Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 7

"Hello Tommy, come on in." said Wayne.

Wayne led Tommy into his office and closed the door. Then Wayne looked at the sweet looking boy for a few moments, wondering how Tommy could have gotten to this point in his life. Wayne knew these things didn't just pop up without cause.

"So Tommy, have you thought about what I asked you?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, I thought about it quite a bit sir." replied Tommy.

"Okay then Tommy, I want you to pretend that I'm Zack and Seth." said Wayne. "I want you to try to explain that what you've been doing has been having sex with me, in a way that I can understand at their age."

"Wow, you're not going to make this easy, are you doc?" asked Tommy.

"I'm not trying to be hard on you Tommy, I just want us both to completely understand your feelings." said Wayne. "Role playing like this is a good way to do that, and we may use this again sometime. Now Tommy, go ahead, and remember that I'm Zack and Seth."

"Okay." replied Tommy. "Zack and Seth, I want to talk to you about how we play together. When we play with each other's bodies the way we've been doing, it's called sex."

"What's sex?" asked Wayne, in a child like voice.

"Sex is something that people do when they love each other very much, like I love you guys." said Tommy. "Do you know about your testicles?"

"You mean the little balls in the sac below our pee pees?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, those." said Tommy bashfully. "When you get older, and your testicles get larger, they will be able to make a fluid called sperm. Sex is when people rub or play with each other's pee pees until their testicles make sperm. Then the sperm comes out of your pee pee."

"So, that's what that is when your pee pee spits on us?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, that's my sperm." replied Tommy softly.

"When are we going to be big enough to make sperm too?" asked Wayne.

"It should happen sometime when you're between twelve and fourteen." replied Tommy.

"That's a long time." said Wayne. "Why do you try to have sex with us when we won't be able to make sperm until then?"

"Because I love you guys, and I want us to feel good." replied Tommy.

"Yeah, but you get to make sperm, and we don't." said Wayne. "That doesn't sound fair!"

"Yeah, but I'm trying to make you guys feel as good as I can until then." said Tommy. "It feels good when I make your pee pees stiff, doesn't it?"

"Wait a minute Tommy." said Wayne. "Do you mean that Zack and Seth are both capable of having erections?"

"Yeah." replied Tommy, as a smile tried to creep across his face. "They get the cutest little boners."

"Okay, I just wanted to be clear on that." said Wayne. Then he switched back to the child like voice and said, "Yeah Tommy, you make our pee pees feel really nice, but why do you want to have sex with us if we can't make sperm?"

"Because I love you." said Tommy. "I would love to be the one to make your pee pees make sperm for the first time."

"Yeah, but by then, you'll be a grown up, like mommy and daddy." said Wayne. "Do grown ups have sex with kids like that?"

"Sometimes they do when they love the kids like I love you guys." said Tommy. "Do you know how your mommy and daddy love each other?"

"Yeah." replied Wayne. "That's different than the way we love mommy and daddy, right?"

"Yes, it is." replied Tommy. "But I love you guys like your mommy and daddy love each other. I want us to love each other that way until your pee pees can spit on me. I can't wait for the day when you two can make sperm for me. I love you guys a lot, and I hope you love me the same way."

"We love you too Tommy, but how can we love someone like mommy and daddy does yet?" asked Wayne.

"Just keep loving me the way you do now." said Tommy. "You're doing just fine right now."

"You really do love those two boys, don't you Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"It would hurt so much to be without them Wayne." said Tommy, as a tear trickled down his face. "I don't know if I would be able to take that."

"Wouldn't it hurt to go to jail though Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"If they could put me in jail because I love Zack and Seth, then I guess I wouldn't be able to stop that from happening." cried Tommy.

Wayne took Tommy in his arms and said, "It doesn't have to be that way though Tommy. If you really love them as much as it looks like you do, then you shouldn't have to have sex with them. Just being with them would be good enough. And if they love you that way too, they'll still want to have sex with you when it becomes possible. Right now though it's not possible, and I'm afraid it's not good for them either. You don't want to end up hurting them, do you Tommy?"

"Oh God no Wayne!" exclaimed Tommy. "I would never hurt those two sweet little kids!"

"Then let's get to work and see if we can get you to realize that it's okay to love them, but not to have sex with them." said Wayne. "Do you want to know a secret Tommy?"

"What's that?" asked Tommy, as he dried his tears.

"If Zack and Seth were old enough to physically have sex, and were able to make that kind of decision on their own, I personally wouldn't see anything wrong with it as long as no one was being forced or hurt." said Wayne. "I'm afraid the rest of the world wouldn't see it that way though. Not until the boys are eighteen anyway. In thirteen years though, when they are both eighteen, there shouldn't be anything to prevent you guys from expressing love like that if you still feel that way."

"Do you mean that you want me to wait thirteen years to have sex with them?" asked Tommy.

"It would be eleven years for the oldest one, and that would be best." said Wayne. "I do know for an absolute fact that none of you will wait that long before having sex with someone though, so that's a bit unrealistic. If you do deal with those two boys before then though, you will have to be very careful Tommy. By the time either of those boys are capable of having sex, you will be an adult. And you should wait a bit longer than that. As an adult, you can be sent to prison for having sex with anyone below the age of consent, which is seventeen here."

"I do love them though Wayne." said Tommy. "I guess I can wait as long as I have to."

"Okay Tommy, besides, what's really important here is why you want to have sex with them, not when you can have sex with them." said Wayne. "For example, why did you have sex with the other boys too? Do you love them?"

"That was just so my dick would feel good." said Tommy shamefully. "I'll try not to do that again."

"There's no reason to feel bad now Tommy." said Wayne. "I'm sure that it's a problem you have, and I'm going to try to help you with that. Are you taking the medication I prescribed?"

"Yes Wayne, and it seems to be helping some." said Tommy. "I haven't felt so hopeless today."

"That's good Tommy." said Wayne. "That's how it's suppose to make you feel. Make sure you keep taking it the way it says on the bottle. That medication will hopefully keep you in one piece until we get to the bottom of what is causing this problem. Now let's talk just about you Tommy. Have you ever had a crush on someone before this started?"

Wayne and Tommy continued to talk about Tommy's past, and the hour flew by. Everything they talked about made Tommy seem like such a happy little boy, but Wayne knew there had to be some other symptoms somewhere. Wayne did uncover Tommy's crushes on the youngest member of Hanson, and on Aaron Carter, but those he considered normal for a boy like Tommy. It did help Tommy accept the fact that he was gay before meeting Zack and Seth though, but Tommy seemed strangely fine with that. That led Wayne to believe that Tommy's problems started at a very young age, which they did not get to before the hour was over. Tommy seemed to be in great spirits by the end of the hour though, and Wayne was happy about that.

"Well Tommy, our time is just about over today." said Wayne. "Do you think you'll be okay until Monday?"

"I think I'll be fine until then." replied Tommy.

"Okay then, I'll see you again on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week." said Wayne. "After that we'll go to a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday schedule. If you have ANY problem at all though between our visits, I want you to immediately call me on my cell phone. Is that okay Tommy?"

"Yeah Wayne, that will be great." replied Tommy.

"Okay, when do you think you'll be seeing Zack and Seth again?" asked Wayne.

"I'm actually suppose to babysit them tonight." replied Tommy.

"Then promise me you won't have sex with them, okay Tommy?" asked Wayne. "Try to prove to yourself that you can love them without having sex with them."

"Okay Wayne, I don't want to hurt them or myself either one." replied Tommy. "What do I say though if they ask why I don't want to play those games?"

"Just explain to them that those are grown up games, and you shouldn't have played with them like that before." said Wayne. "If they think you don't love them, tell them that you do love them, but you don't have to play those games to love them."

"Okay Wayne, I'll remember that." said Tommy.

When Tommy had left, Sammy and Carter were both waiting to see Wayne. Wayne chuckled as he thought his practice seemed to be turning into an after school clinic. Then he had Sammy and Carter come in together.

"You boys don't mind if I see you together, do you?" asked Wayne.

"Heck no!" replied Sammy. "Derek is coming over this evening anyway, so we were kinda in a hurry!"

"You really love Derek, huh?" chuckled Wayne.

"Yeah, he's the greatest." replied Sammy.

"Well, considering what you've been through, it's good to hear that." said Wayne.

Wayne continued his session with Sammy and Carter, letting Sammy decide what to talk about as long as it was relevant. Towards the end of the session, Wayne decided he wanted to try a little exercise. He wanted both boys to come up with a really nice trip they would like to take, and then they would try to talk him into letting them take it. Sammy went first, and caved in fairly easily when Wayne said no. Then it was Carter's turn, and Carter was almost shameless in his persistence. By the time it was over, Carter could have talked Wayne into letting him go on a trip to the moon. Wayne explained to Sammy that what Carter did was what he was looking for though. After that, Wayne ended their session for the day. Sammy and Carter went to get Kevin, so they could get over to Sammy and Carter's house. As Wayne was about to close his office, he got a phone call.

"Wayne Owens here, can I help you?" asked Wayne.

"I hope so Mr. Owens." said the female caller. "My name is Joanna Black, and I have a sixteen year old son named Alex. Alex went to sleep last Friday night, and he hasn't been able to wake up since."

"I don't know what I would be able to do for him Mrs. Black." said Wayne. "This sounds more like a medical problem. Besides, I can't really help someone if they're not able to communicate with me."

"It's not medical though Mr. Owens." said Joanna. "He's been at the hospital until yesterday, and the doctors couldn't find any reason for him to be in a coma. He's never had a past condition that would cause this either."

"I still don't know what you would expect me to do." said Wayne.

"It's not medical, so it has to be psychological." said Joanna. "I think he does have some idea of what is going on around him, he just won't wake up. I thought there might be something you could do. You're our last hope Mr. Owens!"

Wayne could hear the woman crying on the other end of the phone, so he said, "Joanna, I can't promise anything in this case, but I will come out and take a look at Alex. Besides, it sounds like this has been kind of rough on you as well. Can you give me about an hour?"

"Okay Mr. Owens." sniffled Joanna. "Even if you can't help, at least we know we've tried."

Wayne closed the office, and went to speak to Phillip as the boys were leaving. "I'm sorry babe, but I have to go out and see someone." said Wayne.

"I didn't realize you'd be keeping evening hours my love." replied Phillip.

"I'm not babe, really." replied Wayne. "I've already started scheduling my patients during the day, except for Sammy and Carter, but this one just came up and it sounds pretty bad. After It's done though, we'll go somewhere really nice for dinner. Then we can do whatever you want for the rest of the night."

Phillip smiled and replied, "Okay dear, but you owe me."

Wayne grabbed what he thought he might need, and headed out the door. The address Joanna gave him was in Covington, which was on the other side of town, and across the river in Kentucky. Wayne barely made it in the hour he promised, and was met by a nice looking, but troubled woman.

"Hi, I'm Joanna Black." said Joanna. "You must be Doctor Owens. Please come on in. You'll have to excuse the house, this hasn't exactly been the best week."

"That's quite alright Mrs. Black." said Wayne. "I would say that it's understandable under the circumstances."

"Okay then, let me show you to Alex's room." said Joanna.

Wayne followed Joanna back to the back bedroom in the house. When he went into the room, he saw a very serene looking boy laying in bed. By anyone's standards, the boy was plain looking too. So plain looking though, that most would find him attractive. Wayne went over to the bed and reached down. He pulled Alex's eyelids open, so he could see into the boy's eyes.

"Did you say that you thought Alex might be aware of some things that are going on around him?" Wayne asked Joanna. "Why is that?"

"Because, sometimes if I say the right thing while holding his hand, I think I can feel it twitch slightly." replied Joanna. "The doctors at the hospital call it involuntary muscle contractions, but I don't think that's what it is. It's just too much of a coincidence at times."

Wayne then sat down on the side of the bed, and took ahold of Alex's soft hand. Wayne looked at the unconscious boy, and a lump began to form in his throat. He knew this case didn't look promising at all.

Then Wayne cleared his throat and asked, "Alex, can you hear me?" He waited a few moments and got no response, so he said, "My name is Doctor Owens, and your mom wants me to help you." Then Wayne's eyes widened as he felt Alex pull away a little bit, so he said, "I'm not that kind of doctor, Alex. I promise I won't prod at you or poke you with any needles."

Wayne continued to talk to Alex, without any further responses. Meanwhile, a boy was still finding himself alone in a very dark place.

"Oh yeah, that's right." said Alex. "My name is Alex. I wonder where that voice came from though. I wish I could see something, then maybe I could figure out where I am. I don't even know how I got to be blind in the first place, but I know my eyes are open. I guess that's like I know that I'm talking too, but the only place I can hear my voice is in my head. Doctor?! Oh no! Not another one! Wait.... Okay dude, if you promise, then I'll give you a chance. Now where was I. Oh yeah, trying to figure out where I am. If I could remember what I was doing before I got here, maybe I could figure that out too. I've been trying to figure that one out for a long time though. I sure wish I had some help. Well, at least the voice is gone again. Maybe if I get some rest, it might help. Although every time I try to get some rest, I forget who I am again. I have to try to remember this time, I'm Alex. I'm tired too, I think I will get some rest."

Wayne talked to the boy for a while without any more luck, so he thought he would give Joanna a try. Wayne watched Joanna unsuccessfully try to get her son to respond for the next fifteen minutes. He could see how much Joanna loved her son though. Then something about the situation seemed like something Wayne had heard about at one time. He couldn't remember exactly what it was though, so he knew he had some research to do.

"I've seen about enough for now Joanna." said Wayne. "My professional opinion is that Alex can tell what is going on, but not all the time, and not often. I would suggest for now that you keep trying to talk to him from time to time. Also if he had any close friends, try to get them to help you. I'm going to come back Monday morning, after I've had a chance to look up a few things. In the meantime, I want to leave a prescription for you. It will help you to rest, and you look like you could use that. If there's anything I can do for Alex or you, I'll do my best."

"Thank you Doctor Owens." said Joanna. "You're the first person who hasn't looked at me like I'm crazy."

"You may be tired Joanna, but you're not crazy." said Wayne. "You may very well be right about Alex too, so don't give up hope."

As Wayne drove back home to Phillip, he wondered what could have happened to that poor boy that would cause this. Wayne wasn't any closer to an answer when he got home. Wayne told Phillip all about Alex as they ate dinner, then they returned home for some serious love-making.

Meanwhile at Sammy and Carter's house, the boys were sitting around naked in Carter's room. Sammy was getting to the point were he actually enjoyed being naked in front of other guys his age. The fact that his dick was sticking right out there for everyone to see, and no one seemed to mind seeing it, made Sammy feel kinda good about himself. The reason it was sticking right out there right now though was that Sammy was sitting in Derek's naked lap, and Derek was gently stroking Sammy's dick and rubbing his back. Sammy was also in the process of trying to beat Carter at a video game, and when Derek started stroking his dick, Sammy started coming from behind. At this point now, either boy could win the game.

"If you think your dick feels good right now, I'll make it feel really good if you beat Carter!" said Derek to Sammy.

Once Derek said that, Sammy struck swiftly to end the game. "That's no fair!" laughed Carter. "He used sex as an incentive to beat me!"

"That's okay babe." snickered Kevin. "I'll make it all better for you."

"In that case I'm going to take my boyfriend back to his room for some intense love-making!" said Derek.

About halfway down the hallway to Sammy's room, the boys ran across Frank. "Hi dad." said Sammy, as he made no attempt to hide himself.

"Hi son." replied Frank. "You two boys have fun tonight."

"Thanks Mr. Williams, we will!" replied Derek. Then he turned to Sammy and said, "I still can't believe how cool your new dad is about all of this!"

"He is one of a kind, isn't he?" replied Sammy.

Meanwhile Kevin had Carter laying on the bed. Kevin kissed Carter lightly on the chin and asked, "Is that better babe?"

"No." replied Carter. "The beating I took still hurts!"

Kevin giggled at Carter's mock hurt look, then kissed Carter on his left nipple and asked, "How about that babe? Is that better now?"

"Nope." pouted Carter. "That's still not it."

Kevin moved down a little more and kissed Carter's belly button, then asked, "How about that?"

"I think you're getting closer love." said Carter in anticipation.

Kevin began to slowly move down, then quickly slid down and kissed Carter's left knee. "Was that it babe?" asked Kevin.

"Oh no dude!" pouted Carter again. "You're getting further away!"

"I think I know what's wrong." said Kevin, as he came back up slowly. "I think he hurt your joystick!" Then Kevin kissed the head of Carter's cock.

"That's it dude!" moaned Carter.

"Well then, it's a good thing I know how to fix these!" said Kevin.

Kevin took Carter's cock all the way into his mouth, then began to stroke it slowly with his lips. Kevin sucked a little harder at the end of every upstroke, which made Carter moan in ecstasy. Kevin continued to fix Carter's joystick slowly and passionately.

After about ten minutes of moaning, Carter gasped, "I think my joystick is starting to throb! Is that normal?"

"That means your joystick is almost fixed!" replied Kevin.

Then Kevin sucked even harder on Carter's cock. Kevin felt it swell slightly in his mouth, then tasted Carter's delicious cum. Kevin sucked hungrily until Carter's orgasm was over.

"Your joystick tastes like it's fixed now babe." said Kevin. "Now I have to calibrate it with mine."

Kevin then knelt between Carter's legs and lubed his cock. Carter smiled as Kevin's cock slid slowly into him. After Kevin and Carter had finished making love that night, they laid in each other's arms and listened to the two boys down the hall who were still loudly making love. Kevin and Carter fell asleep with their lips pressed together.

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