Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

I apologize for the delay between chapters. Due to the death of my youngest brother, I needed to take a break. Thanks to all my readers for their support. I would like to take this time to tell everyone about something that happened surrounding the funeral for my brother. Another brother and I had to travel to North Carolina for the funeral. Upon getting there, we checked into the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. My older brother, his son, and his girlfriend checked into a double room together and paid their bill in cash. I checked into a single room by myself and was quoted a lower rate, which I paid for with my check card. When I receive the charge slip at checkout though, I found that I had been charged the same rate as my brother's group, and my bank account had been practically emptied. When I finally heard from the hotel, which took an e-mail to Marriott headquarters to accomplish, they told me that it was their policy to charge the same rate for one person in a single room as they charge for three people in a double room. I just want everyone to know how Marriott treats their guests during times of grief.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: All Michigan characters appear from the story "No One Else" in the high school section. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 25

From the last chapter:

Back at the restaurant, Doug was just finishing his salad when Carter leaned over, and not as quietly as he thought said, "Just wait until my two brothers get here tomorrow. They're even hornier than Kevin and me. I think they might even give Donnie and Chris a run for their money!"

That was enough to cause Doug to turn away from the table, as he coughed up his last mouthful with a laugh.

Donnie and Chris had overheard the remark, and Donnie loudly said, "Uh-uh! No way man! No one is hornier than me and Chris!"

That caused Chris to repeat the same scene Doug had just gone through. Then the whole table erupted in laughter. "I can't take you boys anywhere, can I?" snickered Mary. A few seconds later, the waiter showed up with their main course, and Mary apologized for the salad dump in the middle of the floor.

Meanwhile, as Tim and Sky shared a romantic supper, they also gently stroked each other's legs underneath the table. Every once in a while, they would also stop for a kiss. When Tim had his boy full and contented, he freshened their champagne, then took Sky to the sofa. With the combination of the music and candlelight, their kissing took on more passion than it ever had before. Sky was now in another world, wrapped safely in the arms of the man he loved. Tim had never dreamt that someone as young as Sky could be filled with so much passion, waiting to be released, but Sky was now the best lover that he had ever dreamed of wanting. The two had no idea how long they sat on the sofa, passionately embracing and kissing. When it got late though, Tim picked Sky up from the sofa in his arms, and carried him like a baby to their bedroom.

Tim laid Sky down on the bed and kissed him gently, then began removing Sky's clothes. Sky smiled sweetly at Tim, as he let him do this. As Tim removed Sky's shirt, he gently traced the boy's ribs with his finger, then kissed both of Sky's nipples. When Tim had Sky's pants and briefs removed, he stroked Sky's four inch flaccid dick with one finger as he commented on how beautiful it was. When Tim leaned down and kissed the head of Sky's circumcised dick, it stiffened and swelled to five and a half inches of beautiful young cock. Tim swallowed Sky's cock hungrily as the boy moaned in pleasure. Tim caressed Sky's cock with his mouth for a few moments, before letting it slide from his mouth.

"I just had to feel that beautiful cock in my mouth." smiled Tim. "You are such a perfectly beautiful boy Sky."

"Thanks Tim, this is going to be better than I could have imagined." replied Sky softly.

Tim smiled as he finished undressing Sky. Then Tim quickly undressed himself, and laid down next to Sky. Sky immediately pressed his naked body as tightly into Tim's naked body as he could. Tim wrapped his arms around Sky, and pressed their lips together softly at first. Tim and Sky's tongues met, and massaged each other passionately. Tim's and Sky's hands caressed each other's bodies, as their tongues caressed each other's mouths. After a long and passionate kiss, Sky turned around and climbed up to the head of the bed as much as he could. Sky and Tim kissed briefly before Sky began working downward. First they kissed and licked at each other's chins, then Sky moved down a little more. Tim and Sky then gently kissed and sucked at each other's nipples. Tim finally saw Sky's body sliding past him again, until Sky's belly button stopped in front of his lips. Tim and Sky both had innies, so they both drove their tongues into each other's navels.

It was finally time for Sky to get down to the best part of their love-making, as he slid down to Tim's uncut six inch cock. Sky took the tip of Tim's foreskin between his lips, and massaged it gently. Tim moaned softly, then took Sky's beautiful young cock into his mouth again. Sky had never done anything with an uncut cock before, so he was having fun with Tim's. Sky pushed his tongue underneath Tim's foreskin, and gently massaged the head. Then Sky had stared at Tim's shaved balls just a bit too long. He took the flesh of Tim's scrotum between his lips, then sucked in one of Tim's balls. After massaging that one in his mouth for a while, Sky then went after Tim's other ball. It felt so good to Tim that he felt his boy deserved the same pleasure. Sky moaned with Tim's ball in his mouth, as he felt Tim now making love to his balls. After several minutes of this, Sky and Tim finally went back to each other's cocks. Tim's foreskin felt very nice against the back of Sky's mouth, as he sucked on Tim's cock as though he were sucking his thumb. Tim was going all the way up and down on Sky's shaft with his lips, burying his nose into Sky's crotch on every down stroke. Tim and Sky both soon fell into the same stroke and rhythm, gently making love to each other so it would last as long as possible. At this point they would have loved to make love all night long, but they both knew that they couldn't possibly last that long.

They did enjoy twenty minutes of pure heaven though, with both of them having to hold themselves back several times. Sky was the first to release his cum into Tim's waiting mouth. Tim sucked hungrily, holding all of Sky's cum in his mouth, as Sky's cum was the sweetest and best tasting thing he had ever tasted. The wonderful taste of Sky's young cum was finally too much for Tim, as he began shooting his cum into Sky's mouth. Tim rolled Sky's cum around in his mouth for a few more seconds, then swallowed Sky's cum as Sky sucked hard on Tim's cock to get all of Tim's cum that he could. Once Tim's orgasm was over, they both gently licked and sucked each other's cocks clean, until they both began to soften. Sky then turned around, and he and Tim kissed hungrily, sharing the taste inside each other's mouths. Tim and Sky finally both drifted into sleep, holding each other tightly and with their lips still together.

Carter was awaken the next morning to his cell phone. As he reached over Kevin to get it, Kevin gently kissed one of his nipples and smiled.

"Hiya!" giggled Carter into the phone, as Kevin now tweaked his nipples.

"Damn brother, are you and Kevin still at it this morning?" giggled Sammy. "I guess we're missing all the fun!"

"Is Derek still there?" asked Carter.

"Yeah, why?" replied Sammy.

"Then I somehow doubt you two are missing anything!" snickered Carter. "Are you guys flying up today?"

"They finally got one bridge into Kentucky opened this morning." replied Sammy. "It looks okay if you take the most direct route between here and the airport in Covington. Dad said he's comfortable enough with it to get us to the airport. I don't know how long we'll all be up there though. There's still nothing moving between Dayton and Cincy, so Dayton is out of the question. We got creamed this time!"

"Well then, come on up and we'll ride some rides!" said Carter. "Just wait until you see Doug and Darren's park. It's so cool!"

"Has Kevin been able to ride anything yet?" asked Sammy.

"There's a few things he can ride on, but Doug and Darren are going to work on that." replied Darren. "They want people like my babe to be able to ride as much as possible. Kevin and I are working on a few ideas too."

"That sounds cool!" said Sammy. "Well, our plane will be at Detroit Metro at two o'clock, so make sure you're there."

"Don't worry bro, we'll be there." smiled Carter.

As Carter and Kevin got dressed to meet Doug and Darren for breakfast, Tim and Sky were waking up in each other's arms. Tim smiled at Sky and said, "This is going to be a nice Christmas after all, and I got the sweetest and most beautiful present of all."

"You're so sexy when you're romantic!" giggled Sky.

"Thanks, my beautiful young lover." replied Tim. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"How about a nice warm piece piece of meat between two fresh buns?" giggled Sky.

"This is going to be a fun two weeks." laughed Tim. "Maybe I should get a check-up first."

As soon as Doug, Darren, Carter, and Kevin finished breakfast, Doug called to get a limo for the trip to the airport. They could fit six in his and Darren's Pathfinder, but Doug and Darren wanted to show Carter's brothers a good time. The limo showed up at twelve thirty, and everyone piled in for the trip to the airport. It was only about an hour drive, but they wanted to give themselves some extra time, in case of heavy traffic. Once they got to the airport, they had the limo driver kill a few minutes before parking in the limo parking area. Then they went to the security checkpoint to wait for the boys. The flight from Covington was announced on time, and a few minutes later, Carter spotted Sammy and Derek coming down the hallway. He was shocked to also see Benji and Alex right behind them.

"Hey guys, what's going on?!" asked Carter. "Are you trying to bring all of Cincy with you?"

"Benji and Alex found out where we were going, and talked their parents into letting them come along." replied Sammy. "Wayne was easy, but Joanna was a little tougher."

"You do know that we're going back in the Camaro, right?" Kevin asked Benji and Alex.

"Yeah, that's why we got round trip tickets." replied Benji.

"Well, I guess it's time for introductions then." said Carter, as he took Sammy in one arm and Derek in the other. "Doug and Darren, these are my adopted brothers, Sammy and Derek. Sammy and Derek, this is Doug and Darren."

"Doug and Darren, this is Benji and Alex." said Kevin. "Benji is my dad's lover's son, and Alex is his boyfriend. Benji and Alex, this is Doug and Darren."

As everyone shook hands, Darren began singing the song "It's Raining Men", which made everyone laugh loudly. Then they all went down to baggage claim to get the boys bags. Once that was done, Doug led everyone back out to the waiting limo.

"I guess it's a good thing we rented the limo." smiled Doug. "Someone would have been riding on the roof of our car."

The boys all climbed into the limo, then laughed and got acquainted all the way back to Sterling Heights. Once they got home, Doug asked his mom where Fred was.

"Tim called your dad this morning." said Mary. "The state wanted to inspect some more of the indoor rides today, so Fred had to meet Tim and Sky at the park.

"Well, how would you guys that haven't seen the park like to see it now?" asked Doug.

Of course he didn't expect them to turn down that offer, and he wasn't disappointed. The boys grabbed Donnie and Chris, then piled into two cars and took off for the dome. Sammy, Derek, Benji, and Alex were awed by the sight of the outdoor rides as they pulled up to the dome. Everyone waited in the cars for Doug to go get four more hard hats for the new guys, then everyone headed for the stadium. Carter had brought along a pair of thick pillows to try something out when they got inside. Tim and Fred weren't in their offices, so the boys headed directly out to the stadium floor. If the boys who arrived today had been impressed by the outside of the stadium, they were equally impressed when they stepped out onto the stadium floor.

"WOW!" exclaimed Sammy. "You guys are going to beat the shit out of every park around here!"

"We certainly hope so." laughed Darren. "There's dad, Tim, Sky, and the inspectors, up behind Tumblebug in the lower bowl. Let's go see if they can spare Tim."

Fred saw the group of boys coming and said, "Hi boys, the inspectors are almost finished today. If you want to ride anything, Tim and I can help you when we're finished here."

"Okay everyone, make sure you stand outside the ride area." said one of the inspectors from the control booth. "From the notes we have from the manufacturer, this thing is kind of extreme. Fred, can you check the restraints, then seal the ride area?"

Fred went ahead and checked everything, then signaled the booth when the ride was clear. The inspector had Tim start the ride, which began to rotate and lift up. Then the main shaft began to swivel around as the cars began to rotate. Once all four groups of cars were rotating at full speed, the arms they were attached to swung straight out. The ride made the boys dizzy just watching it. After a complete cycle, the ride slowly returned to it's resting position.

"Okay, it looks very good." said one of the inspectors. "You guys may want to run a water line out here though, in case anyone eats before getting on this one." Everyone laughed as Tim thanked the inspectors.

"I don't know how ride operators can run some of this stuff without getting so dizzy that they fall over!" snickered Benji.

"Well, Tim is a long time ride operator, so maybe he can tell you their secret." laughed Doug.

Benji did ask Tim after the inspectors left, and Tim was happy to answer him. "That's an easy one son." said Tim. "Ride operators use plenty of starch in their underwear. That way their underwear is so annoying that they aren't bothered by the ride spinning around."

Everyone laughed when it looked like a few of the boys believed Tim, then Tim said, "I'm just kidding with you. When you watch a ride move every day, you kind of get use to the way it spins. Once you're use to it, it doesn't bother you too much. To be honest though, that one kind of makes me dizzy watching it too. Now, I take it you guys want to ride some rides, right?"

"YEAH!" yelled out all of the boys in unison.

"Okay." snickered Tim. "Let's save this one for last, because I've never seen anyone ride this, and I don't know how it will affect you boys."

"What's been inspected now?" asked Doug.

"Everything that's finished, except for the Screaming Eagle." replied Tim. "This place is coming together pretty fast now. We'll have to start worrying about staffing it soon. Let's head over to the kiddy,... I mean family rides first, then we'll work our way down to the floor and back up here."

Fred called home as the group headed across the stadium, and Mary offered to bring out a picnic dinner for everyone. With Mary being seven months pregnant though, Fred didn't want her working that hard. He told her to join them, and they would have something delivered to the stadium. Mary laughed as she gladly accepted the compromise. While riding the single operator rides, Tim rode along with Sky while Fred operated the ride. There were now six rides in the Enchanted Village that were ready, all of which could be ridden by larger people. Everyone had a ball as they rode all six rides, some of them twice. They especially enjoyed the Grand Carousel, which had some of the most unique figures that the boys had ever seen on a carousel. Then Mary arrived, and everyone got together to discuss dinner. Their unfortunate victim was once again chosen as Mancino's, and they began to compile a huge order. The clerk who took the order sounded frazzled as she repeated the order back, then told Fred that an order this size would take about an hour. That gave the group enough time to start on the rides on the floor of the stadium. They hit one of the tower rides first, and Carter had gone to get the pillows he had brought. Then he had Kevin follow him to the ride.

"What are you guys up to?" asked Tim, as he came up to the two boys.

"I talked to Kevin's doctor this morning." replied Carter. "He told me that the main concern with Kevin's condition is lateral g forces. Those can cause Kevin's brain to shift from side to side in his skull, and possibly harm him. He said that positive and negative g's aren't as dangerous as long as they're within certain limits, which most of the rides here are. The only danger is from an impact to the side of Kevin's head. If we can eliminate that possibility, Kevin should be able to ride more stuff."

"I think I see what you're getting at." said Tim. "Go ahead and have a seat on the ride Kevin."

Tim and Carter worked on padding Kevin's head to prevent any contact with the shoulder harness, then Tim lowered the harness and inspected everything thoroughly. He readjusted the padding in a few places, then asked Kevin how it felt.

"My head is in pretty snugly." replied Kevin. "I can't feel any contact with the harness."

"Do you think you can keep your head back firmly against the headrest at all times?" asked Tim.

"Yeah, I can do it." replied Kevin as he smiled. "I've rode taller rides like this than this one before."

"Do you feel absolutely comfortable trying this Kevin?" asked Tim.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Kevin.

"Okay then, we'll try it." replied Tim. "Carter, go ahead and sit next to your boyfriend while I secure this padding."

Tim taped the padding down so it couldn't come loose, then carefully inspected the set-up one more time. Tim checked all the boys, then showed Mary the dispatch button for the loading attendant. Once he sat next to Sky and locked himself in, he signaled okay to Mary. Mary pressed her button and signaled to Fred in the control booth. Once the ride was over, Tim went to check Kevin. Kevin was laughing like crazy with Carter, and told Tim that everything felt fine.

"Okay Kevin, I'm glad we have a little more you can do then." said Tim. "With you riding more extreme rides though, I want you to pay very close attention to how you feel. If you feel any change at all, no matter how slight, I want to know about it. I want you to have fun, but I don't want anything to happen to you. You have to promise me that, okay Kevin?"

"Okay Tim, I promise." smiled Kevin. "I love you for caring so much about me."

"I love all you boys, and I hope you have fun Kevin." smiled Tim.

The group headed over to the other tower, and Tim and Carter repeated the same process with Kevin. Once that ride was over, it was about time for the delivery boy from Mancino's to arrive. Everyone eagerly waited near the office entrance, and soon the delivery car pulled up.

"I'm afraid I'm gonna need some help out here." called out the delivery boy. Everyone went out, and helped the young man take the order inside. As they were setting the last of it down in the large conference room, the delivery boy let out a sigh.

"So, you guys are the ones who own this place now, huh?" asked the young man.

"Yep, we're trying to get ready to open in May." replied Fred.

"That's so cool!" said the young man. "I can't wait until you guys get this place open."

"It's too bad you're working." said Fred. "The boys were riding some of the finished rides, and I'd ask you to join us if you could."

"I really wish I could, but I have to get back." replied the young man. "By the way, my name is Chet."

"Hello Chet, I'm Fred." replied Fred. "I would introduce you to everyone, but I'm afraid that would make you late. Anyway, here's enough for the bill, plus a nice tip."

"Wow Fred, that does leave a nice tip!" exclaimed Chet. "I guess that's why you guys are my favorite customers. The other delivery guys keep trying to take you away from me, but I won't let them. I like how your family keeps getting larger too."

"Six of the boys are visiting from out of town." laughed Fred. "We just have four, and usually one or two of their friends."

"I couldn't help overhearing you guys Chet." said Tim. "If I know the boys, they'll want to ride tomorrow too. When do you work tomorrow?"

"I'm usually in at four, but tomorrow I'm not in until six." replied Chet.

"Then why don't you meet us here tomorrow at ten in the morning?" said Tim. "I know the boys will make sure you have fun."

"That would be so cool!" replied Chet. "Thanks a lot! I'll make sure I'm here right at ten. Well, I guess I better get back now, but I'll see you tomorrow."

"You're welcome Chet, and we'll see you tomorrow." said Tim as he smiled.

As soon as Chet left, the boys tore into the food. Even though this was the largest order Fred ever placed, the boys almost ate all of it. Fred, Mary, and Tim had fun watching the boys eat, as they ate at a much more conservative pace. Once dinner was over, it was time to head back out to the rides. Kevin decided it would still be wise to pass on Tumblebug, but he did ask Carter and Tim about the lateral g's on Barnstormer. Tim got some more material to add to the padding, to make it more effective, then he and Carter worked on Kevin as he sat in the seat.

"Did the doctor say anything about acceleration and deceleration g's?" asked Tim.

"He didn't say anything, but the aneurysm was right here." replied Carter, as he pointed to the side of Kevin's head. "Nothing really should affect it except lateral g's."

"Okay." said Tim. "How does that feel Kevin?"

"Well, I don't think it's going to hit anything now." laughed Kevin.

"Okay then." said Tim. "On this one it's going to be really important to keep your head back. You're going to have to hold it back through braking too, or your head could bounce against the headrest. Are you certain you can do that?"

"I'm sure of it." replied Kevin.

"Okay, I'm going to give you a signal." said Tim. "If at any time during the ride something doesn't feel right, hold your hand out like you're signaling someone to stop. I'll tell Fred that if you give that signal, to stop the ride on the next pass through the station. Make sure to keep your head all the way back at all times, and stay aware of how you're feeling, okay?"

"Okay Tim, I can do it." replied Kevin.

Tim got in with Sky again, and Mary checked to make sure everything was ready. Then she and Fred launched the ride. Kevin kept his head back, and didn't have any problems, but he knew that this ride was at the limit of what he could do safely. Once Tim checked Kevin to make sure he was okay, everyone headed over to Tumblebug. Kevin knew that this one was out of the question, so he helped Fred and Mary run the ride. After Tumblebug, they moved to the circular rides in the lower bowl area. There were four rides there that were ready. Kevin rode two after being secured and checked by Tim, and passed on the other two, including the one that was being inspected when they arrived. Kevin had still had fun though, and he felt fine. He and the others were getting a good idea of what he could and couldn't do, and what accommodations had to be made for him. This gave Fred and Tim a good idea of how things needed to be changed to accommodate more people.

Since the guest room was pretty small, Donnie and Chris wanted Benji and Alex to sleep with them. Doug and Darren wanted Carter and Kevin with them, but Carter and Kevin though it would be fun to put Sammy and Derek in with Doug and Darren. Benji and Alex were a little shy about making love in front of Donnie and Chris until Donnie and Chris started making love. Soon, all four boys were naked and cheering each other on. It turned out to be the most fun Benji and Alex had had in a while.

Sammy and Derek had no problems getting naked in front of Doug and Darren. They were impressed by the size of Doug's cock though, as it looked even bigger than Kevin's. Then they laid side by side on the bed, and took turns putting themselves inside their lovers and making love. Doug and Darren thought the two adopted brothers of Carter looked very nice together when they made love, and the four boys had a great time. They finally fell asleep with their limbs tangled together.

Carter and Kevin went to wake Doug, Darren, and Carter's brothers first the next morning. When they peeked inside the room, Kevin immediately wanted to go back and get his camera. On the way back to Doug and Darren's room they ran across Fred, who wanted to know what was up with the camera. When Kevin told him, Fred asked them to wait for him to get his camera too. Once Fred was ready, they carefully opened the door and snuck in. Kevin and Fred were able to get a couple of pictures before the boys began to wake up. Then Fred told Kevin if he wanted what might be better pictures, to follow him to Donnie's room. The four boys there were tangled together even more tightly, and had their hands all over each other. It almost made Kevin and Carter hard just looking at the four boys, as Kevin and Fred took a couple more pictures. Once they were caught by Donnie though, Donnie and Chris began showing off for them, so they decided that they had enough pictures for now. Donnie laughed and called them party poopers as they left the room.

The boys were all awake now, and they quickly got ready and had breakfast so they could meet Chet at the park. Kevin was taking his camera along today, as he decided that this would be picture day. Another one of Doug and Darren's friends came by as they were getting ready to go, and brought Doug and Darren's adopted brother Wakki with him. Doug and Darren had completely forgotten to tell Carter and Kevin about Wakki, as he had been in England with his boyfriend Benjamin for the past two weeks. Introductions were made again, and Doug and Darren didn't let on to Wakki that they had forgot to mention him. Everyone loved Benjamin's accent, and thought the English boy and Hawaiian boy looked very nice together. Benjamin and Wakki were very excited when they learned how many of the rides were now ready to ride. Benjamin's father Simon joined Fred and Tim in herding the boys out the door, and three car loads of people took off for the park.

They arrived at the stadium at about ten minutes before ten, and Chet was already waiting at the guard booth. Tim decided to sit out on the rides Kevin would ride, so he could take pictures for Kevin, and Chet could ride with Sky. Then when Kevin would sit out, Tim would ride with Sky and Chet would ride with Carter. Today was a very fun day as everyone got to know each other even better. The boys from Cincinnati were shocked by Benjamin and Wakki's story, and thought the two boys were meant to be together. The boys had a great time, and Kevin got a ton of pictures of him and Carter, and all of their new friends. As they were leaving the park that day, Carter got a call from his dad. The roads in Cincinnati were finally being cleared. Since Benji and Alex's return flight ticket was for the next afternoon, it was decided that Carter, Kevin, Sammy, and Derek would stay one more day, then head home on Thursday.

Well, it finally looks like the boys will be returning home soon. It will be a trip that they will remember for quite a while though, as they have made some very good friends now. I'm sure that Doug and Darren will continue to pop up from time to time, to check with their friends from Cincinnati. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you for Kevin and Carter's last day in Detroit in Chapter 26.