Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 14

Everyone enjoyed the supper that Wayne and Joanna had prepared. After supper, the adults talked for a while. Frank and Rebecca were concerned about Carter's injured hand. They agreed with Wayne that the school needed to be notified of what was happening. Phillip also thought it was about time he talked to his brother, Edward. Edward was also Billy's father, and it was a talk that Phillip had hoped wouldn't be necessary.

When the phone was picked up, the man's voice said, "Hello, who is this?"

"Hi Edward, this is Phillip." replied Phillip. "I want to talk to you about what is going on between our boys. We both know that if things keep going like they are, it will only cause trouble for Billy. I hope we would both like to avoid that."

"That faggot Kevin and his queer little boyfriend are the ones who are going to get in trouble." said Edward heatedly. "Do you know what they did to my boy? They both ganged up on him and gave him a black eye and a cut lip! It took three stitches to close Billy's lip today. I should sue you to learn you how to control that piece of shit!"

"For your information Edward, the boys did not gang up on Billy." replied Phillip calmly. "Billy attacked Kevin and gave him a bloody nose today. Kevin's friend defended Kevin without any help at all. Billy is the one who started the fight today because he got kicked out of the mall for trying to attack and rape one of Kevin's friends."

"My son is normal!" yelled Edward. "He would never even dream of doing anything like that! Kevin and his sick friends are the ones who need help!"

"I'm not going to argue about this with you Edward." said Phillip. "I have the boy who Billy tried to force to perform oral sex on him right here in my house. I can assure you that Billy has more of a problem than Kevin or any of his friends will ever have."

"I thought you said Billy tried to rape that fag." replied Edward. "It just sounds to me like Billy was trying to get his cock sucked by someone who would have probably enjoyed it! Isn't that the only thing that fags are good for?"

"That's about the sickest thing I've ever heard!" said Phillip, as he raised his voice slightly. "It's easy to see where Billy gets his fucked up morals from brother, and it's easy to see why I don't miss any of you either. If Billy so much as looks at Kevin or his friends again, I'll get a restraining order against him and the school will have no choice but to transfer him. Do I make myself clear Edward?"

"You two should have stayed in Florida where you belong!" spat out Edward.

"I have to go where my job takes me." replied Phillip. "It's really none of your business anyway. Just keep Billy away from Kevin and his friends!" Then Phillip hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

It took Wayne and Frank some time to calm Phillip down after talking to his brother. Phillip knew that his family wasn't filled with the nicest people in the world, but he wouldn't have expected what he heard from his brother. Wayne reminded Phillip that at least he didn't have to involve Kevin's parents yet. That finally got a smile from Phillip again. Wayne then called the school's principal, and got a much better response than Phillip had from his brother.

"I'm very sorry that Kevin and his friends are having such a hard time with Kevin's cousin." said the principal. "This school does have strict anti-discrimination policies though. I will instruct the staff to keep a close eye on Billy, and if he violates our policies again he will be dealt with sternly."

"Thank you sir." replied Wayne. "I hope with your help we can avoid having to let the court deal with Billy."

"If it does become necessary, please don't hesitate to act." said the principal. "I would hate to think of what could happen if he is allowed to get out of control. The school would go along with any order issued by the court."

Wayne thanked the principal again, then informed Phillip and Frank of what the principal had said. Both men were relieved to hear that the school would be so willing to help them deal with this problem. Meanwhile, Alex and Benji were holding each other in their arms after their intense orgasms.

"I kinda like having a boyfriend that's a little younger than me, especially one that's so cute." said Alex.

"You're the cute one Alex." replied Benji. "The first time I saw you laying in your bed, I thought that you were the best looking guy I had ever seen."

"It's no wonder I'm falling so in love with you Benji." said Alex. "You are millions of times better than my last so-called boyfriend. I just hope Lester can learn to accept who he is someday."

"Well, I already know how hard it is to do that." replied Benji. "Maybe he'll meet a guy someday that won't give him any other choice. Enough about him though, you've never told me about your dad yet."

"There's really not much to tell." replied Alex. "I didn't really know my dad, although my mom says he was a wonderful guy. He was in the Army, and was killed in the first war in Iraq. My mom let me read some of his letters though, at least the ones that weren't too sexual. Sometimes I have a hard time wondering why he had to go over there and get killed, especially with what's going on there now."

"I'm sorry Alex, I didn't know." said Benji comfortingly. "If there's anything I can ever do for you, just let me know."

Alex smiled seductively at Benji and replied, "How about a nice hot kiss from the sexiest guy I know?"

The two boys embraced each other firmly as their lips came together. Meanwhile in Kevin's room, Kevin and Carter were cuddling and kissing as Sammy laid on his stomach next to them. Derek was on top of Sammy, with his cock buried deeply into Sammy. Sammy had already cum into Kevin's blanket, and now Derek was working hard on shooting his cum into Sammy. As the two boys made love, Kevin and Carter were now talking.

"I can't believe you busted your hand defending me today." said Kevin softly. "That has to be the bravest and sexiest thing anyone has ever done for me."

"He was about to mess up my boyfriend's beautiful face though, so I had to stop him." replied Carter. "Besides, I'm sure my hand will be fine by morning."

"I guess that's more than we can say for Billy's face." snickered Kevin.

"I'm not proud that I had to hurt him." said Carter. "He left me very little other choice though. I would hope he could come to his senses without any more violence, but I'm not going to let anyone ambush my boyfriend either."

"I love you so much Carter." said Kevin. "I would do the same for you without thinking about it."

"That's the sweetest thing anyone has said to me all day Kev." replied Carter, who then looked over at Derek and Sammy as he smiled. "When are you going to fill him with your cum Derek?"

"I'm, I'm, almost there!" panted Derek. "Oh God Sammy, I'm cumming!"

Sammy reached back as soon as he felt the first shot of Derek's cum, and pulled his boyfriend into him as hard as he could. Derek and Sammy both moaned heavily as Derek blasted several strong shots of cum into Sammy. Kevin and Carter smiled at the two boys as they held each other in their arms. When Derek's orgasm was over, he rested his body on top of Sammy, who was now purring softly like a happy kitten.

In Zack and Seth's room, the two boys were working over Tommy's cock and balls with their mouths and tongues, as Tommy laid back on the bed moaning in ecstasy. The two boys took turns back and forth, happily sucking Tommy's throbbing cock. Tommy was now very close as Zack sucked hard on the head of his cock. When Tommy began gasping loudly, Zack felt the first three shots of Tommy's cum hit the back of his throat. Then Zack and Seth switched quickly so Seth could also taste their boyfriend's cum as it shot from his cock. When the two young boys had drained Tommy's cock, they both climbed up into his waiting arms and began kissing him on both sides of his face.

Tommy finally moaned, "I can't wait until I can make you guys cum like that. It's going to be so awesome making each of you cum like that for the first time." Then Tommy began kissing both boys, one at a time.

The adults finally called upstairs to tell the boys who didn't live there that it was time to go. Alex didn't want to go, but Joanna told him that he had to start packing sometime if he ever wanted to live in the house across from Benji. Alex gave Benji a good night kiss and said he would be right across the street as soon as possible.

Then Carter gave Kevin a good night kiss and told him that he would meet him at school in the morning. Kevin smiled as he returned Carter's kiss, while cupping his butt in his hand. Tommy kissed Zack and Seth before he began the walk home, and told them he would see them when he walked them home from school tomorrow. Joanna then offered Tommy a ride home, instead of seeing Tommy walking home alone. Tommy gratefully accepted the ride.

The next day, Alex began eagerly packing his room. When he fired up his computer to check his mail, there were several from Lester. The first few were pretty simple apologies, and then Alex opened up the last one which had just came in.

Dear Alex,

I am an idiot, and I don't blame you for hating me now. I can't even imagine how much it hurt when you heard me call you those names. I always thought that if I never admitted that I was gay, then maybe we could do the things we did without me being the same way you are. It's not that it's a bad thing, or that you're a bad person, it's just that I'm afraid of what people would say about me. Anyway, Benji looked like a really nice guy, and I'm sure he'll treat you a lot better than I ever did. I'm glad you found him. As for me, you won't have to worry about me again. I'll never be able to hurt you again. I did finally admit to myself that I'm gay though.

Your friend,

Alex's face went pale as he read the last note from Lester. Alex immediately called his mother to his room, and showed her the note. Lester had said some bad things to her son, but Joanna immediately went into nurse mode. Her first call was to Lester's parents.

"Hello, this is Alex's mom and he just got a very disturbing e-mail from Lester." said Joanna. "Is Lester there now?"

"Yeah Joanna, he's in his room." replied Lester's mom. "He's been acting a little strange lately, but I'm sure he's fine."

"Could you please check on him for me?" asked Joanna. "I'm really worried about the note he sent my son."

"Sure Joanna, I'll check on him." replied Lester's mom. After a few moments she came back on the line. "This is really weird Joanna. His door is locked, but his light is on and he won't answer."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Joanna. "Get your husband quick and have him kick the door open. The note he sent Alex looked like a suicide note!"

Lester's mom dropped the phone and yelled at her husband. Joanna could hear the events that transpired on the other end of the line. Lester's dad kicked the door open, and then Joanna heard Lester's mom scream. Then Lester's mom picked the phone up again. "Joanna, I'll have to call you back. We have to call an ambulance!"

"I'll call a friend of mine and have him meet you at the hospital." said Joanna before the line went dead.

Joanna called Wayne and told him what had happened. Wayne said that he would be on his way to the hospital in Covington immediately. Then Alex dragged his mom to the car so they could get to the hospital as soon as possible. When they got to the hospital, Joanna and Alex met Lester's mom in the emergency waiting room. A few moments later, they were joined by Lester's dad. Then everyone waited for news on Lester, as Joanna comforted Lester's mom. Wayne arrived at the hospital as the doctor was coming out.

The doctor came up to the group and said, "Lester did ingest a potentially lethal overdose of tranquilizers. Thanks to quick action, we were able to reverse the toxic effects of the drugs in his system. Lester should completely recover, although he will really feel terrible when he wakes up. With what he ingested, he should sleep until morning."

"Why would my little boy try to kill himself?" asked Lester's mom.

"I'm afraid I can't help you with that ma'am." replied the doctor.

"I might be able to help, if you would like me to." said Wayne.

"Who are you?" asked Lester's mom.

"This is Wayne Owens." said Joanna. "He helped my son wake up from his coma, and he was a great help to me too in the process. He's Alex's psychologist now."

"Why would my son try to kill himself then Mister Owens?" asked Lester's mom.

"I met Lester briefly while I was treating Alex, but it was enough to know that Lester is dealing with some very serious issues right now." replied Wayne. "I don't normally reveal any information about a patient, but Lester needs as much help as he can get right now, including from his parents. First though, I need to know that both of you can keep an open mind and not judge who Lester is."

"We love our son Mister Owens." said Lester's mom. "Whatever happened to make him do this is something we want to help him with."

Wayne then excused himself and Lester's parents. Once they were alone, Wayne said, "First let's get to know each other a little better. My name is Wayne Owens, and I am a private psychologist who specializes in child psychology. I just got back into practice over the summer, after taking a little break. So far, all of my patients have been very satisfied with my services to them. My only aim is to help troubled kids, regardless of their parent's ability to pay. Now, tell me a little bit about yourself."

"My name is Mildred Hyde, and this is my husband Earl." replied Lester's mom. "Lester is our third and youngest son, and nothing like this ever happened with his older brothers. One of them is in his first year of college, and the other is in his fourth year. Earl and I have seen other parents who forget to deal with their children with love and understanding, and we swore that we would never let any of our boys end up that way. Please help us find out what went wrong Wayne."

"How about you Earl?" asked Wayne. "What do you think about what happened tonight?"

"I don't care what Lester is going through Wayne, I just want things to be better for him." replied Earl. "I don't want him to ever try to kill himself again. Whatever is wrong, he can come to either of us."

"Okay then, I hope you both mean that." said Wayne. "Lester seems to be having serious problems dealing with his sexual orientation. He has just come to grips with the fact that he is most likely gay, and it is apparently too much for him to handle by himself."

"Are you sure about that Wayne?" asked Mildred. "Are you sure that our son is gay?"

"Yes I am." replied Wayne. "He had a relationship with Alex before Alex went into a coma. That relationship broke up suddenly when Alex woke up because Lester was having a hard time admitting that the relationship existed. From what I was told by Alex and Joanna, Lester felt very bad about that, and finally admitted that he was gay. How are you about that Earl."

"Well, I don't want my son to be gay, but I don't hate him." replied Earl. "I'm just concerned about how others are going to treat him. No parent would want to see their son go through something like that. We'll still accept him and try to help him though Wayne. Can you help him?"

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear Earl." said Wayne. "I will do whatever I can for Lester. The fact that you two can accept and love him will help a lot. I'll come back in the morning when he wakes up. Please have the hospital keep him here until I can come back, and I'll register with them as his psychologist."

"Thanks Wayne." said Mildred. "What do we do if he wakes up before you come back?"

"Just show him that you love him no matter what." replied Wayne.

While Wayne went home to prepare for the next day, Mildred and Earl went to Lester's bedside. The couple looked at their troubled son as he laid in his bed, and wondered how this had happened.

"Are you okay knowing that our son is gay Earl?" asked Mildred.

"What can we do about it?" replied Earl. "If that's the way he is, I don't think we can change it. If we told him that we didn't want him to be gay, it would only make things worse. The only thing we can do is to accept this, and help keep others from hurting him. I still love my son, and I don't want to see him getting hurt."

"I'm glad to hear that." said Mildred. "Our boy is going to need all of the help we can give him."

That night was very long and quiet for Lester's parents, who both ended up drifting off at their son's bedside. They were awoken the next morning by Lester moaning out, "Mom? Mom? I'm so sorry."

Mildred took ahold of Lester's hand and said, "You don't have anything to be sorry for son. We should be sorry for not noticing that something was wrong, and letting you know that we love you no matter what. If you are gay son, we want to help you with that as much as we can. We will love and accept you no matter what."

"You mean dad knows too?" asked Lester weakly.

"Yes I do son." replied Earl. "The only thing that matters to me is your happiness and well-being. Your being gay doesn't change that at all son."

"I'm so sorry." said Lester. "I should have talked to you much sooner. I was just afraid of how you both would react to the fact that I only like other guys."

"Well, that's behind us now son." said Mildred. "The only thing that's important is that you are going to be okay, and that we still have a chance to show how much we love and accept you." Then Mildred and Earl took turns hugging their son.

I'm sorry this chapter took so long. The company I work for has no interest in enforcing their housing regulations. As a result, there have been way too many distractions here for me to write too much at a time. By the end of this coming week, I will be moving to a much quieter room though, and that should help. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 15.