumped up in a hurry, so I broke the hug before he noticed it.

He sat on his heels, placed his hands on my knees and looked at me.

"Do you feel better?"

"Yeah... thanks," I said.

"You're welcome. Do you feel like going to grab a bite or do you prefer to do something else?" He asked.
That's when I noticed how hungry I was.

"I'm starving."

"To have dinner then," he said and stood up.

He turned towards the closet, giving me one last chance to admire his incredible body. I'm sure he wasn't doing it on purpose, but it looked amazing, full of muscles that moved from one side to the other in a grotesque - yet beautiful - dance.

I paid his butt a last look, to admire it, while he was still turned away from me; two beautiful pieces of muscle covered by a thin layer of clothe. Definitely, Tony was a complete stud and even when he didn't have any hair on his body, he looked so masculine and strong.

He closed the drawer and turned around with a t-shirt in his left hand and a pair shorts in his right then he headed to the bed where I was sitting on. He dressed up, put his tennis shoes on and finally stood up to look him at the mirror that was hanging at his room door.

That was what he was doing when I opened the door. What was he doing in front of the mirror almost naked? Who knows?

When we left for dinner, I told him what my Dad had said earlier. He understood why I was feeling so bad and I thanked him again, a million times. On each one of those, he just smiled, shyly.

Tony and I chatted until 2:00 AM when he fall sleep again on my bed. I admired his great body for awhile noticing how his chest moved up and down, slowly, with each breath he made.

After a few minutes, I moved to David's bed, his scent still barely covered his pillow and sheets; that made my brain race through memories of moments I shared with Dave in the recent past, since the first time I saw him running up the stairs. The truth is that I moved to my left, just enough to block his path and he couldn't avoid hit me; he made me end up on the floor, of course. He looked so tall and cute, even though his hair was really weird.

David is a very handsome boy but nothing compared to his inner beauty. His eyes reflect his passionate and free soul; sometimes, I have felt lost inside of them. When you think there is nothing more beautiful to witness, he talks to you in that deep musky voice of his. Right now, I can hear him, whispering near my ear, and just thinking of that makes me shiver in delight.

I don't know what time, but I finally went to sleep thinking about him, remembering his strong arms, hugging and lifting me up into the air; his kiss made my soul leave my body and flight.

Around 8:30 AM, I awoke, sat up in the bed and looked to where Tony was lying. He was face up with one arm behind his head and the other hanging down to the side of the bed.

WOW! He had a morning wood, a huge one that went up his hip; it almost came out of his shorts. I would've loved to have stayed longer, to admire such a thing, but I started to feel guilty and went out to take a leak.

I came back but couldn't sleep anymore, even though I felt very tired; so I just looked at Tony and his beautiful body.


I shut up my heart and tried to forget the experience at that moment, I felt to tired and vulnerable to confront the conflict. Finally, tiredness vanquished guilt and I went to sleep in Eli's arms.

During the night, I woke up couple of times but guilt didn't have anything to do with it; both my hands hurt so badly that they made me wake up.

The first time, it was around 2:00 in the morning; the pain started in the very tip of my fingers and run through my arm, up to my shoulder. I thought it was the position and moved them slightly to rest. I went to sleep again.

At 4:00 AM, I woke up again and it took me half an hour to go back to sleep.

Both times, I found Eli sleeping by my side, in the same position. He was on his right side with his face very close to my head; I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

His left leg was over my left leg and even when I wasn't using a blanket, I didn't feel cold because of his warm body against mine.

The last time I woke up it was 5:30 AM and I had to wake up Eli.

"Eli... Eli..." I said, pushing his stomach gently with my left elbow.

"Uh...what? Are you ok?"

"My hands hurt too much; call the nurse please," I said. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't avoid a couple of tears.

He stood up and pressed the nurse call button over the headboard then turned on the light.

"What is it?"

"My arms, they hurt too much."

"Ok, just take it easy; she will be here in no time," said Eli, with a worried look on his face.

I saw him walk to the sofa to pick up his t-shirt; he was wearing only briefs.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse injected some medicine into the IV.

When she left the room, I had to pee, so we did the well-known rite in the bathroom. As he helped me to pee, shivers ran through my body but not in delight. I suddenly felt cold, something was bad and didn't know how much.

On the way back to bed, I followed him, looking at his long legs and cute ass. I recalled how physically alike Dan and Eli are, I couldn't have told who I was looking at him from behind.

I felt very dizzy and was sweating cold; it was hard to breathe.

"Eli, I... don't feel... well."

I saw him turning around and stepping toward me with a worried expression on his face and then blankness.

A flashlight shot in the blackness and slowly light was coming back, but everything was in a blur.

I was standing beside the pond at school; Dan was standing in front of me on the other side of the pond; Eli was by his side. God, they were like twins, so much alike that I wasn't sure who was which one.

They were waving and moving their mouths, but I didn't hear a thing. My chest hurt; it was too hard to breathe and I felt very dizzy.
I turned my face to look down at the pond and the dizziness increased; I tried not to move but it was impossible, as if something was pulling me down. Finally I fell forward and hit the water.

When I opened my eyes inside the pond, I saw an open culvert ten feet down from where I was, at the bottom. "It was the place where Jamie Reynolds drowned a few years ago," I thought. I tried to swim up to the surface, but I couldn't.

Everything started to roll, like in the toilet, when you flush the water down. The water was sucked into the culvert; it pulled me down quickly and I couldn't breath, I opened my mouth and tried to pull air or water but nothing entered my lungs.

Desperately, I turned up to ask for help, I still could see Dan and Eli kneeling in front of the pond and putting their hands in the water, as if they were looking for something but I was further and further away, every second.

The pond opening was closing, at least it looked like that, but I was going down and soon I couldn't see Dan or Eli. I couldn't breath; my chest was going to explode at any second, and the pain was too much.

A flash of light appeared, but after that, everything was black; the good thing was that I wasn't worried to breath anymore. No more pain, no more worries; I felt great at that moment.

I didn't feel anything; everything was completely black but peaceful.

A second flash of light appeared then blackness returned after that.

Suddenly, after a third flash of light, I heard some voices and the asphyxiating sensation came back and hit me. I pulled air once and there was nothing; my chest was still hurting.

I pulled in air a second time and some of it entered my lungs, but it wasn't enough; my chest still felt like it was going to explode.

Finally, my chest filled with fresh air; I wasn't breathing but air was entering my lungs. I heard some voices and tried to open my eyes but couldn't. I felt tired, very tired and just relaxed.

I woke up, later; it was dark and I had a dry throat. My jaw hurt badly, same as my hands.

"Hi," said a familiar voice; it was Mom.

I looked at her and smiled. I felt something in my neck and when I moved my head it hurt more.

Mom saw that I was trying to move and said," don't move and don't try to speak; you have a tube inside you help you breathe."

I frowned.

"You had an allergic reaction to the medicine the nurse gave you, that's why you fainted. Your throat was swollen so you couldn't breathe.

"They couldn't put you a tube through your mouth because of your jaw, so they put it through your neck.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be ok now," she said, caressing my forehead.

Somehow, just the fact of having her with me was enough to calm me down.

Mom was sitting to the left of my bed, but I didn't recognize my room. I saw the window and everything was dark. Her eyes looked kind of swollen and her hair was out of place; that was very uncommon of her.

"It's 5:30, Sunday morning. You slept a lot. How do you feel?"

I closed my eyes and opened them again.


I nodded, barely.

"You'll be back to sleep in no time."

I opened my eyes, widely.

"No more mistakes, I promise."

"Is this young cutie awake?" said a warm voice and I turned my eyes to see a big lady with cheerful eyes and gentle smile in her face looking at me.

I lifted both hands and frown.

"Yeah, I know they hurt. I'm going to put something in your IV to help you relax and sleep. In the morning, the doctor will be here to check you on," said the nurse.

She injected something into the IV again and soon the pain started going away.

"See you later, young man," she said and added," with your excuse madam."

"Thanks," said my Mom.

"You can sleep now. I'll be here with you until you wake up," she said, smiling at me.

When I woke up, Mom was still there with my Dad and the doctor. The doctor was telling him something.

"His hands were injured when he fainted, so we have to fix them by surgery, nothing so complicated just couple of hours maybe."

"Is it..." Dad was suddenly interrupted by Mom.

"Hi, sweetie; how do you feel?"

I just rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, that's unpleasant but I prefer to have you sleep for now," said the doctor.

The doctor explained to me that when I fainted, I hurt both of my hands. So, I had to go into surgery to fix my right hand again. They were going to attach a special splint to my hand and underarm, then immobilize it with a special plaster.

"You will wear this thing for the next 4 weeks. After we take it off, you'll start physical therapy.

"The therapy would take between 1 and 4 months, depending on how fast your muscles recover.

"I would say that you have an 80% probability of complete recovery, if you follow all the instructions; but also you must know that there is still the risk to have permanent damage, time will tell.

"In two more weeks we'll check your jaw; maybe we can detach the brackets by then.

"Your chest, I would say 5 weeks to remove the gilder.

"And finally, your eye patch will stay there for one more week.

"Do you have any questions?" the doctor finally asked to all of us.

"When is he going to be able to leave the hospital?" asked my Dad.

"I think that would be next Thursday, if everything goes well."

I made some signs trying to speak, but it was impossible. Finally, Mom gave me a piece of paper and a pen to write down something.

"School? When?" said Mom, reading the paper.

"I think you'll be very uncomfortable with both your hands immobilized; so, I think it would be better if you stay at home.

"After all, you won't be able to even bathe yourself, as you did before; let's say three or four weeks after tomorrow would be a good time to go back."

I frowned. What? Is he nuts or something? I cannot be at home four more weeks without going to school; doesn't he know I have a program to catch up, quickly?

"Take it easy champ. It is better for you to take your time, if you want to recover completely," the doctor said, just before leaving the room.

They took me into the OR at 4:30 PM and I woke up few minutes after 7:00 PM. Mom, Dad, Jill and Joe came to visit me at the recovery area for a few minutes. Mom stayed when all the others left.

Around 9:00 that night, they moved me into my room again. Mom stayed with me from that day until the hospital released me.

Eli couldn't stay with me at nights because of my Mom; he came to visit me from 5:00 to 7:00 each day.

Mom left me only in the afternoons, when Jill stayed with me. She was back at 8:00 PM, sharp.

Even Joe came to visit me every day; he arrived with Jill and stay one hour or so.

On Monday night they removed the tube from my trachea, and I was able to breathe, normally, but they fed me using a nasal tube down to my stomach.

My hands didn't bother me anymore, but I felt tired all day so, I slept a lot.

I was awake just a couple of hours in between meals. Jill called Dan and explained everything; I spoke to him, every day, for about a half an hour. He told me his parents didn't allow him to leave the school, to visit me; that made me feel bad, but I knew it wasn't his fault.

On Thursday, almost two weeks after the incident at school, the doctor released me from the hospital after tests and physical exams, lasting all morning.

An ambulance took me to my house around 4:00 PM. It was a quick trip because my house (the Secretary of Defense's house) is next to the hospital. The heliport my Dad uses is inside the hospital, and one could go from the hospital parking lot to my house through a big metal door.

I had an itchy patch on my neck and I couldn't scratch. A nurse from the hospital came to my house at 8:00 in the morning and nights to apply the painkillers by injection. The medicine knocked me out from after breakfast, until lunchtime, and from 9:00 at night, till it was time for breakfast.

The worst thing was I hadn't taken a bath since the incident, a normal one, I mean. At the hospital, a nurse came by and washed me all over, using a sponge, she was a brunette, around her mid-forties, with a beautiful smile, nice body and mischievous hands. She always left me with a noticeable hard-on, after the bath, even when she never touched me with her hands, skin to skin I mean.

Mr. Randall told my parents not to worry about school because I was still ahead of the program. So, I had one more week of vacation before he had to send me work at home.

I arrived at home just after 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon; I sat down in the TV room with Mom and Jill. Fifteen minutes later, I was lost in Morpheus' arms; well, actually it was Mom's lap with both feet up Jill's lap.

They woke me up at dinnertime, which to my surprise the entire family enjoyed together. That was the first time, in almost a year that such an event happened.

During dinner, Dad asked me if I needed anything.

"To take a bath," said Jill surprising everybody, after that, all of us laughed.

He called Nando, the butler and asked him to buy some things for me to take a bath.

Nando's real name is Fernando. He has been my parent's assistant (butler, if you want to call him that) since I was around 8 years old. Dad knew him during one of his campaigns against drug dealers in Guerrero. When my father incarcerated him, Nando was the only one complaining.

He said to my Dad once," Why are you arresting me? I just want to work doing something and there is no more work here than marijuana harvesting; I don't sell drugs. I just pick the leaves for a couple of pesos."

"Do you really want to have legal work?" asked my Dad.

"Yes, I do."

That day, my Dad took him out of the little prison he was in, gave him clean clothes and hired him as his assistant. Nando cleaned my dad's shoes and washed and ironed his uniform. When that campaign was over, Dad took Nando back to his headquarters and enrolled him in the army, selecting him as his assistant.

Dad did build some houses for the soldiers and gave one to Nando and his family. Mom hired Juanita, Nando's wife, as a cook in our house. When the army transferred Dad to Mexico City, Nando asked to go with him. Since then, they grew inside the family and now Nando's is the main butler at the house and Juanita is the housekeeper and cook. Both of their sons finished high school and they are studying to become a nurse and aircraft mechanic in the army.

After dinner, we chatted for a while, until Nando announced the nurse from the hospital had arrived.

I went up to my room and in no time she applied the injection to me. I was lying on my bed, after 5 minutes fighting with the phone. I could call to Dan at school.

"Hey babe," I said.

"Hey, are you home already? Jill told me the doctor was going to release you today."

"Yeah, I arrived a while ago but I was too tired, they did to me all sorts of exams in the morning."

"Is everything ok?"

"Everything is fine, at least normal."

"Great. When are you coming back? I miss you a lot, you know?"

"I miss you too. I don't know actually; the doctor said two or three more weeks, but I'll try to convince Mom and Dad to get me back sooner."

"That's bad news," He said and I almost saw his face with a puppy look on it.

"Don't worry, I'll do my best to get back sooner, I promise."

"That would be great."

He told me about Tony and how a good friend he was. He said they were together almost every day. That made me feel good knowing he was ok and that we had recovered an old friend. However, at the same time, I felt a little jealous hearing him be all that excited about it.

"Hey, you sound to excited talking about him, I hope you don't have a crush on him."

"Me? No... well... I don't mean... you know... of course not... he's only a good friend, that's all."

"I'm kidding; don't sweat it."

I really was kidding, even though, in the back of my mind, his hesitation turned on a yellow light. I was giving it a second thought, no matter I didn't have to.

After that comment, he didn't get all that excited again; he was very shy at talking. At the same time, the medicine was taking effect on me. I went to sleep. I left Dan hanging on the other end of the line.

I woke up around 2:10 AM and went to the bathroom. As I didn't have help, I had to pull down my sweat pants and shorts to sit at the toilet and pee like a girl.

I tried to brush my teeth but I made a mess. The best thing I could do was wash my mouth with mouthwash. Then, I went back to bed, dropped my sweat pants, and slept till 8:00 in the morning, when Nando announced the nurse again with a milk shake in his hands.

She applied the injection then I drank the milk shake. Jill and Joe were at school. Mom and Dad were finishing breakfast, and I sat down with them at the table.

"Son, I told Nando to prepare a suitcase for you because today in the afternoon we are flying to Monterrey. Dad and I have several events during the weekend over there, and we are taking Jill and you with us."

"Oh Mom, please don't. I don't feel in the mood to travel; I haven't taken a bath in two weeks, and I'll have the press all over me the entire day."

"Don't worry; you can stay in your room at the hotel, if you want."

"Dad, let me stay at home. I cannot go anywhere and I promise to behave myself."

The two of them looked at each other, as if sharing deep thoughts, then my Dad said, "Ok, but I don't want you to leave the house."


"If you feel bad, you'll call Nando immediately."


"John will be on guard, if there is anything you need."


"Can we trust on you, son?"

"Yes sir, you can."

"Ok, then you can stay."

Mom wasn't to excited about it, but she didn't say a thing. She just looked at me with that look Moms give their sons when something worries them.

I went back to my room, turned on the music and, in no time, I was sleeping again.

Around 12:00 o'clock, Nando knocked at my door again, "David, you have a phone call."

I battled again with the phone hand-set, until I finally put it against my pillow and moved my head over it.


"Hi gorgeous; how are you feeling?"

"Eli? Hi. Aren't you at school right now?"

"Yeah, but even at school we have lunch time, you know?"

"What time is it?"

"It's noon; don't tell me you were still sleeping at this time?"

"Ok, I won't tell, but it's because of the medicine, you know that"

"You're a real lazy boy, that's the truth."

"Shut up."

"Are you going to Monterrey? We can go some nice places I know there."

"Monterrey? Why?"

"Don't you know? They will have local elections soon and my Dad has to go to support the candidates of his party. Mom told me your parents were going too."

"Yeah, they do but I'm not. And now that you told me it would be an election trip, forget it. I hate press."

"Dickhead, it took me three hours to convince Mom to let me go and now you said you are not going over there."

"What are you talking about?"

"The trip, they weren't going to take me with them, but knowing you were going, I convinced her to do it.

"And now you tell me you don't want to go because of the press."

"Sorry dude, I didn't know you had an agenda with me for the weekend," I said.

"Ok then plan B in action. May I stay with you?"

"I don't know. I have to ask my parents."

"Don't be silly. My Dad is your father's boss; I have to ask my parents, not you.

"I hope it is not too late. I'll call you back later, ok?"

"Ok, see ya."

Couple of minutes later, Nando knocked at my door again, "Lunch is ready and your parents are waiting for you."

I just grunted, not wanting to speak loud. Why? Tighten your jaw, and talk like that for 15 minutes, then tell me if you have the need to speak louder.

A couple of minutes later, I was sitting with my parents, downstairs, having lunch.

"Finally, you are up sleepyhead," said Mom, smiling.

"Yeah, sorry. That medicine knocks me out."

"Maybe I shouldn't go with you, honey," she said, looking at my Dad and then at me.

"I'm ok Mom, it's the medicine that knocks me down. I'll be fine; I just have to sleep, don't worry."

The lunch milk shake tasted awful but I had to drink it.

Nando entered, carrying the wireless phone," Is for you, Madame, Mrs. Zedillo."

"Thanks Nando... Hello? Hi Patty, yes I'm having lunch but don't worry."

"Aha... yes, we have everything ready now."

She looked at me with a surprise look on her face," mmmhhh... So he invited your son to stay with him tonight, but of course... no, don't worry... yes, it will be fine... He told me in the morning and I said to him it was fine... yes, of course."

"Ok... I'll see you later tonight... Bye," she said finally and hung up.

"So, you invited Eli to stay at home? When were you going to ask permission, young man?" said Mom, trying to act serious.

"Now? Perhaps... that was what I was going to tell you right now."

She looked at me, sharply, and then I noticed Dad was looking at me, as well.

"Ok, Eli called me few minutes ago to tell me he had this great plan to visit Monterrey and I told him I wasn't going, and he sounded so disappointed that I invited him but I swear I told him that I have to ask you first. I didn't know he was going to call his Mom so quickly, really!"

It wasn't a lie in the strict sense of the meaning, right?

"He's a good kid; I think it would be ok," say my Dad and Mom just looked at me in that funny way, when something is bothering her but not wanting to be against my Dad.

Around 4:00 PM, Jill and Joe came back from school and we watched some TV together, before Jill had to prepare all her stuff for the trip. Joe, well Joe was tired of being nice to me and he left the room.

I turned off the TV and walked upstairs to my parent's room. Mom was finishing her suitcase.

"Hi, sweetie; how do you feel?"

"Fine - a little tired, but fine."

"Come here, I want to talk to you," she said.

"What about?"

"Do you remember what we talk about last time you were here with me?"

I turned my face down and said," Mom, I'm not ready to talk about it yet."

She took me from my chin pulling my face up and hugged me.

"I love you more than anything in the world, do you know that?"


"I just want you to be careful and do nothing you could regret."

"About what?"



"Ok... ok... just promise me you won't do anything before we have a serious talk."

"Ok, I won't."

"If you need anything call Nando or Juanita."

"Yeah... don't worry."

"Ok, now go, I have to finish all my stuff."

Around 5:00 o'clock, after they said goodbye to me, Mom and Jill left for the airport where my dad was going to meet them.

Nando came to my room and gave me all the stuff my Dad asked him for early that morning. It was a couple of plastic transparent gloves that tightened up my elbow; I had to wear them to take a bath. He also brought a big sponge glove, like the ones sold at Walmart, the ones used to wash a car, something like that.

"Your Mom told me to help you before you go to bed."

"Help me on what?"

"To take a bath."

"What? No way, I have been bathing by myself even before I met you."

"I know but it could be difficult giving your current... situation," He said pointing at my arms.

"Don't worry, thanks anyway but no. I'll do my best alone. If I need you then, I'll call you."

Nando left my room and five minutes later he came back.

"Nando, I told you that you wouldn't help me to take a bath; thanks but no thanks."

He was loading a sport bag.

"You have a visitor."

Eli showed his head from behind the wall and said," Hey!"

"Hi, come on in."

Eli entered the room and Nando told us the guest room was set for him and after that he took Eli's bags to it letting us alone.

"So, someone needs to take a bath," said Eli.

"Am I smelling bad or something?" I asked, with real concern. It was the second time someone mentioned it to me.

"No, but I heard that when Nando opened the door."

"Oh, yeah. You know that I haven't taken a normal bath since... the incident."

"Now you have professional services from an experienced nurse."

"Who? You mean Ann, the one that comes to inject me? She wouldn't do in a million years."

"Duh! Who took care of you for almost a week? Did you have any complaints about it?"

"Of course not, but Mom is not here right now," I answered to him, trying to stay serious; I already knew he was talking about himself.
He just looked at me in astonishment.

"Ok, ok. I know you're talking about yourself.

"Actually, I just need you to help me with the gloves, maybe with the shampoo, also.

"But... you have to promise me you'll behave... ok?"

"Common, give me a break!"

The truth was that even now I wasn't totally comfortable thinking on him helping me. Just the idea to look at him naked made my dick twitch.

He helped me take off my shirt, pants, shoes and socks. He was gentle, and I may say, professional, not making any funny joke at me or touching. He also took me off the girdle and that made me feel uncomfortable, because of the pain.

After that, he put the gloves on each arm, taking care to tighten them enough to be comfortable.

Then he guided me into the bathroom and prepared the shower at a nice temperature.

"Oh, I forgot the sponge; get inside and I'll bring it to you."

"Ok," I said. When he left the room, I pulled down my shorts and stepped inside the shower. I kept my arms up avoiding any water from getting inside the caste.

God, the warm water felt incredible, I just closed my eyes to enjoy it. If you don't believe me try not to take a bath for two weeks.

A couple of minutes later, I heard Eli step into the room.

"You got it?"


I hear the shower door open and when I opened my eyes to catch the glove, I saw him inside with me naked.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to help you."

"You are naked!"

"Of course, we are going to take a bath."

"But... you shouldn't... I mean... we shouldn't."

"Don't be silly, I'll just help you to take a bath, nothing else."

By the time he said that, I was hard as steel.

First, he applied some shampoo to his hand and started to wash my hair. His touch was firm but gentle; it felt great. He took his time to do it; then, he washed away the shampoo.

Eli applied some gel to the glove, creating a smooth coat of soap. Before he applied it to me he said, "Turn backwards," and I did.

I felt the sponge applying the soap all over my back, but also I felt his bare hand doing some labor on my back too.

"It hurts... my chest," I said.

"Ok, give me a minute."

He rushed applying soap all over my back and a minute later he said, "Ok, rest your back on me now."

I did it and the pain converted into discomfort, only. I could feel his skin against mine and as I was trying to keep my back straight. His dick was resting in between my cheeks; he was hard, same as me.

He rubbed soap all over my front except my privates. I moved off him a little and he kneeled to wash my legs. Slowly, he traveled all along my left leg; when he reached my groin, he slightly touched my balls with the sponge, making my dick twitch.

He then followed with my right leg and repeated the movements. Finally, he washed my butt, slowly squeezing it gently. I felt the sponge but his fingers were obvious close to me, also.

Eli stood up and pulled me to rest on his chest and moved both hands to my chest, to lather on more soap. However, he surprised me by not having the glove any longer.

Very gently, barely touching my skin with his hands, he applied a new lather of soap to my chest; he paid special attention to my nipples. Eli followed with my belly, traveling slightly over my hips, which are one of my erogenous spots, making me shudder; I pushed my back against him, feeling his dick moving along my butt.

I could feel his warm breath in my neck; I rested my head backwards.

He pushed his left hand downwards to my left thigh and quickly over my balls, pulling them down a little; that made me jump. Now, he was kissing me on the neck and moved his hand to my dick grabbing it firmly but gently.


He stroked me slowly and I moved my butt backwards; again, I felt his dick. Each time he pulled my dick, I pushed my butt backward and he pushed his dick to the front. Soon, we were in such rhythm that I couldn't have stopped, even if I had wanted to.

The sensation was amazing; I was moving my hips faster and faster, following his rhythm, until my orgasm hit me. He noticed it and started moving his hand and hips faster.

I heard him grunting in my ear and pushing his hips with no rhythm now; he was cumming too.

After awhile, both of us stopped moving, but our breathing was still agitated.

He just pulled my dick a few more times and loosened his grip. My dick was still rock hard and twitching.

Without saying a word he washed again my. Then we stepped out the shower and he dried me slowly in a lovely way.

He just smiled at me and I could tell he enjoyed what he had done.

I moved forward and kissed him slowly and he kissed me back.

We moved to the sink and he helped me to brush my teeth and wash my face, because he was playing with my toothbrush. All the time, I felt his skin against mine, and both of us kept our hard-ons.

He had to put the girdle back on me, because all of the play gave me some discomfort in my chest.

Eli looked for a nice pair of boxers and a sleeveless t-shirt for me, and tight briefs and t-shirt for himself. He had a beautiful body. Eli removed my arm bags and adjusted the girdle, tight enough to let me stay comfortable.

I lay down in my bed and he did the same, resting his head on my shoulder.

"I'd love to do this same thing, forever."

"Just because I cannot defend myself," I said, jokingly.

He sat up on his elbows and turned to look directly into my eyes.

"No... because I like you so much, I cannot stop thinking of you.

"Every single time I close my eyes, you appear in my thoughts.

"I dream awake about you every day all day long.

"You are the first thought in my mind every morning and the last one at night when I'm going to sleep."

"I... I'm... um..." He was shaking and his voice trembled.

Oh God, no please... please tell me he's not in love. Not now, I can't... We shouldn't... please... please...

"I... liked you since the beginning... there's something that makes easy to care about you... and I care... I mean... what I want t-to t-tell you is-s..." he was now stuttering.

"Sshhhh... " I interrupted and pulled him over my shoulder.

My heart was beating like crazy... I was a second to hyperventilate... I had to calm down... breath God damned breath...

We stayed like that for a long time.

My thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me.

First, guiltiness made me feel so bad that I wanted to scream, to run away and hide. Dan didn't deserve that, not him, not my angel.

How could I have done something like that to him?

But then, I felt Eli with me and the guilt disappeared; he has been incredible with me, making me feel safe and loved.

Definitely, I had to stop cheating on Dan or I could loss him if I haven't already.

How to tell Eli about it without hurt him?

I had to do something and do it as soon as possible.

This chapter took me a lot of time; I hope next ones don't. I wish you liked it. Please, send me your comments. Soon I'll be posting Chapter 12.