St. Joseph's All-boys High School


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Authors Note

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This chapter is kind of different, the main idea I had when I wrote it was to depict the right feelings between David and Dan because that could make easier to understand next chapters. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 9 - Darkness



Just before noon the guy next-door, Mark, knocked on the door and told me David was on the phone cheering me up for the day, at least the next couple of hours.

He told me everything about his parents, the dinner and breakfast that morning with his father. As soon as I hung-up the phone I ran to the library to read the newspaper article he told me about and I found it.

I felt so happy for him.

After that I went to lunch and found Mike there. He's in my Science class and that's when the cheer ended.

"Hey Mike," I said to him when we were in the food lane.

"Hey dude, what's up?" He said cheerfully.

"Not too much, a boring Saturday," I said chuckling.

"You can say that because you already have your Science composition finished," he said.

"Composition? What composition?"

"Come on, your kidding right? The research we have to do for science and write a composition for next Friday," He answered furrowing his eyebrows.


"Oh my God, is it for next Friday? I haven't started yet," I said in panic.

"Really? What have you been doing the last three weeks?"

Being in love wasn't an answer, right?

"I totally forgot about it, fuck, now I'll have to do it during this week, fuck!"

"You have lot of work to do man, I already have two weeks work on it and haven't finished yet."

"What? Oh yeah, fuck man I'm totally screwed," I replied to him while we were sitting at the table.

So, after lunch I ran to our room to read the details about the work I had to do. After that I ran to the library to pick up some books and magazines. Then back to my room to read, I also connected to the Internet looking for something.

The composition was about the space race and we have to include all the US and USSR missions information and details. I had lot of work to do so time passed very quickly.

When I looked at my watch it was already 8:30 PM. David didn't call me as he promised, maybe later if he came back from the party. Well, I was too busy to think about the party anyway.



I stayed up 'til 2:00 AM reading and looking for info and he still hadn't called me. He must have been 'busy' with something… or someone.

Next morning I woke up early to continue my research so at 7:30 AM I was up and ready. As David hadn't called last night I thought he was going to call this morning so I didn't go to have breakfast, waiting for him to call.

At noon I was starving so I ran to the cafeteria but didn't have lunch there, I asked Charles for a box lunch to go and I ran back to our room to wait for David's call.

Around 3:00 PM someone knocked at the door and a couple of seconds later I saw Mark at the doorway," Is David in here? Someone called Tomas is on the phone and he is asking for David," He said.

"No, he's not here yet but I'll tell him as soon as he gets back," I answered. Mark left closing the door behind him.

Around 7:00 PM I left the room to have dinner. I dined in the kitchen with Charles and after that I went back to our room where Mark told me Tomas had called again and with that he had called a total of four times. Who the hell was Tomas anyway?

It was around 8:00 PM and I thought he was going to enter the room anytime now so I prepared myself to receive him. I left the books, took a shower and wore only my boxers but five minutes later I had to put a t-shirt on because I was freezing.

I lay on my bed in a sexy position but I felt stupid so I sat up again and finally I stood up turned off the lights and sat back on the bed waiting for him. I didn't care about the composition for tonight because I was waiting for him.

He came into the room almost at 10:00 PM and I have to admit being a little anger at him because of that but I tried to forget about it.

We were at the beginning of a hot session when Mark interrupted us to tell David Tomas was at the phone again. The worst part was that he left me there waiting for him while he talked to Tomas. It was cold so I put on my t-shirt again and pulled the sheets over me.

I turned myself to the wall but moved to give David some space when he came back. When he entered he didn't say a thing and he just lay on his bed. At first I thought he was fooling around but no more than two minutes after that I heard him peacefully snoring, he was asleep.



I was so pissed that I woke up early due to a restless night but I didn't want to talk to him so I went out to have my shower. When I going back to our room I found him in the hallway and he had this goofy face on him like if nothing had happened the night before.

All I could do was smile at him but I felt anger toward him.

When he entered the room after his shower I was ready to leave so I just excused myself and left him there.

I wasn't lying to him but the truth was that I didn't want to talk to him at that moment.

In between classes I ran to the library to work on my research.

I was sure that if I was back at our room I couldn't have finished my work with David there. My madness almost disappeared along the day so I was relatively relaxed when I left the library and I was looking forward to see him.

That night I came to the room around 9:00 PM and found David waiting for me.


"And how was the party with… Eli? I think you said that was his name right?" Asked Dan.

So I told him everything about it, well almost everything. I wouldn't have told him about him kissing me, and the horse riding together and the naked thing and the kiss again, shit I was lying to him and I felt bad.

Everything was fine until I said," Mom knows about me."

The second I said those words I knew there was going to be problems.

"WHAT?" He asked astonished.

"She knows I'm gay," I said.

"How does she know that? You told her?"

"Well, promise me you won't be mad at me please," I answered.

"I won't, tell me please."

"Well, she saw us… kissing in the dining room."

"She what?"

"He pulled me into the dining room and kissed me by surprise and I couldn't avoid it because our parents were behind the doors," I replied somewhat defensively

"I have the impression that wasn't the first time you two kissed each other, am I right?"


"And before you answer me that remember what I hate the most are lies so please be totally honest with me," He said in a serious tone of voice.

He knew I wasn't telling him all the truth and he deserved to know it.

What was wrong with that? I didn't cheat on him right? Of course I didn't but then why was I feeling that nervous.

"Babe… I'm waiting…"

Today I know I did the right thing but at that very moment I wasn't sure and in the next couple of days I concluded it was totally wrong and that I had screwed up.

I told Dan everything and I mean, every single detail of that weekend even my thoughts and feelings.

When I finished I asked him," Are you mad at me?"

"No… I guess…I mean it wasn't your fault… I guess…"

"Dan, I love you with all my heart and even when I had the chance to cheat on you I didn't," I said to him and grabbed his hand.

"You are too important to me to do something so stupid," I added.

"I don't know… I need some time to think about this."


What does that mean? I couldn't have imagined.

It was too late so we went to sleep. He didn't say anything to me and for the second time we slept on our own beds.



God I was so pissed last night that I almost couldn't sleep at all.

There is one thing I hate the most and that is someone lying to me so I let him know that before we talked yesterday and I found he was lying the night before. Well, not lying but leaving out a lot of little details of his weekend story that it sounded like a lie to me.

That made me feel so sad even though he told me his Mom reacted great when she determined that he was gay. I don't think that could happen very often to other guys because of all the stupid judgmental and moral ideas all parents usually have.

I can understand Eli kissing him at the party by surprise because one thing David does to me is to think about kissing him and that happens every time I see his beautiful and sexy lips.

Even the lust he felt for Tomas is comprehensible. I mean, being Tomas his platonic love the past two years could make the situation hard to manage. And being that Tomas is stronger than he is, he took advantage of David in some sort of way and kissed him.

But nobody forced David to touch his… his… big and deformed thing. And what about the 'nightmare' as he called it, for me it was a typical wet fantasy dream and I'm not saying I haven't dreamt about some other guy before but nothing so… so… graphical like he did. Finally he didn't do a thing with Tomas but it still bothers me to know they like each other and they have lots of things in common.

I thought was all and then he told me about the horse riding with Eli and the kiss he gave to Dave 'again' I should say. And why does he tell me he looks like me, what the fuck does that mean? That he likes him like he likes me? That he could fall in love with him?

Definitely I didn't want to talk to him right then so I said we would talk about it later but in the morning I left the room before he came back from the showers and I stayed at the library doing my work all day long. I felt so confused about what to do and what to say to him, there were too many emotions involved and I didn't want to do or say something stupid.


Next morning it was the same as the day before. When I came back from the showers he had left the room already. I was starting to think I had done the worst thing ever, telling him everything I mean.

Just after lunch I was walking to my room and found Tony walking toward me.

"Hey dude!" I said cheerfully.

"Uh? Hi…" He answered hesitantly.

"How are you man?"

"Fine… you?"

"I'm ok."

"You went out the weekend right? I saw you dressed in a suit last Friday."

"Yeah, a part…"

THUMPT! Someone pushed me from behind almost making me fall down to the floor.

"Get out of my way faggot!" Said Rick to me.

"Come on Rick, grow up!" said Tony to him at the same time he helped me to straighten up.

"Are you on his side Martucelli?" asked Rick defiantly approaching Tony standing a few inches from his face.

"Fuck off Rick," answered Tony in an anger tone of voice.

"If I want to push the faggot I…" snarled Rick and he tried to push my shoulder with his hand but I took advantage of him not looking at me and I grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm forcing him to his knees as I had done with Wayne before.

Immediately Wayne jumped on me but Tony pushed him off then Tony turned to face me and said," Let him go if you don't want problems."

He said that in a hostile tone of voice but the look on his face was more like a beg than anything so I dropped Rick's arm and Tony helped him to stand up.

Rick stood up and almost jumped on me but Tony stopped him and said," Come on, chill out man," putting his arm between us and pulling him away.

Rick's face was twisted by the anger he felt. As they walked away Tony turned to look at me and said, " You're looking for trouble dude."

WHAT? I did no fucking shit. He just pushed me with no reason.

I was confused. Was he on my side or their side? I mean, his last statement sounded more like a threat than anything.

The afternoon drifted on slowly and I couldn't concentrate thinking about Dan and what was going to happen when he came back to our room.

I had to talk to him, to explain to him that I fucked things up, to beg him to forgive me.

Later that night after I finished all my duties Dan came back around 9:50 PM. By that time I was a nut case imagining the worst scenarios.

When he opened the door my heart jumped in my chest and my stomach twisted. My mouth dried as if I had swallowed sand.

He stepped inside and casually turned to look at me and said," Hey… I have tons of work to do tonight."

He dropped his jacket on his bed and turned on his computer.

While it started up he hung up his jacket in the closet and then sat down on his chair to start typing something.

"Do you need help?" I asked trying to be friendly.

"No," he answered sharply.

"Can we talk a little before you do that?"

"Sorry, I can't," he said.

"Are you angry?"

He turned to look at my face and he his eyes depicted sadness.

He said to me," I think I have the right to be angry or sad or disappointed but no I'm not, I don't know. Anyway, I don't want to talk right now because I have work to do," his tone of voice was totally serious.

"I can help you if you want," I offered trying to sound cool.

"I said no… thanks," He answered back.

He totally ignored me after that and I sat looking at his frame sitting on his chair and wondering what destiny had prepared for me the next day.



Oh God, what's going on with me? Yesterday I was almost loosing it. I wanted to go to our room and say I don't know how many stupid things to him. Finally by mid afternoon I had enough concentration to do my work and I forgot about him for a while.

I didn't notice the time and I had to run to our room to avoid being locked out of the building. Once inside the room he tried to talk to me just to help me out with my work as he always does but I couldn't because I still was pissed with him.

I was rude to him and I was going to apologize to him but he went to sleep too soon and I mean too soon as if he didn't care I was angry with him and that made me feel sad again.

It was like if he didn't care at all. Was I a game for him? Does he love me? Or I'm just an accident because he was stuck inside these walls?

In the morning I did the same as yesterday, I left the room before he came back from the showers.


Morning hadn't improved. The only good thing was Mr. Randall assigned me as tutor to a group of six younger students so I kept my mind busy almost all day. But the sorrow was growing in my heart.

The tutoring was held in a private meeting room inside the library. After I explained the math theory to those kids I wrote a couple of exercises on the whiteboard for them to complete.

I left them inside working on those exercises to go upstairs and pick up some books for me. I found Dan there. He was sitting at a desk at the end of the last corridor of bookshelves.

He had his notebook on the desk with his pen on it but he hadn't written anything yet, he was totally lost in his thoughts.

I approached him and said," Hey dude," making him jump on his chair.

"What… what are you doing here?"

"I was tutoring some guys and I decided to pick up some books for my homework. You?"

"I'm doing homework," he quickly answered. He was lying and avoiding me.

"Can we talk?" I asked.

"No… I'm… doing homework I told you," He said hesitantly.

"Come on D…" I was saying when he interrupted me.

"God damned! Leave me alone ok? I don't want to talk… to you… right now." He said clenching his teeth.

My heart sank deep inside my chest and I felt a big knot in my throat.

"Okay," I said almost in a whisper and turned back to walk away. My eyes started to water and it took all the strength in my guts to not cry right then and there.

I checked the exercises with each boy, gave them some feedback and answered some questions then I left the library to go to my room.

As soon as I closed the door behind me the tears ran down my cheeks and I start quivering uncontrollably. I lay down on my bed with my face deep inside the pillow to silence my sobs.

After a while I undressed to my boxers and covered myself with the sheet. When Dan came to our room I pretended to be asleep facing away from him and he didn't say anything.



Oh God, how stupid could I be? Yesterday I was the biggest dumb ass in the entire world, at least I felt like that.

I felt so sad that I was crying silently at the library and suddenly David scared me to death when he appeared from behind. I don't know why but that made me angry immediately.

He was trying to be nice and I didn't want him to notice I had been crying so I talked rude to him, so rude that I felt like shit immediately after that and he must have been feeling the same way.

And if I wasn't stupid enough I dropped all my books when trying to put them into my backpack so when I ran down stairs he had left the library. I ran to our room but I didn't find him there.

So I thought I would work in and wait for him but one of the books was missing so I had to go back to the library. I had to ask librarian about it and he punished me by not letting me check the book out of the library so I had to work in there.

When I finally returned to our room he was already asleep so I couldn't apologize to him. And as I was also tired I undressed and went to sleep very soon.

In the morning I woke up early enough to catch the librarian opening the library doors and I was able to continue my work before classes. David was soundly sleeping when I left the room and I didn't wake him up because he usually sleeps an additional half an hour.


I woke up late and missed my homeroom class with Mr. Randall. He sent a note to my next class saying we had to talk at his office before lunchtime.

Mrs. Walsh asked me if I was sick or something because I looked pale and drawn and I said everything was fine but the truth is I felt depressed and had to drag my body from one place to the other. I also had deep sadness thinking Dan didn't love me anymore and was going to drop me or change school or something.

As he requested I knocked on Mr. Randall's office just before lunch.

"Come in," He said from behind the door.

"Hi Sir, you wanted to talk with me," I said plainly.

"Well, well, well… Sit down David please. Do you feel well? You look pale."

"I'm fine thanks."

"So, tell me what happened this morning that caused you to miss your homeroom class."

"I couldn't sleep well and I woke up too late… Sorry… It won't happen again."

"Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"No Sir, I'm fine thank you," I answered back, smiling, trying to sound convincing.

"Okay, fine. As you know one delay or unjustified missing class means detention so I'll wait for you here at my office at 2:35 PM just after your last class. I have some work for you."


"Yes Sir."

"Fine, go to lunch son. See you later."

"Thanks Sir."


I went to the cafeteria hoping to find Dan there but he wasn't so I ran out of there almost immediately. I wasn't hungry and as I had detention to serve later in the afternoon I went to the pool to do some laps.

Swimming always relaxes me and this time was no exception. I felt better to deal with another class. After that I ran to Mr. Randall's office where he was waiting for me.

"Ok David here is the deal. I don't know what's going on with you right now and it seems you don't want me to dig on it so I won't.

"I won't write this detention in your file because I'm pretty sure you had a good reason to feel sick.

"I want you to do your homework until 4:30. Then you'll help me with some work."

I didn't have pending homework so I read and did some summaries about history, and biology. After that I helped Mr. Randall with lots of tests and grades that needed to be entered into his computer.

He left me there for an hour or so and when he came back he brought dinner for both of us.

"I'm finished sir," I said a couple of minutes later.

"Great. This is great. You don't know how much you have helped me with this. Thank you very much son."

"Your welcome."

"I hope you feel better now at least to eat some pizza. What do you say?" asked Mr. Randall pointing to the box on his desk.

"Sure… why not?"

We talked while eating pizza and too soon it was 8:00 PM and he had to go so I thanked him and left his office.

When I was going down the stairs to the main square I saw Dan entering the dorms door. I didn't want to have a fight with him so I walked to the library where I read and completed a couple of essays for Spanish and English classes.

Almost two hours later I entered our room and found Dan doing homework on his desk. When I stepped in he looked at me for a couple of seconds before turning back to his notebook.

After brushing my teeth I lay down on my bed and as I was so tired I was asleep no more than two minutes later, even before the lights went off.



Enough was enough.

Last night I was resolute to talk to David so when he entered the room I thought I would finish the last page of the book and then talk to him but when I turned around he was already sleeping.

I stared at him for a while and I understood how much I loved him and how stupid I was pushing him away from me. No matter what the only way to let him go was if he asked for it.

Next morning I waited for him even when I was a little late for the library. But he was too late so I told him we would talk later that day and there was no tomorrow. I had to deliver my composition that same afternoon so after dinner we would be talk and make peace.


I woke up with a weird feeling in my guts, stronger than ever and to my surprise Dan was waiting for me after his shower.

"We have to talk," He said sharply.

"Just give me a minute to put something on," I said.

"No… not now, later, tonight."


"I have to run now. I have a project to finish right now but tonight I'll be finally free," He said. His voice trembled but his face was dead serious.

"Okay no problem," I replied and before I could say anything else he walked out of the room.

He left me there with thousands of bad feelings about us.

That morning just before I left homeroom Mr. Randall told me there were only two 4.0 students in the program.

"… But you are two weeks ahead of the other boy in the program.

"If you keep your pace you'll be the only one in two weeks," He said cheerily.

"Great," I said nonchalantly

"Do you feel all right?"

"I have this weird feeling in my gut but I don't know why."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No… I'll… be all right thanks."

The day passed by and soon I was leaving the cafeteria after having dinner. I went to the library to pick up some books but it took me more time than expected so when I left the library it was almost dark.

When I was at the dorms door someone yelled at me," Faggot!"

I ignored it as always.

"Mr. Randall is waiting for you at his office," said the voice again so I turned to look at him, it was Wayne.


"Mr. Randall is…"

"I heard you the first time. Why did he send you?"

"Something about your faggot boyfriend," He said.


"Are you deaf or stupid?" He said defiantly.

I just turned my way to Mr. Randall's office.

When I reached Mr. Randall's office it was closed and everything was turned off.

"What the fuck?"

I felt angry and walked back to the dorms.

'Asshole, next time I won't drop his wrist until it crunches' I thought to myself.

I still was angry when I reached the fourth floor where my room is.

From that point everything happened to fast.

Each floor is a perfect square that has four hallways along each one of its sides. Exactly in the middle there are two hallways that form a cross running from side to side of the building.

On each side of the hallways there are rooms.

Our room is at the exact opposite corner of the stairs I came up so as always I walked straight ahead.

I usually turn to my right in the middle hallway to avoid walking in front of Tony, Rick and Wayne's rooms that are at the end of the stairs hallway.

I heard steps at the end of the hallway I was walking in but couldn't see a thing.

When I turned again to my right I found Wayne standing ten feet in front of me with that evil smile that makes me nervous.

"G' night faggot!" said Wayne almost yelling and then walked toward me making me stop.

I could hear music coming from inside the rooms but nobody was walking through the hallways.

"I don't want any problems," I said seriously and firmly.

He just smiled at me and answered back," Too late faggot 'cause you are in deep shit now."

I was totally determined to kick Wayne's ass to stop him bullying me again. I clenched my jaws and prepared to throw the books at him and fight.

He was in front of me and I wasn't afraid because this wasn't the first fight I had.

Suddenly he looked over my shoulder and that made my guts jump.

Before I could turn my face to look at my back something hit me in the lower back. The pain I felt was so intense that it made me drop the books to the floor and almost fall down to my knees.

When I finally turned my face I saw Rick with a furious look on his face and then I felt three more blows hitting in the same place.

I jumped away to my right supporting my weight on the wall. I had them by my sides.

Rick tried to hit me again and I took his right wrist with my hand and rotated my body to my right pulling him with me. He lost his balance and stepped forward then I turned back violently twisting his wrist back and down through his back causing him to fall down backwards.

I heard a crack noise and a THUMP sound when his back hit the floor making him yell. He was hurt.

Wayne hit me when I was trying to stand up sending me to the floor.

I tried to stand up again but he kicked me in the stomach taking all the air out of my lungs.

After that I couldn't fight back. Wayne kicked time after time all over my body with all the strenght and hate he could.

I just tried to defend myself the best I could but even in the fetal position there wasn't much I could do.

The pain was all over my body but was especially intense on my face and ribs. I heard the bones cracking at his contact.

In between kicks I heard a door opening and a voice yelling," FIGHT! FIGHT!" followed by more doors opening and the steps of guys running through the hallway.

Suddenly the attack ended but I don't know what happened to Wayne or Rick.

Some boys kneeled by my side and asked me if I was all right and how could they help me. Someone said they have to call the on-duty professor and some other said call 911.

"OMIGOD! OMIGOD! DAVID! OMIGOD!" said a familiar voice, Tony.

When I felt him by my side I tried to protect myself with my arms but he said," It's me David… I won't hurt you."

I could barely see through my left eye but I couldn't through my right eye. The pain on my left cheekbone and right jawbone was intense and I couldn't breathe because of the bleeding from my nose and the pain in my chest, I felt like if someone was standing on his feet and on my chest. My belly hurt the same as my back.

I remembered John so I took the alarm device out of my pocket and pressed the button. Everything was a blur but I never lost the grip on the alarm device no matter how bad the pain was on that hand.

Tony kept talking to me while he yelled orders to everyone standing there.

I lost consciousness but I remember being lifted up in some kind of stretcher and carried down the stairs. The only face I remember is Tony's but I also heard John's voice telling me everything was going to be ok.

After that I saw the brightest light I had ever seen before and then a strong wind on my face, then only blackness.


I was waiting for the Science teacher outside the classroom with some other guys to drop our work in there when I saw David coming up the stairs two floors below our classroom. I couldn't talked to him because there were a few other mates there with me.

I don't know how much time passed after that but as soon as I delivered my work I was going to run out of there to meet David at the room, he must have had dinner already.

Suddenly, while I was in the classroom with the teacher, I heard the usual helicopter sound we heard few times a day but this time the sound didn't disappear as always, it was stronger than ever. We saw the bright lights of it going down in the parking space at the side of the building making all the windows rumble.

Panic struck my heart and I knew something bad had happened. I dropped my work on the teacher's desk and ran out of there ignoring him yelling at me.

I was running but not fast enough because I wanted to fly and that's what I did. When I had five or six steps more to reach the main floor I lost my step and landed on the floor.

I stood up and ran to the back door, the one that goes out to the main square. When I passed through it I saw a couple of soldiers standing outside the dorms. They stopped me when I reached it and didn't allow me to go outside the building.

A couple of minutes after that a bunch of people came out of the doors loading someone, that someone was David and as much as I tried to reach him the soldiers wouldn't allow me to do so. I could only see Tony and couple of the guys helping the soldiers walking with them.

When they put David inside the helicopter I saw his face covered in blood and unconscious. Nobody was allowed to go with him. There were like 10 military vehicles in there and lots of soldiers running from one side to the other.

I saw Tony walking in my direction with his shirt, sleeves and hands covered in David's blood. He was crying the same as I was and when he saw me he said," I'm sorry, I didn't know about it, I swear."

"What?" I asked.

"I didn't know it, I swear," He repeated just before a couple of soldiers took him by his arms and moved away.


That's it for now… God, that was a difficult one to write, I hope you liked it. Send me your comments. Soon I'll be posting Chapter 10.