Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

"Well, okay." said Jeff. "It's just that I don't really know what to think about this. Do you know our baseball team's best pitcher?"

"You mean Colin Burke?" replied Carter. "Who doesn't know him?! He's the best pitcher we've ever seen, not to mention a real hottie!"

"Well, Louis was caught masturbating in the bathroom with the one and only Colin Burke." said Jeff. "I didn't get any details, other than they were doing it together. The principal was going to keep it quiet, but apparently that wasn't good enough for Louis. Could Louis actually be hiding the fact that he's gay by being a gay basher?"

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time that's happened." smiled Billy. "He did take realizing it kinda hard though. Are you okay with the possibility that might be the case Jeff?"

"This whole thing has gotten way out of hand around here Billy." replied Jeff. "Louis is my friend, and that's what matters most. If my friend is gay, I'll still be his friend, and help him as much as I can. I'll accept him being gay so much he won't believe it."

"You've learned quite a bit this week, haven't you Jeff?" asked Kevin.

"More than I ever expected to learn!" replied Jeff.

"That's great!" smiled Kevin. "Now, this is a big one for Louis. If we mob him about being gay, that won't help. We have to lead him into telling us himself. He'll feel better about it that way, and after today, we want him to feel as good about this as possible."

Wayne never brought Louis out to see the boys, and Phillip ended up calling Kevin home about nine o'clock. Wayne did talk to Louis himself that night though.

"You're really afraid I'm going to hurt myself, aren't you doc?" asked Louis.

"None of us want you to hurt yourself Louis." replied Wayne.

"Why not?" asked Louis. "I said some pretty awful things to all of you. I even shot you. You guys are suppose to hate me right about now."

"Hate is a very strong emotion Louis, and it's always negative." replied Wayne. "I personally don't hate anyone. I would like to think that most of the boys with us today have learned not to hate anyone either. They were even waiting around to see you, to make sure you're okay. As for shooting me, you were trying to shoot yourself, and I put myself in the way. The bullet barely grazed my hand."

"I still don't understand though." said Louis. "Why don't you people hate me?"

"Like I said Louis, hate is also a very negative emotion." said Wayne. "Look at what it drove you to try to do. Why do you hate yourself Louis?" Wayne already heard the story from Jeff, but he needed to hear it from Louis.

"Why do you say I hate myself?" asked Louis. "Maybe I just didn't want to be hurt."

"Did you think shooting yourself wouldn't have hurt Louis?" asked Wayne. "You just grazed me, and it hurt like hell. Using a weapon like a gun is a sign of hatred Louis. You didn't aim it at any of us, just yourself. Therefore, I'm guessing that you hate yourself."

"Why did things get so out of control?" asked Louis emotionally. "All week I've been acting like I hate you guys, and then I got caught jacking someone off. I tried to tell myself that I didn't want to do it. I've told myself that quite a few times over the past two years, since I turned thirteen, and it has always worked. When I had his cock in my hand today though, I wanted to do it. He was already jacking my cock off, and it felt great. His cock felt really good in my hand, and I even wondered what it might feel like to suck it."

"Do you hate yourself because you think you might be gay Louis?" asked Wayne.

"My dad would kill me if he thought that." replied Louis, on the verge of tears. "Even when me and Colin was sitting in the principal's office though, I couldn't help but to think about it. I thought if I were getting in trouble for something like that, it might have been better if we were caught with Colin's cock in my mouth. I've never even done it with a girl either. Am I gay doc?"

"The only thing I could say is that you are at least bi Louis." said Wayne. "You would have to be the one to realize whether or not you're gay. What do you think Louis?"

"I think if you were to pull down your pants, I'd suck your cock to find out." said Louis, as he blushed slightly. "I owe you something after shooting you anyway."

"I'm very flattered by that offer Louis, so don't take this the wrong way." said Wayne. "I'm in a very loving and committed relationship with a very wonderful man, so there's no way anything like that could happen. If I weren't, and were interested in very nice looking boys, I might be tempted to take you up on that, even though it would be wrong of me professionally. I can only imagine the fun Colin had with you before you two got caught."

"Could you at least feel it doc?" asked Louis. "I need to know you're not rejecting me because I'm me."

"Are you hard Louis?" asked Wayne.

"So hard it hurts, and I can't do anything about it right now!" replied Louis.

Wayne reached down, and gently stroked Louis's crotch one time. Then he smiled at Louis and said, "Colin is a very lucky boy to have been able to do anything with you Louis. You feel very nice, and you'll make someone a fine boyfriend."

"I think I am gay doc!" said Louis, as he lost the struggle not to cry. "That was the nicest thing anyone has said to me, and it felt great when you rubbed me there!"

Then Louis began to cry heavily again. Wayne undid the straps that held Louis's arms down, and took the boy into his arms. Wayne held Louis tightly against him, as he rubbed the boy's smooth back. By this time, Louis was holding on to Wayne for dear life as he sobbed.

"There there Louis." said Wayne, as he caressed Louis's back with a little more love and feeling. "There is nothing wrong with being gay. People have told you there is because they want you to be the person they see you as. They don't care how you feel, but I do, and so do your friends. Those other people have filled you with so much hate that you hate yourself, and for no good reason at all." Wayne could feel Louis's pain melt away as he held the boy tightly, and continued to caress his bare back. "You are a good person Louis, whether you are gay or straight. I'm going to help you undo the damage those other people have done to you Louis. I promise that I can help you."

"I hope you can doc, because I need it now." sobbed Louis lightly, as his crying eased up. "What will I do when my dad finds out that I'm gay?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it Louis." said Wayne, as he went back to gently rubbing Louis's back. "I promise that I won't let him hurt you though. I want you to trust me on that Louis, so I'll make you a deal. If you promise not to have any more thoughts of hurting yourself, or of trying to leave this room, I'll order those straps to be left off your wrists tonight. Do we have a deal?"

"Sure doc." replied Louis. "I have a feeling that I've just made the best friends I've ever had in my life. I want to see how this works out now. Besides, with the way your hand feels on my back right now, I'm going to have to take care of something when you leave."

"That's a good boy!" smiled Wayne. "You make sure to do that. I'll be back first thing in the morning. If you need anything at all while I'm not here, the nurses have my number. I'll leave instructions for them to call me if you ask them to. Is there anything you need before I go?"

"Please convince me that things will be okay." replied Louis. "I'm really scared."

Wayne kissed Louis lightly on the forehead and said, "Things will be better than okay Louis. Your friends and I will do everything we can to make sure of that. I don't want you to worry about the future, because now it will be better than it ever could have been before. You don't have to live a life filled with lies and hate anymore Louis."

"What about my parents?" asked Louis.

"I'll do everything I can to help them understand this Louis, but we won't do that until you're ready." replied Wayne. "If they can't accept this, then there are other alternatives that will lead to you being happy. We can discuss that tomorrow though. I want you to rest now Louis. I'll send the nurse in with something to help you rest."

As Louis waited for the nurse to come in, he looked around the room. It felt good not to be restrained to the bed anymore, and he never wanted them to have to do that to him again. There was a mirror in the bathroom, made out of chrome steel with very smooth and rounded edges, and bolted to the wall. Louis looked into the mirror, and stared at himself.

"What is it going to be like for me now?" Louis asked himself. "I don't look any different than I did before. God, I can't believe after the things I've said to all those people, they still care about me. I wonder if I can just forget about the past, and let myself be gay. I'm sure Wayne would help with that."

Louis heard a knock at the door, so he went back over to his bed. A very good looking male nurse, who seemed to be in his mid twenties, came into the room.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed the nurse when he entered the room and saw Louis. "I'd heard the young man in here attempted suicide today, and I expected to find someone a bit older! How old are you... Louis?" The nurse had to read the name from the chart, which was why he paused.

"I just turned fifteen." replied Louis.

"Why in the world would a sweet young boy like you try to kill yourself?" asked the nurse. "By the way, my name is Stephen."

"Well Stephen, maybe I'm not so sweet." replied Louis.

"I would find that hard to believe." said Stephen. "You look like a good looking and sweet boy."

"Does this look sweet too?" asked Louis, who laid back on his bed and lifted his gown.

Stephen stared at Louis's perfect boy cock, as it stiffened to five inches."Oh my God!" replied Stephen breathlessly. "It looks so beautiful and perfect!" Stephen had been in this situation before, although not with a fifteen year old boy, and had always been able to control himself. This time though, something was screaming at him from inside himself to not try to control himself. "Can I come over there and feel it Louis?"

Louis saw a look of desire in Stephen's face that he had never seen before, as he replied, "I really wish you would Stephen. I'd love a man to make me feel nice. Make sure you lock the door first though,"

Stephen locked the door, then went over to the bed and sat beside Louis. When Stephen reached for the last tie that was holding Louis's gown together, Louis let him. Stephen removed the gown, then laid the palm of his hand on Louis's chest. Stephen then gently moved his hand down Louis's smooth young body. When he got to the most perfect cock he had ever seen, Stephen bypassed that. Stephen ran his hand all the way down Louis's right leg, then switched to Louis's left leg and began caressing his way back up. This time when Stephen got to Louis's cock, he wrapped his hand around it gently.

"That feels so nice Stephen!" moaned Louis softly.

"I've never felt anything this beautiful and perfect in my hand before Louis." said Stephen softly. "You are such a wonderful and perfect boy. Why would you do what you did today?"

"I was forced to realize that I'm gay." moaned Louis. "I was caught masturbating with another boy at school. All I could think after we got caught was that I should have at least got caught with his cock in my mouth, and not just in my hand."

"Yeah, I guess that makes you gay." said Stephen softly, as he stroked the entire length of Louis's cock. "It's good to see such a gorgeous boy realize that he's gay. I'm just sorry that you took it so hard. Being gay is really not the end of the world. I realized it when I was about your age myself."

"Yeah, but my family hates gay people so much that they made me hate them too, even though I was gay myself." replied Louis.

"And you just realized it today?" asked Stephen.

"Yeah." replied Louis.

"Then I'm sure you won't mind this." said Stephen.

Louis began breathing deeper as he watched Stephen bend down. Stephen's mouth came closer and closer to Louis's cock, and Louis was about to burst with anticipation. Louis almost moaned out loud when he felt another guy's mouth come in contact with his cock for the very first time. Louis didn't know what to think of the feeling of Stephen's warm moist lips sliding over his cock, and the head of his cock. Then Louis looked down, and was captivated at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of Stephen's mouth.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Louis softly. "I've never felt anything that incredible before in my life!"

Stephen's only reply was to make love to Louis's cock even more passionately. Louis could now feel Stephen's fingers caressing his balls, as Stephen continued sucking his cock. After several more minutes, Louis began to writhe in ecstasy on the bed. Louis now knew he was moments away from cumming into another guy's mouth for the first time in his life.

Louis let himself build up a little more, then moaned, "I'm going to cum Stephen!"

Stephen then sucked Louis's cock as if his life depended on it. A few seconds later, Stephen was rewarded by the sweetest tasting cum he had tasted in a long time. Stephen sucked hard, as Louis continued to writhe and moan, trying to suck every drop of cum from Louis's balls.

When Louis had finished cumming, he said, "Please take your pants off and lay here beside me Stephen."

"I haven't done anything like this with a teenager since I was one myself." replied Stephen.

"Yes, but I need to suck your cock Stephen." pleaded Louis. "I feel like I'll die if I don't!"

Stephen looked into Louis's pleading eyes, then pulled off his pants and boxers, and laid beside Louis. Louis turned around, and stared at the fascinating adult cock in front of him. This would be the first time Louis had had a cock in his mouth, and he suddenly couldn't wait any longer. Louis watched in awe as Stephen's cock contacted his lips, then slid into his mouth. There was no doubt at all in Louis's mind anymore, he knew he was gay. Stephen's cock felt like it belonged in his mouth. Without realizing it, Louis began sucking hungrily on Stephen's cock. Stephen moaned as he thought it was just youthful enthusiasm that was causing Louis to suck his cock so well. Stephen began caressing the back of Louis's head, and began holding his orgasm back as long as he could. Louis didn't care. He now had no concept of time, as he was consumed by making love to Stephen's cock.

After quite a few minutes, Stephen moaned, "I'm going to cum for you Louis. If you take it in your mouth, it will be a shock at first."

Louis went ahead, and continued sucking Stephen's now throbbing cock. A few seconds later, the first shot of cum blasted into Louis's mouth. Louis almost gagged at first. Then he almost spit it out involuntarily. Louis did mange to hold on though, and ended up swallowing Stephen's cum. After the first swallow, it became a little easier for Louis. Louis continued swallowing until Stephen's orgasm ended. Then Stephen turned Louis around, and gave him a deep kiss on his lips.

"That was the best sex I've had in a long time Louis." said Stephen, as he smiled into Louis's eyes. "You are one very hot and very handsome boy."

"I guess there's no doubt now." replied Louis. "I loved everything about what we just did Stephen. I thought I might get sick when I swallowed your cum, but I loved that too. I really am gay."

"Are you okay with that now Louis?" asked Stephen.

"Hell yeah!" replied Louis, as he smiled. "I want to do it again!"

"Well, not tonight Louis." chuckled Stephen. "But I'd love to make love to you again. Maybe they'll let me be your regular nurse while you're in this ward."

"That would be fun, that's for sure!" laughed Louis. "That's the first time I've laughed all day. Thank you so much Stephen."

"It was my pleasure Louis." replied Stephen, who then looked at his watch. "I would love to make love to you any time. It's getting late now though. I better give you your medicine so you can rest like the doctor ordered."

"Oh crap, I didn't even think about the time!" exclaimed Louis. "I hope you don't get in trouble for being in here so long!"

"It's okay Louis." chuckled Stephen. "I'm off the clock, and volunteered to bring this by. I'm glad I did now."

Stephen got dressed as Louis put his gown back on, then Stephen gave Louis two pills. After Louis took the pills, Stephen gave the boy another deep kiss on his lips.

"You're a great boy Louis, and I can't wait to see you again." smiled Stephen. "Good night and sweet dreams, and I hope you feel much better about yourself."

"I do, thanks to you." replied Louis, who then yawned widely. "Please find a way to come back tomorrow."

"I will Louis, I promise." replied Stephen.

As soon as Stephen was gone, Louis settled in for a very comfortable night's sleep. He fell asleep thinking about what he and Stephen had done, and with a smile on his face.

"Hey kiddo, wake up." said Wayne, as he shook Louis's shoulder.

"Umm... mmm." moaned Louis, as he smiled and his eyes fluttered. Then he answered sleepily, "Good morning Wayne, I had a very peaceful sleep last night. I can't remember sleeping that well in quite a while."

"I'm glad to hear that Louis, although it does concern me." replied Wayne. "That would make you start to think that you feel up to going home. I think it's much too soon for that though. You'd be thrown right back into the same environment that put you here, and I want to make sure that you can cope with that first. Do you understand that?"

"Yeah, I think so." replied Louis, who was now waking up. "You're concerned about me. I may not have felt that from anyone much before, but I can feel it from you. I'll do whatever you say Wayne."

"That's good Louis." smiled Wayne. "By the way, you have a beautiful smile. Is there a reason for it this morning, possibly by the name of Stephen?"

"How did you know about Stephen?" asked Louis, a little worried.

"He asked to be your primary nurse after giving you your medication last night." replied Wayne. "The head nurse has left it up to me. Do you know why he would want to be your primary nurse, and would you be okay with it?"

"You mean if I say I want him as my nurse, you'll let him?" asked Louis.

"After seeing you smile this morning, I'd have to say yes." smiled Wayne.

"Then can Stephen be my primary nurse Wayne?" asked Louis.

"Okay son." replied Wayne. "I don't need to know what you guys did, unless you want to share that. What you do with Stephen is up to you, as long as he doesn't force you into doing anything."

"I don't think he has to force me into anything at this point!" giggled Louis.

"It's good to hear you giggle and laugh Louis." said Wayne. "Does that mean that you've accepted that you're gay?"

"It's going to be so much fun being gay, and I'll never have to worry about getting my boyfriend pregnant!" snickered Louis. "We did have sex though Wayne. It was just oral, but he was very kind, sweet, and gentle. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I want him as my nurse so he can show me what love is like."

"You've got it then Louis." replied Wayne. "Now, your parents should be here any moment, and I want to talk to them alone. Would you like to visit with a few friends from school while I do that?"

"Sure, I guess I owe them an explanation about yesterday, and my behavior this past week." replied Louis. "I just hope they can accept it."

"I have a funny feeling they will Louis." replied Wayne as he smiled. "Now, you may need more than a gown to see them, unless you want them to get to know you really well. I'll go get a wheelchair, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt for you. Those will have to be turned back in when you come back here though. Those are the rules of this ward."

After Wayne got the chair and undergarments, he rolled Louis out to the courtyard to meet Kevin and the rest of the boys. Once Louis's parents had arrived, Wayne had them taken to a conference room overlooking the courtyard, so he could keep an eye on Louis.

Once Wayne was gone, Kevin asked, "So, how do you feel today Louis?"

"Much better than yesterday." replied Louis. "I'm very sorry about the gun yesterday."

"Well, you scared the hell out of all of us, but as long as you're feeling better, we'll try to forget it happened." said Carter.

"I'm glad to hear that my friend is feeling better." said Jeff. "I could take anything except losing a friend. Whatever caused yesterday to happen isn't a big deal to us. We're just glad you feel better."

"Thanks Jeff, you're a good friend." replied Louis. "I think I owe all of you an explanation about last week though."

"We're all here with you Louis." said Jeff. "We're sticking with you no matter what. You don't owe us an explanation unless you really want to."

"He's right Louis." said Billy. "We just want you to know what real friends are."

"Thanks guys, and as real friends, you need to hear this." said Louis. "The first time I ever jacked myself off was when I was thirteen. I realized right away that it was even better if I thought about doing stuff like that with other people as I did it. If I thought about doing it with other guys, it felt like I would explode as I had an orgasm. If I thought about jacking off with another guy, and pointed my cock up at my face, I could splatter my cum all over my face."

"Did you ever open your mouth and eat it?" asked Jeff.

"I was tempted to really bad, but I never did." replied Louis. "My parents thought something like that would have been gay, and they taught me that being gay was wrong. They hated gay people, and they taught me to hate gay people too, even though I was having some really weird feelings. Anyway, my feelings about jacking off with other guys kept getting stronger, so I had to start trying to push them to the back of my mind. I tried to ignore those feelings as much as I could. That's when I started getting more violent toward gay people. I had to convince myself that the feelings I had sometimes didn't mean anything, and that they'd go away."

"They never went away though, did they?" asked Kevin.

"No, they were always there, way back in the back of my head." replied Louis. "I always kept fighting those feelings though, and it worked until yesterday. Colin Burke has been after me for a few weeks now. He's been flirting with me like crazy. I was afraid though, and I tried to tell him that I wasn't like that. If it had been someone else, I probably would have beat them up. Something wouldn't let me think of hurting Colin though. Yesterday he came into the bathroom while I was finishing taking a poop. It was during classes, so there wasn't anyone else in there. When I heard him come in, I wiped myself as quickly as I could. Before I could pull my pants up though, he came down and climbed under the stall door. Then he dropped his pants and put one arm around me. He told me that he just wanted to do something with me that all guys do. When he started jacking himself off, he told me to do the same thing. After a few seconds, he kissed me on the cheek, and told me to jack him off. Then I felt him push my hand off my cock, and I felt his hand wrap around it. It felt so good that I put my hand around his cock, and we jacked each other off. We were both so close to cumming when someone came in that we couldn't stop. Then when we found out it was a teacher, our hard-ons immediately went away. The teacher then sent both of us to the principal's office, along with a report of what he heard us doing. I guess we were being kind of loud."

"It must have been awful to get caught like that." said Jeff.

"I thought they would tell my parents, and that my life would be over." replied Louis. "The principal said that he wouldn't, but I didn't believe him. I knew that one senior was rumored to carry a gun in his backpack sometimes, so I busted into his locker before the end of the day. Sure enough, he did have one in there. I took it, then split for the rest of the day. I mostly just walked around, trying to talk myself into putting a bullet through my head, until it was time for detention. By that time, I had pretty much talked myself into it."

Jeff gave Louis a hug and said, "I'm so glad that Wayne stopped you Louis. I care about you as my friend just as much now as I ever did."

"Even though I'm gay?" asked Louis. "Last night I met a really cool guy. He's my nurse, and me and him had sex. It was the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. I know that I'm gay now, and I really kind of like it. I want to have those feelings again, as much as possible. I know people don't have a choice whether they're gay now, but if I did have that choice, I'd want to be gay after last night."

"Was it that good?" snickered Jeff.

"It was incredible!" smiled Louis. "I really am sorry to all of you guys for the past week, and all the shit I've done before that. I'll never treat another gay person that way again, now that I'm gay myself."

"I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we forgive you Louis." said Kevin. "We want you to be our friend now too. We'll look out for you the same as we do each other, and if you need any help from any of us, just ask."

"He's right Louis, you're our new friend." smiled Carter.

"I'm so glad that I met all of you, and that some of us have so much in common now." said Louis. "I'd love to be your friend."

"And you're still my best friend Louis." said Jeff. "I've always liked who you are, and being gay is a part of that. You're my very first gay friend Louis, but now I've made friends with these guys too, and you're all really cool. I just hope you can accept me as the odd straight guy of the group."

"Don't worry Jeff, nobody's perfect." snickered Kevin. "I don't think there's anything at all wrong with you being straight though. You're still pretty cool as far as we're concerned."

The boys continued to talk and laugh, and have the time of their lives as they became closer as friends. While the boys had been talking, Wayne was busy with Louis's parents.

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. D'Amico." said Wayne. "I just wanted to talk to you today about Louis's treatment here."

"Why did our son try to kill himself Mr. Owens?" asked Louis's father.

"That's what we're going to try to find out and correct before he leaves here." said Wayne, playing dumb for now. "There are a few reasons that a boy Louis's age may attempt suicide. Those include doing badly in school, having problems with friends, being picked on by a bully, or being gay and being afraid of being found out. Do you have any ideas yourself why he might have tried to kill himself?"

"No, but as long as it isn't that last one, we'll be okay." smiled Louis's father. "I'm sure we can count that out though."

"Mister D'Amico, I treat several teens with problems regarding their sexual orientation, and I find that statement pretty offensive." said Wayne. "It's attitudes like that that cause these children to be at such high risk."

"I'm sorry about that, I hope you can cure them." replied Louis's father. "I'll try to keep my opinions less offensive."

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