Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 19

On Sunday, Billy called Lester on the phone. "I wanted to thank you for what you did at the hospital Lester." said Billy. "I'm not use to people liking me enough to cover for me like you did. Did everything turn out okay for you?"

"Yeah Billy, everything turned out fine." replied Lester, who didn't want to say too much. "It sure was close though, wasn't it?"

"Yeah." chuckled Billy. "It was pretty close. My heart never beat so fast for a few minutes there."

"I agree." replied Lester. "It was kinda exciting. It almost makes it more fun that way, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, but let's not have that much fun all the time." replied Billy. "It would be kinda embarrassing if I wet myself. As for the other thing though, I definitely want to do that again."

"And I can't wait to do it to you again." said Lester. "If you want to, you can come by my house anytime. I live across the river from you in Covington."

"I might just do that Lester." said Billy. "I think I like having a friend like you."

Lester went ahead and gave Billy his address and directions, then the two boys said good-bye. They both liked having each other as friends now, and Lester was not about to give up on something more happening. He knew Billy would act completely different about things once he tried it.

Carter went ahead Monday and went to school. Kevin was doing better, and he would have to help them both catch up on their homework enough as it was. During his morning free period though, he thought about writing letters to the parks closest to them to see if he could get any help with Kevin's new limitations. By the time his free period was over, Carter thought he had written a really convincing letter. After leaving his free period, Carter ran across Billy in the hallway.

"Hi Billy, how are you doing today?" asked Carter.

"After all the bad crap I caused for Kevin, I can't believe you're even talking to me man." replied Billy.

"I thought we had that settled Billy." said Carter. "We said that we would start over with a clean slate. Kevin and me both know how sorry you are for what has happened, and we're not holding it against you. Kevin wishes he had always gotten along better with you, and he wants to turn things around now while there's still time."

"I still can't believe you two care that much about me though." said Billy.

"How about stopping by the hospital after school and letting us make you believe it." said Carter. "It wasn't yours or Kevin's fault that you two never got along like cousins should have. Now we have a chance to change things."

"I don't even deserve that chance, but I'll take you up on it anyway." replied Billy as he smiled. "I can't stay too long though. I was going to go see Lester tonight too."

"That's great Billy!" said Carter. "Lester really seems to like you. I think you two will make great friends. By the way, would you like to take a look a letter I wrote and see if you think anyone will pay attention to it?"

"Sure, I'd love to!" replied Billy. Billy took the letter Carter handed him, and a pained expression had crossed his face before he finished it. Billy handed the letter back to Carter and asked, "Is it really that bad?"

"There's no way to be sure if he might have another aneurysm or not, so the doctor said that it's best not to take any chances." replied Carter. "It's not your fault though Billy. You didn't know this would happen, and neither did anyone else. With my help though, Kevin isn't going to let this affect him much at all."

"I'll help any way that I can too Carter." said Billy. "If there's anything I can do for either of you, just let me know."

"Just being there as a friend is a great help Billy." replied Carter.

After school, Billy did go to the hospital. He talked to Kevin and Carter for over an hour before leaving to go to Lester's house. Before leaving Carter and Kevin, Billy promised them that he would never be anything other than a loyal friend from now on. Both boys gave him a hug and thanked him for offering his friendship. Billy then got into the car his dad had given him, and headed across the river.

Meanwhile back at Carter's house, Sammy was trying to calm an upset Derek. "Just because your parents are going to fight Frank and Rebecca in court to get you back, it doesn't mean that they will." said Sammy. "Frank is determined to never let that happen, and we expected this anyway."

"But if they do, I won't be able to see you again." cried Derek. "I know how my parents are."

"So does everyone else man." said Sammy. "Everyone, including the social worker, knows how much your parents hate you. No one is ever going to let them have you back, even for one second. You're stuck with us, so you might as well get use to it."

"I love how you're so confident Sammy." said Derek, as he dried his eyes. "I love all of you so much, and I can't go back there again."

"I wasn't always so confident." replied Sammy. "I do know one thing for sure though, you're never leaving me again. Our mom and dad, Frank and Rebecca, are going into that courtroom with the social worker and the best attorney the state has, and they are going to rip your old parents a new one. They won't let you go, no matter how bad they have to make your old parents look. We all love you Derek."

"I love all of you too, especially you Sammy!" replied Derek.

The two boys then took each other into a tight embrace, and laid back on their bed together. As they waited for supper, Sammy and Derek made love to each other passionately. Sammy intended to make his boyfriend feel much better, and to make sure he had nothing to worry about.

Across the river, Billy was moaning loudly as he laid across Lester's bed. Lester was putting a lot of love and feeling into what he was doing to Billy, and Billy's cock was responding by throbbing madly. Then, Lester reached over and took ahold of Billy's hand. As Lester made love to Billy's cock, he guided Billy's hand down to his cock. Lester was actually surprised when he felt Billy's hand slide up and down on his cock. In a few more minutes, both boys began cumming at the same time.

Once it was over, Lester looked over at Billy and said, "That was incredibly awesome Billy. You had the best orgasm yet!" All Billy could manage as a response was a goofy grin.

Before Carter went home, he showed Kevin the letter he had written. Carter was going to send them to the two parks closest to them, to see if either of them would respond. Kevin thought the letters were very well written, and it made him feel good that Carter was doing so much for him. Carter went ahead and mailed the letters out the next day.

Also the next day, Frank and Rebecca went into court to do battle with Derek's parents. Frank and the social worker had a pretty good feeling going in, but Derek seemed to be a bundle of nerves as he sat in the courtroom in his suit. Derek's parents would present their side of the story first, which Frank and Michele knew would be a total lie. Then the state would make their case to revoke their parental rights, and place Derek permanently with Frank and Rebecca.

"So ma'am, would you tell the court what happened on the evening that your son ran away?" Derek's parents lawyer asked Derek's mom.

"Sure, I'd love to." replied Derek's mom. "We had begun to think that Derek might be gay. We were concerned about this, as any parents would be, so we confronted Derek. We were worried that some people out there might react violently to Derek being gay, and we wanted to protect our son from that. Our son and the boy he brought home with him started to become agitated. We tried to calm both of them, and explain to Derek that we still loved him, but the two boys wouldn't listen. My husband tried to get both of the boys to calm down, and out of frustration he started to strike Derek. I stopped him from doing that though, and he immediately realized that he was wrong for reacting that way. That was when both boys ran out of the house."

"Thank you ma'am." said the lawyer. "Now, what is it you want the court to do today?"

"I just want my little boy back." said Derek's mom, as she tried to appear emotional.

"Thank you ma'am, I have no further questions." said the lawyer.

Then the state's lawyer got up and asked, "If you love your son so much, why did you tell him that you hated him?"

"That was a misunderstanding." replied Derek's mom.

"Then I suppose Derek's social worker and psychologist also misunderstood when you used the word hate with them while talking about your son." said the lawyer. "Is that what you want us to believe?"

"You're twisting everything that was said!" replied Derek's mom loudly.

"Now that you mention what was said, is it true that your husband used the words faggot and queer when referring to your son?" asked the lawyer.

"It's not like that!" exclaimed Derek's mom. "We really do love our son! My husband did not mean those words the way you make it seem."

"Then what did your husband mean when he said that he wouldn't have any faggots in his house?" asked the lawyer. The lawyer knew what he was doing. Derek's parents lawyer did not intend on calling Derek's father to the stand, in fears that it might hurt their case.

"I object!" declared the lawyer for Derek's parents. "The counsel for the state is asking this woman to interpret someone else's thoughts."

"I'll sustain the objection if you plan on calling Derek's father to the stand." said the judge.

"Okay, I'll call him to the stand." replied the lawyer. "I would like a fifteen minute recess first though."

The lawyer led Derek's father to a private consultation room, and asked him to control his feelings while on the stand. He needed to come across as a calm and loving man right now. Then the two went back to the courtroom, and the lawyer called Derek's dad to the witness stand.

"Sir, is it true that you love your son, and you have nothing but concern over his well being?" asked the lawyer.

"That is true." replied Derek's father.

"And what about the things that are being said about your vocabulary?" asked the lawyer.

"It is true that I use to have problems controlling my feelings, but I love my son so much that I have gotten help for that problem." replied Derek's dad. "My only concern now is to have our boy back home, where we can provide him with a safe and loving environment. I am afraid he is not receiving that right now, and that he may be being raised in a manner that may cause him harm."

"That is all I have to ask." said Derek's parents lawyer.

"Sir, what were your intentions when you tried to hit your son, and were hit by your wife instead?" asked the state's lawyer.

"I told you already, I use to have a problem, but I received help for it." replied Derek's dad calmly.

"Right." said the lawyer. "And who was the counselor you saw to help you with your serious anger management and intolerance issues?"

"It was self help." replied Derek's dad.

"So, you cured yourself of these problems all by yourself in a short period of time?" asked the lawyer. "I'm very impressed sir. It can take well trained professionals months or even years to help people with such problems."

"Well, maybe they just didn't have the same motivation that I had." said Derek's dad smugly. "I love my boy!"

"Is that why you tried to give him away when confronted by Derek's psychologist and social worker?" asked the lawyer.

"I did no such thing you asshole!" screamed Derek's dad.

"Sir, I have to warn you to watch you language in my courtroom!" ordered the judge.

"I can see your self help anger management therapy worked really well." said the lawyer as he smiled. "I have no further questions."

"I have no other witnesses." said the other lawyer.

The state's lawyer was a compassionate man, and did not want to traumatize Derek any further than he had been already by calling him to the stand. Instead, his first witness was Sammy.

"Sammy, did you run off with Derek, as his parents claim?" asked the lawyer.

"No sir." replied Sammy. "I was told by Derek's father in very rough language to leave his house and never come back."

"Thank you Sammy, I have no further questions." said the lawyer.

Now came the moment Wayne had been dreading, Sammy's cross examination. Wayne had talked to Sammy for most of the morning though, and Sammy was as ready as he would ever be. All Wayne could do was wait and see if Sammy could stay calm no matter what was asked, or if he would cave in and collapse. Wayne had asked the state's attorney to try to put a stop to the questioning if that began to happen. The other lawyer sensed some apprehension at the other table, and decided to come out rough.

"Sammy, is it true that you are a homosexual?" asked the lawyer.

Sammy took a deep breath and replied, "You ask that like I should be ashamed of it. My sexual orientation does not affect Derek's behavior, but yes I am gay."

"And you kept after Derek until you convinced him to have sex with you, didn't you?" asked the lawyer.

"Our sex life is none of your business, but whatever we've done together has been because we love each other." replied Sammy.

"Derek's parents were right in thinking that you would corrupt and pervert their son, weren't they?" asked the lawyer.

"You are such a fool that I can't believe anyone would hire you." replied Sammy. "Derek was gay long before I met him, and if you don't believe me, you can ask my brother Carter. Derek tried to get Carter to be his boyfriend eighteen months ago."

"Sir, I have almost had enough of your treatment of minor witnesses." said the judge to Derek's parents lawyer. "If you ask one more question that would be considered in bad taste, I will find you in contempt of this court."

"I have no further questions your honor." said the lawyer in a subdued tone.

"I have almost heard enough in this case." said the judge. "I will however listen to the testimony of Derek's psychologist before I listen to the state's recommendations on Derek."

Wayne took the stand, and the state's lawyer said, "Mister Owens, I just want you to go ahead and tell the court what you have observed about Derek."

"When Derek first came to me, he was very afraid." said Wayne. "He had nearly been physically assaulted by his father, and told he was hated by his mother. I have dealt with children like Derek before, and everything that I have observed leads me to believe that his fear of his parents is genuine. Returning him to that atmosphere would lead to a complete emotional breakdown."

"Thank you Mister Owens." said the state's lawyer.

The other lawyer's only hope now was to discredit Wayne, so he asked, "Mister Owens, have you ever lost a patient?"

"I object!" said the state's lawyer. "This has absolutely no bearing on this case!"

"I beg to differ." said the other lawyer. "I am trying to prove that Wayne Owens is a competent professional, and his past record should do just that."

The state's lawyer started to speak again, but Wayne said, "I'll answer the question. I did lose a patient once. It was a kid who blew his brains out in front of me, and on television. I lost that boy because I didn't ask the right questions then. Now though, I leave nothing to chance. I didn't know what I should have about that boy, so now I do everything I can to know what I need to know. That boy would have killed himself no matter who his psychologist was, so I don't blame myself for that. I can make sure that it never happens to another patient of mine though, and I will not see Derek put in a position where he feels hopeless. That's exactly the position he would be in if he were returned to his parents."

"Sir, you have no further questions!" said the judge to Derek's parents lawyer. "The only thing I am interested in right now is the recommendation of the state, but I have a good idea of what that might be."

Wayne left the stand a little bit shaken, and was met with a hug from Sammy. "Wayne, you are a much better person than you were at one time. I could have never done what I did today if it hadn't been for you. It almost shocked me when I didn't pee my pants when that asshole asked me if I were gay. I love you Wayne, and so does every last one of your patients."

"Thank you Sammy." replied Wayne, as he composed himself. "You boys mean the world to me, and you're the only reason that I've gone on when others would have quit. I love all of you too."

By this time Michele had taken the stand, and was beginning to tell the judge what she recommended. "Your honor, it is my agency's opinion that Derek should never be returned to his natural parents, and that their rights to Derek should be officially terminated. It is also our opinion that the environment that he's in right now is one that is loving and nurturing, and that he should continue in that environment. We recommend that Frank and Rebecca Williams be given permanent custody of Derek."

"I would like to talk to Derek in my chambers, and then I will be ready to rule in this case." said the judge.

The judge talked to Derek for quite a while, due to the fact that the judge felt he was a very charming boy. This made everyone else in the court quite nervous though. Finally though, the judge and Derek came back out. The judge had Derek stand next to him behind the bench, and handed the gavel to Derek.

"I find that in this case, the best interests of Derek would be served if his natural parents' parental right are revoked. I feel that they are much too unstable to properly care for Derek, which is a shame because Derek is a pleasure to be around. I am granting permanent custody of Derek to Frank and Rebecca Williams, who have proven that they have more than enough room in their home and hearts for Derek. This case is adjourned."

The judge then smiled at Derek, and Derek went ahead and banged the gavel. Then he ran to the people who really loved him. Wayne and Michele both smiled, as they knew they had just spared Derek from a terrible situation.

Sammy smiled at Derek and said, "You just wait until we get home. I'm going to show you love like you've never seen!"

There we have it, two very happy boys. Sounds like Billy is also learning what faith and love is all about too. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 20.