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His name is Tony Martucelli. He was my best friend three years ago. I suddenly ended that friendship when I punched him in the face, embarrassed him in front of his family, friends and guests at the party his father was hosting.

The worst part was the press attending the party and the next day pictures of Tony lying on the floor covered with food appeared in every newspaper.

I hit him because I was angry with my Dad. Sadly he walked into me at the very worst moment and pulled a joke on me, 'accidentally spilling' some water on my jacket.

I never apologized to him because he refused to talk to me after the incident during the next days and weeks, at least that was what the people answering his telephone said to me.

He was my best friend. We didn't know each other more than four months but we became very close. At that time my relationship with my own brother was non-existent since he had entered high school. I don't know why but when Joe entered high school our great brotherly relationship ended, he refused to treat me like his brother and friend.

Then I met Tony, he was and still is very cute, he was a kind and sensitive person and he gave me his friendship, confidence and honesty without asking for anything. So, I emptied my heart to him and he accepted it happily, but just a few months later I took advantage and abused that friendship embarrassing him in such way, now, I can understand his anger.

More than a simple fight between two teenagers, it became a conflict between two high ranking Army officers, his father who was the secretary of defense in those days and my Dad who was a special prosecutor named by the President with special powers.

Right now it is not important to know all of the conflicts between my Dad and his Dad. The only thing you must know is that this issue was a real conflict, starting when I met Tony and reaching its climax the night I hit him.

Tony's Dad hates me because he said I was making a sissy of his son. Why? Because I cried on his shoulder and he cried with me. His father knew it because he had seen me crying and being comforted by Tony.

His father was an old fashioned army officer who believes a man, a real man doesn't cry and if you cry it means your are a sissy, a faggot. Tony will be an army officer, and for his Dad he couldn't be a sissy. You can imagine the conflict his father was facing because Tony met me when his father invited my family to his house.

What you'll read next is Tony's point of view, what he felt about the whole situation.

Chapter 5 - Breaking apart -Tony

I was lifting weights as I did every Saturday, well at least since school started again this year. Last year I didn't exercise on weekends but this year was different; I have to keep my mind busy.

Usually I talk to myself in silence while I'm exercising and today was no exception. I don't know what's going on with me… everybody has noticed; at least Rick and Wayne have a suspicion.

I couldn't imagine how disturbing it would be to see David again, certainly I thought three years were enough for me to be rid off him but I know now that's not true.

Totally lost in my thoughts I nearly killed myself lifting weights on the bench; the bar slipped from my left hand almost hitting me on the face. There was a big noise of metal hitting the floor and the coach came running into the room.

He was looking all over the place and asked me, "What happened? Are you ok son?"

"Yeah coach, the bar slipped from my hand, everything is ok."

"God damned Tony, I've told you not to lift weights on the bench without someone helping you."

"I'm sorry coach, but there was nobody else here."

"You know I'm in my office, you just have to ask me and I can help you."

"Ok, I'm sorry. I will ask you next time, I swear," I said raising my right hand to convince him.

"I hope so young man, do you still need help?"

"No sir, I was finishing when I dropped the bar."

"Ok, if you need me come to my office, I'll be here until lunchtime."

"Ok, Thanks." I said but he was already walking away from me and out of the weight room.

I put everything back in its place and moved to the thigh exercise machine, set the right weight and started my last series of exercises.

Shit, I should have accepted Rick's idea to cut David's hair. Usually I wouldn't have any doubt about something like that but considering it's David it's so hard to do it.

I've hated that son of a bitch for the last three years, he deserved to feel the same shame I felt when he left me on the floor in front of all those people, but each time I saw him there was something that is stopping me from doing anything to him.

Dad hasn't said anything to me yet but I'm sure he will; I know he's expecting me to have revenge. I was totally sure I had the guts to do it until now. I'm so confused.

If only David could know how much he hurt me that night. That night changed my life completely. I still don't know why. Dad told me he was playing with me and everything was a plan to embarrass me but I don't know, I really don't know.

Something I can be sure about is that I must do something before the guys do it by themselves. It has been difficult to keep Rick under control but I'm sure he will take advantage of the first opportunity available and this could turn into one hell of an opportunity for he and Wayne.

Shit, everything was perfect at the end of the last year. It was the second summer at my house and Dad was more than happy with me, proud I would say. Now this asshole comes here, thank God my Dad has retired and now is on vacation with Mom but I'm sure as soon as he comes back he will talk to me about it.

I just would like to know why he punched me that night.

I finished my morning exercises, earlier than usual. I took my towel and went back to the dorms; I was in a weird mood, between worried, anxious, and angry, I thought a shower would help to smooth things out a little.

Why did he come to St. Joseph's?

There's something true about all this. I thought I hated him and I swear to God I've tried but the reality is I cannot hate him, not even after what he did to me. Anyway, I don't have to hate him to have fun with him.

As I was walking to the dorms, David came out of the door. Shit, that was the last thing I needed at this moment. What's wrong with him? Bastards, they cut his hair and I missed it, poor guy he must feel bad.

As we approached each other he noticed me walking toward him, his face changed and I saw a look of determination and just as we were in front of each other he smiled at me.

"What happened?" I asked David trying to sound disinterested.

"Nothing, I want a new look." He answered and gave that beautiful smile of his. Fuck, think!

"Bad job… faggot!" Shit, that was easy after all.

His smile froze and turned to a worried expression when he said, "Tony, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was a joke."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Three years ago…I didn't know it was a joke... I shouldn't have punched you."

The memory of the entire scene and the beating my Dad gave to me later passed through my head at high speed. I couldn't avoid it, the pain hit me, and my eyes started filling with tears.

"I was so pissed because of my dad that I lost it, I shouldn't have hit you," he said with a worried look on his face.

What? What is he talking about? It wasn't on purpose? He's lying. He must be lying.

"You don't know how much I regret that and how much I would like to bring back that time to act differently," he said.

"No you don't," I said in tears.

This is not right. You can't say that. You shouldn't say that.

You're supposed to hate me, and you must say it and then I can beat the shit out of you.

He was in tears when he answered me, "No, I swear. You were my best friend and I treated you like shit, I feel shame in me."

He's lying. I have to stop him, "Stop. You don't know shit," why is he doing this to me?

"I'm telling you the truth, please," He said as if he was begging me.

I didn't want to listen to him, not at that moment, "No… stop. Fuck off," go away please. I tried to move away but he blocked my steps.

"Please Tony, listen to me," he said putting his hands on my chest. His face was very close to my own.

I yelled at him, "I don't want to listen to you," I was trying to push him away but I couldn't.

He said the most disturbing thing since I was 13, "For our friendship."

"FUCK YOU! You don't know shit, you were the most important person in my life and you did that to me," I said to him.

I wanted to punch him in his face as he did to me three years ago. I wanted to hurt him the same way he hurt me, and I wanted to break his heart the same way he broke mine.

"I know…"

"You don't understand, you embarrassed me in front of everyone, my picture was in the papers the next day." God, he doesn't know about my

Dad, he cannot imagine how many times the guys beat me, pushed me.

"I'm sorry."

"I hate you, you don't know shit," how could he, he was in his house with his family and I was here at school, even on vacations. Dad wouldn't allow me to be with them, he doesn't know shit.

"Please, try to understand."

"FUCK YOU!" I want to hate you.

Oh God, everyone was looking at me, I had to do something so I did it.

I punched him in the face and He fell down on his back.

That wasn't enough, I was really angry now and I wanted to hurt him bad to show him I was better than he so I jumped on his chest. I wanted him to suffer the shame. I wanted him to know he broke my heart. I wanted to hate him he deserved it.

I punched him twice again before he made me lose my balance and I fell down long enough time for him to get to his feet. I was ready to beat the shit out of him but when I turned to look at him he was not going to fight back, his face showed worry and he had his arms down by his side as if he was going to let me punch him again.

"Please, forgive me." He said again.

"FUCK YOU! I HATE YOU! " I can't, I don't want to.

Omigod, omigod, I tried but I couldn't punch him again so I ran away to the dorms, asshole I should have punched him again.

I entered the dorm and went on my way upstairs to my room. I saw Rick and Wayne running the opposite way.

"Are you alright?" asked Rick excitedly.

"Oh man, you kicked his ass, that was great!" added Wayne in the same tone of voice.

I ignored them and kept walking up the stairs.

"What? Why are you crying?" asked Wayne.

Shit, they noticed it, "I'm not crying I got sweat in my eyes," I said trying to sound pissed off.

"That bastard, we can bring him here if you want us to," said Rick.

"Forget about him, he can cause us trouble, he has a full army outside the school and he would say anything just to make his dad mad at us. So drop it."

"He won't say anything man, nobody says nothing ever," stated Wayne with that stupid face of his.

"I said forget about him, don't you understand that?" I almost yelled at him standing in front of his face with a menacing look on mine and added,

"I'll tell you when and where, ok?"

"Take it easy man, we're mates ok? Shut up Wayne, don't you see he is pissed off right now?" said Rick slapping Wayne's arm with his hand.

"Ok, I'll wait." That was Wayne's final statement and I turned and kept on walking toward my room.

They walked behind me last two floors in silence. I reached my door and entered my room, both of them waited outside; I grabbed my bath stuff and headed to the showers.

"What do you want to do now?" asked Rick with a puzzled look on his face.

"To have a shower, I'll find you at the cafeteria in 20 minutes to have breakfast."

"Ok dude, see you later then, take it easy ok?"

"See ya later dude!"

Both of them said good bye when I entered the bathroom, I just waved at them.

I undressed myself and got under the shower. Nice hot water to relax me and wash away my tears with nobody to see them.

The hot water helped little to cheer me up or even relax me. I felt so tired that after the shower I put on a pair of boxers, a T-shirt and went to my bed to sleep but I couldn't.

All these memories about him were flying around in my head and I couldn't ignore them anymore so I have to dig a little more.

Almost two years ago, I don't remember when exactly, I stopped thinking about him, the guys finally accepted me in their group and they didn't ask stupid questions anymore. You know, like kick someone's butt or push him to the floor, usual things boys do at school.

Dad was very happy, almost proud of me. Finally he had the son he always wanted, the jock who leads every sport team at school.

It's cool to be the guy but sometimes the guys are real jerks. I mean, why do you have to behave like an animal? I didn't know and I didn't care, the guys were happy and Dad was happy too, so I was doing ok.

Three weeks ago everything changed. The exact moment I saw David walking through the main square my memories jumped out from the back of my head. Every single detail about him was there again. He looked different but the same, his hair was long and weird, he had a larger and stronger body but he was still the same fucking cute and gorgeous son of a bitch I knew before.

Dad told me he was doing drugs and his parents were going to kick him out of his house, I've never imagined he would come here. I don't think he does drugs, he looks pretty cool, and he must be a nice guy if Dan accepted him as his friend because Dan is a nice person.

That first time I saw him I wanted vengeance at that very moment but I couldn't, the guys didn't know him, nor what happened that night three years ago, so I had to wait. Next time I saw him it was different, I couldn't do anything so the guys started to bully him and I wasn't enjoying it. My laughs were just acting.

I was thinking about him a lot, and the first feeling of anger I felt changed. Now I don't know what I feel, I'm still angry but I don't want to hurt him as

I did those first days.

Ok, I know I punched him in the face and I wanted to hurt him and I said I hate him but it was the moment. How does he dare to say he's sorry? I mean, after three fucking years he stands in front of me and says, ''it was a mistake, I'm sorry, please forgive me.'' Is he nuts or something? I don't know.

If he was my friend I do not understand why did he punch me in front of all those people, I don't understand why did he punch me anyway. You don't do that to your friend's maybe you call him names or punch him in private but not like that.

He said he regretted everything, that he wanted me to forgive him but he didn't call me back that day or the next day. He never once tried to call me or talk to me. If he only knew how difficult it was for me, first with my Dad beating me for pulling that joke on him, then telling me I was a sissy because I let him punch me.

The worst was a couple of weeks later when Dad found me crying in my room because I missed David, how stupid I was that I told him that, he was so pissed that he beat me.

"I'm going to teach you how to be a man," he said before he started the beating.

After some hits he added, "No son of mine is a faggot, you shouldn't cry for another boy or girl, ever.

"This hurts me more than it hurts you but I have to teach you son," he said at the end. I hope you understand, if not, then you don't have a place in this family."

Oh God, I only said I missed David. He was my best friend, he was the brother I never had and I loved him like that, how could that be wrong?

I don't know but he meant every word he said to me; he grounded me at school, not letting me visit them even on holidays. On January he sent for me to talk about my future, he basically said I was going to be an army officer and that I should show him I was a man and deserved their love.

By the end of the year he felt pleased by my work and he let me come home for the summer but he reminded me of everything he said before.
I think he dropped the issue when I fought with Rick and won. I expected him to be mad at me when Mr. Peters called him to have a meeting but he wasn't.

Actually, he showed anger in front of Mr. Peters but when we left the room he hugged me and told me he was proud of me, he also said that I have shown I was a real man and that I had to keep that attitude.

I made peace with Rick and the group let me in and stopped their harassment's and a few weeks after that I was captain of the school football team.

Mr. Peters called my Dad to complain about my behavior against other students but he answered it was a matter of youth, nothing to worry about. Being his son was the best thing that could happen to the guys because there was no more than detention after class, never the chance to be expelled.

A knock on the door brought me back to reality, "Come in," I said.

Rick appeared alone at the doorway, "What's up dude? Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm just tired."

He entered the room closing the door and sat on the desk chair.

"Are you sure you are ok?" He asked with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, why?" I answered sitting up on my bed.

"It's almost noon and you didn't take breakfast… we were waiting for you.

"Is it about your Dad?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, now you father is retired he might be bugging you again."

"Yeah, well… nothing I can't manage myself," I lied.

"I know… sometimes my Dad is a pain in the ass too."

We talked for a while about everything and nothing in particular. This was the side of Rick I liked but he hid it almost all the time. Also I knew he was looking for something to take advantage of. So, I didn't give him much room.

He stood up to leave but just before he opened the door he turned back, walked toward me and said excitedly, "Oh man, I almost forgot you really beat the shit out of that freak. Man, I saw him after breakfast and He had a black eye and swollen lips, "as he stopped at the foot of my bed.

"Huh? What freak?"

"The new guy, David."

"Oh yeah, poor bastard, is it that bad?"

"Come-on, don't tell me you are worried about that faggot?"

"No… I'm not… just… forget about it," I answered back not knowing what else to say.

"In a couple more weeks you'll be able to kick his butt again, don't you think so?"

Oh shit, I knew it.

"I don't know man, his father would get mad at us don't you think so?"

"So what? They cannot do anything to us, are you afraid or what?"

I stood up, walked to Rick putting my hand on his shoulder and said, "Is something bugging you about me that you want to talk about Rick?"

He looked at my hand but I didn't move it, then he said, "Nothing man, just wondering if it is an issue to have fun with those sissies."

"Grow up man! I'm bored kicking somebody else's butt for no reason. Everybody knows we rule here, even the senior guys. What do you want to probe?"

I was trying to cool him down enough to drop the issue.

"I'm not trying to probe anything but I don't like them, Dan doesn't belong here neither the freak man, if they don't leave at least I'll let them know I don't like them. Is it a problem with you?"

"We can talk later about that ok?"

"Ok, if you want to but I don't have nothing else to say," he said with an angry look on his face.

"Relax man, we're mates."

"Yeah, sure. Well, I got to go now, we'll be in the TV room watching the game and later we'll go to have lunch, would you join us?"

"I don't know, I want to take a nap but if I can't sleep then I'll see you there"

"You'll go to see the night game right?"

"You bet."

"Ok, see you later then." He finally said and closed the door after him.

God damned, what's wrong with him? I don't know but he freaks me out when he says those things. Who the fuck cares if Dan has a scholarship or not, only Rick does. Of course Wayne does everything Rick says and to have them both against me is not a good idea.

Shit. I hope he drops the issue later.

I saw my reflection in the mirror hanging at the door. I like my body. I have been working so hard to be in good shape. I have a nice chest and arms; my legs are in good shape too. I wished to be taller, just a little, like David. He's almost 4 inches taller than me but slim, nice body too, shit! Again I was thinking about another boy's body!

Maybe I shouldn't punch him, I gave him a black eye and swollen lips. When he punched me he only gave me a swollen cheek.
If he was sincere I just made him feel embarrassed in front of the entire school and if someone knows about feeling embarrassed in front of lots of people it's me.

Oh God, I don't understand what's going on, I felt sorry about what happened to him but at the same time I feel angry. Shit, I wanted to go and say I'll kick his beautiful and round little ass and also I wanted to say I'm sorry.

I dressed myself and left my room and went toward the TV room on the first floor. When I was about to go down stairs I changed my mind and went toward David's room.

When I reached his door I didn't know what to do or what to say to him. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest and my mouth was dry, to breathe was difficult.

I turned to leave but couldn't so I turned again and knocked on his door still not knowing what to say to him.

Nobody answered but I heard something, like a complaining or something.

I opened the door but nobody was in there, the bed was empty. But I heard that sound again, someone was complaining so I stepped inside the room and finally I saw his bed.

David? Oh, yeah, he cut his hair. He was face down embracing his pillow, with just a T-shirt and a pair of boxers on him.

God, he looked awesome. He has a slim frame, strong legs and beautiful feet. He has wide shoulders and his face is amazingly beautiful, he has the largest eyelashes I have ever seen."…Mmmhhh…" He was complaining again, grabbing his pillow tightly.

"David," I said in a low voice trying not to frighten him.

He didn't wake up, he kept moving and moaning, I didn't know if he was complaining or enjoying his dream.

"David!" I said louder but he didn't wake up.

God, he has a great ass, round and tight.

"David, wake up!" I almost yelled at him.

He jumped up turning his body onto his back and supporting himself on his left elbow, "Huh? What? Tony?"

Oh God, I saw his black eye and swollen lips, which must hurt.

"Are you ok?"

He had a puzzled look on his face, "What?"

"I asked you if you were ok?"

"You punched me in the face."

Duh! I knew that.

"You were moaning… I'm sorry… "

Shit, I didn't know what to say, my heart was pounding furiously in my chest.

"What do you want?"

"I shouldn't… I mean, your face and everything. You pissed me off."

I'm sorry. I didn't want to, I shouldn't.

"I was telling the truth Tony."

"Why now?"

"Because I know it now."

"You don't understand, I can't."

"Please, let me explain and after that if you still hate me I won't bother you again."

"I don't hate you. I want to, but I can't."


"You don't understand David.

"I can't hate you.

"Just leave me alone and I'll leave you alone."

"Tony, we were best friends."

"Not any more… You don't understand. Just, drop it ok? I won't do anything to you anymore, neither Dan, just stay out of my way, ok?"


I had to get away from there so I turned and ran out the door.

God, I was hyperventilating, I should calm down.

Soon I was again in my room, I shut the door and lay down on my bed, face down.

Tears were flooding my eyes and I was almost gasping for air.

I don't know what was wrong; I was so confused that all kind of feelings hit me at the same time, except hate, I couldn't hate him.

Not much longer I wasn't crying anymore. Someone knocked on my door but I didn't answer. Then I heard the door open and someone said,

"He's sleep, lets go have lunch, we'll come back later." It was Rick and he wasn't alone.

They closed the door and I was alone again.

I needed time alone to think, I had to go to the pond. So, I got up and left my room.

As I was leaving the dorm to go to the pond, I saw Dan and David walking together each carrying a box lunch. They turned left at the corner of the building heading toward the forest.

Where the hell were they heading?

Nobody was paying attention to them at the square and I couldn't see any guys near here so I walked in the same direction Dan and David took a few seconds before.

I followed behind them far enough to avoid them seeing me. A couple of minutes after that I knew they were heading to the camping clearing in the forest, the one where the teachers took us last year to sing those silly songs and tell those stupid scary tales.
Why was I following them? I don't know, curiosity maybe.

When we reached the spot I had to walk around to not be seen. They were chatting and didn't notice my presence. The bad thing was I couldn't hear everything they said because I was far away and hiding behind a tree.

What was I doing there? What I was looking for? I didn't know but couldn't go away. I couldn't hear everything they were saying and soon I was lost in my thoughts.

I cannot believe how things turned after that day, when we broke up our friendship. Everything was so different at the beginning that if somebody would tell me what was going to happen I never would have believed him.

Dad had received his promotion by the President a couple of months before. My family was arriving from the North of Mexico where my Dad was assigned, we had just a couple of months in our new home, the Secretary of Defense house, that was the most important position my Dad received and his last too.

Yeah, Dad was quite old when he married, almost 42 and Mom was pretty much the same. Being the younger of five kids and the only boy has not been easy for me.

Since I can remember Dad has been telling me I'm the man of the house. He says I'm the one who will preserve the army tradition in the family; that I was born to be an officer, to serve my country and make them proud of me.

Anyway, Dad invited David's dad to have dinner in our house, he wanted to introduce to us 'the straightest arrow in the army' as he called him. He was the youngest judge in the army and the only one who had the authority to prosecute civilians or army federal criminals.

Dad was talking about him all the time, he was telling me what a great soldier he was, "You should ask him about the army son, he could be a good example for you to follow you know?"

My future is in the army, I'll go to the Army Academy after high school, I plan to be infantry but I'm not sure right now. I'm not sure I want to be a soldier either but that is not something to think about when your Dad wants you to go to the academy.

I wasn't excited at all about the dinner itself, I've heard about 'The Ice Judge' in the news and from my Dad; he talked to me about him every chance he had.

That day Dad was bugging me more than usual, he even picked up my clothes for that day and followed every step I made until they arrived. I was more than pissed but couldn't say anything so there I was, very well groomed to receive our guests.

First I saw the Judge, he looked so normal, nice but serious. Then his wife, a lovely lady with a lovely smile, then Joe the jerk and then I saw him, the cutest boy I've seen with the most beautiful eyes. Well, after him was Jill, his sister, but as I was admiring David I didn't pay attention to her.

Dad introduced me to the General; he mentioned everything about his great job and other stuff. I couldn't stop looking at David, who was looking at his father and had that proud look on his face that I'll never forget.

They mentioned my future career in the army and how great that would be. Dad was disappointed when the General told him none of his sons were going into the army, he didn't say anything about it but I knew he was annoyed being an old fashioned soldier.

David stayed by our side while the rest of our families were taking their place in the living room. He had something that made me like him from the beginning, I still don't know what it was but it was like a magnet to me.

I wasn't paying attention to my Dad, everything was erased by David's presence; he was wearing casual blue tight pants, white long sleeve shirt and a round neck gray sweater. He had the shortest haircut I had seen before in a boy, just like his Dad and brother but the most amazing thing on him were his eyelashes, those were very large making him look so amazingly cute, I was hypnotized by his eyes. Dad had to call me twice a couple of times before I answered back to him.

David came closer to me with the most incredible smile on his face and extending his hand to me.

"Nice to meet you Anthony," he said in that voice of his between child and teenager.

"You can call me Tony… if you want to," I answered with a stupid smile on my face, well at least that was what my sister Marie told me later that day.

Soon our parents were happily talking about everything, my sisters were like statues, same as David's brother and sister but we were in an endless conversation about everything and anything.

We couldn't go to my room to show him my computer games, music and everything because from time to time Dad said something about me calling me to support him, "Yes Sir," I repeated each time.

After about half an hour we finally sat at the table for dinner and I had to leave David's side, he was in front of me on the other side of the table and we couldn't talk to each other without yelling. My sisters were bugging me because I couldn't stop looking at him the entire dinner and how could I if he was in front of me smiling all the time. When he smiles his eyes smile as well and when he laughs his eyes laugh with him.

It is exactly what happened to me three years ago when we met each other. He was always on my mind, everything reminded me about him, each song on the radio, each computer game or TV program. We become friends in a short period of time, just a few months after that we broke up.

Anyway, I'm not queer because I don't like boys, I just like David but not anymore, I think. As we knew each other we build a strong and honest relationship but more than anything we became brothers, we talked by phone for hours about his stuff at school and my stuff at school, our friends and everything.

I was brought back by the noise of the helicopter surveying the campus. I moved enough to see them still talking and having lunch.

If someone would tell me three years ago Dan and David were going to be roommates I would believe it, they're so alike. David is smart, brilliant I would say and Dan is pretty smart too. The best thing they have is their heart, kind and sensitive, sissies were what my Dad called us that night.

I couldn't hear anything they said because they were almost whispering but looking at Dan's face it was something personal. Both of them are very cute, David is more masculine, and Dan is beautiful not exactly girly beautiful but yes, beautiful at least.

Soon both of them were crying, at least tears were rolling down their cheeks. God, I would like to be in Dan's place right now as I did lots of times in the past. Listen to him, embrace him and support him until he stops crying.

I should go if I don't want to start crying with them. I stood up to leave and suddenly I heard a noise and both of them were laughing like crazies so I turned again to see Dan on his back and David on his side resting his head on Dan's shoulder.

They kept talking and I couldn't move, something was preventing me from moving, I felt jealous, I wanted to be the one supporting David's head on my shoulder.

For a moment I turned my eyes to the forest, when I turned back again to look at them I was in shock.

I couldn't believe my eyes; they were kissing. I could tell they were enjoying the moment embracing and pulling themselves together.

Almost in shock I didn't move, not knowing what to do, just staring at them.

At some point they stopped kissing and Dan stood up followed by David. They were talking almost whispering but looking at their faces I could see electricity between them.

Dan looked a little apprehensive and David looked worried about it. A moment later Dan was crying and David pulled him to his chest and embraced him.

I saw them pulling apart long enough to kiss again in the most tender and sweet kiss I ever saw.

It is still weird for me because my first feeling of shock was replaced by this sweet happiness I cannot explain. First, I felt jealous of them, especially Dan because he was with David; but at the same time I was happy to see the happiness in their faces.

Even though I was shocked at first I never felt anything wrong about them, nothing. It was completely normal for me to look at them kissing, my head was flying with all that crap my father taught me but none of his words made sense to me. I thought about the things the guys say about queers but it was the same, they didn't mean anything to me at that moment.

Dan and David left the place and went back to the school; I followed them a few minutes later. I walked directly to the TV room where the guys were watching the game that had started few minutes before.

"You're late Martucelli, where were you?" asked Wayne in a not friendly voice.

"Fuck off! The game started few minutes ago," I yelled back to him.

All the guys were looking at me in a funny way, as if they were expecting something from me and I had to break the ice so I invited dinner.

"Rick, call for pizza, I pay!"

"YES!!" everybody yelled at once except Rick, even Wayne was happy now.

I had two pending issues at that moment.

The first one was talk to David as soon as the guys gave me space. There was a pending chat waiting for us for the last three years.

The second thing was to find out what Rick was planning against David, Dan, or myself. For me it was clear he was thinking of something but I didn't have any idea that what he would do would affect all of our lives, especially mine over the next three months.


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