Starting Over 2:

A New Chance

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Starting Over 2: A New Chance

by tim

Chapter 9

Tommy showed up bright and early at Wayne's door on Sunday morning. Everyone was just sitting down for breakfast, so Wayne chuckled as he asked Tommy to join them. When Zack and Seth saw Tommy, they dragged him helplessly to the table. Wayne and Phillip were both chuckling as the two small boys sat Tommy between them at the table.

"Darn dude, I think they love you or something!" snickered Benji.

Kevin just smiled knowingly at the other boys sitting at the table, as he enjoyed the sudden numbers of younger faces in the house now. Zack and Seth babbled a mile a minute to Tommy during breakfast, telling him about the happenings of the night before. Tommy was just happy that the two boys he loved were safe now.

"You mean you little dudes were molested by adults?" asked Benji, in disbelief. "Did they put their,... um,... you know,... did they put it inside you?"

"Yeah, and it hurt really bad when they did." replied Zack. "Wayne said it was a terrible thing for daddy and his friends to do, and that daddy needs help."

"Do you guys and Tommy play around like that too?" asked Benji.

"Tommy loves us, and he wouldn't hurt us like daddy did." replied Seth. "I don't think daddy really loved us since mommy left us. Wayne says he's just sick, but I don't think he loved us."

"We'll talk about that later Seth." said Wayne. "Your daddy is sick though, and even though he may not get better for a long time, I don't think he stopped loving you and your brother."

"All we know is that you and Tommy treat us better than daddy did." said Zack.

"Yes, and I am glad that Tommy came into your lives, but we'll all talk about that later too." said Wayne.

"Well, I'm done with breakfast." said Kevin. "I'm going to get ready and go to Carter and Sammy's house now, okay dad? I mean Uncle Phillip?"

Phillip smiled brightly and said, "I love it when you call me dad, if you'd rather call me that son. I guess you better get going to see that boyfriend of yours then."

Kevin got up from the table and hugged Phillip tightly as he said, "Thanks dad. I love you so much." Then Kevin gave Phillip a kiss on the cheek, and let Phillip return the kiss. After the kiss, Kevin turned to Benji and asked, "Would you like to come along dude? We may go to the mall or something later."

"Go ahead Benji, we can talk later." smiled Wayne.

"Okay then Kevin, and thanks for inviting me along." chirped Benji. "My mom never did let me go out too much."

As Benji was getting ready to go with Kevin, Wayne went to Kevin's room to tell him what to watch out for with Benji. He also told Kevin to be careful not to make Benji feel bad about anything he might do. Kevin smiled as he promised to take good care of Benji. Then Kevin and Benji took off to Carter and Sammy's house.

On the way there, as the boys walked down the sidewalk, Benji asked, "Do you think that you all might be able to be my friends?"

"I already thought we were friends Benji." replied Kevin, as he rubbed Benji's head. "If I know Carter and Sammy, they'll be happy to be your friends too."

"That's so great!" exclaimed Benji excitedly. "Mom never would let me have many friends."

"Geez dude, that sounds like it kinda sucks." said Kevin. "Did your mom treat you like that a lot?"

"It got worse than that sometimes." replied Benji sadly.

"What's the worst thing she ever did to you?" asked Kevin, as he draped one arm over Benji's shoulder.

"One time she started yelling at me for scratching myself and not flushing the toilet." replied Benji. "Then she took a chain and locked it to my collar so I couldn't get the chain or the collar off. She locked the other end of the chain around a tree in the back yard and told me that if I was going to look and act like a dog, she might as well just treat me like one. Later on I had to pee, so I asked her to let me use the toilet. She told me to just pee on the tree like a good dog. When my dad came home , he smacked her across the face and told her to apologize to me. My dad is usually okay, but he's had his moments too."

By this time Benji had started crying lightly, so Kevin gave him a long and gentle hug. Then Kevin kissed Benji on the forehead and said, "You don't have to worry about stuff like that anymore dude. If I know Wayne, he won't let anything like that happen to you again."

"Thanks Kevin." said Benji, as he dried his eyes. "You guys have been so good to me since I got here yesterday. I really like you, Wayne, and Phillip. Even though I didn't get to meet Carter and Sammy too much before they went home, I like them too."

"That's good, because I know they like you too Benji." replied Kevin.

When they got to Carter and Sammy's house, Kevin and Benji went on in. Rebecca had told Kevin that since he was the same as family to them, he didn't have to worry about knocking. Rebecca saw Kevin and a new boy walk past the kitchen door, so she called out, "Hi Kevin. Who do you have with you today?"

Kevin and Benji backed up and went into the kitchen, and Kevin said, "Hi Mrs. W, this is Benji. Wayne is taking care of him until his parents learn how to behave themselves. Benji, this is Carter and Sammy's mom, Mrs. Williams."

"Hi ma'am, it's nice to meet you." said Benji, as he held his hand out to Rebecca.

"Well, well." said Rebecca, as she shook Benji's hand. "So Wayne is becoming a dad now! I always thought he would make a good one."

"That isn't even the half of it!" said Kevin. "The social worker brought two more little boys out late last night. One is six, and the other is eight, and they might not ever be able to return to their father."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Rebecca. "Frank and I will have to run over there and check this out! I don't know if Wayne knows what he's getting himself into with six and eight year old boys!"

"They were doing fine when we left." said Kevin.

"Okay Kevin, try to remember what you were like when you were six." chuckled Rebecca.

"I never said I didn't feel sorry for him!" laughed Kevin. "Anyway, is Carter in his room?"

"Yeah." replied Rebecca, as she smiled. "Sammy's with him right now. I think they're waiting for you and Derek this morning."

"Thanks Mrs. W." said Kevin. "If you and Mr. W go over to Wayne's today, try to make it sound like you had to drag the information out of me."

"Don't worry Kevin, I wouldn't dream of getting my baby's boyfriend in trouble." chuckled Rebecca.

After Kevin and Benji left the kitchen, Benji asked, "Do you mean that Carter's parents know that you and him are both gay, and in love with each other? She looked like she actually likes you and Carter being boyfriends!"

"Carter and Sammy's parents are cool as hell dude." replied Kevin. "They want me and Carter to grow old and happy together. If two dudes could get married, they would be so happy to plan our wedding! They think of me and Carter as mates, and they treat me like a son in law. I love Frank and Rebecca both a lot."

Kevin opened Carter's door, and he and Benji went on in. Carter and Sammy were sitting in front of Carter's desk, playing video games. Carter saw Kevin come in, and his face lit up. "Hi lover boy!" said Carter excitedly, as he threw down his game controller. Carter threw his arms around Kevin and said, "Sammy's beating me again babe. I think my joystick may need more adjustment!"

"Oh no!" exclaimed Sammy as he giggled. "Here they go again! You might as well grab the controller Benji, they be making love in a few moments. It's either play games or watch them in the throes of passion!"

"We're not really that bad Benji." said Carter, as his lips parted from Kevin's. "Besides, wait until you see how fast Sammy's dick bones up when Derek gets here."

"That's not my fault!" protested Sammy, as he smiled. "I can't help it if Derek is the sexiest boy in the world! I have no choice but thinking about making love when I see him!"

Carter noticed that Benji was looking a little uncomfortable, so he asked, "Are you okay Benji? I hope all of us being gay doesn't make you uncomfortable."

"It's not that Carter." replied Benji.

"Are you straight or gay Benji?" asked Carter.

"I guess I'm gay." replied Benji. "When I get hard it's always because I'm thinking about another dude."

"You don't have a boyfriend right now, do you Benji?" asked Carter.

"I've never had a boyfriend." replied Benji. "I don't know if I would know what to do if I had one."

"Don't worry then dude!" laughed Sammy. "By the time this morning is over, you'll see things you've never even dreamed of!"

"Really, we're not that bad Benji!" said Carter, as he was trying to remove Kevin's shirt.

That struck Benji as funny, and he couldn't help but to laugh loudly. Then Sammy turned enough to see Carter and Kevin, and began to snicker himself.

"What?!" asked Carter. "What's so funny?"

"Well, you would have been a lot more convincing if you hadn't been trying to strip your boyfriend with that horny look in your eyes!" laughed Sammy.

By this time Benji could hardly stand up from laughing so hard. Sammy had to help Benji sit down, as tears of laughter trickled down Benji's face. After a few minutes, Benji was finally able to get his laughter under control. "I'm sorry guys." gasped Benji. "I haven't really laughed in so long that I couldn't control it!"

By this time Carter and Kevin had stripped each other, as Carter replied, "That's okay Benji, you looked like you needed to laugh. You're really kinda cute when you laugh like that."

"Are you guys really going to make love right here and now?" asked Benji.

"As long as you don't mind." replied Kevin.

"No, I don't mind." replied Benji. "Would it be okay if I watched? I've never seen anyone have sex before, and I might need to know how to do it someday."

"They're always happy to have an audience!" snickered Sammy.

"He's right Benji, we don't mind at all." said Carter, just before his lips sealed against Kevin's.

Sammy and Benji watched intently as Carter and Kevin kissed deeply. Carter's and Kevin's hands wandered gently over each other's naked bodies. Benji watched wide-eyed as the two lovers cocks ground against each other. Kevin and Carter both moaned gently, then Kevin turned around on top of Carter. Benji stared with his mouth hanging open as he watched Kevin's mouth engulf Carter's cock. At the same time, Carter took Kevin's cock hungrily into his mouth. Benji stroked himself through his pants as he watched the two boys make love right in front of him. After several minutes of passionate love-making, Carter and Kevin's bodies were writhing against each other. As the two boys began moaning around each other's cocks, Derek came into the room.

"Oh goody!" said Derek. "I didn't miss the entire show!"

Derek sat next to Sammy, and began rubbing Sammy's cock as they watched Carter and Kevin. Sammy put one arm around Derek, and began to erotically massage Derek's crotch. Benji was now leaning down very close to where Kevin was obliviously sucking Carter's throbbing cock. Both boys then began to moan loudly, then Benji saw Carter's cock spasm between Kevin's lips. Carter's body twitched as he shot his cum into Kevin's mouth. Then as Carter's orgasm faded, Kevin began to shoot his cum into Carter's mouth. Carter swallowed hungrily as he sucked harder on Kevin's cock. Once Kevin's orgasm was over, he turned back around and pressed his lips against Carter's. By this time Sammy and Derek were now naked, and laying on the floor in a sixty-nine position. Benji heard their moans coming from behind him, and turned around to see the two boys making love on the floor. Benji's dick was now painfully hard as Carter and Kevin sat up.

"They're every bit as bad as we are." giggled a naked Carter.

"Looks like you have a little bit of a problem there Benji." said Kevin, as he gently touched Benji's hard dick through his pants. Then Kevin asked Carter, "Do you think we could help him just this one time babe?"

"Sure my love." replied Carter as he smiled. "Why don't you go ahead and lay back Benji? We'll take care of this for you."

Carter helped Benji lay back as Kevin opened Benji's pants for him. Kevin then pulled Benji's pants and shorts down around his knees, as Carter pulled Benji's shirt up under his arms. Benji gasped loudly as he felt another guy's lips around his dick for the very first time. Then Benji shuddered as Carter began to gently suck his nipples. Derek and Sammy could tell what Kevin and Carter was doing for Benji, and they moaned loudly as they pictured it in their minds. Derek and Sammy began sucking each other very hard now. Back on the bed, Benji had never felt anything this intense in his life. It felt like his entire body was going to explode at any moment. Carter left Benji's nipples to move to the other side of Kevin. Then Carter began to suck on Benji's balls as Kevin continued on his dick.

"Oh God!" moaned Benji loudly.

At that point, Kevin left Benji's dick so he could suck on his nipples. Carter saw Benji's dick bobbing wildly up and down by itself, so Carter engulfed it in his mouth. Benji moaned louder and louder until his whole body began to shake. Carter began sucking hard the instant he felt Benji's cum shooting into his mouth. Kevin immediately came back down to where Carter was sucking Benji's dick. After Carter took the first few shots of cum, he quickly let Kevin take over. Kevin finished sucking the rest of Benji's cum from his dick, then Benji went limp on the bed as he moaned incoherently.

Sammy and Derek heard the commotion above them, and shouted out loudly to each other. Then both boys began to spasm as they shot their cum into each other's mouths. Sammy and Derek drank each other's cum hungrily as they writhed in pleasure on the floor. Meanwhile Carter and Kevin got on both sides of Benji, and gently kissed him on both cheeks at once.

"I know how much you needed that Benji, but we have to find you a boyfriend now." said Kevin softly.

"Yeah Benji, we love you as a friend, that's why we did this for you." said Carter. "You need someone though who will love you as a lover, and the next time it will feel even better!"

Carter and Kevin stroked Benji's torso gently until his strength began to return. Then Sammy and Derek sat up with dazed looks on their faces. Derek gently lifted Benji's flaccid dick up with one finger and said, "You got him really good, huh?!"

"That's a nice looking dick Benji." said Sammy, as he playfully slapped Derek's finger away from it. "You'll make some boy very happy with that!"

"Thanks for everything guys." said Benji weakly as he smiled. "I hope this means that we're all friends now."

"Of course we are dude!" replied Carter.

"Yeah, we're proud to have someone as cool as you as a friend!" said Derek.

"You'd make anyone a great friend, and we're happy that you want to consider us as friends!" said Sammy.

"What did I tell you dude." said Kevin, as he smiled warmly at Benji. "Now, let's get ready and go to the mall!"

The boys all took a quick shower, then got ready to go to the mall. Frank and Rebecca were just about ready to go to Wayne and Phillip's house, so they gave the boys a lift to the mall.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Phillip were having one more look for the article that Wayne thought might help with Alex's case. As Wayne and Phillip were looking through the psychiatric journals, Tommy was upstairs with Zack and Seth.

"I thought you loved us Tommy." said Zack.

"I do love both of you, and it's really fun when we play with each other's dicks." said Tommy. "Wayne is right though. Your daddy made you think that love and sex are the same thing, and they're not. I do love it when I have your dicks in my mouth, even though you can't cum, but it could cause all of us some real problems right now if anyone found out. I love you guys so much that I don't want anyone to split us up now."

Seth put his hand on Tommy's pants, where his dick was making a bulge, and asked, "Do you like it when we suck your dick Tommy?"

"Oh God, my dear little lover!" replied Tommy. "You have no idea how good that feels to me! We have to control ourselves though. If we can do that, it'll mean we love each other even that much more. I can still kiss you guys on the lips if you want, you know, the really fun way we do it. We have to stop having sex though guys, at least for now."

"Will you kiss me right now Tommy?" asked Zack.

"Sure babe!" replied Tommy with a smile.

Zack pressed his lips firmly to Tommy's, and the two boys kissed passionately. Zack's tongue pushed between Tommy's lips, and stroked Tommy's tongue. When Tommy stuck his tongue into Zack's mouth, Zack sucked hard on it. Then Tommy felt his zipper being undone. Seth pulled Tommy's dick out, and breathed hard on the end of it without touching it.

"Can we please make love one more time Tommy?" asked Seth.

"Yeah Tommy, just one more time." panted Zack, as he pulled back from Tommy's face. "After today, we promise we won't ask again until Wayne says that it's okay. We love to make love to you though Tommy, and we need one more time."

"Okay." replied Tommy. "After this though, we can't do it again until Wayne says that it's okay for us to do it, no matter how long that takes. I love you boys, and I don't want to be taken away from you."

Back downstairs, Phillip handed Wayne a journal. "Is this what we've been looking for so hard babe?" asked Phillip.

"Let me see it." replied Wayne. Wayne studied the issue for several minutes, then said, "I think we found it my love! See here? The boy in this case was in a coma like state for two years before they figured out what had caused it. The boy had either been ignored or abandoned by all of his friends, and most of his family. The mother was the only one that showed the boy any feelings, so one day he just didn't wake up. He felt that he didn't have anything to wake up to."

"How did they manage to find out, and bring him out of it?" asked Phillip.

"It was the boy's school counselor that accidentally stumbled across the answer." replied Wayne. "Then they called in a psychologist. The boy had brief moments from time to time when he would react very slightly to stimuli, and it was during one of those moments that his therapist presented the boy a reason to wake up that caused a response."

"Then you might be able to help Alex?" asked Phillip.

"If I can figure out what caused his condition, I think I might be able to help him." replied Wayne excitedly. "I can't wait to see him and his mother tomorrow. That should give me an idea of what I'm facing with Alex."

"That's great news then babe!" said Phillip, as Wayne sat down close to him.

Wayne wrapped his arms around Phillip and said, "That's the greatest news since discovering how much I love you." Then Wayne pressed his lips against Phillip's.

The two men were broken out of their kiss ten minutes later by the doorbell. Wayne got up and let in Frank and Rebecca, and all four of them sat in the living room to talk.

"Rebecca insisted that we come by today to make sure your house was still standing." chuckled Frank. "After she dragged the news out of Kevin about your two late arrivals last night, she was worried about you."

"It's just that I'm sure Wayne has no idea what it can be like to raise six and eight year old boys." said Rebecca as she smiled. "I was surprised to see that Wayne had survived long enough to answer the door."

"There's no need to worry too much." chuckled Wayne. "Seth and Zack are two very well behaved boys, which is a real surprise after what they've been through."

"How did you come to be looking after them Wayne?" asked Rebecca.

"They were taught by their father to have sex about two years ago." replied Wayne. "Since then their father has been having sex with them on a regular basis, and letting his friends molest the two boys as well. They were brought to my attention by another patient of mine. He does care about the boys very much, but I am concerned that the two younger boys don't know how to express love without involving sex in it."

"I hope the courts can teach their father a lesson." said Frank. "Boys that age shouldn't be exposed to sex, much less trained in having sex with adults."

"Can we meet them Wayne?" asked Rebecca.

"Sure." replied Wayne. "I'll go bring them downstairs."

Wayne got up and went upstairs to get the boys. As Wayne knocked on their door, all three boys were finishing putting their clothes back on. Tommy looked everyone over quickly to make sure they were completely dressed, then opened the door for Wayne.

"Is everything okay in here?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, everything's fine." replied Tommy.

"Good then." said Wayne. "Carter and Sammy's parents are downstairs, and they wanted to meet you boys. Could you come on downstairs for a little while?"

"Okay." answered Tommy. "Let's go downstairs you guys."

Zack and Seth got up, and all three boys followed Wayne downstairs. Wayne could tell that something had happened in Zack and Seth's room, but he decided that he would talk to the boys later in private. Everyone spent the next few hours visiting, with Rebecca talking to the two younger boys quite a bit. They were very cute and well-mannered as far as she was concerned, and she couldn't believe that two such sweet looking boys had gone through what they did.

Kevin and the rest of the boys spent the first part of their time at the mall watching a movie. There was action both on and off the screen, but the boys didn't get to do too much other than groping their boyfriends. Benji felt a little left out, but he was still happy to be out with four new friends. This was a first for him, and he was enjoying himself quite a bit. After the movie was over, the boys walked toward the food court.

"So Benji, is there anyone out there that you see as a possibility?" asked Carter.

"Tommy is kinda cute, but I think he likes younger boys." replied Benji. "He seems to be in love with the two boys that came to our house last night."

"How old are these two boys?" asked Carter.

"Zack is eight, and Seth is six." replied Benji.

"Damn!" exclaimed Sammy. "I guess he does like younger boys! How do they feel about him?"

"I could tell by the look in their eyes that those two boys worship the ground that Tommy walks on." chuckled Kevin. "As long as they're happy, and he's not hurting them, I think it's kinda cute though."

"Maybe we can spot someone here for Benji." said Sammy. "This is where I met the sexiest guy in the world."

"So, there is someone besides me!" snickered Derek. "I kinda figured you would be a popular guy!"

"You know I'm talking about you Derek." said Sammy. "You're so sexy that I get a hard on just by spelling your name!"

"I'm afraid that might be my fault." chuckled Kevin. "I'm the only other person that Sammy has ever been with, so naturally he's going to think that every other guy is sexy."

"Don't sell yourself short babe." said Carter, as he smiled. "I can't think of anyone who can keep up with you!"

"I hope you guys know that you're really making me wish I had a boyfriend." said Benji.

"Well, you're pretty cool Benji." said Carter. "I wouldn't worry about being on the hunt for a boyfriend for too much longer if I were you."

The boys did talk to several guys that afternoon, trying to line up a prospective boyfriend for Benji. Everyone they talked to though was either straight, or didn't strike Benji as anything more than a possible friend. Benji didn't realize it, but he had been sniffing and scratching a lot less that day than he had in a long time. After the boys left the food court, they went to the arcade and had a great time until it was time to catch the bus to go home.

It looks like the boys are having a fun day out. I think Wayne knows that Tommy and the two younger boys had sex again though, but what will he say to them? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 10.