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Chapter 4 -- Hope

I rested my hands on his hips and pulled him closer slightly and he didn't refuse, our faces were approaching until our lips rested on each other, barely touching.

He closed his eyes and I followed; he pulled me tighter and kissed me back in such a tender way my legs went weak. His left hand went down to my lower back and his right up to the back of my head, I just circled his waist and pulled him to me very close feeling his hardness against mine.

"David!" Who's calling my name?

The time stopped at that very moment and the room was spinning around us, he was breathing new life into me.

The room was filling with fog and I heard someone calling my name but I couldn't recognize whose voice it was.


What the fuck?

"David! Wake up!"

"Huh? What? Tony?"

I was on my bed, everything was a dream, and a fucking dream and this asshole woke me up.

"Are you ok?"


"I asked you if you were ok?"

"You punched me in the face."

What a moron! I can't fucking believe it.

"You were moaning... I'm sorry... "

"What do you want?"

"I shouldn't... I mean, your face and everything. You pissed me off."

"I was telling the truth Tony."

"Why now?"

"Because I know it now."

"You don't understand, I can't."

"Please, let me explain it and after that if you still hate me I won't bother you again."

"I don't hate you. I want to, but I can't."


"You don't understand David.

I can't hate you.

Just leave me alone and I'll leave you alone."

"Tony, we were best friends."

"Not any more... You don't understand. Just, drop it ok? I won't do anything to you anymore, neither Dan, just get out of my way, ok?"


But before I could say something back he left the room almost running.

It was almost noon but I wasn't hungry at all. I sat by my desk but couldn't concentrate at all. What's wrong with Tony, why does he say that I don't understand? Of course I don't understand because he didn't say anything to me.

Then he says he can't hate me. That doesn't make sense. But the other day he said he wanted me to drop dead, he's nuts.

I was deep in my thoughts when Dan entered the room making me jump almost climbing to the wall.

"Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me, knock at the door moron."

"Hello mate! Nice to see you too dude."

"Yeah sure!"

"Nice hair cut, you look... Oh my God, what happened?

Who did it?"


"What the fuck, does it hurt?"

I was still on my chair facing him.

He stepped forward and was examining my eye very close.

`Please, make my dream true' I thought so I moved my head up a little, closer to him but he moved back, he didn't touch me with his hand; fuck, it was a dream.

"No, Mrs. Robertson gave me some painkillers."

"It looks pretty bad dude."

He was making funny faces looking at my bruises, cute faces. Jesus, he's so gorgeous.

"Er... do you want to go lunch?"

"No, I prefer not to."

"I can bring you something if you would like."

"No, go ahead, I'm fine."

"Come on, let me grab something for both of us and we can go to the forest and eat over there. Come on."

That sounds good to me. Actually pretty good indeed.


"Great, I'll be back in five."

"Don't be silly, lets go together."

"Ok, lets go then."

We left the building and went in to the cafeteria that was now full of boys, all trying to get their lunches.

"Wait for me here." Said Dan leaving me just inside the cafeteria by the main entrance doors.

He entered the kitchen doors and stayed in there for a little while.

Guys stared at me while serving lunch at the counter and Tony's mates were laughing at me from their table, Tony wasn't with them.

Five minutes later Dan came back with two lunch boxes in his hands and that gorgeous smile on his face that makes my legs go weak.

"What's that?"

"Our lunch." He said smiling with the most beautiful eyes in the entire world.

Just ask it, beautiful boy and I fall in love with you instantly.


"I told you I don't have friends in here so I talk to the cook from time to time and when I'm not in the mood I can have lunch in the kitchen with him, some other times he puts some food in a box for me to eat in our room, that's how I grabbed that sandwich for you, remember?"

"Cool, you don't know when are you going..."

"...To need a friend in the kitchen." He completed my sentence and both of us laughed loudly.

He guided both of us around the dorms to a path at the back of the building.

We entered the forest and walked almost with no talk for 15 minutes and all that time I was thinking only of Dan.

He had become my best friend in here, sharing meals everyday, goofing around, talking about everything. It was a very nice friendship; maybe it is time to open up a little, to trust him some more.

Actually I needed it, I dreamed about it and I'm not talking about sex, well that too but the main issue here is to have a close friendship with him a tight friendship to stop being alone.

He seems to be trustworthy and a sensitive guy, smart, very kind and beautiful of course.

Too quickly, we were in this beautiful clearing in the middle of the forest. At the center was a rounded area with no grass, just gravel and the remains of a bonfire in the middle with big rocks around it.

"Sometimes the teachers bring a group of guys to camp in here, make a fire, roast some sausages and talk about anything you can imagine, sometimes scary stories, sometimes dirty jokes and other times they bring a guitar to play and sing silly songs."

"Really, I can't imagine that." I said while both of us were sitting on a little patch of grass few yards in front of a big pine tree.

The air was cool and pine smell was amazing. I took a few seconds to enjoy the sights until I noticed the most enjoyable sight of all, Dan.

"Well, they do that to alter the routine and break the ice with us.

It isn't that bad."

"I walked to the back of the chapel once and I found a pond, did you know about it?"

"The pond, everybody knows about the pond and nobody goes there."

He gave me one box; in it I found two perfectly wrapped aluminum foil packages, one plastic container, a can of soda, a plastic fork and knife and two napkins.

"Really, why is that?" I said grabbing the big package; it was huge like a submarine.

"You don't know yet?"

He took out this plastic container; it was a nice salad with the dressing in a tiny container inside.

"No, what's up with the pond?"

We both opened our sodas.

"It was two years ago, Jamie Reynolds a sophomore drowned in there.

Nobody knew exactly what happened but Mr. Peters has forbidden us to go there."

"Really? You're kidding right?" I said with my half full mouth.

"No, really. Some guys said he killed himself because he was gay, some others said a senior killed him because he was gay and tried something on him."

"Come on, does everybody in here hate gays or what?"

"No, just some assholes. Mr. Peters said it was an accident. Have you seen the big rock outside the pond?"

"Yeah, you can sit on it and look around."

"Yes, that one. Down that rock, just inside the water a ledge starts and runs out to the center of the pond."

"Really? I didn't see that ledge."

"But you heard the water flowing, didn't you?"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Well, where the ledge begins the water flows out to the pond but in the center of the pond the water drains into the rocks again.

Right after a big rain you can see a whirlpool in the center of the pond sucking all the water into that hole."


"Yes, the school board installed a fence in the bottom just after Jamie Reynolds drowned to prevent other kids from drowning but Mr. Peters forbid it any way."

"It could be dangerous but you can go there to walk only, not to swim."

"Well, that's the other part of the story. Some guys said they saw Jamie walking around and talking to them."

"Come on, that's bullshit."

"I know, but nobody likes to go there."

"What a bunch of sissies." I was laughing.

"Shut up!" He pushed me with his elbow laughing too.

"I was there and it is beautiful."

"Yeah, really nice place." He said half smiling half eating his sub.

We ate our lunch and talked for a long time about everything and nothing.

Just before 3:00 PM we heard a noise.

"What's that?" He said.

"I think it is an helicopter."

"Oh, yes the helicopter. Why is it turning around the school every two or three hours?"

"It's because of my Dad, he's paranoid."

"Does he fly a helicopter?"

"DUH! No way. He sent the helicopter to survey the school area."


"I told you, he is paranoid."

"A mate of mine in English told me that there were a couple of military jeeps with armed soldiers at the main gate. Our teacher said there was an important soldiers son in here and that's why all of this security, so, you are the important guy here."

"I think so, dad is the Secretary of Defense and our family has received threats lots of times because of his job."


"Right now he is the Secretary of Defense but for the past five years he was the anti-drug military attorney."

"Really? Is he the ice judge that appeared on TV almost every week?"

"Yeah, that one."

"Oh shit."


"If he is The Ice Judge you must be..."

"The Uncomfortable Son...nice to meet you." I said with a goofy smile.

"Doesn't that bother you?"

"Not anymore, fuck them... They don't know shit."

"Cool. But why is your Dad so worried about you?"

I didn't know how but suddenly I felt the need to trust him, to open my soul to him and to show my heart for the first time ever.

His gaze told me he was trustworthy, actually it was my instinct and I risked everything I had.

"Two years ago some guys tried to kidnap me."

"No way, really? How was that? I heard that on the news but never knew who the kid was." He asked me turning a little to face me with very wide eyes.

"I was at the cinema with some friends."

"It must have been awful for you, I think. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." Oh God, he was showing real concern about me.

"It's ok, sometimes it is hard but you don't mind seeing a guy crying right?"

"No way, to cry is not a crime."

"At that time I had a chauffeur and a bodyguard who was with me all the time. Security was not very important because death threats have not been made yet; it was more a protocol matter.

I invited a couple of schoolmates to the cinema, Jim and Pete.

When the movie ended we went out of the cinema and walked along the emergency hallway that lead us to the parking lot. There was a bunch of people surrounding us.

Joe, my bodyguard, was two steps ahead of me, Jim was walking to my left and Pete was one step ahead of me to my right.

It happened in a matter of seconds but everything was in slow motion like in pictures.

When we came out of the hallway gates, three guys came from nowhere with guns yelling at everybody. The four of us were laughing at the movie jokes when this happened. Joe turned on his feet and walked back, grabbing my left wrist with his left hand and pulling me to his back.

Jim and Pete kept walking ahead without noticing Joe's moves and were surprised by these guys.

Joe took his gun out of his jacket and fired at them while I leaned forward to allow him to cover me with his back as he had taught me few months before.

I heard shots, I don't know how many. Everyone was yelling and running away, some people were running back trying to go inside the cinema but they were bumping into other people trying to go out.

Joe felt to his back and I couldn't support him so both of us ended up on the floor, he was on top of me. There was still another guy standing to the left of us but Joe shot him down."

Tears started to roll down my cheeks.

"I was speechless and Joe had to almost yell at me to get an answer, he was asking me if I was ok. I saw my shirt, it was white, covered in blood and I couldn't feel my left leg. Everything was confusing.

He was talking on his radio and a minute later, Omar the chauffeur arrived where we were lying, with a gun in his hand. He checked the guys and disarmed one that was still alive.

Three minutes later a helicopter arrived in the parking lot and dropped lots of soldiers armed with machine guns. "

I was crying now, memories of that day are so painful. But I have to share it. I want to share it with him. I can trust him I know.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. You don't have to continue if you don't want to." Said Dan embracing me with his right hand.

I knew he was trustworthy. I took a deep breath and continued.

"It's ok, just a little painful."

"Joe was trying to stand up but he couldn't even sit by himself so he laid back on me again telling me everything was going to be ok.

He turned his face a little, his breath was fast and his shirt was covered in blood."

I was sobbing now too hard to continue and Dan leaned my head to rest on his shoulder grabbing me by my arm and stroking my hair with his other hand.

"Stop, you don't have to, it's so painful I can tell."

"I know but I want to." So I sat back took a deep breath and continued.

"He said he was sorry and that it was his fault."

"I saw two soldiers approaching us, asking me if I was hurt but I asked them to help Joe, he was covered in blood and not moving any more.

I yelled at him, I begged but he didn't answer to me, he had his head on my chest and wasn't moving.

I cried and begged them to help him but they said it was too late.

He died in my arms, if he wasn't on top of me I wouldn't be here you know?"

I was sobbing harder and couldn't continue, just leaned my head on Dan's shoulder again.

I cried a few minutes more before I was able to continue.

"Please David, this is too much for you. You don't have to continue, it is so painful." He was crying too and his head was leaning against my head.

"It is not that bad, I have not talked to anybody else than John about it. I want to share it with you." Neither Tomas nor my dad knows the full story about it.

"You don't have to, it hurts you."

"Pete died instantly. Jim was alive when the soldiers arrived. They took both of us to the helicopter.

The cinema is two minutes by car from the Military Hospital and the Secretary of Defense buildings in Mexico City, that's why they arrived so quickly.

Jim didn't say anything to me; he just stared at me crying with terror in his eyes. He grabbed my hand very tight; his body was shaking so badly. He died in the surgery room a few minutes after that.

Pete, Joe and six more people were killed at the parking lot that day and five more were seriously injured.

Next day everybody was ranting to my Dad because the emergency guys took me to the hospital in the helicopter and other injured people had to wait for an ambulance, I wasn't hurt at all not even a scratch but my heart was broken.

They said people died because my bodyguard fired in a cross angle accidentally hitting a lot of innocent people."

"Oh God, I'm sorry, that's awful." Dan said pulling me with his arms hugging me very tight and crying with me.

It was amazing, we were in sync and he felt the pain, he shared the pain with me.

His touch calmed me down slowly. He was stroking my hair with one hand while the other hugged me tightly.

I was on his right side resting my head on his shoulder to be more comfortable I tried to embrace him putting my hand around his waist but we fell back.


We laughed insanely but he didn't let me go.

Now he was on his back with me on his side with my head on his chest.

Our laughs ended and both of us were breathing heavily for a few minutes until we calmed down.

He smelled so good, apples. Clean and fresh, an intoxicating essence.

"Thanks." He said to me.


"Because you trusted me."

"Thank you, I feel better now."

"I felt your pain, you don't have to deal with it alone."

"Thanks." I said and embraced him with my right hand, he didn't move.

"What happened after the incident?"

"After that I had nightmares almost every night for months, I still do sometimes."

"What did your father do?"

"He hired a new bodyguard, John. He worked for the President but after the incident nobody said nothing to Dad, I mean, he was more in danger than the President you know and the attack was proof of that."

"Yeah, I understand."

"Well, John was with me all the time even when I had nightmares."


"Yes, my house is big and my parent's room is away from ours so he was the only one there with me."

"That sucks."

"My parents sent me to therapy but I quit after two weeks, the shrink was a moron asking me stupid things about my feelings and my fears and such crap."

"What did you do?"

"John helped me. We became very close and to gain confidence in myself again he taught me self-defense and other stuff like how to use guns and knives."


"Not really, it helped me a lot to break the blue mood but got me in more trouble."

"Why is that?"

"I felt angry and it was easy to kick some butt from time to time."

"You were a kid, how could you deal with that trauma alone?"

"Well, to break someone's nose is not exactly dealing with it you know?

I ended up at the police station after some wild parties and appeared in the papers very often. Dad almost sent me out of the country."

"No way, really?"

"Yeah, he grounded me lots of times, almost all the time but I managed to run away from Joe from time to time, a couple of hours before he found me."

"Explain to me something I don't understand. If you know self-defense then why did you let Tony punch you like that?"

"Being a jerk almost made me loose everything, my parents kicked me out of my house and I'm like a pest to everybody. Right now everything seems to have settled down a little and I don't want more trouble, enough is enough."

"I understand that but it wasn't your fault anyway."

"Actually it is because I started the problems one year before the kidnapping incident."

I related to Dan my fight with Tony and about my Dad beating me and all that crap. He paid attention to every word without interrupting me once.

I had incorporated into my left elbow facing him and he was still on his back with his right hand under his head.

He has these beautiful green eyes that said to me `Fall in love with me now' and I was falling in love.

Those eyes were like a magnet to my soul, his face reflected my own feelings, I felt him so close to me, more than anybody else before ever.

"Maybe you made some mistakes but as you said, you both were kids."

"I know but I made the wrong choices."

"You were a kid for Christ sake."

"I know but if I screw it up this time I'll be sleeping in some military camp bed in Pennsylvania before I can spell my name."


"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"I mean, you know almost everything about me but you have not talked about you."

I put my right hand on his belly stroking him slightly and I wanted to kiss him so badly, he didn't say anything.

He was wearing tight blue jeans, a black polo shirt and black & white tennis shoes.

"I don't have an exciting life like yours."

"Spill it out and I'll judge that." Tell me whatever you want and it'll be to me, the most beautiful story ever heard.

"I'm from Montemorelos south of Monterrey in the north of Mexico.

It's a little city of 50,000 people known as the Orange Capital of Mexico."

"Yes I know; it has the first orange juice processing plant built in Latin-America."

"You don't have to brag that you are in the advanced program." He said, smiling so beautifully that my heart melted in my chest.

"I'm not."

"Ok, my family is not an important family like yours. Dad has an auto workshop, nothing fancy; I have a scholarship to enter St. Joseph's.

I have three older sisters, all of them married at this time.

Mom is mom, she takes care of my Dad."

"Nice family."

"I told you, nothing impressive, just a regular mid-class family."

"Come on, don't be silly. I would like to have a regular family you know? Sometimes I need one."

"You're welcome at my house whenever you want."

Would you marry me? Say yes please!!!

"Thanks, you are so kind."

God, I love that smile of his.


"Nothing... I... do you have a girlfriend?"

"Sort of, Laura."

Ouch! That hurts. My heart sank deep inside my chest.

"Really? How... I mean... is she?"

He must have noticed my sadness immediately because he corrected himself.

"Well, actually... we were friends only but both our parents said we made a great couple."

"Are you two engaged?"

"No way, our parents are really good friends and they would like us to marry but the truth is she loves another guy. She's my best friend but not my girlfriend."

YES! YES! YES! There is a God! Thanks!


"Why do you have that goofy smile?"

"Me? Nothing in particular, I'm just happy."

"Yeah, sure. Why is that?"

"I like you."

He moved his right hand to the back of my head stroking my hair.

"You look... great with that haircut." He said with glowing eyes.

"Do you think so?" I leaned forward just a little.


"I have enjoyed this day a lot."


"Yes." I leaned a little more and he gasped.

His eyes were looking at me intensely. His right hand kept stroking my hair.

The smile faded away from his face and he parted his lips a little.

I leaned more and now I was a couple of inches away from his face.

His hand pushed my head from the back until our lips met in such a tender kiss I've never dreamed of before.

It was pure magic making me shiver from head to toe.

His lips were soft and delicious.

I put my hand on his chest and my leg over his legs. He embraced me and pulled me tight.

I knocked at his lips with my tongue and he parted them a little letting my tongue to enter.

We both had our eyes shut.

I felt his hands on my back; his touch was electricity making me shudder and moan.

My right hand embraced him.

That kiss was the most incredible and beautiful experience of my life; it was a mystic experience to my mind, soul and body.

I rolled onto my back pulling him on top of me, he was light and easily found his place inside my arms without pulling our lips apart.

I stroked his hair with my left hand putting my fingers inside those sexy curls of his while my other hand pulled him onto me embracing his waist.

He broke the kiss pulling his away a couple of inches.

"David, I... this is... I mean..."

"Shut up!" I said and pulled him back but he refused.

"No wait, I have to tell you something."


He moved away sitting by my side so I sat up in front of him.

"What is it?" I said.

"It's... I... shit..."

He stood up to his feet turning away from me.

Standing up I stepped forward resting my hands on his waist.

"Tell me please, what did I do wrong?"

"Nothing... you are great..."


"I don't know...I mean, this is new for me..."

"Are you kidding? You are the first person I have kissed ever."

"Really?" He said turning his face a little to his left.

"Look Dan, I have to tell you something but I'm afraid I'll lose your friendship if I do."


"I don't want anything more than your friendship if that is all that you can give to me."

He turned to face me "What?"

"You are the closest person to me right now, you know the deepest fears and hopes that live in my heart and I trust you so much that I can put my life in your hands without thinking about it."

He had tears in his eyes "But, why? I don't understand why are you saying this to me."

"Because I think... no I don't think... I feel deep in my heart that I love you but if this makes you feel bad or wrong then I won't say it again and your friendship will be the only thing on earth between us."

He was crying now so I pulled him by his waist to rest his face on my shoulder and he embraced me putting his hands in back of my shoulders.

When he calmed down a little he pulled away slightly.

"What you said to is the must beautiful words anybody has ever said to me before to and coming from you makes them even more beautiful."

"I meant every word I said, I love you but I prefer to have you as my friend than lose the most important person in my life."

"This is too new for me and I don't know what to do... the only thing I know for sure is that I want you to love me no matter..."

I silenced his mouth kissing him and he returned the kiss grabbing my head from behind with both hands on my hair as if he wanted to suck me inside of him.

I just gripped the back of his jeans by the waist pulling him to me almost melting into one single body and after that I hugged him tightly, lifting him from the ground without even noticing it.

We were one being at that moment and kissing was beyond a sexual thing at that moment. It was deep love, giving ourselves to each other as if we were sealing a pact between us, a pact of openness, trust and love.

I don't know how much time passed but finally we pulled our faces apart.

"I love you David... you have touched my heart and soul in such way that I can only fall in love with you completely."

I kissed him again and tears were falling down my cheeks, tears of joy. For the first time in almost four years I felt my heart filled with joy and happiness.

I didn't know until that moment how empty it was before, but now, Dan was returning me to life.

He felt my tears on his face and pulled away with a look of concern.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, everything is perfect."

"Then why are you crying?"

"Because I'm so happy I cannot contain that happiness in my heart and flows away through my eyes in the form of tears."

"Could you... er... put me down please?"

"What? Oh yes... sorry."

"Don't cry anymore, you have cried a lot I can say."

I hugged him very tightly into my arms and he returned the hug embracing me through my waist, he's made to be held in my arms, he matched perfectly.

Finally I released him and asked, "What time is it?"

"Omigod, almost 7:00 PM, we have been here all day."

"And I have enjoyed every minute of it; thanks to you."

"Me too but my belly is roaring already, would you like to join me for dinner?"

"It'll be my pleasure."

We kissed one more time before we collected the remains of our early lunch and walked back to school.

We were holding hands and smiling at each other all the time and just before we left the woods he stopped me pushing me back into one big pine and kissed me again on the lips this time wilder than before, almost with lust.

When I saw him he had shiny eyes and a glowing smile on his face.

"David, I love you."

"I love you too Dan."

"We have to take care in front of everyone don't you think?"

"You're right but that won't be so difficult. I have been doing that quite a lot."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go."

We kept holding hands until we were a few steps from the main square.

When we were about to enter the cafeteria building, Tim and Tony were walking in the opposite direction, leaving the building.

"Have a nice date faggots!" said Tim to us.

"Shut up man!" answered Tony pushing him with his elbow.

"What's wrong with you man?"

"Nothing, just keep walking."

And they walked away from us to the library.

We entered the cafeteria and Dan told me to wait for him while he thanked Charles, the cook, for our lunch but I insisted on going along and thank him personally.

"Hi Charles!"

"Hey, how are you Dan?"

"Fine, look this is David my roommate."

"Hi Charles." I said.

"Well, finally I met THE GUY huh?"

"Shut up Charles!"

Charles laughed loudly with big snorts and I didn't understand anything.

"We want to thank you for our lunch." I said to change the subject.

"You don't have to son, a friend of Dan's is a friend of mine and you two are welcome here from all the crew whenever you need us."

"Thanks." We both said to him.

"Do you want to have dinner?"

"Yes but we can take it outside if is ok with you."

"No problem, your choice. Have a nice meal."

"Ok, see ya." And we left the kitchen to get in line.

Finally we had our dinner and sat on a table we used in our usual corner of the cafeteria.

We talked about nothing in particular just chit chatting and as time passed on we were speeding up the pace of our eating and our looks were more intense by the minute, something was building inside ourselves.

We finished our dinner and almost ran out of there directly to our room, when we arrived there he told me "I've got to brush my teeth."

"Me too." I said.

We washed our teeth side by side and he never took his eyes off of me in the mirror.

As soon as we entered the room I locked the door and Dan turned to face me with this weird smile on his face.

I walked toward him putting my hands on his waist and pulled him to me.

We were breathing heavily now. I kissed him tenderly but firmly, my legs went weak and he was shivering.

Slowly I embraced his waist while he embraced my back with one of his hands in the middle of my back and the other on my neck.

The sensation was overwhelming and I felt dizzy and drunk with love and lust.

I felt his dick hardening inside his jeans, pressing my own hardness against his through our clothes.

He walked backwards pulling me without breaking our lip lock, his tongue was in my mouth and I was in heaven savoring him.

We stumbled at his bed and almost fell down.

"David, I want to go slowly... I'm not ready to go all the way... I hope you don't mind."

"No way, it's too new for me and I want to feel comfortable before I do everything."

With fear on his face he pulled out my t-shirt and stroked my chest lovingly.

"You are gorgeous."

I pulled his t-shirt and gasped as his chest appeared in front of my eyes.

I stroked his chest feeling his soft and milky skin.

His neck was beautiful, long and slim with perfect and kissable collarbones at the top of his chest.

I was admiring his body and he unbuttoned the fly of my jeans pushing them down to my feet where I kicked them off along with my tennis shoes.

It was my turn and before opening the fly of his jeans I grabbed his dick through his jeans, his legs went weak and he leaned to support his weight on my chest.

"Ooooooohhhh..." he said.

I opened the fly of his jeans and quickly they fell down to his feet.

He kicked them off and lay down on his bed pulling me with him.

Oh God, he's so beautiful that just looking at him is an incredible experience, finally I was touching and looking closely at his gorgeous body.

He was on his back and I was on my side stroking his chest, we kissed again and my hand traveled slowly down his belly making little circles until the tip of my fingers found the top of his boxers.

I caressed his tight belly and pushed a finger into his navel making him gasp.

His hand on my hair was magic playing with my curls in such a gentle way making me wild with lust.

I pushed his boxers down to his knees giving me time to look at his gorgeous dick, hard as steel and leaking precum.

He kicked his boxers off and we kissed again.

I stroked his dick from its base to the tip of it and he pushed his hips up in the air.

I gently caressed his testicles and he opened his legs a little.

Our faces pulled away an inch and he smiled at me giving me access to his body.

I started with little kisses on his face, his nose, his cheeks, and his beautiful eyes and down to his earlobes, his neck and finally his collarbones where I sucked stronger while my hand wrapped around his dick and jacked him slowly.

Both of us were moaning and gasping for air.

I moved down kissing his chest and down to his navel putting my tongue in it and he arched his back.

"I'm going to cum David... I'm almost there."

There was no time at all so I left his navel and headed directly to his dick.

I licked the tip of it and sucked the pool of precum on his belly.

I engulfed the head of his dick with my mouth grabbing his testicles with my hand, he moaned his body tightened and tensed and he shot.

It was too much for me to swallow and it dripped out of my mouth.

Finally his cum ended and I sucked and licked him clean.

He pulled me up and kissed me on the lips tasting his own cum in my mouth.

"That was the most incredible experience of my life, I have never cum like that before."

"You are so beautiful."

In no time he put me back on the mattress and he mounted me with his dick and testicles over my dick.

He moved his hips back and forth kissing me and stroking my hair with both hands, I felt it coming.

He sensed my body and pulled his face away to kiss my chest and suck my nipples.

It was there, building inside my loins.

He moved down to my belly kissing and sucking and further down but he avoided my dick kissing down to my hips. He pulled my shorts down and I lifted my butt from the bed.

When he kissed my hip to the right of my dick, the most amazing and incredible sensation hit me making me shiver.

I felt that kiss like a thunderbolt hitting me at the base of my head.

Without grabbing my dick with his hand he touched my dick with his tongue and sucked me putting almost half of my dick in his mouth.

"Easy, I'm almost there."

He moved up and down a couple of times and that was it.

"I'm cumming... move."

But he didn't and I came in his mouth.

Now moving my body was almost painful as my orgasm was so strong making my hips tremble.

He couldn't swallow everything but when my orgasm ended he cleaned me as I have done to him before.

He moved up to face me and we kissed deeply but tenderly.

After some minutes of kissing and cuddling together we did it again that night.

His last words before dozing off were "I love you."

"I love you too."

He slept with his face on my shoulder hugging me with his right arm and leg.

His breathing was slow and relaxed.

Oh God, thanks. I felt fulfilled and so happy that some tears escaped my eyes.

Finally my life was returning to normal and all the pain and sadness I had felt before was no longer in me.

I wanted to yell to the world to let them know I was in love with the most incredible and handsome boy on earth.

It was so incredible that even my hard feelings toward my parents weren't there anymore; forgiveness had sprouted deep in my heart.

Definitely, I was a totally different person than that frustrated and angry boy I was almost two months ago.

Life is indeed worth living.


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