Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 1

From the last chapter of Starting Over 2:

"What's wrong you guys?" asked Seth.

"Nothing's wrong my beautiful little lover!" gasped Tommy. "Your brother just had his first dry orgasm!"

"Was that what that was?" moaned Zack, unable to move.

"Yes my love!" said Tommy happily. "Your dick just cummed in my mouth, but your balls can't make cum yet. How did it feel?"

"Incredible!" moaned Zack.

Once the three had rested in each other's arms for quite a few minutes, Tommy and Zack laid Seth down on the bed. Then the two took turns sucking on Seth's dick until he was a very happy and giggly little boy. Seth then nestled tightly into one side of Tommy, and a now smiling Zack nestled tightly into his other side. Tommy wrapped one arm around each boy, and the three fell into a blissful sleep. They knew that they would be lovers and friends forever.

"This is going to really hurt those three boys, and I can't do it!" Wayne said to Phillip the next morning, after getting off the phone with Tommy's mother.

"What else can we do honey?" asked Phillip. "Roberta is still Tommy's mother."

"I know dear, and I really thought I was making progress with her, even though she practically lets Tommy live here." replied Wayne. "I wish the boy DID live here! I can't help but to think that this is because he's gay, and not because of Zack and Seth's age."

"It probably is, and I hate the thought of that." replied Phillip. "You don't really want her calling the police on Tommy though, do you?"

"Of course not!" replied Wayne. "The thought that she would even threaten to do that to her own son burns me up though! If she's going to handle it that way, I say we call Michelle first."

"What do we tell Michelle though?" asked Phillip. "We can't tell her that Roberta is trying to split up Tommy, Zack, and Seth. I can just see how that would go over. You wouldn't even be able to keep Benji here."

"I know, but there has to be something we can do." replied Wayne. "We can't just give up. You know how all three boys will take this."

"I don't know what we can do right now though dear." said Phillip. "She said that if Tommy isn't home by noon, she's calling the police. We have to talk to the boys now."

"I know." replied Wayne dejectedly. "Let's get this over with."

Wayne and Phillip then went upstairs, and knocked on Zack and Seth's door. Once the three boys were somewhat dressed, Tommy went and unlocked the door. Wayne and Phillip went on in, and sat down on the edge of Zack and Seth's bed.

"Boys, I've been on the phone this morning with Tommy's mom." said Wayne. "I want us to calmly discuss what she said this morning, and remember that I don't agree with her at all."

"What did mom say Wayne?" asked Tommy, now sensing something was terribly wrong.

"Tommy, your mother seems to know that there is a relationship between you three boys." said Wayne. "That's why I asked you to try to keep this whole thing as quiet as you can. I'm not trying to blame this on you though. Like I said, I don't agree with your mother at all. As far as I'm concerned, she's the one with the problem, not you boys. She is your mother though Tommy, and she said that she wants you home by noon today. She said that when you get home, you are not to come back over here to see Zack and Seth."

"That bitch can't do that!" screamed Tommy. "We love each other Wayne! Zack had his first dry orgasm for me last night! It was really special for all three of us! She can't do this!"

"She told me to tell you that if you're not home by noon, she's going to call the police." said Wayne. "She's going to file charges against you for lewd sexual contact with Zack and Seth, and against me for contributing to the delinquency of minors."

"No!" screamed Tommy, as he started crying. "She can't! Why does she hate me Wayne?"

Wayne hugged Tommy in his arms to console him, as Phillip hugged Zack and Seth, who were now both crying too. "I don't know son." replied Wayne, as he rubbed Tommy's back. "I think it has more to do with you being gay than who you're with though, and I promise that I'm going to fight this for you. I don't think it's wrong for you boys to have feelings for each other, but Roberta and the courts will feel a lot differently about that. You boys do have one thing in your favor though. You haven't done anything to leave evidence of sexual contact with each other. You'll have to be very strong for me now though, and convince everyone that there is none. Maybe this will blow over in a few months, or a few years, and you three can be together again."

"Months?!" cried Tommy. "Years?! Why don't you just say never again Wayne?! That's exactly what it will be like for us! We love each other Wayne! Look at how they're taking this!"

"I know this hurts Tommy." replied Wayne, as he tried not to cry. "I promise that I'm going to fight for you boys though. I'm going to call Michelle, and tell her that I think you're mother is emotionally unstable. You three will have to convince her that there is no sexual relationship between you boys though. Maybe in a few days, I can convince Michelle that it would be in your best interests to be somewhere else right now Tommy. All of this has to be just between us though, and you three boys are going to have to do much better at hiding your feelings for each other from now on. I know that may sound tough, but it's better than what Roberta wants."

"Can I have until eleven o'clock to say good-bye for now?" asked Tommy, as he tried to dry his tears.

"Okay son." replied Wayne, as he hugged Tommy. "You may also want to pack any clothes you have here. I promise that I'll do everything I can for you three though. I'll make things okay for you guys."

Wayne and Phillip then left the three boys alone to say good-bye. As they got downstairs, Wayne finally began to cry. "I feel like I've failed again!" cried Wayne, as Phillip hugged him tightly.

"Please don't feel that way honey." said Phillip. "We haven't lost this yet. You're right, we need to call Michelle as soon as you feel up to it, and tell her that Roberta is suffering from paranoid delusions or something. Make it seem so bad that she'll have to put Tommy somewhere else for now. You're a respected psychologist, and Michelle will probably accept your diagnosis."

By this time, Carter had shown up to be with Kevin, and asked, "What's wrong Wayne?"

"Roberta called this morning." said Wayne, as he tried to dry his tears. "She suspects that there is a relationship between Tommy, and Zack and Seth. She wants Tommy home by noon, and he's not to see them again, or she'll call the police."

"She'd call the police on her own son?!" exclaimed Carter. "That is one very sick bitch Wayne, if you don't mind me saying so! You're not going to let this happen, are you?"

"Of course not." replied Wayne. "I'm going to call Michelle in a minute, and see if I can get her out here to intervene. Tommy's mother needs serious help before she can properly care for her son again. I need all of you boys to help too. We all have to convince Michelle that there is nothing going on between the boys."

"You know Kevin and I will be here!" replied Carter. "We'll call Benji over from across the street. I know he and Alex will help if they can too."

"That's very nice of you boys." said Wayne. "Let me go ahead and call Michelle then, and see if I can get her here before Tommy has to go home."

"Where is he?" asked Carter.

"He's upstairs with Zack and Seth." replied Wayne. "He wanted some privacy to say good-bye to them, so don't disturb them until Michelle gets here."

Phillip then gave Wayne another hug, as he dried Wayne's face. After giving Wayne a warm kiss, he said, "Okay honey, pull yourself together now so you can call Michelle. I'm behind you and the boys one hundred percent."

Wayne pulled himself together, then dialed Michelle's number. When Michelle answered, Wayne said, "Hi Michelle. I don't mean to bother you this morning, but I have a serious problem with one of my patients. Tommy Klien has been under my care for some time now, and I've also been trying to help his mother cope with issues that nearly drove her son into a suicidal depression. Tommy has gotten much better under my care, but his mother seems to have gotten worse. She's having delusions now that her son is coming over to my house to commit illegal acts, but his only reason for being here is therapy with me, and to visit with mine and Phillip's kids. They have gotten to be good friends, and Tommy really needs to have good friends in his life right now. She is so delusional that she has threatened to call the police on her own son, and make allegations against him and my family that have absolutely no basis in fact. I have grave concerns that her mental state will place her son's well-being in jeopardy."

"If that's the case Wayne, please don't worry about calling me." replied Michelle. "This situation definitely needs to be looked into. I can be out there at eleven o'clock, so don't worry about her calling the police on her son. I'll give them a heads up on the situation before I get there. I want to talk to everyone in the house when I get there, is that okay?"

"That will be fine Michelle." replied Wayne. "Everyone here cares about Tommy, and we'll all give him all the support he needs."

Meanwhile in Zack's room, Zack asked, "Where are we going to go though Tommy? I don't want us to be split up either, but how will we make it on our own?"

"Wayne has a house in Florida on the beach." replied Tommy. "I pretty much know where it is, and I'm sure we can find it. All we have to do is get there. Once we get to the interstate, it goes all the way to Florida. I'm sure we can get a ride all the way there. Now, do you have yours and Seth's stuff packed?"

"Yeah, but we should leave a note to let everyone know that we'll be okay." replied Zack.

"You're right Zack." replied Tommy. "We also need to make everyone thinks that this is my mom's fault, and not Wayne's. We should make it sound like my mom is crazy, and there wasn't anything going on between us."

Joanna, Alex, and Benji came over right away after Carter called Benji. Everyone was very concerned about what Tommy's mother was trying to do now, and Wayne explained what they were going to try to do once Michelle arrived.

"Well, if you need a place for Tommy to stay, I'd love to open up my home to him." said Joanna. "He's been through quite a bit, and I think it's terrible what his mother is trying to do."

"Thanks Joanna, you are a very good person." replied Wayne. "I'll make sure that I recommend that option to Michelle. We all need to be careful though, and convince Michelle that there is absolutely nothing improper going on here."

"You can count on all of us kids." said Kevin. "We think that they need to be together, but we'll never say the real reason why."

"I'm with you too Wayne." said Joanna. "I have to admit that I didn't understand their relationship at first, but I have seen how loving and nurturing it is, and I don't think anything should separate them now."

"Thanks everyone, this is going to mean a lot to them." said Wayne. "Now all we have to do is wait for Michelle."

Fortunately for Tommy, Zack, and Seth, Billy and Lester picked them up in Billy's car before they got to the freeway. By that time, all three boys were shivering from the cold.

"What in the world are you guys doing out here?" asked Billy, as he turned his heater up.

"We have to get away Billy." said Tommy. "My mother has gone insane. She's going to keep us from being together, and have me and Wayne thrown in jail! We can't let her do that Billy!"

"What were you guys going to do though?" asked Lester.

"We were going to hitch a ride to Florida." replied Tommy. "Wayne has a house down there on the beach, and the three of us will be safe there until things are better here."

"Do you guys have any idea how dangerous it is for three kids your age to try to hitch-hike to Florida?!" exclaimed Billy. "Especially with Zack and Seth?! There are weirdoes out there who would pick up three boys like you just to do terrible things to you, then kill you! It's damn good thing for all three of you that Lester and I came along when we did!"

"We can't go home though Billy!" cried Tommy. "I don't want to go to jail, and I don't want Wayne to either!"

"Don't worry buddy, neither do we." replied Billy. "We'll keep you safe until we come up with something though. You definitely aren't going to hitch-hike to Florida!"

"I think I might have an idea babe, if you'd like to spend a few days in Florida with me." smiled Lester. "My folks were trying to come up with something really special for me for Christmas. With what we both have saved up, I might be able to talk them into letting us go to Florida. Then Tommy and the kids can make it there safely, and hide out until things calm down a little."

"You're a genius babe!" replied Billy. "Let me think of some kind of excuse to lay on my dad on the way to your place. Tommy, you guys are going to have to duck down in the back seat and hide when we get to Lester's."

Billy did come up with an excuse to go to Florida that his dad bought by the time they got to Lester's house in Kentucky. Then Lester and Billy went in to talk to Lester's parents while the other three boys laid low in the back seat. Billy already had snuck some of his clothes to Lester's, so as soon as Lester's parents said okay, and gave Lester money for the trip, Billy and Lester were ready to pack and go.

Billy and Lester shared a very passionate kiss, then headed out the door to Billy's car. At exactly eleven o'clock, Billy said, "Okay guys, we're all set! Let's hit the road!"

Michelle arrived at Wayne and Phillip's house exactly at eleven o'clock. She spent about fifteen minutes speaking to Wayne, Joanna, and all the boys. They had her leaning toward being convinced that Tommy's mother had gone off the deep end. Then Wayne and Michelle went upstairs to talk to Tommy. Wayne had a bad feeling when he knocked and got no answer. Then he and Michelle went in to find an empty room.

Wayne realized that the boys had snuck out when he saw the open window, and cried out, "Oh God! What have I let her do to the boys!"

Michelle picked up the note Tommy had left on the dresser, then went and put an arm around Wayne, as it looked like he needed it. Then Michelle said, "They left a note Wayne. Let's see what it says." Then Michelle read the note aloud for Wayne.

Dear Wayne,

My mom has gone crazy. The disgusting things she said about me, Zack, and Seth have really hurt all three of us. We know that you guys don't believe her lies, but we can't face anyone after what she has told everyone about us. Don't worry Wayne, I'm not feeling like I did before. You helped me so much with that, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. We do have a plan, and I promise that I'll look out for Zack and Seth. They have been through too much already, and they don't need to go through this. I promise that we will all be safe, and that we'll see each other again someday. Zack and Seth really love you for taking them in when they needed it, and I love you for all the help you've given me. I guess my mom needed help too, but it's too late for that now. We'll miss you, and never forget you.


Wayne began crying harder than he ever had in his life. Michelle fought off her own tears, as she called out for Phillip and Joanna to come upstairs. Phillip and Joanna ran upstairs, to find Wayne crying heavily in Michelle's arms.

"I don't care if you two are lovers Phillip, he needs you now." Michelle said emotionally, as she passed Wayne to Phillip.

"Oh my God Phillip!" cried Wayne, as Phillip hugged him comfortingly. "My little boys are gone! I should never have let Tommy's mother do this to them!"

Michelle took a few seconds to regain her composure, then went to Joanna and said, "I'm going to call the police in on this Joanna. We have to find those three boys. Zack and Seth need to be here with Wayne, and when we find Tommy, I'm going to have him placed in your custody. What Tommy's mother just did is considered child endangerment as far as I'm concerned, and she better pray that we find those boys unharmed."

"I think we're all going to be praying for that Michelle." replied Joanna.

Then Michelle turned back to Wayne and Phillip and said, "Wayne, I'm calling the police now. We're going to find your sons Zack and Seth, and bring them back to you safely, and I'm going to place Tommy with you neighbor Joanna. You have to pull yourself together for me for when the police get here though, okay Wayne?"

"Please find my little angels Michelle." sobbed Wayne, as he tried to regain control of himself. "They've been through more already that anyone should have to go through. I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to them."

"I promise we'll find them Wayne." replied Michelle sincerely.

While everyone waited for the police, Michelle made a call to her supervisor to explain the current situation, and to see if they could get a warrant against Tommy's mother for child endangerment. Her supervisor promised that a warrant would be ready by the time the police were finished at Wayne's house. Talking to the police without breaking down again was the toughest thing Wayne had ever had to do, but everyone was there to help him. Even Frank and Rebecca rushed over as soon as Carter called them. Phillip had to get pictures of the three boys for the officers, as he didn't know if Wayne was up to that. While the adults were talking to the police, Kevin thought he would call Billy, to have him and Lester keep an eye out for the boys.

"Hi there Kevin." said Edward. "I'm sorry Billy can't come to the phone, but he took off this morning with one of his friends to Florida. His friend had some kind of event to go to there, and really wanted Billy to go along. They'll only be there for a few days though, and I'll tell Billy that you were looking for him as soon as he gets back."

"Okay Uncle Eddie, I'd appreciate it." replied Kevin. "Thanks a lot." Then Kevin turned to Alex and said, "Billy went to Florida with a friend of his. Could you try calling Lester for me?"

When Lester's dad Earl answered the phone, Alex asked, "Hi sir, can I speak with Lester please? It's really important."

"I'm sorry Alex, but Lester isn't here." replied Earl. "He took off this morning to Florida with that really nice boyfriend of his. Lester and Billy looked so adorable saying that they wanted to have a honeymoon, that Mildred and I just couldn't say no."

"Okay sir, I'll try him again in a few days." replied Alex. "Thanks."

"That's really weird!" said Alex to Kevin. "Billy told his dad that a friend of his had an event to attend in Florida, but Billy and Lester told Lester's dad that they wanted to take a honeymoon in Florida!"

"I don't know if I'd call it weird." replied Kevin. "Billy was probably afraid of the reaction he would get if he told his dad he was going on a honeymoon to Florida with another boy."

"I guess you're right Kevin, maybe it's just the timing that's weird." said Alex.

"Wow!" exclaimed Tommy. "These mountains in Tennessee are really cool! How long will it take to get to the beach in Florida?"

"Well, if Lester and I pull an all-nighter, we should be there early in the morning." replied Billy. "We don't have too much other choice, as I don't think we'd have much luck in getting a room."

"Can we stop somewhere, I gotta pee!" said Seth.

"I wish you had said that before we got in the middle of this mountain range." replied Billy. "The next exit with any facilities won't be for another twenty miles."

"See if you can take care of him somehow Tommy." said Lester. "We'll pull off the freeway as soon as we can."

"Can you hold it for a little while Seth, my little boyfriend?" asked Tommy.

"I can try Tommy." strained Seth. "I love you."

"I love you too, my sweet little lover." replied Tommy as he smiled. "You don't look like you're going to be able to hold it though. Do you want me to help you?"

"Would you, please?" asked Seth.

"Okay Seth." smiled Tommy.

Tommy opened Seth's fly, then reached in and found Seth's dick. Tommy then firmly clamped Seth's dick closed with his fingers. Seth visibly relaxed a little, and Tommy could feel the pressure build up behind his little dick.

"Oh crap guys, he really does have to go!" said Tommy. "Did either of you guys bring a camera?"

"Do you think I'd run off to Florida without a camera?" laughed Lester.

"I think there's a scenic overlook at the top of this grade." said Tommy. "They put it in so people could pull over and take pictures. Could you stop up here, and make sure this side of the car is pointed away from the freeway? Then I need Lester to act like he's taking pictures."

"Okay Tommy." smiled Billy. "Just hold his dick closed until we get there."

Billy pulled off into the overlook, which fortunately wasn't busy today. While Lester got out and took a few pictures, Tommy lifted Seth over to the side of the car. Then he took Seth's dick out of his pants, and pointed it out the door. Tommy held Seth's dick while he peed, and Seth moaned loudly in relief. Once Seth's bladder had been safely emptied, Lester laughed and got back in the car.

"Okay guys, from now on I'm going to let you know just before we get to a place where there aren't a lot of exits." said Billy, after they had gotten back underway. "If there's even the slightest sign that you have to go, let me know."

"Okay Billy, I'm sorry." said Seth apologetically.

"That's okay sport, those things happen." smiled Billy. "Those sure are two cute little boyfriends you have there Tommy!"

"Don't say that Billy, or they'll think they can get away with anything!" laughed Tommy.

"Did Tommy tell you guys I had my first dry orgasm last night?" asked Zack. "It was so cool! I sure wish I could have another one now."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until we get to where we're going." replied Tommy. "Then I'll be happy to suck your dick to another one."

"Tommy, Billy and I really think it's cute that you guys do that stuff." said Lester. "But that's what got you guys into this mess. You might want to make sure that you never say anything like that in front of anyone again, except us of course."

"I have to have someone to talk to about it though, and I think it would help Zack and Seth too." replied Tommy. "We know we can talk in front of Wayne, but he's an adult, and it's not the same as talking to another kid about it."

"That's why I said you can talk to us, but you might want to get use to not talking like that in front of anyone else." replied Lester. "Now Tommy, what's it like to have two boyfriends that are six and eight?"

"It's fuckin' awesome to have these two little angels as my lovers!" smiled Tommy, as he slipped his arms around Zack and Seth. "Their dicks are so little and beautiful that it's a joy to make love to them. These little guys are the perfect lovers for me in every way. They get so affectionate when we make love that it drives me wild. Then last night, when Zack had his very first dry orgasm, it was awesome! His dick tried every way it could to twitch out of my mouth, but I held onto it and sucked Zack all the way through his orgasm."

"It was incredible!" added Zack.

"How are you guys about making love to Tommy?" asked Billy.

"We love Tommy more than anyone in the world!" replied Zack.

"Yeah, Tommy is so gentle with us when he makes love to us." said Seth. "We love making Tommy feel as good as he makes us feel."

"And his cum tastes pretty good too, doesn't it Seth?" asked Zack.

"I could drink Tommy's cum all day!" exclaimed Seth. "I love it when I'm the one to make his dick cum, and then I drink his cum right out of his dick!"

Lester looked over and saw that Billy now had an erection, so Lester reached over and caressed Billy's pants gently as he drove. Billy smiled as he enjoyed his boyfriend's touch on the crotch of his jeans. That evening when they stopped for dinner, Billy had a nagging feeling that he should call Kevin or his Uncle Phillip. Even so, he decided that they should wait until they were in Florida.

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