Starting Over 3:

Friends Forever

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Friends Forever

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

Five minutes later, Lester was saying, "I hope they'll be alright. I've never seen both of my parents faint like that, and it's a little scary."

"I think they'll be fine son." smiled Wayne, as he patted Mildred's forehead with a cold wet towel. "They just fainted from the shock. How is Earl doing over there Phillip?"

"I think he's beginning to come around dear." replied Phillip.

Earl and Mildred did come around, and forced Wayne to tell them what he had told them before. Wayne thought that they might faint again, but they did manage to stay with them this time. Wayne and Phillip spent quite a while with Earl and Mildred, getting them use to the fact that their son was now a millionaire. As Wayne, Phillip, and Billy left, Wayne told Earl and Mildred to call him in the morning to work out the details of their son's money. Then they were off to talk to Edward.

On the way there, Phillip asked Billy if he was sure he wanted to come out tonight.

"I have to Uncle Phillip." replied Billy. "There's no way I can think of hiding how I feel about Lester anymore. If I don't tell him, I'm sure he will be able to see it anyway."

"Okay Billy, but I want to lead off the conversation." said Phillip.

"Okay," replied Billy. "Thanks Uncle Phillip. If I get through tonight, this being gay thing might not be so bad."

Phillip chuckled as he patted Billy on the thigh, then gave him a light kiss on the forehead. When they got to Billy's house, Phillip led everyone up to Edward's door. "Hi little brother, how are you tonight?" asked Phillip, as he gave Edward a light hug.

"I'm fine so far." replied Edward. "It kind of makes me nervous when someone brings my son home though, even if it is my brother."

"Well, don't worry." said Phillip. "There really isn't anything wrong. We all just wanted to talk to you together about a few things. Why don't we all sit down together?"

"Sure thing guys, come on in." smiled Edward.

Phillip, Wayne, and Billy followed Edward inside, while Edward called his wife Betsy out to the living room. Phillip offered his hand and said, "Hello Betsy, I'm Edward's older brother Phillip."

"Hi Phillip." replied Betsy. "Edward has told me quite a bit about you, although most of it has just been recently."

"Yeah, our relationship kind of hit a rough spot because of our parents." said Phillip. "I'm glad we got it back on track again though."

"Me too." smiled Betsy. "If you want to know the truth, I married Edward to get him away from your parents. It's not that I hate them, it's just that they strike me as very narrow minded people. It's too bad your sister Terri acts just like them. I wondered what happened to that boy of hers that she sent away, until you two came back to town."

"Kevin came to stay with me, and I've been raising him since." replied Phillip. "He is really a great boy."

"Yes, I was kind of disappointed that Billy didn't get along with him better when he first came back." replied Betsy.

"I explained to her how much of that was my fault though." said Edward.

"Then I gave him an earful!" laughed Betsy. "To think that the only reason Terri threw her own son out was because he is gay, well, it pisses me off. No one ever guaranteed her that her children would turn out to be her narrow view of perfect. Then when he came back here, he really didn't need any grief from Billy."

"Yes mom, you told me that." smiled Billy.

"Things are different now though." said Edward. "I can remember how much my older brother always cared about me, and what a great kid Kevin was as I watched him grow up. I mean it when I say that it doesn't make any difference that both of you are gay. That was mom's, dad's, and Terri's hang up, but it's not mine anymore. Hell, it wouldn't even make me feel different about Billy if he were to tell me and Betsy that he's gay. He's our son, and I love him. Just like you're my brother, and Kevin is my nephew, and I love both of you."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that brother." replied Phillip. "I missed hearing that so much for so long. I love you too Edward."

"It's so special to see you two like that." smiled Betsy.

"So mom, how do you feel about what dad said?" asked Billy.

"I think I've finally gotten through to him, and reversed some of the damage his parents did to his mind." laughed Betsy. "As far as what he said about accepting Phillip and Kevin, if you love someone, things like that shouldn't make a difference."

"I needed to hear that too then." said Billy. "Mom, dad, I have to tell you something. I can't hold this back anymore, because it's too important. And Lester is too important to me too. I'm gay."

"Come here son." said Edward softly, as he held on arm open for Billy. "I know with the shit that I've filled your head with, that had to be the hardest thing you've ever done. It shouldn't have been that way though, and I'm the one who put you through it. I'm sorry that I've ended up hurting you too, but that has changed as well. I love you son, and I'll do whatever I can to help you and your boyfriend cope with this."

"I love you dad!" replied Billy emotionally, as he hugged his dad tightly.

"I'm glad I got Edward to change in time to accept this." said Betsy. "I know you helped with that too Phillip, and I thank you. I knew that this day would come though. Billy might not have had any idea that he would end up being gay, but I could tell. Thanks for helping to save this family from a lot of pain Phillip."

"It was the least I could do for my little brother and his wonderful family." smiled Phillip. "I'm just glad I got the chance to see Billy and Edward hug like that, after Billy told you two."

Edward turned back to Phillip, still holding his son, and said, "Thanks brother. If it hadn't been for you, we might have lost him eventually. I know how hard it is for gay kids to make it in this world, and our sister is a good example of why. Now, what else did you guys have to talk to us about tonight?"

"Well, the reason Billy and Lester went to Florida was because they had picked up Wayne's two youngest boys and their babysitter Tommy." said Phillip. "The boys and Tommy were set on running away from home, and they had made a plan to go to Florida and live in Wayne's house there until things blew over here. Billy and Lester thought it would be a good idea to take them, instead of them running off again. That meant we had to follow them down after Billy called Wayne and told him what happened."

"Why didn't you just call someone son?" asked Edward.

"Because it would have spooked the boys, and they would have ran off on their own." replied Billy. "I guess we also weren't thinking things through too carefully."

"Anyway Edward, here is where things get interesting." said Phillip. "We all just decided to make a vacation out of it, so everyone followed the boys down to Florida. While we were there, we found a treasure ship that was suppose to just be a myth, but Wayne had been looking for for years. Since Billy and Lester were responsible for us being there, and they helped salvage the ship, we are giving them an even split of the money from the treasure."

"So, you guys found a few thousand dollars worth I take it." laughed Edward.

"It was a bit more than that." said Phillip. "Billy and Lester's share will be in the neighborhood of five hundred million dollars."

"WHAT!?" exclaimed Edward, as he turned slightly pale. "Are you serious Phillip?"

"Yes little brother, very serious." replied Phillip. "Billy and Lester are worth quite a bit of money now. We're going to have Lester's parents come to our house in the morning to discuss the money. Would you and your family join us?"

"I guess we have to!" replied Edward, who then looked toward Betsy. "Are,... are you okay honey?"

"Fi,... fi,... fi." replied Betsy.

"Well, at least she didn't faint, like Lester's parents did!" laughed Phillip. "And also, thanks for being so accepting and loving with Billy. This being gay thing really had him worried, and you've made him very happy."

"I know this is a shock Betsy, but it's a shock to all of us too." said Wayne, who had went to Betsy and taken ahold of her hand. "Billy is really going to need your help with this kind of money. I want you to try to relax tonight, so your mind can relax too. Then I'm sure you will be able to think clearly about this."

"I'll help her relax." said Edward, still slightly in shock. "It's just that we've never imagined this kind of money before. I don't know exactly how well Phillip has done for himself, but I'd be willing to bet he's done the best in the family."

"Well, I've never done quite THIS well!" laughed Phillip. "Wayne is right though. Billy will need a lot of help with this kind of money, so you better start imagining it. I'm sure you will do well though little brother."

"I hope so." replied Edward. "This is going to make things quite a bit different around here."

"I guess you three have a few things to talk about, so Wayne and I will be going." said Phillip. "Ten o'clock tomorrow morning would be great. And thanks again for how you handled Billy. You've made him a very happy boy, and you've done a great job with him lately. I hope you'll help him cope with being gay."

"We'll make sure he's as happy and gay as he can be." smiled Edward. "Thanks for being there for him, until he could come to us."

That night when Lester and Billy talked to each other on the phone, they both giggled like little kids. Now they were completely free to love each other in any way they saw fit. They decided that when they got together at Wayne's house the next day, they would give each other a passionate kiss in front of everyone, to see how comfortable Billy's dad was with it.

The next day, everyone began gathering at Wayne's house again. Joanna, Alex, and Tommy were first, so Joanna could help Wayne prepare a nice brunch for everyone. Then came Frank and his family, along with Kevin, who had spent the night with Carter. Then came Edward, Betsy, and Billy. Finally, everyone was joined by Earl, Mildred, and Lester. When Lester saw Billy standing near his father, Lester went up to Billy and wrapped his arms around him. The two boys eagerly pressed their lips together, and began a very passionate kiss. After a few moments, Billy forgot there was anyone else in the room, and began probing Lester's mouth with his tongue. Lester sucked on Billy's tongue for a moment, then he and Billy dueled back and forth with their tongues.

"Do you guys want to use my room?" snickered Kevin, which brought Billy and Lester back to Earth.

Billy was slightly embarrassed, until he looked at his father. Edward looked happy that his son had someone to love like he loved Lester.

"I'm sorry dad." said Billy, now relieved. "My boyfriend and I will try to keep it down a little."

"Knowing boys the way I do, I doubt that!" laughed Edward. That remark got everyone laughing, then everyone sat down to a nice brunch as they talked.

"Okay, most of us who are splitting a share have families, and our shares will be used to take care of those families." said Wayne. "Lester and Billy's priorities will be a little different. They need to think about ensuring success for their own futures."

"So, we can't have a little fun too?" replied Billy. "I knew there would be a catch."

"I didn't say that." laughed Wayne. "You two could probably have a lot of fun, and still be doing very well. That's probably going to be up to your parents though."

"So, should we invest for their future?" asked Earl.

"That would be the best course of action." replied Phillip. "I would suggest talking to a good investment counselor, and having a plan for the boys future laid out."

"I talked to one yesterday, because my family is quite a bit smaller." said Joanna. "He thinks my family's security can really benefit from it. Your boys should be able to set themselves up to have a great life ahead of them."

"So then, about that fun we can afford to have." smiled Lester. "Are we talking new car fun?"

"Well, older cars have less safety features, and are much less safe than newer ones." said Wayne. "I'm sure your parents could be convinced that it would be in the best interests of your future."

"I think that night not be out of the question son." chuckled Earl. "I wouldn't mind seeing you boys in a safer vehicle. You already plan on being together for the rest of your lives, so we should do everything we can to make that as long as possible."

"And since you boys love each other so much, you could split one vehicle between the both of you." said Edward. "That way, you could afford the best vehicle we could find for your money."

"Cool!" exclaimed Billy and Lester together.

"As for everything else though, you boys shouldn't flaunt your money too much." said Edward. "Having fun is one thing, and I'm all for that, but being flamboyant about it is a completely different story."

"I think I understand dad." said Billy.

"It's good to hear that Billy." said Wayne. "As for the money, the proceeds from what the gold reserve could take from us has been placed in one account for now. Edward, I'll need you and Earl to set up accounts for Billy and Lester. As soon as that's done, I will disperse that money. Then after each of the auctions are held, I will have that money split between all of the accounts. We can start the process as soon as Billy's and Lester's accounts are set up."

Billy and Lester went with the adults to their respective banks, while the rest of the boys stayed at Wayne's house. As soon as the adults were gone, Kevin and Carter went to Kevin's room, Tommy went with Zack and Seth to their room, Alex and Benji went to Benji's room, and Sammy and Derek went to Wayne and Phillip's room. All of the boys were naked within a matter of moments. Carter and Kevin, and Sammy and Derek decided to share a gentle sixty nine with their lovers, while Alex and Benji wanted to take turns putting their dicks inside each other's butts. Meanwhile in Zack and Seth's room, Tommy had his hands full.

"I know you don't want to do anything that would hurt us Tommy, but I really do want this." begged Zack.

"Your father and his friends nearly killed both of you boys by forcing their cocks inside your rectums though." replied Tommy. "I'm not like them."

"I know you're not Tommy." said Zack. "You love Seth and me, and they never did. You're not as big as they are yet, and I know you would be very gentle about it. Our father's idea of gentle was holding me down really tightly while he pushed it into me as quickly as he could. I really want to know what it would feel like to have someone do that because they love me."

"What about Seth though?" asked Tommy. "We can't just leave him out, because he's just too small for something like this."

"Seth and I can suck each other while you make love to me." smiled Zack. "It would give him a bird's eye view of what you're doing to me, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind that!"

"Okay, but if it looks like I'm causing you any pain at all, we're not going through with it." said Tommy. "We'll have a long time together, and we don't have to be rushing into that too soon."

"It's a deal!" smiled Zack, as he laid back on the bed and waited for Tommy to start.

Tommy ran to the bathroom really quickly, and got a tube of lube. Then he went back to where Zack was eagerly waiting for him. Tommy had Zack hold his legs up and back, then he knelt by Zack's butt. Tommy got a good amount of lube on one finger, then began rubbing it into Zack's pucker. When Tommy's finger and Zack's pucker were well coated, Tommy gently began to press his finger into Zack. Tommy looked into Zack's eyes for any sign of discomfort, but all he saw was a beautiful smile on Zack's face. Tommy then pulled his finger back out of Zack, and added some more lube. Then Tommy put two fingers up to Zack's pucker. Tommy carefully and slowly worked both fingers into Zack, while watching his young lover carefully.

"Are you okay Zack, my love?" asked Tommy.

"It didn't really hurt, it was more of a surprise." cooed Zack softly. "It's starting to feel really good."

"Okay baby." smiled Tommy.

Tommy then slowly worked both fingers into Zack, massaging Zack's insides as he went. When Tommy had both fingers all the way inside Zack, and Zack looked okay with it, Tommy began going back and forth, gently stretching Zack with his fingers. After about five minutes of that, Tommy took his fingers out of Zack. Zack's three inch erection was as hard as steel now, and no one had touched it yet. Tommy thought it looked very sweet. Then Tommy began to lube his erect dick, making sure to cover it thoroughly. Tommy then put Zack's legs up on his shoulders, and lined his dick up to Zack's pucker. Tommy watched Zack's face carefully as he began to push. When Tommy's dick slipped into Zack, it looked like Zack winced a little, so Tommy held his dick very still.

"Please don't stop, or take it out!" begged Zack. "It didn't really hurt. It was just a shock when it went in."

"Okay baby, but I'm not pushing it in further until you look like you're okay with it." replied Tommy.

As Tommy held his dick still, just inside Zack's rectum, Seth pulled his brother's balls back so he could see it. Seth's eyes grew wide as he looked at Tommy's dick inside his brother.

Zack finally said, "This feels like heaven Tommy. Can you please make love to me?"

"Okay my little lover." smiled Tommy. Once Tommy had slowly worked the rest of his dick into Zack, he said, "Seth, Zack's dick really looks like it could use the inside of someone's mouth. Why don't you two go ahead and make love to each other?"

Seth needed no further encouragement, as he hungrily swallowed Zack's dick. Zack looked up at his brother's beautiful little dick hovering above his face, and grabbed Seth's hips. Then Zack pulled Seth's dick down into his mouth. Seth caressed Zack's dick with his lips, as he watched Tommy start slowly thrusting in and out of Zack. When Zack felt that, he sealed his lips around Seth's dick, and moaned deeply. Then Tommy reached up, and slid his still slick finger into Seth's butt. Zack and Seth now both moaned in pleasure, as Tommy slid his dick in and out of Zack, and his finger in and out of Seth. After a few minutes, Tommy had to start holding back. He wanted Zack and Seth to work up to a dry orgasm, before he shot his cum deep inside Zack. It took a little bit of work on Tommy's part, but after ten minutes, Zack and Seth were both on the verge of a dry orgasm. It would be the first time they had ever orgasmed into each other's mouths. The two boys began at practically the same time, then Tommy let his orgasm go. As Zack felt Seth's dick spasm in his mouth, and felt his dick orgasm in Seth's mouth, he felt Tommy's cum shooting deeply inside him. When Tommy stopped cumming, he pulled his dick out of Zack. At the same time, Seth was slowly turning back around. Then all three boys fell into a heap on the bed.

"Oh God Tommy!" gasped Zack. "That was the greatest love I've ever felt! I can still feel your stuff inside me!"

"I love you two so much!" panted Tommy. Then all three boys took turns kissing each other passionately.

Meanwhile in Benji's room, Alex had already cum inside Benji, and now Benji was approaching his orgasm. "Oh God Alex, I can't believe how lucky I was to have met you!" panted Benji, as his dick slid in and out of Alex.

"I'm the one who's lucky." moaned Alex. "When I was in a coma, I woke up just to meet you. I could hear and feel everything you said and did to me, and I had to wake up for you."

"You fell in love with me before you even woke up?" asked Benji as he neared his orgasm. "No one has ever loved me that much!"

"I do Benji!" moaned Alex loudly. "I love you!"

Benji and Alex both moaned, as Benji felt his orgasm erupt into Alex. As soon as it was over, Benji fell onto Alex, and the two boys hugged tightly. During the very passionate hug, they began kissing just as passionately. Both boys completely loved the fact that their cum was inside each other.

When the adults had returned to Wayne's, along with Billy and Lester, the first round of deposits had been made. Billy and Lester did want to go shop for a car now, but they also wanted to celebrate their new wealth privately. Kevin smiled as he told them to use his room. Billy and Lester took him up on that offer eagerly.

After both boys were naked, they laid on the bed and began kissing. Then Billy broke the kiss, and said, "I've been talking to a few people about how to make you feel good, and I want to try something."

"I'm all yours!" smiled Lester.

Billy then began kissing Lester again, as he slowly moved from Lester's lips to his chin. Lester began breathing heavily when Billy's kisses moved down onto his neck. From there, Billy worked his kissing to both shoulders, and down to Lester's chest. Lester gasped as Billy gently kissed, then playfully nibbled at both of Lester's nipples. By the time Billy had returned to the middle of Lester's chest, Lester was as hard as he could be. Billy smiled at Lester's cock poking him in the stomach, then moved his kisses on down to Lester's stomach. Billy paid special attention to kissing Lester's belly button, then drove his tongue into it. Lester moaned contentedly, as no one had ever made him feel this way before. Then Billy worked his way down to Lester's groin. Billy kissed all around Lester's cock, without letting it touch his lips, then moved around it to Lester's balls. Billy kissed each orb movingly, one at a time, before sucking gently on each of them.

Finally, Billy kissed the head of Lester's cock. As he pressed his tongue against Lester's piss slit, Lester groaned out in pleasure. Then Billy began covering the shaft of Lester's cock with kisses. When Billy could feel it throbbing against his lips, he slowly took Lester's cock into his mouth. Billy put more love into caressing Lester's cock with his lips than he had ever put into anything, and now Lester was approaching a really good orgasm.

Billy could sense that, so he backed off just enough to say, "Don't try to hold your love back from me Lester. I need to taste it so badly!"

Lester let out a loud moan, as his cock immediately erupted into Billy's mouth, as soon as it had covered his cock again. Billy sucked longingly, as Lester writhed in the midst of his orgasm.

Once it was over, Lester moaned, "That left me weak Billy, but I have to taste you now."

Billy then moved up, and straddled Lester's head. Lester parted his lips, and Billy pushed his erect cock into Lester's mouth. Lester used as much suction and tongue on Billy's cock as he could, as Billy thrust his cock in and out of Lester's mouth. Then Billy began breathing heavily and moaning, and Lester prepared to take his impending orgasm. Billy grunted loudly, and kept thrusting, as his cock exploded into Lester's mouth. Lester sucked as hungrily as he could, swallowing every drop of Billy's cum down his throat. When Billy was finished cumming, he pulled himself back, and lowered himself down into Lester's arms. The two boys kissed softly, as they recovered from their orgasms.

Lester finally said, "I hope you make love like that to me every day, for the rest of our lives!"

"I'll see what I can do Lester." smiled Billy. "I love you more than I ever thought possible, and I hope that never changes."

Everyone had decided to go out for dinner that evening, so that didn't leave Billy and Lester nearly enough time to go out car shopping. Then Kevin suggested that they do the preliminary shopping online, which sounded like a great idea.

"So, what kind of car are you guys looking for?" asked Kevin, as he sat at his computer with his arm around Carter.

Billy and Lester were sitting right next to Kevin, with their arms around each other too, as Billy replied, "Something really classy, really cool, and practically indestructible."

"And it has to be available in red!" laughed Lester.

"So, something that says, I'm cool, and you can't hurt me, right?" asked Kevin as he smiled.

"That sounds perfect!" replied Billy, as his hand moved down to massage Lester's butt.

"Okay guys, this site wants both of you to answer a few questions about what you like and don't like." said Kevin. "You go first Billy."

Billy scooted over behind the keyboard, and answered twelve questions about himself. Then Lester took his place, and answered the same twelve questions. Kevin moved back over to the keyboard, then hit the match button.

"Okay, the computer says that the perfect car for both of you, based on what you are looking for, and your likes and dislikes, would be a Hummer." said Kevin. "Now it wants to know how you guys would like it equipped, so I'll let you work on that together."

Kevin gave up the computer to Billy and Lester, and he and Carter kissed frequently as they watched the other two boys. When Billy was working on the computer, Lester would massage his thigh and butt. Then Billy would do the same while Lester was working. When they had everything the way they wanted it, Kevin took back over.

"Here is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and here is a list of dealers in the Cincinnati/Covington area." said Kevin. "If you two can sell your dads on a Hummer, at that price, you should be able to find someone to make a deal with tomorrow."

"Cool!" exclaimed Billy. "It is a pretty sweet looking vehicle."

"Yeah, I like it too." said Lester. "We'll work on them all night if we have to!"

Billy began working on Edward at the restaurant, while Edward was taking a drink of water. That didn't work out too well, but it did provide everyone with a laugh.

After Edward composed himself, he replied, "A Hummer?! Do you boys realize how much a vehicle like that might cost?"

"Manufacturer's suggested retail, or what we might be able to deal for?" asked Billy.

"Hmm, I see you two DID give it some thought, huh?" asked Edward.

"Yeah dad." replied Billy. "Considering what we both like and don't like about different vehicles, this one is perfect for us."

"And probably the safest you could find, short of a tank." laughed Lester.

"Edward is right though boys, it is still a lot of money." said Earl.

"Not if we ended up getting separate cars, and got the kind of safe cars you wanted us to get." replied Lester.

"Yeah, it would come out to about the same thing." added Billy.

"I think our boys have been learning how to outsmart us Earl." chuckled Edward.

"Yeah, they gave us the one point we couldn't argue!" laughed Earl. "It makes you kind of proud, doesn't it?"

"Okay boys, we aren't guaranteeing anything, but we'll go look at a Hummer tomorrow." said Edward. "If they can cut us a good enough deal, we might be able to do this. If we do though, there's to be no showing off, or bragging to other kids about it. We don't want every parent in Cincinnati mad at us."

"I promise, dad!" replied Billy, as he threw his arms around Edward. "I love you so much dad!

"I love you too dad!" said Lester, as he too gave his father a hug.

"And we love you boys very much too." smiled Edward, as soon as Billy released him.

"We must love them, to be considering getting them a Hummer!" smiled Earl. "This will mean that our boys will have a better car than either of us!"

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