Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

"In that case, I HAVE to tell Cory!" said Sky. "There's no way I'll be able to keep quiet around him about the way I feel now! I already talked to Jenni about this, and she's sure Cory will be okay with it. Jenni is, and so is Doug and Darren."

"Well, it's going to make me nervous as hell, but if this is what you think you have to do, then go ahead." said Tim. "I hope you don't mind if I cross my fingers that you and Jenni are right though."

Carter and Kevin followed Doug and Darren into the stadium, with everyone else following them. Tim went ahead and powered the rides that were operating up, then everyone headed over to the Enchanted Village. This time Carter was able to ride with Kevin all the time, without the younger boys trying to steal him. When they got down to the main floor later, Kevin would once again be the operator's helper, while Tim and Cory would take turns operating the rides. On the way to the floor, Tim held his breath as he saw Sky talking to Cory.

When they got to the Barnstormer, Tim went to the booth to start the ride up. Cory took this opportunity to follow Tim into the booth, then shut the door.

"So Tim, are you some kind of dirty old man who likes little boys?" asked Cory, without showing any emotion. Cory wanted to remain unbiased for Sky's sake, but he had to know what was happening.

"It's not like that at all Cory." replied Tim. "When Sky first started coming on to me, I tried not to encourage it. I first thought it was some kind of stage that he might outgrow, and I didn't want either of us hurt. Then I realized that your brother really did love me. I normally look for guys closer to my own age, but your brother is very special Cory. I couldn't help but to fall in love with him too."

"So, it really is love as far as both of you are concerned?" asked Cory. "When he first told me today, I thought he might be looking for a way to ease the pain he was feeling from when we lost our parents. But then he told me that this had been going on since the first weekend after school began. I don't want to hurt either of you myself Tim, but I'm all he has right now, and I have to make sure that he's not going to get hurt."

"I love Sky very much Cory." said Tim. "I would never do anything to hurt him. I would put myself in harm's way to protect him. He's a wonderful young man, and I want to make him happy for as long as he'll let me. I promise that I'll always take very good care of your brother Cory."

Cory finally smiled and said, "You better take care of him Tim. Make sure he knows how great love can be, okay? Welcome to the family."

Tim gave Cory a brief hug and said, "Thank you for being so understanding Cory. I'll make Sky so happy that you'll never regret us being a couple."

Once Tim had the ride started, he and Cory went out to the platform. Sky had seen them talking, then he saw Tim hug his brother, so he knew everything was okay. Sky ran over to Cory and threw his arms around him, and gave his brother a brief kiss.

"Thank you for trusting me brother." said Sky. "Tim is the one who can make me happy for the rest of my life."

"What about when you make the NFL, Sky?" asked Cory.

"We'll figure that out long before it happens, but I can guarantee you that we'll find a way to stay together." replied Sky. "Who knows, maybe I'll get drafted by the Lions, and sign a contract for the rest of my career in Detroit."

"So I take it you don't care about getting a Super Bowl ring then, huh?" snickered Cory.

"I'll get that if I have to do it single handedly!" laughed Sky.

After Sky and Cory finished laughing together, and everyone was ready to start riding, Cory said, "I suppose I'll operate first and let Tim ride. I know he hasn't had much of a chance to ride anything yet. Besides, I don't see why you guys aren't at least a little nervous after what happened down south of here this past October. What an awful way to lose a CEO, riding one of his own rides!"

"Well, that ain't ever going to happen here." replied Tim. "As fast as that ride went, they should have never modified it's programming."

"It's kind of a shame that they're dismantling it now though." said Sky. "It was kinda fun when it worked right."

"The Sky Diver will be even better though, just wait and see!" replied Doug. "Now that Carter and Kevin resolved our restraint issue, it's going to be awesome!"

"Besides, I'm sure someone will be desperate enough to buy that ride from them, and fix all of it's issues." said Tim. "They'll have to get two new trains for it first though."

Everyone went ahead and got on the ride while Cory reminded Kevin what to do. Once everyone was checked, and Cory and Kevin was ready, Tim and the boys had a blast. Sky smiled and held Tim's hand through the entire ride, then everyone rode again. After that, it was time for Tim and Cory to switch places. Once the ride was over, and everyone had gotten off, Kevin placed his arms around Carter.

"It makes me happy just to see you having fun babe." said Kevin, just before placing his lips against Carter's.

After the two boys shared a passionate kiss while being cheered on by the other boys, Carter said, "It would be better if you were riding with me though."

"I'm sure if Doug and Darren have their way, I will be by summer." smiled Kevin.

After Tim had shut the ride down and came back out of the booth, Sky put his arms around Tim, and pressed their lips together. Now it was everyone's turn to cheer on Sky and Tim, as Tim felt Sky's tongue press against his lips. Tim parted his lips to let his young lover's tongue into his mouth, and the two shared a very erotic kiss. When the two finally parted breathlessly, Cory was grinning madly at Tim and his younger brother. It had been tough for Cory to take over raising Sky after their parents had been killed, so he felt good about the help that Tim would be able to offer. Plus, it seemed to make his little brother very happy for the first time in a few months. Cory finally went over to Sky and his lover.

"You know Sky, Jenni and I never did get a honeymoon with everything that happened this fall." said Cory. "I was thinking about taking her over Christmas vacation, but I didn't know what to do about you. Now I do though. How would you like to spend your Christmas vacation with Tim, while Jenni and I finally take our honeymoon?"

Sky's eyes went wide with joy, as he hugged his brother tightly. "Thank you so much Cory!" Sky almost cried. "You are the best brother a guy could ever have!"

"Just make sure you're gentle with my brother when you two make love tonight, okay Tim?" asked Cory, as Sky was trying to hug the air out of him.

"I promise that it will be very sweet and gentle when we make love tonight." replied Tim. "I will make Sky feel so much love that he won't believe it!"

Sky smiled at Tim when he said that, then everyone could see a definite bulge growing in Sky's pants. Cory noticed his brother's erection and laughed as he said, "I just hope you can handle my little horn dog of a brother Tim. You have had a check-up recently, haven't you?"

"Not since September." laughed Tim. "If I die making love to him though, at least I'll go out happy!"

Everyone laughed as they made their way over to Tumblebug. On the way there, they noticed the Swiss crew making final preparations to start up The Screaming Eagle.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Donnie. "They're going to run The Screaming Eagle today! I can't wait to see this!"

Everyone stopped to watch the inverted coaster for a while, and Tim waved at the Swiss crew up on the platform. The man in charge saw Tim, and motioned for him to come on up to join them.

"Hello Tim, I didn't know you would be here today." said the Swiss ride technician. "It's just as well that you are though. We're going to start up today, and we want to go over the ride systems with you. We'll go through this with your maintenance staff tomorrow as well."

The technician took a while explaining everything to Tim, then they went over to the control booth. The technician then explained all of the ride controls to Tim, as well as the procedures for starting up and shutting down. Then he finally explained normal operating procedures, maintenance operation, and emergency stop procedures. Finally, he handed Tim a manual for the ride, that explained everything that they had gone over.

"Okay everyone, cross your fingers!" said the Swiss technician.

The crew prepared the train in the station for dispatch, then stood clear as the technician dispatched the train. The boys on the floor of the stadium watched eagerly as the train climbed the lift between the two tower rides. Once it reached the top of the lift, everyone held their breath. The train banked and dived toward the side of the lower bowl, heading for it's first largest inversion, after another inversion, the train was now screaming back toward the fly-by with the restaurant. The boys almost flinched as the train flew past the restaurant window, then turned back toward the bowl. After climbing up into the mid-course block, the train made a diving turn down into it's next three inversions. After a climbing banked turn, the trained sped down into a second vertical loop, then turned back toward the helix turn at the far end of the stadium. It roared through the last turn, then returned to the station platform effortlessly. The Swiss crew applauded loudly as the train returned to where it had started from, and the boys on the floor were cheering even more loudly.

"I think your ride already has a fan club!" said the technician, as he smiled. "Congratulations Tim, The Screaming Eagle is now finished, and it's all yours. We do want to run it for the rest of the day, and work all of it's trains onto the course. Once we train your staff tomorrow, she will be ready for final testing and inspection. I think you probably have one of the best inverted coasters we have ever built."

"Thank you so much." replied Tim. "This one will really help put us on the map more than any other park around here. Be sure to thank your bosses in Switzerland for me too."

Tim finally rejoined the group on the floor, and Donnie and Chris wanted to know how soon they could ride The Screaming Eagle.

"Take it easy boys!" chuckled Tim. "We have a few weeks worth of testing to do first, then we have to have so much operating time on it before the state inspects it. I would say it will be at least three weeks before anyone can ride it. Now, let's go on over to something we can ride today."

On the way to Tumblebug, Doug and Darren came up beside Tim. "Do you know that coaster that has burned itself into the memory of your computer, and makes you drool every time you run that program?" asked Doug.

"How could I ever forget The Crystal Beach Cyclone?" chuckled Tim.

"Darren and I have talked it over." said Doug. "Do you think you can find someone to duplicate it for real?"

"I have one or two ideas on who to call." replied Tim hopefully.

"Then go ahead and call them Tim." said Doug. "See if you can get it up and running by summer."

Tim threw his arms around Doug, and kissed the boy hard on the cheek, then repeated that with Darren. "Thank you so much boys!" said Tim. "You don't know how much this means to me!"

"We have a pretty good idea though!" giggled Darren.

Tim and Cory got Tumblebug started up, then everyone had a great time on the ride. Even Kevin had fun watching Carter. Once they were done on Tumblebug, Carter asked Tim if there was any way they could start up Wind Dancer today.

"I don't know about that Carter." replied Tim. "Maintenance did look at it overnight, before the snow started, but the ride is pretty cold right now. I'd have to run the hydraulics at least an hour before they could warm up enough to function. Plus we would have to clear all of the snow off of it, and I would have to test run it thoroughly before anyone could ride." Then Tim saw Carter glance sadly over at Kevin, and said, "What the heck, I just hope everyone bundled up nicely before they left this morning. Everyone, there's a little change of plans. I'm going to head outside and warm up the hydraulic pumps on Wind Dancer. Doug, have everyone bundle up, then take them over by the maintenance department. Grab a few shovels, brushes, and rags, and meet me over there. We'll see if we can get it ride ready today too."

Carter smiled brightly at Tim, and Tim ruffled the boy's hair as he gave him a brief hug. Tim went out and started up the pumps, and was joined by everyone else about fifteen minutes later.

"Okay everyone, the pumps have about forty five more minutes of warming up to do." said Tim. "We need to clear every bit of snow off the ride and wipe it down, then clear all of the snow from the ground inside the ride area. If you finish that before forty five minutes, you can come warm up in my office for a few minutes. I'm going to go warm up now, and bundle up myself."

Tim was joined by everyone in his office after about thirty minutes. After enough time had passed, everyone went back out to Wind Dancer. Tim checked the pump temperature and the hydraulic pressure. Everything looked good, so he went to the control booth and powered the ride up. Once that was done, he had the boys check the restraints and wait outside the ride area. Tim had to run the ride several times, until it had stopped creaking and groaning from the cold temperatures so much. Once the ride was warmed up, he had everyone pick out a seat. Kevin and Carter smiled brightly as they sat together, then snuggled together as tightly as they could. That was enough to make it worth it for Tim, as the thought of the two young lovers warmed him on the inside. Once Tim started the ride, the main ride body began to rotate. Then the cars began to rotate in the opposite direction as they swung back and forth. Even though it was pretty cold out, everyone had a great time. Tim even switched with Cory, and took a ride on Wind Dancer himself.

After everyone went back inside, and rode the tower rides for about a half hour as they watched all three trains of The Screaming Eagle run around the stadium, it was time to head home. It had been another great day as far as everyone was concerned, and it only promised to get better. As soon as everyone went into Doug and Darren's home, Mary met them just inside the door.

"I have some news for Carter and Kevin." said Mary. "I just got off the phone with Carter's mom, Rebecca. The snow is just now starting to taper off there. They got about three feet of snow in Cincinnati before it finally began to let up. The roads are pretty much impassible there right now, so it looks like you boys will be with us for at least two more days. Rebecca said she will call back the day after tomorrow to let us know what the conditions are there. Carter, your two brothers, Sammy and Derek, want to know if it's okay if they join you here if they can get to the airport in Dayton tomorrow?"

"That would be so cool!" replied Carter. "That is, if you have room for them here."

"I think we can come up with something." replied Mary as she smiled.

"Great, I'll call mom and dad back right away!" said Carter excitedly.

Carter spoke to his mom and dad both. Frank told him the two boys would only be joining them if it were safe to get to the airport by the following day. Then they could ride back with Carter and Kevin when the roads were finally clear enough. Frank told Carter he would call back the next day if they would be able to get out to the airport. Carter told his dad not to take any chances, then Frank told Carter about the new four wheel drive SUV he had bought and picked up just before the snow hit. Frank assured Carter that if it wasn't safe to go in that, he wouldn't be going anywhere.

At the same time, Cory was springing his surprise of a honeymoon trip on Jenni. Jenni was very excited, but she asked, "What about Sky?"

"I think my little brother will be perfectly fine staying with his lover for a few weeks." replied Cory. "You'll take good care of him, right Tim?"

"You bet Cory!" smiled Tim, as he hugged a happy Sky against him.

"That is just so cool!" said Jenni. "You be careful not to overwork him in bed for the next few weeks, okay Sky?"

"I'll try!" giggled Sky, who then leaned over and gave Tim a brief kiss.

"I don't know if I can keep up with a fifteen year old boy, but it will be fun trying!" chuckled Tim.

"Well then little bro, we're going to split so we can pack for our honeymoon." said Cory to Sky. "You have fun, and I'll see you in two weeks. He's all yours now Tim."

Sky hugged Cory and Jenni good-bye, and Tim thanked Cory for allowing him and Sky to be lovers. Once they were gone, Tim looked into Sky's eyes and said, "I guess we should be getting on home now my lover."

Doug and Darren almost chuckled as Sky followed Tim out the door with a love-struck look on his face. Donnie and Chris had already disappeared to Donnie's room, so Doug and Darren asked Carter and Kevin if they would like to join them in their room. As soon as they were all in Doug and Darren's room, the four boys began passionately kissing their boyfriends. After a few minutes, Doug and Darren looked at Carter and Kevin and smiled. Then they went over two where the two boys were kissing. Darren began undressing Carter, while Doug worked on Kevin. Carter and Kevin continued kissing as Doug and Darren undressed them. Once Carter and Kevin were standing completely naked and kissing, Doug and Darren went back to their passionate kiss. Then Carter began to undress Darren, while Kevin worked on Doug. Soon all four boys were naked, and Carter and Kevin resumed their kiss.

"Let's move this over to the bed." said Doug breathlessly.

Once at the bed, Doug had Darren and Carter lay next to each other on their backs. Doug then knelt between Darren's legs as Kevin knelt between Carter's. When Doug handed Kevin the tube of lube, Kevin could tell what Doug wanted next without even asking. Kevin gently and thoroughly lubed Doug's cock, then took a bead of the gel and reached between Darren's legs. Kevin tenderly lubed Darren's pucker, then slipped two fingers inside Darren. Kevin worked his fingers back and forth inside Darren until his friend was well lubed, then he handed the tube to Doug. Doug gently lubed Kevin's cock, then reached between Carter's legs. Carter gasped lightly as he felt two of Doug's fingers enter him. Carter clamped his sphincter tightly around Doug's fingers, then released them as he smiled. Doug smiled back as he removed his fingers from his friend.

Doug placed his cock against Darren's pucker as Kevin did the same to Carter. Then Doug and Kevin both pushed smoothly, all the way into their lovers. Doug and Kevin thrust in and out of Darren and Carter in perfect unison, as Darren and Carter enjoyed their lover's cocks inside of them. When Darren and Carter slipped one arm around each other, Doug and Kevin did the same. Then Carter reached his free arm out to Kevin, followed shortly by Darren reaching out to Doug. The four boys now formed a perfect circle, as Doug and Kevin's cocks thrust lovingly in and out of Darren and Carter. The four boys now felt more love than any of them ever had before. Doug and Kevin's breathing became deeper and deeper as the two boys gently rubbed each other's backs. Then the two boys moaned loudly together, as their bodies were wracked by the most intense orgasm that either of them had ever felt before. Doug and Kevin moaned out repeatedly, as they both fired shot after shot of cum into Darren and Carter. Once their massive orgasms faded, Doug and Kevin collapsed down into their boyfriend's waiting arms.

While Doug and Kevin still gasped for air, Darren and Carter turned them both over on their backs. Darren and Carter then repeated the same process Doug and Kevin had gone through before. The only difference was that Doug and Kevin watched breathlessly as Darren and Carter shared a brief kiss on the lips. Then Darren slid his cock into Doug as Carter slid his into Kevin. Darren and Carter fell into unison together with their thrusts, and the boys resumed the position they had taken before. The only difference to this was that Darren and Carter's arms rested a bit lower around each other than Doug and Kevin's did. Darren and Carter gently massaged each other's butt cheeks as they thrust in and out of Doug and Kevin. Their orgasms were just as intense and massive as Doug's and Kevin's had been, and both boys shuddered as they pumped their cum into Doug and Kevin. Once Darren and Carter had finished cumming, they fell into Doug's and Kevin's arms. The four boys then embraced and kissed their lovers, as they recovered from the most fantastic love-making ever.

Fred didn't know for sure that night how the boys had worked up such an appetite, but he had a pretty good idea, which was enough to make him chuckle as he got everyone ready to go out for supper. Doug and Darren had expected Tim and Sky to go to supper with them, but Fred said that when he called, Tim told him they had other plans. Sky was his boy for the next two weeks, and he was going to treat him like a king. Doug and Darren smiled at that thought, considering everything Sky had been through that fall. Their friend deserved to be treated nice, and they were happy that Tim was taking care of that.

"We're going to have to give Tim a raise if he makes Sky too happy." snickered Doug at the table, as everyone waited for their first course.

"We'll probably be giving him one then." replied Darren as he smiled. "This is more than Sky had ever hoped for, so I know he must be incredibly happy right now."

Sky was incredibly happy as he sat at the table in Tim's apartment. Tim had placed a fair amount of candles in the room, and had turned out the lights before serving their supper. Then he put some soft, romantic music on the stereo, and disappeared into the kitchen. He brought out several covered dishes, some of which were steaming, and what looked like a bottle of champagne in a chilled wine server.

When Tim sat down next to Sky at the table, Sky asked, "Is that real champagne Tim?"

"The absolute best I could find!" replied Tim. "Nothing is too good for my lover."

"Are you going to try to get me drunk Tim?" giggled Sky. "That is so not necessary!"

Tim kissed Sky on the tip of the nose and replied, "The only thing I want either of us drunk with tonight is with love."

"I hope you know you just made me as hard as a rock Tim." said Sky softly.

"And I'll fix that tonight, my beautiful lover." replied Tim, as he gazed into Sky's eyes. "Right now though, it's time for an incredibly romantic supper."

Tim poured himself and Sky a glass of water to go with their salad, and the two began to eat as they continued gazing into each other's eyes.

"I'm normally not much for salad Tim, but this is really good." said Sky after taking a few bites.

"To me, nothing will taste anywhere near as good as the fresh young boy I plan on having for dessert." replied Tim.

That made Sky smile brightly as they continued eating. Then they got to the main course, which Sky found out was lobster. Tim served the lobster with a rich, buttery sauce, and freshly prepared garlic rolls. Then he poured himself and Sky a glass of the champagne.

"Remember not to drink the champagne too fast Sky." said Tim. "I don't want you having too much, and not remembering this night."

"I don't think there's any possible way that I'll ever forget this night Tim." replied Sky. "I knew that you would make our first time very romantic, but this is even more than I expected. That's why I fell in love with you though, and not someone my age. Most people my age don't know what romantic is, but it's what I long for most of all."

"Then I'm glad I didn't disappoint you my love." replied Tim.

Back at the restaurant, Doug was just finishing his salad when Carter leaned over, and not as quietly as he thought said, "Just wait until my two brothers get here tomorrow. They're even hornier that Kevin and me. I think they might even give Donnie and Chris a run for their money!"

That was enough to cause Doug to have to turn away from the table, as he coughed up his last mouthful with a laugh.

Donnie and Chris had overheard the remark, and Donnie loudly said "Uh-uh! No way man! No one is hornier than me and Chris!"

That caused Chris to repeat the same scene Doug had just gone through. Then the whole table erupted in laughter. "I can't take you boys anywhere, can I?" snickered Mary. A few seconds later, the waiter showed up with their main course, and Marry apologized for the salad dump in the middle of the floor.

Meanwhile, as Tim and Sky shared a romantic supper, they also gently stroked each other's legs underneath the table. Every once in a while, they would also stop for a kiss. When Tim had his boy full and contented, he freshened their champagne, then took Sky to the sofa. With the combination of the music and candlelight, their kissing took on more passion than it ever had before. Sky was now in another world, wrapped safely in the arms of the man that he loved. Tim had never dreamt that someone as young as Sky could be filled with so much passion, waiting to be released, but Sky was now the best lover that he had ever dreamed of wanting. The two had no idea how long they sat on the sofa, passionately embracing and kissing. When it got late though, Tim picked Sky up from the sofa in his arms, and carried him like a baby to their bedroom.

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