Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 18

Carter went back to the hospital bright and early the next morning, and eager to see Kevin again. When he got to the nurses station though, the nurse there stopped him and had him sit down. Carter immediately became frightened and agitated, wanting to see Kevin badly now. Phillip finally showed up, looking like he hadn't slept at all.

"Where is Kevin?" asked Carter frantically. "Why won't they let me go back to see him?"

"Kevin had to be moved Carter." replied Phillip wearily. "You'll have to follow me if you want to see him. I'll fill you in on the way to ICU."

Once they started walking, Carter asked, "What happened Phillip? Why is Kevin in ICU? He was looking great yesterday."

"Kevin had a rough night last night Carter." replied Phillip. "About an hour after you left, he began to have a severe headache. The doctor came in to look at him immediately, and they had to take Kevin to the operating room. Kevin had an aneurysm, and it almost killed him before they could get in to fix it." The night then finally caught up to Phillip, who began to cry. Soon Phillip and Carter were hugging each other, and both of them were crying.

After a few minutes, Carter finally stopped enough to ask, "Is Kevin okay Phillip? Please tell me that he'll be okay."

Phillip regained control of himself and replied, "The doctors are waiting for him to wake up from the surgery. They won't know anything until that happens, and they can examine him. He was lucky that he was here in the hospital. If he hadn't been here, he probably wouldn't have made it."

"Why didn't you call me when it happened?" asked Carter. "Kevin is a part of me, and I'd like to be here if anything happens."

"I did call and talked it over with your parents." replied Phillip. "We decided that it had been a rough day for both of you boys, and to let you rest until this morning. There would have been nothing you could have done if you had been here anyway Carter. Once the doctor came in and looked at Kevin, he had him taken away so fast that I didn't even get to say good bye. Let's get to ICU now, so when he wakes up we can both say hello."

Carter followed Wayne to Kevin's bed, and they both sat down beside Kevin. Kevin's head was now completely bandaged, and he had several monitors and IV's hooked up to him. Carter took ahold of one of Kevin's hands and kissed it gently. Then Carter held onto the motionless hand. Phillip watched Carter hold Kevin's hand.

"I feel bad about not waking you last night Carter." said Phillip. "I do know how much you boys mean to each other, and I would never want Kevin to have any other boyfriend but you."

"It's okay Phillip." sniffled Carter. "You're right, there was nothing I could have done here anyway. I might have even gotten in the way, and I could have never stood the thought of unintentionally hurting Kevin. Did they have to shave Kevin's head?"

"Well, this was a bit more complicated than draining off a little fluid." said Phillip. "They actually had to open his skull to get to the ruptured blood vessel. They shaved off so much to do that, that they decided to take the rest of it off when they were finished. They didn't want him to look too strange."

"Kevin is going to miss his hair." said Carter. "He had really beautiful hair, just like everything else about him."

"You boys!" said Phillip, as he tried to smile. "Kevin's hair will grow back. Besides, what's underneath his hair is much more important."

"I guess you're right again." replied Carter, as he tried to smile back at Phillip.

Phillip and Carter spent the whole morning sitting with Kevin, neither wanting to leave his side. A little after noon while Carter was holding Kevin's hand, he felt it twitch slightly. Carter then rubbed as much of Kevin's hand as he could. When that didn't get any reaction, Carter gently rubbed Kevin's thigh.

"Mmm." moaned Kevin, as his eyes slowly opened. "That feels a lot better than I felt last night."

Carter got up and kissed Kevin on the lips, then said, "Why do you have to keep coming up with ways to scare me? Please stop trying to leave me Kevin, I love you with all my heart."

"I'll see what I can do, my beautiful lover." replied Kevin weakly.

Phillip had called for the doctor as soon as he saw that Kevin was waking up, and the doctor soon came into the room. He tried to clear the room so he could look at Kevin, but Carter insisted on staying this time. The doctor then asked Kevin quite a few questions as he read Kevin's vital signs, then looked into Kevin's eyes with his light.

Finally the doctor turned to Carter and Phillip and said, "Kevin was very lucky to have been here last night when this happened. The blood vessel seems to be holding fine now, and from the questions I asked him, there doesn't seem to be any signs of brain damage either. I think Kevin should recover from this fine. Just be careful of his head for now, and no strenuous activities. I want him to stay in his bed for the next twenty four hours too. I'll come back later today and look at him again."

"What if he has to... you know?" asked Carter with a grin.

The doctor pulled out a bedpan and urine jar and said, "These will have to do for now."

Carter looked back at Kevin and said, "This could be kinda fun."

"You perv." replied Kevin, as he laughed weakly.

The doctor looked kind of shocked, and Phillip was having an impossible time trying to control his laughter. As soon as the doctor left the room, Phillip nearly fell in the floor laughing. He was joined a few moments later by Carter and Kevin, although Kevin couldn't laugh nearly as hard as Carter or Phillip could.

"I... thought... the... doctor... was... going... to... pee!" laughed Kevin as hard as he could in his condition.

Carter wanted to reply, but he and Phillip were still laughing too hard. When Carter could finally talk, he said, "Kevin, you are my whole life now. I could never make it without you. Please get better and stop scaring me like this."

"Carter, I would never deliberately scare you." replied Kevin. "I love you so much that it seems like a dream to me sometimes. I hope I never leave you and you never leave me, and that we're together until we're both old men. I promise that I'll get better for you now, and no more scares if I can help it."

Phillip smiled at the love the two boys shared for each other, and he too hoped they would be together for a long time. Carter spent all day at the hospital with Kevin and Phillip, with Phillip occasionally giving the two boys some private time. When the doctor came back later, he looked a little more composed. He told Phillip that if Kevin looked okay tomorrow, he would move him back to his old room.

The next day, Wayne sent word that he wanted to see Carter as his doctor. Frank took Carter to Wayne and Phillip's house, and Carter waited out in Wayne's waiting room. As Wayne came out, Lester also came in.

"Hi boys." said Wayne. "It seems as though I have appointments with both of you. If neither of you mind, I'd like to see you both together."

"I guess I'm cool with that." replied Carter.

"Um, I guess it would be okay." said Lester. "I'm just not too use to talking about things like this with too many people, but I've already met Carter."

"Good then boys, let's get started." said Wayne, as he led them into his office. Once they were all seated, Wayne said, "You two boys do have a few things in common. Why don't you tell Carter about what led you to be here Lester."

"Sure Wayne." replied Lester. "It started with Alex and me. Alex was in love with me, and I couldn't bring myself to admit that I had feelings for him too. I thought my friends and family would never understand, but I never even gave them a chance."

"That sounds a lot like my first boyfriend." said Carter. "The only difference is that his family would have hated him for being gay. I did find out after he killed himself that he did have feelings for me though. I wish I would have known that before, and maybe he would still be here. I'm lucky that I met Kevin to help me get through it though. To be honest, I didn't want to go on after my first boyfriend killed himself."

"Wow, and I would have put Alex through the same thing." said Lester. "After what I've already put him through, he wouldn't have deserved that. It was mostly my fault that he was in a coma anyway. Then I didn't help matters much when he came out of it. I guess I'm glad he had Benji to help him."

"I hope you're not being too hard on yourself though Lester." said Carter. "You did make it through."

"Yeah, but it was close." replied Lester. "I could have easily died because of what I did. If it hadn't been for Alex, I probably would have."

"That would have been awful." said Carter. "After what happened to my first boyfriend, I'd never want to see anyone kill themselves because of being gay."

"I know what you mean." said Lester. "I had a cousin that killed himself. We didn't know why at first, but it turned out that he was gay and couldn't face it because of my aunt and uncle. Travis was the only one I had ever talked to about anything like this."

"Travis?!" exclaimed Carter. "Travis was your cousin?"

"Did you know Travis?" asked Lester.

"Travis was my first boyfriend!" said Carter.

"You're the one that Travis was in love with?!" asked Lester. "This is so unbelievable! I miss him so much sometimes."

"So do I!" said Carter.

The two boys then hugged each other closely as they shed a few tears for Travis. Wayne was completely shocked by the exchange between the two boys, and he had a hard time keeping his feelings in check too. He did manage to keep control though. Wayne sat silently until the two boys broke their hug.

"Do you boys see how one horrible incident can affect so many others?" asked Wayne.

"I still can't believe it." said Carter. "I never realized that Travis had affected so many other lives."

"Well, he was a pretty great guy, as well as an awesome cousin." said Lester.

"Both of you boys would have had the same affect though." said Wayne. "If either of you hadn't made it through, it would have affected people in ways that you couldn't have imagined. Travis has already caused you to think that Kevin is doomed because you love him now."

"You can't think like that Carter." said Lester. "You have to believe that he will be okay, and be there for him. I didn't do that for Alex, and it almost turned out really bad."

"I'll do that if you remember that what happened with you and Alex wasn't your fault." said Carter. "You knew that people sometimes treat us badly, so you had no way of knowing how people would have reacted. You can't blame yourself for that."

"I guess not." replied Lester.

The two boys continued talking to Wayne, and started to become good friends. Lester helped Carter to believe that Kevin would be okay, and Carter helped Lester to believe that things would work out for him too. After their visit was over, Carter and Lester both went back to the hospital to be with Kevin. As soon as Carter walked into the hospital room, he gave Kevin a warm and loving kiss. Phillip smiled when he saw that, and decided to give the three boys some time to visit alone.

Later that afternoon, Billy heard that Kevin had to have surgery. He felt guilty about what he had caused, and come by to see his cousin. After Billy visited with Kevin and the other boys for a while, he stepped out into the hallway. Then Lester made an excuse to step out too.

"Hi Billy." said Lester. "Have you thought any about what we did the other day?"

"It's kinda hard not to think about that." admitted Billy. "I love having sex with girls, but your mouth on my cock felt really good."

"That's good." said Lester. "After doing that for the first time, I know that I really like doing it. I'd love to suck you again sometime, if you want me to."

"Even if I can't stand the thought of having another guy's dick in my mouth?" asked Billy.

"That's not important right now, as long as I can suck your cock." said Lester. "It really felt and tasted good."

"I don't know how you can feel that way." said Billy. "The thought of a guy cumming in my mouth would make me sick. You did make me feel good though, and I like the thought of that. Do you want to find someplace where you can suck my cock?"

"Sure!" replied Lester as he grinned.

The boys finally ended up inside a men's room inside the hospital. They went into the last stall, then Billy pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet tank. Lester stepped up to Billy, and took ahold of his cock. Billy watched as Lester looked at his cock and squeezed it gently for a few minutes.

"You have a very nice looking cock Billy." said Lester softly.

"Thanks." replied Billy. "Can you please make it feel good now? I love how it feels in your mouth."

Billy watched and held his breath as Lester licked the head of his cock a few times before swallowing it. Billy moaned softly under his breath as he saw the now swelling shaft slide in and out between Lester's lips. Billy knew that he liked this too much, but he was powerless to stop it.

"Oh man, if you had a pussy I could so fall in love with you." muttered Billy softly.

That made Lester suck Billy with even more passion than before. Lester knew that he could somehow get Billy to fall in love with him. Billy might be straight, but Lester had never met a boy who excited him more except for Alex. Lester now felt Billy's cock throbbing inside his mouth, and couldn't wait for Billy's cum to flood his mouth and throat. Lester wanted a part of this guy to become a part of him, and besides, it tasted pretty damn good too. Billy began caressing the back of Lester's head as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. When Billy felt the first shot blast into Lester's hungry mouth, he had to hold back to keep from shouting. Lester sucked as hard as he could, so he could drain Billy's balls as much as possible. When his orgasm was finally over, all Billy could do was look down at Lester and grin.

"I don't know why you like sucking my cock my friend, but it's okay with me for now." said Billy in a low tone. "At least I don't have to be in any hurry to find a new girlfriend now."

Lester smiled because he knew that was the first step in getting Billy to be his boyfriend. Before Lester could respond though, someone came into the men's room.

"You go now Billy." whispered Lester into his friend's ear. "They won't remember the first person who leaves. If anyone gets caught, I'd rather that it be me."

"You'd do that for me?" whispered Billy. "No one has ever gone that far to cover for me before. I promise that I'll call you later, my best friend."

Billy went ahead and left Lester there, and Lester hoped the guy who came in would leave quickly without checking things out. After five minutes had passed, the person was still standing at the urinal. Lester knew that he was caught now, so his best idea was to slip out as quickly as he could. Lester opened the stall door and began to head quickly for the door.

"I knew there was another guy in there!" said the strange older man. "I just didn't know he would be so young and cute! So, did you take good care of your young friend there?" As the man asked that, he turned to reveal that he was stroking his erect eight inch cock. "Don't let this thing scare you." said the man.

"I got a boyfriend mister, but thanks for thinking about me." said Lester.

"When I was listening at the door though, I only noticed you taking care of him." said the man. "Let me take care of you now boy. The only thing you have to do in return is stroke my big cock."

"I have to go now!" said Lester.

"Please, I don't mean to scare you." said the man. "I just want to make you feel what you made your friend feel. I'm really harmless, and I'll be really gentle."

Lester stopped and thought about it for a few seconds, then let the strange man lead him back to the stall. The man had Lester sit where Billy had sat, then moved in closely as he lowered his pants.

"How do you know we won't get caught?" asked Lester breathlessly.

"I put the Out of Service sign on the door when I came in." said the man. "I'm the janitor here. We'll have all of the privacy we need young man."

The man then leaned down and took Lester's cock into his mouth. Lester had to catch his breath when he felt the man's mouth around his cock. Then Lester felt the man take his hand and guide it toward his cock. Lester almost gasped when he wrapped his hand around the man's swollen shaft, as it almost didn't go all the way around. As the janitor sucked Lester's cock, Lester firmly stroked his big thick shaft.

"Mmm." hummed the man around Lester's cock. After only five minutes, Lester felt his orgasm begin to build. Lester began stroking the man's cock faster and faster as he approach his climax. The man sucked harder and harder, in anticipation of the taste of Lester's young cum. Lester grunted loudly as he felt his cum blasting into the man's mouth. Lester was now stroking the man's huge cock as urgently as he could. As Lester's orgasm began to fade, he felt the man's cum begin splattering against his lower leg. The man groaned as Lester stroked his cum out of him. Lester was also having fun seeing how much of the man's cum he could get to splatter on his legs. When the man was finished cumming, and had removed Lester's hand from his now sensitive cock, he leaned over even further. Lester watched intently as the man cleaned his own cum from Lester's legs with his tongue. When the man finally had Lester cleaned up, he stood back up.

"It's a damn shame you have a boyfriend boy." said the man. "You made me feel better than I've felt in a long time. If your boyfriend doesn't start taking care of you like he should, make sure you look me up. I would love to make you feel even better than I just did."

"I'll remember that." said Lester. "I really better get going now though."

"What's your name boy?" asked the man. "Unless you like me calling you boy."

"My name is Lester." replied Lester.

"That's a sexy name Lester." said the man. "My name is Stan. Well, I better let you go then Lester. Just remember how I made you feel, and I can do even better under more appropriate conditions."

"Okay Stan, bye." replied Lester.

Lester smiled as he walked down the hallway toward Kevin's room. He was beginning to really like being gay. He was still smiling when he went back into the room. Kevin and Carter wanted to know what the smile was about, but they both figured that it had something to do with Billy. Neither of them could believe however that Billy would let Lester do anything with him. It finally got the best of Kevin.

"I can't believe Billy would let you suck his cock, although he did try to force a guy to do it once." said Kevin. "Was his cock that good?"

"Yeah, it was." said Lester giddily. "That's not why I'm smiling though. After I got done sucking Billy's cock, some guy walked into the men's room. I let Billy go ahead and sneak out, then I tried to wait it out. It didn't work though, and the guy ended up sucking my cock while I stroked his to an orgasm. He had such a big thick cock too. He ended up cumming on my leg, then he licked it off."

"Enjoy it Lester." snickered Kevin. "Those are the times that makes being gay so much fun!"

All three boys laughed about that for a while, then carried on with their visit. Lester's adventure did make Carter wish that he could do something with Kevin though, but that was one of the things that was not recommended. Carter still had to do something though.

"I know you shouldn't be having sex Kevin, but could I just have you in my mouth for a few seconds?" asked Carter. "I promise I won't try to make you cum."

"I guess a few seconds wouldn't hurt." replied Kevin. "I'll just try not to think about it."

Lester watched as Kevin lowered his blanket, then raised his gown to reveal his cock.

"Wow!" exclaimed Lester. "That's about the same length as the guy in the men's room, but his was a little thicker."

"Carter seems to like it okay." said Kevin as he smiled.

Carter responded by lowering his head toward Kevin's crotch. Lester watched as Carter's mouth engulfed Kevin's cock to the base. Carter massaged the entire shaft with his tongue for several seconds, then began to lift back off. Then Carter stood upright again.

"You have to get well soon Kevin!" said Carter. "I have to make love to you."

It was finally time for Lester to leave Carter and Kevin. This would be a day he would always remember though. He now had friends who made him feel comfortable about being gay, and he was really beginning to enjoy the physical aspect of it as well. He even had a glimmer of hope with making Billy his boyfriend, although Kevin and Carter would have argued that one.

Kevin and Carter continued to visit for a little while longer, and then shared a passionate kiss before Carter left.

"I love you Kevin, and I know you're going to get better for me now." said Carter. "It's just that it's going to be hell waiting for it."

"It's just as hard for me to wait to do things with you again Carter." replied Kevin. "You are the greatest love that I've ever known, and I'm glad you know I'm not leaving you."

That night, Carter was amazed that he slept so peacefully, especially considering two nights ago. Phillip had agreed that if anything ever happened again though, that he would call Carter immediately. Carter would sleep soundly as long as he didn't hear the telephone ring, and his sleep that night was undisturbed.

The next morning, Carter got ready to go to the hospital. He got there just as they were getting ready to move Kevin back to his old room. The doctor felt Kevin was doing well enough now to leave ICU. Both boys were very happy about that, although Kevin was still suppose to take it easy. Also, the doctor did want to do more tests that afternoon to confirm that Kevin was healing well. He said that if everything were going well, he would let Kevin leave the hospital in one week. He would have to follow the doctor's instructions though, but he would be home. After the tests were over, the doctor came in to see Kevin, Phillip, and Carter.

"There are no signs of leakage around the area of the aneurysm." said the doctor. "Kevin seems to be healing well, and I'll let him leave in one week if he continues to do well. There are certain things you will have to keep in mind though. Kevin will have to be much more careful in the future. Now that he has had this problem, he is more susceptible to it than the average person. He will have to be careful of any physical activity which could impact the head. Any hard impact stands the risk of another aneurysm now. There are certain physical activities which he should avoid from now on, in which this type of risk to the head is unavoidable. For example, riding aggressive vehicles or rides which routinely cause impacts to the head, and most contact sports. I know this may be an adjustment that he will have to get use to, but it is necessary now."

"That sucks." replied Carter. "Kevin really likes going to the park and riding the rides."

"Well, not all rides are bad." said the doctor. "The ones that are most likely to cause the type of impact that he should avoid are ones that have shoulder restraints. Also, the more aggressive lap restraint rides should be avoided."

"Isn't there anything that can be done?" asked Kevin.

"That is up to the ride industry." replied the doctor. "We have tried for years to tell them how to build restraints and rides that are less traumatic to the body, but they have been unwilling to listen so far. We need to find a park that is willing to lobby the industry for our cause, but that hasn't happened yet."

The doctor continued to talk to Phillip and the boys about what Kevin should be careful of or avoid in the future, and the boys began to understand the impact of Kevin's injury. Carter sat with his arm around Kevin for the entire time the doctor was there. When the doctor finally left, Carter gave Kevin a passionate kiss.

"Whatever you have to face Kevin, I'll always be there with you to face it." said Carter. "I'll be there to help you to be careful, and to deal with things you'll have to change. I love you Kevin, and it will always be us facing our life together."

A single tear came to Kevin's eye as he said, "I don't know what I did to deserve you Carter. You are such an angel that no one is good enough for you, but I'll try my best to deserve your love."

Now that Carter and Kevin realize what has happened, will they be able to forgive Billy like they said? How can Billy ever make this up to them, and where does Billy stand with his relationship with Lester? We'll have to wait for those answers in future chapters. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 19.