Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 4

The next morning, the three boys got up and began getting ready for school. Sammy couldn't believe it when first Carter, then Kevin, left the room naked to head for the bathroom. Sammy decided he would put his shorts on before joining his friends in the bathroom. Sammy knocked on the bathroom door, then peeked his head carefully around the door.

"Come on in dude!" said Carter when he saw Sammy.

Sammy stepped in, then asked, "Aren't you guys afraid that Carter's parents will catch you walking through the house naked?"

Carter turned to Kevin and asked, "Have they ever given you any problems when they've seen you walking around naked dude?"

"Not yet!" replied Kevin with a smile.

Carter chuckled lightly as he turned back to Sammy and said, "They really don't care dude. As a matter of fact, we may join a nudist camp this summer!"

"Really???" asked Sammy. "That's pretty cool too dude. I never even felt comfortable talking about body parts at my house!"

All three boys laughed, then finished getting cleaned up. Kevin and Carter tried to stuff Sammy in the shower with them, but it was too tight of a fit for all three boys. Once they were all clean, Sammy started to reach for his shorts.

"I'm not letting you put dirty shorts back on after you just took a shower dude!" said Carter, as he snatched Sammy's shorts away from him. "Just come on back to our room, and you can borrow something of mine. I'm not too much bigger than you."

Sammy nervously followed the other two naked boys back out into the hallway. He wasn't use to walking around in the house naked, so this was a new experience for him. Before they could get to Carter's room though, they ran into Frank in the hallway.

"I see Carter and Kevin are training you well Sammy." chuckled Frank. "Which reminds me, Rebecca went out and picked you up a few things last night. Hopefully she got the size right, but your social worker was going to stop by your place with the cops today and pick up some of your stuff. I'll go get what we got last night, and bring it to Carter's room."

After letting the boys go, Frank looked back for just a second. He chuckled lightly to himself at the sight of three butts wiggling toward Carter's room. A few moments later, Frank took the clothes they had gotten Sammy to Carter's room, and the boys finished getting dressed. After eating breakfast, the three boys were off to school. During first period, the school counselor sent for Carter and Sammy to come talk to him.

"Hi boys, come on in!" said the counselor when Sammy and Carter knocked at his door. "I heard about what happened last night. How are you doing today Sammy?"

"I'm okay for now sir." replied Sammy.

"I feel terrible that no one at the school caught what was going on with you." said the counselor. Then he turned to Carter and said, "Sammy is staying at your house for now, is that right Carter?"

"Yes sir." replied Carter. "The private counselor that helped me with Travis's death is helping Sammy through this too."

"According to our records, that would be Wayne Owens, right?" asked the counselor.

"Yep, he's the best there is!" replied Carter.

"Well, I'm glad that he's helping kids like you." said the counselor. "The world needs a few more like him!"

"That reminds me, he's going to specialize in kids that need help." said Carter. "He wants to help any kid that he can, whether they can pay him or not. He also said that if you know of anyone who needs him, to let them know that he's willing to help. I have his card with me if you'd like to talk to him."

"That would be great!" replied the counselor. "Sometimes I need all the help I can get! I'll make sure to call him right away."

"Good, I know he'll appreciate it." said Carter.

"Okay, and I wish you boys the best of luck." replied the counselor. "Just remember though, if there's anything that either of you need here at school, my door is always open."

"Thanks sir." said Sammy. "I'll try to remember that from now on."

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Frank met the boys after school, to take Sammy to see Wayne. Frank had something to tell Sammy, but he wanted Wayne to be present when he did it. As soon as they got there, Carter and Kevin disappeared into Kevin's room.

"I need you to make love to me Kevin!" said Carter once they were in Kevin's room. "You won't get to spend every night at my house, so we need to take advantage of moments like this."

"I couldn't agree more babe!" said Kevin, as he began to undress. "How would you like me to please you dude?"

"I need to feel you inside me today!" replied Carter.

The two boys finished undressing, and Carter laid down on Kevin's bed. Kevin knelt between Carter's legs and looked down at his boyfriend. Kevin marveled at how beautiful Carter looked as he anticipated feeling his cock inside him. Kevin smiled warmly as he lubed his cock, and then placed it at Carter's hole. Kevin slowly pushed his cock deeply into Carter, then leaned down and placed his lips over Carter's. Carter moaned lightly as Kevin began sliding in and out of him.

Meanwhile Frank was about to have his talk with Carter in the living room. Sammy sat between Frank and Wayne as Frank said, "Your social worker came by just as I was getting home from work today. She said something that might upset you just a little bit, but I want you to remember that we'll do everything we can to get you through all of this."

"What happened?" asked Sammy fearfully.

"After CPS called your house last night to tell your parents that you'd been placed in protective custody, and why they did it, your parents must have went nuts." said Frank. "Don't worry though Sammy, they're okay. At least they will be when they make bail. They did burn everything in the house that was yours though. The police had found where they built a huge bonfire in the back yard. I'm afraid they weren't able to save anything son."

Sammy began to cry, as Frank and Wayne took turns comforting him. Sammy cried for some time before Wayne said, "You've made it a long way Sammy, and we love you very much so we'll make sure you make it through this. Your mom and dad are very sick too, and I'm sure the courts will make sure they get help. Meanwhile you have a very wonderful family who will step in and take over, and they love you very much. We can replace all of the stuff you lost so you don't have to worry about that, right Frank?"

"That's right, we'll replace everything and then some, son." replied Frank.

"It's not really that." sobbed Sammy. "Why would they do that to me? Do they hate me that much?"

"That's not really what the problem is Sammy." said Wayne. "The real problem is that some people's hatred of things they don't understand can blind them to everything else, even to family. I want you to think back and tell me about something you wanted at some time, but your parents wouldn't let you have it. It has to be something that you didn't see any reason for them to say no to. Can you think of anything like that Sammy?"

"Yeah, a few things." sniffled Sammy, as Frank took a handkerchief and wiped his eyes.

"Do you remember how it made you feel Sammy?" asked Wayne. "You couldn't understand why they would say no, right?"

"They never did actually give me a reason." said Sammy. "It made me so mad!"

"Okay, but you knew how far to take that anger before letting it go, right?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, I mean, they are still my parents." replied Sammy. "At least that's how I felt before today."

"Okay then Sammy," said Wayne. "The big problem is that your parents don't know when to let that kind of anger go, and they carry it way too far. They can't understand why you are the way you are, and it makes them mad. So mad in fact, that they seem to forget everything else. By now you must be beginning to realize that not all parents react to things the same way yours did."

"I have kinda noticed." said Sammy, as he looked up at Frank and smiled.

"Good then." said Wayne. "I want you to remember that they do need help, and we'll make sure that they get it. It may work, and it may not, but I don't want you to worry about that. What I want you to think about is us helping you to feel better about all of this. I also want you to remember something Sammy, and this is very important. You were not wrong. You were only being the person that you were intended to be, and there's nothing wrong with that."

"I'll try to remember that Wayne." said Sammy. "I'd really be satisfied though if Frank could really be my dad, and Carter could be my brother."

"I'd love that too son." said Frank as he smiled and ruffled Sammy's hair.

"Who knows, we may find out that it would be the best thing for you." said Wayne. "In that case I would do everything I could to make it happen."

Frank, Wayne, and Sammy continued to talk until the other two boys had finished making love. By this time Kevin had already shot his cum into Carter, and Carter was thrusting his cock in and out of Kevin as he neared his orgasm.

"Dude!" panted Carter. "I can feel your cum slosh around inside me as I make love to you. It's gonna make me shoot a huge load!"

As Carter continued to thrust, he leaned over Kevin. Carter stared into Kevin's eyes as he panted harder and harder, and then began to grunt. Within a few more moments, Carter's cum was forcefully shooting deep into Kevin. When Kevin felt Carter's cum shooting into him, he pulled Carter down to him and began kissing him hard. Both boys relaxed in each other's arms when Carter's orgasm was over, and his cock slipped gently out of Kevin's ass. Finally they felt it was time to rejoin everyone else, even though they didn't know how long they had been making love. The two boys continued to kiss as they got dressed.

When Frank saw the two boys, he smiled and asked Carter, "How are you doing son?"

"I'm doing great, feeling Kevin's cum sloshing around inside my butt." replied Carter mischievously.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Wayne. "Kevin is rubbing off on him!" Then Wayne began to laugh.

"There is such a thing as too much information son." laughed Frank.

This had everyone laughing as Phillip came in. Once Wayne filled him in, Phillip began laughing too. Then Wayne and Frank told everyone to get ready, because they were going out shopping for Sammy. Once Phillip found out what had happened, all three men were determined to make sure Sammy had even more stuff than before.

Carter gave Sammy a hug and said, "You're lucky dude. It looks like Christmas time for Sammy! And the best present is a new family that loves you very much." Then Carter gave Sammy a brief but warm kiss on the lips and said, "I love you brother."

Carter's kiss was followed by one that was just as nice from Kevin, who said, "I'll always care about you Sammy, even though we didn't have the same kind of relationship as me and Carter do. I'll make sure we find you a boyfriend that's just as cute as you are!"

"I'm sorry about yesterday at school Kevin, when I said you ruined my life." said Sammy. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know what kind of life I want to have. Can we at least be best buddies again?"

Kevin smiled at Sammy, then hugged him as he said, "I thought we were always going to be best buddies anyway dude."

The adults were all touched by the three boys' show of affection, as they smiled and got ready for an evening out. Once they stopped to get Rebecca, it was off to the mall. Sammy felt a little odd at first, having these people he hardly knew buying him things, but when Carter and Kevin convinced him that it was because they loved him so much, Sammy began to actually enjoy it. First they stopped at the food court because no one had eaten supper yet, then it was time for clothes shopping. After several hours, the adults had finally rebuilt Sammy's wardrobe. Sammy was happy about that because he was getting kind of tired of trying on clothes.

A little while after the clothes shopping was done, Frank caught up with Wayne in an electronics store looking at computers. When Frank tried to talk Wayne out of replacing Sammy's computer all by himself, Wayne asked, "And how much did you just drop replacing his music collection Frank?"

"Hey, Phillip helped!" chuckled Frank.

Frank gave in and let Wayne have his way, so Wayne bought Sammy an even better computer than he had before. Frank complimented Wayne on his taste in computers, seeing as how he had bought Carter the same model before Travis died.

"At least they should have no problems swapping programs then." chuckled Wayne, as he let out an exaggerated sigh of relief.

Sammy and the other boys were sitting the stores out by this time. After seeing what Frank and Phillip were spending on him in the music store, he didn't want to know too much else. The adults did pry more information out of Sammy, and ended up buying him a few more things. As the boys were sitting outside one of the stores the adults were in, Carter suddenly turned away and hid his face.

"What's wrong Carter?" asked Kevin.

"Ex-boyfriend alert!" exclaimed Carter quietly.

"Who? Where?" asked Kevin.

"The kid walking this way from the fountain in the Beast t-shirt." said Carter. "We never did anything because I had the hots for Travis, but he hounded me relentlessly."

"Damn!" exclaimed Sammy. "He's kinda cute Carter. I'd be happy to have someone like him hound me!"

"Hey dude!" called out Kevin. "Come on over and talk to me and my friends!"

As the boy in the Beast t-shirt walked over, Carter said, "I'll get you back for that one!" Then Carter hid his face again as Kevin laughed mischievously.

"Do I know you?" asked the boy. "What do you guys want?"

"We just wanted to talk." said Kevin. "I think you do know my boyfriend." Then Kevin pulled Carter around to face the boy.

"Hi Derek." said Carter.

"Carter?!" exclaimed Derek. "It's been quite a while dude! How are you doing? I was sorry to hear about Travis, he was a really nice guy."

"I'm doing okay now, thanks to my babe." said Carter, as he elbowed Kevin. "I still miss Travis, but I'm trying to remember only the good times we had. How are you dude?"

"Okay considering that someone stole my heart about a year ago, and I haven't been the same since." replied Derek.

Derek's reply brought a snicker from Kevin, so Carter shot him a mock scowl. Then Carter said, "I'm sorry about that dude, but I thought you knew how I felt about Travis."

"I'm just kidding with you Carter." replied Derek. "I'm really doing okay."

"So, did you ever find anyone to replace me?" asked Carter.

"How could anyone replace you Carter?" asked Derek.

"If I didn't know how much Carter loved me, I'd be starting to get jealous!" snickered Kevin.

After Carter elbowed Kevin again, he replied, "I know a really cute guy that you might like. Derek, this is Sammy. Sammy's staying at my house right now, hopefully for quite a while."

Derek held out his hand to Sammy, who was blushing now. As the boys shook hands, Derek said, "I've seen you before Sammy. You disappeared for a week once, then you were really quiet after you came back. It's nice to actually meet you though." Then Derek turned to Carter and said, "You weren't lying dude, he is kinda cute!"

"Why don't you come over to my house sometime then dude?" asked Carter. "You remember where I live, don't you?"

"It's burned into my memory forever dude." said Derek as he smiled.

"Good then, drop by either tomorrow or Friday!" said Carter.

"Friday sounds like a winner to me." replied Derek. "Well, I better get going. My ride should be out front any minute now. It was great to see you again Carter, and it was really cool meeting you guys too Sammy and Kevin."

"See ya later dude!" said Carter.

When Derek had walked away, Sammy said, "Damn! You guys weren't kidding when you said you were going to try to hook me up with a cute guy, were you?"

All three boys were still laughing when the adults came back out of the store. Then it was finally time to head back home. Wayne and Phillip followed the others back to Frank and Rebecca's house. Once they got there, Carter and Kevin attached themselves together at the lips while Sammy went through everything that everyone had bought him. By the time he had gone through everything, Sammy had a tear in the corner of his eye.

"I can't believe you guys bought me so much stuff!" said Sammy emotionally.

"That's because we all love you very much Sammy." said Rebecca.

"What happened to your stuff wasn't right son, and we couldn't stand the idea of doing any less than what we did for you tonight." said Frank.

"We do love you, and we do care Sammy." said Wayne. "If you can always remember that, I'm sure you will be fine. We can work on what everyone else has done to you, so it doesn't hurt anymore."

"You're a fine boy Sammy, and you deserve to be treated well." said Phillip.

"I love all of you so much!" said Sammy. "The best thing you've given me so far isn't anything that came from a store. It's how you've shown me what it's like to be a part of a real family! I'll always love all of you very much, even my horny new brother who is right now trying to swallow his boyfriend's face!"

Everyone began to laugh as they turned to look at Carter and Kevin, who were still solidly attached at the lips. Carter gave everyone the "Talk to the hand" sign without breaking the kiss. Finally though, it was time for Wayne, Phillip, and Kevin to leave. The boys had to reluctantly break their kiss. That night was tough for Carter, as he was becoming use to sharing his bed with Kevin. Phillip did agree to pick the boys up on the way to taking Kevin to school though, and he even agreed to getting there a little early so Kevin and Carter could have some private time before starting the day.

The next few days saw everyone trying to settle into a normal routine. On Thursday Wayne closed the deal on the house that he and Phillip had found, and made plans to move over the weekend. He also talked to the school counselor again on Thursday, and as a result had made appointments to talk to the parents of two more boys the following week. Phillip was settling in nicely in his new office in Cincinnati, and was looking forward to not spending as much time on the road. The boys were settling into their routine at school too. Billy didn't say anything else to Kevin, but he did give him a few nasty glances. Kevin could ignore that though, because he knew that his family didn't have a whole lot of class anyway.

Finally, Friday evening rolled around. Kevin was happy because he would spend the night with his boyfriend. Carter was happy because not only would he be spending the night with his boyfriend, but he was also setting Sammy up with a really cute guy. Kevin went home with Carter and Sammy after their appointment with Wayne. Then about an hour after they got to Carter's house, Derek showed up. The four boys went to Carter's room to wait for supper to be ready. As soon as Kevin and Carter were in the room, they embraced in a deep and passionate kiss while Sammy and Derek watched.

"Wow!" exclaimed Derek. "I wish Carter had kissed me like that when we were hanging out together!"

"They do look like they're having fun, don't they?" asked Sammy.

Derek then turned to look at Sammy, starting at Sammy's head. The top of Sammy's head was covered with straight, medium length ash colored hair. The green in Sammy's eyes set his hair off perfectly. Sammy had a fair and smooth complexion, making his face look like that of someone younger than Sammy's age of sixteen. Sammy had a medium build, with only the slightest hint of a tummy. At five feet and six inches tall, Sammy's frame was very pleasing to look at.

Before Derek knew what he was doing, he asked, "Would you like to kiss me Sammy?"

Sammy gazed into Derek's azure blue eyes and replied, "I'd love to kiss you Derek!"

Sammy placed his arms around Derek's torso, then Derek gently wrapped his arms around Sammy. The two boys faces slowly came together until their lips tentatively touched together. Once the boy's lips touched, Sammy knew he wanted to kiss Derek deeply. Sammy placed his hand on the back of Derek's head, and pushed their faces firmly together. Derek let out a slight moan as Sammy pushed his tongue past Derek's lips. Sammy probed the inside of Derek's mouth with his tongue, coaxing Derek's tongue to come out and play. As soon as Derek's tongue tried to enter Sammy's mouth, Sammy began to passionately suck on it.

Now it was Carter and Kevin's turn to stare at the other two boys as they both smiled brightly. Sammy and Derek looked like they were lost in another world as they shared a very deep and erotic kiss. Finally both boys had to come up for air, as they parted breathlessly.

"That was a totally hot kiss Sammy!" panted Derek.

"That's because I had such a hot guy to kiss!" replied Sammy.

Then Derek ran his hands down Sammy's back, cupping both of Sammy's round butt cheeks in his hands and giving them a gentle squeeze. "There's no way I could ever keep up with how good you look Sammy." said Derek.

"You both look very good!" said Kevin.

"And you make a great looking couple!" added Carter.

The four boys then embraced in a group hug together, but Derek now couldn't keep his eyes off Sammy. Sammy was now the cutest boy Derek had ever seen. After the boys chatted for a few more minutes, Rebecca called them out to the kitchen for supper. Derek and Sammy made eyes at each other all the way through the meal. Rebecca smiled at the sight of the two boys who were obviously in the process of falling in love with each other. After the meal was finished, the four boys went back to Carter's room to talk and play video games.

As they were talking, Derek asked, "So Sammy, why did you disappear for that week about eighteen months ago and then become so quiet?"

Carter and Kevin saw Sammy's expression change, so they sat on both sides of him. "We're here for you if you want to tell him about it dude." said Carter softly.

Derek then moved so he was right in front of Sammy and said, "I'm sorry dude. You don't have to talk about it if it upsets you too much. I just wanted to know you a little better."

"That's okay Derek." said Sammy. "I have to learn to face what happened to me. It all started about two years ago, when me and Kevin started to become close friends. We liked each other a lot, and began to play with each other when no one else was around. After about six months it was obvious to both of us that we liked fondling each other's dicks, so we decided that we wanted to go a little further. We were both a little nervous, I guess because neither of us had ever thought about having another boy's dick in our mouths before. As soon as I felt my lips come in contact with his dick though, I knew that I enjoyed it very much. I knew I was gay, and there was nothing I could do about it. I thought Kevin had locked his door, and we were both having such a good time that we didn't even hear his mother come into the room until she let out a yell. She beat the hell out of both of us, and I took off as soon as I could get away from her.

I ran home as fast as I could, thinking that my parents would protect me. When I got there though, I found out that Kevin's mother had already called them and told them what we were doing. I didn't think my parents would ever stop beating me, at least not until they had killed me. They did finally stop though, because my mom had called the pastor at their church. He gave them the number for a group to call. The group leader told my parents that his group could get God to cure me of my homosexuality, but they would need to turn me over to them for a little while. They took me to meet this so-called Christian counselor, and he scared the hell out of me to even look at him. I begged my parents not to leave me there, and that I would let them beat me until they were happy if they wanted to, but they turned away from me and left me there crying. The man then took all of my clothes off, and locked me in a room. He told me that the only way I would ever survive to see anyone again was to pray to be forgiven for my sins.

That first night I was locked in that room, he had someone come over to pay me a visit. The man came into the room where I was laying there naked, and asked if I was the little cock-sucking faggot that he was called to see. He told me if God really wanted me to be a faggot, then what he was going to do to me wouldn't hurt. He trapped me in a corner, and then pulled his pants down. I was scared as hell and wasn't about to give in to him, so he yanked my jaws wide open. By the time he left me, he HAD hurt me and I was crying uncontrollably. Fortunately I never did see that man again. The next day the counselor came back into the room and told me that I was evil, and that the last night was God's way of punishing me for that. When I told him that I was hungry, he told me the only way I would be fed was if I asked God to help me. Later on he came back and gave me my clothes back, then told me to get dressed to see his group. The whole group did nothing but tell me that I was evil, and that I hated my parents. They said that being a faggot was God's way of punishing me for that, and that I needed to pray to be saved before it was too late."

By this time Sammy was starting to cry lightly as he spoke, so Kevin and Carter put their arms around him. Derek took Sammy's trembling hand and held it tightly, kissing Sammy gently on the hand. Carter was afraid that he might have to call Wayne to come over, but Sammy insisted on continuing.

"On the next day, I was so hungry that I gave in." said Sammy. "I did ask God to help me, but I didn't tell the man how I wanted God to help me. The man brought me some food after that, and told me that all I had to do was keep cooperating like that, and God would allow my suffering to stop. I did keep asking God to help me, but the group had changed the rules. Now I had to pray to be saved before they would feed me again. A few nights later, God did answer me in my dreams. He told me that he would deal with these people in his time, and that I hadn't done anything wrong. He wanted me to believe in him because I wanted to, and not because someone was forcing me to believe what they wanted. He told me that the people I was with didn't even know who he was, but he was afraid that they would hurt me. Then God asked me to trick them into thinking that I had changed, and was going along with them. He said that he would take care of me.

By the end of the week, I had convinced the man and his group that I was now going along with them. They began to feed me again, and then called my parents to come get me. They told my parents that I had been saved, so they shouldn't hold what I had done before against me. They also told them to bring me to their group meetings regularly, and to keep a close eye on me to make sure that I didn't begin sinning again. Ever since then I've had to be really careful to not give my parents any reason to suspect that I'm still gay. I didn't give up on the promise God made to me though. I waited for him to help me like he said he would, and now he has. I know that God was the one who brought Kevin and Carter back into my life, and then led me to Wayne. Wayne told me the exact same thing that God did, that I had done nothing wrong and that being gay wasn't a sin. He and God both told me that my parents and the people my parents took me to were the ones who were wrong. Now God has me with people who really love me, and he's taking care of the ones who hurt me."

All three boys held and hugged Sammy until he had stopped crying. Carter and Kevin took turns kissing him gently on the forehead, while Derek kissed him softy on the hand and the lips. A peaceful look finally returned to Sammy's face, which made him look even more beautiful to Derek now.

Carter finally asked, "Are you okay now Sammy? Would you like to talk to Wayne?"

Sammy smiled and replied, "I'll be great until I talk to him tomorrow! I'm surrounded by people who love me now, and I love them even more."

The boys finally got back to playing games and talking about much happier subjects. Derek's gaze at Sammy had become even more intense now. He couldn't even imagine the hell that Sammy had been through, and his heart had completely went out to Sammy. As Derek gazed at him now, he felt himself becoming lost in Sammy's soul.

There's nothing more wonderful than the exact moment someone falls deeply in love, is there? The next scene between those two promises to be very beautiful. Please send all comments to: I'll see everyone again in Chapter 5.