Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 26

From the last chapter:

They arrived at the stadium at about ten minutes before ten, and Chet was already waiting at the guard booth. Tim decided to sit out on the rides that Kevin would ride, so he could take pictures for Kevin, and Chet could ride with Sky. Then when Kevin would sit out, Tim would ride with Sky and Chet would ride with Carter. Today was a very fun day as everyone got to know each other even better. The boys from Cincinnati were shocked by Benjamin's and Wakki's story, and thought the two boys were meant to be together. The boys had a great time, and Kevin got a ton of pictures of him and Carter, and all of their new friends. As they were leaving the park that day, Carter got a call from his dad. The roads in Cincinnati were finally being cleared. Since Benji and Alex's return flight ticket was for the next afternoon, it was decided that Carter, Kevin, Sammy, and Derek would stay one more day, then head home on Thursday.

That night, the boys decided on a slumber party, which not one of the boys felt was too girlish. Fred and Mary knew that at least their boys liked sleeping naked, and decided that to give the boys some privacy, they would spend the night at Benjamin's parents house. As soon as they had supper delivered by a still excited Chet, Donnie and Chris decided to get the ball rolling. Sammy and Derek smiled at the two naked boys, and immediately stripped their clothes off too. When Carter and Kevin decide to join them, all of the boys began stripping. By the time the boys began eating their supper, they were all completely naked.

After supper had been finished, and the boys were done licking spilled food off each other, they came up with a very fun game. All of the boys sat around in a circle, and began telling each other erotic stories. The object was to see who could cause the most erections just by telling a story. After eight boys had told their story, the competition was pretty close. Kevin had told a story about an orgy of boys which received nine erections, and Darren told a story of two boys facing certain death, and using their final moments together to make love. That one also received nine erections. Then came Donnie's turn, as Doug rolled his eyes. He had a strange feeling that the competition was almost over.

Donnie began telling a story of two boys who were traveling to the west coast with their parents. During the flight, the parents of the two boys fell asleep, so they decided to go to the lavatory to have some fun. Unknown to the two boys, a porn film producer who was also on that flight noticed the two boys going to the same lavatory together. The man discretely went to the lavatory door, and recorded the sounds from inside with a very high tech recorder. When the boys came out of the lavatory, the man asked them to join him in the first class lounge. The man then wanted to see the two boys kiss in front of everyone in the lounge, while he played back the sounds he had recorded. The boys cooperated, and were so aroused that they agreed to meet the man again later that evening in Los Angeles. The man took the two boys to a run down looking office, but once inside, the office looked to be set up as a movie set. The producer then handed the two boys a script, and told them that he just wanted to see them make love while following the script he had given them. The boys were very nervous about this, but eventually gave in to the man's request. The man stared lewdly at the two young boys as they made love in front of him. Then the man revealed that he had filmed their entire episode. He told the boys that he worked for a reputable porn studio, but he wanted to go off by himself into the child porn market. The man wanted these two boys as his first stars, and wanted them to run away from home right then and there, to begin their career as child porn stars. The man said that if they didn't do as he asked, all of their friends and family would be shown the video he had just made of them. The boys knew if that happened, they would no longer have a home anyway, and the man promised to take very good care of them until they turned eighteen. All they would have to do is be his biggest child porn stars, and have sex whenever the man told them to. Donnie went into great detail about the things the man had the two boys do over the next few years, and by the time he finished, everyone had an erection, including himself. Benji and Wakki had even had orgasms without even touching themselves! Donnie beamed with pride as he was immediately declared the winner.

"I think you should keep a close eye on that brother of yours Doug!" laughed Kevin, who's cock was as hard as anyone else's at this point.

Meanwhile, Tim and Sky had laid down naked next to each other, and had been kissing very passionately for some time. Sky finally broke the kiss and said, "Tim, I've never had anyone inside me before. I love you so much that I want you to have my virginity tonight. I know that you love me very much, and you'll take my virginity from me as gently and lovingly as you can."

"That's a very special gift that you have offered me Sky." smiled Tim. "I love you very much, and it would be an honor for me to gently take what you're offering."

As Tim carefully prepared Sky for the ultimate display of their love, the boys were building a large bed in the living room floor of Doug and Darren's house. Then the boys paired off with their own lovers, and laid down as closely against each other as they could. By the time their love-making was over that night, all of the boys were a massive tangle of bodies and limbs. No one cared or paid any attention to who's hand was resting where when they began drifting off to sleep.

Kevin smiled the next morning, as he woke up with Darren's hand wrapped gently around his cock. He and Carter had been discussing something yesterday, and Kevin now wanted to go through with it. Kevin woke Carter, Doug, and Darren as quietly as possible, then all four boys quietly went to Doug and Darren's room

"This is our last full day here Doug and Darren, and Carter and I want to do something very special." said Kevin. "We have never made friends that we care about as much as you two, and we feel secure enough in our relationship that we're very comfortable with what we're going to ask. Doug, my lover would like the honor of making love to you, and I would like to make love to your lover Darren. We feel that this is something very special that we want to share with two special people, and just on this one special occasion."

Doug smiled as he stepped over to Carter, and Darren smiled as he went to Kevin. Doug wrapped his arms around Carter and pressed their lips together, as Darren did the same with Kevin. When Doug broke his kiss with Carter, he said, "We would love to do this with two very special friends."

The boys then went to the bed, where Doug laid on top of Carter as Kevin laid on top of Darren. Then the boys resumed a very passionate kiss with their friend's lover. After a few minutes, Doug raised up and stared into Carter's eyes as he said, "I still love Darren more than anyone in the world, but your body feels very good next to mine Carter." Then Doug resumed the kiss, with his tongue probing the inside of Carter's mouth deeply, as Carter's hands caressed Doug's body.

Then Kevin broke his kiss with Darren and said, "Carter is the most beautiful lover in the world, but you are very beautiful as well Darren. Doug is very lucky to have you."

"And Carter is very lucky to have someone as warm and loving as you Kevin." replied Darren, before pulling Kevin back into him to resume their kiss.

After a few more minutes, Doug knelt between Carter's legs as Kevin knelt between Darren's. Doug and Kevin lubed each other's cocks lovingly, then as Doug lubed Carter's pucker, Kevin lubed Darren's. Doug pushed his cock slowly and deeply into Carter as Kevin gently buried his cock inside Darren. Carter and Darren both smiled, then turned their heads toward each other, and gazed into each other's eyes. As Doug's cock began thrusting in and out of Carter, and Kevin's cock began thrusting in and out of Darren, Carter and Darren's lips drew together in a passionate kiss. Doug and Kevin smiled as they looked down at their lovers kissing each other, and once they both had a good rhythm going, Doug and Kevin pressed their lips together too. After ten minutes of very intense love-making, Doug broke the kiss with Kevin, then leaned down and took Carter's lips from Darren's.

"I have to kiss you Carter, while my cum shoots into you." gasped Doug.

As Doug's lips met Carter's again, Kevin leaned down and took Darren into a passionate kiss. The kiss was very passionate as Doug's cum shot deeply into Carter, and Kevin's cum shot just as deeply into Darren. When Doug's and Kevin's orgasms were over, Doug pulled his cock out of Carter, then engulfed Carter's cock in his mouth. Once Kevin had joined Doug by taking Darren's cock into his mouth, Carter and Darren embraced in another deep kiss. Carter and Darren's kiss became very intense as Carter's cum shot into Doug's hungry mouth, and Kevin lovingly swallowed every drop of Darren's cum. Doug then once again kissed Carter, as Kevin kissed Darren.

After a few minutes, Doug raised up and said, "This was a very special and beautiful thing we shared with you and Kevin, but I have to return to my Darren now."

Darren smiled as he stared into Kevin's eyes and said, "This is something that we'll never forget Kevin. The four of us are now very dear and close friends for the rest of our lives. Doug and I love you and Carter very much."

Doug and Kevin then switched places, and took their own lovers into a very deep and passionate kiss. The kiss continued until the other boys discovered where they were, and began joining them in Doug and Darren's room one by one. Then it was time for the boys to get cleaned up, and dismantle the giant bed in the living room before Fred and Mary showed up to take them all to breakfast. Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter sat very close to each other during breakfast that morning, and took turns holding each other's hands under the table while they all smiled at each other. As they left the restaurant, the group met up with Tim and Sky coming in. Sky immediately dragged Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter off to the side.

"I just had to tell someone about this!" said Sky excitedly. "I let Tim have my virginity last night! It was so beautiful, and it was even better than I imagined it would be! I am so in love with Tim now, and I want him to be my lover forever. He's going to ask your dad for the rest of Christmas vacation off Doug. He wants to take me to Southern California first, then on to Hawaii. When everything went to hell near the end of football season this year, I thought I would never be happy again. Tim has made me happier than I could ever imagine being though."

Everyone gave Sky a warm hug of congratulations, then Doug said, "We are so happy for you Sky. You have become like a brother to us, and it's great to see you so happy again. After what you've been through, no one deserves this more than you."

After leaving Sky and Tim at the restaurant, the boys had about an hour before taking Alex and Benji to the airport. Before they finally got to the airport and boarded their plane, Alex and Benji were very glad they had come on this trip. Then Carter, Kevin, Sammy, and Derek had one more night with their new friends. Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter sat leaning against each other all night in a group hug, which made Fred and Mary smile each time they noticed it.

"I guess you guys have become pretty close friends, huh?" asked Fred, to which all four boys enthusiastically replied yes. "Well, I'm glad you boys had the chance to meet. It's always good to see someone become such good friends, and it's been a pleasure for Mary and I to have you boys in our home. I certainly hope it won't be the last time, as you boys are welcome here as often as you can make the trip."

"And the same goes with us." replied Kevin. "Anytime you guys can get to Cincinnati, we would love to have you as our guests."

Carter and Kevin spent the last night of their trip with Doug and Darren again, but this time in the arms of their lovers. Sammy and Derek had a ball spending their last night with Donnie and Chris. The four boys laughed and giggled as they shared notes on love-making and horniness. Then they had a great night as they made love to their boyfriends next to each other on Donnie's bed.

The next morning, after Kevin, Carter, Sammy, and Derek had finished preparing to leave, Doug and Darren approached Carter and Kevin in front of their house. Doug gave Kevin and Carter both a gentle kiss on the lips, then Darren also kissed his two new best friends. This was of course accompanied by a fit of giggles and whistles from the six other boys.

"You guys have a safe trip." smiled Doug. "This past week has been one of the best weeks of mine and Darren's lives. We'll try to get down to Cincy in a few weeks. I love you two guys."

"I love you guys too." said Darren.

Kevin gave Doug and Darren a soft kiss, followed by Carter, and the return of the giggles and whistles, and said, "You guys are the best friends we've ever made. I love both of you very much."

"And I love you both just as much." added Carter with a smile.

Then Carter and Kevin stuffed a giggling Sammy and Derek in the back seat of the Camaro, and got in. As Carter started his car, he and Kevin gave their friends another wave. The drive back to Cincinnati was filled with talk between the four boys, and Carter was getting very use to his new car. The roads had been cleared very well by the time they got to Dayton, and the boys were very excited about returning home. Kevin had called his dad Phillip when they reached Dayton, and Phillip told him that their family would meet him at Carter's house. Carter finally pulled into his driveway much later than originally expected, but he and Kevin had had a trip they would never forget.

Frank, Rebecca, Phillip, and Wayne gave all the boys a hug as they welcomed them home, then Frank asked Carter, "How's your new car working out for you son?"

"It's the greatest dad!" replied Carter as he smiled. "I love you and mom so much!"

Frank smiled and said, "Here's something else for you boys. It looks like your boyfriend could use it." Then Frank handed Carter the new electric razor as he rubbed Kevin's slightly fuzzy head.

Carter smiled at his dad, before leading Kevin to the bathroom. Once there, Carter took great love and care in taking all the hair off Kevin's head. When he finished, Kevin's head was as clean and smooth as if it had been shaved with a blade. Carter lovingly kissed the top of Kevin's head after inspecting his work.

"You really do like my bald head, don't you babe?" asked Kevin with a smile.

"I think it's the most incredibly sexy thing I've ever seen!" replied Carter. "If you don't believe me, just see how hard my cock has gotten from rubbing and kissing your sexy head."

Kevin reached down and caressed Carter's erection through his pants, and said, "My, my! Mister happy is very happy, isn't he?"

"He's happy because he has the sexiest boyfriend in the world." replied Carter, as he smiled into Kevin's eyes.

As Carter and Kevin giggled and rejoined their family, Kevin knew that no hat would ever touch his head again. Carter thought he was beautiful, and Kevin was now seeing himself that way too. He would now be proud of his head for the rest of his life.

Phillip caught up with his son and said, "I notice that there are no more hats."

"Why would I want to cover my beautiful and sexy head with a hat?" laughed Kevin.

Phillip smiled as he said, "I'm so glad to hear you say what everyone else already knows son. Zack has even told me that if he didn't have Seth and Tommy, he would be so jealous of Carter. He thinks you look incredibly hot!"

Phillip and Kevin shared a laugh, then Kevin asked, "How are the three of them doing?"

"Whenever Tommy is over, it's hard to pry the three of them out of Zack and Seth's room!" chuckled Phillip. "I think they will always love each other that much. The boys love how Tommy makes them feel though, so I guess that's the important thing."

Carter and Kevin caught up with Zack, Seth, and Tommy as everyone killed time before the two families went out to dinner. The two young boys wanted to sneak off to Carter's room with Tommy, and Kevin giggled as he told them that they could live without sex for a few more hours. Carter joined Kevin in laughter as Zack and Seth insisted that they couldn't. That even made Tommy giggle, as he gave his two boys a hug and a brief kiss. Before dinner, Lester and Billy stopped in to see if their friends had made it home yet.

"You guys should have been here for the blizzard!" exclaimed Lester. "Billy and I were snowbound together for three whole days!"

"And you can both still walk?" snickered Kevin.

"Luckily we were snowed in at Lester's house." smiled Billy sheepishly. "My dad would have freaked if he had seen us together for three days! Lester's parents were really cool about it though."

"Yeah, they kept treating Billy like a son in law!" laughed Lester.

"Well, I told you a few times we were making too much noise!" smiled Billy.

"You know I can't help it though Billy." replied Lester. "When you have your nice big cock inside me, and make love to me, I just can't help myself!"

Billy then leaned over and gave Lester a very warm and gentle kiss on the lips. "I love to make you feel good Lester." said Billy softly when he broke the kiss. "You're the nicest boyfriend a guy could want."

Lester then put his lips back against Billy's, and began to caress Billy's crotch. After a few moments, Billy turned to Carter and panted, "Can we use your room for a little while Carter?"

"Sure." smiled Carter. "Just make sure you swallow it all, and don't get it on the bed!"

"I wouldn't dream of wasting one drop of Lester's cum, and he likes mine even more!" replied Billy, as he pulled Lester to his feet.

Once the two boys were gone, Kevin said, "I just can't get over Billy being that happy with being gay! It's really kinda strange."

"Maybe when he sees you now, he thinks about what a wonderful and sweet guy he hurt." replied Carter. "Maybe that's enough to make him stop fighting the feelings he's been having for so long. I think they make a nice couple."

"Me too, but it's still kinda strange." snickered Kevin. "I could have never thought of Billy being so in love with another guy."

When Billy and Lester rejoined their friends, both boys were smiling madly. "Was it good to the last drop?" asked Carter mischievously.

"Lester's cum was as good as ever!" replied Billy proudly.

"So was yours babe." smiled Lester, just before he and Billy shared a hungry kiss.

Then Kevin stood up next to his cousin and said, "I'm glad to see you so happy with how everything has turned out Billy."

Billy broke his kiss with Lester, and gave Kevin a very nice kiss on the lips. "I'm so sorry for everything that's happened Kevin." said Billy. "You've done the greatest thing for me that anyone has ever done. Thanks to you, I don't have to be afraid of myself anymore. I love you Kevin, and from now on, this is the most dangerous contact I'll have with you." Then Billy gave Kevin an even nicer kiss, and their tongues barely touched for just a second.

When they broke the kiss, Kevin breathlessly said, "I love you too cousin. I'm so proud to have a cousin that's gay, just like me."

"You got that right Kevin!" smiled Billy. "I'm gay, just like my favorite cousin, and I couldn't be happier!"

Kevin still looked a little dazed when Billy and Lester walked off sharing another kiss. "Are you okay babe?" asked Carter.

"That Lester is one lucky guy!" replied Kevin. "I had no idea my cousin was such a good kisser!"

Dinner that evening was an interesting affair. Of course Tommy sat between Zack and Seth. Then Tommy's eyes would go wide as both boys giggled. Kevin knew what was happening under the table, and smiled as he thought to himself that maybe the two little boys COULDN'T live without sex after all. Toward the end of dinner, Carter and Kevin noticed two girls that had come in with their family. One of the girls, who looked about their age, would point at Kevin, then both girls would giggle. This was starting to make Kevin uncomfortable, until the girl and their family got up to leave. The girls were bringing up the rear, and as they passed by Kevin, the one who had been pointing leaned down and kissed Kevin right on top of his head.

"You are so sexy that I think I'm going to die!" said the girl breathlessly. "How could anyone be as gorgeous and sexy as you?!"

Needless to say, Kevin was kind of embarrassed after the girls had left. When he turned back to Carter, Carter suppressed a giggle as he said, "Okay mister, that's it! No more going without a hat in public. I'll have to watch you like a hawk if this keeps up!"

Both boys just looked at each other for a second, then burst into laughter at the exact same time. The adults also chuckled at the two boys, and the rest of the dinner went well. Once they got back to Carter's house, it was soon time for Phillip and Wayne's family to leave. Carter and Kevin didn't want to, but they each knew that they had to spend the night with their parents who loved them. Then they could get back together first thing in the morning. As Wayne and Phillip got ready to leave, Carter and Kevin shared a very long and passionate good-night kiss in front of everyone.

Zack and Seth were very eager to get home. They immediately dragged Tommy up to their room with them, and locked their door. Before Tommy knew what was happening, both boys were naked, and giggling on the bed. Tommy smiled at the two incredibly sexy boys, and began removing his clothes. Once Tommy was laying naked between Zack and Seth, both boys wrapped a hand around Tommy's cock.

Tommy looked over to Seth and said, "I love you so much Seth."

Then Tommy pressed his lips against Seth's, and drove his tongue deeply into Seth's mouth. As Tommy and Seth kissed passionately, Zack crawled down and took Tommy's cock into his mouth. Zack's mouth could only go about halfway down on Tommy's cock, but that was plenty for both of them. Zack moaned as he caressed Tommy's cock with his mouth, and Seth moaned as he sucked passionately on Tommy's tongue.

Tommy finally broke the kiss and said, "Time to share now."

Tommy gently pulled Zack back up in the bed, and Seth eagerly took his brother's place at Tommy's cock. "I love you so much Zack." said Tommy breathlessly, as he felt Seth's lips wrap around the upper half of his cock.

Tommy kissed Zack with just as much passion as he had kissed Seth, but Zack's tongue dueled with Tommy's for placement in each other's mouths. Tommy yielded to Zack's tongue, as he loved the feel of the small tongue in his mouth. After spending a few minutes caressing Tommy's cock with his lips, Seth moved down to Tommy's balls. He could barely fit one of Tommy's balls in his mouth at a time, but he loved the way Tommy moaned when he sucked lightly on them. Tommy began to moan from Seth's attention to his balls, and then he moved Zack further up in the bed. Tommy looked lovingly at Zack's stiff three and a half inch dick, then licked at it teasingly with his tongue. When Zack almost howled from pleasure, Tommy took the beautiful little dick completely into his mouth. After caressing Zack's dick for a few minutes, Zack laced his fingers into Tommy's hair. By this time Seth had moved back to Tommy's cock, and he could feel it throbbing in his mouth. Seth knew that this time, he would be the one to take Tommy's cum.

"Oh God Tommy, I think I have to pee!" moaned Zack loudly. "It feels really weird though!"

Tommy knew that his little Zack was about to have his very first dry orgasm, so he wasn't letting go of Zack's dick for anything, even though he was rapidly approaching his orgasm in Seth's mouth.

"Unngh!" moaned Zack. "I'm really going to pee Tommy!"

Tommy only sucked on Zack's dick more passionately now. As Tommy was wracked by a strong orgasm himself, Zack began thrashing and writhing on the bed as his dick twitched inside Tommy's mouth. Tommy held on though, until Zack's first dry orgasm had run it's course. Then both boys collapsed on the bed from exhaustion. Seth climbed up in the bed with them, as he licked Tommy's cum from around his mouth.

"What's wrong you guys?" asked Seth.

"Nothing's wrong my beautiful little lover!" gasped Tommy. "Your brother just had his first dry orgasm!"

"Was that what that was?" moaned Zack, unable to move.

"Yes my love!" said Tommy happily. "Your dick just cummed in my mouth, but your balls can't make cum yet. How did it feel?"

"Incredible!" moaned Zack.

Once the three had rested in each other's arms for quite a few minutes, Tommy and Zack laid Seth down on the bed. Then the two took turns sucking on Seth's dick until he was a very happy and giggly little boy. Seth then nestled tightly into one side of Tommy, and a now smiling Zack nestled tightly into his other side. Tommy wrapped one arm around each boy, and the three fell into a blissful sleep. They knew that they would be lovers and friends forever.

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