Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 11

The only thing Benji could seem to talk about on the way home was Alex. How cute Alex was, how nice Alex smelled, and what he thought Alex would be like when he woke up. Wayne smiled all the time because he loved seeing a boy fall in love right in front of his eyes. He promised to take Benji with him again when he went to see Alex on Wednesday evening, although Wayne was kind of nervous about that. Before they left, Joanna agreed to have Lester meet them on Wednesday evening. If there was something between Alex and Lester, Lester would be the only one right now who could shed some light on the relationship. Wayne was becoming convinced that Lester may hold a clue as to why Alex would not wake up. As soon as Wayne and Benji got home, Benji ran on upstairs to tell the other boys about Alex. Phillip met Wayne at the door with a passionate kiss.

"How did it go today babe?" asked Phillip when he broke the kiss.

"Not as well as I had hoped, although I really didn't expect to get Alex to wake up today." replied Wayne. "I do think our little Benji has a boyfriend now though. I feel good about Benji being able to help with Alex, so I'm going to take him with me as much as possible."

"Nothing as good as the power of love, huh?" asked Phillip as he smiled.

Wayne cupped Phillip's butt as he gave him a quick kiss, then said, "Please hold that thought until I finish my talk with Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Are they up in Zack and Seth's room?"

"The cute little buggers haven't been out of their room, except for an occasional snack." chuckled Phillip lightly.

"Well then, I guess it's about time for them to take a break." replied Wayne with a smile.

When Tommy heard the knock on Zack and Seth's door, he stopped sucking Zack just long enough to whisper to him to ask who was there. Seth continued sucking on the head of Tommy's dick though.

"Who is it?" called out Zack, as normally as he could after getting his very first erection.

"It's me, Wayne." replied Wayne. "Are you boys decent?"

"Tell him to come on in." whispered Tommy, who immediately went back to sucking on Zack.

"Come on in sir." called out Zack nervously.

When Wayne entered the room, he saw all three boys naked on the bed. Seth was sucking on the head of Tommy's dick, and Tommy was sucking Zack. Zack had the most intense look of pleasure on his face that Wayne had ever seen in anyone his age. Wayne knew he shouldn't be watching this, but he was mesmerized by the three boys.

"My dick is getting sore." said Zack. "Can we switch for a little while Seth? It's never been stiff like this before."

Seth let Tommy's dick slide out of his mouth and whined, "I was still having fun though!"

"And now it's my turn to have fun!" said Zack. "Don't worry baby bro, it's just for a little while. As soon as my dick isn't sore anymore, I want Tommy to suck it some more. I haven't ever felt anything like that!"

As the two boys were switching, Tommy turned to Wayne and said, "Today is Zack's very first erection. Then he fingered Zack's stiff little dick and asked, "Doesn't it look so beautiful?"

"You do know that it's not that uncommon for a child his age to occasionally get stiff, right?" asked Wayne. "It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't mean that anything will happen because of it."

"I know." replied Tommy. "We want to enjoy it today while we can though. Besides, Zack is so proud of it getting stiff like that!"

"Well, I was going to have our talk for the day." said Wayne. "We'll do that when you boys are finished, I guess."

"Just wait there Wayne." said Tommy. "We'll talk in here in a little while. Besides, I want you to see how much we really do love each other."

Wayne watched as Tommy began to gently suck Seth's soft dick, and Zack began to suck Tommy's erection. The boys were indeed enjoying what they were doing very much, and Tommy was getting very good at controlling his erection. Seth smiled and purred like a kitten as Tommy lovingly caressed his soft little dick with his mouth.

"I love you so much Tommy!" moaned Seth softly, as he ran his fingers through Tommy's hair.

Tommy smiled as he let Seth's dick slip out of his mouth, then began licking Seth's dick and balls with his tongue. After a few caresses with his tongue, Tommy stopped and looked up at Seth's sweet face.

"I love you so much too, my beautiful little boyfriend." cooed Tommy. "I love making love to both of you so much!"

Tommy then took Seth's dick back into his mouth completely. Wayne watched in awe as Tommy gently sucked the tender little shaft, and as Zack lovingly sucked Tommy's throbbing dick. The boys continued this for several more minutes, before Tommy pulled off of Seth's dick again.

"Is your dick feeling better now Zack?" asked Tommy.

Zack let go of Tommy with his mouth and replied, "Yeah, it's a lot better now. It got soft again though Tommy. Can you make it stiff again?"

"Switch with your brother and I'll see if I can." replied Tommy.

The two boys switched again, and Tommy began sucking Zack again while Seth enthusiastically sucked on Tommy's throbbing dick. Tommy worked on the head of Zack's dick with his tongue, while he stroked the small shaft with his lips. Zack moaned contentedly as his dick once again began to stiffen. Tommy sucked Zack with as much love as he could, as he turned over control of his erection to Seth. When Seth felt Tommy's dick begin to twitch occasionally, he knew that Tommy wanted him to take his cum. Seth began to hungrily devour as much of Tommy's dick as he could, because he loved having Tommy cum in his mouth. Zack grasped Tommy's hair in his fingers as Tommy began to moan around Zack's dick. Seth could tell Tommy's balls were tightening up, so he sucked hard as he prepared to taste Tommy's cum.

Tommy began to cum faster that Seth could keep up, and about half of it ran over Seth's face. Seth contentedly swallowed the rest of Tommy's creamy juice. Tommy sucked harder on Zack's dick as he was cumming.

As Tommy's cum stopped flowing, Zack moaned, "I think that's about all I can take for now Tommy." Tommy pulled off of Zack's dick, and smiled at his beautiful boyfriend.

As Seth came up for air, Zack looked at him and said, "You have cum all over your face little bro. Can I have some of it?"

Seth moved up to sit next to his brother on the bed. As Zack licked Tommy's cum from Seth's face, Tommy gently licked at Seth's dick. After Seth had been cleaned by Zack, Tommy moved up and sat between the two boys. Tommy gave each boy a long and passionate kiss as Wayne watched, then Zack and Seth snuggled comfortably into each side of Tommy. Zack and Seth smiled contentedly as Tommy stroked both of their heads. Tommy's dick was still a little messy with his cum, so Wayne got up and got a damp hand towel, then gently cleaned Tommy off.

"Thanks Wayne." said Tommy, as he smiled brightly. "As you can see, I love these two boys with all of my heart. I would willingly die for them if I had to, because nothing in the world can ever be more important than them."

"I can see that easily now Tommy, and I believe I can trust you not to do anything with them that they're not ready for." replied Wayne. "I can also see that they love you very much too. They seem to trust you completely, at a time when I would think they would have enough reason not to trust anyone. As long as they're willing and eager to express their love to you, I'm not going to worry too much about that. We do still have issues about the other boys though Tommy, and we can't just forget about those."

"What other boys?" asked Tommy, before giggling lightly. "I can't even tell you why I did that Wayne. If it had happened at this point though, I don't think I would have even thought about doing what I did with them."

"That's because your in love now Tommy." said Wayne as he smiled. "Love has a way of changing everything in ways that you might never expect. If you weren't in love with Zack and Seth though, I believe you would still be attracted to other younger boys."

"What I have with Zack and Seth though isn't just attraction." said Tommy. "When they are twenty-one and twenty three, I'll still love them at thirty as much as I do now. I'm actually looking forward to when they get old enough to cum, and I hope they drown me with it. They are the only two people in the world that I could ever consider my boyfriends from now on."

"So, if you were to be separated from them tomorrow, you wouldn't want to find another young boy to replace them?" asked Wayne.

"No one will ever replace them in my heart Wayne." replied Tommy, as he began to gently fondle Zack and Seth's soft dicks. Both boys smiled even brighter, and snuggled deeper into Tommy's sides as he continued, "If I couldn't be with Zack and Seth, it would hurt too much to ever be with another boy their age. I would never be able to stop thinking of them long enough to do anything."

"What do you think you would do then Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"I don't really know." replied Tommy. "It's not like I think a lot about that happening. I would probably want to find someone much older than myself, so I could be their little boy. That's the furthest thing from my mind right now though."

"What about you, Zack and Seth?" asked Wayne. "What do you boys think about this? You've spent the last two years with people older than you having sex with you."

"None of those people ever loved us though." replied Zack, as he placed his hand on Tommy's bare chest. "Tommy is the only person who has ever acted like he knows what love is around us. Every time we're with Tommy, we can feel how much he loves us just from his touch. I could never imagine loving anyone the way I love Tommy, and I'm glad he's mine and Seth's boyfriend."

"I love Tommy as much as Zack does too." said Seth, as he caressed Tommy's ribs with the side of his face. "We both want to live with Tommy forever, and give him all of the love that we can."

"You see Wayne, I would die without my two precious little boyfriends." said Tommy. "They're my whole life right now, and if anyone ever tries to hurt them again, they'll have to kill me to do it. I will never let them feel pain again if I can help it."

"I have to say that I'm amazed." said Wayne. "It's hard for me to think of people my age that are as committed to their mates as you boys are. I think you guys might have a better understanding of love and commitment than most of the world does. Are you guys afraid to be around adults right now, Zack and Seth?"

"Not when we're here or with Tommy." replied Zack. "We feel kinda safe right now."

"That's good." said Wayne. "That's how I want you boys to feel right now. There will come a time though when you'll have to deal with other adults. We do have to get you guys back in school tomorrow, so Tommy and I can't always be there."

"Our teachers at school were always safe too." said Seth. "We couldn't tell them anything because daddy said that he would really hurt us if we did, but they never tried anything with us like other adults did."

"We're both still really afraid of daddy and his friends though." said Zack. "I think daddy might try to kill us if he ever gets a chance."

"Well, that's something that we can do something about." said Wayne. "Your daddy and his friends will all be in prison for a very long time, and I can make sure that they never get near you boys again."

"Thanks Wayne." said Zack. "That's why we trusted you when Tommy told us to, and why we feel so safe here."

"And you guys think you will love Tommy for the rest of your lives?" asked Wayne.

"We know we will!" replied Zack as he smiled.

"Okay then boys, I'll check with you again tomorrow after school." said Wayne. "I want to make sure you're okay with school. And remember, your relationship with Tommy doesn't leave this room or my office."

As Wayne was leaving Zack and Seth's room, he ran into Kevin who was on his way to the kitchen for snacks in nothing but a pair of low cut briefs. Kevin was also sporting a noticeable bulge in his briefs. "Ah, dressing up today, I see." snickered Wayne.

"Carter likes these." replied Kevin. "He thinks they make me look sexy."

"I should say so." said Wayne.

"Hey Wayne, why don't you see if Tommy will join all of us in my room?" said Kevin. "We would really like to include him in things, but he spends all of his time in Zack and Seth's room. We really don't mind if he brings his boyfriends along, cause Zack and Seth are pretty cool for little kids."

"Who told you that they were boyfriends?" asked Wayne, with a concerned tone.

"Nobody told us Wayne." snickered Kevin. "What do you think we are, blind?"

"How do you know though?" said Wayne. "It might just be your imagination."

"Well, Tommy acts like their mother." said Kevin. "He either gave birth to them, which I doubt, or he's madly in love with them. Also, Zack and Seth look at Tommy like he's God. You can definitely see how they feel!"

"How do you guys feel about it?" asked Wayne.

"We think it's really cool!" replied Kevin. "Those two are so cute that I don't blame Tommy one bit for being in love with them. I can tell that Tommy is really gentle with them too. I think that's great after what they've been through. They really kinda need a guy like Tommy to show them how beautiful love really is, after getting such fucked up information from their dad. Pardon my French sir."

"Don't worry Kevin," chuckled Wayne, "there's nothing wrong with your French. That would be the only word I could think of to describe it. Go ahead and stop in to talk to Tommy about it on the way back."

Kevin did talk to Tommy on his way back to his room. After asking Wayne about it, Tommy, Zack, and Seth went ahead and joined Kevin and the boys. Much to Tommy's surprise, but no surprise to everyone else, Sammy and Derek were naked and getting ready for some fun.

"Oh wow!" exclaimed Seth. "They're going to have sex!"

Kevin chuckled as he rubbed Seth's head and said, "You're going to have to get use to that if you're going to live here little buddy. Besides, with them it's making love, not just sex."

"Do you mean like with Tommy and Zack and me?" asked Seth.

"I certainly hope that's what it is with you guys and Tommy." said Kevin. "You guys deserve it after the way you've been treated."

Seth jumped in Tommy's lap and said, "That's what it is with us and Tommy. He's very good and gentle too." Then Seth put his arms around Tommy's neck and pressed his lips against Tommy's.

"You guys make very good looking boyfriends together." said Carter. "Please don't be afraid to do anything around us. Kevin and I could start making love at any time, and we wouldn't worry about you guys seeing us. Making love is a beautiful thing when that's what it really is."

By the time everyone was ready to go home, everyone except Benji had a chance to make love to their boyfriends, including Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Carter and Kevin thought it was very special that Tommy made sure to make the boys feel just as good as they made him feel. Everyone was kind of interested though in what it felt like to suck such a young boy's dick, but they settled for accepting Tommy's description of it. None of the boys wanted to make Zack or Seth feel bad, and the two boys only seemed interested in letting Tommy make love to them.

The next day, Wayne took Zack and Seth back to their school and registered as their legal guardian. After making sure the boys were okay, Wayne went back home to see a few patients. Zack and Seth's first day back since moving in seemed to go smoothly, which was a relief to Wayne. Wayne was now feeling the pangs of parenthood, and Phillip couldn't help but to chuckle lightly.

The next day after Wayne finished seeing patients in his office, he and Benji headed out toward Covington to see Alex. Joanna met them at the door with a bit of a smile, which was unusual for her since Alex went into his coma. Joanna felt deep down that Wayne would be the one to help her son.

Wayne turned to Benji and asked, "Do you want to go see how Alex is doing today while I talk to his mother?"

Benji smiled, and was off in a shot. He went right up to Alex's bed and said, "Hi Alex, this is Benji again. I couldn't wait to get back to see you." Then Benji leaned down and gave Alex a nice kiss on the lips.

"I'm so glad you came back Benji." said Alex to himself. "I really think I'm starting to like you a lot. I know I like it when you kiss me like that. I'm sure you won't treat me like the others Benji. Why is it so hard for people to like me? Oh my God! I love how your hand feels on my cock Benji. I wish I could touch you too Benji, or at least see you. Oh man, that feels so good. I love you Benji, just don't hurt me."

As Benji gently caressed Alex's cock through the sheets, he took ahold of Alex's hand. Alex immediately took a strong grip on Alex's hand. Benji then wondered if he could get away with something, at least for a little while. Benji lifted up the top of the sheet, and peeked under. Then he reached under and felt the front of Alex's gown. It didn't feel like Alex had on any underwear, so Benji pulled the sheets down. Benji carefully lifted Alex's gown and saw a very beautiful five inch cut cock.

"I hope you don't mind me doing this." said Benji.

Benji leaned down and touched Alex's cock head with his lips. Benji then took the leap, and began to gently suck Alex's cock.

"Fuckin' A yeah dude!" exclaimed Alex to himself. "I'd be crazy to mind you doing that! I really wish I could do something too. Why are you pulling on my arm Benji? Wait man! Let me have your hand back! That's not what I think it is, is it Benji? Oh man, your dick feels really nice in my hand Benji. You must be a year or two younger than me, but I don't mind that at all. Shit Benji, I think that's the doctor and my mom coming!"

Benji scurried to put things back in place when he heard Wayne coming with Alex's mom. Benji had just put his dick back in his pants and sat down when the bedroom door opened. Then in came Wayne, Joanna, and another boy that Benji didn't know.

"Hey son, I brought another friend of yours to visit." said Joanna. "I'm sure you would like to see Lester, wouldn't you?"

"Hi Alex." said Lester, as he approached the bed and saw Benji holding Alex's hand. "I'm really sorry that you can't wake up Alex. It makes me feel bad about what happened."

"What happened Lester?" asked Wayne.

"I kinda ignored Alex." replied Lester, with his head hanging down. "The only place anyone ever wanted to meet Alex was online. He was practically crying to me that most of the people he knew online had stopped talking to him. I like Alex, but I kinda got tired of his crying over stuff. I kinda started going online as invisible, and wouldn't IM Alex. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, I just wanted him to stop crying so much."

"Well Lester, real friends are there for other friends when they need them." said Wayne. "Are you sure that's all there is to it?"

"Yeah doctor, that's it." replied Lester. "Why?"

"Are you sure that you and Alex weren't more than just friends?" asked Wayne. "Are you sure that you boys weren't having sex together?"

"What?!" screamed Lester. "I ain't no faggot man! Maybe Alex is a faggot, but I'm okay with that. Okay, maybe he did want to do stuff like that, but I only let him do those things to me because we're friends. He wanted to do stuff to me, but I didn't want to do the same things to him. Alex is the faggot, not me!"

"I think you need to leave now Lester, and please don't come back." said Joanna. "I don't mind that my son is gay, but I don't want people like you hurting him. And I really don't like you calling him a faggot. That's a really hateful word Lester. My son is in a coma right now, and I won't stand for you saying things like that about him."

"I can't believe that asshole!" screamed Alex to himself. "He's trying to put everything on me! I'm beginning to remember stuff now, and I know I never had to force him whenever he practically inhaled my cock! He really began avoiding me so no one would think he was gay. You tell him mom! Kick his lousy ass right out of here. What do you mean, I'm in a coma?! Is that what's wrong with me? I'm trying Benji. I really want to wake up now. I can't believe he's arguing with my mom, and trying to act like he don't want to leave. If I am in a coma, I really need to wake up now. Maybe if I yell loud enough, I can wake myself up. Here goes. IT'S OVER LESTER!!! GO AWAY!!! IT'S OVER!!!"

"I told you to get out of here young man, and I'll call the cops if I have to!" yelled Joanna.

"I don't believe in violence against minors Lester, but you really better leave now." said Wayne.

"I ain't going nowhere unless Alex tells me to!" yelled Lester back at the adults.

"Why would that matter to you, you little ass!" said Joanna. "You just called my son a faggot only a few moments ago!"

"Please Alex, if you can hear me, you have to wake up!" begged Benji.

"It's over!" said Alex lightly. Then he yelled quite a bit louder, "It's over Lester! Get out of my house!"

Everyone looked at Alex except Lester. Lester turned sadly and walked out of the house because he knew he had blown any chance he had with Alex.

Alex looked up at Benji and smiled, then said, "Please tell me that you're Benji. Tell me that I've been lucky enough to fall in love with a beautiful work of art, sight unseen."

Benji put his arms around Alex, and Alex wrapped his arms tightly around Benji. At the same time, Joanna was hugging Wayne and crying into his chest.

Was it good for you? I hope anyone wasn't offended with the scene between Tommy, Zack, and Seth. I wasn't going to write such a scene, but I wanted to show how much they loved each other. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 12.