Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is. This book will continue the story of Carter and Kevin as they explore their love for each other. The first part of this story is titled "Starting Over" and can be found in the no-sex section of the archive. If you have not read it yet, you may wish to read it before beginning this story.

This story is © 2004 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations involving teen males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 1

Carter and Kevin were now alone for the night. Carter was nervous because this would be the first time he had actually made love to another guy, but he had planned ahead. Even though he was nervous, Carter had looked forward to this moment for a very long time. Kevin looked deeply into Carter's eyes as the boys stood in the living room, and could see that Carter was nervous. Kevin softly took ahold of Carter's hand, and gave him a very warm and reassuring kiss on the lips.

As they parted, Kevin said, "I have dreamed of having a boyfriend like you for a long time Carter. You're kind, sensitive, and beautiful. I will make love to you so gently that it will make your heart soar with the eagles. I will never do anything to hurt you Carter, I'd rather hurt myself than to hurt you."

"I love you so much Kevin." replied Carter. "I've dreamed of loving another guy enough to make love to him for a long time now. I'm so glad that it turned out to be you, and I want to make this as special as possible. Let's go to my room Kevin."

Kevin followed Carter to his room, holding his boyfriend's hand all the way there. Carter grabbed the doorknob to his room and hesitated for a few moments, then slowly swung the door open. When Kevin stepped into the room, he was amazed. Carter had indeed prepared for this moment. The lights had been turned down low, and soft instrumental music was playing lowly in the background. Carter had also placed flowers and candles around the room. The scene struck Kevin as being so romantic, that it made his heart melt for Carter on the spot.

"Do you like what I've done with the room?" asked Carter.

"I don't deserve you Carter." said Kevin dreamily. "As a matter of fact, no mortal deserves someone as perfect as you, but I'm going to try my best. May I undress you Carter?"

"Sure!" giggled Carter. "I'd love that very much."

Kevin slowly undressed Carter as if he were unwrapping a work of art, stopping to admire every inch of Carter's body before continuing. Kevin undressed Carter so slowly and sensuously that it aroused Carter, and Carter's cock let Kevin know that. As Kevin was kneeling to work on Carter's shoes, he longingly gazed at Carter's beautifully erect cock. He did not want to touch it just yet though. Once Carter was naked, Kevin admired his beautiful body as he ran his hands over it softly.

"Your touch makes me tingle all over Kevin." said Carter. "It makes me swell up with happiness until I feel like I could burst. I need to take your clothes off now, so we can make love."

Kevin stood still as Carter began working on his clothes. Carter ran his hands over every inch of Kevin's body as it was exposed. When Carter got down to Kevin's pants and underwear, he ran his hands softly over Kevin's cock. Kevin responded with a gasp as his cock slowly stiffened. Carter stared intently at Kevin's cock, as he slowly brought his lips closer and kissed it softly on the tip of the head. Then Carter quickly removed the rest of Kevin's clothes. When Carter stood back up, Kevin took him into a warm embrace. The two boys kissed deeply as they slowly drifted toward the bed. Once they were there, Kevin scooped Carter up and laid him gently on the bed. Then Kevin laid down next to the reason for his existence. The two boys resumed their embrace, kissing each other with more passion than they ever had before. The boys spent several minutes kissing, and examining each other with their hands.

Without saying a word, Kevin turned around so that they could see and taste each other's cock. Kevin admired Carter's cock for a few moments, before taking it gently into his mouth. The feeling of his cock being in Kevin's mouth almost caused Carter to lose his breath. He never dreamed that this kind of contact could feel so euphoric. As soon as Carter recovered his senses, he opened his mouth in front of Kevin's cock. Carter watched in anticipation as Kevin's cock drew closer and closer to his mouth. As Carter watched Kevin's cock disappear into his mouth, he knew he was in another world. A world that was beautiful and right, and filled with love and pleasure. Carter closed his mouth around Kevin's cock, and felt the hot shaft throb inside him. Carter licked hungrily at the shaft and head, enjoying the taste of Kevin's cock. He never knew anything could be as great as the feelings that were coursing through his body at this moment. Kevin's cock now tasted better than anything he had ever had in his mouth before. The two boys caressed each other's cocks gently, stopping often so they would not build to an orgasm yet. During one of these times, Kevin decided that no one's cock was more beautiful than Carter's. Not even the one time when his uncle Phillip had let Kevin suck his cock. Carter was hundreds of times more beautiful than anyone else. Meanwhile, Carter was wondering why it had taken him so long to experience this kind of pleasure. It was such an intense pleasure for him that it numbed his mind to anything but the boy he was now in bed with. Then Carter realized the answer to his question. His whole life had been leading up to this moment with Kevin. This moment was perfection as far as Carter was concerned, and anything happening before this would have ruined it. Carter's heart and soul now belonged to Kevin.

After the boys had spent what seemed like a blissful eternity pleasuring each other with their mouths, Kevin pulled back and said, "I need to feel your love inside me Carter. Please put your cock inside me and show me the greatest love I have ever seen."

Kevin climbed back up the bed and laid on his back, as Carter reached over to grab the bottle of lube he had placed on his nightstand. As Carter was spreading the lube around Kevin's hole, Kevin begged him to slip his finger on in. Carter firmly but carefully pushed his finger into Kevin, and began working it around inside him. Kevin felt so hot and soft in there that Carter could not wait any longer. He lubed his cock with his free hand, then slipped his finger out and placed his cock at Kevin's hole. Carter and Kevin looked at each other with nothing but love in their eyes, as Carter pushed his cock into Kevin.

"Oh God Carter!" cried out Kevin. "You feel so good inside me Carter! Please make love to me forever."

Carter could not even describe the feelings he was feeling at this moment. As Kevin's rectum engulfed Carter's cock, it felt so wonderfully warm. It was also very soft and moist, and nothing had ever felt as perfect to his cock. The feelings running through Carter's body were so perfect and beautiful, that it was all Carter could do to keep from crying from joy.

"I love you so much Kevin." said Carter emotionally, as he drove himself deeply into Kevin.

Carter didn't know how anything could possibly make this moment better, until he began to slowly thrust in and out of Kevin. Carter didn't need to know what Heaven was like now, because nothing would ever top this moment in his life. Carter and Kevin were now physically connected to each other, and felt as though they were one person. As Carter thrust his throbbing cock in and out of Kevin, he leaned down and planted his lips against Kevin's. The two boys took turns sucking each other's tongue hard, as Carter continued to pleasure his cock and Kevin's hole. Carter began to feel his cock throb harder as his balls began to churn.

"Oh God Kevin!" panted Carter as he raised up. "I'm going to blast my love into you at any time. I've never felt a cum that was building up as strong as this one is!"

"Please put your cum inside me Carter!" pleaded Kevin breathlessly. "Let me have your cum inside me, so it can become a part of me forever."

Carter looked down at his cock going in and out of Kevin, then looked up at the ceiling as he screamed out at the top of his lungs. As Carter pumped his cum into Kevin, he felt like he might not ever stop cumming. Carter's intense orgasm did finally release it's hold on him though, and Carter slumped down on top of Kevin's body. Carter's cock was still buried inside Kevin, so Kevin stroked Carter's head as he waited for it to come out on it's own. Carter's cock finally began to deflate, and slipped gently out of Kevin's ass.

Kevin then turned the exhausted and helpless boy onto his back and asked, "Do you want to feel my cock inside you now babe?"

"Oh dear God yes, please!" begged Carter weakly.

Kevin spread Carter's legs apart, the grabbed the bottle of lube. Kevin carefully massaged the lube into Carter's pucker, then slowly inserted one finger into his boyfriend. As Kevin worked his finger around inside Carter, Carter moaned contentedly. When Kevin felt Carter was ready, he pushed a second finger into him. This caused Carter to grunt slightly, but he loved the feeling of two of Kevin's fingers inside him. When Carter began to wriggle around on Kevin's fingers, Kevin smiled softly at him.

"I think you're ready to have me inside you now Carter." said Kevin. "Just remember that I love you very much, so if it hurts too much, tell me so I can pull it out of you."

This was the moment Carter had been so nervous about, but at the same time he was looking forward to it. Carter relaxed himself as much as he could, and Kevin began to push. When the head of Kevin's cock slipped into Carter, he saw his boyfriend wince slightly.

"Are you okay Carter?" asked Kevin with concern. "Do you want me to take it out?"

"No!" panted Carter. "Please don't... It felt different at first... It's starting to feel much better."

"Okay babe, I'll just let you get use to it before we go any further." said Kevin.

As Kevin held the head of his cock in one place inside Carter, he reached down and gently stroked Carter's body. As Kevin worked his hand up toward Carter's face, Carter began to relax again. Kevin softly stroked Carter's beautiful face until a smile returned to it once more. By this time Carter was getting use to Kevin's cock in his butt hole, and he wanted to feel more of it.

"I'm feeling great now Kevin." said Carter. "Please make love to me."

Kevin smiled at Carter and slowly worked his cock into him. Kevin went very slowly, and it took several minutes to get his cock all the way into Carter. Carter had willingly given Kevin his virginity, and a feeling of intense love swept over him. Kevin took one look into Carter's eyes, and knew what he was feeling. Kevin leaned down and placed his lips over Carter's, then began to slowly thrust in and out of Carter. Carter wrapped his arms tightly around Kevin, and began moaning into his mouth. Then Carter began kissing Kevin with more intensity and passion than he had ever known before. Kevin responded by picking up the pace carefully, as he thrust his now throbbing cock in and out of Carter.

"I love you so much." moaned Carter softly, directly into Kevin's mouth. "I can't wait to feel your love shoot into me."

This brought Kevin back to the brink of his orgasm once again. He had managed to hold it off when Carter was inside him, but now there was no need to. Kevin still held it back as long as he could though. He was enjoying the feel of his cock going in and out of Carter's tight virgin ass, and he could tell Carter was now enjoying it too. He would not be able to hold it back long though. Soon, Kevin began to grunt softly with each thrust. The closer he came to his orgasm, the louder his grunts became. Finally Kevin unleashed his orgasm into Carter. Carter began moaning as he felt Kevin's cum shooting into him, and Kevin was practically howling from the pleasure he was feeling. Kevin continued to pump his cum into Carter until he was completely drained.

As Kevin's orgasm was fading, Carter moaned, "Don't pull it out of me yet my love. Just bend down and kiss me, and let it come out on it's own."

As the two boys kissed passionately, Carter began working his rectal muscles to try to keep Kevin's cock inside of him. Kevin's cock stayed in Carter even after it began to deflate, but after about fifteen minutes of kissing, the boys were so consumed by passion that Carter stopped trying to keep it in him. At some point Kevin's cock gently slid out of Carter's butt, and the boys continued their embrace of love. After quite a long bout of kissing, Kevin finally raised up from Carter's face.

"I love you Carter." said Kevin softly.

"I love you too." replied Carter.

Then Kevin began to kiss his way down Carter's body. He lovingly kissed both of Carter's nipples, then worked his way to Carter's tummy. After that, Kevin reached over the side of the bed and grabbed whatever piece of cloth he could find. Kevin gently wiped Carter's cock clean with his underwear, then slowly took Carter's cock into his mouth. Carter looked down to watch Kevin giving pleasure to his cock. He thought that Kevin looked very beautiful while he was sucking on his cock. Carter watched his stiffening shaft slide in and out of Kevin's warm mouth. Kevin licked at the head of Carter's cock, then kicked up and down the shaft. This time he wanted to taste Carter's sweet cum, so he hungrily continued to work on Carter's cock. Carter was amazed when he noticed that he was actually approaching another orgasm. He was also pleased though, because he could tell how badly Kevin wanted to taste it. After about ten minutes of Kevin's gentle sucking, Carter began to release his second orgasm into Kevin's mouth. When Kevin felt Carter's cum splash against the back of his mouth, he began to suck harder. At that point Kevin realized that no one had ever come close to tasting as good as Carter did. Kevin eagerly swallowed every drop of cum that Carter could produce, then licked his lips in satisfaction.

When Kevin climbed back up in the bed, Carter laid him on his back and said, "Now it's my turn. I'm looking so forward to tasting your love juice."

Carter worked his way down Kevin's body in the same way that Kevin had done him. Then Carter used Kevin's underwear to gently wipe his cock clean. Finally it was time for what Carter was most looking forward to. He was going to quench his incredible desire to taste Kevin's cum. Carter mustered up all of the love in his body, to put it all into working on Kevin's cock. In just a few minutes, Carter had Kevin writhing on the bed in ecstasy. After Carter massaged Kevin's cock in his mouth for several minutes, he pulled off and began to work on Kevin's plump balls. Carter couldn't believe how great Kevin's balls felt in his mouth, as he sucked them in and massaged them one at a time. Then Carter dived back down on Kevin's cock so hard and deep that he gagged himself. Carter backed up a little, and relaxed his mouth. This time when Carter felt Kevin's cock against the back of his mouth, he swallowed deeply and pushed down further. Kevin gasped when he felt his cock slip into Carter's throat. At that moment Kevin had to really concentrate on not shooting his load too soon, but Carter's throat massaging his cock was almost all he could take. Finally Carter let Kevin's cock come up out of his throat, and Kevin released his orgasm with a sigh. Carter swallowed as fast as he could, but he also wanted to make sure he took the time to really taste Kevin's cum. Carter immediately fell in love with the wonderful taste that filled his mouth. He sucked greedily to drain every drop of cum that he could from Kevin. When Kevin's orgasm was over, Carter crawled back up into his waiting arms.

"I can't believe how good your cum tasted Kevin." sighed Carter.

After the boys had rested in each other's arms for a while, they decided that making love had caused them to work up an appetite. Both boys got out of bed and remained naked, as Kevin followed Carter to the kitchen. Kevin didn't mind the view of Carter's sexy naked ass at all, as he reached forward and squeezed it a few times on the way to the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen, Carter stood naked in front of the open refrigerator door. Kevin came up beside him, and put his arm over Carter's shoulder.

"Do you know how beautiful your cock looks by the light of the refrigerator?" asked Kevin sweetly. "Aw hell dude, it looks beautiful in any light."

Kevin reached down and fondled Carter's cock as Carter giggled and continued to find them a snack. Once that mission was accomplished, Carter and Kevin went over to sit at the kitchen counter. Kevin sat on a stool first, then motioned for Carter to sit on his lap. Carter obliged Kevin and before they began to eat, Carter leaned down and gave Kevin a quick kiss on the lips.

"Your cock feels so nice when it's rubbing against my butt like that dude." said Carter.

"I take it you liked what we did tonight then?" asked Kevin, as he once again fondled Carter's cock.

"Like doesn't even begin to describe how I feel Kevin." replied Carter. "I am so happy to have you as a lover dude. Making love to you is the most awesome and incredible thing I have ever done."

"It was good for me too dude." snickered Kevin.

"Well, I know this is a good subject seeing as how we both just had two awesome orgasms, and we're naked with me sitting in your lap and you playing with my cock." said Carter. "But, is Wayne going to enroll you in school here on Monday?"

"Damn dude!" exclaimed Kevin. "I think I just shriveled up!" After both boys finished laughing, Kevin continued, "I guess he will, seeing as how Uncle Phillip gave him the papers he needs to do it. The good part is, my birthdate missed the cutoff date to be a grade ahead of you. We're in the same grade dude!"

"I can see now that the other kids will be teasing me every day about having a hard-on then." replied Carter.

The boys continued to laugh, joke, talk, and eat. Kevin also continued to gently play with Carter's cock, making sure not to get him too aroused. After they were done with their snack, Carter and Kevin went downstairs to play some naked pool. The boys had a lot of fun cracking jokes about what stick to use, and who's balls needed to be checked to make sure they were regulation balls. After the naked pool, the boys watched naked TV before turning in for the night.

Carter and Kevin climbed into bed together, and Carter put his head against Kevin's chest. As Carter listened to the muffled beat of Kevin's heart, the two boys gently played with each other's cock. After a third orgasm of the night, the boys wrapped themselves in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep, their hands and bodies wet with cum. The boys were awoken the next morning by a knock on their bedroom door.

"Carter!" yelled Frank. "You and Kevin get up and ready to go out for breakfast!"

"We'll be right there dad." replied Carter sleepily. Carter then kissed Kevin awake.

"Oh God dude!" exclaimed Kevin as he yawned. "I could learn to love being woke up like that every morning!"

Seeing as how the adults were waiting for them, Carter and Kevin showered together. It ended up not saving them too much time, but it was much more fun that way as both boys gently stroked each other's bodies in the shower. The boys finally finished cleaning each other, and stepped out of the shower.

As Carter was drying himself, he pointed down at his erect cock and said, "Oh my! What are we going to do about this?"

"Just stuff it in your pants and I'll have it for desert!" replied Kevin.

Frank, Rebecca, and Wayne couldn't figure out why the boys were laughing so hard when they made it to the living room, but they didn't mind at all. As far as Frank and Rebecca was concerned, Wayne had worked a miracle with their son, and they all had a new chance at a happy life. Everyone herded out the door and to their cars, then it was time for breakfast. Everyone was seated together at the restaurant, and after their orders had been placed Wayne excused himself to go to the bathroom. Carter then excused himself and closely followed Wayne.

As the two guys were standing at the urinal, Carter said, "Last night with Kevin was the best time that I've ever had Wayne. We are so in love with each other that it amazes me, and we never want it to end. If it hadn't been for you Wayne, none of this would be possible. I would have died without ever experiencing the best feelings that life has to offer. I owe you my life and so much more Wayne, and now no one can ever take away the good thing you did for me. You're the greatest Wayne, and I love you."

Tears of happiness came to Wayne's eyes as he replied, "You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that Carter. I hope you and Kevin have a very long, and very happy life together." Wayne then ruffled Carter's hair before the two went back out to join the others.

Wayne and Carter rejoined the group as their breakfast was arriving at their table. Everyone had a great time, filled with good talk and good food. Toward the end of breakfast, Wayne had an announcement for everyone.

"I've been considering something for a few weeks now, and Carter has just helped me reach a decision." said Wayne. "I've decided to quit my job with the state, and reopen my private practice. This time though I'm going to focus on helping kids who need help, whether they can afford professional help or not. Money is not the most important thing in the world, but what Carter said to me this morning is. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I got the chance to get to know you wonderful people."

Everyone offered Wayne their congratulations, and wanted to know more about what he had planned for his new practice. Wayne didn't have all of his plans set yet though, and got several good suggestions from his friends. Carter even volunteered to put Wayne's business number on the student bulletin board when he went back to school, and even talk to the school counselor about referring troubled kids to him. Wayne graciously accepted Carter's offer.

When breakfast was over, Carter and his parents started back home while Kevin went home with Wayne. Before parting though, the two boys shared a very passionate kiss in the parking lot. Kevin didn't want to leave Carter, but his uncle would be calling that afternoon. Kevin needed to be at Wayne's when Phillip called. Besides, it would give Frank a chance to have a father/son talk with Carter.

Soon after Wayne and Kevin arrived at Wayne's apartment, the phone rang. "Hello, Wayne Owens." said Wayne as he picked up the phone.

"How's my favorite man in the whole world?" asked Phillip.

"It hasn't even been a week since I realized that I'm gay, and I miss you terribly already." replied Wayne. "I wish we could be together right now Phillip."

"I'm glad that I called then." said Phillip. "It turns out that the office in Cincy needs me right away. I called the movers and have them coming out tomorrow, then I'll be leaving here the next morning."

"That's great!" replied Wayne excitedly. "I can't wait to be with you again."

"Me either." said Phillip. "That's why I've sold the car, and I'm flying up there. If you take Kevin and enroll him in school first thing Monday morning, you should be done in time to pick me up at the airport."

"Then it'll be back here for your welcome home party." said Wayne seductively.

"I can't wait for that!" replied Phillip as he chuckled.

Wayne talked to Phillip for several more minutes, before handing the phone to an excited Kevin. Kevin couldn't wait to tell his uncle about the special night that he shared with Carter. Phillip was very happy for Kevin, and hoped that he and Carter would make a great couple for a very long time. Kevin told his uncle that he was glad to hear that he would be coming up early, and that they would see each other soon.

Meanwhile back at Carter's house, Frank had just joined Carter in his room. "So son, how was everything last night?"

"It was great dad." replied Carter. "I love Kevin so much that I miss him when he's not around already."

"That's good son, I'm glad you have someone like that in your life now." said Frank. "Your mother and me were so worried about you for a while. That's why I've read everything I could find on the subject of homosexuality, so we could have the kind of talk that we should have had long ago."

"You did that for me dad?" asked Carter emotionally. "I don't know what to say."

"Well, maybe we can figure that out together son." said Frank. "So, are you okay with what happened between you and Kevin? And don't hold anything back son, you won't embarrass me one bit. I promise."

"Well, I was nervous about making love for the first time." said Carter. "I didn't know how it would feel, or if it would hurt, or anything like that. Kevin was so sweet and gentle with me though."

"I imagine that was because he loves you very much son." said Frank.

"Yeah, he does." replied Carter dreamily. "Once I got over the initial nervousness though, it was so awesome making love to him. It felt so great when I was inside him, and he felt just as good when he was inside me. Do you think two guys doing that feels the same as when a guy makes love to a woman?"

"That would depend on whether you're straight or gay." replied Frank. "As a straight man, I love the way it feels when I'm inside your mother's vagina. A gay man probably wouldn't care that much for it, but I'm sure it feels the same for him when he's inside his lover's anus as I feel when I'm in your mother's vagina."

"I guess that makes sense." said Carter. "It pretty much depends on who you love, huh?"

"That's the most important thing in the world son." replied Frank. "It doesn't make any difference at all whether you're straight or gay, even though a lot of the world seems to think it does. If you don't love the person you're with, whether it's another boy or a girl, then it can never be called making love. It's just sex then, and sex doesn't feel anywhere near as good as making love. That's why your mother and me are glad you have Kevin to make love to."

"I guess that's the kind of stuff I need to hear from my parents, huh?" asked Carter.

"It's very important for a boy to hear about things like that from his father." said Frank. "Unfortunately most fathers won't talk about things like that with a gay son, but I love you too much to let your sexual orientation get in the way of our relationship. We've all painfully seen what can happen as a result of that. That's why I'm glad Wayne came to the decision that he did. There are a lot of boys and girls out there who aren't loved enough to have this kind of talk with the important people in their lives."

"Well, I'm glad that I have you and mom." said Carter. "And I'm glad that you can understand my love for Kevin, and how it feels when I make love to him."

Frank gave Carter a warm fatherly hug, and said, "It only gets better son, and I want my son to experience all of the good things that life has to offer him for a change."

Carter threw his arms around Frank, and tearfully replied, "Thanks dad. I love you and mom so much!"

I thought that would be a good place to stop for now. Please let me know how you feel about the continuation of the story. Send all comments to: . I'll see you in Chapter 2, as Carter and Kevin prepare to go to school. There will also be a little suspense, but I can't tell you about that yet. lol. I know, I'm a tease.