Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 2

Kevin did talk Wayne into visiting Carter's family that evening, so he could have the dessert that he had talked about earlier in the day. The boys held each other's hand as they walked to Carter's room, which made all of the adults smile and chuckle lightly.

"Frank, I can't tell you how good it is that you and Rebecca are so comfortable with Carter's sexuality, and with his love for Kevin." said Wayne. "Those two boys are more meant for each other than any two people I've ever seen."

"Hell Wayne, if you think that's something you should have been here this afternoon when I had a father/son talk with Carter about him and Kevin, and about gay sex!" said Frank as he laughed.

"No shit Frank?!" exclaimed Wayne as he laughed too. "I would have loved to see that! There isn't something you're keeping from us though, is there Frank?"

"I'm afraid not Wayne." replied Frank. "I'm about as straight as they come. As a matter of fact, Rebecca still gets me as hard as a rock most nights. There was the brief experimentation with other boys when I was little, but me and Rebecca both know that all boys go through that. I probably did break a few boys hearts when I realized how much girls turned me on though."

"We do love our son more than anything in the world though Wayne, and if he's happy with being gay and with Kevin, then we're happy for him." said Rebecca. "Sex is a very wonderful thing when two people are in love, whether it's me and Frank, Carter and Kevin, or you and Kevin's uncle. We're happy that Carter can experience something that beautiful, instead of the pain that he's felt so far. We just wish that we'd known what was going on between Travis and his family before it was too late. I'm sure that poor boy could have been helped, and I'm happy that you're going to try to help more kids like him. You've performed miracles with Carter as far as we're concerned!"

"Well, it helps that Carter has such a loving and nurturing environment at home." said Wayne. "I hate to think how hard my job would have been if you and Frank didn't love him unconditionally as much as you do. That's where the biggest challenge is in helping kids in trouble. They really need to have a loving home, and in too many cases that isn't always so."

"Well, there should be a way to change that." said Frank. "I know that the world isn't always fair, but it's a real shame that kids like Travis go through life not being loved and nurtured the way they should be."

"If there's any way that I can change that at all, I'll certainly give it my best shot." said Wayne.

While the adults were talking in the living room, Carter and Kevin were slowly undressing each other. The reason they were doing it slowly was they they were covering their boyfriend's body with kisses as they removed each other's clothes. By the time both boys were naked, they were also as hard as steel.

Carter held Kevin's cock gently in his hand as he said, "You have the most beautiful cock in the world Kevin, and it matches the rest of you so well."

"It's not nearly as beautiful as this is." replied Kevin, as he wrapped his hand firmly around Carter's cock. "I've been going crazy, waiting all day to make love to you Carter."

As Carter's lips drew closer to Kevin's, he said, "We don't have to wait now."

Carter placed his lips softly against Kevin's, then both boy's tongues began caressing each other. Kevin let go of Carter's cock, and picked Carter up to carry him to the bed. Without breaking contact with their lips, Carter and Kevin laid down on the bed. Carter held Kevin tightly as the two boys kissed as passionately as they could. When both boys were so aroused that they were moaning into each other's mouths, Kevin broke the kiss. Kevin gently began kissing his way down Carter's body. He stopped at Carter's nipples, and sucked each one until they were hard. Then he lightly nibbled at each nipple, making Carter squirm and giggle uncontrollably beneath him. Carter had both hands on Kevin's back, stroking it forcefully.

"Could you lift one of your arms babe?" asked Kevin softly.

Carter immediately responded by placing one arm over the top of his head. Kevin buried his face into Carter's exposed armpit, and took a deep sniff. Carter had just the right mixture of scents there to cause Kevin to lick and suck his armpit hungrily. Carter continued to squirm as Kevin made him feel things that he had never felt before.

After several minutes of sucking Carter's armpit, Kevin came up for air and breathlessly said, "I love your entire body so much Carter!"

Then Kevin continued kissing his way down Carter's body, stopping briefly to suck on Carter's cute belly button. When Kevin got to Carter's cock, he leaned back to gaze at it while he gently played with it like a little boy would. After only a moment of that, Kevin turned around on the bed so his cock was hovering over Carter's face.

"It's time for dessert." said Kevin seductively.

Kevin then engulfed Carter's cock in his mouth, causing Carter to gasp. Carter grabbed ahold of both of Kevin's butt cheeks, and pulled Kevin's throbbing cock into his mouth. Both boys basked in the greatness of pleasuring each other's cock for several moments, then began gently stroking each other with their lips and tongues. Both boys moaned deeply around each other's cock, as they tried to hold their orgasms back as long as possible. Carter was now getting very use to taking all of Kevin's beautiful cock into his mouth, and he loved the way it felt when the head just entered his throat. Kevin was now sucking Carter's cock like a lollipop, completely in love with it's taste, After ten minutes, both boys felt like their balls were about to burst, but neither one wanted to cum yet.

Carter quickly wet one finger, and reached around to find Kevin's hole. When Kevin realized what Carter was doing, he quickly did the same thing. Both boys plunged their fingers into each other at the same time, and went for that magical spot inside themselves. Kevin found Carter's prostate first, and began to stroke it with his finger. Carter's moans became much louder, and as he was about to explode into Kevin's mouth he found his target inside Kevin. Carter began to stroke Kevin's prostate, as his body became wracked by an intense orgasm. Carter fired shot after shot of his sweet cum into Kevin's mouth, which Kevin swallowed hungrily. As Kevin was swallowing Carter's cum, his cock began shooting it's cum into Carter's mouth. Even though Carter was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, he didn't want to waste one drop of Kevin's cum. It was the most wonderful tasting thing he had ever consumed before. Both boys joyfully ate each other's cum until there was no more left to be swallowed, then continued to softly suck each other until their cocks began to deflate in their mouths. Kevin finally lifted off of Carter's beautiful cock and turned back around.

Kevin took ahold of Carter's hand that had the finger that was inside him, then placed it into his mouth. As Kevin began to suck and lick Carter's finger clean, Carter grabbed ahold of Kevin's hand that had done the same thing to him. Kevin stuck out his finger, and Carter took it into his mouth. Both boys sucked on each other's finger for several minutes, making sure that they were cleaned. When that was done, they once again placed their lips against each other's.

After a long and passionate kiss, Kevin pulled back and said, "I could never love anyone as much as I love you Carter. You're my whole life now, and I want you to be my lover forever."

"I can't even find the right words to explain how much I love you Kevin." said Carter emotionally. "All I know is that I don't feel right unless I'm with you now."

The boys then kissed passionately for a few more minutes, before deciding to rejoin the adults. Carter and Kevin were considering rejoining everyone without their clothes on, but giggled at the thought of pushing Frank and Rebecca's acceptance that far. They decided to redress before going back out to the living room, without knowing that the adults wouldn't have said anything about their nudity. As a matter of fact, that kind of freeness between the two boys would have made them very happy. Before Wayne and Kevin left that evening, the two boys did share a warm good-bye kiss in front of everyone. Carter promised to come over to Wayne's apartment tomorrow, and as soon as school was over on Monday to join them in Phillip's welcome home party.

The five friends had a wonderful Sunday afternoon together, with Carter and Kevin disappearing into Kevin's room a few times. The boys still never got up the nerve to streak the adults, although they did giggle at the idea a few times. Wayne could see what was going on though, so he took an opportunity to talk to Frank and Rebecca.

"There is one thing you should know before Phillip gets here tomorrow." said Wayne. "He and Kevin did frequent a nudist beach in Florida, and they did have a membership to a nudist camp there. The only reason that it's important is because I think the boys may be working up the nerve to show off Kevin's nudist tendencies. Also, Phillip, Kevin, and me may join a nudist camp here this summer."

"I'm glad you said something then Wayne." said Frank. "At least it won't come as a shock if the boys work up the nerve to streak us then. Besides, Rebecca and me use to belong to a nudist camp before Carter was born. We didn't know if it would be appropriate to continue that after he was born, but now it seems that it may have done him more good than harm."

"That's pretty much what the lifestyle of most nudists teach." said Wayne. "They believe there is no shame in the human body."

"Let me and Rebecca give it some thought Wayne." said Frank. "Who knows, we may decide to join with you guys this summer."

The rest of the afternoon went very well, and Kevin almost talked Carter into exposing himself to the adults. Carter just couldn't quite bring himself to test his parents that much though.


Monday morning at Phillip's house in Orlando, the movers had finally got everything loaded the day before, and it was now time to go to the airport and join his nephew and boyfriend in Cincinnati. Phillip had flown many times before on business, so he had no reason to be concerned as he stepped onto the airplane. As the plane sped down the runway though, something didn't seem quite right to Phillip. Once the plane was airborne, Phillip knew that the plane didn't sound like it normally should. Phillip was already becoming concerned, and then he noticed a slight puff of smoke at his feet. He quickly got the attention of one of the attendants, and had her quietly inform the captain of what was happening. Then Phillip closed his eyes and began to hope that he would see Wayne and Kevin again in this life. When the smoke became noticeable to the other passengers, most of them began to panic. Phillip silently sat in his seat, and concentrated hard on Wayne and Kevin.


Wayne and Kevin had a busy morning getting Kevin registered for school, and now had time for a light lunch before heading to the airport. They were both excited about Phillip being with them soon when they got to the airport. When they got to the point where they would meet Phillip, they looked for his flight number on the arrival board. Instead of an arrival time however, the board told people waiting for that flight to report to the airline counter.

Kevin was now very scared as he asked, "What,... what does that mean Wayne?"

"I don't know Kevin." replied Wayne, as he fought to control his emotions. Then Wayne and Kevin nervously made their way to the airline counter.

Okay, how many people would kill me if I stopped here? I thought so, lol. In the interest of living a long and healthy life, I will continue on.

When Wayne and Kevin made it to the counter, they encountered a very nervous and loud crowd of people. Everyone was trying to get the attention of the counter hosts at the same time, who were also trying to help departing passengers as well. An airline spokesman with a loudspeaker finally came out.

"If you are waiting for the arrival of the flight from Orlando, it has run into a problem en route from there." said the spokesman in an unwavering tone. "The plane has made an emergency stop in Jacksonville Florida. A number of passengers on that flight were taken to the hospital in Jacksonville, but twenty-three of the passengers on that flight are being flown here on another airline. We had to place them on another airline because we do not normally service Jacksonville. We will however have a flight there for those with loved ones who could not continue on to Cincinnati. I'm now asking that everyone please form an orderly line to the counter where I will be. If your party has continued on to Cincinnati, I will give you their flight information then. If they are still in Jacksonville, please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience. We will take steps to find out what happened, and make sure that it never happens again."

Wayne and Kevin got in line, and prayed silently as they kept their fingers crossed. The wait in line was torturous for everyone there as a few people stepped away from the counter overjoyed, but the rest were visibly shaken. Finally, after what seemed like a dreadful eternity, Wayne and Kevin stepped up to the counter.


As soon as school was over, Carter rushed to Wayne's apartment. He expected the welcome home party to be in full swing, but was confused when he found no one there. Carter called home on his cell phone, and Frank and Rebecca told him that they would be there as soon as possible. They hadn't heard anything either, and knew that Wayne should have been back from the airport by this time.


"I'm looking for information on Phillip Weston." said Wayne nervously.

The man at the counter looked at his list, then looked through his notes. Finally he said, "Mr. Weston was given first aid at the airport, but was able to continue on. His flight should be here in about thirty minutes now. You should both be very proud of him. If it hadn't been for Mr. Weston, things could have turned out much worse than they did! I'm personally very happy that he was able to continue on."

Wayne was so happy, that he was almost tempted to kiss the man behind the counter. He did hold back the urge though, and he and Kevin went to find where to meet Phillip. When Wayne saw Phillip, he did look a little worn out and tattered. Phillip also looked like he was glad to see Wayne and Kevin when he spotted them. Wayne didn't care if they were in a busy airport, as soon as he got to Phillip he kissed him passionately on the lips.

"Oh God!" sighed Phillip. "It feels so good to feel that again!"

Then the man from the counter came up from behind Wayne and Kevin. He let Kevin have a chance to cry and hug his uncle before interrupting though.

"Hello Mr. Weston." said the man. "I am the director of operations for the airline you started out on today. I want to personally thank you for what you did today. Although the plane turned out to be a complete loss, that isn't what's important. What is important is because of your actions, not a single life was lost today. That means more to us than anything! We assure you that today's incident will be fully investigated, and we will take every step necessary to prevent it from ever happening again. We would like to send you a pair of complimentary lifetime passes to anywhere we fly, as a gesture of our appreciation to you. Thank you so much for being on that plane sir."

"I'd like to say it was a pleasure, but to be honest, I was scared shitless." replied Phillip light-heartedly. "I'm glad that your crew responded as well to the situation as they did though, and I was proud to assist them in any way that I could. Your crew on that flight deserves a commendation for how they handled everything."

"I will personally see to it that they are recognized for their heroic actions." replied the man. "I also would like you to have some of that recognition as well though. Would you accompany me to talk to the press Mr. Weston?"

By the time the press conference was over, Phillip and Wayne looked forward to getting back to Wayne's apartment. Wayne wanted to have a chance to give a special thanks to the hero of the day. Not only did Phillip alert the fight crew about the smoke on the plane, he helped them get everyone off the plane at Jacksonville, even though it had burst into flames on the runway. Phillip and the crew were the last ones off the plane before the rescue squad took over. Phillip did inhale some smoke from the plane, but the paramedics at Jacksonville allowed him to continue on after administering first aid to him.

After a quick stop to pick Phillip up a few clothes to replace what was lost on the plane, it was finally on to Wayne's apartment. Wayne, Phillip, and Kevin pulled up in front of the apartment at the same time as Frank and Rebecca did. Carter came running out to meet all of them.

"What took you guys so long?" asked Carter. "I was beginning to think something had happened!" When Carter saw Phillip, he asked, "What happened to you Phillip?"

"Frank and Rebecca, I'd like you to meet Phillip Weston." said Wayne. "Phillip is Kevin's uncle, and the love of my life. Unfortunately, he didn't have the best of flights today."

"We're sorry guys." said Frank. "We'll come back over when you've had a chance to rest up a little."

"Nonsense!" said Phillip as he offered his hand to Frank for a handshake. "It looks like everyone went to the trouble of planning a welcome party for me, so come on in. Just give me a chance to shower and change, and I'll be as good as new."

As everyone made their way to the apartment, Phillip filled in Carter, Frank, and Rebecca about what had happened that day. After Phillip had finished, Carter gave him a gentle hug. Then he gave Wayne a hug for almost losing his lover. Phillip smiled as he took a shower. He was now with people who cared about him greatly, and he wasn't going to leave them if he could help it. When Phillip dressed and came back out, the party started.

At one point Carter took Kevin to Kevin's room, to offer him some comfort from the day's events. Kevin ended up being very comfortable with his cock inside Carter, staring into his boyfriend's beautiful eyes as he made love to him. After Kevin left his cum deep inside Carter, he became even more comfortable sucking Carter's cock gently to an orgasm. As both boys rested in each other's arms, Kevin talked Carter into putting on a show for the adults. Carter was very nervous as he and Kevin stood naked at Kevin's door. Then Kevin slowly opened the door, and there was no turning back. Both boys ventured out into the living room where everyone else was.

Needing an excuse for the boys to be exposing themselves, Kevin went up to Phillip and said, "I had to give you another hug Uncle Phillip. I'm so glad that you're safely with us." Then Kevin gave his uncle a gentle hug.

"Is that all you wanted Kevin?" asked a naked and nervous Carter.

"Nah, we can sit and talk for a few minutes can't we?" replied Kevin.

Frank could tell that his naked son was feeling very nervous, so he said, "You two boys look very fine together. There's no reason for you to run off if you don't want to."

"Do you really mean that dad?" asked Carter.

"Not only does he mean it son, but we were going to ask you how you would feel about us joining a nudist camp this summer if Wayne, Phillip, and Kevin join one." said Rebecca. "Your father and me use to belong to one before you came along, and we kind of miss it."

Carter didn't care if he was naked now, as he went to hug his parents. "I love you guys so much!" said Carter. "Do you have any more surprises left, or is this it for now?"

Everyone had a nice laugh over Carter's question, and the two boys sat down together to be with their families. Being naked was no longer a big issue, not even when Carter became aroused again by his naked boyfriend. Someone did have to finally give the boys a hint to take care of the problem though.

"That's a very nice looking erection Carter." said Phillip. "It's no wonder that all Kevin can talk about is making love to you now."

"I guess we should do something about it, huh?" asked Carter bashfully.

"Yes, son." said Frank. "Don't ever be embarrassed about the effect Kevin has on you though. That only shows how much you love him."

Kevin then jumped up, and pulled Carter to his feet. The two boys happily trotted off to Kevin's room with their butts wiggling behind them.

After the adults had finished chuckling about watching the boys naked butts wiggle away from them, Frank said, "We are very happy that you were okay today Phillip. Wayne has become a good friend to us, and we wouldn't have wanted to see him or Kevin lose you."

"Thanks Frank." replied Phillip. "It was pretty scary for a while, and all I could think of was being able to see Wayne and Kevin again. This whole thing has made me realize how important they are too me, and I'm going to hate having to leave them on business. Fortunately there should be fewer business trips here in Cincinnati than there were in Orlando."

"Well, if there's anything at all that my family can do for you guys, just let us know." offered Frank.

"Now that you mention it Frank, if the boys want to be together tonight would there be any way that Kevin could stay at your place, and go to school tomorrow from there?" asked Phillip. "I was hoping to maybe have some private time with Wayne." Phillip then smiled wickedly at Wayne.

"That's not even close to being a problem." replied Frank. "It would be more like a pleasure to have our home filled with the sound of two boys in love. Let me go and ask them if they would like to do that."

Frank then got up and went to Kevin's room, and knocked on the door. "Are you boys decent in there?" called out Frank.

"Come on in dad." answered Carter.

Frank went in and saw Carter and Kevin locked in an embrace on the bed. Kevin was kissing Carter passionately, and gently stroking his hard cock. Carter also had his hand wrapped around Kevin's cock. Frank went over and sat on the edge of the bed while Carter and Kevin continued what they were doing.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything more intimate between you boys." said Frank as he smiled.

"I was about to put my cock inside Kevin, but it can wait." replied Carter. He was apparently feeling much more comfortable talking about sex to his dad.

"Well then, I won't hold you boys up too long." said Frank. "First, I'm glad to get a chance to witness how much you love my son Kevin. He's obviously as important to you as he is to Rebecca and me. Consider yourself a part of our family, and welcome in our house any time of the day or night."

"Thanks Frank." replied Kevin, as he stoked Carter's cock with a little extra passion.

"Ohh Kevin, that felt nice!" moaned Carter.

"Next, I was wondering if Kevin would be interested in spending the night at our house, so Phillip and Wayne can have some extra privacy." said Frank. "You can bring some extra clothes with you, and go to school with Carter tomorrow morning."

"Cool!" exclaimed both boys in unison, as they sat up in the bed.

Before Frank could even get up, Kevin leaned down quickly and took Carter's cock into his mouth for a second. Then he leaned back up and said, "More of that later!"

Carter was a little shocked that Kevin did that in front of his dad, but Frank just laughed as he said, "It's a good thing that Wayne warned me about your sense of humor."

Carter finally began to chuckle himself, and Frank left the two boys to get ready. The boys were dressed when they rejoined the adults about fifteen minutes later. Kevin had packed an overnight bag, and threw it by the door. Frank could begin to see the unmistakable signs of Phillip's passion growing.

"Well, it's getting a little late." announced Frank. "Why don't we head on out and give Wayne a chance to welcome Phillip home properly?"

Everyone made their good-byes to Wayne and Phillip, then headed out the door. Kevin was holding Carter's hand tightly as the two boys walked out.

As soon as everyone was gone, Phillip said, "I've been waiting a long time for this."

Phillip then covered Wayne's body with his, and pinned him against the sofa. Wayne put his arms around Phillip and attacked Phillips's lips with his own, kissing Phillip desperately. Phillip probed the inside of Wayne's mouth with his tongue for the next five minutes.

Phillip was breathing heavily as he pulled back and said, "Let's go to our bed my love."

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