Starting Over 2

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 6

"Hello Mrs. Klein, it's nice to meet you." said Wayne, as he offered Roberta his hand. "You have a very wonderful son, and we had a good talk today."

"Mr. Owens, what is wrong with my Tommy?" asked Roberta. "Why did he need to see a psychologist today?"

"When Tommy first came in he was in the process of having a severe anxiety attack, which I believe was due to stress." replied Wayne. "In addition to that, I believe he is also suffering from depression. Those two together can sometimes be a lethal combination. When I talked to him on the phone, I believe he was approaching the stage of considering doing harm to himself. Like I said though, we had a good talk today. I believe the crisis he suffered today is under control, but not over."

"If there was something wrong, why wouldn't Tommy come to me?" asked Roberta. "We are going to need to have a long talk about this!"

"One reason he might not have wanted to talk to you is fear, Mrs. Klein." said Wayne. "Having a long talk about himself with you is one thing that he is very afraid of. He is also afraid of his parents reaction to some of the things he is dealing with. I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your son mind you, but lengthy discussions about some of the problems he is facing would not be good right now. As a matter of fact, it may make the conditions he was suffering today much worse."

"You don't expect me to just stand by while something is wrong with my son, do you?" asked Roberta. "There is nothing he can't talk to me about Mr. Owens."

"Are you sure about that Roberta?" asked Wayne. "Think really hard about any psychological problems that a person could have, and what your reactions would be. What if he were a compulsive shoplifter, or he suffered from pyromania? If he were the type who liked to hurt other people or animals for gratification, would your reaction be calm and understanding? What if he felt he was a transsexual, or gay? Or what if he were addicted to drugs? There are many different conditions that can bring about what he went through today. Are you ready to accept anything, no matter how disturbing it may be?"

"Most of those are pretty bad things Mr. Owens, but I love my little Tommy very much." said Roberta. "I'm sure whatever is causing this isn't so bad that I can't continue to love and accept him."

"Then just remember that and offer him as much love and support as you can, without forcing him into telling you everything you want to know." said Wayne. "I'll continue to work with Tommy, and hopefully at some point he will feel well enough about himself to come to you. I will try to get him to that point as quickly as I can. In the meantime he will need your love and support to deal with what he is going through. When he does feel comfortable enough to talk to you about everything, he will need plenty of love and acceptance, without fear of any negative repercussions. I can tell you that what he is going through now is something that I believe I can help him to put an end to."

"Okay Mr. Owens." said Roberta. "You are a professional, so I'll follow your advice. Just remember though that I love my son, even if something has happened to where he doesn't trust me completely. Is there anything I can do right now though?"

"Yes, there is Roberta." said Wayne, as he handed her a couple of pamphlets. "Please read these carefully. They will teach you to recognize the signs of depression and suicide. If Tommy shows any of these signs, call me immediately. I will want to see him every day for the next week, then every two days until I feel he is doing better. I also have a prescription here for a medication that will help him to control his anxiety. Please get it filled right away, and make sure he takes it exactly as it is prescribed, starting as soon as you get it filled."

"I don't want to sound cheap Mr. Owens, because Tommy's well-being is worth anything to me, but that sounds like a lot of care for him." said Roberta. "It's just that Tommy's father and I barely make ends meet right now. How much are your services going to cost us?"

"Do you have insurance Roberta?" asked Wayne.

"Yes, and the prescription won't be any hardship." replied Roberta. "Our co payment for mental heath isn't the greatest though, so I'm sure they won't cover your services well enough."

"I'll tell you what then Roberta, I will bill your insurance directly." said Wayne. "Whatever they pay on your bill will be fine with me, and I'll just forgive the rest of it. Tommy's proper care is the only important factor here."

"I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me Wayne." said Roberta. "I have noticed for a while that Tommy hasn't seemed like himself, but we never could afford to have anyone see him like you're willing to. I also want you to know something Wayne. When you were mentioning things that might be wrong with Tommy earlier, I almost laughed when you mentioned being gay. I'm convinced that Tommy is gay, but I will wait until he is comfortable with talking to me about it. I know that homosexuality isn't a mental condition, but it can indirectly cause other conditions such as anxiety and depression. I just want Tommy to know that he can trust me with that, although his father may be a different story. I'm afraid he isn't quite as enlightened about certain things as other people are, but there's no reason to involve him just yet."

"I'm very impressed Roberta!" said Wayne. "There is a bit more to it than just that though. I promise that I will help him get to the point of opening up to you though. You seem like a very intelligent and understanding woman, and he needs to know that you love him unconditionally."

Then Wayne went to get Tommy, and reunite him with his mother. As the two were leaving, Wayne said, "I'll see you tomorrow Tommy. You have a very wonderful mother, who loves you very much. Please try to keep that in mind."

After Tommy and Roberta left, Wayne was about to close his office up for the day. Before he could though, he got a call from a woman named Kathy Miller. It seemed as though Wayne's reputation was already beginning to spread, because she wanted him to see her and her son who was in the eighth grade. The boy, who was named Benji, had started to exhibit very strange behavior. Mrs. Miller wouldn't talk about it over the phone though, so Wayne agreed to see her the next day. He already had several appointments for Friday, so Mrs. Miller agreed to take Benji out of school for the second half of the day.

Finally Wayne could close the office, and find his lover so he could relax. Phillip had just come home from work, and was waiting for Wayne in the living room. Wayne went to the sofa, and slumped down next to Phillip.

"Rough day babe?" asked Phillip, after giving Wayne a warm kiss.

"I guess I just forgot how busy a good private practice can keep you." chuckled Wayne lightly.

"You should come to work with me then, and sell computers." quipped Phillip. "I know something that can help you relax though." Then Phillip began rubbing Wayne's shoulders with one hand, and his crotch with the other."

"Hmmm." moaned Wayne softly. "Oh wait! I forgot that I still have to see Sammy today, and the boys should be here from school soon!"

"Sammy thinks the world of you Wayne." said Phillip. "I'm sure he'll wait for you until we're through."

Phillip then leaned Wayne back on the couch, and pressed their lips together. As Wayne and Phillip were kissing deeply and gently slipping each other's shirts off, the boys came into the living room.

"I think Wayne might be a little busy right now Sammy." said Kevin.

"Come on up to Kevin's room with us brother." said Carter. "We'll keep you entertained until Wayne and Phillip are finished. You can watch Kevin and I make love!"

"If it's all the same to you guys, I think I'll go in the next room and call Derek." said Sammy. "It's been like thirty minutes since I saw him at school."

"Whatever dude!" said Kevin. Then him and Carter bounded upstairs to Kevin's room.

Sammy left the two men on the couch to make love, while he went to the next room to call Derek. Sammy had no idea how long he talked to Derek, but he thought it seemed like a short time for Wayne and Phillip to make love.

"You didn't have to hurry because of me Wayne." said Sammy.

"What do you mean hurry Sammy." chuckled Wayne. "You've been on the phone for about an hour! Let's go have our talk Sammy."

The session went very smoothly, but Wayne thought it was almost too smoothly. Sammy did seem very happy today though, considering the recent changes in his life. To Wayne it seemed like Sammy was happy to go along with whatever he said. Then Wayne had a thought.

"Sammy, I've been giving your case a lot of thought, and doing some research." said Wayne. "I've come to the conclusion that you are a girl trapped in a boys body, and I think we should schedule you to begin gender reassignment."

"Are you sure doc?" asked Sammy. "I really don't want to be a girl, but I guess that would explain a few things. I guess I'll go along with it if you're sure..

"Oh no Sammy!" said Wayne. "I was just kidding with you! You are the perfect model of a boy in every way. I guess I'll have to teach you the concept of joking, won't I?"

"That was pretty funny Wayne!" snickered Sammy. "You really had me going for a moment! I'm glad it was a joke though, cause I would have missed certain body parts that Derek makes feel really good."

"Don't ever let anyone cut anything off that beautiful little body of yours Sammy." said Wayne. "It's perfect just the way it is."

The two went on to talk for a little while longer, but Wayne had discovered a result of the attempted brainwashing. Sammy now seemed too willing to go along with anything he was told, almost like his own will would suddenly step aside. Wayne knew he would have to fix this problem for Sammy to lead a normal life again.

By the time Wayne and Sammy were finished, Carter and Kevin had finished making love. When Sammy pointed out a drop of Carter's cum on Kevin's chin, everyone had a great laugh. Then Carter took Sammy on home. That night Sammy couldn't fall asleep right away, so he walked naked to Carter's room to talk.

"Can we talk brother?" asked Sammy.

"Sure Sammy." replied Carter. "Have a seat next right here next to me on the bed and tell me what's wrong."

"Wayne was kidding with me earlier about having a sex change." said Sammy. "I know he was kidding, but it made me think that if I had been a girl from birth, maybe things wouldn't have been as bad as they were."

"You're right about that brother, because there's no way you would have ever met Kevin." said Carter. "Kevin is one hundred percent gay, and always has been. I should know, I've made love to him enough to know. People are born the way they are for a reason though dude. Sometimes we don't understand why we were meant to be gay, but there's nothing we can do about it. You were meant to be a boy too, because you are the perfect example of what a boy should be. I'm actually surprised that Kevin hasn't fallen back in love with you dude, and I'm glad you have Derek now so he won't be tempted. Derek is very lucky to have such a beautiful and perfect boy to love him."

"Thank you so much Carter." said Sammy. "I'm so lucky to have you as a brother now."

"Well Sammy, I have a secret for you." said Carter. "When I tell the other kids at school that you're my brother now, it makes me very proud to say that. When I look at you, I see everything that I always wanted to have in a brother. I'm very lucky that you have come here to stay with us for good. I know it wasn't easy for you to get here, but that's over now and you'll never have to go through anything like that again. Now you and I can concentrate on being the perfect and happy brothers that we were meant to be."

That made Sammy smile very brightly as he said, "Thanks Carter, I feel much better now. Can I sleep with you tonight? I don't want to do anything except feel the world's greatest brother close to me."

Carter pulled the covers down from his naked body and said, "Climb on in here Sammy. I'd be proud to sleep with you anytime Kevin or Derek isn't spending the night."

Sammy climbed under the covers, and snuggled up against Carter closely. Carter wrapped his arms around his brother in a protective and loving manner. Before falling asleep, both boys told each other they loved each other, and gave each other a brotherly kiss on the cheek. Sammy and Carter slept with smiles on their faces that night.

The next morning Carter woke Sammy with a kiss on the tip of his nose, which got a round of giggles from Sammy. Then the two boys happily got ready for breakfast and school. They were both eagerly looking forward to their boyfriends spending the night tonight, and laughed together as they started out to pick up Kevin on the way to school.

That afternoon Wayne called Rebecca before his first appointment to talk about his discovery of Sammy's latest problem. They talked for quite a while, finally agreeing that it would be good to let Sammy make a few decisions for the family. Stuff like asking him where they should go out to eat, or what kind of activity they should do as a family. Wayne felt that it would help bolster Sammy's sense of authority over his will. When he got off the phone with Rebecca, it was time for his first appointment of the day. When he heard the doorbell, he went to greet a woman and her young son.

"Hi, you must be Mrs. Miller." said Wayne. "And this would have to be Benji. Please come on into my office. I'll talk to both of you together for a few moments, if that's okay. After I get a little background on the case, I'll want to speak to both of you separately."

Kathy and Benji followed Wayne into his office, and Kathy filled out some forms while she talked to Wayne. "The reason I didn't want to go into detail on the phone is because this whole thing is very hard for me and my husband to deal with." said Kathy. "Benji use to be such a sweet boy until things began to change about six months ago. At first it began with him always scratching himself. That didn't seem too bad, so we let it go as a phase he was going through."

"Do you itch a lot Benji?" asked Wayne.

"A little bit I guess sir." replied Benji, with his head hung down.

"We did take him to a doctor for it." said Kathy. "The doctor couldn't find any allergies or skin conditions to explain the scratching though. Soon after the doctor's visit, Benji began urinating in the toilet and leaving it unflushed. That was very frustrating to us because we had always taught Benji good sanitary habits, and it had never been a problem before."

"That does sound kind of unusual." said Wayne.

"That's not even the worst of it Mr. Owens." said Kathy. "Recently Benji has begun sniffing himself and other people. We can't even go anywhere as a family anymore because of it! There has to be something wrong somewhere Mr. Owens, and we really need you to help us!"

"Was there anything out of the ordinary that happened before this behavior started?" asked Wayne.

"Nothing unusual." replied Kathy uncomfortably. "It all started shortly after he began going through puberty."

"Well, sometimes puberty can cause unexpected behavior." said Wayne. "I've never heard of it being that extreme though. I'll see if we can't get to the bottom of this though, and help Benji as much as I can."

"That would be a real blessing Mr. Owens!" said Kathy.

Wayne then asked Kathy to wait in the waiting room while he talked to Benji alone. Wayne studied the boy carefully for a few minutes. Benji stood about 5' 4", and had a slight frame. The boy was nicely dressed, but one thing that stood out about his apparel was a collar he wore around his neck. Wayne knew that this type of accessory was popular amongst kids who saw themselves as goth or punk, but Benji didn't seem to fit either of those categories. His face was somewhat sad looking, and was topped off by dark brown straight hair. Wayne thought the boy would be almost adorable if not for the sad face and collar.

Wayne sat down across from Benji and said, "First I want you to relax Benji, and tell me why you think your mother wasn't completely honest with me."

Benji looked up as a smile started to creep across his boyish face. "I think I'm starting to like you already doc!" said Benji.

"That's good Benji, because I want us to be friends." said Wayne.

"Why's that doc?" asked Benji.

"Because it'll make it much easier for us to talk about certain things." replied Wayne. "Take sex for example. It's very hard to talk about that with someone who isn't a friend."

"Are you going to talk dirty to me doc?" giggled Benji, with a wicked smile.

"No, not quite." chuckled Wayne. "I was wondering though, are you into bondage or S and M?"

"Why would you ask something like that?!" replied Benji. "I'm just a kid!"

"It's really because of the collar Benji." said Wayne. "Most kids wear those because they are either dressing goth or punk. You don't fit either of those categories with the way you dress though. The only other situation I know of where that might be worn is if you were into either of the two sexual fetishes I mentioned, and were playing subservient to a master. Do you know anything at all about that?"

"Not really doc, I just started puberty about six months ago." replied Benji. "My biggest concern sexually is how much hair I have starting to grow on my crotch!"

"How have your parents taken to you starting puberty?" asked Wayne.

"Do we have to talk about that?" asked Benji, as his mood started to change.

"Well, I don't want to upset you Benji because we're friends now." replied Wayne. "I would like to get to know you better though, kind of like best friends that can tell each other anything. We'll change the subject though if you want to. Is there anything about puberty, other than pubic hair, that concerns you Benji?"

"I got a ton of good questions if you wanna hear em doc!" replied Benji, as he smiled his wicked smile once again. "Like, why does my dick get hard at all the wrong times?"

"Maybe it's not happening at the wrong time, it's just that you don't understand what arouses it yet." said Wayne. "Everyone responds differently to different sexual stimuli Benji." As Wayne was talking, he noticed Benji sniffing himself.

Benji saw that Wayne had noticed him and asked, "Do you mind if I sniff you doc? I don't know why I wanna do that, I guess I just feel like I have to."

"Okay Benji, but don't get carried away with it." replied Wayne.

Benji got up and placed his nose into Wayne's shoulder, then inhaled deeply through his nose. After a few whiffs Benji moved to Wayne's neck, and then as close to his armpits as he could get. When Benji tried to move down toward Wayne's crotch though, Wayne stopped the boy.

"Okay Benji, that's enough." said Wayne. "You and I both know you shouldn't go there."

"I'm sorry sir, it's just that you smell nice." said Benji. "You smell like someone I can trust."

"Do you like the way other people smell Benji?" asked Wayne. "Do you go by how a person smells as to whether or not you like them?"

"I don't like the way some people smell." said Benji. "Like girls. There's something about them that don't smell right."

Wayne looked at the boy again, and could see that Benji had gotten a slight bulge in the crotch of his pants from sniffing him. "Are you gay Benji?" asked Wayne.

Benji's expression began to change again as soon as Wayne asked that. He began to look sad again, but this time he also looked frightened. When Wayne could see the boy was about ready to cry, he took Benji's hand and guided the boy to his lap. Wayne sat Benji on his lap, then put the side of the boy's head against his chest. Benji began to cry pretty heavily now, so Wayne put his arms around the boy.

"Go ahead Benji, let it out until you feel better." said Wayne softly, as he patted Benji's back. "This is one of those things you really need a friend to talk to about, and I want you to be able to tell me all about it. You're a very sweet little boy, and you don't deserve to feel so bad about this." Wayne continued to comfort Benji for the next five minutes, until Benji's crying began to let up.

Benji looked up at Wayne with very sad eyes and said, "I never really wanted to answer that question to myself doc. I always want to compare my crotch to other guys though. I always seem to think about what other guys look like down there. Sometimes when I sniff another guy, I have this overwhelming urge to sniff his crotch. Kinda like two male dogs do when they meet each other. I don't want to be gay doc, but it's getting kinda hard to keep fighting these feelings I have. Can you help to keep me from becoming gay doc?"

Wayne held Benji tightly as he said, "I'm afraid that's not possible Benji. You are going to become the person you were meant to be. We don't have any control over our sexual being Benji, and I know that from experience. I was very shocked to find out not too long ago that I'm at least bisexual. I guess I'd had those feeling all my life, but I always tried to ignore them. Then I fell in love with a very wonderful man. As a matter of fact, him and his son live here with me. I found there was no way that I could fight my love for him Benji. I will help you to learn to deal with being gay though. Most of my patients are gay, and I'm becoming very good at working with gay kids. It may not be easy Benji, but I can help you to become the happy little boy you should be. We will have to figure out what role your parents play in this first though. I know that there's something no one is telling me, that would show your parents involvement in your behavior."

"They don't even know for sure that I'm gay doc." said Benji. "They might suspect it, but they treat me bad enough as it is. I wouldn't want them to know for sure that their son is gay. I still can't believe that I'm admitting it to myself now. I don't even think about sex much right now, and when I do it's only about jacking myself off."

"Good then!" said Wayne, as he smiled down into Benji's face. "There's no need to rush things there. You'll know when you meet the right boy, and the time is right to have sex."

Benji smiled a boyish smile at Wayne as he said, "I've never had anyone I can talk to about stuff like this Wayne. You're a really nice guy, and I'm glad you want to be my friend!"

"And I'm glad that you'll let me be your friend Benji." said Wayne. "If there's anything you need to know about who you are, please don't be afraid or hesitate to ask me."

"Okay Wayne, what's it feel like to fall in love with a guy, even though you know most guys only feel that way about girls?" asked Benji.

"It's the greatest feeling in the world Benji." replied Wayne. "There's something about the love of another guy that makes you feel like you can do anything."

"What about the sex?" asked Benji, as his wicked smile returned.

"When the time is right Benji, it's a feeling that you will cherish forever." replied Wayne. "I also have to admit that making love to a guy is much more fun and arousing than making love to a girl."

"This is kinda fun, talking about this stuff with someone I trust!" said Benji.

"It is, isn't it Benji?!" replied Wayne. "We're going to have a lot more fun as we get to know each other better too. Right now though I think it's time for me to have a little talk with your mother. Don't worry though Benji, she will never hear about what we talk about together, I promise."

Wayne set Benji down off his lap, and wiped the tear stains off his face. Benji now seemed happier from Wayne's care and attention than he had been all day. Wayne led Benji out to the waiting room, where Tommy was waiting with Benji's mother.

"I'll be with you in a few moments Tommy." said Wayne. "I have to speak with this young man's mother first. Why don't you two introduce yourselves while I'm busy."

Wayne then took Kathy into his office. "I see you're helping Benji already Mr. Owens." said Kathy. "That was a happier expression than I've seen in a while."

"We did begin to take a step in what I believe is the right direction." replied Wayne. "I have to caution you though that we've only just started. Don't expect to see the symptoms of his behavior disappear just yet though. It will take a lot of work before that begins to happen."

"What do we do in the meantime doctor?" asked Kathy.

"For now just try not to be too hard on him." said Wayne. "You can continue to correct him when you see him scratching or sniffing, but try to do it in a more loving and nurturing way. At this point, negative reinforcement will only serve to worsen the bad behavior patterns he exhibits."

"Okay Mr. Owens, I'll try to remember that." said Kathy. "It's just that this whole thing has been getting so hard on all of us."

"I realize how it could Kathy." said Wayne. "I promise you that I'll do everything I can to help you and Benji both. If it's convenient, could I see him again tomorrow? Then we'll see if two or three times a week will work out."

"That will be fine doctor." replied Kathy. "Thanks again, and we'll see you again tomorrow."

Wayne showed Kathy and Benji out, and gave them a friendly good bye wave. Now it was time to turn his attention to another very serious case.

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