Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 20

Carter spent that week trying to help Kevin catch up on his homework, with the occasional kissing thrown in. Billy even stopped in a few times to help, which was appreciated by Carter because he was trying to catch up himself. Carter, Billy, and Phillip were in Kevin's room on Friday when the doctor came in to look at Kevin. Everyone left the room for a few minutes so the doctor could do his job, but they were waiting anxiously next to the door. After about fifteen minutes, the doctor told everyone to come back in.

"I really like what I saw today." said the doctor. "Kevin seems to be healing very well, and there is no sign that a problem ever existed except for the bandages, which I think we can take off now. I'm going to let Kevin go home in the morning, but please remember everything I've told you. And above all, protect his head. A hard enough jolt could kill him."

Carter couldn't help but to hug Kevin right there. His boyfriend was finally coming home! As Carter was doing that, Phillip said, "Thanks for everything you've done doctor. Without you, we might have lost him. I'm sure Kevin will have a lot of people watching out for him for now."

"Yeah." said Billy. "If anyone even looks like they want to touch him, they'll have to go through me first. Well, anyone except Carter of course!" Billy then pointed at Carter and Kevin, and everyone laughed.

Meanwhile, at Wayne and Phillip's house, Tommy was just now coming in with Zack and Seth. "Hi Wayne, I brought the kids home!" called out Tommy.

"You're a little late, aren't you?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that." replied Tommy. "I had to go into the principal's office to pick up Zack. They were going to call you, but I convinced them that you trust me enough to take care of them."

"Why was Zack in the principal's office?" asked Wayne in a concerned tone.

"You're going to have to tell him Zack, I don't think I could make it all the way through THAT story!" snickered Tommy.

"Okay." moaned Zack. "Well, we had music class during the last hour of the day today. The teacher had us sing There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, while she played the piano. I know this sounds like too much of a coincidence, but halfway through the song, a fly flew into my mouth. When I began to gag, the girl next to me named Becky asked me what was wrong. I guess I replied that I had swallowed a fly louder than I intended, because all of the kids began to laugh. Then the music teacher began yelling at me for interrupting her class. When I told her that I couldn't help it, and the fly didn't taste good enough for me to swallow it on purpose, the kids started laughing so hard that some of them fell out of their seats. The teacher couldn't get them to quiet down enough to finish the class, so she sent me to the office."

Wayne was trying as hard as he could not to laugh, but Tommy was rolling on the floor and holding his ribs from laughing so hard.

"Don't pay any attention to Tommy." said Wayne as he struggled not to laugh. "It was probably something he ate."

"Like a fly?!" asked Seth loudly.

"You're not helping here Seth!" snickered Wayne.

Then Wayne couldn't hold it anymore, as he began to laugh too. Everyone was laughing except for Zack, who was starting to look upset. Wayne saw that, and got himself back under control quickly.

"I'm sorry Zack, I shouldn't be laughing until we talk about this." said Wayne, as he composed himself. "People aren't laughing at you though Zack. They laugh about something like this because it is really funny. It wasn't your fault that you swallowed a fly, but the timing was just so unreal. Just think about it for a second Zack, swallowing a fly while singing a song about swallowing a fly. What if it had been Becky that had swallowed the fly?"

"I guess that would have been funny." giggled Zack briefly. "But the teacher yelled at me like it was my fault, then sent me to the office!"

"I know, and she was way out of line son." replied Wayne. "Like you said, flies don't taste good enough to do that on purpose. I promise that I will have a talk with your principal in the morning Zack. Will that help?"

"I guess so." smiled Zack. "Thanks dad."

"You're welcome son." chuckled Wayne, as he ruffled Zack's hair. "Now, run along and play until supper is ready."

"Come on guys, let's go!" said Zack, as he jumped up and headed toward the stairs. "Maybe you can swallow MY fly Tommy!"

Tommy and Seth took off after Zack, as Wayne shook his head and smiled. Now Wayne had to start on supper. Benji was impatiently waiting for supper, so he could go over to Alex's house as soon as it was over. It was at times like this that Wayne really enjoyed raising three gay boys.

Later that evening, Phillip called home to let Wayne know that Kevin would be coming home the next day. Wayne spent the rest of the evening getting everything ready for Kevin's homecoming. That also meant calling Benji and Alex back over so he could talk to all of the boys about Kevin's situation. All of the boys said that they would help make sure Kevin was kept safe. When Phillip got home that night, he and Wayne talked about having Kevin home, then they made passionate love. With Kevin in the hospital, they hadn't had a chance to do that as much as they wanted.

Frank and Rebecca brought their family to Wayne and Phillip's house the next day, while Phillip went to the hospital alone to pick up Kevin. Kevin was a little upset that Carter didn't come too, but when Phillip wouldn't say anything about it, Kevin figured that Carter was cooking something up. When they got home, Phillip opened the door and let Kevin go in first. Carter was standing in the middle of the darkened room, calling Kevin over to him. The two boys stood in the middle of the room in a loving embrace, as Carter pressed his lips against Kevin's. As the two boys shared a tender kiss, the lights suddenly came on. Everyone jumped out of their hiding place and yelled "SURPRISE!" The room had been decorated very nicely for a party, with a banner across the entire room that said, "Welcome Home Kevin."

"I knew you were up to something!" smiled Kevin, as he held onto Carter.

"Nothing's too good for my man." replied Carter.

The party was a lot of fun for everyone. Carter had even invited Billy and Lester. Edward came with Billy, so he could make up for time he had lost with his brother, for which Phillip was very grateful. He was a little bothered not to see his sister though.

"You still couldn't talk Terri into coming, huh?" asked Phillip.

"I'm sorry Phillip, I've talked my head off to her." replied Edward. "I swear, that sister of ours got her stubborn streak from our parents!"

"Well, she'll come around someday I hope." said Phillip. "I'm just glad that we were able to patch things up. Now at least I don't have to miss my little brother any more."

The two men hugged, as Wayne looked on and smiled. A tear almost came to his eye as he could see that ten year old boy being placed above all others by his brother, in front of all of his brother's friends. Later on, Edward spent time with Phillip and Wayne together. He told Wayne that he was happy that his brother had someone that he cared about as much as he did him. Wayne made sure to thank Edward for patching things up, and coming to the party. Also later on, Carter and Kevin noticed that Billy and Lester were missing from the party. They had a pretty good idea of what was happening, so they ran interference to make sure that no one else missed both of them, and put two and two together. Things were getting back to normal between Phillip and Edward, and they felt that Edward catching his son in a compromising situation might not help right now. They finally figured out that the two boys must be hiding out in Kevin's room.

Lester pulled off of Billy's cock and said, "Mmm Billy, you're hand feels so good on my cock!"

"I'm glad you like that Lester." replied Billy, as he stroked Lester's cock. "It took me a while to talk myself into doing that for you, but you make me feel so good that I had to do something back."

"Now that you're use to that, I was wondering if you might do something else now." said Lester.

"I don't know man." replied Billy. "I still can't understand why you like having another guy's cock in your mouth. What does it do for you anyway? How does it feel?"

"Well, I've never felt anything that feels quite like it." replied Lester. "It's about the greatest feeling thing that I've ever done. Knowing that sucking on that one piece of another guy's flesh is giving him so much pleasure is awesome. I was kinda talking about getting a kiss though."

Billy turned several shades of red, then said, "I don't know if I can kiss another guy."

"Can we at least try Billy?" asked Lester. "I like you a whole lot, and I'd love to kiss you. If you decide that you don't like it though, we can stop anytime you want to. Please???"

"Um,... I guess I could at least try it." replied Billy.

Billy closed his eyes as Lester's face drew closer. Lester thought it was kinda cute, as he pressed his lips gently against Billy's. Lester began to kiss Billy with as much love and warmth as he could, and Billy eventually opened his eyes. Then Billy did something that he never thought he could do. He began kissing Lester back with real feeling. Billy couldn't explain it, but this boy was becoming very important to him. He cared what Lester thought as well as felt, and he wanted Lester to feel good. He knew Lester was falling in love with him, even though he told Lester that he couldn't return those feelings, but now it was having an effect on him. Lester was very pleasantly surprised by the depth in which Billy returned his kiss. After a few minutes, both boys slowly pulled back from each other. Billy looked into Lester's eyes and saw nothing but love from the boy looking back at him. Lester looked deeply into Billy's eyes, and could see that something inside Billy was in the process of changing. Lester didn't want to push Billy too far too fast though. He didn't have to worry about that though, as Billy was about to do something that would change his life forever.

"I don't know if I can go through with this Lester, but can I try sucking your cock?" asked Billy nervously.

"I love you Billy." replied Lester. "You can do anything you want. If you decide that you want to stop at any time, I'll understand."

Lester laid on his back with his head propped up, so he could watch what Billy was doing. Billy looked at Lester's cock tentatively for a few moments, then began drawing closer to it. Billy opened his mouth, and for the first time watched another boy's cock disappear past his lips. Billy then sealed his lips around the base of Lester's cock, and concentrated on how the shaft of flesh felt in his mouth. In just a few seconds, Lester could tell from Billy's face that he was beginning to enjoy the new feelings that he was feeling. Then Billy's lips began caressing Lester's cock. At that time, Lester turned around and took Billy's cock back into his mouth too. The two boys continued to make love until they were both satisfied.

Carter and Kevin finally noticed that Billy and Lester had returned to the party, so they went over to talk to the boys. Carter and Kevin could tell by the looks on both of their faces what had happened before anyone said one word.

"So, did you guys have fun?" asked Kevin.

"I never thought it was possible, but Lester makes me feel so good." replied Billy.

"That's a relief!" said Carter. "That's how it's suppose to feel!"

All four boys laughed briefly, then Billy replied, "I guess I just never thought about a guy making another guy feel like that though."

"Well, as long as you both like what you're doing, there's nothing wrong with it." said Kevin, trying to get Billy to open up.

"I know, and I'm sorry that I didn't realize that before cousin." replied Billy.

"Well, I can tell that Lester feels good about what you guys are doing, so I'm happy for both of you, no matter what you're doing." said Carter.

"Thanks guys, I knew you would understand." replied Billy.

Carter and Kevin's plan wasn't working, so they decided to talk to the boys alone later. Kevin would take Billy, while Carter would talk to Lester. In the meantime, the two boys did some serious kissing. A little bit later, Billy left the room alone, so Kevin followed after him.

"Hi there Billy." said Kevin.

"Hey Kevin, how's you first day home going?" asked Billy.

"So far it's been great!" replied Kevin. "I did want to make sure you knew that you knew that none of this was yours or my fault though."

"I still can't help feeling that if we hadn't been fighting though, this wouldn't have happened." said Billy.

"You didn't know that I would have an aneurysm though." said Kevin. "Neither did I. If you had known, you wouldn't have followed me that evening, would you?"

"Of course not Kevin!" replied Billy. "I know we didn't get along at first, but we are family."

"If it hadn't been you though that I got into a fight with, it might have eventually been someone else." said Kevin. "Neither of us knew that this would happen. It was just something that would have happened anyway, and we were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll never blame you for what happened Billy."

"I wish I had got to know you better sooner Kevin." said Billy. "I've never met anyone quite like you."

"Thanks Billy." said Kevin. "I guess this is just an example of how life throws you a curve just as you think you have everything figured out. There's nothing we can do about it except accept what has happened, and make the most of things. Take Wayne for example. He had always thought he was straight until he met Uncle Phillip. That turned everything he thought he knew upside down. He accepted that he could love another guy though, and he's as happy now as he's ever been."

"I guess we kinda have something in common then." said Billy quietly.

"I know Billy, I could see it on your face." replied Kevin.

"I still can't believe I did that though, especially after what we've been through." said Billy. "When I think about it though, it was really kinda fun. His cock felt so good in my mouth. I didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't like I thought it would be."

"Kinda fun?!" asked Kevin. "Are you being fair about it Billy?"

"Okay." replied Billy. "I'm still turned on just by thinking about what we did, and I want to do it again."

"Well cousin, I hope you realize that there's nothing wrong with what you did." said Kevin. "You and Lester had fun, and you both liked doing it."

"There's more to it than that though." replied Billy. "Lester is in love with me. He's head over heels, and I know he wants me to be his boyfriend. I've tried not to think about that, but now I'm sure I have feelings for him too."

Kevin embraced Billy and said, "I'm so happy for you Billy. This isn't the end of the world for you, it's the start of a new life. You're going to feel things that you've never even dreamed of, and there's never anything wrong with that."

"I guess that's why it felt right when we were doing it." said Billy, finally smiling a little bit. "I guess Lester and I should talk about our feelings, and what kind of a relationship we want together."

"Well, the way he's been drooling behind your back, you're about to make him the happiest guy in the world." laughed Kevin.

"That's good." smiled Billy. "I like being with Lester when he's happy."

Meanwhile, Carter had caught up to Lester. "Hi Lester, how are you doing?" asked Carter.

"Okay, I guess." replied Lester. "If I were to tell you something Carter, could you swear not to tell anyone else?"

"Sure Lester!" replied Carter. "What's bothering you?"

"Well, I finally got Billy to make love to me." said Lester.

"Hmm, I could see how that might make you feel down." snickered Carter.

"I'm trying to be serious here man." said Lester, not sure how to take Carter's joke.

"I'm sorry Lester." replied Carter. "Go ahead and finish."

"Okay." said Lester. "Anyway, it's been what I've wanted ever since I met him, and we had a great time. The problem is, with his past background I'm not sure if this is something he will be able to accept about us. What if he has time to think about what he did, and ends up hating me? I don't want that to happen."

"Well Lester, Billy has changed a lot in a short time." said Carter. "I never would have picked him as a cover boy for Playguy, but he's not as filled with hate as he use to be. Maybe the change has made him realize that things like that can be enjoyable, even if he isn't gay. Or, he could be well on his way to joining the Judy Garland fan club. Whatever the case, I think you should wait until the next time you get together before you start worrying."

"Do you think that there's a chance that he could be gay, and he was just acting the way he was so he didn't have to admit it to himself?" asked Lester.

"If you fly, you have a million to one chance of being killed in an airplane crash." said Carter. "Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs were wiped out when an asteroid hit the Earth. The odds of that asteroid hitting the Earth were even greater. Anything is possible Lester. If it's going to bother you that much though, offer to buy him a Cher CD, and see if he takes you up on it. Then you would have your answer."

"I'll keep that in mind Carter." snickered Lester. "Thanks for making me feel a little better."

"No problem Lester." replied Carter. "Remember though, if things don't go the way you would like the next time you get together with Billy, come and see me immediately. Kevin and I will help you any way that we can."

"I will Carter, I promise." promised Lester.

The rest of the party went fine, and it felt good to Kevin to be home around so many people who cared about him. After the party was over, Billy accepted a ride home from Lester, even though he had come to the party with his dad. This would give Billy a chance to talk to Lester alone.

"Lester, I need to ask you something, and I need you to be honest with me." said Billy. "I promise you don't have to worry about telling me the truth."

"Okay Billy, go ahead." replied Lester.

"Okay then, here goes." said Billy. "Lester, do you think this shirt goes with these pants?"

"No Billy, it doesn't." replied Lester. "I'm afraid you'll have to take the shirt off, or I'll be forced to call the fashion police."

"Do you mean they really have special police just for that?!" asked Billy.

"No they don't, but I would like you to be my boyfriend." replied Lester. He knew he was taking a big chance, but he had to know now.

"You know something Lester?" asked Billy rhetorically. "I never thought another guy would ask me to be his boyfriend. I guess people were always too afraid of me to say something like that. I also thought I would never say yes to that kind of a question, until you came along. I never would have thought of myself as gay before, but I would like to try us being boyfriends. You might have to help me though from time to time. I am kinda new to this being gay thing."

"YEE HAW!!!" shouted Lester, as he smiled from ear to ear. "Don't worry Billy, I'll take care of everything for you! The first thing we have to do is get your membership card. Then we have to get a dress for your coming out party. Do you like lavender or fuchsia?"

"Are you always going to be like this Lester?" asked Billy.

"As long as we're boyfriends I will be." replied Lester.

"Then you ARE always going to be like this, huh?" asked Billy as he smiled.

"I love you so much Billy!" exclaimed Lester.

Carter took Kevin back to school the following week. Kevin of course had to get himself a hat to cover his shaved head, at least until his hair began to grow back. Most of the other kids were pretty cool though, which made going back to school much easier for Kevin. The principal however was very perplexed about the new friendship between Carter, Kevin, and Billy. Even though he couldn't understand the sudden change, he wasn't going to question it for now.

Carter was very surprised on Friday, when it seemed as though he had received a response from both of the parks he had written to. Kevin seemed just as excited as Carter, so he had Carter read the letters out loud to him.

"Okay, here's the first one from the park closest to us." said Carter. "Dear Mister Williams. Thank you for your interest in this matter. We do make every consideration possible for our guests safety and comfort. Whenever restraint options are presented to us, we normally go with the most comfortable and safest choice that we are presented with. However, the companies that we deal with sometimes don't present us with a lot of options. We would love to see changes made that would enhance the safety and comfort of our guests, but in our position we cannot act as the agent for that change. We do make suggestions to the companies that we deal with though, and will continue to do so. Please find a list enclosed with this reply, of major ride manufacturers around the world. If you wish to pursue this matter, we would suggest contacting them, as they are the ones most likely to institute such changes. Those changes would be welcomed by us. If you do wish to visit us this summer, please stop by our guest relations office when you arrive. We will be happy to have our representative work with you to insure a safe and enjoyable visit. Please also find enclosed, two complimentary tickets for our upcoming season. We wish you good luck in your pursuit of this matter."

"Well, at least their reply was friendly." said Kevin. "It would have been nice if they could have been more help though."

"Well, there's always the other park." replied Carter. Carter opened the letter from the park in the northern part of the state, and read, "Dear Mister Williams. We have no control over the restraints on our rides, as that is solely up to the ride manufacturers. The best we can do is to determine which rides may not be appropriate for particular medical conditions. We are sorry that we cannot be more help. Please find enclosed, a copy of our ride admission and restriction policy."

"Damn!" exclaimed Kevin. "That was almost bordering on being rude! I guess we know where we won't be going anytime this summer."

"I guess so." replied Carter. "I would have at least expected a more compassionate response!"

"A more compassionate response to what?" asked Frank, as he entered the room.

"I wrote letters to the two biggest parks in the state, explaining Kevin's situation, and asking if they could help with the problem." replied Carter. "The one outside of town here was pretty compassionate about explaining that they did as much as they could, but it was still mostly up to the ride manufacturers. They offered to help us figure out exactly what we can do this summer, and even sent us two passes."

"I take it the other park was the one up north by the lake." said Frank. "They weren't as nice about it, huh?"

"Here, see for yourself." said Carter, as he handed the letter to his dad.

"Damn, they don't have to be rude about it!" said Frank, after reading the letter. "I never did like them much anyway though. Did you boys think about trying the park that is being built right now up in Michigan?"

"Not yet, but thanks for the idea!" replied Kevin. "Isn't that the one that is half inside a stadium, and is owned by two kids?"

"Yes, that's the one." said Frank. "I'm sure you could get the information to contact them off the internet. Anyway, good luck boys."

Carter and Kevin got online, and searched for the new park. After a few minutes, they came across a page about the park. The only contact information listed though was a phone number.

"Do you want me to call the number?" asked Carter.

"You might as well." replied Kevin. "What do we have to lose by trying? We may have to make a trip up there without an address though."

"Well babe, you're not busy tomorrow, are you?" asked Carter with a smile. Carter then dialed the number he found online, and waited while he hoped for a person to answer.

"Hello, Thunderdome Amusement Park." replied the boy on the other end of the phone line. "This is Doug, can I help you?"

"I hope so." replied Carter. "My friend and I have wrote to a few other parks, but they haven't been as helpful as we would have liked."

"Well, we will try to help you any way that we can." said Doug. "What's the problem?"

"It involves a medical condition that my friend has." said Carter. "We were looking for a park that could help us convince ride manufacturers to build restraints that wouldn't hurt my friend in his condition. If you could talk to us, could we come and see you in person tomorrow?"

"Sure." replied Doug. "My friend Darren and I would love to talk to you. Do you know where the park is?"

"Not exactly." replied Carter. "We live in Cincinnati, and we don't get up to Detroit very much."

"Okay then." said Doug. "The park is north of Detroit, off Interstate seventy five. Once you see the dome, you shouldn't have any trouble finding us. Only one gate into the park is open now, so our guard there will direct you to our office. What's your name, so I can leave it for the guard?"

"I'm Carter Williams, and my friend's name is Kevin Burton." replied Carter. "I guess we'll see you tomorrow then. We should be able to be there by one o'clock."

"That will be cool." said Doug. "Darren and I will look forward to meeting you guys."

Is everyone ready for Carter and Kevin meets Doug and Darren? For those who don't know Doug and Darren, they are from my story titled "No One Else" in the high school section of Nifty. This meeting is a little ahead in time from where I'm at with "No One Else." Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 21.