Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 8

Wayne only had two patients scheduled for Saturday, until Tommy called him to make it three. First up was Benji. Wayne went out to the waiting room where Benji was waiting for him, and showed the boy into his office. Benji followed Wayne rather closely, and when Wane stopped, Benji ran into him. While Benji's face was in Wayne's back, he gave Wayne a few sniffs. Wayne smiled and pointed Benji to a seat, then sat down across from him.

"That was very clever Benji, the way you ran into me so you could sniff me." said Wayne.

"You won't tell my mom that I did that, will you?" asked Benji nervously.

"I don't tell anyone about what goes on during a session Benji." replied Wayne. "You could tell me that you robbed a bank, and your secret would be safe with me. We need to have that kind of trust if I'm going to help you."

"Thanks Wayne." replied Benji, as he began to scratch himself. "My mom is afraid that I'm telling you too much about us. She doesn't want that to happen."

"Well Benji, I don't care if she does or not." said Wayne. "I want to know everything about you and your family, even if it seems unimportant. Your mom didn't say or do anything after our session yesterday did she?"

"She was just a little nervous." said Benji. "I guess that's why she yelled at me last night. She doesn't want me to say anything that might get anyone in trouble."

"Do you think someone might end up getting in trouble Benji?" asked Wayne.

"I hope not." replied Benji. "Things are bad enough as it is."

"Do you have some kind of allergy or medical condition that's making you itch Benji?" asked Wayne. "You seem to be scratching yourself an awful lot."

"I guess it's just a habit." replied Benji, as he stopped scratching himself. "I don't itch or anything. I don't really know why I do it."

"That's okay Benji, don't worry yourself over it." said Wayne. "Now, let's get back to your mother's fear about getting into trouble. How does she treat you Benji? What kinds of things does she do to punish you?"

"Do I have to answer that Wayne?" asked Benji sadly.

"Well Benji, your mother is not going to be honest with me if I ask her." replied Wayne. "We're friends though, I hope, so I know you will be a lot more honest with me than she will. I really would like to know about that, because it may be important."

"Well then, she makes me stay in my room a lot." said Benji. "She acts like she's afraid for me to be around other people sometimes. When she gets really mad at me, she won't let me eat at the table with the family. One time she made me eat in the corner, with my plate on the floor. I don't think she likes me sometimes. Once she asked me why I act like a dog that insists on getting in trouble."

Wayne though for a few moments, then asked, "This didn't start about the same time you started going through puberty, did it?"

"How did you know that Wayne?" asked Benji.

"Call it a hunch." replied Wayne.

"I don't know why everything changed so much Wayne." sniffled Benji. "Before my body started changing, she would punish me just like anyone else. Then she started getting mean about it."

When Benji began crying, Wayne had the boy come over and sit in his lap. Wayne gently stroked Benji's back, until Benji's crying began to let up.

"Can I see what you look like without that collar Benji?" asked Wayne.

Benji nodded yes weakly, so Wayne reached up and unbuckled the collar. Wayne gently took the leather strap from around Benji's neck, then leaned back to look at the boy. Then Wayne took a tissue and wiped the few remaining tears from Benji's face.

"My God Benji!" exclaimed Wayne. "You are a beautiful boy! Would you like to know a little secret?"

"What's that Wayne?" asked Benji.

"I think I'm treating the wrong person for your problem Benji." replied Wayne. "That's why your mother is afraid, she doesn't want me to find that out. I think the only reasons that you need to see me are that we're friends now, and you need help to deal with things until your mother gets help for herself."

"I knew there was a reason that I like you Wayne." said Benji, as he tried to smile again. "Could you hold me Wayne? I mean like the way that a parent holds a small child?"

"I'd be happy to Benji." replied Wayne.

Wayne held Benji tightly against his chest, and gently stroked the top of the boy's head. Benji smiled as he snuggled into Wayne, and enjoyed the warmth and nurturing of Wayne's embrace. Benji closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms around Wayne. Wayne couldn't understand what would lead Benji's parents to mistreat such a wonderful boy, but he was starting to get an idea of what might be behind it. Wayne held the beautiful boy for several more minutes, before giving Benji a gentle kiss on the forehead. Wayne then smiled when he looked down and saw a cute little bulge in Benji's pants. Wayne didn't say anything about Benji's erection though. Benji still knew that Wayne had seen his boner though, and was quietly hoping that Wayne might reach down and stroke it for him. He knew that would probably not happen though.

Wayne took one last quick look at Benji's little boner and said, "I guess we need to start thinking about helping you Benji. Would you mind being separated from your family temporarily, until I can get help for your parents?"

"Do you mind if I stroke myself Wayne?" asked Benji. "It's kinda so stiff right now that it's getting sore."

"I guess there wouldn't be any harm in that." replied Wayne.

Benji quickly removed his dick from his pants, and began stroking it quickly as Wayne watched. Then Benji asked, "Do I have to leave my home Wayne?"

"I think that might be best for now Benji." replied Wayne, as he watched the boy stroke himself. "We have to find out why your parents treat you the way they do, then help them to stop. It's not going to help you to be there while that is happening."

"Where will I stay Wayne?" panted Benji, as he approached his orgasm.

Wayne grabbed a couple more tissues and handed them to Benji, then asked, "How would you like to stay here for a little while?"

"I,... I..." gasped Benji. Then he covered his dick with the tissue, and began cumming into the tissue. Wayne held the trembling boy until his orgasm had finished, and Benji had cleaned his dick off with the tissue. After Benji put his softening dick back in his pants, he continued, "I guess that would be okay Wayne. You won't let them hurt me, will you?"

"Not in a million years Benji!" replied Wayne as he smiled. "I'm going to go ahead and call the social worker after you leave then. They will probably visit your house sometime today, then bring you back here."

"Thanks Wayne, I'm glad we're friends." said Benji.

Wayne and Benji talked for a little while longer. Wayne knew that he had become personally involved in this case. He knew he shouldn't have, but he couldn't help it. He felt that Benji's parents had begun treating the boy like a dog, and now Benji's behavior was beginning to resemble that of a dog. Wayne knew Benji deserved better than that, which is why he wanted to look after the boy until his parents could get help. As soon as Benji left, Wayne called Michele, the social worker, to have her come out. Tommy was now waiting, and Sammy had called to say he would be about an hour late. Wayne decided to go ahead and see Tommy now.

As soon as they were seated in Wayne's office, Wayne asked, "So, what's wrong Tommy?"

"We have to do something about Zack and Seth." replied Tommy.

"You didn't have sex with them last night, did you Tommy?" asked Wayne

"I wasn't going to when I went over there, I swear!" replied Tommy.

"We may have to have you stay away from them Tommy." said Wayne. "It's beginning to sound like you have no control over yourself when you see them."

"Please no doc!" cried Tommy. "You don't understand!"

"Well then Tommy, help me understand." replied Wayne. "What happened last night?"

"I went over last night to babysit them." said Tommy. "Everything started out okay at first, they just wanted to play like normal boys. Then they started wanting to play around sexually. I started to explain why we shouldn't do that, just like you said I should do. They wanted more of an explanation though, because they liked to play that way. I had to start explaining sex to them, and why it wasn't right yet. It turned out though that those two boys know more about sex than I do! They were actually making me blush! Then I found out why they know so much. They told me that they were both gay, and in love with me. They said that they could tell that I loved them that way, and that they liked having sex with me much more than they did with their dad. They said their dad was kind of rough with them when he had sex with them, and he usually made them hurt. I couldn't believe what they were saying to me, so they told me that their dad had told them all about sex. Their dad told them that it was their duty as boys to have sex with older people that wanted to, and not to say anything about it. Then he trained those two sweet little boys in everything about having sex with other guys. He trained them in anal sex, oral sex, and even adult words to describe sex acts and body parts. They said that they didn't really like sex too much until I came along, but they love having sex with me now. They said that I was always very gentle with them, and I always made sure that they felt good too. Then they talked me into having sex with them. Last night was a lot different than before. They acted and talked much older than they really are. When it was over, they told me that they loved being with me because I made love to them, and with everyone else it was just sex. They told me that they wouldn't be able to stand it anymore if I ever stopped making love to them."

By this time Tommy was crying, and Wayne was in shock. Wayne finally put an arm around Tommy to comfort him and said, "Please stop crying Tommy. You did what you thought was right, and I'm not going to judge you for that. With as much as those two boys are going through, they found someone who loves them and who is very gentle with them. I'm still not saying that having sex with them is the best thing to do, but they were hurt long before you showed up Tommy."

"But I'm not having sex with them doc!" cried Tommy. "I'm making love to them! There's a big difference between the two. Their dad and his friends have sex with Zack and Seth, and he doesn't care if the boys get hurt or not! I do care though. I would rather hurt myself than to ever hurt those two boys. They love me just as much, and in the same way that I love them doc. They love how gentle and caring I am with them. They don't mind one bit about sharing that kind of love with one person, and I love both of them equally. Their dad and his friends have fucked them so hard at times that it would make them bleed. They've both missed school because of the way they've been abused. How could anyone do that to them doc? I love them, and I couldn't dream of doing that to them!"

"Okay Tommy, as of right now this is about them and not you." said Wayne. "Their innocence has already been taken from them, and if they like having sex now, they probably won't stop. I believe you when you say you love them, and you won't hurt them. There are others though who will hurt them, and have to be stopped now. I wish there were some way I could talk to them first though."

"I have to babysit them again tonight Wayne." said Tommy, as he dried his tears. "Do you want to talk to them tonight?"

"What time Tommy?" asked Wayne.

"Their dad is leaving at seven, and should be out until about one." replied Tommy.

"I'll be there at eight then." said Wayne. "This may work out very well, to be able to talk to all three of you together. In the meantime, don't be upset about what you've done Tommy. At least you care about them when no one else seems to. I will have to insist that you refrain from any sexual contact with them for right now though. There will be an investigation into this, and I don't want you getting caught up in it. Okay?"

"Okay Wayne, but you'll have to explain that to them." said Tommy.

"I will Tommy, don't worry." said Wayne. "They're lucky to have someone like you who loves them Tommy."

Tommy smiled at that, and Wayne ruffled Tommy's hair. Wayne talked to Tommy for quite a while longer, to make sure Tommy was okay now. Wayne was satisfied that he was okay, and let Tommy go on about his way after telling him that he would see him tonight.

The session with Sammy went well, as Kevin, Carter, and Derek entertained themselves up in Kevin's room. Wayne was sure that positive reinforcement coupled with increased responsibility would undo some of the damage that had been done to Sammy's self-will. The love of a boy like Derek was also helping quite a bit too, and Wayne was happy for the two boys. After the session was over, and Sammy went to join the other boys, Wayne wanted to do some research on Alex's case. Wayne filled Phillip in on the case, and the two men went through Wayne's psychiatric journals to look for any similar cases. Wayne was sure he read about one that reminded him of Alex. Wayne and Phillip spent the afternoon cuddling, reading, and kissing, but couldn't find what Wayne was looking for.

Later on, Michele showed up with Benji. After visiting Benji's home, she was convinced it would be best to remove the boy temporarily. Benji looked up and smiled at Wayne as he carried a few bags with him. He had even more out in the car, so the boys helped Benji bring his stuff in. After Michele had left, Wayne fixed dinner for himself, Phillip, and the boys. Then it was time to go talk to Tommy, Zack, and Seth. Wayne nervously went up to the door of the address Tommy had given him, and rang the doorbell.

"Hi Wayne!" said Tommy brightly. "You're right on time, come on in." Then Tommy took Wayne in to where two very cute little boys were waiting for Tommy to return and said, "Zack and Seth, I'd like you to meet Wayne. He's a friend of mine that helps kids who have problems, like us. Wayne is really nice, and he's a great friend so you can tell him anything. Wayne, these are my boyfriends, Zack and Seth."

"Okay boys, Tommy never told me who's who." said Wayne. "Which one of you is Zack?"

The eight year old stepped forward and held out his hand as he said, "I'm Zack. My brother Seth is six. Has Tommy talked to you about us Mister Wayne?"

"Yes he has Zack, and just Wayne is fine." replied Wayne. "Tommy came to me to help him with a few problems, but I don't talk to his parents about him. The only reason that I came to talk to you boys about it is that you are a part of it. Tommy has already told me about you boys having sex with him, so you don't have to be nervous about saying anything to me. Tommy just called both of you his boyfriends. How do you boys feel about that?"

"Tommy's a great boyfriend, and we love him a lot." replied Zack.

"Yeah, we both always wanted a boyfriend like Tommy." said Seth.

"Tommy said you boys told him that you're both gay." said Wayne. "Do you boys know what gay means?"

"It means that you love other boys or men the same way a mommy and daddy or boyfriend and girlfriend love each other." said Zack. "We already know about sex, but we found out about love when we met Tommy."

"Tommy said your daddy taught you boys about sex." said Wayne. "When did your daddy start having sex with you boys?"

"About a year before we met Tommy." said Zack. "I was six, and Seth was four. It hurt so much at first that I was afraid that he would kill Seth. Seth still bleeds every time daddy puts his dick in Seth's butt, that's why he usually fucks me instead. Most of the time he just makes Seth suck on it, but he still likes to put it in him sometimes. It still hurts Seth when he does that."

"Does it hurt you too Zack?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, it still hurts when he does it." said Zack. "That's why we love Tommy though. He makes us feel good when we have sex with him. Tommy won't ever hurt us, and we always look forward to having sex with him. He calls it making love though, and after he described what making love is, that's what it's like for us too."

Then the boys went to sit on either side of Tommy. Both boys cuddled into Tommy's side, and Tommy put one arm around each of them. Tommy smiled at Wayne and said, "I love them so much Wayne. Zack and Seth are the only boyfriends that I'll ever want for the rest of my life."

"Do you boys feel the same way about Tommy?" Wayne asked Zack and Seth.

"Yes, we're sure of it." replied Zack.

"Then we need to talk." said Wayne. "I want you boys to listen to me very carefully. The reason that your daddy and his friends hurt you when they have sex with you is that you are too small for an adult to have sex with you. Your tiny little butts are too small to take an adult dick inside them. You boys shouldn't even know about stuff like this yet, but your daddy has taught you just so he can have sex with you. Then along comes Tommy, and he falls in love with you boys. Tommy loves you and makes you feel good when he's having sex with you, so you fall in love with Tommy too. I'm not going to say that it's right for you boys and Tommy to be having sex because you boys shouldn't even know about stuff like that yet, but that was done to you before Tommy even came along. Your daddy is responsible for that, and he needs help. Your daddy knew that he shouldn't have taught you boys about sex, but he did it anyway. He has continued to have sex with you boys for two years now, even though he knows that he still hurts you when he does it."

"Daddy doesn't love us like Tommy does." said Zack. "That's why he hurts us, isn't it?"

"It's not that he doesn't love you." said Wayne. "Your daddy has something wrong inside his head, and he needs help. If it wasn't for that, I'm sure he would love you as much as most daddies love their sons. Most daddies don't have sex with their sons though."

"Daddy told us that little boys are suppose to have sex with older guys that want to have sex with them though." said Zack.

"He was lying to you boys though." said Wayne. "He told you that so you would let him have sex with you, and not say anything about it. Do you boys really want to do things like this though?"

"I like having sex with Tommy." said Seth. "He's my boyfriend, and he makes me feel really nice. I don't want to have sex with daddy and his friends though. They don't care about us, and they hurt us when they have sex with us."

"I feel the same way as my little brother." said Zack. "Making love to Tommy is really nice, but having sex with daddy and his friends sucks."

"Okay then, I'll need all three of you to do something for me." said Wayne. "We need to get Zack and Seth out of here until we get help for their daddy. That means that a lot of people are going to be looking into the sexual activity of Zack and Seth, and anyone that they have come in contact with. It is illegal for anyone to have sex with you boys though, so Tommy could get in trouble regardless of how much you three love each other. I'm going to need you boys to stop making love to each other for now, until we get help for your daddy. Also if you say anything to anyone about making love to Tommy, Tommy could go to jail."

"We don't want to do this then Wayne." said Zack.

"If you don't do this, your daddy will keep on hurting you." said Wayne. "He may accidentally hurt you so much that you could die too. We have to do this."

"Wayne is right, Zack." said Tommy. "I can't stand the idea of your daddy hurting you anymore. I love you guys so much that we have to do something about it. I love you so much that I'm willing to give up making love to you for a while, in order to keep your daddy from hurting you or worse. Do you understand that?"

"My God Tommy, I've never seen anyone's love run so deep as your love for them!" said Wayne.

"Is that what love really is Tommy?" asked Zack. "You would give up anything to help us?"

"I would give up my life if I had to, to save you and your brother." replied Tommy.

"We'll only do this if you promise us that we can still see Tommy, and he can see us, okay Wayne?" asked Zack. "We love Tommy as much as he loves us, and we won't do this if he's going to get in trouble. Can you promise that Tommy won't get in trouble?"

"The only way I could do that is if I took you boys in myself while your daddy gets help." said Wayne. After studying the three boys for a few minutes though, he said, "Okay, I'll do it. It might be kinda crowded because I'm going to be taking care of another boy too, but you boys would be crushed if this didn't turn out okay. I'll just tell Michele, the social worker, that I'm going to be treating you boys, so I'd like to have you in my care. It worked with Benji. You boys have to remember to never say anything about what you did with Tommy to anyone except me though, okay Zack and Seth?"

"Okay Wayne." replied both boys together.

Wayne knew he was going way out on a limb now, but he didn't believe that it would help any of the boys if Tommy were to get into trouble over this. Wayne just hoped now that Zack and Seth would be able to keep from being pressured into saying anything about Tommy. When Michele got there, Wayne talked to her for a few minutes to fill her in on what he knew. He also made his case for looking after the boys.

"You're a busy man Wayne." Michele laughed lightly. "I thought I'd seen the last of you for tonight when I dropped Benji off. What's Tommy's involvement in this?"

"Tommy is a patient of mine too." said Wayne. "I was seeing him for another problem when he told me about these two boys that he has been babysitting for the past year. This morning he told me that they had confided in him last night that they were being sexually abused by their father and their father's friends. Tommy seems to care about them very much to come to me with this the way he did, and I'm proud of him for doing that."

"Yeah, he kind of resembles a mother lion taking care of her cubs." laughed Michele. "Well, you and Tommy can go now, and I'll stay with the boys until their father returns."

"Can I stay too?" asked Tommy.

"I don't think that would be a good idea." said Michele. "I'm going to have a few police officers here with me because we don't know how their father will react. If you're here too, it will only aggravate the situation because their father will know that you are the one who reported this. I promise that the boys will be kept out of any danger though, and they'll be taken to Wayne's house after we deal with what their father has done. Besides, I have a coworker on her way over to take the boys to the hospital for an examination. They may not even be here when their father comes home."

Wayne and Tommy explained to Zack and Seth what was going to happen now, and told them that they would be okay until they got to Wayne's house later on. Zack and Seth didn't want Tommy to leave, but Tommy explained that he had to because their daddy would be very mad at him. He promised that he would visit them all day tomorrow though if they would do whatever Michele told them to tonight. While Michele was busy on the phone, and not listening, Wayne reminded them not to talk about doing anything with Tommy.

Wayne drove Tommy home and told the boy not to worry, that everything would be fine. Tommy was still kind of nervous until Wayne reminded him that Zack and Seth wouldn't do anything to hurt him, and that he would be able to see them again tomorrow. Wayne knew that he had his work cut out for him, teaching the three boys how to have a proper relationship until Zack and Seth were older. After dropping Tommy off, Wayne went home to wait for the other two boys. Phillip felt proud that his mate was giving so much to help these boys, and he would support Wayne completely. Phillip stayed up to keep Wayne company until very late into the night. At about two o'clock, Wayne and Phillip didn't know how much longer they could stay awake when they heard a car pull into the driveway. Wayne opened the door to meet Michele, followed by a very tired and scared Zack and Seth.

"Well, so much for an easy day off." laughed Michele. "I don't usually work this hard during the week!"

"I'm so sorry about that." replied Wayne as he smiled. "I hope I wasn't too much bother to you today."

"Don't worry about it Wayne, you did the right thing twice today." said Michele. "It was kind of interesting when Zack and Seth's father returned home tonight though. At first he wanted to act like he didn't know what was going on. When my colleague came back with Zack and Seth from the hospital though and told him what the doctors had discovered, the man began to sing like a canary. Both boys had been seriously injured from anal intercourse with their father and his friends, and are lucky to still be here. He started doing that with them when they were just four and six, and bodies that are that small just cannot handle something like that. Anyway, the man completely broke down as the police were taking him away. I'm going to order a psychological evaluation for him, but he may need many years of therapy. We'll make sure he gets that though. Give me a call on Monday to let me know what you want to do about Zack and Seth. They may need to be in someone else's care for a very long time."

"Okay, I will." replied Wayne. "If I decide that I want to do it, do you think there would be any problem for them to remain in my custody for as long as they need?"

"If you were asking that about Benji, I would say that I don't see any problem." replied Michele. "Zack and Seth are only eight and six though, so we will have to think about that. You are very good with kids though, and you are their psychologist, so that will very likely make a difference."

"Thanks Michele." replied Wayne. "If I am allowed to do this, I won't let you down. What about going back to their house to get some of their things?"

"Just call the police tomorrow, and ask for Lieutenant Duncan." said Michele. "They will have to go in with you just to be safe. You can go ahead and get whatever belongs to Zack and Seth though. I'll talk to you Monday Wayne."

"Okay Michele, and thanks again." replied Wayne.

After Michele had left, Wayne and Phillip took the two tired little boys upstairs to a spare room and put them to bed. Wayne tucked each of them into bed safely, and gave them a light kiss on the forehead. After telling them to sleep well, and that they were safe now, Wayne and Phillip went to their bedroom. They immediately fell asleep in each other's arms as soon as they laid down.

Wayne and Phillip's house is starting to get crowded, isn't it? Sorry about not mentioning Kevin, Carter, Sammy, and Derek very much in this chapter. I will make it up soon. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in chapter 9.