Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

Since I left off in the middle of things with the last chapter, I thought I would write the next one right away. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Once again, Doug and Darren appear courtesy of the story "No One Else" in the high school section of Nifty. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

"I'm so glad we got the chance to meet you guys!" said Darren, as tears almost came to his eyes. "I hope we remain the best of friends forever now. Now Kevin, how about I unstrap you from that seat, unless you're into bondage?"

That caused Kevin and Darren to laugh as they cried very slightly. Carter and Doug were so moved that Doug put his arm around Carter, as Carter smiled at him. As soon as Kevin had been released from the seat, the four new best friends began to make their way toward the offices as they laughed and playfully touched each other, but not in any sexual way.

The boys made their way inside the dome, and approached Doug and Darren's office as they laughed and giggled like kids. Doug and Darren's dad Fred was waiting for them outside the office when they got there.

"It looks like you two are making some new friends." said Fred.

"We sure are dad!" replied Darren. "I'd like you to meet Carter Williams and Kevin Burton from Cincinnati. They came to talk to us about restraints for people with conditions like Kevin's, and they ended up helping us solve a few problems out there."

"Yeah, we might be right back on schedule with The Sky Diver!" said Doug. "They had an idea for a five point belt harness that no one ever thought about!"

"Well that's great boys!" replied Fred. "I was beginning to worry about that one, seeing as how it's the biggest ride out there. It's good to meet you Carter and Kevin." Fred then shook their hands as he continued, "I guess you already answered my question then. I was going to tell you that I wanted to arrange a meeting with the manufacturer about The Sky Diver, and I wanted to know if you wanted to be in on it. I guess instead though, I can tell them that we've solved the restraint problem. I'll need you boys to fill me in on it later though, okay?"

"Okay dad, we'll get together on it by tonight." replied Darren. "By the way, if you're not too busy in about an hour or so, could we borrow you to run some rides?"

"I don't know boys, today is a bad day for me." replied Fred. "I'm sure my assistant manger Tim wouldn't mind though. He's been looking for something to keep him busy today. I'll tell him to be around his office in about an hour, okay?"

"That would be great dad!" said Doug. "Don't forget to thank him for us."

The boys said good-bye to Fred, and then headed into the office. The boys went over to the lounge area in the office, where Doug and Darren had set up a corner type sofa. Doug offered Kevin and Carter a seat on one side, while he and Darren sat on the other side, facing them at a ninety degree angle. Doug got everyone a soft drink, then sat down next to Darren and put his arm over Darren's shoulder.

"If we can get some of these companies to fix a few things, we're going to have a kick ass park this summer." said Darren. "Doug and I really appreciate you guys coming from Cincinnati to help us with this."

"It's our pleasure Darren." said Carter. "I just couldn't stand the thought of no one giving any consideration to the guy I love. I just knew you guys would be different than those other parks, and boy was I right!"

As all the boys chuckled, Doug said, "Well, we'll go out into the indoor section of the park in a little while. I'm sure we have a few things there that could be different too."

Doug and Darren were trying not to stare at Kevin, but they found his baldness very intriguing. Neither of them could deny that Kevin looked very hot like that. Kevin noticed them looking though, and started to look self-conscious about it.

Darren noticed how Kevin was beginning to look, and said, "I'm sorry we can't help looking at you Kevin, we really don't mean for you to feel uncomfortable. It's just that very few guys we meet are as incredibly hot as you are. I know we shouldn't think that way, considering Doug and I are a very happily committed couple, but you seem to have an effect on people. Carter is one lucky guy, and I hope he doesn't get jealous too easily."

"Yeah." chuckled Doug. "Kevin is going to get so many looks from people that are hot for him that it won't be funny!"

"Well, everyone will have to get use to the fact that he's MY incredibly sexy hunk!" replied Carter as he smiled. "I'm not sharing his incredible love-making prowess with anyone!"

"Damn Carter, you're boning up over me again right now, aren't you?" asked Kevin as he snickered.

"Well, you shouldn't have taken the hard hat off!" replied Carter. "I can't help it that you affect me that way."

Doug and Darren laughed as Darren stroked Doug's leg, and Doug said, "You guys sound so much like my little brother and his boyfriend that it's not even funny! I always thought they were the two horniest guys in the world, but you guys are even making me and Darren horny."

"Goodie!" exclaimed Kevin. "That'll give me a chance to satisfy my baby!"

"How about you guys make yourselves as comfortable as you want, while Doug and I do the same?" asked Darren.

"How about it Carter?" asked Kevin.

"Like I'm ever going to turn you down!" replied Carter as he smiled.

Doug and Darren smiled when Kevin took Carter into an embrace, and the two boys pressed their lips together. Then Doug and Darren did the same with each other. After the two couples had been kissing for a few moments, they began removing their lover's clothes. Carter laid back on the couch once everyone was naked, and pulled Kevin down gently on top of him. Meanwhile, Doug was on top of Darren in an embrace on the other side of the couch. Kevin and Doug turned around on top of their lovers at about the same time, and took their lovers cocks into their mouths. Carter then pulled Kevin's cock down, all the way into his mouth, while Darren began feeding himself on Doug's cock. After a few minutes, Doug and Darren couldn't help but stop to watch the other two boys making love.

Doug let Darren's cock slip from his mouth and softly moaned, "Damn! You two guys are hot!"

Kevin and Carter mumbled a response as they kept pleasuring each other. After a few moments, Doug and Darren went back to their love-making. Then it was Carter and Kevin's turn to watch the other two boys making love. Both boys gulped as they watched Doug's cock slowly rise out of Darren' mouth, then go all the way back in.

"Damn Doug!" remarked Kevin softly. "I think you're even bigger than me!"

After a few moments, Kevin and Carter picked back up where they had left off. In almost no time, all four boys were beginning to moan louder. Kevin was just close enough to the corner of the couch so that Darren could reach out and place his hand on Kevin's head. When Darren began rubbing Kevin's head sensuously, Kevin reached out and caressed Darren's arm. Kevin and Darren began cumming almost immediately. As Carter swallowed Kevin's cum, he began his orgasm too. When Doug heard the other three boys in the midst of their orgasms, his cock erupted into Darren's mouth. All four boys hungrily swallowed their lover's cum, until their orgasms had all faded away. Kevin and Carter lovingly cleaned each other's cocks off before sitting back up, while Doug and Darren did the same. Once everyone was sitting upright, Doug got up and walked over to Kevin. He reached down and picked up Kevin's cock before it could begin deflating, and held it out toward his as he compared them.

"I think you're about the same length as me Kevin, but mine's a little thicker." said Doug.

Kevin reached out and gently stroked Doug's shaft once as it began to deflate, and replied, "Yeah, I think you're right Doug. Yours is really thick compared to mine."

"Well, mine and Carter's cocks almost look like identical twins." snickered Darren, as he got up and stood in front of Carter.

"Could you guys stand up for a sec?" asked Doug. Kevin stood up directly in front of Doug, while Carter rose up in front of Darren, then Doug said, "We want to give you guys something, just as good friends."

Doug pulled Kevin in close to him, and as their now flaccid cocks rested against each other, Doug gave Kevin a very warm and gentle kiss on the lips. Darren and Carter had also rested their cocks against each other, and Darren gave Carter the same kiss.

As all four boys pulled apart, Doug said, "You guys are really special, and we're glad that you've become our friends. You both are just as lucky to have each other, as me and Darren are to have each other. I hope you don't feel uncomfortable about anything that we did today, because Darren and I have never had friends that we feel as close to as we do with you."

"Yeah, Rondell was close this past fall, but I don't think he would have stayed in the same room with us as we made love!" giggled Darren.

"I don't know about that one Dare." said Doug as he smiled.

"Do you know something I don't Doug?" asked Darren with a shocked look.

"Maybe, but he asked me never to tell." laughed Doug. "We'll talk about it later though babe. The point is though Carter and Kevin, we feel very close to you two now."

"We feel the same way too." replied Kevin. "It kinda sucks that you're up here and we're in Cincy, but we'll always feel close, no matter what."

The boys decided to share a group hug between all four of them before getting dressed again. As they stood there naked and hugged, the door to the office was flung open.

"We heard you guys were going to ride some,...." started Donnie. "Oh shit Chris, we missed the orgy!"

"Damn, we're always too late for the good stuff!" exclaimed Chris.

Kevin and Carter were startled at being caught naked by strangers, but Doug and Darren were laughing. As the two younger boys walked over for a better view, Doug thought he better introduce them quickly.

"Carter and Kevin, this is my younger brother Donnie, and his boyfriend Chris." laughed Doug. "You don't have to worry about being naked in front of them. Their little minds are already so warped and horny that you couldn't possibly do them any more harm. Donnie and Chris, these are our new really close friends, Kevin and Carter. The one who is really nicely hung, because I'm sure you've already noticed it, is Kevin. The other one is his boyfriend, Carter."

"Okay guys, let's get our clothes on and go out into the dome." said Darren.

"That's no fair!" said Donnie. "You guys have already done it, and we don't even get a chance to catch up!"

"What difference does it make little bro?" asked Doug. "You and Chris probably went at it before you came over here!"

"Damn, I hate it when he's right!" said Chris dejectedly.

The four older boys laughed as they put their clothes back on, while Donnie and Chris watched them intently. Once everyone was dressed, they picked up their hard hats and got ready to head out of the office. The first stop was at Tim's office, so they would have an adult to operate the four rides that were already inspected and passed by the state. Doug introduced Tim to Carter and Kevin, and Tim gave the two boys a warm handshake accompanied with a brief hug. Then everyone headed out to the dome.

Once they got to the main concourse, some of what was on the stadium floor was visible. It looked pretty impressive to Carter and Kevin, who slowed down a little to stare. Doug began laughing lightly.

"Just wait until we get out from under the upper bowl." said Tim. "This place will knock your socks off! So, what do you boys want to do today?"

"Well, we want to go on all four of the ones that are ready, but Kevin won't be able to do the two coasters like they are now." replied Doug.

"Really Kevin, why's that?" asked Tim.

"I had a head injury a little while back." replied Kevin. "It's healed up okay now, but it's left me more susceptible to having another aneurysm. If I took a hard enough jolt to the head, it could kill me."

"I'm sorry to hear that Kevin." said Tim, as he took Kevin into another, even warmer hug.

"Kevin's doctor belongs to a group that's trying to change things like that though." said Darren. "They have a whole lot of ideas that would make restraints safer for people like Kevin. We want to get in touch with our manufacturers, and see if we can get them to change some of this stuff around a little."

"Well, why don't you have that doctor get in touch with me." said Tim. "I'll work with him and you boys as much as I can on it. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy this park."

"That would be so great sir." said Kevin as he smiled.

"Please call me Tim, okay Kevin?" replied Tim. "Any friend of Doug and Darren's is definitely a friend of mine. Now, why don't we start with the two rides over in The Enchanted Village? That way Kevin can ride with you guys for now. By the way Doug and Darren, your dad is with the state inspector right now. They're looking at two rides outside, and the two indoor towers, so we might have four more rides ready in a little while."

"That would be so cool!" replied Darren. "Which two are they looking at outside?"

"They'll be inspecting Storm Surge and Wind Dancer." replied Tim. "Kevin might be able to go on Wind Dancer, as it only has a lap restraint. I'm sure Storm Surge is out of the question though."

"What's Storm Surge?" asked Carter.

"That's the one we started up earlier." replied Doug. "I'm sorry Kevin, but we'll get those manufacturers in here as soon as we can. Maybe it'll be different for you by summer."

"Don't worry about it Doug." replied Kevin with a smile. "You guys are doing so much more than anyone else would offer that I can wait until summer."

"I'll sit out with you on the ones you can't ride babe, okay?" asked Carter.

"Oh no you won't!" replied Kevin. "The least I can do is have the fun of watching you on this stuff!"

Carter and Kevin shared a laugh together as the group came up to The Enchanted Village. Although this was actually a kiddy area, they had already decided that they would let anyone ride the rides here if they weren't able to ride some of the larger rides, as long as they would fit on the ride. Most of the rides were designed so big kids could ride too.

"Okay guys, here's our first ride!" announced Tim.

Carter looked at the entrance sign and read aloud, "When Pigs Fly?! What kind of kiddyland are you guys building here?"

"We decided that we wanted to have a little fun with it." laughed Darren. "Wait until you see the next one!"

The group followed the path that led out into the bowl, and to the ride. Once they were out from under the upper bowl, Doug and Darren could hear Carter and Kevin both gasp.

"I told you boys it would knock your socks off!" chuckled Tim.

The floor was packed with as many rides as they could fit on it, including three steel coasters. The largest one weaved all over the stadium before finally returning to the station on the stadium floor. Smaller rides were also being built around the upper and lower bowls, with the ride platforms being tiered wherever necessary. It also looked like a fairly nice water raft ride was going to occupy one side of the upper bowl.

"I think what we have in here will be able to keep our winter crowds happy." said Tim, as he opened the entrance gate to When Pigs Fly.

Chris and Donnie immediately began arguing over who was going to ride with Kevin, as both of the younger boys seemed to have taken a liking to Kevin. Kevin didn't know what to think about that as Doug laughed.

"You're in trouble now man, they like you!" laughed Doug.

Carter was still snickering as he came up and said, "Okay boys, I'll tell you what. We'll ride these first two rides twice. One of you can ride with Kevin on this ride, and the other can ride with him on the next ride. I'm going to ride with my baby once on each ride, okay?"

Carter was still snickering as he watched Kevin climb into one of the pink pigs with Donnie, who had won a really quick round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. To Carter's pleasant surprise, Darren climbed into another pink pig with him. That left Doug riding with Chris this time around. That worked out very well as all of the boys would end up riding once with a friend, and once with a lover. Tim had a blast watching the boys going around and around, and up and down in the flying pink pigs. After the boys had rode When Pigs Fly twice, the group moved on to the next ride. The next one was tiered down in front of two rides and beneath them, so they couldn't see it from the concourse. All they could see was the entrance sign.

"A Snowball's Chance?" remarked Kevin. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"Just wait!" snickered Doug, as they started down the path to the ride.

When they got down to the ride, Carter and Kevin almost doubled over in laughter. Around the edge of the platform were four groups of cars that resembled snowballs. Each group of cars had four individual cars in the group. While the platform revolved, and the groups of cars revolved, you could also make your snowball spin. The funny part was that in the center of the platform was a devil that spun around too.

"This looks like the teacup ride from hell!" laughed Carter, as he tried to straighten back up.

"Oh my God!" laughed Kevin, almost hysterically. "A snowball's chance in hell!"

"Tim's the sicko that came up with that one!" laughed Doug. "The first time Darren and I saw it finished, we almost peed our pants!"

The boys finally stopped laughing enough to get on the ride. Chris and Kevin went over to one of the snowballs and got in, then Carter came up to them.

"Remember Chris, don't spin my baby around too much." said Carter. "We don't want to hurt him."

"Okay Carter, I won't." replied Chris. "This thing goes around enough for me without spinning the snowball anyway. I'll make sure I hold onto him really good too, so he doesn't fall over!"

"You can hold onto him a little bit, but not too much, okay?" snickered Carter.

"Oh crap!" remarked Kevin in jest, as he rolled his eyes. When he saw that Chris still didn't know if he was joking or not, Kevin said, "You can hold onto me any way you want little buddy, okay? Just don't get too frisky, I'm spoken for."

By the time Chris looked up at Kevin and smiled, everyone else was seated, and the ride started moving. Chris scooted over as close as he could and put one arm around Kevin. Kevin held onto the center control wheel with one hand, and draped his arm along the top of the snowball. Then Chris decided to see what he could get away with with this incredibly sexy guy. Chris's free hand finally worked it's way to rest on Kevin's thigh. When Kevin just smiled at the boy, Chris began moving his hand up slightly.

Kevin eventually felt Chris's hand rest on his cock, and after a few seconds he said, "Okay Chris, a little bit is okay, but that's enough."

"It feels really cool though." replied Chris.

"Thanks for the compliment little buddy, but we both have boyfriends." said Kevin.

"I know, I just wanted to touch it once to see what it felt like." replied Chris as he smiled. "Besides, now I got myself all hard for when I ride with Donnie!"

"That's funny, that's the same thing Donnie said on the last ride!" chuckled Kevin.

The two boys laughed and had a good time for the rest of the ride, then everyone got back on with their boyfriends. As the ride spun around again, Kevin reached down and massaged Carter's cock to an erection. Carter really enjoyed that as they spun around in circles. By the time the ride stopped again, Carter was breathing a little heavier. Tim was also laughing in the control booth.

As they were getting out of the snowball, Carter said, "It's too bad that didn't last a little longer babe, you almost made me cum in my pants! Where did you get an idea like that?!"

"From those two little octopi over there!" snickered Kevin as he pointed at Chris and Donnie, who were both panting as they got off the ride.

Doug saw them too and shouted out, "Hey little bro, did you and Chris cum in your pants on the ride again? We're going to have to disinfect this thing before opening day!"

"Don't worry, it's all in our pants!" yelled back Donnie.

Carter was going to say something, but he and Kevin ended up almost doubling over in laughter instead. When they stopped laughing again, Kevin said, "Don't worry babe, they only wanted to see what it felt like, so I let them touch it through my pants for a few seconds. They were happy with that."

"I know, I trust you baby." replied Carter. "Doug and Darren were right though. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes on you because the guys are going to be all over you, you sexy thing!"

"Okay guys, let's head down to Thunder Valley." chuckled Tim.

The group then made it's way to the closest floor entrance. The tower coaster and the pivoting shuttle coaster had both already passed their inspections, so those were the ones they were heading to. The first stop was The Barnstormer, which was the pivoting shuttle coaster.

"Okay Kevin, seeing as how you won't be riding, you can be my helper." said Tim. Once the ride was powered up and ready, and Tim had everyone take a seat, he began showing Kevin what to do. "First we have to check every shoulder harness on the ride. When you come to an empty seat, push the harness all the way down and make sure it's locked. On the seats with people in them, make sure the harness is against their chest and locked. Do you have any questions so far?"

"Yeah, this ride doesn't go upside down, so why does it have a shoulder harness?" asked Kevin.

"I'm still pissed at that one too, and the company that built this knows it." replied Tim. "Fred and I are planning to get together next week though, and insist that they build us a new train with individual lap bars instead. We may have to pay for it, but people are going to be much better off on this ride with lap bars. Those damn harnesses kinda hurt if your head hits them. I would think you might even be able to ride it then, as long as you keep your head back against the headrest."

As soon as the harnesses were checked, Tim and Kevin moved to the end of the platform. "When we get ready to start, I want you to stand inside this fenced off area where the control box is." said Tim. "Make sure that your gate is closed too. The only button you'll need to push is the one that says dispatch. When the button starts flashing, push it down until the light in the button goes out. Then just stay inside the bullpen until the ride has stopped completely. You got it Kevin?"

"Sure!" replied Kevin, as he smiled. "Nothin to it!"

Tim smiled at Kevin, then turned to go back to the control booth. Tim told everyone to hang on, and they were ready to go, then Kevin's button began flashing. Kevin pushed the button, then the ride accelerated out of the station. Kevin let go of the button when the light went out, then watched his friends. As the single car train climbed straight up and slowed down, it pivoted around to face straight down, then came back through the station. It climbed straight up again on the other side of the station, and once again pivoted as it slowed down. The train sailed through the station five times, going faster each time, and with it's riders screaming louder each time. Finally it came back into Kevin's end of the station and stopped. Once everyone had climbed out of the train and the ride had been shut down, they were off to the next ride.

As they approached the coaster called Tumblebug, Fred came up to the group and said, "Hi Tim. I wanted to let you know that the two rides outside have passed inspection, and now we're heading over to the tower rides next to The Screaming Eagle. We should be done by the time you guys are done outside. You might want to hurry though because the sun is going down, and it's getting chilly out there."

"Well, we can head out there right now, then come back in." replied Tim. "I don't want the boys getting too cold out there."

"Good thinking Tim." said Fred. "By the way Carter and Kevin, how long were you planning on staying this evening?"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Carter, with a terrified look on his face. "I didn't even realize it was getting late! My dad is going to kill me, then never trust me again! Do you still have the cell phone Kevin?"

"I'm sorry Carter, I left it in the car!" replied Kevin, almost as afraid as Carter.

"Okay boys, relax a little." said Fred. "Here, you can use my cell phone. Some phones have problems getting out of this dome anyway, but I know mine will."

Carter thanked Fred, and nervously dialed his home number. As soon as the call was answered, Carter cried, "I'm so sorry dad! I didn't realize how late it was! Please dad, I'm sorry!"

"Okay Carter, just calm down." replied Frank. "I'm assuming you haven't left up there yet."

"Please dad, I know you trusted me, and I screwed up!" cried Carter. "I'm so sorry!"

Frank wasn't upset, as he had figured something like that would most likely happen, but he couldn't get Carter to calm down. Tim could see that Carter was upset, so he finally got Carter to hand him the phone. "Hello, Mister Williams?" said Tim. "My name is Tim, and I'm the assistant manager here."

"Hi Tim, you can call me Frank." replied Frank. "I'm trying to tell my son that I'm not upset, but he won't calm down. When they left this morning, I figured something like this might happen. I even made sure I gave Carter enough money for a hotel room if it became necessary."

"I'm glad to hear that Frank." said Tim. "I'll see if I can get Carter to calm down enough to explain it to him."

"I'd appreciate that Tim." said Frank. "Is Kevin there too? I'd like to see if I can talk to him if he is."

"Sure Frank, he's right here." replied Tim. "I'll let you talk to him while I talk to Carter." Then Tim handed the phone to Kevin and said, "Frank wants to talk to you. He's not upset that you guys are still here so late."

Kevin took the phone and said, "Hi... Yeah, I know it's not THAT late... I don't blame you. Neither of us needs to be driving around in the dark this far away from home... I'm sure it won't be any problem to find someplace... Okay, I'll try to tell him... Yeah, I'll tell him that too... Okay, I love you too. See ya tomorrow."

Tim had gotten Carter to calm down somewhat by the time Kevin said, "Hey babe, Your dad's not mad at us, okay?"

"Are you sure Kevin?" asked Carter.

"Absolutely!" replied Kevin. "As a matter of fact, he was relieved that we called him when we realized what time it was. Did you notice how much money he gave you this morning?"

"I didn't really count it." replied Carter.

"Well, there's enough there for us to get a room tonight if we have to." said Kevin. "He figured that we would be here so late that it would start getting dark on us, and he doesn't want us driving around here in the dark too much. He even called Phillip when we didn't call sooner, and explained everything to him for me, even though I should still call myself. Your dad loves you Carter, and he said have a good time tonight."

"Really?" asked Carter, as he began to smile again.

"Yep, and he wants to hear all about our trip when we get home tomorrow." replied Kevin. "He also wanted me to tell you this..." Kevin then kissed Carter on the forehead, and in a slightly deeper voice said, "I love you son. Make me proud of you!" Then Kevin switched his voice back and said, "He made me promise to tell you that part."

As Carter giggled, Doug wiped his eyes and said, "You have a really cool dad Carter. Not quite as cool as mine and Darren's dad, but still really freakin' cool."

"Now that that's settled, let's ride some more!" said Darren, trying to lighten things back up. "And you guys are staying with us tonight! We ain't letting you go to some hotel room. Right dad?"

"Sure son." chuckled Fred. "We'd love to have you boys stay with us tonight. Now go have some fun, I've got work to do!"

Everyone headed on outside, before it got any darker. The sun was almost on the horizon, and it was getting a little chillier. The boys still had fun on Storm Surge though, and had even more fun on Wind Dancer because Kevin could ride that one with them. They were still glad to go back inside and warm up though. First they went back to Tumblebug, and Kevin once again helped Tim operate the ride. Kevin looked at the harnesses on it, then watched the ride as everyone rode. With the way the cars flipped end over end as they zig-zagged down the tower, Kevin could understand why they had put a harness on it. Still though, he thought this might be another good one for the five point belt system. As the boys got their fill of Tumblebug, Fred came over to tell them that both towers had passed inspection. After two more rides it would be about six thirty, so the boys decided that would be a good time to call it quits. Kevin helped Tim again with both of the tower rides, and even came up with names for them while the other guys rode. Kevin said the tower that shot people up near the roof of the stadium should be named UpShot, and the tower that took people up to the roof before shooting them down should be called DownForce. Kevin was proud when Tim told him those were outstanding names for the rides.

This had been one of the best days that Kevin and Carter had had in a long time, and now they were about to spend the night with two of the coolest guys they had ever met. After everything had been shut down, Doug and Darren, Fred, and Tim went to lock up the offices. As they were heading to the exit, Doug told Carter to follow him to their house. One step outside the door made everyone shiver, as the temperature was still going down.

"If it keeps this up, we might have snow for Christmas next weekend!" said Carter.

"You can be excited if you want babe, but I haven't seen snow in a while and I'm not looking forward to it." replied Kevin.

"Neither have we." said Darren. "Last Christmas we were stranded on our island."

The boys then quickly got in their cars and started them up, hoping the heat would kick in soon. As soon as the air from the vents began warming up, Doug took off with Darren right behind him. Kevin picked up the cell phone and dialed his home number.

When Phillip answered the phone, Kevin said, "Hi dad. I guess Frank already called you earlier, huh?"

"Yes, but it's nice that you did too son." replied Phillip. "Are you and Carter going to find a room for the night up there?"

"Already taken care of dad." replied Kevin. "We're going to stay with Doug and Darren tonight. They're so cool that it ain't even funny!"

"Sounds like you made a couple of new friends today." chuckled Phillip.

"Yeah, they're great." replied Kevin. "So, is it getting cold down there? We're freezing up here!"

"Actually, it's starting to snow out there now." replied Phillip.

"Oh man, don't say that word." laughed Kevin. "You know that's one thing I didn't miss last winter in Orlando."

"Sorry son, but you can't stop nature." laughed Phillip. "On a serious note though, the weather station doesn't really know how much of this we're going to get by tomorrow. If it gets too bad, do you think your friends might put you up Sunday night too? I was just getting ready to call Frank to talk to him about it. I'd personally rather not have you two driving on bad roads."

"I can find out, but I don't think it would be a problem." replied Kevin.

"Okay son, Frank or I will call you back later and let you know how things are here." said Phillip. "Take care of yourself son, and I love you."

"I love you too dad." replied Kevin. "We'll talk to you later."

When Kevin had hung up, Carter asked, "What was that about?"

"Dad said that it's starting to snow down there, and it might be bad." replied Kevin.

"Oh great!" replied Carter. "I never got around to practicing driving in the snow!"

"He said if it gets too bad to see if we can stay Sunday too." said Kevin. "We don't have school next week, so it wouldn't hurt us any. He's getting ready to call your dad about it."

"Well, I can think of worse things than being snowbound with Doug and Darren." said Carter as he smiled.

Okay, snow me in with all of them! lol. I know that one will spark a few fantasies. Please send all fanta,.... um,... comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 23, where we find out if Carter and Kevin will ever leave Doug and Darren.