Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 12

"You're the one that's beautiful Alex." said Benji. "You're my Sleeping Beauty."

Alex smiled and said, "I guess that makes you my Prince Charming. You look like a prince anyway."

"I agree Benji." said Joanna, as she came up behind Benji. "You do look like a prince. I'm glad that you fell in love with my son too. Your love is what brought him back to me." Then Joanna leaned down to kiss Alex on the cheek and said, "I'll always love you my son. The fact that you're gay has nothing to do with that. If being who you were born to be makes you happy, then I am happy that you're gay. I hope that you love Benji as much as he loves you, and that when you two boys make love, it fills you with happiness. Wayne and I are going to give you boys some time alone now, but first I want to welcome Benji to our family as my son's boyfriend." Joanna then kissed Benji on the cheek too, then she and Wayne left the two boys alone.

"You are so lucky to have such a cool mother." said Benji. "My mother liked to treat me like a dog. Your mother seems to be too full of love to ever think of doing something like that!"

"I wish I had known before now, how cool she really is." replied Alex. "I can't believe that she actually seems happy that I'm gay, and how she seems to want you to be my boyfriend."

"Well, I'd kinda hate to disappoint her." said Benji as he smiled.

"Are you saying that you want to be my boyfriend Benji?" asked Alex, who already knew the answer to that question.

"Can I lay down there next to you and show you?" replied Benji.

Alex moved over a little bit, and Benji laid down next to him. The two boys put their lips together gently, and began kissing each other like they had never kissed before. Benji thought that Alex's lips felt even softer now than before, so he moaned very lightly. Alex then used the tip of his tongue to carefully explore the inside of Benji's mouth. Alex put his arms around Benji firmly, and Benji felt perfect to him. Benji began to feel a love that he had never felt before, as he sucked passionately on Alex's tongue.

"Would you like to suck something besides my tongue?" asked Alex, as soon as his tongue was free of Benji's mouth.

Benji just smiled as he removed Alex's gown completely. Alex laid giggling on the bed as he watched Benji's lips contacted the head of his dick.

"Mmmm." moaned Benji, just before the rest of Alex's dick slid past his lips.

Benji now had the dick of the boy he had fallen in love with completely in his mouth, and he wanted to caress Alex's dick with his mouth forever. Alex gently stroked the back of Benji's head as he realized that Benji would now be his boyfriend forever.

"I love the way my dick feels in your mouth Benji." moaned Alex. "You were always meant to be my boyfriend, and now we can be together for the rest of our lives. I love you very much Benji."

Benji happily continued to suck the only boy in the world that he ever wanted to make love to again. That is now what Benji and Alex both wanted. Both boys were feeling so good that they had no idea how long Alex's dick was in Benji's mouth. Alex did know that he held his orgasm back several times though. After thirty minutes though, Alex could not hold his orgasm back again.

"Oh,... oh,... oh God!" moaned Alex loudly, as his cum began flooding Benji's mouth.

Benji gulped hungrily to keep up with Alex's long overdue orgasm. Benji loved the taste of Alex's cum, and hoped his boyfriend would not stop cumming. Alex did stop cumming eventually though, and Benji crawled up the bed to be in his arms again. The two boys professed their undying love for each other, as they kissed each other over and over again. Then it was Alex's turn to bring pleasure to Benji. As soon as Alex had Benji's clothes off though, his mother stepped back into the room.

Joanna saw the two cute naked boys on the bed together and said, "I'm sorry boys, I just wanted to see how you were doing. I assume everything is okay."

"It's better than okay mom." replied Alex. "Benji just made me have an orgasm with his mouth, and I was just about to do the same thing for him. Making love to him feels so good."

"Okay honey." said Joanna as she smiled. "You two boys have fun, and make sure you make Benji feel as good as he made you feel. We'll just wait for you boys to come out on your own the next time."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Alex after his mother left the room. "I just can't believe how comfortable and happy she is about us making love! I guess a gay boy like me couldn't ask for a better mother."

"I guess not." replied Benji. "Now, are you going to do what your mother told you to, and make me feel as good as I made you feel?"

"I can't wait to do that." said Alex. "Suddenly I don't mind doing what my mother tells me to do."

Both boys giggled at that remark, then Alex began to lick his way down Benji's body. Benji loved it when Alex licked both of his nipples, and squirmed when Alex pushed his tongue into his belly button. When Alex licked his balls, then swallowed his dick though, Benji felt as though he were on another planet. A planet filled with joy, pleasure, and beauty. A planet where he was now feeling things he never thought possible, and things he never wanted to stop. Alex was now showing Benji all of his love, and the two boys were bonding into one. Benji knew from this point on that he needed Alex, and would never feel right without him again. Benji was feeling such intense emotions for his boyfriend, that he couldn't stop his orgasm if he had tried. Alex swallowed the cum that was offered by Benji as though he were making it a part of him forever. Benji's body shuddered as it was wracked by it's orgasm. When it was over, Alex climbed back up, and both boys smiled at each other like they knew the meaning of life. Once the boys had redressed, they went out to join Joanna and Wayne. The boys entered the living room with their arms around each other, and bright smiles on their faces.

"Benji, since you met Alex his life has been better than it ever was before." said Joanna. "He has been happier since he woke up a little while ago, than he has been in quite a few years. You are the best thing that has ever happened to our lives, and I would be proud to consider you a part of our family."

"That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me Mrs. Black." replied Benji. "I would love to spend as much time with Alex as I can. He's different from anyone else I've ever met, and I already know that I love him very much."

"I'm not complaining at all mom, but your complete acceptance of my being gay is a little bit of a surprise." said Alex. "I'm happy that you are so comfortable with me being gay though, and that you accept my new boyfriend so well."

"Why is it such a surprise son?" asked Joanna. "I've always done everything I can to show how much I love you, and how much I care about your happiness. Before you went into a coma, we started drifting apart and it killed me inside because I couldn't stop it. I never want you to leave me again my sweet baby boy, and I'll do anything to make sure that you are as happy as you can possibly be. Now that you are back, there's nothing more important than that. I can already see how much you love Benji, and how happy he makes you, so as far as I'm concerned he's a part of our family now. I hope both of you boys are happy together for the rest of your lives. Besides, I strongly suspected you were gay before you left us, and I kind of thought there was something between you and Lester. I just never saw as much love in Lester as I do in Benji, and I'm very happy that he loves you. Being gay is who you've always been Alex, and I've always loved you. Nothing will ever change that love either."

"I love you so much mom!" Alex almost cried. "I'm so sorry I went away like that."

"A lot of good came out of that though son." replied Joanna. "You met Benji, and we found out Lester's true feelings. I think things are much better now than they were before, and I hope they stay that way."

"I hate to run Joanna, but I have to get home to my mate." said Wayne. "If tomorrow weren't a school day, I'd have no problem with Benji spending the night here."

"Well, nothing says that Alex has to go right back to school tomorrow." said Joanna. "Why doesn't he just spend the night with Benji instead?"

"I think you two should spend some time together tonight though." replied Wayne. "I could only agree if you would be our guest tonight as well. Our house has plenty of room."

"Are you sure you don't mind Wayne?" asked Joanna.

"Not at all Joanna." replied Wayne. "Besides, I like seeing the two of them together too."

"That would actually work well for me too." said Joanna. "My job is over in Cincy anyway, and I really have to get back to work tomorrow."

Joanna packed an overnight bag for her and Alex, while Alex showered and changed from the gown he had been wearing. Then Joanna and Alex followed Wayne and Benji across the river and to Wayne's house. Once there, Wayne called everyone together in the living room for introductions.

"Joanna and Alex, I would like you to meet my mate and lover, Phillip." said Wayne. "Over on the loveseat is Phillip's son Kevin, and his boyfriend Carter. Where is Sammy this evening Carter?"

"Sammy and Derek had to go to Derek's house for some reason." replied Carter, as he hugged Kevin with one arm.

"Well anyway, over on the sofa are my foster sons Zack and Seth. The older boy is their close friend Tommy. Everyone, this is Alex and his mother Joanna. Alex came out of his coma this evening while we were there, and he and Benji immediately became boyfriends."

Everyone took turns saying hello to Alex and Joanna while Wayne started supper. Phillip and the boys went out of their way to make Joanna and Alex feel welcome in their home, and Alex and Joanna were really beginning to like their new friends. Her women's intuition quickly told her that this was a completely gay household, right down to the two youngest boys. That didn't bother her though, as everyone seemed perfectly happy with their lives. Besides, she had always found making love to guys very satisfying, and she could understand how guys could love other guys. She was slightly disappointed that Wayne wasn't available though. Eventually Joanna slipped off to the kitchen to find Wayne.

"Something smells so wonderful in here!" said Joanna, as she entered the kitchen.

"Thanks Joanna, it's just a little something that I'm throwing together for supper." replied Wayne.

"Well, if that's what you can just throw together, I'd love to have a fully prepared meal from you sometime!" chuckled Joanna. "I do have to say that I'm kind of sad that you're not available though, but you and Phillip make a wonderful couple. Besides, you know what they say about all of the best guys."

"Actually I'm bisexual instead of completely gay." replied Wayne. "Phillip just happens to be the greatest mate I've had yet, and our love making is more satisfying than anything I have ever known. I was married to a woman before Phillip came along though."

"But you never had children of your own?" asked Joanna.

"One of us was incapable of conceiving children, and we never found out who." replied Wayne. "I personally would have loved to have children."

"I can see why too." said Joanna. "You seem to be doing a very good job with the children in this house. They all seem to be a group of very happily gay kids, even Zack and Seth."

"Did someone say something about them?" asked Wayne, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"No one had to Wayne." said Joanna. "I'm very perceptive about those things."

"Well, in my professional opinion their sexual orientation and behavior seems to do them no harm right now." said Wayne. "As a matter of fact, it seems to be healthy for them somehow."

"Don't worry Wayne, I agree completely." said Joanna. "Zack and Seth both look like two happy little boys. I'm guessing that one of them is in love with Tommy?"

"Actually both of them are." replied Wayne. "But Tommy loves them both equally, and always treats them both the same. I've also observed the three of them together, and Tommy would never do anything to hurt either of them."

"It's really okay Wayne, I believe you." said Joanna. "Besides, they do look kinda cute together."

"Thanks Joanna, you're one of a kind." said Wayne.

Joanna helped Wayne finish the supper, and picked up a few cooking tips along the way. Then everyone sat down at the dining room table and enjoyed a wonderful supper. Everyone got to know Joanna and Alex better as they ate, and Alex inquired about the house across the street. It had a for sale sign in the yard, and that was the first thing Alex noticed.

"It just went up for sale this week." said Phillip. "It's been empty for a while though. I think an older couple use to live there, and they passed away. I asked the real estate agent, and they said the estate is being sold to relieve the family of their tax burden on it."

"If that's the case Phillip, could you call them for me and tell them I would like to meet with them tomorrow?" asked Joanna. "Living there would be much better than commuting across the river every day to work."

"Phillip has to work tomorrow, but I would be happy to call them for you Joanna." said Wayne.

That got an incredibly huge smile from Alex and Benji. As supper was ending, Tommy, Zack, and Seth excused themselves from the table to go to Zack and Seth's room. All of the adults smiled as the boys happily trotted upstairs.

Joanna smiled as she said, "Boys will be boys."

"I'm glad to hear you say that mom, cause Benji wants to show me where I'll be sleeping tonight!" said Alex enthusiastically.

Joanna laughed as she replied, "I'm afraid you boys may not do much sleeping, but go on ahead and have fun."

After Kevin and Carter left, as Kevin was going to spend the night at Carter's house, that left the adults to talk and get to know each other. Phillip and Wayne enjoyed Joanna's company as much that evening as she enjoyed theirs. About thirty minutes after they began talking, Tommy came down followed by Zack and Seth. Tommy said good-bye to the adults first, then passionately kissed Zack and Seth good-bye on the lips. As soon as the kiss was over, both boys told Tommy good-bye and that they loved him very much. Then the two boys went in and hugged the adults good night, including Joanna.

"They do seem to be very well adjusted about having a sexual relationship with Tommy." said Joanna. "I'm quite impressed with how the situation is being handled."

"You should have seen them last week." said Wayne. "They were living with their father, and being molested by him and his friends. I'm afraid Zack and Seth's father didn't really care if he and his friends were hurting the boys. They had been hurt so bad at times that I was surprised by the depth of their relationship with Tommy. Tommy is gentle with them though. I think he would rather hurt himself than to ever do anything to hurt those two boys. I have no fear about Tommy watching out for them, because he would sacrifice his life for them if he had to. That kind of commitment is very special in young boys."

"It sounds like Tommy was just what they needed most." said Joanna.

"I'm sure of that." said Wayne, who then smiled and continued, "Besides, you should see their happy faces when they make love. It would melt your heart."

By this time, Benji and Alex were naked, and Benji was thoroughly showing Alex his bed. Their lips had been locked together for the past ten minutes, and their hands were gently stroking each other's naked bodies. By the time Alex pulled back, he was almost out of breath.

"I want you and me to make love in every way imaginable by the end of our first week together." said Alex. "I can't believe that I have a boy like you who loves me now."

"I'm the one who is lucky." said Benji. "Before I started staying here, my life was miserable. I had no friends, and my mother treated me like a dog. One time she even chained me to a tree in the back yard, and when I had to pee, she made me get down on all fours and pee on the tree. She went out and bought a dog dish and wrote my name on it, then made me eat out of it whenever my dad wasn't around. The worst thing was when she threatened to take me to a veterinarian and have me neutered." Benji then started crying lightly.

Alex wrapped Benji in his arms and exclaimed, "Oh my God Benji! How could your mother do that to you? You are the sweetest and best looking person I have ever seen in my life, and you should be treated like a prince. That's exactly how I intend to treat you too."

"Thanks Alex." replied Benji. "I was afraid you wouldn't like me when I told you that stuff, but I had to tell you anyway. I love you too much to keep something like that from you."

"I love you very much too Benji." said Alex. "And now I love you even more after what you've told me. I take it that's why you sniffed me while I was asleep."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Benji. "I didn't think you would know that I was doing that! I'm sorry Alex."

"There isn't anything to be sorry about Benji." replied Alex. "If I had been able to pop a boner, I would have shown you how much I liked it! Now Benji, would you do something very special for me?"

"What's that?" replied Benji, as he smiled brightly.

"I want to feel your dick inside my butt." said Alex. "I also want to feel you shooting your cum inside me, then I want to do the same thing to you. Can we make love like that Benji?"

"I'd love to do that Alex!" exclaimed Benji, as his smile grew from ear to ear.

Kevin and Carter went to Sammy's room as soon as they got home, and Carter asked, "Why did Derek's parents want to see both of you today my brother?"

Sammy turned around to face Carter with tears still in his eyes and cried, "They found out that Derek and I are lovers. That's what they were afraid that Derek's old friends were trying to do to him, and now they hate me. Then it started getting really bad. Derek's dad started yelling about not having any faggots in his house, then told me to leave and never see his son again. When Derek spoke up, his dad started to hit him. His mom stepped in and hit Derek's dad instead, but then said she hated Derek for making her do that. Derek ran out the door and screamed that he was never coming back home, then his parents kicked me out of their house. I thought maybe Derek would come here, but mom and dad haven't heard from him! Is there anything we can do to help him?"

"Holy fucking shit Sammy!" said Carter. "We have to find him now, before anyone else does, or before he does something stupid! Do you have any ideas Kevin?"

"What did Frank and Rebecca say?" asked Kevin.

"They were going to call the police, but Derek won't let the police find him." cried Sammy. "He'd be afraid that the police would take him home!"

"Why didn't he come over here?" asked Carter.

"Maybe he's afraid that the cops would come here to get him." replied Kevin. "I know he would want to be with Sammy now but... Wait! I think I know where he might be!"

"Where's my Derek?!" asked Sammy frantically.

"I think he might have went to the first place he met you Sammy!" said Kevin. "Let's get Frank and Rebecca to take us to the mall now!"

Rebecca thought someone should stay home, in case Derek did turn up there. Frank took the boys and rushed to the mall as fast as he could. The boys had him pull up in front of the main entrance, then they all hopped out. The boys ran to the spot where they introduced Sammy and Derek, but Derek wasn't there. There was a fountain nearby though, so the boys thought they should go there first. As they approached the fountain, Sammy spotted Derek facing away from them and it looked like he was crying. At the same moment Kevin spotted his cousin Billy approaching Derek.

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