Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

"I think our boys have been learning how to outsmart us Earl." chuckled Edward.

"Yeah, they gave us the one point we couldn't argue!" laughed Earl. "It makes you kind of proud, doesn't it?"

"Okay boys, we aren't guaranteeing anything, but we'll go look at a Hummer tomorrow." said Edward. "If they can cut us a good enough deal, we might be able to do this. If we do though, there's to be no showing off, or bragging to other kids about it. We don't want every parent in Cincinnati mad at us."

"I promise, dad!" replied Billy, as he threw his arms around Edward. "I love you so much dad!

"I love you too dad!" said Lester, as he too gave his father a hug.

"And we love you boys very much too." smiled Edward, as soon as Billy released him.

"We must love them, to be considering getting them a Hummer!" smiled Earl. "This will mean that our boys will have a better car than either of us!"

The next day, Earl and Edward took their boys out to the first of two dealers. The dealer did have a Hummer that was equipped the way they wanted, so Earl and Edward prepared to make a deal.

When they made their offer to the salesman, he replied, "Sirs, we do not make deals on Hummers. I'm sorry that your boys want to live beyond their means, but maybe you can find a nice used one, although Hummer owners are very reluctant to let go of their vehicles. That is your only chance though, because we don't take coupons or Green Stamps either."

"Well, I would like to see the owner of this dealership before I leave!" replied Edward. Once the man was standing in front of them, Edward continued, "I have never been so insulted in my life as I was by your employee! We made him an offer on a vehicle, which is standard practice in this country. Instead of saying he would rather not come down on the price, he practically insinuated we were on welfare, and that we were trying to cheat him in order to buy our sons a Hummer. The offer we made him was a fair average of new vehicle prices for that model, but now I'm withdrawing that offer. I wouldn't buy a vehicle from this dealership if you offered to sell it to us for a penny! I just wanted you to know why we'll go to the dealership across the river now, and pay them whatever price they have listed on the vehicle. And as for your salesman's accusation that our boys are trying to live beyond their means, our boys are worth in the neighborhood of five hundred million dollars! Good-bye sir!"

Then Edward walked out of the dealership, followed by Earl, the boys, and a begging and profusely apologizing dealership owner. Edward, Earl, and the boys got into Edward's car, then drove to the dealership across the river. When they got there, they found the color of vehicle the boys wanted. However, it was equipped a little more luxuriously than the boys wanted. A salesman came out to speak to the group.

"What are the long faces for?" asked the salesman. "By the way, my name is Sidney."

"Hi Sidney, I'm Earl, the other man is Edward, and these are our boys, Lester and Billy." replied Earl. "Our boys would like to buy a Hummer, since it would cost no more than to buy them both an acceptable vehicle in respect to safety. The models you have all seem to be on the fully loaded side though. We found what we wanted at the dealership across the river, but we won't deal with them because of their attitude. I guess we'll just have to make the drive up to Dayton."

"Nonsense!" exclaimed Sidney. "If your boys are going to be new Hummer owners by the end of the day, you should all be happy. Now, what were you looking for, what kind of offer did the other dealer make you, and what blew the deal."

Edward went ahead and told Sidney what had happened at the other dealership, and Sidney looked shocked. Then Sidney said, "I'm sorry that all of our vehicles are equipped better than average. Most of our customers prefer that. We do get lesser equipped models occasionally, but they don't stay on the lot long. After what the other dealership did to you though, I can't let that pass. It gives us a bad reputation. I'll tell you what, if you will deal with us, I'll knock the price down to the sticker price on their vehicle, and you'll get the color you wanted as well. Do we have a deal?"

"You definitely have a deal Sidney!" smiled Edward, as he shook Sidney's hand. "I'm so glad we met you."

Then the boys both gave Sidney a hug, and the group went inside to sign the papers. While that was happening, Sidney had someone prep the vehicle for delivery. Once the check had been written, Earl and Edward called their insurance company to have the boys covered in their new vehicle. By the time the paperwork had been finished, the freshly washed, waxed, and cleaned vehicle was sitting outside the door. Then Sidney handed the keys to Lester and Billy.

"You boys take it easy in that Hummer." smiled Sidney. "It may look indestructible, but you want to keep it looking and running good. Also, don't show off too much. Everyone you know will already be envious enough as it is. Other than that, enjoy your new Hummer."

Billy and Lester took turns driving their new vehicle back to Billy's house. As they pulled in, after several stops to switch drivers, it finally hit them. They lived on opposite sides of the river! That was the one thing they hadn't considered yet, and now they would have to talk to their dads about it.

"Dad, there is one thing that Lester and I never stopped to think of." said Billy.

"What's that son?" replied Edward.

"Lester and I live on opposite sides of the river." said Billy. "How are we going to share our new car together?"

"That's a tough one boys!" replied Edward. "Shouldn't you have thought about that before we got it for you?"

"We were too busy thinking about other things." replied Billy sheepishly.

Edward and Earl whispered together for a few moments, then both men smiled. "I have an idea!" said Edward. "You can switch drivers on even numbered days. Then you can drive it for that day, plus the following odd numbered day, and switch again. One person can drive it on even days that are multiples of three plus the day after, and the other can drive it on days that are multiples of four and the day after."

"But what about the second, tenth, fourteenth, and twenty second?" asked Lester. "They aren't multiples of either three or four."

"Well, on those days you can decide the driver by the best two out of three in rock, paper, and scissors." snickered Earl.

"That idea stinks!" pouted Lester.

"Well then, you boys could just wait until Lester, Mildred, and I move into the house next door." smiled Earl. "We'll be closing the deal on it this week. Mildred is getting a job on this side of the river anyway, and mechanics make more over here, so I wouldn't mind finding a garage over here to work at."

"Next door?!" screamed Lester excitedly. "I love you dad!"

Then Lester grabbed his dad in a hug, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. After that, Billy and Lester went to Billy's room, to give Carter and Kevin a call. Carter and Kevin were excited that Lester would be moving next door to Billy, and they told their friends that.

Then Billy smiled at Lester, and said, "Now it's time to celebrate!"

Billy and Lester took turns undressing each other, then laid on Billy's bed. Then Billy climbed on top of Lester, and told him to pucker his lips. Billy put his lips against Lester's, and the two boys shared a loving kiss. Billy could never believe how good it felt to kiss a boy like this from the first time he kissed Lester, but now he couldn't imagine anything better. At least not until Lester asked him to put his cock inside him. Billy smiled as he knelt over Lester's chest, and let Lester lube his cock. Then Billy got between Lester's legs, and put his cock up to Lester's pucker. Lester moaned in pleasure as he felt Billy's cock slide into him, filling his rectum. Once Billy got a rhythm going, he looked down at his cock sliding in and out of Lester. Then he smiled at Lester's cock bobbing up and down in time with his thrusts.

"This is so much better than I ever imagined love being!" smiled Billy.

Then Billy leaned down and put his lips back against Lester's. As Lester felt Billy's cock thrust into him, he also felt Billy's tongue thrust into his mouth. After Lester enjoyed the feelings Billy was giving him for a few minutes, he began clenching his rectum around Billy's cock. That made Billy moan deeply into Lester's mouth, as Lester began sucking on Billy's tongue. Billy was only able to hold back for a few more minutes after Lester started that. Then both boys moaned as Billy shot his cum deep inside Lester.

After resting for a few moments, Lester asked, "I know you're not too use to it yet Billy, but can I put my cock inside you now?"

"I'm actually getting use to that to the point where I kinda like it!" smiled Billy. "I'd like for you to put your cock inside me."

Billy lubed Lester's cock for him, then closed his eyes as Lester knelt between his legs. Billy felt the incredible pressure of Lester's cock pushing at his pucker, then he held his breath as he felt Lester's cock slide into him. The pain was to the point where it was only for an instant, then it was replaced by the indescribable feeling of Lester's cock inside him.

"I want you to start doing this a lot more Lester!" moaned Billy. "I think I'm starting to love the feeling of your cock inside me!"

Lester started off making love to Billy gently, then as he picked up the pace, Lester leaned down and covered Billy's lips with his own. Within a few minutes, Lester was thrusting his cock in and out of Billy at a much more arousing pace.

Lester leaned over and whispered into Billy's ear, "Just to think, you use to be a gay basher, but now you love my cock inside you! That turns me on so much Billy!"

"I think I've always wanted to do things like this with a boy like you though Lester." moaned Billy. "I can't even describe what it's like to me when we make love. I'll never be that asshole I use to be again."

"Can you cum again Billy?" asked Lester.

"I think I can for you Lester." replied Billy.

Lester then took his cock out of Billy, and laid on his back. "I want you to kneel over my stomach Billy." said Lester. "When I take your cock in my mouth, I want you to back onto my cock. Keep going until my cock is all the way inside you. Then I want you to thrust your cock in and out of my mouth, while my cock thrusts in and out of you."

"Oh my God, that sounds fun!" replied Billy.

Billy then knelt over Lester's stomach, and as soon as Lester had wrapped his lips around Billy's cock, Billy sat back onto Lester's cock. Billy drove Lester's cock into him as deeply as he could, then began thrusting his cock in and out of Lester's mouth. The faster Billy thrust in and out of Lester's mouth, the faster Lester's cock drove into Billy. Soon, that was what Billy was concentrating on most. Lester thought Billy might be hurting himself, but when he looked up, Billy looked like he was in another world. Lester then concentrated on making Billy's cock feel good as it thrust in and out of his mouth.

"I'm gonna cum again babe!" moaned Billy, as he thrust Lester's cock in and out of himself as hard as he could. "Please cum inside me now!"

Lester began grunting around Billy's cock, as his cock erupted inside Billy. Billy then moaned loudly as he shot another large load into Lester's mouth. Lester swallowed so hard that he swallowed the head of Billy's cock, as he continued having a massive orgasm inside Billy. As soon as both boys' orgasms were over, Billy laid back with Lester's throbbing cock still impaled deeply inside him.

As soon as Lester could speak, he asked, "Do you want me to take my cock out of you now Billy?"

"Oh God no!" moaned Billy. "Please leave it there!"

"Okay babe, but I'm going to cum again." moaned Lester.

As Billy laid on top of Lester, Lester cummed a second time inside Billy, without even thrusting his cock inside him. Billy moaned in pleasure as he laid there and felt Lester's second orgasm shooting into him. A few moments after Lester's second orgasm subsided, he began lifting Billy's hips, then dropping them back down on his still throbbing cock. As Billy moaned at Lester's third orgasm shooting into him, his cock once gain began flowing out onto his stomach. By this time both boys were completely drained, so they just laid there with Lester's now softening cock still inside Billy.

After about ten minutes, Lester ran his hands through the pool of cum on Billy's stomach as he softly said, "That was the first multiple orgasm I've ever had! I'll never forget this Billy."

"I won't either!" replied Billy, as he slowly turned around into Lester's arms. As Billy did that, Lester's cock finally slid gently out of Billy. "I can't believe how intense that was babe!"

Then Billy and Lester held each other in their arms as they smiled brightly at each other. After another fifteen minutes of holding each other, the boys got up to go to Billy's shower. While they were washing each other off, Billy said, "Since you guys will be preparing to move this week, you should take the car with you all week. I'll get Kevin and Carter to stop by here, and ride to school with them."

"Are you sure babe?" asked Lester.

"You need it Lester." replied Billy. "The quicker you guys get moved in next door, the quicker you'll be next door to me. I can't wait for that!"

"Neither can I." smiled Lester.

Edward and Earl had a good idea why the boys had been upstairs so long, and when Lester and Billy finally came back down, it showed on their faces. Edward and Earl just smiled at their two sons. Neither man doubted that the two boys were deeply in love, and probably would be for the rest of their lives. Both men had already seen examples of what could happen when love like that was not accepted. Earl could still vividly remember what happened to his nephew Travis, and Edward was well aware of the hell his nephew Kevin had been through. Neither man wanted their sons to go through anything like that.

On Monday, Billy rode into school with Kevin and Carter. The three boys were now the best of friends, and it still confused the hell out of their principal. When he saw them walking through the hallway with their arms around each other and laughing as they went to lunch, he finally had to talk to all three of them. After lunch, Billy, Carter, and Kevin reported to the principal's office.

"Don't worry boys, you're not in any trouble." said the principal. "It's just that after what has happened between the three of you, I wanted to find out what is going on now. It wasn't long ago at all that I though Billy would be on his way to a state institution for the way he treated his cousin Kevin, and now you three boys seem like inseparable friends. What is going on here?"

"When I nearly killed Kevin, it kinda woke me up." replied Billy. "I finally realized that I was the one who was wrong, not Kevin and Carter. I don't know why they gave me another chance, except that they are the two greatest people I've ever met, but I'm glad they did."

"I know my family sir." said Kevin. "My mother kicked me out of my home when she found out I was gay. Then I went to stay with my uncle Phillip, and I learned the truth of what happened to him when the family found out he was gay. I know that Billy was poisoned by what our families taught him, and I wanted to get through to him before it was too late. I could see that deep down there was something very different about him from what he was raised to think. I didn't know for sure that he was gay, but I thought there was at least a chance that that's what it was."

"I guess that's why I was so eager to please my dad, aunt, and grandparents with what I was taught." said Billy. "I was afraid of the feelings I had from time to time. I'm not afraid of them anymore though, and I have the greatest boyfriend I could have imagined. I'm so glad that Kevin never gave up on me, and I love him and Carter very much for turning my life around for the better."

"We love Billy too." said Carter. "We knew that the way he was acting before wasn't him. The way he acts now though is, and it makes him a really great guy. We're glad we got to him before it was too late."

"I have to say that that's a very inspiring story boys." said the principal. "I"m proud of the way the three of you have handled this situation. I've seen these things end much worse, and I'm glad that didn't happen this time. Now, could you boys do me a favor?"

"What's that sir?" asked Kevin.

"I know there are other kids in this school going through what you boys have gone through." replied the principal. "I would like you boys to help me with the worst of those, if you could."

"I don't know if we're qualified for that." said Carter.

"Yeah, I'd love to help other kids escape what I went through, but we don't want to end up doing more harm than good." said Billy.

"Maybe we could do that with Wayne's help though." said Kevin. "If you want to get a small group of the worst ones together, we can see if Wayne would help us with them."

"We'll talk to him tonight and let you know tomorrow." said Carter. "Will that be okay?"

"That would be great boys." replied the principal. "If we could get the worst of these kids turned around, it might make it easier to deal with the rest. Let me know tomorrow, and we'll get things going. Thanks boys, I'm glad to have all three of you as students here. Now, you can get a pass from the secretary for your classes."

On the way to class, Kevin said to Billy, "If you do this, you're going to be outing yourself Billy. Are you ready for that?"

"I know it won't be fun, but I could think of worse people to be like than you and Carter." replied Billy nervously.

Wayne thought it was a great idea, but he wanted to talk to Billy alone first. After talking to Billy, Wayne thought he was ready to handle this. The principal started getting the first group together right away, and told the boys he would let them know when he was ready. The boys he wanted on the list first were often given detention, so he would wait until they all had detention built up, then make that detention be spent with Kevin, Carter, Billy, and Wayne. The boys didn't hear back from the principal until Friday that week. That was just as well with Wayne, as he had an appointment to have Zack and Seth looked at by a hormone specialist later that week. The doctor looked both boys over, then took DNA and blood samples from both boys. The answers the boys gave him to a few questions was what shocked the doctor though.

"Do you know about the sexual activities of these boys Mister Owens?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, and they are documented by the state as well." replied Wayne. "Their father sexually abused both boys terribly, but the state plans on correcting that."

"They still have sexual contact though." said the doctor. "With themselves, and another young boy named Tommy."

"Yes, and I am counseling them about that too." replied Wayne. "Their social worker has seen this before though, and knows that their activity isn't too unusual for what they've been through. Short of locking them up by themselves though, it would be difficult to get them to stop. I hope to help them with counseling."

"Okay then." said the doctor. "How many men were these boys exposed to sexually before they were taken away from their father?"

"The only thing we can do is guess." replied Wayne. "From the things I've heard from the boys, I would guess several dozen."

"That's awful!" said the doctor. "Well, I should have the results of the test I ran by Monday, then I can analyze their condition. I think both boys may be developing at a faster than normal rate, but Seth's case is more extreme. I hope I can tell you something by Monday afternoon or Tuesday."

"Okay doctor, I'll be waiting to hear from you." replied Wayne.

Lester came over to Billy's house and picked him up Friday after school, and let Billy drive back across the river. Billy was going to help Lester pack tonight, then Carter and Kevin was going to join them for moving day the next morning. It looked like there would be quite a bit of room left after Lester put his stuff in the Hummer, so they would take some of the family stuff too. Earl had rented a moving truck, so when Carter and Kevin showed up the next morning, they helped load that. Then all they had to do was put the boxes that wouldn't fit in the boys' Hummer or Earl's truck into the moving truck, and they were ready to head across the river. Once everything was unloaded at the new house, Earl tried to pay Carter and Kevin for their help.

"You don't have to pay us." said Kevin. "We were helping friends move. I'll tell you what though. If you let Lester go with us back up to Michigan in May, we'll call it even."

"You boys drive a hard bargain, but I guess we can do that." smiled Earl. "Thanks for helping us get this done in one day boys."

That night, Billy and Lester christened Lester's new room. The following Monday, Wayne had to go back to the doctor for the results of Zack and Seth's examination.

"The boys' sexual functions were aroused at a very early age." said the doctor. "I think that this, combined with hereditary factors might have started the development of their reproductive systems. They have both achieved dry orgasms, and will probably both have full orgasms earlier than normal. Seth's case does seem more extreme though. I wouldn't be shocked at him having his first orgasm by the age of nine or ten. Both boys' organs will also develop a little more than normal. The good news is, I don't see any evidence that this is affecting their growth patterns, so they should lead healthy lives."

"That's the best news we could hear doctor!" replied Wayne. "That's what I was most afraid of. To know that my boys will grow up healthy and happy is a great relief."

After Wayne took the boys home for Tommy to babysit them, he was off to the school. Kevin's principal had set up detention for the first group of five boys that he wanted Kevin, Carter, Billy, and Wayne to work with. Wayne could immediately see that Kevin and Billy were a little agitated.

"Okay boys, who do we have, and why are you here?" Wayne asked the group of boys.

"My name is Louis." said the first of the five boys. "I caught some pansy jacking off in the bathroom, and the principal didn't like it that I stuffed his head in the toilet."

"All right Lou!" said a few of the other boys.

"It says here that stuffing his head in the toilet also included you breaking his nose with your fist." said Wayne. "Your principal sounds like a push over to me. I personally would have suspended you for that."

"Why?" asked Louis. "Do you like to stick up for fags?"

"I'm gay myself boy, and your attitude sucks big time!" said Wayne a little heatedly. "If you keep that up, you're going to have a fun week in detention! Now, I want you to go to the blackboard and write 'Why do I hate people?' one hundred times. It's either that, or your principal has agreed to suspend any boy who doesn't complete their detention to my satisfaction."

"My dad is going to hear about this!" said Louis.

"Get to the blackboard now, or you're out of school!" said Wayne.

Louis continued to grumble as he went to the blackboard. Wayne didn't like it that he lost his cool so soon into the detention, so he took a minute to compose himself before he continued. "Okay, who's next?" asked Wayne, as he could see Kevin and Billy become agitated again.

"I'm Scott." said the next boy.

"Are you old enough to be in high school son?" asked Wayne.

"I'm not your son!" replied Scott. "This is my first year of high school, and I'm getting tired of hearing that."

"Okay Scott, I'm sorry if I offended you." said Wayne. "It was just a figure of speech. It says here that you're getting your first year off badly. You were caught vandalizing school property. You were writing sexually offensive slurs on someone else's locker. Can you explain that, and why you also look like you don't want to be here?"

"Maybe you should ask my brother Kevin why I don't want to be here!" said Scott.

"I can see Terri filled your mind with the same kind of hate that Uncle Edward was filling Billy's mind with." said Kevin. "I had always hoped we would remain brothers through this."

"You should have more respect for mom than to call her by her proper name!" said Scott.

"I lost that respect when she told me I was no longer her son, and sent me to live with Uncle Phillip!" replied Kevin. By this time Carter's and Wayne's mouths were hanging open.

"You liar!" said Scott. "Mom told me what happened! She said that you said you wanted to be a faggot more than you wanted to be with us, and that you left to go live with Phillip!"

"If you believe that shit, I have some farmland to sell you about twenty miles east of Daytona Beach!" said Billy.

"Don't call my mom a liar, cousin!" said Scott.

"Why not?" asked Billy. "She's exactly like our grandparents! My dad was too, but then he found out what really happened in this screwed up family."

"Are you defending gay people now Billy?" asked another boy, named Jeff. "You use to be one of us."

"Yeah, I use to be a complete asshole!" replied Billy. "Then I almost killed my own cousin based on a bunch of lies that I'd been told my whole life! Scott, your brother was a few seconds away from dying because of me!"

"Would you have liked coming to my funeral Scott?" asked Kevin. "How would it have made you feel to see my body lying in a coffin, knowing that you'd never have to see me again?"

"I,... I..." stammered Scott.

"What's the matter Scott?" asked Billy. "I thought a few seconds ago you would have loved the idea of me killing your brother. And before any of you other assholes think it would have been cool, I was a few seconds away from being put in handcuffs by the cops, and being locked up for a very long time. Would any of you guys enjoy spending the next twenty years of your lives in prison?"

"I don't want my brother dead." said Scott emotionally. "I just want to know why he hates us."

"I don't hate you Scott, you're my younger brother." said Kevin, trying to keep from tearing up. "I don't even hate mom either, but she stopped being my mom when she threw me out. I was scared to death, and had no idea where I was going to go. Then she suggested that I go to Florida to live with Phillip. I finally got ahold of his number and called him, and he sent a ticket for me that day. As soon as I got down to Florida, I realized that everything we had been told about Uncle Phillip was a lie. He treated me so well that he became my dad as far as I'm concerned."

"Phillip and Kevin aren't the monsters here Scott." said Billy. "The only monsters here are the ones who continue to spread lies and hate about them. My dad finally realized that Uncle Phillip had been lied about and mistreated by our grandparents, and that Uncle Phillip still loved his family as much as he ever did. Kevin does too Scott. As the cops were getting ready to cuff me, Kevin talked them out of it. I'd be in prison right now if it weren't for the fact that Kevin still loves his family."

"I,... I..." stammered Scott, who then broke down and started crying.

Kevin ran to Scott and put his arms around his younger brother, then said, "I still love you Scott. You're my younger brother, and you always will be. What mom has done to us was terrible, and I hope you realize that now. You always have been and always will be my little brother though, and I hope you know how much I care about you."

"I'm so sorry Kevin!" cried Scott. "What are we going to do about mom?"

"If she cares anything about her family, she's going to have to come to terms with this soon." said Kevin. "I hope she does, even though it's too late for me to consider anyone except Phillip as my parent. I'd still like to be able to have you as my brother though."

"Oh that's great!" said Jeff. "The faggots have gotten another one!"

"I'm not gay Jeff, so why don't you put a sock in it!" said Scott.

"Why do you hate gay people Jeff?" asked Wayne.

"Because, it isn't right!" replied Jeff. "I resent the principal sticking us in here with a bunch of fags, and I thought what Lou did was great!"

"Louis beat up another kid just for masturbating!" said Wayne. "Almost every boy in the world masturbates himself. If you tell me you don't do it, I'll call you a liar right here. I know for a fact that you do it, whether you'll admit it or not. Does that make you gay too Jeff?"

"You need top stop trying to recruit new fags!" said Louis, as he turned from the blackboard.

"No one was talking to you Louis!" said Wayne. "Now, why don't you continue with your assignment there."

"I've almost had it with this shit!" said Louis.

"Okay then, how's this?" replied Wayne. "You masturbate too. When you caught that other boy masturbating, it made you feel bad. You are insecure about yourself because you masturbate, and someone has lied to you and told you it isn't normal. The person who told you that though masturbated when he was a boy himself. Just because a boy masturbates, it doesn't make him gay. If that were the case, ninety nine percent of all the boys in the world would be gay. Are you gay Louis? I doubt it very seriously, and no one is ever going to try to recruit you to be gay. Was the boy you beat up gay? I doubt that as well. He just got caught by the wrong person, doing something that every boy does. Does it make Jeff gay because he masturbates as well? I doubt it again, because masturbation doesn't have anything at all to do with a person's sexual orientation. You boys need to think long and hard about why you're here right now, because the next step will be your removal from school. After that, you will have no future at all to look forward to. A large majority of male high school drop outs turn to a life of crime, and spend most of their adult lives in prison. Is that what you boys want? You should tell someone right now if it is, and save all of us a lot of trouble for nothing."

"Kevin, Carter, and myself aren't here for the same reason you guys are." said Billy. "The principal has this wild idea that maybe we can help you guys. Look at Kevin and Carter. They don't look any different than any other guys in the world. They don't act any differently either. I was the one who use to act differently. I use to be a much bigger asshole than any of you guys. Then I almost killed someone, and I almost went to prison for it. The person that I almost killed was the one who kept that from happening. My dad didn't raise me to be a murderer, but I was so eager to make him proud of the things he taught me that I didn't stop to think about anything. Then my dad and I both realized that we were wrong. The really funny thing is, when I realized how wrong I was, I also realized why. I was a lot more like my cousin than I wanted to think about. When I stopped being so wrong, I realized that I was gay too. You guys better realize something right now. The more you hate something or someone, the more there is that you're just trying to hide from the whole world."

Billy's speech left the five boys in detention speechless. The boy they thought had been so much like them was gay too, and none of them knew what to think about that. The other two boys, Ronnie and Chad, introduced themselves almost quietly. They didn't act nearly as proud to be in detention as the other three had at first. The first day of detention left everyone with something to think about. Kevin had never talked about Scott to anyone, and Carter was surprised to find that his boyfriend had a little brother. When the detention was over for the day, Billy went home to be with Lester, while Wayne, Carter, Kevin, and Scott went somewhere for a long talk.

Wow! I didn't see that coming, did you? lol. So now Kevin has a younger brother. How will Carter take that, and the fact that Kevin hid it from everyone. It seems that Phillip hid it too, because he knew as well. I guess we'll find out soon though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 12.