St. Joseph's All-boys High School


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Let's see where we left off on Chapter 4...

His last words before dozing off were "I love you."

"I love you too."

He slept with his face on my shoulder hugging me with his right arm and his leg intermingled with mine.

His breathing was slow and relaxed.

Oh thank you God, I thought to myself feeling fulfilled and so happy that some tears escaped my eyes. Finally my life was returning to normal and all the pain and sadness I had felt before were no longer with me, tears and love were washing them away.

I wanted to yell to the world I was in love with the most incredible and handsome boy on earth. It was so wonderful that even my hard feelings toward my parents weren't there anymore, forgiveness had sprouted deep in my heart, and soon I would be able to talk to them with no anger at all.

I was a totally different person than that frustrated and angry boy I was almost two months ago when I first came to St. Joseph's.

Life is worth living.

Chapter 6 -- The eye of the hurricane I know there are still a lot of things to deal with but having Dan's love supporting me and giving me inner peace, everything was possible, everything.

Both of us were asleep before 10:00 PM and I woke up by 10:30 AM the next day, Sunday. Totally rested and relaxed I was lying on my right side facing Dan who was lying on his back. A trace of happiness and joy was reflected on his face by an almost imperceptible smile drawn on it.

His breathing was peaceful and rhythmical making his chest, sexy and delicious rise continuously. Just the look of him in front of me was enough to make me feel my heart was going to blow away.

It was a beautiful picture to look at the entire day but my horniness won against my feeble spirituality making my dick throb under the sheet. Slowly I pulled down the sheet from his body and exposed that silky skin of his, his tight belly with that cute navel; his narrow hips appeared in front of my eyes and immediately after that his gorgeous dick, soft at the moment.

I was holding my breath without noticing it. That lovely patch of hair was in my sight, I sighed loudly almost waking up my lover. I stood quietly and bent down trying to not wake him up until my face was in front of his soft dick and I kissed it gently, barely touching it.

He moved his body a little. I got down on my knees to look at his dick.

I kissed it again and he moved a little more and made a funny face lifting his eyebrows and opening his mouth, I engulfed it slowly savoring its taste and texture making him moan, still asleep.

Slowly his dick hardened with me sucking it up and down, he grunted and pushed his hips up sending his dick deep into my mouth. I looked at his face and now he was fully awake trying to smile at me but his face was contorted with pleasure.

I sucked him slowly using my tongue and licking his jewels from time to time, I even kissed his thighs but always returned to my main objective, his beautiful and now very hard dick.

After some minutes of this he was moving too much. I almost choked and to avoid that I relaxed my throat trying to swallow him. His next thrust sent his dick deep into my throat burying my nose into his patch of hair that smelled incredibly musky and sweet.

His hips were moving faster, he was moaning loudly. He was arching his back and neck. His belly tensed and he stopped moving, his dick grew slightly thicker and suddenly he shot his load in my throat cumming for ages and I sucked him dry until he begged me to stop.

"Stop... please... I'm too sensitive."

I moved on top of him and kissed his tender and sweet lips pressing my dick against his hips and moving my hips up and down.

"Stroke my hair Dan." I asked and he did it, oh god that made me crazy.

I couldn't have imagined my hair was an erogenous zone, but feeling his fingers on my scalp pulling me as if he was trying to suck me into him was too fucking hot, I loved it.

We kissed deeper. I kept my pace moving my hips faster each second that passed on. I could feel his chest against mine and our breathing was accelerated.

After a few more minutes of this I was moving fast enough, it was amazing and the silky touch of his flesh on my dick made me shiver. He moved across my back with his left hand until he reached my bum and he squeezed my buttock firmly 'Oh God...' that was it, I pushed onto him harder one more time and I came between us.

"Mmmhhh... mmmhhh... mmmhhh... mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh..."

It was and intense orgasm and when I finished I was exhausted, gasping for air.

When I calmed down he pulled me down to his side and sucked both my belly and my dick clean. Then we cuddled a few more minutes until my stomach roared.

"Oh my God, what was that?" he asked.

"I'm starving." I said rubbing my belly laughing.

"I can hear that."

"Let's go and find something to eat."

"I want to eat you." He said and kissed me.

"Mmmppppfffff... I love you boiling boy."

"I love you more."

"Prove it!"

And he did, he jumped on top of me kissed my lips and stroked my hair with both hands.

"Mmmmppppffff... Ok, I believe you. Stop, please."


"Your hands, you stroke my hair in such a way and I get horny immediately."

After a few more minutes wrestling on the bed we stood up and went out for a shower then we came back to dress.

Once we were inside the room I spoke again.

"It was the first time since we've known each other that you showered with me."

"Yeah, I know that."


"I don't know... well, actually I do... the first time I saw you when we bumped into each other on the stairs, do you remember?"


"Well, you are so good looking I couldn't take you out of my mind, when you entered the room that night I couldn't believe it, you were there telling me it was your room and..."

"You were rude."

"Yeah, I'm sorry... I was so afraid to let you know I liked you a lot that the only way I thought to distract you was being rude."

"I don't understand that."

"Look, I liked you a lot and I was afraid you would notice that so I tried to act cold."

"And you did it well but that wasn't what my comment was about."

"I know, let me finish it. I liked you so much that if we would have shared the shower I don't know what might have happened then, I was so attracted to you that I was afraid of being naked in front of you."

"I don't bite."

"DUH! I felt vulnerable."

I stopped dressing and hugged him.

"Don't you feel vulnerable any more?"

"No, I feel complete with you." He said in such a tender voice that my legs went weak.

"Dan, have you noticed you're the most important person in my life now?"

"Really?" He stroked my hair with his hands.

"Yeah, first as my friend and now as..." I said trying to find the right words.


"I had not realized until now..."


"Do you... want to be my boyfriend?"

"You don't have to ask, but yes, I want to be your boyfriend."

We kissed softly and tenderly and he stroked my hair again.

It isn't just a stroke; he digs my curls from behind my head pulling me closer to him and his body finds its way into my arms in such way that I feel him as a part of my own body, an extension of me.

"I love you and your strokes."

"Your hair is addictive."

We finished dressing and left our room for the cafeteria, it was almost noon.

When we were crossing the main square I noticed a lot of boys out there, something was wrong. I saw Rick looking at me; he was sitting on a bench with Tony and his mates. His gaze made me shudder I don't know why.

Before we entered the cafeteria the door opened and Mr. Randall came out walking towards us.

"Hello David, Dan, how are you today?"

"Fine Sir. Thank you."

"Where are you heading?"

"To have lunch."

"That won't be possible at this moment, there is a problem with some pipes and they will delay serving for one hour, that's why I'm here."

"What? God, we are starving."

"Really? Then you both can help me with the pizza I have in my office."

"You have pizza?" I asked.

"Yeah, well I had to come here to be sure everything is all right with the kitchen."

"But you said the pipes were broken." Dan said.

"I know and those will be ready in an hour, the plumber is here and he doesn't need me until then. Come with me."

He stepped out of the building to announce the lunch delay and asking for a little patience. The answer was a big 'BOOOOOO!' from the boys making him smile.

After that we followed Mr. Randall to his office and yes he had two pizza boxes in there.

"Were you going to eat all that pizza by yourself?" I asked Mr. Randall.

"No way, I was going to eat one and keep the other one for dinner. I have sodas over here, take them." He gave us two cans of soda and we ate.

After lunch we talked for a while until the plumber knocked on the door.

"We should go now." I said.

"Do you have something to do right now?"

"No, I've finished my homework." I said.

"I have to finish some Geometry exercises." Dan replied.

"Could we talk for a while David?"

"I don't know." I said looking at Dan.

"Stay here, I can walk back to our room and if I have a hard time again you'll help me later." Dan said emphasizing HARD in his statement.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure thing dude."

"Ok, then give me five minutes while I'll go check on the work done.

"David, wait for me please." Mr. Randall said and he left with the plumber.

Immediately after that Dan jumped on me kissing me on my lips.

"Mmmhhh... pizza pizza..." said Dan licking his own lips with his tongue in a sexy way.

"Stop, he will be back." I said.

"We got five, please." Omigod, that smile he has.

We made out for a while until we heard his footsteps outside the office.

Dan jumped away from me and I sat down immediately.

"You are still here Dan."

"Yeah, but I'm leaving now. See you later dude. Good-bye Mr. Randall."

"See you tomorrow early in my class and I mean early lazy boy."

Dan didn't say anything; he just shot his angel smile and graciously left the office.

"Ok, then to the point David. Is everything all right?"

"Yeah... why?"

"What happened to your face? Who did it?"

"Oh, this... I fell down the stairs."

"Yeah sure, and I am Roger Rabbit. You can be honest with me you know that. Don't you trust me?"

I sighed heavily and added, "If I told you the truth you won't do anything against anybody right?"

"I shouldn't say this but what the hell... No I won't do anything, you fell down the stairs."

"It was Tony, I apologized to him and he got mad."

"So, you two had a fight."

"No, he punched me on the face because I made him angry, I didn't fight back."

"Why was that?"

"I'm trying to do my best in here and I don't want to be in trouble, you know why."

"Look David, whatever I told you right now is between you and me because I can be in deep shit if anybody knows about it."

"Yeah, sure."

"You cannot run away from trouble son. You have to face them."

"Do you want me to fight back?"

"No, I'm saying you have to face them. You sure have to avoid fights but if you allow them to abuse you they'll keep abusing you for a long time."

"But he said he was sorry, how could I kick his ass now?"

"I'm not talking about Tony, I understand that wasn't a fight. I'm talking about the gang; don't let them step on you. I know you know how to kick some ass, just be careful."

"Ok, I'll remember that." I said to him with an evil smile on my face making him laugh loudly.

"What about your family?"

"What about them?"

"Have you talked to your mom?"

"You know I have not."

"Yeah, I know. Are you still mad at them?"

"Yes... No... I don't know."

"Good answer. What do you feel?"

"I'm still hurt but I miss them too, a lot."

"Have you thought about calling them soon?"

"Yeah, I was thinking of doing it today this evening."

"That's a good idea, just try to talk to your parents, any of them."

"I don't know."


"What's the point?"

"They love you and they care about you."

"They kicked me out. They don't care about me."

"Come on David, you know why they did it, they didn't know what to do with you."

"Maybe listen to me once in their life." I said sarcastically.

"Call them, maybe they'll be ready to listen to you."

"Why should I call them?"

"Because you said you didn't want to talk to them and now you've changed your mind."

"Then they should call me."

"They don't know you that you have changed your mind. Come on, don't be that proud."

"Ok, but I'm not giving you a promise ok?"

"Cool. You'll tell me everything about the other day?"

"I said..."

"I know what you said."

Knock. Knock.

"Come in." said Mr. Randall.

"Sir, it's ready." Said the plumber.

"Ok, I'll be with you in two minutes." Said Mr. Randall and the guy left the office.

"You can call them from here if you want."

"I said..."

"I know what you said, just think about it... if you want to. Got to go now, see you tomorrow morning." He stood up and ruffled my hair before he left the office.

What to do? Last time I called home was to speak with Jill so I can do that again and if Mom answers me we can talk a little.

Ok, I'll call them but to say what? That I miss them? Well, I do miss them a lot but they'll think I'm defeated and surrendering to their will, I can't do that.

They should take the first step.

Yes sir, they have to. But, they think I'm still pissed. Shit. Well, oh fuck.

I struggled with myself for a while, I even left the office and walked up the stairs but turned back again and again, finally I decided to call home.

"Hello." Shit, Joey answered my call.

"Hi Joey, it's me."

"Who's calling?"

"Yeah, very funny dickhead put Mom on the phone please."

"MOM! It's for you!" He yelled.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"Better than you I suppose... I mean, no offense."

"Yeah sure."

"Why haven't you called home asshole?"

"Because I didn't want to hear you... moron."

"Me neither."


"Yeah, good."


"Mom is coming... I... You should... look... take care of yourself ok? They miss you."

"I miss you too... bye."

"Is that you baby?" Said Mom.

"I'm not a baby any more Mom."

"Oh my God, is everything all right? Are you hurt or something? Do you need money?" She was almost hyperventilating.

"Mom, calm down please... calm down... I'm all right, I just called to say Hi."

"That's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear your voice, how long since the last call?"

"Mom, stop doing that please."

"Ok, don't get mad. I was going to call you tomorrow... well Mr. Randall anyway."

"What for?"

"We want, I mean, your father and I want you to come home next Friday, to dinner."


"Don't you remember? Every year your Dad, I mean, the Secretary of Defense makes this fancy dinner for the government and diplomatic members, the press is invited too."

"No, I didn't remember."

"Well, three years ago you..."

"Oh, yeah, that one... every year?"

"Well... honey... you were... I mean..."

"Yeah, I understand... the uncomfortable son."

"Don't say that."

"But it's true you cannot deny it."

"I don't want to fight David, please."

"Ok ok ok."

"Would you like to come?"

"Should I?"

"Well, your father wants you here... with us. Me too."

"I don't know... do I have to wear a tuxedo?"

"No you don't have to, you can wear just a suit... or your school uniform if you want to."

"A uniform? Forget it."

"Ok, what do you want to wear then?"

What do I want to wear? Is she asking me what do I want to wear?

"I don't know... I don't have a suit."

"Don't worry about that! I'll send you one, is that ok with you?"

I cannot fucking believe it, she's asking my opinion now... alien abducted Mom and washed her brain.

"Yeah, ok."

"Done, tomorrow someone will visit you in the morning to measure you. I'll make arrangements for your car, John will drive you home at 5:00 next Friday and I'll call Mr. Randall tomorrow morning to tell him about it. Is that ok with you?"

"Yeah, ok."


"Ok then... I just called you to say Hi."

"Are you hanging up so quickly?"

"Well... yeah... I have to read and stuff you know... but..."

"Ok... If you have to go."

"Yeah... look... I'll see you next Friday."

"That would be great."

"I will... I got to go now... Bye."

"Take care son... I love you... We love you!"

"Yeah... I love you too." I said the last words almost as a whisper before I hung up.

That wasn't so difficult. She sounds different in some sort of way. Maybe it's me. Weird.

I left Mr. Randall's office and headed to the dorms.

While I was walking through the main square I saw Tony and his mates were still there. The big guy Wayne walked toward me to cross in my path.

"Are you in a hurry faggot?" he said standing in front of me.

"Look man I don't want trouble... just let me go ok?"

"You'll have to beg faggot."

"Leave him alone!" Tony yelled ten or twelve yards away but Wayne didn't notice that.

"Please, just let me go..."

"Or what? Are you going to cry faggot? Are you in a hurry to fuck your boyfriend?"

I didn't like his behavior so I stepped back a little but he gripped my shirt with his right hand.

"Let me go now... please." I said firmly to him remembering Mr. Randall's words.

"Fuck you!" He yelled at me with his face red and full of anger.

That was it, I grabbed his hand with both my hands twisting his hand to my right and pushing it with my thumbs. I did it quickly not allowing him to defend himself.

He had his hand bent and twisted behind his back. That was a move John taught me a long time ago and I did it instinctively.

Wayne bent down and dropped to his knees.

The shorter guy, Rick, ran to help him but Tony stopped him.

"Wait, leave them alone," he said and walked toward me.

"I'm going to kill you faggot." Said Wayne to me with his jaws clenched and red faced.

"Look... I don't want trouble... I asked you to leave me alone... I don't want to fight, just let me go."

"Let him go David," said Tony and pushed me making me let Wayne go.

Wayne stood up in a hurry but Tony stopped him, "I told you to leave him alone Wayne!"

"No way, I'm going to kick his ass."

"I said leave him alone!" yelled Tony in a scary tone of voice.

"Fuck you man!"

"STEP BACK NOW!" yelled Tony.

"Fuck you Martucelli!" yelled back Wayne pushing him and then turned on his feet and walked away.

While he was walking away he turned his head and said, "Next time you'll bleed faggot."

"You'll pay for this Martucelli!" said Rick to Tony when he was turning to walk away with Wayne.

"Thanks dude." I said to Tony before he went away.

"Watch your back."


"From them... just watch your back ok?"

"Thanks, I owe you one."

He smiled at me but he had a look of concern on his face. After that he turned away and walked toward his friends. Rick and Wayne were talking and looking at me with an angry look on their faces.

When Tony reached them all of his friends were arguing and it seemed all of them were against Wayne. Finally I heard Wayne yelling, "... FUCK YOU ALL THEN!" and walked away toward the gym followed by Rick.

That's when I noticed a bunch of kids looking at me, all over the place including the dorm's windows.

I walked forward and entered the dorms heading to my room.

When I closed our room door I sighed deeply and started shaking uncontrollably.

"What happened? Are you ok? Your pale as a ghost, what happened?" asked Dan standing up from his chair.

He hugged me tightly.

"Omigod you are shaking, what happened?"

"Nothing... Tony and his mates."

"Are you ok?"


I related to him the little encounter at the main square.

"Oh shit... that's bad." Said Dan with worried eyes.

"Don't worry babe everything will be all right. It looks like Tony is on our side now." I said pulling him to me and hugging him tightly against me.

"For how long?"

"I don't know."

He was right, those bastards act by themselves and Tony may not be able to keep them away from us, at least not for long.

"I talked with my Mom," I said to change the subject.

"Really? That's great." He said notoriously happy.

"They want me home next Friday, for an official event of my Dad's."

"Are you going to attend?"

"Would you like to come with me?"

"Me? Are you kidding?"

"Nope... I'll be bored to dead dude, come on."

"No way! Look, this is the first time you'll see your family in months, they'll want to talk to you as the family, don't you think?"

"Yeah, you may be right but I still want you to come along."

"And I'd love to go but I would be a fifth wheel, so maybe next time, what do you think?"

"Just because you're right," I said and kissed him on the lips

I was so worried that we didn't make love that night; but we slept together.

Dan hugged me and stroked my hair lightly until I calmed down and slept.

I don't remember what I dreamt but I had a restless sleep that night, I woke a couple of times during night and it took a while to get back to sleep.

The next day the routine started again but it was different.

Now Dan and I showered at the same time and we had breakfast before going our separate way to class.

When my second period ended Mr. Peters was waiting for me outside the classroom, he took me to the Dressing Room with the ugly guy but there was another guy I didn't know. He measured me for a suit putting some pins in it as he fit it to my body.

"You'll have it ready tomorrow at this time," He said before I left the room.

Next day the same guy was there at the same time. He had four different suits for me with shirts, neckties, socks and shoes. A complete wardrobe for me, it has to be my Mom's idea.

Back in my room before we headed off to bed I showed the suits to Dan, I put on each one of them while Dan observed me, seated on his bed.

"I think you should wear the dark blue one with the black shoes," Dan said and added, "You look hot in it."

"You think so? Ok, the dark blue then."

That week was fantastic thanks to Dan. Both of us were doing homework and reading until late everyday but at ten o'clock it was over and the next two hours were exclusively for making love.

On Friday I didn't exercise at all, I finished my homework because I didn't want pending issues over the weekend, I was sure my Mom wouldn't let me go back until late Sunday so I read, wrote my essays, did my lab practices, everything. Well, actually I was three weeks ahead of everyone and four weeks ahead of the program.

At 4:30 I took a shower and shaved, when I went back to my room and found Dan who had just arrived.

"Hi gorgeous," He said with sparkling eyes.

"Hey handsome."

He walked to me and said, "I'm going to miss you so much."

"Me too babe," I answered while my arms surrounded him by the waist.

We saw into each other eyes and when we were going to kiss...

Knock, knock, "David..."

"Shit," both of us jumped back.

I opened the door and it was a kid I didn't know, "Hi, I'm Josh."

"Hi Josh, sorry but tutoring is suspended until next Monday," I said.

"No, Mr. Randall sent me to tell you your car is ready at the main building."

"Thanks Josh."

"Ok, bye."

I closed the door and Dan was holding my shirt in his hands, "Hurry up, it's 5:15 already and your family is waiting."

Five minutes later I was ready to go.

"What's up babe?" asked Dan and added, "You have a weird look."

"I don't know, I feel excited but I'm nervous too, I have butterflies in my stomach."

He put his arms around me and stroked my hair slowly, "You'll be fine, it's your family... just remember that I love you."

"I love you too babe," I answered and kissed him on the lips. After a couple of minutes making out he pulled away and said, "Stop, you have to go."

So we kissed one last time and both of us walked out to the main building.

John and Omar were waiting for me with my Volvo.

"Wow! That's your car?" asked Dan.

"Yeah but I cannot drive it yet."

"So what, just look at it, it's beautiful. Maybe some time we can have a drive in it."

"That would be great, count on it," I said.

We said goodbye and I got into the car, which Omar quickly drove out of the school land. At the main gate another car with armed guards followed ours closely.

"Another car? Has my Dad lost his mind?"

"No, he's worried. That's all," said John and added before I had a chance to say something, "Nice to see you David, how are you?"

"Fine, how have you been doing John?"

"Well, fine but a little bored, right Omar?"

"Yeah, the only good things are the helicopter rides we had," said Omar looking at me through the mirror.

"Are you still mad at me David?" asked John.

"No, I'm not."

He just smiled before he asked, "So, who's the stud?"

"Dan, he's my roommate... and my best friend too."

"Oh, really? What about Tomas?"

"What about him? I have not seen him all these months."

"A nail takes off another nail," He said with an evil smile on his face.

"Shut up!" I said blushing.

"What? I didn't say a thing," He answered almost laughing.

After that he told me about my family, what has happened, and all that stuff. The drive ended too soon I guess. It was 6:00 O'clock.

When we entered the main gates I was nervous as hell and the butterflies felt like pigeons in my stomach.

When I was walking to the door John said, "Your mom is waiting in her room."

"Thanks. Nice to see you."

I walked into the house where a butler guided me into the house. It was huge, amazingly huge and full of people already, especially the press.

We walked through the main entrance hall where I saw some guys, maybe photographers, pointing at me; we crossed a big dinner salon where I counted at least 30 tables set for ten persons at each one, a band was at the back of the salon just in front of the dance floor; finally I reached the stairs, when I was going to walk up someone called my name, "David!"

I didn't pay any attention, I thought it was a photographer but he called again, "David, it's me!"

I stopped and turned to look at him, he was standing at the doorway of the private living room, gorgeous as ever in a dark gray suit and smiling, "Tomas? What are you doing here?"

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