Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

"Okay then." said Doug. "The park is north of Detroit, off Interstate seventy five. Once you see the dome, you shouldn't have any trouble finding us. Only one gate into the park is open now, so our guard there will direct you to our office. What's your name, so I can leave it for the guard?"

"I'm Carter Williams, and my friend's name is Kevin Burton." replied Carter. "I guess we'll see you tomorrow then. We should be able to be there by one o'clock."

"That will be cool." said Doug. "Darren and I will look forward to meeting you guys."

Carter smiled at Kevin when he got off the phone and said, "I guess we have a road trip tomorrow. Now I have to see if dad will let me borrow the car."

Kevin and Carter went downstairs to talk to Carter's parents, who weren't too thrilled with the idea at first.

"It's not that we don't trust you boys, Carter." said Frank. "We really do, but you haven't drove too much except for short trips around here. Now you're talking about driving to Detroit on some of the busiest and craziest roads anywhere."

"Well, I was looking at the map, and we don't have to go right through Detroit if we don't want to." replied Carter. "Trust me, I'd like to avoid that too if I can. If we take seventy five to twenty three, we can take that to ninety six and six ninety six. That would completely miss the city. I promise that I'll be really careful, and I'll have Kevin as my co-pilot. He doesn't want to see his baby get in any trouble either."

"You boys have really thought this over, haven't you?" asked Frank.

"Yeah dad, and it's really important to us." replied Carter. "Besides, Doug and Darren sound really cool. I think they might help us. If I didn't think I could do this, I'd ask you to take me. We'll be fine though, I promise."

Frank looked at the pleading look in Carter's and Kevin's eyes, then finally said, "Okay boys, I have to start letting you be more independent sometime. I want you to call me as soon as you get there though, so your mother and I don't worry. And call immediately if anything unusual happens."

"I'll go you one better dad." offered Carter. "I'll let Kevin hold the cell phone, and he can call you every half hour once we get to Michigan."

Frank smiled and asked, "You really do care that we might worry, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" replied Carter. "I love having parents that care about me. I love you guys so much!"

"We love you boys too." said Frank, just a little misty eyed.

Carter and Kevin went to Kevin's house to get Phillip's permission then, and packed enough for Kevin to spend a couple nights with Carter. Then the boys headed back to Carter's house. That night as the boys got in bed together, Carter asked, "You're not going to wear that hat to bed are you?"

"You know how sensitive I am about my lack of hair though." replied Kevin.

"Yeah, but there is such a thing as making too big of a deal out of it." said Carter. "Besides, I think your bald head is incredibly sexy! I get such a big hard boner every time I see you without your hat, or even think about it."

"It really turns you on that much?" asked Kevin as he smiled.

"Oh hell yeah babe!" replied Carter.

"Let's see it then." said Kevin.

Kevin knelt in the bed, and pulled the covers down off Carter. Then Kevin watched Carter's cock as he slowly took his hat off. Sure enough, Carter's cock stiffened up a little larger than usual. Kevin threw the hat over in the corner, and quickly lubed Carter's erection. Then Kevin got on top of Carter and slowly lowered his butt down onto Carter's cock. Once Kevin had Carter's cock all the way inside him, he leaned down and rested himself on Carter's chest. As Kevin began thrusting himself back and forth on Carter's throbbing cock, Carter rubbed Kevin's head and moaned softly. The fact that he was turning Carter on so much was also turning Kevin on. As Kevin's stiff cock ground between the two boys, it began throbbing too. Carter's moans became louder and louder as he continued to rub Kevin's head, and felt his cock going in and out of Kevin.

After a few more minutes, Carter moaned, "Oh God babe! I'm gonna cum really bad!"

"Me too baby!" panted Kevin loudly.

When Kevin felt Carter's massive load shooting into him, his cock began cumming between them. Carter felt Kevin's cum covering their stomachs, as his cock continued pumping it's load into Kevin. When both boys finally stopped cumming, Kevin rested all of his weight onto Carter. Both boys could feel each other's hearts beat through their cum soaked bodies, as they embraced each other tightly.

Carter finally said softly, "I don't know how you could get any sexier Kevin, but I'm sure you will."

Kevin just moaned contentedly, as he felt his cock softening, still inside Carter. Kevin's cock finally softened to the point where it gently slipped out of his lover, which made Carter sigh deeply. Kevin finally raised back up, and began massaging his cum into Carter's torso and chest. When Kevin was through, Carter did the same thing for him.

"Do you want to wash this off of us before we go to sleep, or just sleep like this?" asked Kevin.

"I never want to wash your love off of me Kevin!" replied Carter romantically. "I love having you all over me, and I definitely want to spend the night like this!"

Kevin smiled as he laid back down on Carter, then pulled the covers over both of their bodies. After a deep and loving kiss while wrapped tightly in each other's arms, Kevin and Carter gently drifted off to sleep. The two boys next door were also just drifting off to sleep, after passionately making love while listening to their brother and his boyfriend next door. Derek and Sammy loved having a room next to Carter and Kevin.

The next morning, Kevin and Carter felt a little sticky, so they got up and took a nice warm shower together. Both boys lovingly washed each other off, then dried each other carefully. Then Carter held up a razor at Kevin as he smiled.

"After last night, I'd love that!" said Kevin lustily. "Just be careful around the scar."

"I wouldn't nick my beautiful baby for anything!" replied Carter.

Carter covered Kevin's head completely with a thin layer of shaving cream, then carefully began to remove what hair had regrown on Kevin's head. By the time Carter was finished, Kevin's head was as clean and smooth as a baby's butt. Carter then lovingly wiped Kevin's head off with a towel, and Kevin stood to look at himself in the mirror.

"You certainly didn't leave anything, did you?" asked Kevin.

"Nope!" replied Carter with a smile. "I want my baby to be as sexy as possible!"

Kevin smiled at his image in the mirror and said, "In that case, I could really learn to love this!"

Kevin made no attempt to put his hat back on, as the boys got ready to go down to breakfast. Frank smiled when the boys came to the breakfast table and said, "I see someone shaved this morning."

"Yeah, Carter thinks it looks incredibly sexy like this." replied Kevin. "I think he's right, and I kinda like the way it feels."

"I take it that Carter did it for you, didn't he?" asked Frank.

"Yeah, he didn't want to take any chances on my head getting nicked." replied Kevin.

"Well, he did a really fine job, and you look very nice." said Frank. "You may want to consider using an electric razor though. It should do a great job on the softer hairs on top of your head, and there's much less of a chance of nicking. You'll want to keep it nice and smooth, so it looks it's best, and you would go through a lot of shaving cream that way. Not to mention you can't always find a place to shave with cream, but you can use an electric razor anywhere."

"Thanks dad, that's a great idea!" replied Carter. "We'll have to figure out a good one to get for him."

"If you boys want me to, I can pick one out for him today." said Frank. "I think I might know just which one would be best for him."

"Thanks a lot dad, we love you!" said Carter.

"I love you boys too, and I'll do anything I can for either of you." said Frank. "And I have to say Kevin, the more I look at you, the more I like the way that looks. I think Carter has very good taste."

"Thanks." replied Kevin. "Now I know I'll keep it this way, and be very proud of it."

Carter and Kevin smiled all the way through breakfast. Carter was happy because he had the sexiest boyfriend in the world, and everyone would be so jealous of him. Kevin was happy because he now felt good about the way he looked for the first time since they shaved his head in the hospital. When the boys finished breakfast, and Frank handed Carter his keys, Kevin still made no attempt to retrieve his hat. He now wanted the whole world to see how good he looked this way. Frank gave Carter plenty of money for the trip, and the two boys set out on their adventure. It was a long drive from Cincinnati to the Michigan border, but Carter and Kevin had no trouble keeping occupied. Both boys felt more freedom than they ever had in their lives, being trusted to go on a trip like this alone. Once they reached the border, Kevin got the cell phone out and called Frank.

"Hey Frank, I just wanted to let you know that we're on twenty three in Michigan now." said Kevin, after Frank had answered.

"That's great boys." replied Frank. "I'm getting ready to go into the store with Rebecca right now. I'll pick up your present while we're there."

"Thanks, we appreciate that." replied Kevin. "We love you, and I'll call again in a half hour."

"You may want to make the first call in an hour instead." said Frank. "We all know how Rebecca is when she goes shopping!" That one earned Frank a playful punch in the arm from Rebecca.

"Yeah," snickered Kevin, "we'll try to wait up for you guys tonight! I'll call again in an hour then. We should be somewhere north of Ann Arbor."

"Okay Kevin, I'll talk to you later." said Frank. "You boys be careful today."

Kevin called back an hour later, then every half hour after that until the boys got close to where they were going. After they had turned north on seventy five for a while, Carter began getting anxious.

"Do you see the dome yet Kevin?" asked Carter. "It should be a little to the left of the highway."

"No, but I've been able to see that coaster over there for a while now." replied Kevin as he pointed.

"Holy freakin' shit!" exclaimed Carter when he spotted it. "How big is that thing?"

"It must be huge to see it this far away!" replied Kevin.

In a few more minutes, the boys finally spotted the dome underneath the huge coaster. From there they turned west onto another highway as they got to the dome, and north on the first exit. The boys were so riveted to the huge coaster that Carter almost didn't see the stop sign at the top of the exit.

"Whoa buddy!" said Kevin. "We better concentrate on driving for now. We can stare some more in a few minutes!"

Both boys chuckled for a second, then Carter pulled safely away from the stop sign. It looked like the sign was in the process of being replaced with a traffic light, which the boys thought was a good idea. Carter spotted the open gate, and pulled into the left turn lane. Once he had pulled up to the guard shack and gate arm, Carter rolled down his window.

"Can I help you boys?" asked the guard.

"Yeah, we're here to see Doug and Darren." replied Carter. "I'm Carter Williams, and my friend here is Kevin Burton."

The guard looked at his list briefly and said, "Okay boys, they're expecting you at one o'clock, so you have about twenty minutes. They'll probably be back from lunch right at one, if they don't get too busy." The guard then winked and chuckled after that comment. Then the guard handed Carter a couple of hard hats and continued, "You'll have to wear these hard hats anytime you're out of your car or the offices. The whole site is a construction zone. The offices are located on the south side of the dome, near the old ticket windows. You can wait there for them, but don't wander around too much on your own. We don't want anyone getting hurt."

The guard then raised the arm, and let Carter drive on in. Carter stayed to the outside of the lot as he drove to the south side of the dome, as their was some excavation work in the lot as well. Fortunately it wasn't too cold today, as it looked like the jackets they had on would be enough. Carter finally pulled up where the guard had directed him, and found where the office parking was currently located. Meanwhile, Kevin called Frank on the cell phone to let him know that they had arrived at the park okay. As Carter and Kevin got out of the car, they both looked at the huge mass of steel tracks to the west of the dome. The coaster there had been topped off, which was good because they didn't see how it could go any higher. There was also another good sized wooden coaster being built on that side of the dome, but they couldn't see much of it, as it was further back behind the dome from where they were at. There were also quite a few smaller rides that had either been finished, or were being built, and what looked like a fairly tall observation tower that seemed to be being topped off today. The boys were so in awe that they didn't notice they were being approached from behind.

"She's a real beauty, isn't she?" asked Doug. When Kevin and Carter jumped slightly, Doug said, "I'm so sorry guys, I didn't mean to startle you."

"Sure you didn't babe." snickered Darren. "He was probably just seeing if he could get a rise out of you guys. You must be Carter and Kevin."

Doug looked the boys over briefly, then said, "I'm Doug Atherton, and my partner here is my boyfriend, Darren Chambers."

"It's nice to meet you guys." said Darren, as he offered his hand to Carter and Kevin.

As Carter shook Darren's hand, he asked, "How did you guys know?"

"How did we know who you were, or how did we know you were a couple?" asked Doug as he smiled.

"Um,... it would be the couple thing." replied Carter.

Darren laughed lightly and said, "Doug and I were meant to be together, so it's easy for us to tell when we see two guys who were also meant to be together."

"Yeah, you two so look like a couple that it ain't even funny!" snickered Doug. "So, which one is Carter and which one is Kevin?"

"I'm Carter." replied Carter, as he shyly raised his hand.

"We'd like to get to know you guys better." said Darren. "Carter, why don't you tell us a little about yourself and your incredibly sexy boyfriend there?"

When Doug saw Kevin blush slightly, he said, "My really forward boyfriend is right Kevin. Even though Darren and I are a very happy and committed couple, you really are kinda sexy. And you have a very good looking boyfriend too."

Now Carter was blushing slightly as he told Doug and Darren the short version of their story. Doug and Darren smiled and held hands through most of it, but looked concerned when Carter got to the part that led to Kevin being bald now. Kevin noticed the other two boys holding hands, so he slipped his arm over Carter's shoulders as he smiled too.

"I know the last part sounds bad, but it helped Kevin and I be even closer than we were before." said Carter, who then leaned over and kissed Kevin.

Seeing the two boys become comfortable enough to kiss in front of them made Doug and Darren share a brief kiss too. Then Doug said, "Well then, let's put our minds together and see what we can come up with to help you guys. Would you like to get a closer look at our pride and joy?"

Carter and Kevin were both overtaken by a fit of giggles, which made Darren snicker too. Then Carter recovered enough to say, "We'd love to Doug, as long as you remember that Kevin and I are a happy couple too!" Then Carter, Kevin, and Darren began laughing hysterically.

Doug then realized how what he had said sounded, and began to laugh himself, even though he was blushing slightly. "Well, I meant the coaster for now, but we'll see what happens!" Doug finally replied.

Then the four boys took turns hugging each other as Darren said, "It's really good to meet you guys. I hope we all become good friends."

Carter and Kevin glanced at each other, and Carter replied, "Kevin and I would really like that. We kinda like you guys."

"We like you guys too." replied Doug. "You two seem to be a lot like us. We all keep forgetting to put on our hard hats!"

The four guys laughed again, then went to their cars to get their hard hats. Once everyone's head was covered, Darren said, "Okay guys, let's go look at the outdoor section of the park first."

The first things they came to were the large steel coaster, and a few smaller rides nearby. The boys stayed clear of the track sections that were laying around, waiting to be installed, and got up near the base of the coaster lift.

"This is going to be the one that really packs the people into the park." said Doug. "They topped it off last week, and now they're working on the rest of the course. The top of the hill up there is five hundred and twenty feet! The trains will climb up at a seventy five degree angle, then drop five hundred feet at a ninety degree angle. Do you see the base of that loop they're starting over there?" When both boys nodded in awe, Doug continued, "That's going to be a two hundred and fifty foot vertical loop. It'll be the largest one in the world!"

"The big problem with this ride is that the g-forces will be very strong." said Darren. "It's well within safety limits, but with a vertical loop in the ride, they're having a hard time coming up with restraints that won't hurt the riders. A shoulder harness would bash the side of a person's head really hard, and we don't want that."

"Kevin's doctor belongs to a group that has been trying to lobby for different restraints." said Carter. "He says that on the more extreme rides that use harnesses, they should use a five point belt system like they do in fighter jets and race cars. The belts would hold a person in their seat tightly enough that they wouldn't be thrown around in their seat, which is what causes most injuries now."

"He sounds like a smart guy!" said Doug. "Maybe we should hire him."

"Won't those kind of belts make it hard to load the ride though?" asked Darren.

"I watch a lot of racing." said Kevin. "In order to be licensed to race Indy cars, you have to pass a lot of tests first. That includes getting into the car and strapped in in under a certain amount of time, which is only a few seconds. If you instructed people about the belts while they waited in line, it shouldn't take them too long to figure it out."

"Plus, if you had a separate unloading platform, that would cut the loading time even more." added Carter.

"What do we do about people who might open their belts too early though?" asked Doug.

"You could put an electric lock on the belts that will only release the belt when you want it released." replied Carter.

"Damn Doug!" exclaimed Darren. "I think these guys just solved our biggest problem!"

"I think you're right Darren!" replied Doug. "I'll have to call the manufacturer first thing Monday morning. They'll be glad to hear that we figured it out!"

"Carter and Kevin, I think we love you guys!" said Darren. "You wanna see the rest of the place now?"

"Sure!" replied Carter and Kevin together.

As everyone started walking, Doug said, "Some of our rides are completed now. Most of the finished rides are only able to be test cycled right now, but we have four that are stickered by the state and ready to run. Over here is one that we can test cycle." Doug then pointed to one of their more radical spinning rides and asked, "You guys want to see it run? I love watching this little baby go! We just have to make sure that it's not locked out by maintenance first."

Carter and Kevin answered, "Sure!", then followed Doug and Darren to the control booth.

Maintenance wasn't working on the ride, so Doug went ahead and powered it up. Then he set the ride to running mode and locked the restraints. After Darren went out and checked the restraints, then came back to the booth, they were ready to go.

"What really sucks is that once we start having people on these things, Darren and I won't be able to do this anymore." said Doug.

Doug then hit the run button, and the ride began moving. The base began to rotate first, then the cars on the four arms attached to the base began rotating in the opposite direction. The cars were made up of a ring of seats that faced outward from the center of the arm. Once the ride was moving at full speed, the arms began to pivot upward. The arms continued to go until they had reached a one hundred and forty degree angle from the ground. After a few moments, the arms began returning to their original position, and the ride began to slow down.

"I just wish this one was ready to ride!" said Doug, as the ride stopped and he shut it down. "It looks really wicked, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, but this looks like one of those that Kevin wouldn't be able to ride." said Carter.

"I wish there was a way we could fix that." said Darren. "No one should be forced to sit out on something they want to do because of something they have no control over."

"Well, let's go take a closer look and see if we can see anything that might help." said Doug.

Doug left the ride powered up, so they could release the restraints if they wanted to, then everyone went out to look at the ride. Carter had Doug open the restraints on one arm, then he looked at the seat. It looked like a ski lift style chair, that had been attached to a circular ring around the bottom of the arm. The seats went all the way around the ring in a circle. The harness was attached solidly to the back of the seat, and lowered down over the rider. Carter sat down in one of the seats, which were actually pretty comfortable, then raised and lowered the restraint a few times while checking the clearance between his head and his shoulders. Carter got out of the seat and looked at the restraint again.

"Do you see anything Carter?" asked Doug.

"Well, I don't see why the forces on this ride should actually hurt Kevin." replied Carter. "It looks like you're pretty much in a state of zero g's throughout the ride. The harness is what's going to hurt him though. There's so much space between the harness and the average person's head and shoulders that there's no way to avoid hitting the harness. If it came down so it was flush against the shoulders though, it doesn't look like you would ever hit the harness."

"If the harness were too tight though, a lot more people wouldn't be able to ride." said Darren.

"That's why it would be nice if harnesses like this would adjust up and down where they hook up to the back of the seat." replied Carter, as he demonstrated what he was saying. "That way even more people could ride than now, and you would be able to pull it down to where your head wouldn't hit it."

"Damn, you're one smart guy!" said Darren. "You really should go into physics and engineering when you go to college. We could use guys like you building this stuff."

"That's my baby!" beamed Kevin as he smiled.

"Darren, we should call some of the people who built these things in here to discuss stuff like this." said Doug. "Maybe we can talk them into making the restraints better, then refit some of this stuff. I know I don't even have any kind of condition, but I still hate banging my head on the restraints."

"Yeah, that's not exactly my favorite part either." replied Darren.

"Why don't they understand that building rides that are safer for people with conditions like mine, might make them more enjoyable for everyone else too?" asked Kevin.

"I don't know, but I'm damn sure going to ask them that!" said Doug. "They have no right to exclude people like you just because it's easier, and make it less enjoyable for everyone else at the same time!"

"We really are glad you guys came to see us now." said Darren. "I'd like our park to be fun for everyone, not just those who are perfectly healthy and have perfect bodies. That leaves a lot of people who it won't be as much fun for. I'm sure our dad and his assistant manger would agree."

"Yeah, dad's assistant manager use to work in some of the Florida parks, and from what he says, this would fit right in with how they like to do things." said Doug. "The parks there go out of their way to accommodate as many people as they can, because they hate excluding anyone from their rides and attractions."

The boys then continued on toward the other end of the park, stopping at what had looked like an observation tower. Construction workers were busily working on raising what would be the final tower section.

"Do you guys mind if we stop here for a while?" asked Doug. "We always love to watch them top off a ride."

"We don't mind, this might be interesting." replied Kevin. "I did have a question though. If this is an observation tower, why didn't they put the cabin on? Won't it make it hard to get it on there now?"

"That's a good question Kevin." replied Darren. "The fact is though, this isn't an observation tower."

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Carter. "The only other thing it could be is a gyro drop, but it's way taller than the one in Cincinnati!"

"It's actually a stand-up gyro drop, and it's the tallest one in the world!" beamed Doug proudly.

Just then the huge crane next to the tower roared to life, and the crew began to raise the top section off the ground. The piece of the tower glided gracefully up into the sky, until it reached the top of the tower. Then the boys watched as the crane swung the piece to the tower, and the workers who were strapped to the top of the tower attached the piece in place.

"Wow, those guys have to be nuts to do a job like that!" remarked Carter.

"Well, I'm not gonna tell them that!" chuckled Darren.

The boys laughed as they watched the men finish the tower, then they continued back toward the large wooden coaster. The boys looked at the half completed ride as they stood next to one of it's cars.

"This would be the kind of ride that would be toughest for me." said Kevin. "The lateral forces are what really bounces you around, and the only way to fix that is with more banking. If you increase the banking though, the trains would slow down so much in the turns that they wouldn't make it around."

"That really sucks." said Darren. "This one looks like it might be fun."

"It's hard to strap someone into a ride like this though." said Carter. "You're pretty much stuck with just a seat belt and a lap bar, and those only make sure you aren't thrown out. Woodies are fun, but they bounce you around like crazy."

"I don't know babe, I still enjoy having a good woody!" snickered Kevin.

As all the boys laughed at that comment, Carter chuckled, "Just wait until tonight then babe. I'll give you a good woody to enjoy!"

That continued the laughter for a few more minutes, but now all of the boys were starting to tent the front of their pants. Darren leaned into Doug and placed his arm around him, then began to softly stroke the bulge in Doug's pants. Doug responded by putting his arms around Darren, and giving him a passionate kiss. Carter had straddled Kevin's thigh by then, and was grinding his erection into it. Meanwhile, he was also stroking Kevin's erection with his thigh, and they were embraced in a warm and loving kiss.

Doug finally backed off and said, "We better wait a little while before we do too much more. It's a little chilly out here to be stripping."

Carter and Kevin disentangled themselves, then Carter said, "I guess you're right Doug. Where were we, anyway?"

"I seem to remember something about woodies before we all got started." giggled Darren.

"Oh yeah, I remember now." replied Kevin. "Sorry about that guys. I didn't mean to start something we couldn't finish. Anyway, if a ride like this didn't bounce you around so much, it wouldn't be so bad for someone like me. The way these seats are made though, I don't see how you would secure a person in it so they wouldn't get thrown around."

"Unless..." said Darren. "Get in the back seat of the car Kevin, I want to try something out."

Kevin carefully climbed into the car, then Darren reached over him and fastened the seat belt. Darren then checked the belt to make sure it was good and snug as Kevin looked up at him and smiled.

"I think that should do it." said Darren, as he smiled back at Kevin. "Now Kevin, your belt is as snug as we can make it. Can you still move around in the seat quite a bit?"

Kevin wiggled around in the seat and replied, "Yeah Darren, that's the problem. No matter how tight you make the belt, there's still so much room in the seat that you're going to get thrown around. Is there a way to fix that?"

"There might be." said Darren. "I need to borrow someone's belt for a minute." Doug removed the belt from his jeans and handed it to Darren, who then put Doug's belt together with his. "Okay Kevin, I need you to hold your arms up for a second."

Kevin did as Darren instructed, then Darren went behind the car and put the two belts around Kevin, just under his arms. Then Darren found a place on the back of the train to attach the belts to, and tightened them down until they were snug.

"This almost reminds me of when he was building our hut, when we got stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean." said Doug to Carter. "He can be quite ingenious when he puts his mind to it."

"Okay Kevin, try to wiggle around in your seat now." said Darren.

"Oh man!" replied Kevin. "I can't budge at all! It's almost like I'm frozen to the seat!"

"Holy shit Dare!" exclaimed Doug. "You did it! We can have our maintenance people put belts in like that ourselves! You wanna ride a really good woodie this summer Kevin?"

"How did you know that Darren?" asked Kevin, as he choked up slightly.

"Well, when you were wiggling around before, I noticed that your back was coming away from the back of the seat." replied Darren. "I figured that the only reason that you were able to move around like that was because your back wasn't restrained against the back of the seat. If we can hold your back against the seat, the ride shouldn't be able to throw you around in the seat."

"I think you just made Kevin the happiest guy in the world Darren." said Carter. "If I'm not mistaken, I think he might like to show you how much he appreciates that too. Would that be okay Doug?"

"I think it would be pretty sweet Carter." replied Doug with a smile.

"If you'll lean down here Darren, I would like to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me." said Kevin.

Darren leaned down as he smiled at his new friend, and Kevin wrapped his arms around him. Then Kevin pulled Darren's face toward his and pressed their lips together. Kevin gave Darren a very warm and friendly kiss as Carter and Doug watched. After about a minute, Kevin released Darren. The two boys smiled at each other as their faces parted.

"Darren, you and Doug are the best friends we've ever met." said Kevin. "I want you to know that Carter and I love you two very much. Not like boyfriends or anything like that, but we never want to be without people like you guys in our lives. We love you guys as much as we could ever love any friend."

"I'm so glad we got the chance to meet you guys!" said Darren, as tears almost came to his eyes. "I hope we remain the best of friends forever now. Now Kevin, how about I unstrap you from that seat, unless you're into bondage?"

That caused Kevin and Darren to laugh as they cried very slightly. Carter and Doug were so moved that Doug put his arm around Carter, as Carter smiled at him. As soon as Kevin had been released from the seat, the four new best friends began to make their way toward the offices as they laughed and playfully touched each other, but not in any sexual way.

Sorry I got carried away, but it sounds like the start of a great friendship, doesn't it? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 22, otherwise known as Carter and Kevin meet Doug and Darren, Part 2.