Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 5

Derek and Sammy continued to play video games until they noticed that Kevin and Carter had become kinda quiet. Sammy and Derek looked back, thinking they would see Kevin and Carter kissing again. Instead they saw Kevin and Carter passionately sucking each other's cocks. Derek and Sammy stared at the other two boys for a few moments, before embracing in another kiss.

After a few minutes, Carter pulled up off Kevin's cock and asked, "Why don't you guys join us up here and have some real fun?"

When Sammy and Derek looked back up at the bed, Carter and Kevin had moved over to make room for them too.

"Do you want to have sex with me Sammy?" asked Derek.

"That would be so much fun dude!" replied Sammy.

The two boys then quickly undressed, and got on the bed with Kevin and Carter. Sammy and Derek matched the position of the other two boys, with Sammy on top of Derek. Sammy looked over at Carter sucking Kevin's cock, then gazed at Derek's cock. As Sammy began to lick his lips, he felt Derek's lips come in contact with his cock. This caused Sammy to let out a gasp. Then Sammy lowered his mouth down over Derek's cock, rubbing it with his lips as he went. It had been a while since Sammy had felt another boy's pride and joy in his mouth, and Derek's cock felt very good there. Both boys began sucking each other like they were sucking on a popsicle, and pretty soon they could both feel their cock throbbing. Both boys eagerly licked and sucked at each other's cock, wanting to make the other boy cum. After a few minutes, Sammy and Derek could hear Carter and Kevin getting louder. As Sammy worked on Derek's cock, he looked out of the corner of his eye in time to see Kevin shooting his cum into Carter's mouth. Carter was swallowing Kevin's cum as though it were the most delicious thing in the world. Then Carter's cum began shooting into Kevin's hungry mouth. Watching his two friends out of the corner of his eye was making Sammy very eager to cum for Derek. When Carter and Kevin were finished cumming, they sat up and watched the other two boys as they coaxed them on.

"You look like you're having so much fun sucking Derek's cock Sammy." said Carter. "You look like you can't wait for Derek to shoot his sweet, creamy cum into your mouth. I'll bet it's going to be so delicious that it's the only thing you'll ever want to eat!"

"That's it Derek." said Kevin. "Suck on Sammy's cock like it was always meant just for you dude! Sammy can't wait to shoot his cum into you, because he knows how much you want to taste his sweet load!"

Sammy and Derek were now writhing in approach of their orgasms. Carter and Kevin's coaxing had gotten them so turned on that they couldn't wait to feel themselves cum for their lover. Sammy began to pant very heavily around Derek's cock, as his cum began to shoot into Derek's mouth. Sammy's cum was so sweet that Derek swallowed it down greedily. The taste of Sammy's cum was enough to make Derek begin cumming for Sammy. Sammy instantly loved the first taste of Derek's cum, so he began sucking as hard as he could. The two boys swallowed and moaned as they were gripped by their orgasms. The orgasms were so intense that when they were finished, Sammy collapsed on top of Derek, still in the sixty-nine position. Carter and Kevin picked Sammy up, and gently laid him in Derek's arms. Then Carter went around to his ex boyfriend Derek, while Kevin hovered over Sammy. When Carter was ready, he and Kevin gave their ex's a very sweet and gentle kiss on the lips.

When the short kiss was over, Derek moaned, "Thanks guys. I've never felt this good before in my life."

"You just make sure you take good care of my brother." said Carter. "He needs you now Derek, he always has!"

Kevin gazed down at Sammy and said, "Everything happens for a reason Sammy. I use to be so in love with you, but it wasn't meant to be. You were meant to be with Derek. I can see the love between you two, and it makes what we felt for each other pale in comparison!"

"I know you're right Kevin." said Sammy softly. "Derek is just so unbelievable."

Derek was now glad that he had gotten permission to spend the night. He didn't ever want this night to end. After the boys talked for a little while longer, they went back to playing video games. This time though, they were playing naked. The four boys also played a little bit of innocent touch and feel as they played, and laughed as they had a great time together.

As it got later, Frank stuck his head into the room and smiled as he said, "Don't you boys try to stay up all night, okay?"

Derek was shocked as Frank stuck his head in just as he was copping a feel on Carter and Sammy at the same time, but Frank didn't say a word about it.

Carter laughed as he said, "You should have seen your face dude! It was so good, I thought I was going to fall over!"

"I know your dad saw me though Carter." replied Derek. "Why didn't he say anything? I had two handfuls of cock when he came in. If that were my dad, I'd be looking for a new home right now!"

"My dad is so cool that it isn't funny dude!" said Carter. "He thinks it's really great that us boys are so in love with each other. No matter what he says, I'm sure he had a boyfriend when he was our age!"

"Yeah, it's freakin great here dude!" said Kevin. "Frank even came in on me and Carter having sex one time. He just sat and talked to us like nothing was happening! I could almost swear that he kinda liked watching me and Carter making love."

All of the boys laughed for a few minutes before Derek said, "You and Sammy are so damn lucky dude! Any gay kid in the world would do anything to have a dad like Frank."

"He is about the greatest dad in the world, isn't he?" replied Carter. "I love him and my mom both so much!"

After the conversation died back down, the boys settled in for some kissing while they played. Each boy got a chance to kiss all of the other boys, although there was a lot more feeling when Carter kissed Kevin and Derek kissed Sammy. As Derek held Sammy's body tightly against himself, he couldn't remember ever having a better time. Sammy was also beginning to enjoy his new home quite a bit. As it got later, it was getting to be time for the boys to go to their own rooms to settle in for some serious love making.

Carter handed Sammy an extra bottle of lube that he had picked up for Sammy, and said, "Here you go dudes, I thought you might need this!"

Sammy looked at Carter for a few moments and replied, "Neither of us have ever done that before. How do we do it?"

Kevin and Carter grinned at each other, then Kevin said, "Pick up your clothes and let's go to Sammy's room. We'll help you guys get started!"

Derek was a little nervous about walking naked to Sammy's room, but the other boys finally talked him into it. Derek and Sammy sat on Sammy's bed, and looked at each other nervously.

"It would help if you two gave each other a nice kiss before you got started." said Carter.

After the two boys kissed deeply for a few minutes, Kevin asked, "Okay, who wants to be on top first?"

The two boys broke the kiss, and Derek said, "I want to put myself in Sammy first!"

"Okay then Sammy, lay face down on the bed and get ready for an experience you'll never forget!" said Kevin. When Sammy was laying down, Kevin continued, "Okay Derek, first you want to spread his cheeks apart, then kiss and lick between them. That will help Sammy to relax for what is coming." After Derek had done as Kevin instructed for a few minutes, Kevin continued, "Now squeeze a big drop of the lube right onto Sammy's hole, then work it in really good with one finger. You can go ahead and work your finger into Sammy as far as you want, he should be fine with one finger. After you've done that for a little while, put some more lube on his hole and work in two fingers. You'll want to take it easier with two fingers though."

Kevin and Carter watched as Derek carefully and gently worked on Sammy's pucker. Sammy moaned softly as if he were really enjoying what Derek was doing. After several minutes, Derek was carefully working two fingers in and out of Sammy.

"Okay, it's time to get to the fun part." said Carter. "Sammy, when Derek slips his fingers out of you, I want you to roll over on your back. While Derek is rubbing some lube on his cock and getting it ready, you can put your legs up on his shoulders." After both boys were ready, Carter continued, "Okay Derek, go ahead and line your cock up with his hole, then push it just inside him very carefully and stop so he can get use to it. Keep an eye on his face, and when you see that he's gotten use to it you can push it into him slowly. Don't worry either, you'll be able to tell when Sammy has adjusted to your cock being in him."

Carter and Kevin watched on as Derek followed Carter's instructions. They could see Sammy wince slightly when Derek first entered him, but within a few moments Sammy was smiling more than either boy had ever seen. Derek began pushing his cock slowly into Sammy, and before long he was as deeply into Sammy as he could get.

"Now just do whatever comes natural to you." said Kevin. "After Derek has had his orgasm, you guys can switch places and do the same thing you just did. Me and Carter are going back to his room now to make love. You guys have fun!"

"Oh God yes!" moaned Sammy. "We will!"

Kevin and Carter smiled as they watched the beginning of the two boys making love, then turned and went back to their room with their arms around each other. As Kevin and Carter made love that night, they could hear Sammy and Derek in the throes of passion. Sammy and Derek were definitely having the most fun they had ever had in their lives. All four boys finally went to sleep that night, happy to be in the arms of their lovers.

The next morning at breakfast, Frank and Rebecca were treated to the sight of four madly smiling boys. It was a sight that made them feel really good to see.

"I don't know what all you boys did last night, but keep up the good work!" chuckled Frank.

"I can't believe how incredible last night was!" exclaimed Sammy.

Frank knew right away how far they had gone, so he replied, "Making love to someone you care about deeply is suppose to feel that way Sammy. I'm very glad that you've been able to experience that now, and I hope you feel free to do so anytime your love for Derek urges you to do it. Love like that is a very sweet and special thing, and you should never have to hesitate to express it. I do hope that both of you will be careful outside of this house though. I'm afraid that not all of the world shares those feelings."

"How come you feel that way about this Mr. Williams?" asked Derek. "It's not that I mind, it's just I've never met an adult who's as accepting of boys in love with each other as you and your wife are!"

"Me and Rebecca were both born into a family of hippies in the early seventies, and spent our younger years being raised in a commune." replied Frank. "One of the things that lifestyle holds dearest is the concept of free love. They feel you should be free to express love to anyone you fall in love with, no matter who they are. I guess that it's something that has always stuck with us."

"Did you ever have a boyfriend sir?" asked Sammy.

Frank decided that he would be completely honest with the boys at this point, so he replied, "Rebecca and I have told each other everything there is about our past, a long time ago. There's nothing that I've done that she doesn't know about. I've loved several people very much in my life, with Rebecca being my last and greatest true love. Before her though, when I was younger, there was a boy who lived in the commune I was raised in. He was my first love, and I have very pleasant memories of those days. I guess you could say he was my boyfriend for about a year and a half before he fell in love with an older guy. We did have some pretty pleasurable sex together though, even though I never really pinned a label on myself. Having sex with Rebecca was every bit as enjoyable as it was with my first love, and even more so when I realized that Rebecca was the person I was meant to spend my life with. She would have become the center of my life regardless of what sex she was though. That's why neither of us have any problems with the way you boys express love for each other. As long as you ARE in love, that is the most important thing in the world."

All of the boys began to truly comprehend how lucky Carter, and now Sammy were, to be being raised by two of the most wonderful people they had ever known. Carter was so moved that he got up and gave both of his parents a warm kiss on the cheek.

"I love both of you so much!" said Carter emotionally. "I don't know what I ever did to be lucky enough to have the absolute best parents in the universe!"

"We love you too Carter, and that goes for all of you boys." said Rebecca. "Especially you though Carter. We were very blessed to have you come into our lives sixteen years ago, and we're happy that you have found such a wonderful love as you have with Kevin. We also hope that what time we have with you Sammy teaches you that love is the most important thing in the world. Derek is a very fine looking boy, and we're glad that you already feel safe enough to express your love to him."

Sammy was now happy to consider himself a part of this family. After reliving the horror last night of what had happened to him, he felt as though he had no other family besides Frank, Rebecca, and Carter. Sammy was looking forward to talking to Wayne again so he could tell Wayne how he felt, even though he would have to relive his past once more. Derek didn't want to leave when the time came to go home. Derek wanted to stay here too now. Rebecca and Frank had to have a talk with him, and Rebecca promised to talk to Derek's mother so Derek could spend as much time with Sammy as he wanted to. When the time came, Frank dropped Sammy off at Wayne's new house, and Kevin and Carter took Wayne's place in helping Phillip move him, Wayne, and Kevin in. Then Frank took Derek on home, before returning to help Phillip and the boys.

Wayne took Sammy into his new office, which was still in disarray, and said, "Have a seat Sammy. You look very happy this morning, I'm glad to see that. What's going on?"

"Everything and nothing." replied Sammy with a giggle.

"I see." replied Wayne. "You want to play games today. In your case, that is a good sign Sammy."

"It's just that I came to realize last night that Carter, Frank, and Rebecca are the people that I consider my family now." said Sammy. "I told Derek about the things that I'd been through last night, and realized that real parents wouldn't have put me through what mine did."

Sammy and Wayne proceed to have a very long talk about Sammy's past. Wayne had to let Sammy cry on his shoulder several times, but Sammy wanted to get everything out in the open. Wayne had to check his own emotions several times in order to help Sammy, which was now very important to Wayne. He knew that the attempted brainwashing had done some harm to Sammy, and he was furious with Sammy's real parents. As he talked to Sammy, and offered the boy guidance and comfort, he began filling out a report that he would turn over to CPS. Wayne now wanted to make sure that Sammy would not be placed in any more harm by his parents, and wanted to see that Sammy would remain with Frank and Rebecca. Wayne knew that Frank and Rebecca would nurture and love the boy as they did their own son. When their session had finally come to an end, Wayne gave Sammy a gentle kiss on the forehead, then promised Sammy he would do everything he could to see him remain as happy as he was now. Then Wayne and Sammy helped the others with the moving.

Meanwhile at Derek's house, Derek's mom had called him in the living room to talk to her. "Okay young man, I just got off the phone with Carter's mother." said Derek's mom. "I want to know who you are, and what you've done with our son?"

"What do you mean mom?" replied Derek with a wide grin.

"It's just that I'm not use to other people going on and on about you the way she did." said Derek's mom. "You made quite an impression on his family, and they seem to think you will make a fine friend for Carter and Sammy, the boy who's staying with them. I was shocked, to say the least. I mean, I know you're a good boy at heart, and you really do try. I'm just not use to you trying so hard honey. I guess some of the things we've tried to teach you have begun to sink in. It also appears that Carter and Sammy are a good influence on you too. I just wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you, and I'm glad you have two friends like them. Me and your father was starting to become concerned about some of the kids you've been hanging out with lately, but you can spend as much time with them as you want to, within reason of course."

"Thanks mom, you guys are the best!" replied Derek. "I know I've been a little rebellious lately, but I'm going to keep trying to make you guys proud of me from now on."

"That's great honey!" replied Derek's mom as she rubbed his head. "You can go along and play or something until supper is ready."

Derek didn't know what Rebecca said to his mom, but he was glad that she was taking care of Sammy right now. Derek smiled dreamily as he sat at his computer and composed a love letter to send to Sammy later, when they talked to each other online. In the meantime, Frank had gone home to get Rebecca so everyone could have a nice dinner out that evening. They had also agreed to let Carter and Sammy spend the night at Kevin's new house, so the boys worked busily at putting Kevin's room in order. The phone and cable companies had been out earlier that day, so Sammy was happy that he would be able to use Kevin's computer to talk to Derek that evening. Before going out, Wayne wanted to speak with Frank and Rebecca.

"I just wanted to let you guys know what my feelings are regarding Sammy's situation." said Wayne. "Would you two be okay with taking on a more permanent role in Sammy's life?"

"Me and Rebecca have already discussed that, and we would love to!" replied Frank.

"That's great!" exclaimed Wayne. "I have made out a report to CPS that I am going to give to them first thing Monday morning. I'm going to make a very strong case to them to have Sammy's parents parental rights revoked by the state, and have him placed in your custody on a permanent basis. That boy has been through way too much already, and he needs the kind of love and support that I'm sure you would be more than able to provide him."

"Then we will be happy to consider him as our son from this point on." said Rebecca.

"I think that's exactly what he needs right now." replied Wayne.

Everyone had a very nice dinner, then Frank and Rebecca took the kids back to Wayne and Phillip's house to spend the night. The boys immediately went up to Kevin's room, and stripped off their clothes. Sammy was starting to become very comfortable being naked around other people now, and Kevin and Carter made sure to compliment him on how nice his body looked. Right away Sammy asked Kevin if he could use his computer, so Sammy had a seat at the desk while Kevin stood over his shoulder to help him. Sammy glanced to his side and smiled when he seen Kevin's cock, which was now becoming hard thanks to Carter, dangling over his shoulder. Kevin looked down and saw Sammy looking, so he flicked his hips and caused his cock to smack Sammy in the face. Sammy giggled, then turned his attention back to the computer. Once Kevin had gotten Sammy online, he went back to the bed to join Carter.

Sammy signed into his e-mail account, expecting to see something there from Derek. He was very pleased by what he found there.

My dearest Sammy: How is the most beautiful boy in the world doing tonight? I just wanted to tell you that I became the luckiest boy in the world last night when I fell in love with you. Then I was even luckier to find that for some reason, you had fallen in love with me too. I now know that I will never be able to love anyone again the same way that I love you. You have made the world a beautiful and happy place for me, and I will sacrifice anything for your love. When I am filled with your love the sun shines brighter and people are more pleasant to be around. What we did last night when we made love was so wonderful that I'll never forget it, not even if we live together to be two hundred years old. I can't wait for the next time we make love, or even share a passionate kiss. Any contact at all with your perfect body sends shivers all the way through me. I never imagined that when real love hit me, that it would feel this great. I hope you will be my boyfriend for the rest of our lives Sammy, because that is what I want more than anything in the world. I will look forward to chatting with you as soon as you get online tonight. With all of my love, Derek.

By the time Sammy had reread Derek's e-mail three times, tears of happiness were trickling down his face. Kevin and Carter saw that something was up with Sammy, so they got out of bed and went to Sammy's side.

When Kevin saw the tears, he asked, "Is there anything wrong Sammy?"

"No dudes." croaked Sammy. "Everything couldn't be more right! I guess I'm just really happy about Derek's e-mail."

Kevin and Carter read the e-mail, and hugged each other tightly. Then they stooped down and each gave Sammy a warm hug.

"You are so blessed to have a dude love you like he does Sammy!" said Kevin. "I knew Derek was a really sweet guy the moment I saw him, and I'm so happy for both of you. Can I be your best man when you guys get married?"

All three boys giggled for a few moments before Sammy replied, "You don't even have to ask dude. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather have for that."

"Well, I always knew Derek was a great guy." said Carter. "I would have been with him myself if it hadn't been for Travis, and then my Kevin. I'm happy that he makes my brother feel so good. Now, boot up the IM and talk to that boy!"

"Thanks guys." said Sammy. "I love you like a best friend Kevin, and I love you like a brother Carter."

Sammy then signed on to his IM, while Kevin and Carter went over to the bed to make love. As soon as Sammy and Derek hooked up, they turned on their webcams and microphones. The two boys had a very hot chat, especially when Derek figured out that Carter and Kevin were making love in the same room. Sammy turned the camera on the two boys on the bed, so Derek could see it for himself. Then Sammy and Derek went about the pleasure of making each other cum. Neither boy had much experience with cyber sex, but they did very well with each other. Sammy aimed the camera at Kevin and Carter again when Carter began to cum inside Kevin's butt, then the two boys switched places. Carter and Kevin were now aware of what the other two boys were doing, as they listened to Sammy and Derek cyber. Listening to the other two boys made Kevin very hot, as he thrust himself in and out of Carter. Sammy and Derek finally began having orgasms for each other, followed shortly by Kevin shooting his cum into Carter. Then all three naked boys sat at the computer and talked to Derek. By the time it was time to get offline, Derek had agreed to come to Carter and Sammy's house on Sunday afternoon.

Kevin now had a very large bed that Phillip had picked up for him earlier, so all three boys climbed into bed together. Kevin and Carter gave Sammy a quick kiss on the lips, then kissed each other passionately for several minutes before all three boys snuggled together. All three boys caressed each other's bodies as they drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next day, the boys got ready and headed back over to Carter's house. Kevin and Carter would have to spend tonight in their own beds, so they wanted to have an afternoon filled with love. That was also on Sammy's mind for when Derek came over.

Derek finally got there and said, "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Williams. You both look great today! Thanks for talking to my mom Mrs. Williams."

"You're very welcome Derek." replied Rebecca. "The boys are all in Carter's room, and Sammy's been waiting anxiously for you."

"Thanks!" shouted Derek as he scurried off to Carter's room.

The boys had a very fun afternoon as they all made love to their boyfriends together on Carter's bed. Sammy and Derek were able to pick up a few pointers on love making from the other two boys, and by the time Kevin and Derek left, all of the boys were happily drained.

The following week was very interesting for the adults. On Monday, Wayne took his report to CPS. Sammy's caseworker updated the charges against Sammy's parents, as well as filed charges against several people involved in the attempted brainwashing of Sammy. She also began preparing paperwork to make Frank and Rebecca Sammy's permanent guardians as soon as his parents parental rights had been revoked. Later that afternoon, Wayne had his first of two new appointments for the week. The boy, named Eddie, had been taken to a party by his parents. While Eddie's parents were so drunk that they didn't know what was happening, Eddie was raped by several of his dad's male friends. The ensuing court case put the men who raped Eddie behind bars for a very long time, and almost had Eddie taken away from his parents. The parents were very remorseful for what had happened, and had completely quit drinking. The family was still very distant toward each other though, and Eddie seemed moody and depressed most of the time. Wayne took the case instantly, even though the family wasn't in the best financial shape due to all of their court costs. Money didn't matter to Wayne though, all he could think about was helping this boy.

The case that Wayne saw on Wednesday was a very unusual one for him. He saw a boy who was about to turn seventeen named Tony, who's parents were very well off. Tony was in the process of suing them though, and trying to gain emancipation from them. About six months ago Tony had gotten a girl pregnant. Tony loved the girl named Jessica very much, and Jessica's parents liked Tony quite a bit. Tony's parents were a different story though. When they found out about the pregnancy, they began to insist that the girl get an abortion. Jessica and her family didn't believe in abortion though, and Jessica's parents were going to help the kids with their baby until they had graduated. Tony's parents tried to make his and Jessica's life a living hell though, trying to force them into their way of thinking. About a month ago, Jessica's family couldn't take any more, so they took Jessica and moved away from Cincinnati. Tony ran away to follow them, but his parents had him arrested and brought home. Now Tony was finding himself being depressed a lot, and even had thoughts of suicide. He couldn't stand the idea of not seeing Jessica, or not being there when his child was born. Emancipation was his last hope, but no one seemed to want to help him. Wayne wanted to help him very much though, even though it could mean trouble if the parents found out before the emancipation hearing. Wayne told Tony he would do anything he could to help him, including finding him a lawyer. Tony had already filed with the family and civil courts, but he was scared to death that his parents lawyer would tear him apart in court.

Sammy's caseworker also stopped in at Frank and Rebecca's house on Wednesday. She had quite a few more papers for Frank and Rebecca to sign, so that Sammy could stay there permanently. She assured Sammy that the department would do everything they could so that he could stay there, and not to worry about anything. That made Sammy and Carter very happy.

On Thursday Wayne got an urgent call. "Hello, is this Wayne Owens?" asked the young male voice on the phone.

"Yes it is young man, can I help you?" replied Wayne.

"I hope so sir." said the boy. "My name is Tommy, and I saw your number on our high school counselor's bulletin board. I have a really bad problem, and I don't know who to turn to sir. Can you please help me?"

"Are you in some kind of trouble Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"I might be, I don't know!" said Tommy as he began to cry softly. "I really need to see you sir. I don't think I can make it another day without talking to someone!"

"Okay Tommy, if you can't get out of school for the rest of the day, I want you to come here as soon as school is over!" said Wayne urgently. "Try to get them to excuse you from school right now if you can though, okay?"

"Okay sir, I'll try." sobbed Tommy, as he tried to stop his tears.

Wayne gave Tommy his address, and then waited. He could tell that Tommy sounded like he was in serious trouble, and hoped really hard that the boy would make it to him before doing anything drastic. Wayne paced the floor until he heard a knock at the door about thirty minutes later. Wayne opened the door and found a very cute and innocent looking boy, who appeared to be in his mid teens.

"Are you Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"Yes sir." replied Tommy nervously.

"Okay then, follow me to my office and I'll see if I can help you Tommy." said Wayne. "Do your parents know that you're here now Tommy?"

"Oh God no sir!" exclaimed Tommy. "They really would kill me if they knew what I was doing!"

"Well Tommy, normally at least one parent would have to consent for me to see you." said Wayne. "I could get into serious trouble for seeing you without their consent. I'll have to talk to at least one parent before I can do anything."

"Oh no sir!" cried Tommy. "Please don't do that! They'll think I'm some kind of monster, and they really will kill me!"

Wayne held the scared boy close to him and said softly, "Don't worry Tommy. When I do talk to one of your parents, I won't let anything happen to you. Whatever we discuss is confidential. That means that even your parents or the police can't force me to talk about what you say to me. Whatever you say is only between me and you. I'm sure I can get your parents consent without saying anything about why you came to see me, that's why we haven't even discussed that yet."

Wayne finally calmed the boy down enough to get his mother's phone number. Wayne could tell by Tommy's behavior that the boy was hanging on to life in this world by a very thin thread though. Wayne dialed the number Tommy gave him as he watched the boy sob silently.

When a woman answered the phone, Wayne asked, "Is this Tommy Klein's mother?"

"Yes, this is Roberta, Tommy's mother." answered the woman. "Is Tommy okay? Is this the school?"

"No ma'am, it's not the school." replied Wayne. "My name is Wayne Owens, and I'm a doctor. Specifically, I'm a child psychologist, and I have Tommy with me right now."

"What's wrong with Tommy?" asked Roberta. "Why would he need a psychologist?"

"I haven't talked to him about that yet Mrs. Klein, but I can tell you that he's in pretty severe mental distress right now." replied Wayne. "I would like to begin treating him right now, and I would also like you to come to my office so we can talk about this, and so you can sign a release for me to treat him as his psychologist."

"Is it that serious Doctor Owens?" asked Roberta.

"I have serious concerns about his well being right now ma'am." replied Wayne. "He may very well be in danger from himself. Please let me begin treating him right away."

"Of course Doctor Owens, please help my little Tommy if he needs it!" said Roberta. "I'll be there as soon as I can!"

Wayne gave Tommy's mother his address, then turned his attention back to Tommy. Tommy looked very scared by this point.

"Please relax Tommy, I promise you that I'll help you." said Wayne. "Why don't you lean back in this chair here by my desk so you can relax, and tell me why you called me today."

Tommy sat in the very comfortable chair Wayne was pointing to, and leaned back. "You have to promise me that you won't hate me when I tell you what's wrong sir." said Tommy nervously.

"I'm here to help you Tommy, not judge you." said Wayne. "From now on, please call me Wayne instead of sir. I hope we can be friends Tommy, and friends don't call friends sir. Now, why don't you start at the beginning, and tell me what's wrong my young friend."

"Okay, here goes," said Tommy, as he braced himself for what he was about to go through. "It all started about a year ago, when I got my first job babysitting. I started out doing it as a favor for a friend of my father. He was going to be gone until very late in the morning on business, and he didn't have anyone else to call. When I got there, I found out that I'd be babysitting his five and seven year old sons. They were very nice kids, and all they wanted to do that evening was play. We had a lot of fun that afternoon and evening, but as it got closer to their bedtime, I got an erection. I didn't even know what had caused it at that time. Well, the two boys discovered that my dick was hard, so they both wanted to see it. The more I told them no though, the harder it got. I finally gave in and let them see it, but then they wanted to play with it too. I have no idea why I said it, but I told them that I'd let them play with it if they let me play with theirs."

Tommy went on to tell Wayne about having sex with the two boys, and how much they liked it. He told him how the boys thought it was cool when his dick spit on them, and that he still has sex with the two boys on a regular basis. Then he told Wayne about getting other jobs babysitting, and how easy it had become to get the little boys he was babysitting to have sex with him. Then he told Wayne about one boy that he had gone further with than any of the others. On the second time Tommy had talked the boy into swallowing his cum, and on the forth time Tommy talked the boy into anal sex. After doing that with Tommy twice though, the boy told Tommy that he didn't want to do stuff like that. He also told Tommy that he was going to tell his father what they had been doing, unless Tommy gave him money not to say anything. By that time Tommy was crying pretty heavily, saying that he didn't want to go to jail. He also told Wayne that he tried to fight the way he felt, but he just couldn't help himself now when he saw a cute young boy. He finally told Wayne that no matter what he did with the boys he had sex with though, he would never dream of hurting any of them. Tommy also said that he thought he was in love with the two boys that started the whole mess. By this time, Tommy started crying so hard that he couldn't talk any more.

Wayne knew that this type of behavior was very hard to fight once it became ingrained in someone's personality, but he believed Tommy when he said he would never hurt any of the boys. Tommy could still get into deep trouble though, whether he physically hurt anyone or not. Wayne digested what Tommy had told him until they were interrupted by the doorbell. Wayne went to the door to find Tommy's mother there, and explained to her that he needed a few more minutes with Tommy before he could talk to her. Once Wayne showed Roberta to the waiting area, he went back into his office to talk to Tommy. Tommy's crying had finally let up a little.

"Okay Tommy, I'm going to do everything I can to help you." said Wayne. "Did the last boy you talked about seem like the type who wouldn't care if anyone knew that he'd had sex with another boy?"

"Not really." replied Tommy. "He actually seems like the type that might bully other kids around. Besides, his father didn't seem like the kind who would understand if he'd found out his boy had sex with another boy five times."

"Then I would say there might be a good chance he won't really say anything." said Wayne. "It sounds to me like he was just trying to get money out of you. You have to realize though that even if this boy doesn't get you in trouble, you could still get into serious trouble for having sex with boys that young."

"I know Wayne, that's why I came here." replied Tommy. "I still can't help my feelings though, especially with Zack and Seth. They're the first two boys I told you about. Please help me Wayne."

"Well, the first thing we need to do is cut out the babysitting jobs." said Wayne. "If you want to make money you can mow lawns in the summer, and shovel snow in the winter. That won't help though until we get to the bottom of why you are attracted to much younger boys."

"Well, I never even thought about sex until Zack and Seth came along." said Tommy. "But with them, it's not just sex. I love those two boys, and they love me too. We always have so much fun when I babysit them."

"That may be true Tommy, but I seriously doubt that they even know what sex is yet." replied Wayne. "To them it's probably just another form of playing, except you boys are playing with each other's bodies."

"But they told me that they loved me!" exclaimed Tommy.

"And they probably do too Tommy, you seem like a very lovable boy." said Wayne. "People tend to figure out what love is long before they figure out what sex is. I'm sure the boys do love you, but that doesn't mean they have any idea what sex is."

"So then you realize that they'll be very hurt if I tell them that I can't babysit them anymore." said Tommy. "I told them that I love them both, and they'll think I'm lying if I tell them I can't be around them."

"Yes, but you could also end up hurting them by using them for sex." replied Wayne. "I'm not trying to make you feel bad Tommy, but I do need for you to understand that this kind of thing is against the law because they are not old enough to know what sex is."

"You might be right Wayne, but I still love them." said Tommy.

"There are perfectly acceptable ways to express that too Tommy, but sex isn't one of them." replied Wayne. "I want you to do something for me Tommy. Before you come back to see me after school tomorrow, I want you to think about telling those two boys about how you and them have been having sex. I want you to take yourself back to their age though, and think of a way to tell them that they will understand. When you see me tomorrow, I want to know what you've come up with."

"Okay Wayne, I'll try." said Tommy.

"Please keep a few things in mind though Tommy." said Wayne. "You are not bad, and you are not evil. I think you got caught up in something that you found out you have no control over. I care about you though Tommy, and I'm going to find a way to help you with this."

"Thanks Wayne." said Tommy. "I'm glad that I called you today."

"I'm glad you did too Tommy." replied Wayne. "You didn't look too good when you first got here. I'm going to give you a prescription for some medication though that might help until we can get you through this. It won't knock you out if you take it like it's prescribed, but it will help with your anxiety. Now, I want you to wait here while I go talk to your mom. Don't worry about her either. I'll explain to her that it would be best not to push you to tell her everything right now. Just try to relax Tommy, and I promise things will work out okay."

Now Wayne had to go have a talk with a very worried and concerned mother. He wasn't looking forward to it either.

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