St. Joseph's All-boys High School



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Chapter 2 - New school

"What? At night? Who's going to be here at night?"

"You are David. Now you are a regular student at St. Joseph's High School.

Let me explain to you."

"No, you wont! I'm not staying here at night! John, please take me out of here, now!"

"David, listen to me please" said John putting both hands on my shoulders as if he was trying to hold me in place before I run away.

Then he added "You will be staying here full time and that is why you don't need me here at school. I have orders to stay at the main gate and coordinate the surveillance team that will be helping the schools security team."

"Surveillance team? You're kidding right? I'm not going to stay here.

You can't leave me here."

"I'm sorry David, those are my orders, I'm sorry. That's what your father ordered me to do last week."

"What, this is not true. Why? You can't leave me here!"

"Mr. Peters will explain everything to you, I have to go now."

"What? But... no... I...Mom said that..."

"Calm down son, let him go and I'll explain everything to you," said Mr. Peters.

I looked at him in disbelief but his face was plain, without emotion, he was totally serious about it. I couldn't understand this; it was too much for me right now. John started to walk out of the building.

"Wait... No... John... You can't leave me here man... Please?"

He turned briefly and said, "I'm sorry, you have to stay here. I'll be close, very close and if you need me just hit the button on your radio, you have it, right?"

I put my hand on my right pocket and found the radio, a little device like those used to activate your car alarm "Yes, I got it... John, pleeeeease!"

"I'm sorry... I can't... take care!" and he left the building, leaving me there with my backpack and a stranger for company. I can't believe he left me.

"Come with me David, we have to move along, I'll explain everything to you now."

I was frozen... I couldn't believe it... they kicked me out of the house.

He yelled to me ''Get out of the house.''

He planned this, to kick me out of the house.

He hates me. But Mom, how could she? She lied to me too... betrayed me!

I cannot believe it, I trusted her and she betrayed me... she kicked me out of my own house.

Joey knew it... He knew it, that's why he said I was not going to be there next Friday.

I was the only one who didn't know shit, maybe Jill...No, she couldn't... maybe...

I don't know...

"Follow me son... Now you are a regular student at St. Joseph's High School, you will be attending the special program for advanced students we have here. It is a pilot program for top students."

Mr. Peters walked by my side quickly, almost pushing me up the stairs.

He was talking, explaining something to me but I was not paying attention, I was in shock.

"You weren't selected but your father insisted and showed us your profile, interesting I must say."

We reached the second floor. He guided me into one room with the 'Dressing Room' sign printed on the door. Inside were many lockers, most of them unused. There was a counter to the right and behind the counter was this guy, an ugly and old guy. Behind him were what looked like a little warehouse, mostly clothing, uniforms on hangers and some boxes.

The guy gave Mr. Peters an empty plastic bag and a uniform in its own bag.

"David, please take your clothes off and put them inside this bag, just keep your underwear on."

"WHAT? What's wrong with my clothes?"

"You can't wear them at the school, we have a uniform for all the students."

"But I..."

"Please David, you have to follow the rules now."

I started to take off my clothes, first my t-shirt. Then I unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, that's when I realized I had to sit to take off my boots. I walked a few steps to a bench. The ugly man was watching me, pervert! I took off my boots and my jeans leaving me in my boxers and socks.

Everything reminded me of a prison, like those you see in the movies where the good guy enters the prison and is harassed by the guards and everyone.

That's what I felt like at that moment, in prison.

"Put these clothes on David, please."

I started to dress myself. "Excuse me Sir, but how long will I have to stay here?"

Maybe I have to stay only for eight weeks after all, that wasn't so bad... Right? Right?

"The entire year of course, but you can go home during holidays as all students do."

"What? No, it can't be true... Mom said Eight weeks!"

"I know what your Mom said to you and I'm sorry, I was against that but both your parents believed it was the best for you. You will be here the entire year, I hope."

Oh my god... my heart sank deep inside me. I finished buttoning my shirt and sat heavily on the bench. They kicked me out of the house, finally they kicked out the son they were uncomfortable with.

"I don't fucking believe it? How? Why? They lied to me..."

"Please, calm down son" and he sat down with me, putting his hand on my shoulder in a supportive way.

"I know you are a very special student, smart with excellent grades but as far as I know, with an attitude problem against authority. You have to understand it, because this is it... your last chance before Pennsylvania, you know that. Give us a chance ok? Here you will be on your own as much as possible. If you accomplish your program, nobody will dictate your schedule or work, you will... now hurry up, this will be explained by your homeroom tutor, Mr. Randall."

"Sir? I don't understand. Who? I mean... I don't have any clothes with me, how am I supposed to stay here?"

I was finishing with my pants and sat again to put my boots back on.

"Your mother sent a suitcase with John last week, we already have it in your room. Now, you don't have time so please hurry up because you should be in your homeroom at 8:00 and here you are at 8:10. You have to reach Mr. Randall, what size shoes do you wear David?"

"91/2, but I have shoes already" I said grabbing one of my boots.

"No you don't, you have boots and we do not allow boots with the uniform, you'll wear black shoes to school. About your hair, I don't like it but we will fix that later, so, put this headband on to have it at least under control."

The ugly man gave him a pair of shoes and he gave them to me.


"Hurry up David and follow me please."

I finished with my shoes and put the headband on my hair to keep my hair 'under control'. Then I followed Mr. Peters up the stairs again, into room 321 just to the right at the top of the stairs. He opened the door and there were 10 more guys and a teacher. It was 8:15 in the morning.

"Mr. Randall, gentlemen, this is David, the last member of your group.

David, this is Mr. Randall, your homeroom tutor, please sit back there and behave, I'll wait for you in my office after this class and we will talk a little more."

"Yes sir." I sat at the back of the room. It wasn't a big room, just 3 rows of five, and as I was the last one. I took the last row in the middle.

"Welcome David, I was telling the guys here that this will be your homeroom for the next year, and I expect to have you here every day by 8:00 AM.

One delay means detention that day, two delays means 3 days detention, three delays means one week suspension and four delays means you're expelled from the program, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir!" What the fuck? This is worst than the military.

"Now, gentlemen, you will be here with me for 30 minutes before you leave to follow your own schedule that I provided to you earlier. David, here, this is yours," and he gave me a paper with my schedule on it.

He continued, "You will have 15 different classes during the week but you will have to attend each class only once a week.

In your class the teacher will explain to you the material for the week and during your 'free' time, out of class, you will be doing homework in your room or in the library, and believe me, you won't have time to rest until your last class is finished.

Actually, instead of teachers you will refer to them as facilitators because you will manage the learning process. They'll help you if you have any problem and give you the program to follow during the year."

"Ok, first class is 8:45 to 9:30, so you have 15 minutes to walk as normal people to your next class after this one. You won't see a lot of people some times because your schedule is 10 minutes ahead or behind the regular students except at lunch, so when they are in the hallway you are in class, most of the time."

"Next class will be from 11:15 to 12:00 and the last one from 1:45 to 2:30 in the afternoon."

"You won't have a PE class but you will have to prepare a fitness program with the help of the head coach and his assistants. Today at 4:30 you will have a meeting with the PE staff to get to know the facilities and to schedule a personal meeting for each one of you to prepare your personal PE program."

"You will have exclusive access to the gym and the other facilities from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. By 10:00 PM you must be at your room 'cause at 10:05 PM we turn off lights and lock the main building's doors. If you escape the dorms then you will be found by the surveillance team and suspended for one week, next time you're expelled. Do you understand all that I am saying?"

"Yes, Sir." We all answered.

"Ok, breakfast is at 7:00 AM, lunch time at 12:15 and dinner at 6:00.

You have one hour for each meal and if you are late you lose your chance to eat and then you wait for the next meal. Catholic services are Sundays 9:00 AM at the chapel. I know this sounds awful to you but you have to understand something here... you are in a special program in this school and have to share the space with regular students, so, you have to follow the schedule in order to help you reach the objectives of this program. Hopefully, half of you will finish the year but all of you have the chance. Please, make your families proud of you and give this your best shot. Thanks and see you tomorrow!"

Fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... this was my Dad's fault. God, he wants me to fail and send me directly to that fucking school he likes for me. Shit, now I'll have to fire my eyelashes to accomplish this program.

This is like a prison, and I hate this fucking uniform. Gray pants, white short sleeve shirt, dark blue and yellow striped necktie with dark blue jacket and the crest of St. Joseph's School on the chest pocket. I hate the shoes too, I look like a dork.

How did I come to be here anyway? I don't understand... I did nothing to deserve this... wait, wait, wait, and wait, OH FUCK! How stupid I am... it was my Mom... she did it, there was no contest at all... she planned this... fuck!

But why?

"David? Are you ok?"

"What? Oh... yes... no... I don't know."

"May I help you?"


"David, look... I have talked to your Mom a couple of times. Last week, she told me that it was her idea to send you here to St. Joseph's because it was the best for you."

"What? She said what?" I couldn't believe it, she said what?

"Let me explain. She told me your Dad already had planned to send you to the US, Pennsylvania I think, but your Mom stopped him and convinced him to give you a last chance. He accepted with the condition that you must go here and she didn't have an option, so that is why you are here now."

"But... why? I mean... she didn't tell me anything."

"Well David, they have the idea you are someone difficult to deal with, and they both think that if you knew about St. Joseph's then you would run away from home. They love you and even if I do not approve of their lie to you they only want the best for you, so, that is why she didn't tell you anything."

"Run away? That's why they send a surveillance team to school?

Because they think I'm going to run away? Who do they think I am? I hate them."

"No, no... please calm down... the school has it's own surveillance team to protect the students from themselves and from outsiders. We have a lot of property here and we have to be sure nothing happens to you.

Your father is worried about your security and that's why he reinforced the surveillance team with army personnel. Maybe he's exaggerating but I can't say anything to him."

"Yeah... he's like that... a paranoid... maybe he will send a helicopter to support the surveillance."

"You're right, it will be around here twice a day checking the entire school property."

"Great, now I'm in Alcatraz."

"Come on, it's not that bad... I mean, you will be able to set your own pace here, nobody will tell you what to do or when, you'll decide by yourself, and if you look at the entire school and it's woods, it is better that your room right?"

"That's my home you know... that was my home."

"It still is David."

"Yeah, but now I can't go there until the holidays... if they allow me."

"Look, maybe you can't or won't believe me but honestly, you still have a home and a family that loves you a lot... I can understand your feelings even if I don't know them all... just give it some time, give us a chance and you'll be fine with us... if you need any help, someone to talk to, anything, please come to see me."


"Another thing David, your Mom sent a suitcase with clothes and everything you need. You will find them in the dorm building, room 424. And, by the way... we didn't expect you. You were a last minute student, so you will have to share the room with another boy, a regular student of the school, his name is Dan and you will meet him later this afternoon after you both finish your duties. Now, go to Mr. Peters' office before your next class, after that go to check your room and if anything is missing please let me know. If you have any questions or comments please stop by my office, room 8B in the basement."

"You can call me if you want, just go to the public phone and dial 9-888, that is my office phone number."

"Thanks Mr. Randall." THE BASEMENT? Who the hell is he? Freddy Fucking Kruger? Shit. Well, then I'll go to Mr. Peters.

I walked down stairs. I saw other classrooms with people in them. I could even hear what the teacher was saying but nobody was in the hallway. Second floor was the same, nobody around.

I approached Mr. Peters' office.

Knock, knock...

"Come in please."

"Sir? I'm here as you requested."

"Yes David, come in please, have a seat."

"Hi again David, there are a few things we have to talk about. It will be quick because I know you have another class to go to."

"First thing, I know for sure that you may be sad or angry because you are here. Maybe you don't understand it now but try ok? Give us a chance and most important, give yourself a chance to finish high school."

"If you need help we have great counselors to help you.

Everything is private so your parents won't know about it unless your life or health is in jeopardy.

Mr. Randall is the one who can help you the best because he is also your homeroom teacher for this year, so if you need some advice or anything please feel free to pay him a visit or me if you prefer, I'm always open to you.

Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Ok, second, I know also that you have a behavior problem, at least you did in your last schools. We have strict discipline here at St. Joseph's and I want you to behave.

Look, as for me you have the same potential as any of the other students here. You're not targeted as a troublemaker. Your sheet is clean right now and we want to give you the confidence to back us up on that.

Do it for you David, forget any problem you had with your parents before, forgive them and forgive yourself. Start again, here, with us. Use this chance the best way you can. It is your future now and you are on your own, you cannot blame your family if you fail here, and I'm sure you won't but it depends on you and what you believe, is that clear?"


"I hope so...finally, your arrival here at this school was at the last minute as you know and that is why you won't be able to share a room with a guy in the program."

"You will share it with another boy, a regular student of St. Joseph's.

He is the same age as you but in the junior year. He is a nice guy, a little shy but a good person, I'm sure you'll get along together. The difference is that you won't share classes with him and both your study plans are different. Is that going to be ok with you?"

"... I suppose."

"Do you have any questions?"

"No, I don't... right now."

"Ok then, you can go to your next class. And remember, if you need anything please contact Mr. Randall or myself, ok?"

"Ok, thanks sir."

I stood and walked out of the office to my next class.

I arrived on time. Chemistry! Yuck! Who the hell wants to learn chemistry anyway? Well, at least there was not going to be formal classes, just lab and counseling from the teacher. She was nice and beautiful, I can tell.

Not hot but pretty. It was boring anyway. She gave us the program with the important dates on it, exams, lab sessions, etc.

I could not pay attention to the class...

Forgive my parents? Why? They betrayed me!!... Both of them.

Well, maybe it is my fault too, I mean look at me. I'm always wearing well-washed and ragged Levi's with old soldier boots and a black and aggressive T-shirt.

The boots were the ones that my Dad used in his first campaign against the drug dealers, when he became famous and loved by the entire country, that's why I used them because I'm so proud and feel invincible with them on.

He doesn't know why I wear them and he doesn't like them either.

Well, now I can't wear them, neither my Levi's... Shit, these clothes are so uncomfortable, like me.

I think this might be a good time to cut my hair. I mean, out of the house it doesn't have a meaning; and wearing a necktie all day, I must look stupid and that is why everyone here stares at me. And this fucking headband makes me feel sissy, fuck!!

I have no earrings and no tattoos but always long haired and bad behavior everywhere, that kills my Dad you know and that is why I do it this way, I mean, he has the shortest hair cut of the entire army and he wants me to do the same. He's always saying to me that his best friend's sons have their hair short.

Fuck them!!

The problem is that even though I'm a better student than my brother and sister, and that I have better grades it's never enough for my Dad. If I have an A he asks me why it wasn't an A+, if I have an A+ then he says it is my obligation to have them.

Mom says that because we are so alike, physically and mentally that we conflict with each other. Maybe she's right, and that's why I cannot do what he wants and always argue with him.

When did our relationship change? Oh, yes how could I forget, the black Sunday three years ago? That day the hair stylist was at my house early, like 9:00 AM. He cut my Dad and Bro but not me; I decided not to cut my hair because I liked it down to the middle of my neck.

My Dad didn't notice that until we were going out to have dinner.

He was very surprised and asked me what happened and I said "I don't want to cut my hair, I like it long" and grinned at him in a goofy way... He didn't say anything, just stared at me with a weird look on his face.

Just before we arrived at the dinner event that night he said to me in the car that my plan to go to Acapulco was cancelled because I didn't follow his orders, fuck I'm not a soldier, I'm his son for Christ sake! I couldn't believe it, I had spent like 6 months making plans with my friends and then he said I couldn't go because of my hair. We argued for the last few minutes and he became angry.

I was so pissed off when we arrived at the party I behaved rudely to everyone, I wanted to hurt somebody, I couldn't help it.

I didn't eat anything at all and nobody could talk to me. We were at the house of the Secretary of Defense, wearing suits because it was a fancy dinner and a party for the government and diplomatic employees. The press was invited of course.

Everybody that knew my Dad told me I was looking great and cute with my hair but instead of calming me down I was acting out, almost yelling at everyone.

At some point I was walking to the toilets when this asshole son of a bitch (The Secretary' of Defense son, Tony) bumped into me and spilled something on my jacket, just water but I didn't know it at that time. He was grinning, almost laughing at me.

I was so pissed that I didn't think... He was saying something that I didn't hear and I just punched him in the face. That was stupidity to the limit.

I punched my best friend... yes, he was my best friend and I took out all my anger on him.

He lost his balance and fell down on his back but as he was trying to catch himself he pulled a table down with him. A big crash and then he was on his back with all sort of food on top of him, a red eye and not believing it. Poor Tony, it wasn't his fault but he did the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time.

I wanted to apologize but his face was speechless, the true nature of what I had done hit me and I felt a shiver run up and down my back. I had screwed up big time and there was no way back.

His face told me everything, pain and not because of the swollen eye but because of who punched him, the place and where I did it, in front of everyone. You could hear a pin drop in that floor in that room.

I had broken his heart and he couldn't understand why I did that to him, me neither.

But I was still too angry and couldn't apologize right now, in front of the press; they were shooting pictures of everything.

I just walked out of the room to the toilet, I had to cool off and then apologize myself. I was in deep shit now. Before I reached the toilet Dad grabbed me on the shoulder and took me out of the house and into the car, never letting me explain anything, he just sent me home with the chauffeur. He was so pissed that his face was red with anger, the only thing he said was "We'll talk about this later, you are in deep shit."

When I arrived at my house I was cooled down and tried to call Tony by phone but he didn't want to talk to me, he refused to take the phone, no matter that I was begging the guy who had answered the phone.

I said I wanted to apologize to him, but Tony refused. He was crying and told this guy to hang up, and he did. Shit, I screwed up, we were so close, and he was like my best friend at that time.

He was always making jokes about everything.

He was saying something to me before I hit him in the face but I didn't listen to him.

I lost his friendship that day and still today I regret that. He was nice, cute and even if we didn't spend a lot of time together we had become very close.

I thought Dad was just going to ground me, end of the story. I was wrong.

When my family arrived home from the dinner he came into my room, locked the door and took off his belt. He hit me and hit me and hit me on my butt and back until they were so red and sore, almost bleeding.

I was crying and begging him to stop, I could hear my Mom crying behind the door, begging him to stop. When he finished he was drenched with sweat, red-faced and tired... that was the first and last time my Dad beat me.

He never did it again... but that was enough, he hurt me so much that night, not just my butt or my back, my heart.

When he left my room he wouldn't allow my Mom to enter.

She begged him but he wouldn't budge. He closed the door and took her to their room.

I cried all night, so much pain... my butt... my back... my heart.

He also grounded me for three months. Three fucking months buried in my room.

My Mom came to see me next day after he left for work. She cried with me and tried to heal the pain. She rubbed me with some cream and put ice on my back and butt, both were black. I couldn't sit for a week so I didn't go to school either. Nobody but my Mom and the maid could enter my room and just for a few minutes to bring me some food and pick up the dirty plates.

Soon the pain and sadness became anger and I turned into a rebel.

He was not going to make me surrender so I let my hair grow, started to wear ripped clothes and also displayed very bad behavior wherever we went. Not immediately, but little by little.

Six months later I was what you see today and my Dad was in shock.

He didn't take me with the family to any public events any more; he just left me at the house with the guards. He avoided any public encounter with the press when I was with him. That hurt me more and more each time. He was paying the bill... at least I thought that, now I'm not sure who was paying it.

God, I have been grounded like 30 months in the last 3 years, you know how much that is for a 13 year old boy? Well, 16 by now.

I was allowed to be in my room, the gym and the pool, no other place in the house. The school expelled me due to bad behavior four months after the beating. Three more schools followed during the year until I came to the one I was at last year.

In one year I stepped into four different schools without losing my grades, I even improved it from 3.80 to 4.00. That was easy, I had all the time to read and read and read, well gym too and that's why I'm in good shape now.

The press started to call me "The Uncomfortable Son". They invented the story that I was on drugs and that maybe I had brain damage because of that.

The worst they said was that I wasn't my Dad's son at all and that is why I was behaving like that. My Dad was so embarrassed that he called me a disgrace to the family, to my ancestors, all of them in the army for the last eight generations at least.


"Huh? Yes, Ms. Pine?"

"You can go now, see you tomorrow in my office for your program."

"Yes, thanks Ms. Pine."

I went out of the building to the main square and into the dorms.

Up four floors by the stairs and to the last room at the back corner of the building. I entered the room and found two beds.

As the room was at the corner of the building both beds were head to head at a 90-degree angle to each other, each one with a window, and there was a night table in the very corner of the room with two lecture lamps on it.

Through the window over his bed, you could see the chapel just to the right.

The other window has a view to the forest.

Each bed has a desk at its foot. To my side of the room in the same wall as the door, we have a closet; one space for each and my clothes were there, mostly underwear and socks because now I wear a uniform.

There were two more uniforms inside the closet in my side and some casual clothes, the ones I can't use but this would be my Moms idea anyway.

Dockers and some short sleeve shirts and casual shoes, a sweater and a jacket.

It was ok I think.

I sit on my bed, and suddenly I understood that this was going to be my home for the next year. How could my parents do this to me? Yes, I have been a pain in the ass but sending me out of the house just because they didn't know how to understand me, to love me, to deal with me? How? The tears start to flow out of my eyes and I was sobbing hard and couldn't stop them. I've never felt so alone in my entire life, not even in my room when I was grounded, because it was MY room, MY house with MY family. I lay back on the bed sobbing into the pillow to do it quietly and hoped no one heard me.

I cried more than an hour, alone in that room, my new home.

I calmed down; 10:45 still plenty of time. So, I dried my face and went out of the room looking for the bathroom to wash my face. Then ran down the stairs where I bumped into another boy and both of us ended up, down on the floor.


"Are you ok? I'm sorry, I was running and didn't notice you at all, let me help you, are you ok?"

"No, I'm not ok, you hit me."

I stood and offered my hand to him; he looked at me, with the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen before, like emeralds. His face, it was amazingly beautiful, his hair, light brown and curly, long to his neck bones. He has the type of hair you don't have to comb at all because it always fits well.

He grabbed my hand and I helped him to rise to his feet. He has soft hands!

I helped him with his books and stuff that was all over the floor. He was tall 6'1", like me but slim, very slim without being skinny. He has broad shoulders with a sexy long neck. His skin is so soft to the touch, no tan at all and no hair either. He is so beautiful, just beautiful.

"Look, I'm really sorry dude, please forgive me, I didn't see you."

"It's ok, no big deal, I'm ok now. See you."

"Wait, wait... Hi, I'm David" and extended my hand to him.

He looked at me with a puzzled look in his eyes. I had the impression he was looking at my hair because he had this how-disgusting-look on his face, then he shook my hand.

"Hi, I'm Dan. I haven't seen you around here before."

"Yeah, that's because today is my first day."

"Well, good luck dude, look I gotta go... see ya."

"Hey... ok... wait..." but he left me before I could tell him anything.

Wow, he has one, hell, little, round and cute butt!

He said Dan? Maybe he... no, I'm not so lucky... What's wrong with my hair? He didn't like it? Well, now that I'm here there is no point at all to keep it this long because my Dad can't look at it. Maybe I'll cut it soon.

We'll see.

Please God, let him be my roommate, please.

Now, back to my run 'cause I have a class to catch.

Next class was history. I love history, especially Ancient History.

This year was World History, 20th. Century and Mexican History.

That was great because I have read all those books my Dad has in his private library. So, I think at least for these two classes I could relax a little.

During the class Mr. Peters came to the classroom and told me he wanted to see me in his office after class.

When I went in he told my Mom had called, asking to talk to me but as I was in class he offered to tell me to call her back.

"You can call her now from here if you want David."

"... No. No thanks, I'll call her later today, before bedtime."

"Are you sure? Is there anything I can do for you now?"

"No Sir, thanks but no."

"Ok, remember I'm here for you and Mr. Randall is down stairs if you need him, ok?"

"Yes, thanks Mr. Peters, just one question... where can I get my hair cut?"

"You can go to the nursery, Mrs. Robertson can help you."

"Thanks Sir."

I left the office and was thinking about going to lunch but I didn't, I was not hungry at all. So, I just walked through the school looking at faces, filled with horror when they looked at me because of my hair.

Shit, I must be the weirdest thing on earth, long hair in a suit... ok, lets find someplace private here. Wait, that guy over there, he looks familiar to me, yes, he is... oh shit, I forgot about it... Tony, he attended here when we met. Maybe we can become friends again. But he went into the dorms very quickly.

I walked around the main square and to the back of the chapel. There was a path into the woods so I walked like 100 yards into the woods.

It was a little square with two benches, a smoking place because you could see a lot of cigarette butts on the floor.

The path came to an end here but I kept walking straight ahead and after 15 minutes of walking I found this beautiful clear area with a beautiful pond like 30 or 40 feet in diameter.

It was amazingly beautiful, the trees and the sun created fabulous blue tones in the water; it was so clear, deep, at least in the center where you couldn't see the bottom.

I walked to a rock that was on the edge of the pond and sat down on it.

It was relaxing. I was thinking of taking off my shoes and socks but didn't.

You could hear the birds, the air through the trees and the flow of the water from somewhere I couldn't identify. It was relaxing. A few minutes after I arrived I heard a noise, like a crack of a stick and I turned back to see who was there but couldn't see anything, I knew there was someone there, staring at me but I couldn't see where.

Maybe this was his place and I was invading it, so I stood and left the pond. Just before I entered the woods again I stopped and said loudly "Sorry, I didn't know this was your place" and then walked back to school.

I came back just in time for my next class, biology. It was ok, weird but ok.

I mean, you go to class and the teacher just tells you the chapters of the book you have to read, the homework you have to do during the week, the lab assignments you have to complete and some books in the library that you can use. He then explains something you have to pay special attention to and ends the class.

You have to do the job by yourself, and they are making you pay the bill... Well, it's not my money anyway.

When I left the class I went to the gym to talk to the head coach.

After 20 minutes of talking we made out my weekly plan. It started at 9:30 with jogging or benches every day until 10:30. In the afternoon at four it was swimming at the pool and Saturdays and Sundays hiking through the woods.

Not too hard and not too easy, just enough for me.

I noticed that everybody was looking at me again...

"Hi sweetheart! Are you lost in here? Are you looking for some dick honey?"

I ignored them and keep walking... I wasn't sure but I thought the boy was a mate of Tony's, but I couldn't be sure.

I went back to my room to meet my roommate. When I opened the door he jumped out of his chair, at the desk with a look of fear on his face.

"Jesus, what are you doing here?" said Dan.

"Sorry... this is my room too, we're roommates."

"What? Fucking great. That was the last thing for me today..."

"Gee, I'm glad to see you too."

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect you, anyway I have been alone in here for one year and just last Friday Mr. Randall told me about you, you're not even in my grade."


"Forget it... just don't bother me please, ok? I'm busy right now with homework." and he sat back down in his chair ignoring me totally.

"Ok, sure... maybe later we could..."

"Look dude! I don't want a friend right now ok? I just want to be in peace here, in my room... so please keep out of my business and I'll stay out of yours, ok?"

"Chill out man, what's wrong with you? I'm trying to be friendly with you."

"And I'm trying to do my homework ok? So please let me be an asshole ok?"

"Sure thing dude..."

I left the room. I was pissed with this boy. This was fucking great, alone and with a dickhead, a beautiful dickhead sharing the room.

I went to the pool area, and one of the coaches gave me my suit and towel and everything I needed. So, I went to swim for the next couple of hours just to cool off. When I showered and was out of there it was 7:15... I had missed dinner, doesn't matter, I wasn't hungry anyway.

I went to the library and looked for some books to do my homework... just thinking twice I read in one corner of the library to be alone.

When it was 9:50 the librarian told me it was time to leave so I put the books back on their shelves and went back to my room. It was very quiet, just soft music from some of the rooms. I stepped into the room very quietly and found my roommate asleep with his back to the door.

I was undressing when he spoke.

"Look... I'm sorry ok? I'm not an asshole, just give me time ok? You are my first roommate in two years and really, I wasn't expecting you ok?"

He said that without looking at me.

"Ok, don't sweat it."

"Good night."

"Good night."

I took off my clothes except for my boxers and lay down on my bed.

I didn't call my Mom... to hell with her, I didn't want to talk to her right now.

I heard a little buzz out in the square and a minute later the lights went off.

I was tired and went to sleep very soon.

Next day, my routine started. Early morning my roommate gets up from his bed and goes out for a shower. When he returns I left for my shower and when I got back to dress he left for breakfast.

I went out for breakfast at 7:30, grabbed some juice, a couple of pieces of toast and went to homeroom.

My first class was Spanish, after that jogging practice.

My second period class was calculus and after that it was lunchtime.

I went to the library until third period class that was art, and then to my swimming practice and finally it was dinnertime.

Before calling it a night I went to the library again to finish my homework.

When I got to my room my roommate Dan was already sleep.

That was my chance to look at him closely. Man he was gorgeous, so beautiful. He was lying on his back and breathing so gently, his chest moving almost unnoticeably.

I saw his chest, smooth and well defined and his collarbones were just made to bite. His nipples were little and perfectly rounded, I wanted to kiss them, bite them and suck them.

His belly was flat and even if I couldn't see completely it was flat and smooth. God, this kid doesn't have a trace of hair on him.

I stood next to him watching his face in the dim light entering through the window. He looked so cute, relaxed and kissable. I leaned forward a little to look at him more closely. His lips were incredible and his underarm, omigod, just a little patch of hair could be seen there.

Thanks God! You heard me!

I stared at him for 20 minutes until my feet hurt me. Then I went to bed but kept looking at him from my place. I went to sleep with his image in my mind.

I thought to jack off but I didn't, just in case. I didn't want to be caught by surprise by my roommate, at least not yet.

Nothing else happened to me during the week. Same routine everyday and some guys from the building introduced themselves to me and asked me to join their clubs, reading, poetry, acting, music, soccer, tennis, you name it.

My program mates were so weird, all of them looked like a library mouse, introverted and shy. None of them talked to each other and they look at you kind of weird if you asked for help at the library.

I introduced myself to some of them but none showed interest in being friends. I felt like they are competing against each other so nobody shares anything between them. Stupid I think, so fuck them.

On Saturday I went to the woods with one of the coach assistants who likes hiking, it was fun so I wrote it down on my schedule as one more activity.

After lunch I went to the library until dinnertime, then back to the library until bedtime. Sunday pretty much the same but hiking alone this time.

What I found is that school work was easy this way, I mean, reading from 4 to 6 hours a day and then doing homework, sometimes to the lab to do practices.

I didn't call my Mom back and Mr. Peters reminded me many times when he spotted me in the hallways.

The second week was the same story. That's what Mr. Randall told me.

He scheduled a meeting with me after dinner. On Thursday we went for a walk in the main square. Basically he wanted to know if I was ok.

At one point he changed the subject.

"I have some news, good news I think but I'm not really sure about it."

"Why is that? What's up?"

"Your Dad... He was promoted by the President."

"What? When?"

"He's the new Secretary of Defense."

"Shit... That's why..."

"Why what?"

"Don't patronize me ok? That's why he kicked me out of the house.

He doesn't want me with them so I won't be able to embarrass my family."

"That's not true."

"Yes it is."

"No way, David, come on."

"What? Are you going to tell me I have to forgive him? Forget it because I won't."

"Are you angry with him?"

"Of course I'm angry... No, I'm so pissed that I would like to punch him in the face."

"Why are you mad at him?"

"Because he hates me, that's why."

"He doesn't hate you David, they are worried about you."

"Yeah, sure... so worried that he sent me out of the house for one year to see if some strangers can make me change my mind and turn me into a normal person."

"That's what you think? That he thinks you are not normal?"

"I'm not normal you know? At least not regular..."

"Why is that David?"

"I don't know, I am who I am and never thought about it."

"But, tell me, what kind of things do you think make you different or not regular?"

Ok... here we go... I'm not going to tell him I'm gay, no way.

"Look... I have a lot of problems with my Dad. You know that. I have a problem with the authority. I have a problem with attitude. I have a social disability that makes me fail to have 'normal' relations."

"Yeah, that is what your file says about you. But, what do you think about it?"

"It sucks..."

"Why is that?"

"What the hell do they know about me? They talk to me two or three times, make me take some tests and then they tell me I'm nuts... assholes!"

"You're right. How are you? How is your life?"

"I'm... ok, I think. My life sucks..."

"Ok, you don't like your life. How do you feel about it?"

"Mmmhhh. Sad,"

"What do you feel about your family?"

"They are ok."

"That's it?"

"What do you think? That I hate them? No, I don't hate them... that's why I miss them a lot and I'm hurt."

"Do you love them?"

"Could we stop now? I don't feel ok right now." I was almost crying.

"It is normal to cry you know. Don't feel ashamed about that..."

"Please! I really don't want to continue right now."

"Ok, thanks for talking to me. I would like to have another talk in the near future. Do you think we can talk once a week? Maybe twice?"

"I don't know... maybe... let's do it one more time next week and then we can talk about the future, ok? Please?"

"Ok, just let me tell you that I really want to help you. This isn't like a therapy session. I won't judge or evaluate you. I just want to hear you ok?"

"Yeah... sure... as if teachers could be friends of students."

"You don't know me, at least give me a chance to prove you can trust me."

"Why is that? If my family has betrayed me why should I trust you? You are part of the betrayal, aren't you?"

"Mmmmhhhh... As part of the school staff yes... but this is my work, I didn't tell your parents to do what they did. Actually I told them to be open and honest with you to avoid hard feelings like now. They didn't listen to me, so they have to pay the consequences, but you can trust me.

I won't push you.... take your time... test me if you want but give it a try. Ok?"

"... Maybe... see ya later... bye."

"Bye, David."

I cannot trust him, I just can't... but who can I trust then?

The loneliness hit me again and tears started to flow out of my eyes and didn't stop for a long time.

I went to the pool and swam for at least two hours. When I was exhausted, I went out, showered and went directly to the library. I couldn't concentrate so I went for a walk through the woods once more and to shed some more tears, alone. I had the impression someone was following me but whenever I looked back I never saw anyone, but I could hear steps far behind me.

I walked around the pond without reaching it, just in case.

I went beyond the pond to see what else I could find and of course, to calm my sobs. At some point I couldn't hear any steps behind me, so I think he was going to the pond and didn't want to bother me. I kept walking until it was bedtime, and as I entered through the dorms door the lights went off and the door locked automatically, turning on the emergency exit sign.

I went up the stairs and didn't find anybody, just some music but only in a couple of rooms. I entered my room without noise, undressed and went to bed.

I went to sleep immediately, I was very tired.

The second week flew by without further events, just schoolwork and exercise.

I feel depressed, mostly because I'm alone here. I know I can talk to Mr. Randall but that's not what I want to do, he's my tutor, not my friend.

In my classes it was obvious that in half of them I was ahead of our program and caught up to the others just in time without any problems. The teachers were pleased with me and told me I was the only one with such performance. Friday afternoon, when I left the pool to go to the cafeteria I found Tony walking from the dorms to have dinner. I was like 20 feet away from him and I smiled trying to speed up and catch him but he looked at me with a look of anger on his face and he kept walking.

So, I went to the cafeteria, had a light dinner and was going out to the library after I got rid of my tray, when two guys jumped me knocking the tray and the remainder of food to the floor.

"Watch your steps asshole!" said one of them. He was my height but heavier than me. The other guy, shorter but also the same, was grinning at me.

"Sorry, my fault." I said trying to avoid any confrontation with them.

I knelt in front of them to pickup the tray and clean the food from floor.

"What are you looking for cock sucker? Someone to please? You got it."

I didn't answer him and just took my tray, stood and turned around to drop the tray through the kitchen window.

"Faggot!" the shorter one said and both of them turned back to their table, Tony's table.

I looked at them and saw Tony smiling proudly and shaking hands with his friends.

Assholes. I left and went directly to the library. After finishing my reading about WWI, I went to the computers and wrote a composition about it.

As I finished the printing the librarian said it was time for bed. So, I took my papers, turned off the computer and went to my room.

When I entered I saw a brand new backpack lying on my desk, a medium size box and a note.

"Mr. Randall brought those for you, he said it was from your parents." said Dan without looking at me.


I took the note and read it:


I hope you're fine and adjusting to your new school. I know you don't want to talk to us right now and I understand you. Just, never forget we, your Dad and I, love you very much and we care about you.

Inside the backpack you will find a laptop to help you at school and a printer inside the box, maybe you could keep in touch by e-mail with us and your friends.

I know you have direct access from your room but if not let us know and we will enroll you in an ISP service.

All of us miss you so much.

Mom & Dad

Yeah sure. I put my books and stuff on my desk, grabbed my toothpaste and brush and went to the bathroom. I came back a few minutes later, undressed to my boxers and got into my bed.

"Good night." said Dan.

Huh? "Good night" I replied. He was smiling at me and I smiled back.

God he is so beautiful.

At 6:00 am I woke up before the buzz of my watch and I turned it off to not wake Dan.

I turned to look at him and he was lying on his back with the sheets down by his knees. He had a stiffie and it was out of his boxers.

Immediately my cock grew to full size. His was such a sight, long, cut, pale and soft skin. It was pointing to his belly, at least 7 inches. He was breathing slowly and peacefully.

I grabbed my cock and started to jack slowly, quietly.

With no sexual activity at all during the last two weeks I reached my orgasm very quickly. I had to turn onto my belly to bury my moans into my pillow while shooting on my sheets. Omigod, I came and came and came... It was great after all this time.

I opened my eyes and saw that Dan was looking at me, half asleep and half puzzled.

"Are you ok?" he said.

"ER... Yes... why?"

"You were complaining in your sleep." Omigod he heard my moans.

"I... er... I... had a nightmare."

"Ah...well... are you ok now?" he said rolling over onto his right elbow.

"Yes... yes... I'm ok now... thanks." his dick was back in his shorts half-hard.

Mine was under me in a mess on the sheets. I still have the sheet over my butt and he couldn't see a thing.

"Ok... then... go back to sleep."

"Yeah... thanks..."

He turned onto his left side away from me. I cleaned up as much as I could and put my dick back in my boxers. I stood up and took the sheets with me.

"What are you doing?" said Dan turning his face to me.

"Changing my sheets... it's Saturday... and then I go to hike."

"Just do it in silence, I'm trying to sleep."

"Sure... sorry."

I left the room with my sheets, toothpaste and brush. I came back to my room and when I entered it I saw Dan jump onto his side facing away from me.

"What the hell?"

"Sorry, it's me again... did I wake you?"

"No... I mean... yes."

"Sorry, I'm leaving soon."

I put on sweat pants and a t-shirt, socks and tennis, they weren't for hiking but I didn't have any others. I kept glancing at Dan and something caught my eye...his boxers were on the floor... he was wearing boxers when I left for the bathroom... oh shit, he was jacking off!

"See you later dude, enjoy yourself," I said grabbing a little backpack with a bottle of water and stuff.

"What? Yeah...whatever..."


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