Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

I apologize for the delay again. I have moved to Ohio to begin another season at the park, and on top of that my father recently passed away three weeks after my mother passed away. I really hope to be able to concentrate on my writing a little bit more now though.

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 13

"What the hell are you crying about?" asked Billy, in a threatening tone. "Are you some kind of faggy pussy boy?"

"Leave me the fuck alone!" cried out Derek.

"Ohh, you got some mouth on you pussy boy!" said Billy. "Let's see if you know how to use it! Do you know how to use it pussy boy? I'll bet you suck really good."

Billy then lunged at Derek, and grabbed ahold of him roughly. Kevin and the other boys saw this happening as if it were in slow motion. Sammy rushed toward Derek as fast as he could.

"Get away from him you asshole!" yelled Sammy.

Derek tried to pull away from Billy, and fell over into the fountain. Kevin rushed over and grabbed ahold of Billy while Sammy dived into the fountain after Derek.

"I've warned you about fucking with me or my friends you asshole!" screamed Kevin. Kevin then punched Billy and knocked him down to the floor with one punch.

"You're going to pay for that, you faggot!" screamed Billy.

"Then I might as well pay for this too!" yelled Kevin.

Kevin kicked Billy in the mid section before Carter could pull him away. At about that time, security showed up and separated all of the boys. Derek couldn't be pried from Sammy though, as Sammy held onto the soaked and shivering boy.

"Okay, what's going on here?" asked the chief security guard.

"I was sitting at the fountain minding my own business when that guy came up to me." said Derek. "He was going to try to force me to perform sex on him."

"Is that true young man?" asked the officer.

"He's a lair!" said Billy. "He's the faggot, not me!"

"I happen to be gay myself young man, so if you know what's good for you now, you may want to watch your mouth." replied the security guard. "Can anyone else tell me what's going on here?"

"We were coming up toward the fountain to get our friend, when my cousin Billy approached him." said Kevin. "Then they began to struggle when Billy grabbed ahold of our friend, and our friend fell into the fountain."

"Okay, I think I have a good idea of what's going on then." said the guard. "Billy, consider yourself banned from this mall from now on. If you're not out of here in one minute, I'll call the police. I'm sorry you other boys had a problem. Is everyone okay?"

"I think so." said Sammy. "We just need to get my friend home to my house. He'll be okay there."

"Okay then." said the guard. "Do you boys have a ride waiting for you?"

"Yeah, my dad is waiting outside the entrance." replied Carter.

"Okay then, you boys can go." said the guard. "I'll accompany you to your dad's car to make sure the other boy isn't still around."

The guard followed the boys out of the mall, and a car with someone who looked like Kevin's cousin tore out of the parking lot. The guard figured that would be the last he would ever see of Billy. When Frank spotted the boys outside with the guard, he pulled around to pick them up.

"Is there a problem sir?" asked Frank.

"There was earlier with another boy, but he's been banned from the mall now." replied the guard. "As long as you're here, I don't see any further problems. You boys take it easy, and if you ever see Billy around here, let me know right away."

The boys all got into Frank's car and Carter said, "He was a really nice guy, wasn't he?"

"He was nicer than a lot of mall security guards I've seen." replied Kevin.

Sammy was holding Derek tightly, and Derek began to cry lightly again. "It'll be okay babe." said Sammy. "I'll take really good care of you. Don't cry because of them anymore Derek, I love you."

"Why do they hate me?" cried Derek.

"I don't know babe." replied Sammy. "I love you though. You should have come to me right away."

"He's right Derek." said Frank. "You should have come to our house. We all care about you very much, and you need to be with people who care about you."

"My dad looked like he was going to kill me, and my mom looked like she hated the sight of me." said Derek. "I'm surprised she stopped him from hitting me."

"You don't have to worry about that any more son." said Frank. "We'll make sure you only have people around you that love you."

"Yeah Derek, we all love you." said Carter. "My mom and dad will make sure that you're okay. If you want, I'm sure they'll let you stay with us."

"We'd be happy to give you a home Derek." said Frank. "Rebecca is home right now, worried sick about you. She'd love to take care of you too. I'm also sure Sammy wouldn't mind having you live with us."

"He's right babe." said Sammy. Sammy then placed his lips against Derek's, and gave him the warmest and most loving kiss he could.

In just a few seconds, the two boys were softly running their hands over each other's bodies. Frank smiled as he looked into the mirror, and saw the two boys who were very deeply in love with each other. Frank was very glad that Sammy had met Derek now. He knew that Derek's parents would have eventually found out about him, and he now had a boy who loved him enough to get him through this. Frank was as proud of Sammy as he would have been if Sammy had been his real son. When Frank got the boys home, Rebecca immediately went to Derek. Rebecca wrapped the boy in a motherly hug.

As Rebecca comforted the hurt boy, Frank said to Sammy, "When you make love to him tonight, make sure you do it with as much love as you possibly can. You should make Derek feel as good as you can make him feel tonight."

"Thanks dad, I'll do the best I can." replied Sammy.

Frank then called Wayne to have him speak with Derek the next day, and to call his social worker friend. Frank would not let Derek go back home if he could prevent it. Wayne told Frank to bring Derek and Sammy over early the next morning and he would talk to both boys.

That night when Sammy and Derek went to bed together, Sammy undressed his boyfriend slowly and lovingly. Then Sammy stripped his clothes off too. Sammy could sense that Derek was now unsure of whether or not they should be so intimate, so Sammy was going to prove to him that they were right to be boyfriends. Sammy laid down and took Derek gently into his arms, then began to kiss Derek as passionately as he possibly could. When Derek began sucking on his tongue, Sammy knew that he would make things okay with Derek. As the boys continued to kiss, Sammy began to caress Derek's body softly. When Sammy's hands reached Derek's cock, he lingered a little longer and began caressing Derek very passionately. Derek's hands then began caressing Sammy's body as well.

Once both boys were as hard as they could get, Sammy got up and knelt between Derek's legs. Sammy grabbed a tube of lube and sensuously lubed Derek's pucker. Once Derek was nice and slippery, Sammy lubed his cock. When Sammy placed the head of his cock against Derek's pucker, Derek grinned widely. Sammy smiled back at Derek as he gently slid his cock all the way into Derek's rectum. Derek closed his eyes and began to wriggle around on Sammy's cock, getting it comfortable inside him. Sammy leaned down and began kissing Derek while slowly thrusting his cock in and out of him. Sammy slowly made love to Derek for the next fifteen minutes, before beginning to build toward an orgasm. Derek writhed underneath Sammy as Sammy's cock began to throb inside him.

Sammy raised up from Derek's face slightly and moaned, "I love you so much Derek. I want you to live with me from now on for the rest of our lives."

Sammy immediately began cumming deeply into Derek then. Both boys moaned in ecstasy as Sammy's cum shot into Derek forcefully. When the final drop of cum had left Sammy's cock, Sammy dropped down into Derek's arms.

After resting for a minute, Sammy asked, "How do you want to cum now babe?"

"I think I'd like your awesome mouth to make me cum." replied Derek.

"That would be a pleasure for me." said Sammy. "I've always loved having your beautiful cock in my mouth."

Derek stayed on his back as Sammy went down and hungrily took Derek's cock into his mouth. Sammy slowly stroked Derek's cock with his lips so he could enjoy the taste of his cock. Sammy sucked on his boyfriend's cock as passionately as he could, as Derek moaned continuously now. Derek tried to hold back his cum as long as possible, but after ten minutes he began to lose his battle. Sammy added a little more suction as he felt Derek's cock begin throbbing in his mouth. Derek began to grunt just seconds before beginning to shoot his cum into Sammy's mouth. Sammy savored the taste of Derek's cum as it blasted into his mouth. Once Sammy swallowed every drop of Derek's cum, he climbed back up into Derek's arms. Both boys drifted off to sleep with smiles on their faces.

Sammy and Derek were kept from school the next day, as Carter and Kevin complained about having to go. Kevin was also sure that Billy would now want to retaliate over the mall incident. The principal was informed of that possibility by Frank as the boys were on their way to school though. Kevin could tell Billy was still pissed when he got a look at his cousin, but Billy kept his distance for now.

Frank took the day off work, and he and Rebecca took Sammy and Derek to see Wayne. First the boys told Wayne about the incident at the mall, then they went on to tell Wayne about what happened after they returned home from the mall. Wayne was happy that Derek had someone who loved him so much, and that Sammy was progressing so well himself. Then Derek told Wayne about what had happened with his parents that led him to running away. Wayne was very concerned about Derek's welfare as the boy spoke, while Sammy was furious at Derek's parents. How could they react that way to the sweetest and kindest person that he had ever met? Of course Derek felt the same way about Sammy. Sammy was a saint in a boy's body as far as Derek was concerned.

As soon as Derek finished talking, Wayne knew that he had to call his friend Michele, the social worker. She told Wayne that she would come over immediately, and wanted Wayne to try to get Derek's parents to meet her and Wayne. Michele arrived at Wayne's first, and had enough time to get a statement from Derek first. Wayne told Derek not to hold back anything from Michele, except maybe the details of his sexual escapades, and that Michele would help him as much as she could. Then Derek's parents arrived, so Wayne, Michele, and Derek's parents met in Wayne's office.

"I have talked quite a bit with Derek this morning." said Wayne. "The boy has gone through a very traumatic experience involving you two. I believe quite a few of the things that he has told me today. Would either of you like to explain what happened yesterday?"

"Our son told us yesterday that he was gay after we confronted him with our suspicions." said Derek's mom. "Naturally there was a discussion that may have gotten heated at times. It's a very upsetting thing to find out that your son is gay. We were upset when he ran away yesterday though. We want to continue to care for him until he is old enough to leave on his own."

"Even though there is no way you can change a person's sexual orientation?" asked Wayne. "You do know that your son will continue to be gay no matter how hard you try to change him?"

"That's just one person's opinion Mr. Owens!" replied Derek's dad. "I will not allow him to continue to be queer!"

"Is that why you tried to assault your own son?" asked Michele.

"How the hell would you react?!" blared out Derek's dad. "Derek ain't no faggot, and I'll make sure of that one way or the other!"

"Please shut up dear, you're not helping anything!" said Derek's mom.

"And I suppose you were helping by stopping the assault, only to say that you hated Derek for making you hit your husband?" asked Michele.

"It wasn't like that at all you meddling busy body." replied Derek's mom. "I said that I hated that I had to hit my husband to keep him from assaulting Derek, and that Derek shouldn't have made me have to do that. If he had cooperated yesterday, everything would be fine right now."

"Well, I have a report from Derek's psychologist that says the boy is afraid of both of his parents." said Michele. "I don't see how you could claim that everything would be fine. And for your information, I'm not a meddling busy body. My job is to protect children that cannot protect themselves. Right now I think the best way to protect Derek is to remove him from your home."

"If you want that little faggot, you can have him!" bellowed Derek's dad.

"You and your wife will be notified when a custody hearing is scheduled." said Michele. "The only way that the family court will consider returning Derek to you is if you take parenting and anger management classes. You can get a list at the family services office, or wait until the court orders it. That's really about all we have to discuss today."

"You can't just take our son away like this." said Derek's mom.

"Don't worry, you'll have a chance to prove that you can continue as parents, but in the meantime Derek will be placed in foster care." replied Michele. "You can go now."

Derek's parents stormed out of Wayne's office, sure that they would somehow get Derek back under their control soon. Michele and Wayne would make sure they could not do that until a lot of changes had taken place. In the meantime, Derek had to be placed somewhere. Frank and Rebecca stepped forward to ask for Derek to come and stay with them. Wayne informed Michele that staying at Frank and Rebecca's house last night helped the boy make it through one of the worst nightmares a child can go through. Michele immediately authorized Derek to stay with Frank and Rebecca, then had the couple fill out the foster parent papers for Derek. Derek smiled brightly as that happened. Once the papers were signed, Michele wished Derek, Frank, and Rebecca the best of luck. Then she left Derek with his new foster parents. Derek and Sammy were happy beyond description, and Frank, Rebecca, and Wayne smiled at the two boys as they celebrated their love.

After that, Wayne introduced everyone to his house guests from the previous night. He also called the real estate agent who was handling the property across the street. It was time to turn his attention to helping Joanna and Alex now. While Derek and Sammy got to know Alex better, the adults all talked while waiting for the real estate agent to arrive. Joanna found Frank and Rebecca to be just as charming as they found her to be. When the agent arrived, the adults ventured across the street. The house was a very nice two bedroom home, which was perfect for Joanna and Alex. Everyone loved the house, and Joanna found that she could get the house for much less that it's value because the owner's family was anxious to get rid of it. Not only would Joanna be much closer to work from here, her mortgage would be much lower when she sold her house. A developer had been buying up properties in her neighborhood anyway, with plans of a condominium complex built on that block. Joanna would get a good price for her old house, and pick up this house at a great bargain.

When everyone returned to Wayne's house for Joanna to sign an offer on the house, the boys were upstairs playing Playstation and having a great time together. Joanna was happy to find her son not only having a new boyfriend, but also making other new friends. Joanna was now sure she was doing the right thing for herself and her son. Later that morning, just before noon, Michele called back. She was sending a pair of police officers over to escort Derek to his house to get his belongings. Once that was done, Derek would be officially moved into Sammy's room at Frank and Rebecca's house. Derek and Sammy were looking forward to many nights of love making from this point on.

After Frank and his family left, and Joanna went out to make plans to sell her house in Kentucky, Wayne had a few patients to see. The first one was Tony. Wayne had found a lawyer for Tony, who immediately had Tony's parents investigated by a private investigator. They had come up with enough in the case to feel confident about Tony's emancipation hearing. The lawyer had also been in touch with Jessica and her family, whom he had convinced to come back for the hearing to help Tony. When Wayne gave Tony the news that his hearing would be in one month, and Jessica and her family would be there to help him, Tony hugged Wayne and thanked him. He would soon have another chance to see his pregnant girlfriend, and if all went well they would be together again before the baby was born. Tony wanted more than anything to be a parent with Jessica. Wayne talked to Tony about that for quite a while, trying to make sure Tony would be ready for the increased responsibility he would face.

The next patient was Eddie. Wayne had only made a little progress in getting Eddie and his parents to trust each other again, but things were slowly improving. Besides, Wayne knew that with what Eddie had gone through, his recovery would be slow. The parents recovery would be slow as well, as it depended on Wayne building Eddie's trust in them back up to where it should be. Wayne was sure though that Eddie's parents were sorry about what had happened at the party. They were both sticking to their promise to stay sober, so Wayne was sure that he could help rebuild Eddie's trust. Wayne made sure to let Eddie's parents know that.

Joanna returned to Wayne's, where she had left Alex, just before the boys began coming home from school. She had went to see the developer who was trying to buy the properties in her neighborhood, and he agreed to close a deal on her house in Kentucky as soon as she had closed the deal on the house across the street from Wayne. The developer was going to give her almost enough to pay off both mortgages, which made Joanna very happy. She would finally be able to start giving her son more of the things he wanted. It also made Alex happy because he would now be right across the street from the boy that he loved.

Phillip and the boys arrived home at about the same time. Benji went straight to Alex, while Kevin and Carter were stopped by Wayne and Phillip. When Alex told Benji the news, the two boys kissed and went directly upstairs. Meanwhile, Wayne had noticed that Carter's hand was wrapped with a bandage.

"What happened to your hand Carter?" asked Wayne.

"It'll be fine by morning." replied Carter. "It's just a little sore from when it went crashing into Billy's face after school."

"What?!" exclaimed Wayne. "You know that violence is not the answer to most problems, don't you?"

"I wasn't going to stand around and watch him beat Kevin up though." replied Carter. Kevin then revealed the towel that he had used to stop his bloody nose. "Billy caught Kevin off guard right after we had gotten off of school grounds today. He got one swing at Kevin before I could do anything. When I did get ahold of Billy, I hit him twice in the face to stop him from attacking Kevin."

"Don't be too hard on them Wayne." said Phillip. "I know Billy very well, and I'm sure the fight was completely his fault. I'm also sure that he'll get tired of being beaten up by Kevin and Carter because of the fights he's starting."

"Or he may snap and do something really bad." replied Wayne. "I want to suggest to the boys principal that Billy be forced to get some type of counseling. There are way too many cases of school shootings these days to take this lightly."

"I think that may be a great idea babe." said Phillip, as he smiled at Wayne's suggestion.

"Thanks my love." replied Wayne. Then Wayne turned back to Kevin and Carter and said, "I'm going to call Frank and Rebecca, and let them in on how I want to handle this. I'm sure they will agree too because this has to be stopped before it does become serious."

Kevin and Carter were both okay with that, so they went upstairs to Kevin's room. As soon as Kevin and Carter went upstairs, Tommy came in with Zack and Seth. The two little boys said hi to Wayne and gave him a hug, then went directly upstairs with Tommy. As Tommy began kissing the two boys deeply, one at a time, Zack and Seth began removing their clothes. Once the two younger boys were naked, they both began stripping Tommy.

When Wayne called Frank and Rebecca, they all decided to get together at Wayne's house for supper. That gave Wayne a little time to plan a nice supper for everyone. Joanna insisted on helping, so she could pick up a few cooking pointers from Wayne. Wayne found enough steaks in the refrigerator to have a place to start. He showed Joanna how he liked to prepare them for roasting, then began on the side dishes. This was one area where Joanna was able to help with a few suggestions, and she and Wayne were starting to have a little fun with it. Once the side dishes were under way, Wayne began on a dessert. Wayne decided to treat everyone to a Hawaiian cheesecake, with a pineapple and coconut topping that would be sprinkled with white chocolate flakes. The way he made it, it would only require thirty minutes in the refrigerator. Once Wayne had the cheesecake in the refrigerator, he helped Joanna with the rest of the side dishes. Then Joanna got Wayne to write down his recipe for the cheesecake.

Wayne and Joanna was finished in the kitchen with enough time before the main course was finished, that they could relax with everyone else in the living room for a few minutes. Everyone was there except for Frank and the rest of his family, and Benji and Alex. Tommy was sitting in one of the recliners with Zack sitting on one thigh, and Seth sitting on the other. Tommy had his arms around both boys, and all three of them had a warm and contented smile on their face. Phillip greeted Wayne with a hug and kiss.

"I hope you don't think that I want to steal Wayne away from you Phillip." said Joanna. "It's true that if he were available, I would elbow my way to the front of the line. I know how much you two love each other though, and I think you make a great couple. Right now I really think of Wayne as one of the wives."

"I know there's a compliment in there somewhere." chuckled Wayne. "I don't think it will be any problem for us to be good friends though. Phillip is pretty secure in the fact that he's my man and I'm his man."

"That sounds great!" replied Joanna. "Now, does anyone know if Benji and Alex are going to join us soon?"

"When we passed by their door they were still grunting and moaning a lot, so we decided not to disturb them." snickered Carter.

"Well, I'm glad my son found someone as nice as Benji, and that he loved him enough to wake up." said Joanna. "By the way Tommy, I think you look really sweet with Zack and Seth. They look like they love you every bit as much as you look like you love them."

"Thanks ma'am." replied Tommy. "These two boys on my lap mean everything in the world to me. I hope all three of us are in love with each other until we're all old men."

"Yeah, old men like Wayne and Phillip." chirped Seth, as he smiled impishly.

"What did you say sonny?" asked Wayne in an elderly voice. "I couldn't hear you cause my hearing aid was turned off."

That had everyone laughing as Frank, Rebecca, Sammy, and Derek showed up at the door. The joke naturally had to be repeated, and soon the new guests were laughing too. Then Sammy and Derek began excitedly telling Carter and Kevin about the days events. Carter and Kevin were very happy for the other two boys. Wayne yelled upstairs to Benji and Alex, then went to the kitchen to put supper on the table. Rebecca and Joanna insisted on helping Wayne set the table.

Everything seems to be going better now, doesn't it? Those of you who know my style though, know that doesn't mean too much. heh-heh. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 14.