Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance


Chapter 15

Lester and his parents hugged and cried together quite a bit that morning. They also really talked to each other for the first time in a few years. Earl was concerned that his third son was gay, because he knew how people would treat Lester. He himself had been guilty of that before, although he never physically hurt anyone because of it. It was still enough to make Earl very guilty about his feelings in the past. At one point that morning, Earl leaned over his son's bed and gave Lester a very gentle kiss on the cheek.

"I know with the way I've acted before son, that's probably why you were afraid to talk to us." said Earl. "I guess if I had been in your place, I would have felt the same way. For some reason though Lester, I've always cared just a tiny bit more about you than any of my other sons. I don't want to see you hurt by others, but I will be there for you and protect you no matter what boy you fall in love with. After all, I do know what it's like to really fall in love. When I met Mildred, it was like she was the only other person in the world who existed. Anyone could have said anything they wanted, and it would have never changed my feelings. I don't know for sure, but I imagine that when you find the right boy it will be the same with you. You don't have to be afraid of those feelings around us though son."

"Thanks dad." said Lester emotionally. "I love you and mom so much. I never wanted things to turn out like this, but there wasn't anything I could do. I tried to fight being gay, but I just can't do it. I'm glad that I know that you understand now though, and I promise to come to you guys from now on."

"You don't have to fight being gay Lester." said Earl. "I don't know much about homosexuality, seeing as you're the first gay person I have ever known closely, but I don't think any of us have much choice in it. I think you were meant to be gay for some reason, and it's mine and your mother's job to accept that and help you."

"I wish we'd had this talk before I screwed things up with Alex." said Lester.

"Yes, Alex always did seem like a nice boy." said Earl. "Are you sure you screwed things up?"

"Yeah, I said some pretty rotten things to him just as he was coming out of his coma." said Lester. "Then he's got Benji now, who's really kinda cute. I don't blame Alex for hating my guts now, and I hope things work out better with him and Benji."

"Maybe you boys might not be involved sexually anymore, but I think Alex still might want to be your friend." said Earl. "He was the one who saved your life last night. If he hadn't got his mom to call us as soon as he saw your e-mail, you might not have made it. I'm pretty sure that you can still count him as your friend. As for finding a boyfriend, I'm sure that you and Alex aren't the only two gay teenage boys in Covington. I know you'll find a really good looking boy and sweep him right off his feet. Being a ladies man is in your genes, so being a boys man probably is too." Then Earl smiled as he ruffled Lester's hair, and the two laughed together for several minutes.

When Wayne got to the hospital that morning, he signed in as Lester's psychologist then went to see his newest patient. When Wayne got to Lester's room, Mildred and Earl gave the two some privacy while they went to the cafeteria.

"So Lester, how are you feeling this morning?" asked Wayne.

"I have a monster of a headache, but it isn't bothering me too bad after talking to my parents this morning." replied Lester. "I wish I had talked to them sooner."

"Yes, I talked to both of them last night while you were out." said Wayne. "I got the impression that they both love you very much Lester."

"Yeah, it's great to know that now." said Lester as he smiled. "My dad actually kissed me really nicely on the cheek, just like he use to when I was a little kid."

"Well then, I'd say that was a long overdue kiss." replied Wayne. "Just make sure that he knows that he can continue to show you affection like that."

"Oh, I will!" replied Lester. "It felt really good for him to do that, and I'd never get tired of it."

"That's good." said Wayne. "I got the feeling that your dad may have some making up to do to you yet. He never seemed really supportive of gay people before now, did he?"

"He has made a few pretty nasty or even mean comments about gays before." said Lester. "He said that he just didn't stop to try to understand it though."

"That's pretty easy to believe." said Wayne. "A lot of people, even though they might be good people, tend to say bad things about things they don't understand. Even I have had moments where I've almost said the wrong thing, until I realized that I could fall in love with another man."

"You mean you have a boyfriend?" asked Lester in amazement. "Please tell me about it!"

"There isn't too much to tell." chuckled Wayne. "I was down at my beach house in Florida with another patient of mine, and I had never really given any thought to other guys in that way. I had divorced my wife a few years ago, and thought that as soon as I had settled down from that, I would go out and find another woman to settle down with. My patient at the time really helped open my eyes to what was going on around me though, and when I saw Phillip I began to feel things I had never dreamt of before. A few weeks later, he became the first man that I had ever made love to. Now Phillip is more of a mate than I have ever had before in my life. He is a lot of things to me that my ex wife could never have been, and I love him with all of my heart and soul."

"So, you're pretty new at accepting the fact that you're gay too, huh?" asked Lester.

"I guess that I am." chuckled Wayne. "But with Phillip in my life now, being gay has been more of a joy to me than I could have ever imagined."

"He must be pretty hot, huh?" snickered Lester.

"He's at least an eleven or twelve in my book." replied Wayne as he smiled. "Now, let's get back to you and your parents. I believe that they are ready to support you completely Lester. Have they told you that yet this morning?"

"Yeah, and it was pretty cool." said Lester. "It went much better than I ever thought it would when they found out their son was gay."

"Well, you had them pretty worried last night." said Wayne. "Imagine now how they would have felt if you had died last night."

"Was I really that close?" asked Lester.

"The doctor said that you had ingested an easily lethal dose of drugs last night." replied Wayne. "I'd say that you are a very lucky young man to still be with us today. I'm glad that Alex was home last night when he was."

"I guess I owe a few people quite a bit because of the stupid stunt I pulled yesterday, huh?" asked Lester shamefully.

"That's not important right now Lester." said Wayne. "Let's get you over this first, then we can worry about making things up to the people who care about you."

"Does that still include Alex?" asked Lester.

"I'm surprised you have to ask that Lester." said Wayne. "Sure, Alex and Benji are very much in love now, but Alex has one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen. It really hurt him when he asked you to leave as he came out of his coma, but he still cares about you very much. Even though he has a boyfriend now, I think he still very much wants you to be his friend."

"I can't see why he doesn't hate me now." said Lester.

"I don't think Alex has a bone in his body that is capable of hate." replied Wayne. "There aren't many people like that in the world, but he seems to be one of them. I'm sure it will make him happy to hear that you will still be his friend, if you can forgive yourself enough to give it a chance."

"I can't wait to tell him that then!" replied Lester. "Maybe when I get out of here and find me a boyfriend, him and I can double date with Alex and Benji."

"I'm sure Alex and Benji would love that." replied Wayne. "As for your parents, I'm going to be talking to them too. The most important thing is that they do love you very much. They do have some feelings about things in the past that drove you not to trust them, but I think they want to make that up to you very much. You're lucky to have parents who love you like that Lester."

"Yeah, I just never knew how lucky." replied Lester.

"It's important for you to remember though that they will be trying to make things up to you over the next few weeks." said Wayne. "It may be a temptation, but don't take advantage of that, okay?"

"I'll try not to." replied Lester.

"Okay then, have you thought about how everyone would have felt today if you had died last night?" asked Wayne.

"It really would have hurt a lot of people who didn't deserve to be hurt, wouldn't it?" asked Lester.

"Very much so Lester." replied Wayne.

"Why did I do that without thinking about that Wayne?" asked Lester.

"I would be willing to bet that you've been feeling very hurt for the past few days." said Wayne. "When our mind is in pain, we tend not to think very clearly at all. Physical pain is very easy to deal with, but mental pain can be impossible to overcome without help. I don't think you wanted to hurt anyone else, but I'll bet you were tired of hurting yourself. Am I right about that?"

"You said it better than I could have." replied Lester.

"Well then Lester, let's think of this as a new chance for you." said Wayne. "You get to start from scratch now, and you have the love and support from quite a few family and friends. I want you to think about how good you want your life to be from today on. That includes what kind of boyfriend you want to find, what you want to do with your friends, the love and support you want to share with your family, everything. You have a lot of people who are committed to helping you with that now, and I don't ever want you to deal with anything on your own. If you have a problem, you can go to your parents, or talk to me. Even Alex will be there if you want to talk to him about it. One thing I don't want you to do is to feel guilty about trying to end your life. You didn't have the help you needed to deal with that, but now you do. No one is going to hold your suicide attempt against you, as long as you never feel like trying that again. Your family and friends love you so much that they will make sure you never feel that way again if you let them. This is your chance to turn your life into anything you want it to be Lester, and everyone will be happy for you if you do well."

"Can you make sure I never try anything like that again Wayne?" asked Lester.

"This is the best I can do for you Lester." said Wayne, who then took Lester into a hug. "You are a fine young man Lester, and the world is a better place with you in it. If you were to ever hurt yourself, it would be a tremendous loss to a lot of people." Then Wayne let Lester go and said, "You can expect something like that from all of your family and friends over the next few days Lester."

"Thanks Wayne." said Lester. "I promise that I will never do anything stupid without talking to someone first. I guess I have too many people who care to do something like that again."

"That's right Lester." said Wayne. "As a matter of fact, I think I just saw Alex hovering outside your door. I'm going to go talk to your parents for a while, while you two boys have a little talk. Okay?"

"That would be great!" replied Lester, as he smiled brightly.

"That's what I wanted to see this morning." said Wayne, as he got up and ruffled Lester's hair. Then Wayne went to the door and opened it, and said, "He's all yours Alex."

Alex ran over to the bed and kissed Lester on the forehead, then on the cheek. "Please don't ever stop being my friend Lester." begged Alex. "It might not have been meant for us to be boyfriends, but I still need you as a friend. My mom is going to let me get my license, so I can still see you quite a bit, even though I'm moving across the river."

"I guess that's why we've been friends for so long." said Lester. "I never have gotten tired about how much you care about me. Don't worry about us not being boyfriends though, that's really not why I ended up here. I just never could bring myself to talk about how I feel before."

"So, it won't hurt you to see me with Benji?" asked Alex. "He was kinda worried about you too when I talked to him last night."

"You and Benji make a great couple buddy." replied Lester. "Actually, I'm kinda jealous. Benji is really cute, and he looks like he would be a really affectionate lover."

"You have no idea man!" said Alex. "I've felt things with him that I've never felt before. Well, that first time you let me have your dick was pretty nice, but nothing like Benji. We have to find you a boyfriend like him though, so you can see what I mean."

"So, you did like that first time?" asked Lester.

"If I didn't, we wouldn't have done anything else would we?" replied Alex. "It was a very special moment between two good friends though, and I wouldn't have missed it. Besides, your future boyfriend is going to be very lucky to get someone as nice down there as you are."

"Well, I guess we better change the subject before you make me stiff down there." said Lester as he blushed slightly.

The two boys began to giggle, then talked for the rest of the morning. By the time Alex had to leave to finish packing for the move, he gave Lester the best hug that he had gotten since going to the hospital. Alex also gave Lester a gentle kiss on the lips, then said, "You will always be my friend Lester, and I'll never stop caring about you."

"Thanks buddy." replied Lester. "I need to have friends like you. So, when I get out of here and find a boyfriend, do you and Benji want to double date?"

Alex smiled as he replied, "That would be more fun that anything I could think of! It's a date."

As Alex and his mom went home to get ready to move, the doctor was telling Earl and Mildred that the drugs in Lester's system had been neutralized, and he was free to go home. On the way home, Earl and his family had another talk. Earl knew from talking to Wayne earlier that a few things would have to be different from now on, so Lester would know that he could come to his parents with anything.

"You may not feel up to it today son, but when you do feel up to it, Mildred and I need to take you to the mall." said Earl. "I know that you've been trying to hide your true self from us, but your environment at home should reflect who you are. That way you will always know that we are there for you. We want you to redo your room and your wardrobe any way you want, and the only thing that matters is what you like."

"You guys don't have to do that for me." said Lester.

"Wayne told us about the deal you had about not taking advantage of us right now." said Mildred. "This is one of those times when that deal is off. We want you to be happy and comfortable with where you live, and we want you to be able to express yourself to any boy you bring home with you."

"I'll never stop loving you guys." said Lester.

"We hope not son." said Earl. "We wouldn't mind having you right at home with us for the rest of our lives, and that includes any boy you fall in love with."

"That's right honey." said Mildred. "We could never live with ourselves if something happened to you like what happened to your cousin Travis across the river."

"Yeah, I miss Travis a lot." said Lester emotionally. "He was the only one besides Alex that I ever talked to about myself."

Derek and Sammy went directly to their room after school that day. That had very quickly become their routine, and Derek was now very comfortable in his and Sammy's love nest. The whole house seemed even happier with Derek there now, as the sounds of the two boys making love could be heard almost any time they were home. After engaging in a sixty nine for about fifteen minutes, with neither boy wanting to let himself cum yet, Sammy and Derek backed off for a moment to take a breath.

Sammy stared at Derek's cock in front of him as he said, "I think I've become addicted to you Derek. You just look more and more beautiful to me every day. I can just look at your cock like this, and it makes me so happy."

"That's funny." said Derek. "When I look at your cock like this, it makes me hungry."

Both boys burst into laughter for a few minutes, then lovingly took each other's cock back into their mouths. It amazed both boys that a piece of tissue and skin could make them feel the way they did when they were making love like this, and neither boy could seem to get enough now. Sammy could now feel Derek's cock begin to bulge and throb, so he began to suck harder. Derek moaned around Sammy's cock in his mouth, as he began to cum into Sammy's throat. Sammy sucked longingly as he quenched his thirst for Derek. Once Derek's orgasm began to subside, he began to passionately suck on Sammy's now throbbing cock. Once again, Derek's hunger for Sammy was satisfied as he felt and tasted Sammy's cum coating his mouth and throat. Once Sammy's orgasm was completely over, the two boys moved into each other's arms. They shared a deep kiss for the next thirty minutes, until Carter poked his head into the room.

"Dinner is ready you guys." snickered Carter. "You both need more than just cum to keep your strength up."

Sammy picked up his underwear from beside the bed and flung them toward Carter, then said, "I can't help it that I'm so hopelessly in love now."

"I know that my brother, I was just picking on you." said Carter. "I think you two look very hot together like that."

"Speaking of looking hot together, where's Kevin?" asked Sammy. "I assumed he'd be here, seeing as how it's Friday night."

"He had to run by his house really quick." replied Carter. "He should be here any time now though."

"Why didn't you go with him?" asked Derek. "What if he runs into trouble? You know, trouble as in starts with a B."

"I don't think Billy is going to try anything so soon after the last time." said Carter. "It probably still smarts a little."

The boys then laughed together as Sammy and Derek dressed in front of Carter for dinner. Carter was becoming a little worried now though, because Kevin said he would be right there. As dinner was almost over, Carter left the table to call Kevin's house.

"This is Phillip, can I help you?" said Phillip, when he picked up the phone.

"Hi Phillip, this is Carter." replied Carter. "Is Kevin still there by some chance?"

"No, he's not Carter." said Phillip, who began to sound worried. "He left here almost as soon as he walked in, saying that he wanted to get to your house by dinner. Do you mean he hasn't showed up there yet?"

"Oh shit Phillip!" exclaimed Carter. "Something's happened, I know it has!"

"Okay Carter, try to stay calm." said Phillip, who was now trying to hide how worried he was. "I'm on my way over there right now. When I get there, we'll go out and find Kevin. If he does get there before I do, try not to let on that we were worried. Can you do that Carter?"

"I'll try Phillip." Carter almost cried. "Please hurry though!"

"I'll be there in ten minutes Carter." replied Phillip. "I promise that everything will be okay. I promise."

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