Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

"Sorry son, but you can't stop nature." laughed Phillip. "On a serious note though, the weather station doesn't really know how much of this we're going to get by tomorrow. If it gets too bad, do you think your friends might put you up Sunday night too? I was just getting ready to call Frank to talk to him about it. I'd personally rather not have you two driving on bad roads."

"I can find out, but I don't think it would be a problem." replied Kevin.

"Okay son, Frank or I will call you back later and let you know how things are here." said Phillip. "Take care of yourself son, and I love you."

"I love you too dad." replied Kevin. "We'll talk to you later."

When Kevin had hung up, Carter asked, "What was that about?"

"Dad said that it's starting to snow down there, and it might be bad." replied Kevin.

"Oh great!" replied Carter. "I never got around to practicing driving in the snow!"

"He said if it gets too bad to see if we can stay Sunday too." said Kevin. "We don't have school next week, so it wouldn't hurt us any. He's getting ready to call your dad about it."

"Well, I can think of worse things than being snowbound with Doug and Darren." said Carter as he smiled.

Carter and Kevin pulled up behind Doug and Darren when they got to the house, and this time Carter remembered to put the phone in his pocket. Then everyone dashed for the house, as they hadn't expected the temperature to drop so much.

"Hey mom, we're home!" called out Doug. "Dad should be right behind us with Donnie and Chris. I'd like you to meet a couple of new friends of ours." As Mary entered the room, Doug continued, "This is Carter and Kevin from Cincinnati. Dad said it was okay for them to stay here tonight."

"Actually, our dads might want us to see if we can stay tomorrow night too." said Carter, as he shook Mary's hand. "It's snowing pretty hard down there tonight, and I haven't driven enough to be driving home in a blizzard."

"Well, you boys don't worry about a thing." said Mary. "Our home is your home. We wouldn't want you out there either until the storm passes, although it's not suppose to be that bad up here. The weather channel is saying a half inch, at the most."

"Cool!" exclaimed Darren. "We'll be able to have some fun tomorrow if Cincinnati gets snowed in!"

"What's for supper tonight mom?" asked Doug.

"I was going to wait until Fred got home and see what everyone wanted." replied Mary.

"Well, since you ARE seven months pregnant mom, we could take it easy on you and order pizzas and grinders from Mancino's!" offered Doug eagerly.

"You'd have to see if the delivery person has recovered from the last party you threw." laughed Mary. "I know that I don't mind getting out of work right now though!"

As everyone was laughing, Fred and the other boys came in. Fred agreed to the idea, as long as they got a greek salad too. Donnie and Chris were delighted with everyone's decision. Fred found out what everyone wanted, then called in the order, making sure to get extra of some things just to be safe. It took about an hour for the food to get there, but then again it was an extremely large order.

"Okay, here we are." said the attractive young guy delivering the order. "We have six half grinders, two are italian, one seafood, two southwestern chicken, and one beef and pastrami. Then two full grinders, one taco and one turkey club. Two extra large supreme pizzas, three orders of garlic cheese breadsticks, and one extra large greek salad. You guys really like giving us a workout, huh? I don't mind at all though, you always take care of me pretty good with the tip."

The young man smiled and said good-bye after Fred had paid for the order, and had given him an extra twenty dollars. Fred and Mary chuckled as they ate, and watched six boys tear into the food. Once supper was over, the boys went up to Doug and Darren's room to tell each other their stories. Before they could start though, Carter got a call from his dad.

"I'm really sorry about this dad." said Carter. "I didn't mean to take your car off somewhere, then get stuck there."

"Don't worry about it son, I don't want you two driving in this stuff down here any more than Phillip does." replied Frank. "Anyway, your mother likes us using her car more than mine. She says that hers is more practical."

"It may be, but yours is sweet compared to hers!" snickered Carter. "I'd take yours anytime! So, is it really getting bad down there?"

"It's snowing pretty heavily right now, and it doesn't look like it wants to stop." replied Frank. "We already have a couple inches, and it's suppose to snow all night. How is it there?"

"I think it just started snowing, but it's really light." replied Carter. "The weather station here is calling it at a half inch or less."

"That's not too bad then." said Frank. "You boys just be careful this weekend, and we'll talk about the car when you get home. I think it might be time to get me a newer model anyway, and I know a great sixteen year old boy who needs a car, and that I love very much. It would make a great Christmas present for him, don't you think?"

"Oh God dad, I don't know what to say!" replied Carter, as he tried not to get too emotional. "I'm giving you a great big kiss when I get home, and I'll want everyone to see it! I love you dad."

"I love you too son, more than anything else in the world." replied Frank. "It's not all fathers and sons who are as close as we are, and I thank God every day for giving me you."

Carter could hear a slight hitch in his dad's voice, so he asked, "Are you crying dad?"

"Only out of the joy of having the greatest son a man could ever want!" replied Frank.

"I'm so glad that I didn't do anything dumb after what happened to Travis." said Carter. "I would have missed out on telling you and mom how much I love you, and how important you are to me." Then Carter giggled as he added, "Well, there's Kevin too."

Frank regained control of his emotions and said, "Well son, you and that wonderful boyfriend of yours take care up there. This snow won't last forever, and we can talk more when you get home."

Carter and Frank finally said good-bye, and everyone was smiling at Carter by the time he put his phone away.

"I know I already said this Carter, but your dad sounds really sweet." said Doug.

"You ain't even heard the best part yet!" replied Carter joyfully. "He's giving me the Camaro for Christmas!"

"Are you kidding dude?!" exclaimed Kevin. "That was one of the last ones ever made! I'm glad I have a future father in law like him!"

"Wow, you two guys want to get married someday?!" asked Darren. "So do Doug and I. We already had a commitment ceremony, but I would love nothing more than for him to be my husband legally."

"Yeah, that's how we feel too." replied Carter. "Kevin is the only man in the world that I could think of as my husband."

By this time, Donnie and Chris were already kissing each other affectionately and giggling. "There's another couple that's headed to the altar someday!" laughed Doug lightly. "I'll bet when the preacher tells them that Chris can kiss the bride, they'll make have the crowd watching have an orgasm!"

"So, you want to be the bride Donnie?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, Chris and I already have it planned out." replied Donnie. "We're going to get married just like a straight couple does. Chris is going to have a really nice tux, and I want to be in an equally nice gown. It's the only time I will ever consider wearing women's clothes, but it will be special because I'll be doing it for us!"

"Damn, you have thought about this!" laughed Carter. "Just make sure you invite us, okay? I think that will look so sweet!"

"It will be a Kodak moment, that's for sure!" laughed Darren.

"Don't listen to him guys." said Kevin. "I think it's the greatest thing in the world that you little guys already love each other so much. You should come down to our house sometime and see Zack and Seth with Tommy. Those three lovers will blow your mind!"

"Really?!" asked Chris. "Tell us about them!"

"Okay, but you can't say anything to anyone if I do." replied Kevin.

"We promise!" said Donnie.

"That includes you guys too, Doug and Darren."

"This must be good then!" replied Darren. "We promise too!"

"Okay then." said Kevin. "Zack and Seth are brothers. Zack is eight now, and Seth is six. When they were six and four, their single dad began doing stuff with them, even though it hurt them really bad. Then he started charging his friends to come over and do stuff too. Both of the boys almost died a couple of times, but their dad found some sleazebag who had almost lost his medical license, and would treat them without asking any questions. For all anyone knows, he might have even been in on it. Tommy, who's almost fifteen now, started babysitting them last summer. He could tell that the boys already knew way too much about sex for their age, but he also began to fall in love with them. Zack and Seth might have known about sex before Tommy came along, but they didn't know anything about love. Anyway, Tommy went to see my dad's boyfriend Wayne as a patient, and Wayne convinced him to turn the boys' dad in. Their dad is in jail now, and will be going to prison soon, hopefully. Zack and Seth are now with us, and Tommy has been able to teach them the difference between sex and love. Tommy loves both of them very much, and they both love Tommy too. Tommy is so gentle with them too. He won't put his cock in them like their dad did until they're quite a bit older, and he's sure that it wouldn't hurt them. They all love oral quite a bit though, almost more than anyone I've ever seen! The two kids seem to love watching each other with Tommy."

By this time Donnie and Chris were staring wide eyed at Kevin, and breathing very heavily. "You're sure that Tommy isn't hurting them?" asked Doug.

"No way!" replied Kevin. "Tommy would rather kill himself than hurt either of them in any way. He won't let them do anything sexually that might cause them any pain, even if they want to. He loves them both very much, and the only thing he wants them to feel is how much he loves them."

"I think that's kinda sweet, actually." said Darren. "It's just hard to imagine a six and eight year old being that active though."

"Like I said, their father had been teaching them about sex for two years, whether they wanted to learn or not." said Kevin. "Tommy refuses to teach them anything else about sex right now though. He thinks they should know as much as they can about love before they learn anything else about sex. He wants them both to at least hit puberty before they go any further than what they do now."

"I think Donnie and Chris like your story!" laughed Doug, as he pointed to the two boys. Donnie and Chris had both laid back on the floor, and were now kissing each other deeply as they tried to remove each other's clothes.

"Are they always like that?" snickered Carter.

"In a few more minutes, they'll be having sex right there in front of us." laughed Darren. "They don't seem to care if people they feel close to are watch them doing it. You'll get use to it though. Pretty soon seeing the two of them making love will seem like nothing at all to you. So, why don't we tell each other our stories now?"

As the boys began telling each other their stories, they continued to watch the two younger boys finish undressing each other, then start making love. As Carter got to the point where he and Kevin met, Donnie and Chris were passionately sucking each other. By the time Carter and Kevin had finished their story, Chris had Donnie on his back, and was thrusting his dick in and out of him. Before Doug and Darren began their story, all four of the older boys smiled as they watched the two younger boys for a moment. Kevin reached over and gently stroked both of their heaving chests for a few seconds each.

"You better be careful." snickered Doug. "They just might ask you to join them!"

Kevin leaned over and kissed Carter deeply, then said, "That might not be a bad idea!"

Doug and Darren then watched as Carter and Kevin began stripping each other, and laid back next to the two younger boys. Carter and Kevin made sure that Chris and Donnie could see them as they kissed passionately for a few moments, then turned around into a sixty nine position. Donnie turned his head to watch the other two boys as Chris continued sliding in and out of him, and gasped when he saw Carter take Kevin's cock all the way down into his throat.

"I guess story time can wait until later." chuckled Darren, who then leaned into Doug and pressed their lips together.

As Darren and Doug undressed each other, they decided to lay down on the bed. Pretty soon, all six boys were passionately making love to their lovers. Eventually, after everyone had had an orgasm, Doug and Darren finally got back to their story. Carter and Kevin were impressed with how much they had gone through, and how much they had changed. Doug and Darren thought that their two new friends had been through plenty themselves though. By the time Doug and Darren were finished, it was getting pretty late. They shooed Donnie and Chris off to Donnie's room, then showed Carter and Kevin to the guest room. Once there, they all looked out the window. The moonlight glistened off the lightly snow covered ground, as the snow gently fell through the air. As they watched the light snow fall near Detroit, much heavier snow was piling up in Cincinnati.

The next day dawned beautiful and bright. About a half inch of dry snow covered the ground, and what had fallen on the roads had been cleared away. Doug and Darren had just gotten off the phone with their brother in law Cory, and immediately went upstairs to awaken Carter and Kevin.

"Hey guys, get up and ready!" said Doug, as he and Darren went into the guest room without knocking. "Our sister Jenni and her husband are coming over, and they're bringing his brother Sky with them. I guess we should call Tim and tell him too!"

"Did you guys know that you sleep naked?" giggled Darren.

"Like you guys don't, I'll bet!" laughed Kevin. "Are you thinking what I am Carter?"

"Sure, why not?" replied Carter.

Kevin and Carter got out of bed naked, then went over to Doug and Darren. Kevin took Darren into a firm hug, while Carter did the same with Doug. Carter and Kevin held their friends tightly against their naked bodies, and gave them both a long and affectionate kiss on the cheek. Carter made sure to grind his morning wood into Doug's leg, while Kevin ground his erection into Darren's crotch. Then Kevin and Carter broke the kiss, and laughed as they went back to the bed to dress. Doug and Darren both stood there for a few moments without saying anything.

"I think you guys are going to be our best friends!" Darren finally said as he smiled.

"You guys come to our room when you're dressed and ready!" said Doug urgently. "Darren and I have something to take care of!"

Kevin and Carter both laughed, as they knew what the other two boys were going to do. They figured they would give Doug and Darren some private time though, so they took their time dressing and taking care of their morning pee, which took care of their morning wood. When they finally got to Doug and Darren's room, they also went on in without knocking. Doug and Darren were both naked, and on the bed in a sixty nine. It also looked like they were both about to explode into each other's mouths. Doug and Darren knew that Kevin and Carter had just come into the room, but they were both too close to stop. Kevin and Carter went over to where the two boys were moaning and writhing on the bed, then Kevin reached between Doug's legs and began massaging his balls while Carter did the same to Darren. Almost immediately Doug and Darren began grunting and squirming, as they unloaded their cum into each other's mouths. They continued to suck and clean each other gently, until both of their cocks had gone flaccid again. Doug let Darren's beautiful cock slip from his mouth as he rolled over and smiled.

"Thanks for the hand guys." said Doug, after he had recovered enough. "What you guys did to our balls while we were cumming felt awesome."

"Glad we could help then!" replied Carter with a smile.

The four boys then shared a laugh, as Doug and Darren began getting dressed again. Once they were all four finally dressed at the same time, they went downstairs for breakfast. As Darren made the four of them, plus Donnie and Chris breakfast, Doug called Tim.

"Hey Tim, I hope I didn't wake you." said Doug.

"Nah, I got up a little early today anyway." replied Tim. "What's up?"

"Cory and Jenni are coming over in a little while, and they're bringing Sky." said Doug as he smiled. "I was wondering if you could run out to the park with us today for an hour or two."

"I will if you get Cory to come along with us." replied Tim. "I still haven't had the chance to ride Tumblebug yet."

"Sky might not be too happy with Cory tagging along, but it's a deal!" said Doug.

"Don't worry about Sky, Doug." replied Tim. "I bet he'll be happy by the end of the day."

When Doug had finished talking to Tim, he went back to the breakfast table. Carter was just putting his cell phone away.

"That's really strange!" said Carter, as Doug sat down. "I expected dad to call this morning, but I can't even get him on the phone, not even his cell. I hope nothing is wrong back home."

"I'll turn on the kitchen television and point it in here." said Doug. "There should still be some news on."

As Doug sat back down after turning on the TV, and Darren came to the table with breakfast, one of the local weather broadcasters started his report.

"It's a beautiful Sunday morning out there in Detroit folks." said the weatherman. "We picked up about a half inch of powder snow overnight. Not enough to slow down the roads, but enough to give everyone's lawn a nice white coating. Just be glad you don't live a little further south. We have some pictures from our sister station in Cincinnati, where over a foot and a half of snow fell overnight, and it's still coming down. Residents there are being ordered to stay home today, as they do have some power and telephone lines down in the area. Fortunately they aren't reporting any serious injuries or fatalities from the storm that's being billed as the blizzard of the decade down there. It's probably good that most of the snow has fallen overnight, keeping everyone at home this morning. Outside now, it's a chilly twenty five degrees and not expected to rise much today. We're expecting a high of only thirty."

Doug went ahead and shut off the TV, then turned to Carter and said, "I'm sure everything is fine Carter. Like they said, most people were at home overnight when most of the snow came down. You'll probably get a call from home telling you that you'll have to stay with us a few days as soon as the phones are back on."

"You're probably right Doug." replied Carter, as the look of concern on his face was replaced by a smile. "I guess we picked a good time to visit Detroit, huh?"

Everyone then began enjoying the breakfast of scrambled eggs, link sausage, gravy, and the left over bread sticks from last night. Meanwhile, Frank and Rebecca looked out their window at the heavy snow that was still coming down. It was already almost up to the window sill in the living room, and showed no sign of stopping yet.

"I still can't get a signal on my cell phone, and the house phone is still out." said Frank, as he put an arm around Rebecca and watched the snow. "I just hope Carter and Kevin have enough sense to stay where they are until we can call them."

"Don't worry dear." replied Rebecca. "They're with two boys their own age that own their own indoor amusement park, and some of the rides are working. If we couldn't call them for a while yet, they'd probably forget all about us." Then Frank and Rebecca shared a laugh as they watched the snow build up.

Back in Sterling Heights, Darren was running to get the door. "Hey sis, how are you guys doing?" asked Darren, as he gave Jenni a hug. "How's married life treating you?"

"I'm great Dare." replied Jenni, as she, her husband Cory, and Sky came into the house. "I've got the greatest husband in the world. How could everything be anything other than great?"

"I'm glad you're keeping our sister happy there Cory." said Doug, as he entered the room followed by Carter and Kevin. "By the way, these are our two new really good friends, Carter and Kevin. Kevin is the one with the really short hairdo."

That one made Kevin snicker as he shook Cory's hand, then Darren said, "Carter and Kevin, this is our sister Jenni, her husband Cory, and Cory's little brother Sky. Sky was the highest scorer on our football team this year. He also set the state high school records for most field goals, most point after touchdown goals, and longest field goal. He's gonna be a star when he gets drafted by the NFL."

Sky blushed slightly as he shook Carter and Kevin's hand, then all the boys and Cory began talking, while Fred and Mary came in to say hello to Jenni.

"Hey Cory, Tim's coming over in a little while." said Doug, which made Sky smile. "He wants to know if you'll go with us out to the dome today, so he can ride some too?"

"I'd be happy to Doug!" replied Cory. "Did you guys get the towers inspected yet? I love those kinds of rides!"

Darren was expecting to see Sky frown by now, because he didn't like having his older brother around when Tim was around. Cory already knew that Sky was gay, and still loved him as much as he ever did, but he didn't know that Sky had feelings for someone Tim's age. Instead of the frown Darren expected though, Sky was still smiling. At that point, the doorbell rang again, so Darren went to let Tim in.

"Hey Darren, you act like you were expecting me or something!" laughed Tim.

"Well, you are kinda the only one left that we're expecting." replied Darren. "Jenni, Cory, and Sky are already here. Sky's acting kinda strange though. Usually he's upset when Cory will be hanging out with him and you, but today he seems almost happy about it."

"He's probably just having a great day so far, and doesn't want anything to spoil his mood." said Tim. "You know what a great boy I think he is."

Darren and Tim joined everyone else, and Darren and Doug began to excuse everyone in the group going to the park. Jenni wanted to stay and talk with her mom and dad, so it was Tim, Cory, and the boys going. Everyone squeezed into Doug and Darren's SUV and Cory's SUV, and they were off to the dome. About the same time as they parked at the dome and got out, Carter's cell phone went off.

"Hey son, how are you today?" asked Frank.

"I'm much better now that you called!" replied Carter. "I saw how you guys got clobbered on the TV this morning!"

"Well, I just talked to Phillip and everything is okay there, just like here." said Frank. "The airport and most of the freeways are all closed right now, and the power is still out, but everyone is safe where they're at. That includes you guys too. Could you get me Fred's number so I can personally see if it's okay for you boys to stay there until this mess is cleared up?"

"Sure dad." replied Carter, who then asked Darren for their home number.

Carter went ahead and gave his dad the number, then they talked for a few more moments before giving each other their love and saying good-bye. While Carter had been talking on the phone, Sky got he and Tim off by themselves.

"Tim, I know that you're really nervous about the fact that I'm only fifteen and in love with you." said Sky. "By the way, thanks for the birthday present. I've come to a really important decision though. I know the only thing we've done so far is hugging and kissing, but I really love you, and I have to tell my brother how I feel."

"Are you sure that's a wise thing to do Sky?" asked Tim. "I've come to a decision too, and I want to take our relationship up one level. You finally kept after me until you've worn me down. Just kidding Sky, I do love you, and I have for a while. I just wanted to make sure it was the right thing for us to do."

"In that case, I HAVE to tell Cory!" said Sky. "There's no way I'll be able to keep quiet around him about the way I feel now! I already talked to Jenni about this, and she's sure Cory will be okay with it. Jenni is, and so is Doug and Darren."

"Well, it's going to make me nervous as hell, but if this is what you think you have to do, then go ahead." said Tim. "I hope you don't mind if I cross my fingers that you and Jenni are right though."

Carter and Kevin followed Doug and Darren into the stadium, with everyone else following them. Tim went ahead and powered the rides that were operating up, then everyone headed over to the Enchanted Village. This time Carter was able to ride with Kevin all the time, without the younger boys trying to steal him. When they got down to the main floor later, Kevin would once again be the operator's helper, while Tim and Cory would take turns operating the rides. On the way to the floor, Tim held his breath as he saw Sky talking to Cory.

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