Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 10

After Frank and Rebecca had left, Wayne took all three boys to his office for a talk. The boys thought Wayne might be upset, so all three of them quietly had a seat together. They all took a deep gulp as Wayne sat down across from them.

"Okay boys, the first thing I want you to know is that whatever you say, I promise I won't be mad at any of you." said Wayne. "Now, you boys had sex again today, didn't you?"

"It wasn't Tommy's fault." said Zack. "We talked him into it by telling him that it would be the last time until you gave us permission."

"The only problem is that Tommy knows what is at stake here boys." said Wayne. "If the state were to examine you boys, which they could at any time considering the charges against your father, they might possibly find out that Tommy is having sex with you as well. If that were to happen, Tommy might be sent to jail, and there wouldn't be much we could do about it."

"We love Tommy though, we don't want him to go to jail!" Seth almost cried.

"I care about Tommy too, but it is illegal for him to have any kind of sex with you." said Wayne.

"It shouldn't matter if we love him, and want to make love with him." said Zack. "It isn't anyone's business!"

"There has to be something we can do Wayne." pleaded Tommy.

"Okay Tommy, you're not helping as much as I'd hoped you would." said Wayne. "Do you want to go to jail Tommy?"

"Of course not Wayne, but this really is love." said Tommy. "They feel it inside just as strongly as I do."

"Yeah Wayne." said Zack. "Do you know how long it's been since anyone has treated us the way Tommy does? Tommy never does anything that doesn't feel good to us, and he doesn't force us to do anything we don't want to do. When daddy started hurting us the way he did, we use to cry ourselves to sleep at night, praying for someone to come along and make us feel the way Tommy does. If we couldn't be with Tommy, and make love to him, we wouldn't want to keep on living. No one will ever be as important to us as he is Wayne."

"You boys really do love Tommy, don't you?" asked Wayne. "I wouldn't have thought it would be possible for boys your age to understand love that deeply, but I might be wrong. What kind of sex do you boys have when you make love?"

"Well, Zack and Seth like it when I suck their dicks." replied Tommy. "I know they can't cum yet, but having such an intimate part of their bodies in my mouth feels really nice. It makes me feel really warm inside."

"The only thing Tommy will let us do is suck his dick too." said Zack. "I tried to sit down on his dick and put it inside my butt once, but Tommy won't let us do that yet. He said that if we're really in love then we couldn't do that until we were big enough so that it wouldn't hurt."

"So you only have oral sex, and no anal sex, right?" asked Wayne.

"Sometimes we play with Tommy's dick until it cums too." said Seth. "I like seeing it shooting out of his dick."

"So then it's just oral sex and masturbation?" asked Wayne.

"That's all I will allow them to do." said Tommy. "They have been hurt enough already, and I'm not doing anything with them that might cause them any kind of pain."

"Are you saying that it's okay if that's all that we do Wayne?" asked Zack excitedly.

"No, I'm not!" replied Wayne. "It's still illegal. I also know though that if I tell you that you can't do those things, you'll do them anyway. And if you can't do them with someone who loves you like Tommy, you might eventually find someone who will hurt you even more than your father did. I'm going to ask you again to consider not having sex anymore. If you can't do that though, then there has to be rules. No one can ever be able to tell that you boys are doing that, not even people in this house. If you do it, don't ever give anyone any indication that you are going to do it, or that you have been doing it. Don't ever talk about this with anyone besides me, and I do mean ANYONE. You are not to do anything anal. If I hear of that, I'll put a stop to what you're doing, like I should be doing now but I'm not. Finally Tommy, whenever they have your dick in their mouths, they need to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly immediately afterward. Do all of you understand?"

"Yes sir." answered all three boys together.

"Thanks Wayne." said Tommy. "We really do love each other. If you were to see us making love sometime, I'm sure you'd see that we're not doing anything wrong."

"I'll take your word for it Tommy." replied Wayne. "Besides, if you boys got caught, it wouldn't matter what I thought. Do you understand exactly what that means Tommy?"

"Yes sir." replied Tommy. "No one will ever know either."

Wayne sent the three boys on their way, and they immediately ran upstairs together. Wayne shook his head and smiled, as he heard them laughing and giggling all the way upstairs. Then Phillip came up behind Wayne and put his arm around Wayne's shoulder.

"It didn't do any good, did it babe?" asked Phillip, as he smiled.

"You knew that it wouldn't, didn't you?" asked Wayne.

"I've seen that look before." replied Phillip. "Those boys feel something so incredible together, that it wouldn't matter what anyone said to them. I actually think it's kind of sweet. When I realized that I was gay, a lot of memories came flooding back from my childhood that I had tried to forget. When I was around seven, I think, my best friend and I were taking a piss in the woods behind our house. I was holding his dick, and he was holding mine. When we had finished peeing, my friend started rubbing my dick back and forth. It felt really nice, so I started doing the same thing to his dick. We both giggled and laughed as we stood there and played with each other's dicks for about a half hour or so. The next time we took a pee together in the woods, my friend told me that he really liked playing with my dick as he held onto it. Then when we were done peeing, he got down on his knees in front of me and began licking my dick. I looked down to see my best friend's tongue running all over the head of my dick, so I grabbed his head and pushed my dick all the way into his mouth. Then he sucked on my dick like it was a popsicle. I had never felt anything that awesome before, so when my friend was done with my dick, I showed him exactly how it felt. It felt so good to suck my best friend's dick. When I was done, I told him how much fun I thought it was to suck him like that, and he said that it was just as much fun for him to suck me. We did that a couple times a week until they bulldozed the woods a few months later, then we just never thought about it again. There was nothing wrong with what we did because we never hurt each other, and I'm sure that Tommy, Zack, and Seth feel exactly the same way that I did then. I have a few more stories like that, but I'll save them for later."

"That was incredible Phillip!" said Wayne. "It also made me incredibly hard! What do you say we go up to our bedroom?"

"My thoughts exactly babe!" replied Phillip, as he smiled and grabbed Wayne's butt.

Meanwhile, the boys were all getting back to Carter and Sammy's house. Everyone went straight to Carter's room, then Carter and Kevin began to undress.

"I guess it's been a couple of hours now!" laughed Sammy. "That's way too long for them!"

"We actually wanted to show Benji something." replied Kevin. "Why don't you get your clothes off too Benji?"

Benji eagerly stripped, then climbed onto the bed with Carter and Kevin. "Watch my cock very carefully Benji." said Kevin.

Benji moved in really close, and watched as Kevin lubed his cock. Then Kevin reached down and spread some of the lube on Carter's pucker. Carter then lifted his legs up and back, and Benji watched wide-eyed as Kevin placed his cock against Carter's butt hole. Benji swallowed loudly as he watched Kevin's cock slide gracefully into Carter. Then Kevin began panting as he thrust his cock in and out of Carter. Benji got as close as he could and watched Kevin's cock going in and out of Carter for the next few minutes.

"Pretty cool, huh Benji?" asked Kevin. "Now why don't you squat down over Carter's head so that your butt is right in his face, then lean back?"

When Benji had done as Kevin had asked, Kevin leaned forward. As Benji saw his dick going into Kevin's mouth, he felt Carter's hands spreading his cheeks apart. As he felt Kevin's lips wrap around the base of his dick, he also felt Carter's tongue licking at his butt hole.

"Oh God!" moaned Benji.

Kevin could feel Benji's dick twitching in his mouth as he thrust in and out of Carter, which meant Carter was doing a pretty good job on Benji's butt. Now Kevin's thrusts began to increase, as he built toward his orgasm. He knew he would cum long before Benji did, but that was the plan that he and Carter had come up with. Kevin's lips clamped tightly around Benji's dick, as he began cumming into Carter. Benji could see Kevin's body lurch, so he knew he must be cumming in Carter. When Kevin's orgasm came to an end, he pulled up off Benji's dick.

"We're going to switch places now Benji." said Kevin. "When I lay down, you can go ahead and squat down on my face. Carter is going to take over sucking your dick."

Kevin and Carter switched places, and Benji squatted down over Kevin's face. Then he watched Carter lube his cock, and Kevin's hole. Benji watched Carter's cock disappear into Kevin, then Carter leaned down and swallowed Benji's dick. Benji gasped as Carter began sucking hard on his dick, and Kevin prodded at his hole with his tongue. After a few minutes, Benji thought that he had felt everything that there was to feel, until Kevin wet a finger and pushed it into Benji's butt. When Benji began to squirm around, Carter held onto his dick even more tightly with his lips. By this time Carter was thrusting into Kevin forcefully, and Kevin was enjoying it very much. While he still had his finger inside Benji, Kevin began sucking Benji's balls into his mouth, one at a time.

"Oh God guys, I'm gonna cum really hard!" moaned Benji.

As Benji began cumming into Carter's mouth, Carter began cumming into Kevin. Carter let about half of Benji's cum escape from his mouth, and flow down over Benji's balls. Kevin licked up the overflow quickly, as the two boys drained Benji for the second time today. When Carter and Benji stopped cumming, Kevin carefully laid Benji back on the bed to recover.

Kevin smiled at Benji and said, "You're going to have some real fun when we find you a boyfriend dude. Whoever he is, he's going to be a lucky guy."

Carter and Kevin both gave Benji a quick kiss on the lips, then stroked and petted his body as he relaxed. Benji hummed softly from the attention of the other two boys, then turned his head to watch Sammy and Derek as they finished making love. He had turned his head just in time to see the young lovers hungrily swallow each other's cum. All of the boys had just redressed when Derek's mom pulled in to pick him up. As Derek and Sammy kissed good-bye, Kevin and Benji decided they should be getting home too. Derek's mom happily gave the two boys a lift home.

As Kevin and Benji were on their way home, Tommy was saying good-bye to Zack and Seth. Tommy leaned down and kissed both boy's soft little dicks, as they were still naked from making love to Tommy, then he pressed his lips against Seth's. Tommy felt Seth's little tongue brush against his lips, so he parted them for Seth.

After a deep and passionate kiss, Tommy said, "Nighty night my little lover. We don't have school tomorrow, so I can spend the day with you guys again. I love you so much, you sweet little dude."

"I love you too Tommy." said Seth. "I can't wait to see you again tomorrow."

Then Tommy pressed his lips against Zack's. As both boys roamed around inside each other's mouths with their tongues, Zack placed Tommy's hand on his soft little dick. The two boys shared a passionate and erotic kiss, until Tommy finally broke the kiss.

"I love you both so much little dude." said Tommy. "Sleep tight, and I'll see you again tomorrow."

"I'm so glad that we can all still be boyfriends." said Zack. "I love you more than anyone in the world Tommy, except maybe my baby brother. I guess I love both of you about the same."

Tommy smiled as he ruffled Zack's hair and said, "I love both of you very much too. Don't forget what Wayne said earlier, okay guys? That means you both have to go brush your teeth now. I'll see you both tomorrow."

The next day all of the boys had decided to meet at Kevin's house. Carter and Sammy arrived at almost the same time that Tommy did. Wayne was also heading toward the door as the boys showed up.

"Hi Tommy." said Wayne. "I have to see a patient over in Covington this morning, so remember our talk from yesterday, okay?"

"Okay Wayne, and thanks." replied Tommy, as he smiled brightly.

"Benji, I'd like you to go with me this morning." said Wayne. "It'll give us a chance to talk about how you're doing here so far."

"Okay Wayne, I'm ready if you are." replied Benji.

As Wayne headed south toward the river and Kentucky, he said, "I hope Kevin treated you okay yesterday."

"Kevin and all of his friends are great!" replied Benji. "My mom never allowed me to have too many friends before, and something always seemed to happen to mess things up even more. Kevin and all of his friends want to be my friend now though, and they are so much fun to be around. I have a really good feeling about all of this right now Wayne."

"Why do you think your parents wouldn't let you have friends?" asked Wayne.

"I don't know." replied Benji. "I guess they were afraid that I would embarrass them or something. My mom always said that bad little puppies like me shouldn't have friends."

"You do know that you're not a dog, right?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, I guess I know that." replied Benji. "It never stopped my mom from treating me like one though."

"Then in that case, I want you to do something for me Benji." said Wayne. "I want you to wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror. Then I want you to tell yourself that you are how I see you. I want you to tell yourself that you are a beautiful and wonderful boy. Say that ten times every morning for me, okay son?"

"Okay Wayne." replied Benji, as he smiled beautifully at the man.

Wayne and Benji continued to talk as they crossed the majestic iron bridge over the Ohio River, then made their way to Alex's house. Wayne took Benji with him to the door, then waited for Joanna Black to answer.

"Hi Joanna, how are you?" asked Wayne. "Has there been any change since Friday?"

"I'm afraid not, but your visit did help me somewhat." replied Joanna. "Who do you have with you Wayne?"

"This is Benji, and he's a patient of mine that is staying with me for now." replied Wayne. "He didn't have school today, so I brought him with me."

"Hi Benji, my name is Joanna." said Joanna, as she held her hand out to Benji. "My son Alex is another patient of Wayne's. From a patient's point of view, is Wayne as good as I've heard?"

"Wayne's the greatest!" replied Benji. "I don't know what I'd do now if it weren't for him."

"I hope you'll feel the same way before too much longer Joanna." said Wayne. "Let's go see how our patient is doing."

Wayne, Benji, and Joanna went into Alex's room. Benji couldn't see very much of the boy in the bed as Wayne was checking him over and talking to him. Then Wayne backed away a little to reveal Alex to Benji. Benji suddenly felt as if he couldn't breathe unless he concentrated really hard. Laying in front of Benji in the bed was the most beautiful boy that Benji had ever seen. The thought that the boy he was looking at couldn't wake up made Benji almost want to cry for him.

"I don't care if I ever have any other friends," thought Benji to himself, "but I have to have Alex as my friend!"

As Wayne turned his attention to Joanna, Benji sat down next to Alex's bed. Wayne saw that and smiled, then decided to let Benji get to know Alex, even though Alex couldn't speak. Wayne suggested to Joanna that they go into the living room for a few minutes.

As they sat down on the sofa, Wayne said, "I don't want to get your hopes up, but I have found a case that I believe is similar to Alex's case. I'm going to need to ask you quite a few questions about Alex, you, and Alex's friends before I'm sure though. We're going to need to get to know each other very well before this is over. I'll need to know as much as I can about Alex's life to this point that you can tell me."

While Wayne was asking Joanna about a million questions, Benji was holding onto Alex's hand. Benji brought the unconscious boys' hand up to his face and took a deep whiff. Then Benji stood and put his nose against Alex's chest, and took another whiff. When Benji sat back down, he was sitting much closer to Alex.

"I hope you don't mind that I did that Alex, but I had to know what your scent was like." said Benji. "I don't even know if you can hear me or not, but I hope that you can somehow. My name is Benji, and I think you are the most beautiful looking guy I have ever seen. I don't know if you like other guys like that, but I hope that even if you don't, you'll still be my friend. I've never met anyone that I wanted to be friends with as much as I want to be friends with you dude. It may be even more than that, but if you can't love other guys like I can, I promise that I'll never push you. All I want is for us to be friends. If anything more than that were to happen, you have no idea how happy that would make me."

"Hmm, there's another voice I don't recognize." said Alex, although he was still the only one that could hear himself. "I wish I could see this guy, cause he sounds pretty young like me. I still wish I knew why I can't see, or why no one can hear me. I guess I'll figure it out eventually though. Damn! I think this guy is holding my hand. Now I really wish I could see him, cause he sounds cute! Is that his nose I felt on my hand and chest?! Thanks Benji, I was wondering what your name was, and I don't mind at all that you sniffed me. That's a hell of a lot better than the things other people have been doing to me. Man, if he only knew how other guys made me feel! You do sound a lot nicer than my last boyfriend Benji, although I guess that asshole was never really my boyfriend. Holy shit! I never remembered that before! I think you're good for me Benji, whatever is wrong with me. Oh my God! I think this dude is in love with me! I don't think I'm gonna let go of your hand if you try to leave."

"So, Alex spends a lot of time chatting on the internet?" asked Wayne. "Do you know anything about the people he talked to online Joanna?"

"I tried to keep up with those things as much as possible." replied Joanna. "It was mostly his friends from around here though. Most of his friends would rather see him online, even his best friend Lester. That always seemed to bug Alex. Wayne, I think there was something going between the two boys. If that's the way Alex is, I can accept that. I wouldn't be happy that he is gay because of the way people will treat him, but I love my son. I think Lester has a problem with it though, even though I think the boys may have done something, and that's the kind of thing I would like to protect Alex from."

"I may have to have a talk with some of Alex's friends too." said Wayne. "I think they may have some important information about what's wrong with Alex. I hope you have been nothing but supportive of Alex."

"I try as hard as I can." replied Joanna. "Sometimes it's kinda hard to know how to protect him without it looking like I'm trying to influence who he is though."

"Maybe I can help with that Joanna." said Wayne. "If not, I know a very wonderful woman who would love to help if she can. I may have to also have a look at Alex's computer if you know his mail and IM passwords."

Meanwhile back in Alex's room, Benji was still holding onto Alex's hand and talking. "There's so many things we can do together when you wake up dude. We can go to all of the parks around here. I know Wayne would love to take us. There's a lot of stuff to do over in Cincy. And if you do like other guys like I do, there's a lot of fun stuff we can do like that too! I won't push you thought Alex. I love you too much to push you. I can't wait for us to be best friends dude. All you have to do is wake up, and I'll be waiting for you dude. We'll have so much fun too."

"I'd love to hang out with you Benji." said Alex to himself. "That all sounds like a lot of fun dude, especially the sex. I'll bet you didn't think I knew what you were hinting at, did you? Yeah, we'll have some fun together dude. I'm always looking for new friends to do fun stuff with. What was that? What did you mean by wake up dude? What's wrong with me Benji?"

When Wayne and Joanna came back into Alex's bedroom, Benji was still holding Alex's hand and talking softly to the boy. Wayne smiled for a moment, then turned to see Joanna's reaction. Joanna was smiling too, which was a relief to Wayne.

"It looks like Benji is trying to make himself a new friend." said Joanna.

"I do believe you are right Joanna." replied Wayne, as he smiled again. Then Wayne saw Benji look up and notice them, so he said, "Don't mind us Benji, we were just going to take a look at Alex's computer. It might actually help him to hold his hand and talk to him like that."

"I know I've heard that man's voice, and he's with my mother." said Alex to himself. "They're going to look at my computer?! No!!! You can't do that! My mom can't see that! Please listen to me! I'm getting so tired again, I think I better rest. Besides, I can't take what my mom's reaction will be when she sees what I am. Please don't let go of my hand Benji, I think I need you dude."

"Okay Joanna, let's see what we can find out here." said Wayne, as he turned on Alex's computer. "Oh my! I'm sorry about that wallpaper Joanna. I'll change it to something appropriate for you."

"Don't be silly Wayne, it's not like I've never seen a naked boy before." laughed Joanna. "Who do you think bathes Alex? At least now I don't have to guess about certain things anymore."

"I guess I didn't think of that." laughed Wayne.

Meanwhile, Benji was looking toward the computer out of the corner of his eye, and saying to himself, "Yes! Yes! There is a Santa Claus!"

"Okay, let's see if any of Alex's passwords have been saved." said Wayne, as he pulled up Alex's internet screen. "So far, so good. It looks like he at least saved his internet password."

The computer then announced, "Welcome Alex. You have 93 new e-mail messages."

"This is going to be more of a job than I thought!" said Wayne. "We might as well get started. There may be a clue in here somewhere."

While Wayne and Joanna went through Alex's e-mail looking for clues, Benji held Alex's hand softly while talking to him, and occasionally stroking his head. Benji was falling more and more for Alex every minute, and hoping Alex wouldn't crush his dreams when he woke up. Benji now wanted to kiss Alex very badly, but Alex's mother was in the same room. Wayne and Joanna spent the next few hours going through Alex's e-mail. They never did find any clues as to why Alex wouldn't wake up, but Joanna now knew for a fact that her son was gay. Meanwhile, Benji had finally worked up his nerve. When Wayne and Joanna weren't looking, Benji leaned over and placed his lips lightly against Alex's. At that time, Wayne looked into a small mirror and saw Benji kissing Alex.

"Look in the mirror, but don't say anything Joanna." whispered Wayne as he smiled.

Joanna looked into the mirror, and smiled herself. Benji was different than the boys Alex normally hung out with, and Joanna was starting to like him. She knew that her son was gay now, and there was nothing that could be done about that. She could at least make sure her son was happy with a nice boy though.

"Well, there's not much here." said Wayne. "Let's see if he kept records of his IM chats." Wayne opened up the IM, and fortunately the password was stored for that as well. Then Wayne went into the control panel and looked around for several minutes. "Did you say that Alex chatted online a lot?"

"He was chatting online almost every night." replied Joanna. "I had problems getting him to shut it down on some nights."

"And this is the only IM service that he has?" asked Wayne.

"I'm pretty sure of it." replied Joanna. "Why?"

"Well, he recorded his IM messages, but there's not a lot here." said Wayne. "There's not nearly enough to suggest that he was chatting as much as you say he was. And what is here is all fairly routine stuff. I'm going to have to think about what this means."

"That was a nice rest." said Alex to himself. "Oh my God! Is that Benji's lips I feel against mine? I really hope they are! Those feel so soft and smooth, they have to be his. They're just like I would imagine his lips. I wish I could move, so I could kiss him back. Oh Benji, don't stop now! That didn't last nearly long enough! Oh shit, my mom and that man are still looking at my computer, but my mom isn't crying or anything. She has to have figured it out as soon as they turned it on! She couldn't actually be accepting it, could she? This is very confusing. And who is the man with her? Is she going to marry him or something? No wait, I remember now. He's one of the doctors that has been to see me. It sounds like they're getting ready to come over here. Please don't let go of my hand Benji."

"Well, I might as well talk to Alex before we go." said Wayne.

Benji straightened back up as Wayne and Joanna turned toward the bed, then he tried to pull his hand away from Alex. Alex's hand would not release Benji's hand though. "Heh, heh, it kinda looks like I'm trapped here." said Benji.

"Alex hasn't done that before!" said Joanna, as she took ahold of the two boy's hands. "He's really got a grip on you Benji, doesn't he?"

"Don't force their hands apart." said Wayne. "This is a pretty good sign." Then Wayne looked at Alex and said, "Hi Alex, this is Wayne. I spoke to you the other day. I see you met Benji, and I think he likes you too. I don't know what happened to you to make you not want to wake up. If it was the way anyone was treating you though, I'll find out and try to help you. In the meantime, everyone here now cares about you very much. Alex, your mother knows and she loves you. She knew even before today. It's okay with her that you're gay, and she's going to do everything she can to help me help you. You be a good boy, and I'll bring Benji back with me really soon."

"If you have to go now Benji, I hope you don't mind if I imagine that you're here with me." said Alex to himself. Then Alex thought about how happy that would make him.

As Alex's hand released Benji, and Benji pulled slowly away, he yelled out, "He smiled! Alex smiled! It wasn't a big smile, but he did slightly raise the corners of his mouth for just a second!"

Well, there's Chapter 10, and I'm crying again. Iol. How long will it be before Alex wakes up, and will he have feelings for Benji too? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in chapter 11.