Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

"Okay then, how's this?" replied Wayne. "You masturbate too. When you caught that other boy masturbating, it made you feel bad. You are insecure about yourself because you masturbate, and someone has lied to you and told you it isn't normal. The person who told you that though masturbated when he was a boy himself. Just because a boy masturbates, it doesn't make him gay. If that were the case, ninety nine percent of all the boys in the world would be gay. Are you gay Louis? I doubt it very seriously, and no one is ever going to try to recruit you to be gay. Was the boy you beat up gay? I doubt that as well. He just got caught by the wrong person, doing something that every boy does. Does it make Jeff gay because he masturbates as well? I doubt it again, because masturbation doesn't have anything at all to do with a person's sexual orientation. You boys need to think long and hard about why you're here right now, because the next step will be your removal from school. After that, you will have no future at all to look forward to. A large majority of male high school drop outs turn to a life of crime, and spend most of their adult lives in prison. Is that what you boys want? You should tell someone right now if it is, and save all of us a lot of trouble for nothing."

"Kevin, Carter, and myself aren't here for the same reason you guys are." said Billy. "The principal has this wild idea that maybe we can help you guys. Look at Kevin and Carter. They don't look any different than any other guys in the world. They don't act any differently either. I was the one who use to act differently. I use to be a much bigger asshole than any of you guys. Then I almost killed someone, and I almost went to prison for it. The person that I almost killed was the one who kept that from happening. My dad didn't raise me to be a murderer, but I was so eager to make him proud of the things he taught me that I didn't stop to think about anything. Then my dad and I both realized that we were wrong. The really funny thing is, when I realized how wrong I was, I also realized why. I was a lot more like my cousin than I wanted to think about. When I stopped being so wrong, I realized that I was gay too. You guys better realize something right now. The more you hate something or someone, the more there is that you're just trying to hide from the whole world."

Billy's speech left the five boys in detention speechless. The boy they thought had been so much like them was gay too, and none of them knew what to think about that. The other two boys, Ronnie and Chad, introduced themselves almost quietly. They didn't act nearly as proud to be in detention as the other three had at first. The first day of detention left everyone with something to think about. Kevin had never talked about Scott to anyone, and Carter was surprised to find out that his boyfriend had a little brother. When detention was over for the day, Billy went home to be with Lester, while Wayne, Carter, Kevin, and Scott went somewhere for a long talk.

"So Scott, how is everyone?" asked Kevin.

"Mom is still mom." replied Scott. "The defender of the straight world. The twins, Jenna and Gina, are okay though."

"Wait a minute babe, you have a younger brother, AND two younger sisters?" asked Carter. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Because I knew what mom had told them about me." replied Kevin. "It was so painful to be kicked out of my family, knowing my brother and sisters would never know the real truth about me. I couldn't even think about it babe. That's why I asked Phillip not to mention them either. Even now it's starting to hurt."

"I don't want you to hurt Kevin." said Scott, as he gave his brother a hug. "I promise not to believe everything mom has said anymore, and I'll make sure our sisters hear both sides of this."

"Just don't let mom catch you talking good about me." said Kevin, as he gave Scott a crooked smile. "You'd have to come live with me and dad, and you'd be the only straight guy in the house."

"You really do think of Uncle Phillip as your dad now, don't you?" asked Scott.

"You should see them together." smiled Wayne. "They look like the perfect father and son couple."

"Our father could have spoke up to mom anytime he wanted to, but he's never done that in his life." said Kevin. "He didn't love me enough to fight for me, so now Uncle Phillip is my dad."

"Well brother, I won't make that mistake again." said Scott. "When you and Billy were talking about me having to come to your funeral, I almost lost it. Was it really that close?"

"If I hadn't been in the hospital when the aneurysm ruptured, I wouldn't have made it." replied Kevin.

"I would never want to see that Kevin." said Scott

"I know you wouldn't Scott." smiled Kevin. "I always wished there was hope we could get back together again. I guess I should introduce you to everyone now. This man is Wayne Owens, and he's the best child psychologist in the world, or at least Cincinnati."

"Thanks a lot Kevin!" chuckled Wayne.

"Wayne knows I love him." said Kevin as he winked. "Wayne is also Phillip's mate, so I guess that makes him my other dad. The really hot guy my age is Carter, and he's my boyfriend and mate for life. Wayne and Carter, this is my younger brother Scott."

"Hi Scott, it's nice to meet you." said Wayne, as he offered his hand to Scott. "Now, do we have to talk about why you were in detention?"

"I'm not proud of it, but we can if you want." replied Scott. "After today though, I'll never do it again."

"That's good because writing 'Fuck yourself cocksucking fag' on that other boy's locker was not something you should be proud of." said Wayne. "I'd be willing to bet you hurt that boy so bad that he went somewhere and cried. Not to mention it was very foul and crude language to subject other kids to."

"Like I said, I'm not proud of it." said Scott. "Actually, I'm kind of ashamed of doing that, and I'd like to apologize to you guys for it."

"I think I can accept for us, but shouldn't you apologize to the boy who's locker you wrote it on?" asked Wayne.

"I promise that I will tomorrow morning." replied Scott. "And I promise not to act like that anymore. Now, hi Carter. It's nice to meet my brother's boyfriend, I guess."

"Hi Scott, it's nice to meet you too." smiled Carter, as he held his hand out to Scott. "Now that you've shook hands with two gay people, you should be gay yourself by morning."

When Scott looked a little shocked, Kevin and Carter started laughing. "Don't let my boyfriend fuck with your head little brother." laughed Kevin. "He likes joking around like that. The only thing that will make you gay is if you start liking other boys sexually."

"Well then, I'm safe." smiled Scott. "You did kinda catch me off guard there Carter."

"I'm sorry about that Scott, I guess I like to kid around too much." smiled Carter.

"Well, mom should be out front soon." said Scott. "I guess I better get going. I'm glad we got things straightened out Kevin. I'll try to find a way to let Jenna and Gina know that you didn't leave us."

"Thanks little brother, that would be great." replied Kevin. "I do still love you and the twins. I'm just not sure if I can ever say that about mom and dad again."

"I guess I can't blame you." said Scott. "Well, at least if she finds out I've been talking to you and kicks me out too, I have a place to go."

"As much as I'd like that, let's hope she doesn't for now." replied Kevin. "We'll see you in school tomorrow little brother."

After Scott left, Carter said, "I guess I can understand why you didn't tell me about Scott. I would have helped you if you had a hard time with it though. Are there any other surprises I should know about?"

"You mean like my dad being involved in illegal slave trade, or my mom being a prostitute to several Presidents?" asked Kevin with a straight face.

"Yeah babe, stuff like that!" replied Carter.

"You're safe then, they never did anything like that!" snickered Kevin.

"You boys!" laughed Wayne.

The rest of the week at detention was still tense, but not as much as that first day. Scott seemed like a changed boy after that first day, and Wayne was happy they could reach one kid. He couldn't let Scott out of detention, but now the tide was turning. Then on Wednesday, Wayne was still trying to get the other boys to open up.

"So Ronnie, why do you like to bully other kids?" asked Wayne.

"Oh-oh RJ, watch out!" sneered Louis. "He's going to try to make you gay like them!"

"I don't think anyone pushed your play button Louis, so pipe down!" replied Wayne. "I want to hear Ronnie's honest answer to that question."

"Yeah Louis, maybe more people would like you if you kept your mouth in check." said Billy.

"And here I thought we were friends until you turned into a fag Billy." replied Louis.

"Do we have to resort to the blackboard again Louis?" asked Wayne. When Louis didn't reply, Wayne said, "I didn't think so. Now go on Ronnie, and answer my question."

"Well, I guess I thought it was just fun until Monday, but now I'm not sure." said Ronnie. "I mean, did you really almost kill Kevin, Billy?"

"Yeah, what's the matter Ronnie?" asked Billy. "Wouldn't you like to see a fag die?"

"Yeah Ronnie, just think about me laying dead in a casket." said Kevin. "You obviously don't care about our feelings, do you?"

"Do you feel that most of the boys you bully are gay Ronnie?" asked Wayne.

"I guess so, I mean they wouldn't stand up for themselves." replied Ronnie. "It's not that I don't care about their feelings, but why do they act so weak?"

"Do you think I'm weak Ronnie?" asked Billy. "Would you even have the guts to try to bully me around, knowing that I could probably kick your ass?"

"Well no, of course not." replied Ronnie. "I always though you were one of us."

"I was one of you Ronnie." said Billy. "I was as much of an asshole as anyone here, and I'm sure as hell not weak! Then I realized what an asshole I was. Now I have a great boyfriend though. I love him very much, and it's fun as hell showing each other how much we love each other. Call me a fag one more time though, and I'll knock your teeth down your throat!"

"Okay boys, let's calm down here." said Wayne.

"In my defense Billy, I haven't used the word fag yet this week." said Ronnie.

"How many times have you thought it though?" asked Billy. Billy could see Louis squirming, wanting to get in on the conversation, so he said, "Okay Louis, I can see you chomping at the bit to tell Ronnie why it's okay for him to call people like Kevin, Carter, and me a fag. Let's hear it."

"Because it isn't right!" replied Louis. "Why would anyone want to choose to be a fag?"

"I don't know, maybe we just like hearing garbage from assholes like you." said Billy. "I'll make you a deal though. I'll tell you why I chose to be gay if you tell us why you chose to be straight."

"What?!" exclaimed Louis. "I didn't choose to be straight! That's how I was suppose to be!"

"Why is sexual orientation a choice for everyone but you then?" asked Carter.

"Yes Louis, if Carter, Billy, and Kevin chose to be gay, then why is it impossible that you chose to be straight?" asked Wayne. "And if you didn't choose to be straight, what makes you think they chose to be gay?"

"Why would anyone choose to be hated for something by people like you?" asked Kevin. "No one wants to live their lives being hated and mistreated by other people for something they feel they have no control over."

"So Ronnie, has Louis convinced you it's okay to use the word fag?" asked Billy.

"No, not really." replied Ronnie in a subdued tone. "I'm sorry that I ever did, and I'll try not to do it again."

"What about all of those kids you've bullied?" asked Wayne.

"I guess I owe them an apology, don't I?" replied Ronnie.

"It would be nice, and I'm sure they'd appreciate it." said Kevin. "You might even make a few friends out of it."

"Oh great!" said Louis. "The fags got another one!"

"Shut the fuck up Louis!" said Ronnie. "I'm not gay, and if you imply one more time that I am, we'll see if I can take you in a fair fight! I've always wondered if I could beat you!"

"You don't get it, do you Louis?" asked Billy. "Ronnie just chose not to be an asshole anymore. That's something you CAN choose, and it doesn't mean you're gay or straight. It just means that you're no longer an asshole. As for whether he's gay or straight, I've seen him around girls before, and there's no doubt to me how straight he is."

"You're losing quickly here Louis." said Kevin. "I'll defend Scott and Ronnie's right to be straight to anyone, and I'll be their friend if that's what they want. That goes for Jeff and Chad too, if they want to stop being assholes and give us a chance to prove we don't mean any harm to them."

"You guys would still be my friend, after some of the shit that I've said?" asked Jeff. "Maybe I was wrong about you guys, and I'm sorry. I'll try to stop being such an asshole too."

"We just want to help you boys." said Wayne. "The path you were going down when you got here was going to lead to someone getting hurt for no reason at all. Believe me, this is only the beginning of the trouble you boys will see if you don't stop hating other people for no reason. None of us would hurt any of you boys for anything, if you'll just give us a chance."

"Screw you fag!" replied Louis. "I really can't wait until Friday, and this stupid detention will be over!"

"It may be over Friday, but I doubt it will be the last for you." said Wayne sadly. "I just feel very bad for the people you will hurt in the meantime. If I were the principal here, I would have no choice but to remove you from school."

"Well, you're not, so tough luck!" replied Louis.

The next day in detention was really weird. Jeff, Ronnie, and Scott were now getting along well with Billy, Kevin, and Carter. Chad still looked a little confused, and Louis was strangely quiet that day. Scott also promised Kevin that he would find a way to get Jenna and Gina out to see him, although he was still working on the details. Then on Friday, a nightmare came back to haunt Wayne.

Okay, how many people would make the trek to Florida to kill me if I stopped here? I thought so.

On Friday Chad looked like he was drifting more toward Jeff, Scott, and Ronnie, and that made Wayne very happy. Wayne felt that he was almost too happy, until Louis came in. Louis looked very quiet, detached, and distracted, and Wayne knew that meant trouble. Wayne tried to keep the conversation light, and draw Louis in, but Louis seemed to drift further and further away.

Then Wayne got Jeff off away from everyone, and whispered, "Do you know anyone who might know what is wrong with Louis today?"

"I'm afraid I do." whispered Jeff. "I was in the office today running an errand for a teacher when Louis was brought in with another boy. They were caught masturbating together in the bathroom. The principal is trying to keep it quiet, but I couldn't help overhear it. I'm kinda worried about him."

"Me too son." whispered Wayne.

When Wayne and Jeff rejoined the group, Wayne said, "Louis, I can tell something is bothering you. If you want to talk, you can talk to anyone here, and we'll do what we can to help. If you'd rather talk to me in private, we can do that too."

"Why, so everyone can laugh at me?" asked Louis. "It wouldn't be the first time, but it WILL be the last time! I don't have any other choice now."

When Louis reached into his backpack and pulled out a handgun, everyone jumped back and to the floor except Wayne. Wayne couldn't believe what he was seeing for a second, until Louis began to draw the gun up to his head.

"Dear God son, no!" shouted Wayne as he lunged at Louis.

Wayne was very quick this time, unlike the last time a boy pulled a gun on himself in front of him. Wayne knocked the gun away from Louis's head just before a shot rang out. The bullet barely grazed one of Wayne's hands, then shattered a window. Wayne knocked the gun as far away from Louis as he could, then held onto Louis tightly. As Louis began sobbing, Wayne felt the boy go limp. Louis was unhurt and breathing, but sobbing heavily. Then Carter got up and cleaned and bandaged Wayne's hand, while Wayne held onto Louis.

Louis finally cried out, "Go ahead and laugh at me now guys!"

Kevin put his hand on the back of Louis's neck, because it was the only place he could reach, and said, "That ain't going to happen Louis. We care about you, and it hurts us to see you hurting like this."

"How can you say that after the things I've said this week?" sobbed Louis. "I hated you, and now I hate myself. How can you care?"

"Because you need us." said Billy, as he too got back up. "What kind of friends would we be if we turned our backs on you now?"

"I don't deserve that!" cried Louis. "Why didn't you let me kill myself?"

"Because Louis, we're never giving up on you now." said Wayne, as he continued to hug the boy. "You're stuck with us now, and we're not letting you go."

Everything finally calmed down enough for Kevin to call for an ambulance. Wayne insisted that it was more for Louis, since all he had was a scratch. The paramedics shook their heads as they led Wayne and Louis into the ambulance. Wayne called Phillip on the way to the hospital, as all the boys followed the ambulance. He wanted to tell Phillip what happened himself, so Phillip wouldn't worry.

When Phillip got to the hospital, he began waiting with the boys. The nurse did tell them that Wayne had been treated and released, but he was now helping take care of Louis. Wayne finally came out well after Louis's parents arrived, so he spoke to them first. Phillip and the boys watched as Louis's parents began to cry, and Wayne comforted them. Then Wayne finally left them with a nurse, so they could sign some papers.

Wayne walked over to Phillip and the boys and said, "Louis is resting right now. He is still suicidal though, so I'm having him kept here. The staff here will make sure that he can't hurt himself for now. He's going to take a lot of counseling though. There are things going on with him that he believes is killing him, but he'll have to tell you about it himself when he feels up to it. I'll make sure he is fine though. I might be here kind of late tonight Phillip."

"Okay honey, I understand." replied Phillip. "Especially when it comes to the life of a boy in trouble. Is your hand okay?"

"It'll be fine dear." smiled Wayne. "They barely had to put a single stitch in it. The bullet just grazed it."

"I'm glad to hear that." said Phillip, as he pulled Wayne to him and hugged him. "I love you too much to see anything happen to you." Then Phillip and Wayne shared a brief and discreet kiss while the boys giggled.

After they broke the kiss, Wayne said, "Well, I guess I need to go speak with the police now."

"Can we stay for a little while, in case Louis feels like talking to any of us?" asked Kevin.

"You can, but I can't guarantee anything tonight." replied Wayne. "You may have to wait until sometime tomorrow or the next day, and then I'd have to bring him to you from the ward he's in."

After Wayne left to go talk to the police, and go back to Louis, Kevin asked Jeff, "So, do you know what brought this on Jeff? I saw Wayne talking to you a few minutes before we all had to hit the floor."

"I do, but I don't know if I should say anything yet." replied Jeff.

"We want to be Louis's friend now though." said Kevin. "If it's something we can help him with, we should know."

"Well, okay." said Jeff. "It's just that I don't really know what to think about this. Do you know our baseball team's best pitcher?"

"You mean Colin Burke?" replied Carter. "Who doesn't know him?! He's the best pitcher we've ever seen, not to mention a real hottie!"

"Well, Louis was caught masturbating in the bathroom with the one and only Colin Burke." said Jeff. "I didn't get any details, other than they were doing it together. The principal was going to keep it quiet, but apparently that wasn't good enough for Louis. Could Louis actually be hiding the fact that he's gay by being a gay basher?"

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time that's happened." smiled Billy. "He did take realizing it kinda hard though. Are you okay with the possibility that might be the case Jeff?"

"This whole thing has gotten way out of hand around here Billy." replied Jeff. "Louis is my friend, and that's what matters most. If my friend is gay, I'll still be his friend, and help him as much as I can. I'll accept him being gay so much he won't believe it."

"You've learned quite a bit this week, haven't you Jeff?" asked Kevin.

"More than I ever expected to learn!" replied Jeff.

"That's great!" smiled Kevin. "Now, this is a big one for Louis. If we mob him about being gay, that won't help. We have to lead him into telling us himself. He'll feel better about it that way, and after today, we want him to feel as good about this as possible."

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