Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

I have received a few e-mails concerned about the amount of sex in Part 2 of the story. Please remember that Wayne is exploring this side of himself for the first time, and Carter was basically a virgin before Kevin. There was meant to be more sex, that's why it was moved to the high school section. Things will even off though, so please bear with me. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If you are offended by this subject, or should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Thanks and enjoy the story.

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 3

Carter and Kevin went right to Carter's room as soon as they got to Carter's house. Carter now couldn't get enough, and Kevin thought it was kind of cute. He knew that Carter's new found sex drive would eventually level off, so he wanted to enjoy the ride while it lasted. Besides, he loved the feel of Carter inside him. Both boys ended up putting their cocks inside each other that night, and making passionate love to their boyfriend. When they were done, Carter snuggled happily into Kevin's side.

"I think I like laying like this with you just as much as the sex Kevin." said Carter dreamily.

"I think you're just putting me on, and I've really created a sex crazed monster!" giggled Kevin in reply. "But you are a very beautiful and sexy sex crazed monster."

Kevin and Carter kissed lovingly for several minutes, before falling asleep in each other's arms. Both boys slept with smiles on their faces.

Back at Wayne's apartment, Phillip and Wayne were having an extended foreplay. Finally Phillip broke the cuddling, caressing, and kissing.

"I want to put the seed of my love deep inside you Wayne." said Phillip softly.

Wayne looked into Phillip's eyes and breathed heavily for a few moments, before he replied, "I think I'm ready for that final step Phillip. I want to feel your wonderful cock inside me."

"Turn over then, my love." instructed Phillip.

Once Wayne had turned over, Phillip took his time preparing Wayne to be penetrated by a man for the first time. Phillip carefully and gently worked at Wayne's sphincter with one, then two, then three fingers. After Phillip had him moaning softly with three fingers inside him, he felt Wayne was ready. Phillip mounted Wayne from behind, and placed his cock at Wayne's hole.

"I'm going to talk you through this as I do it my love." said Phillip. "I want this night to be memorable for you. By now you feel my cock between your cheeks. Now you're going to feel it pushing against you until it goes into you. It's going to feel much larger than it really is, that's normal for the first time."

When Phillip's cock went into Wayne, Phillip heard him let out a sharp grunt, to which he replied, "Don't worry my love. There may be a little pain at first. That's also very normal for the first time. Your butt is just not use to having anything go into it. I'm going to rest my cock right where it's at, so you can get use to it." After a few moments, Phillip continued, "Now you're going to feel my cock start slipping further into you. There will be a great deal of pressure on your rectum, but the worst is over. If it does hurt too much, or if you don't want me to go any deeper inside you, please let me know my love."

Phillip slowly pushed himself deeper into Wayne, stopping a few times to let Wayne's rectum expand. Wayne never did think about stopping Phillip though, and after a few minutes, Phillip was as far into him as he could go. Wayne let out a contented sigh, and smiled at feeling Phillip's cock inside him.

The next morning, Carter rolled over in bed and kissed Kevin very hard until Kevin's eyes fluttered open. "Morning babe, it's time to get up to go to school." said Carter softly.

"I'd rather stay here and make love to you all day." moaned Kevin sleepily.

"I'd love that too, but I don't think they give out passing grades for that." giggled Carter.

"Oh, okay!" moaned Kevin. "I just hope no one remembers me today. I want to start off clean."

"Even if they do, you'll be fine." said Carter. "You're my guy now anyway."

"I know, and I'm the luckiest guy in the world!" said Kevin. Then he kissed Carter passionately for a few minutes.

After the kiss, Kevin and Carter got up and went to the bathroom naked together. After getting cleaned up, they went back to their room with their arms wrapped around each other. They passed by Carter's dad in the hallway, and he greeted the boys with a warm smile.

"Good morning boys." said Frank. "Did you have a nice night?"

"Any night in Kevin's arms is a nice night!" replied Carter happily.

Frank laughed lightly as he said, "Okay then, I'll see you two at breakfast in a few minutes."

Carter could not believe how comfortable he was getting in being with Kevin around the house. His parents actually seemed happy about he and Kevin making love to each other, and seemed totally comfortable seeing the two of them together, even with no clothes on! Carter knew that most gay kids didn't have things as well as he did though, so he wasn't going to question their acceptance. Carter and Kevin kissed often as they got dressed for the day, then joined Carter's parents in the kitchen.

As they were having breakfast, Carter asked his parents, "Do you guys think the world will ever allow two guys like me and Kevin to get married?"

"That's a tough question son." replied Frank. "Me and your mother use to be civil rights activists in our college days, so we know that whenever equal rights are concerned, it usually involves a heck of a struggle. I would hope things will get better for people like you and Kevin someday though."

"I would hope two guys like you would be able to be legally married at some point." said Rebecca. "Even if it doesn't happen though, the love you two boys have for each other is what's really important. And if it does happen someday, we would be happy to have Kevin as our son in law."

"You boys don't ever give up though, just be very careful." said Frank. "I remember my father telling me horrible stories when I was growing up about when the Klan would go around and beat people or worse, just for being what they considered the wrong color. Right always has a way of defeating wrong eventually though, and I'm sure that someday it will work out that way for the way gay people are treated too."

As soon as the boys had finished their breakfast, they got up. Carter kissed his mom and dad both on the forehead, followed by a hug from Kevin.

"Thanks you guys." said Carter. "You are the greatest parents that a boy like me could ever hope for!"

As the boys walked out the door for school, Kevin turned to Carter and asked, "Would you really consider marrying me someday if we could?"

"I would marry you without thinking about it dude!" replied Carter. Then Carter kissed Kevin deeply for a few moments before they continued on to school.

When they first got to school, Kevin thought he might get lucky. No one seemed to remember him at first. As the two boys walked between second and third period classes though, they ran across Kevin's cousin in the hallway.

"Well, well." said Kevin's cousin Billy. "I see the faggot has returned!"

"Blow it out your ass Billy!" replied Kevin. "I don't want anything to do with you, or any of my family. Phillip is the only family I have now, except for my boyfriend and his family!"

"Yeah, right!" said Billy. "Tell me something, does that faggot Phillip's cock feel good inside you? Everyone knows how you people are!"

"That's it asshole!" said Kevin, as he began to approach Billy.

At that point, a teacher had come up behind the boys. "That's about enough boys!" said the teacher. "If you're not careful, I'll send all of you to the office for detention! And you know that kind of language isn't appropriate in ANY school William!"

Billy turned and walked away without saying anything, as he hated being called William. Carter and Kevin were a little more polite towards the teacher though.

"Thanks for showing up when you did sir!" said Carter. "I don't want to see Kevin getting into any kind of trouble!"

"Well, if you boys think that other one is going to be trouble, you should let someone know." replied the teacher.

"He's family though." said Kevin. "I'll just let my Uncle Phillip know about it. He knows how to take care of them!"

"Okay then boys, run along to your next class then." said the teacher. "And try to steer clear of William until you talk to your uncle."

The rest of the morning continued without incident, until the boys went to lunch. Kevin and Carter sat down at a table together, but after a few minutes they were joined by another boy.

"Hello Kevin." said the other boy coldly.

"Hi Sammy." replied Kevin nervously.

"Why did you come back Kevin?" asked Sammy. "Didn't you mess up my life enough the first time?"

"What's going on Kevin?" asked Carter.

"Carter, this is Sammy." replied Kevin. "He's the boy I was caught with by my family. Sammy, this is my boyfriend, Carter."

"Well Carter, just hope he doesn't do to your life what he did to mine!" said Sammy.

Carter got up and moved so he was sitting next to Sammy, then he put his hand gently on Sammy's shoulder. When Carter touched the boy, he could tell that Sammy was on the verge of crying. "What happened Sammy?" asked Carter softly.

Sammy caught his breath and held it, as Kevin put his hand on Sammy's other shoulder. "I did love you then Sammy, and I never wanted to see you get hurt." said Kevin.

"Well, I did get hurt!" replied Sammy. "After your mother hit me, I ran home crying! She had already called my house though, and both my parents hit me some more. Then they sent me to some so-called Christian counselor, who told me I was evil and had to be kept away from other boys for a while. They did everything they could to try to tell me that what we did was wrong. They also said that you must have corrupted me, and that I could be saved. I can't even tell you how many times I wished I was dead then, and I still do every once in a while! And now you're back to make me feel even better."

"I hope I can make you feel better Sammy." said Kevin emotionally. "There was nothing wrong about what we did. At that time, we were in love with each other. Our parents were the ones that were wrong, my uncle has proven that to me. I'm so sorry that you were hurt by them Sammy, cause I still like you dude. I know me and Carter can help you."

As Sammy wept very lightly, Carter said, "I was once in as much pain as you Sammy. It wasn't from my parents though. It was because of something terrible that happened to someone I really loved, and the way his family caused what happened. I found someone to talk to though, that helped me when I was very close to giving up. I think he can help you too Sammy. Can I please call him, and tell him that you want to see him after school today? We care about you Sammy, and we want to help you be happy and normal again."

Sammy sniffled and dried his eyes before replying, "Okay, I'll go with you guys after school. We can't let my parents find out about this though!"

"Our friend will make sure they won't hurt you again Sammy." promised Kevin. "He's really great like that!"

Carter called Wayne after the boys left the cafeteria. He had an appointment with Wayne after school anyway, and Wayne thought that might help with Sammy. Everything was now all set, and the rest of the day passed without any further incidents. After school was over, Carter and Kevin met Sammy in front of the school. They were also met by Phillip, who drove the three boys to Wayne's apartment.

"Hey Kevin, how was your day?" asked Phillip.

"I ran across Billy today!" said Kevin in an irritated voice. "I think you may have to set them straight on a few things!"

"I was afraid he might be a problem." replied Phillip. "I'll take care of it right away though. I do have some good news though. I think Wayne and me found the perfect house today. It's close to the school, but far enough away from Billy and his kind."

"That's great!" replied Kevin, as his mood brightened. "By the way Uncle Phillip, this is Sammy. Me and Sammy use to be kinda close."

"Oh!" replied Phillip, in an understanding tone. "Well, it's very nice to meet you Sammy. Any friend of Kevin's is welcome around us at any time."

The rest of the drive was filled with small talk, and Sammy was kind of nervous about meeting these new people. When they arrived at Wayne's place, Carter took ahold of Sammy's hand and smiled warmly to Kevin. Kevin gave Carter a nod and a smile, then Carter took Sammy inside to meet Wayne.

"Hi Wayne." said Carter, when he and Sammy were in the apartment. "This is Sammy. He's the dude I called you about today."

"Hello Sammy." said Wayne, as he offered the boy his hand. "We're kind of cramped for space here, so I hope you don't mind if I see you and Carter together. He has a regular appointment with me on Tuesdays."

"I guess I feel okay around Carter." replied Sammy.

"Good then!" said Wayne. "Why don't we all have a seat in the living room then. Phillip and Kevin are going to give us a little time to talk before they come back. Why don't you tell me what's happened to you over the past few years Sammy?"

Sammy looked kind of nervous, so Carter said, "It's really okay Sammy, Wayne wants to help you. You can tell him anything you want, and it won't go outside the three of us."

"Okay, here goes nothing." replied Sammy. "Me and Kevin use to be friends. Before Kevin disappeared, we had gotten to the point of playing around with each other. We really liked touching and stroking each other, and I thought he was about the coolest guy I'd ever known. Anyway, one day I told Kevin I wanted to do a little more than touching and stroking, so we went to his room and got naked. When I felt my dick in another guy's mouth for the first time, and his dick in mine, I knew I was gay. It just felt so good, at least it did until his mother walked in on us. She beat the hell out of me and Kevin both, and was screaming really filthy language at the top of her lungs."

"Okay Sammy." said Wayne. "I know you never went through anything like that Carter, but what about Travis?"

"Well, Travis told me quite a bit in his journal." said Carter, as he took a deep breath. "He was always afraid that his parents would react like that, and I guess they never did anything to prove otherwise. Travis wrote down that that was the reason he never felt like he could be himself."

"Did you tell Sammy anything about Travis?" asked Wayne.

"Not yet." replied Carter. "Travis was my best friend, and I had fallen in love with him. I didn't know what he was going through at home though, and when it got to the point where he couldn't control the situation anymore, he killed himself. I couldn't understand why he would have done that, and it hurt so much to think I caused it, that I wanted to die too. That's where Wayne came in. He helped me to realize that it wasn't my fault that things happened the way they did, and that I shouldn't have to pay for it. Then I got Travis's journal. That's when I found out how he really felt about me, and what he was going through at home. Wayne's helping me to remember the good things about Travis now, and not how his life was ruined by people who didn't understand him."

"Okay, what happened after you left Kevin's house Sammy?" asked Wayne.

Sammy was looking at Carter, almost with tears in his eyes for what Carter had been through. Then he snapped out of it and answered Wayne's question. "I ran home as fast as I could, but Kevin's mom had already called there. I was beaten pretty bad by both of my parents, then they called the Reverend at their church. He gave them the name of a person to take me to, and they took me there that night. The man didn't seem to care at all that I had been beaten, almost like he thought I deserved it. They kept me locked in a room for about a week, telling me how evil I was and that I needed to be saved. I had to start playing along with them just to get out of that room, but I never really believed them. I let them think they had me brainwashed though, and now I'm always afraid that I'll slip in front of the wrong person. Sometimes I wonder why I should put up with living like this, but I haven't gotten the courage to do anything about it yet!"

"It sounds to me like you live in constant fear Sammy, is that about right?" asked Wayne.

"I'm so afraid sometimes that I've wet my pants!" cried Sammy.

"That's exactly how Travis said he felt sometimes Wayne!" exclaimed Carter. "We have to do something for Sammy now!"

"We will Carter, I promise." replied Wayne. "Sammy, I want to help you. First though, we have to do something about this dangerously high level of fear that you live in. To do that, I'm going to have to ask you to do something that might turn your life upside down at first though. I'm going to need you to be strong for me Sammy, okay?"

"Please help me!" bawled Sammy, as Carter put his arms around the crying boy.

"I will Sammy, and I'll make sure you always have someone there who can help you too." said Wayne. "Now, can you be strong for me Sammy?"

"I'll try sir!" sobbed Sammy.

Wayne then went to make a phone call, while Carter held Sammy, and softly stroked his back. After a few minutes, Wayne came back into the room and sat right in front of Sammy and Carter. Wayne took Sammy's hand in his and said, "Okay Sammy, here's where I'm going to need you to be strong for me. Are you ready?"

"I think so sir." sobbed Sammy lightly, as he tried to pull himself together. He did like how it felt to have Carter rubbing his back.

"Okay then." said Wayne. "The call I just made was to find someplace safe for you Sammy. Now I want to make two more calls. One to Child Protective Services, and the other one to the police. I'm going to need you to tell them everything that you've told me, and don't hold anything back. They will put you in the custody of the person I already called. They're on their way here now, and will wait for CPS to get here. The police will make sure that no one can hurt you again. I know this is a lot to ask you to do, but you will be much happier if I can get you out of the mess you're in now. Then I can help you with all the damage that's been done by the quacks you've seen. Will you do that for me Sammy?"

Carter tightened his hold on Sammy, and laid Sammy's head on his shoulder. Then Sammy replied, "Okay sir, I'll try."

Wayne then made the other two calls. Within thirty minutes the police and CPS had shown up at Wayne's apartment. Carter held Sammy's hand as he repeated his story to them, and the officers and social worker scribbled down some notes and information. As Sammy finished his story to the police and CPS, Wayne went over to Carter.

"Carter, I would like you to help me with Sammy." said Wayne. "He really needs us right now, and we can't let him down."

"I'll be with him in school as much as I can, if that will help." replied Carter.

"I was thinking of a little more involvement than that son." said Wayne.

Then Frank stepped into the room and said, "Hi son, I guess we're going to have a houseguest for a while. You're mother and I couldn't refuse the favor Wayne asked of us, and he's a great man for helping this boy too!"

Carter smiled at Sammy, who then smiled weakly for the first time all evening. Then Carter wrapped Sammy in his arms and asked, "How would you like to be my brother, at least for now?"

"I don't know what to say!" replied Sammy, as tears once again trickled down his cheek. "I would love to be your brother Carter!"

Once all the paperwork had been done, and the social worker had left, Phillip and Kevin came back to the apartment. Carter filled Kevin in about everything that had happened, and Kevin was very happy for Sammy. The three boys hugged and talked until it was time for Frank and Carter to take Sammy home with them, and get him settled in. Phillip once again gave Kevin permission to spend the night with Carter, and now Sammy. Kevin and Carter held onto Sammy like two mother hens all the way to Carter's house. After barely introducing him to Rebecca, they whisked Sammy off to the spare room, which would now be his room. The two boys cared about Sammy very much now, and they were determined to make sure he knew that in his heart. Eventually it was time to leave Sammy in his room for the night though.

"Why do you guys get ready for bed so early?" Sammy asked the two boys.

"Well, umm..." stuttered Kevin.

"We're much more than friends Sammy." replied Carter.

"Well, duh!" exclaimed Sammy. "You mean your parents don't mind for you to have sex in your room like that?"

"Well, it's more like making love." said Kevin.

"My parents are so cool about it that you won't be able to believe it dude!" said Carter. "They know me and Kevin make love every chance we get, and they love Kevin like a son!"

"That must really be awesome!" said Sammy.

"Just wait until we find you a cute boyfriend, then you can find out how awesome it is for yourself my brother." giggled Carter. "You'll be able to make love to him in your room anytime you want!"

"You guys are too awesome!" said Sammy. "I think I might like being your brother Carter."

"I love you too Sammy." said Carter. "Sweet dreams dude, and we'll see you in the morning."

Carter then kissed Sammy tenderly on his cheek, as he gave the fragile boy a good night hug. Kevin then did the same thing, then said softly, "Thanks for understanding about me and Carter dude. Maybe it wasn't meant to be for me and you, but your new brother and I will find you the perfect guy."

"Thanks dudes." said Sammy emotionally.

Carter and Kevin then went to their room, and slowly undressed each other. Once they were both naked, they laid down on the bed together and shared a passionate kiss. Both boys explored each other's mouths with their tongues for quite some time.

Finally, Kevin broke the kiss and said, "Your cock looks so delicious tonight, I have to have it in my mouth so I can taste it!"

"I was hoping you would say something sexy like that!" giggled Carter.

The boys got into a sixty-nine position, and took each other's cock into their mouths. Carter lovingly slid his tongue up and down Kevin's throbbing shaft, making Kevin moan from pleasure. Kevin then used his entire mouth to squeeze and massage Carter's hard cock. Kevin's mouth felt so good to Carter that he didn't know how long he would be able to hold back his cum, but he didn't want this pleasure to end too soon. Kevin was in the same predicament with his cock, so the boys ended up backing off each other several times.

After about fifteen minutes, Kevin backed off and said, "I need to taste your cum as it slides down my throat Carter! Please cum for me soon!"

"If you'll cum for me too, my love!" offered Carter.

The two boys began sucking each other hungrily then. Carter could now feel Kevin's pulse in his cock, so he knew Kevin was close. Kevin could feel Carter's cock begin to twitch around inside his mouth, so he readied himself for Carter's sweet cum. Both boys moaned loudly as their cocks simultaneously erupted. Kevin swallowed Carter's cum like a man dying of thirst, as Carter savored every shot of Kevin's delicious cum. Carter rolled Kevin's cum around in his mouth several times, before greedily swallowing it. Then the boys began gently sucking each other until their cocks softened. Before that could happen though, Sammy walked into the room and gazed at the two boys with their mouths full of each other's cock. Kevin and Carter knew Sammy had come in, but did not release each other until they were soft again.

Sammy walked over to the bed and said, "I couldn't fall asleep in there. Could you guys help me?"

"Why don't you climb in here between me and Carter?" offered Kevin.

"We'll help you go to sleep Sammy." said Carter.

Sammy took his shorts off, and climbed into the bed between Kevin and Carter. Kevin and Carter then both caressed Sammy's smooth body, relaxing the boy to a point he hadn't seen in quite a while. Then Kevin and Carter took turns giving Sammy's cock a few strokes at a time. Sammy laid there with his eyes closed, smiling like a little boy in a candy store from the attention the two lovers were giving his body. Sammy's cock was now rock hard in Kevin and Carter's hands, and Sammy was almost purring like a kitten. After a few more minutes, Sammy gasped as Carter was softly stroking his cock. Sammy's cock erupted onto the three boys, as Carter stroked the cum out of it. As Carter was doing that, Kevin was massaging Sammy's cum all over all three of them. Once Sammy was done cumming, and the three boys were covered with his cum, they held each other in a warm embrace and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Well, Wayne has his first patient besides Carter now. Hopefully he will do Sammy just as much good, if Kevin and Carter don't beat him to it. lol. Please send all comments to: Thanks, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.