Starting Over 3:

Forever Friends

by tim the story guy

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Starting Over 3: Forever Friends

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. D'Amico." said Wayne. "I just wanted to talk to you today about Louis's treatment here."

"Why did our son try to kill himself Mr. Owens?" asked Louis's father.

"That's what we're going to try to find out and correct before he leaves here." said Wayne, playing dumb for now. "There are a few reasons that a boy Louis's age may attempt suicide. Those include doing badly in school, having problems with friends, being picked on by a bully, or being gay and being afraid of being found out. Do you have any ideas yourself why he might have tried to kill himself?"

"No, but as long as it isn't that last one, we'll be okay." smiled Louis's father. "I'm sure we can count that out though."

"Mister D'Amico, I treat several teens with problems regarding their sexual orientation, and I find that statement pretty offensive." said Wayne. "It's attitudes like that that cause these children to be at such high risk."

I'm sorry about that, I hope you can cure them." replied Louis's father. "I'll try to keep my opinions less offensive."

"Cure them of what?" asked Wayne.

"You know, of being queer." replied Louis's father. "I don't know why they chose to be something that is so wrong, but I hope you cure them. I know we've taught Louis better than that though."

"Well, something is bothering him to the point where he tried to take his own life." said Wayne, trying to control his feelings. "Things like that are usually very serious, and I'm sure you've been given some kinds of signs of trouble."

"Louis is really a very normal boy Mr. Owens." said Louis's mother. "He's not an A student by any means, but he does well enough to pass, and that's all we require. We encourage him to do better, but we don't pressure him. If he does, that's great. If not, we still love him and are proud of him."

"I don't know all of Louis's friends, but the ones I know seem to be very good friends." said Louis's father. "They seem to be raised to do the right thing, just like Louis."

"So then, you think it was right of Louis to break that boy's nose the week before last?" asked Wayne. "That would be considered anti social behavior anywhere, and it's why he's been in detention this past week."

"If you want my opinion, maybe the detention had something to do with this episode." said Louis's father. "He had been complaining about some of the people he was in detention with. I tried to get him to give me details, but he seemed afraid to say anything to his own parents. Do you know anything about it Mr. Owens?"

"Well, I can't tell you exactly what I've been told, but I don't think it was serious enough to cause him to attempt suicide." replied Wayne. "I think we're looking for something else, and I'll find what the cause is."

"What do you mean that you can't tell us exactly what Louis has said?" asked Louis's father. "He's our son, and we have the right to know."

"According to the laws of this state, you don't." replied Wayne. "The reason for that is that it could interfere with a patient's recovery. The only thing I am allowed to tell you right now is his diagnosis and prognosis. Louis seems to have some very deeply buried issues. We have to bring those issues to the surface, then help Louis to be able to cope with them. If we don't, the next time he attempts to kill himself, he may be successful. And if we don't help him before we release him, there will be a next time. Louis needs to be here for at least the next two weeks. I'll contact his school and arrange for his work to be sent here until he can be released. In two weeks I'll re-evaluate Louis, and hopefully we can come up with a final treatment schedule by then."

"Two weeks?!" exclaimed Louis's father.

"Yes, two weeks." replied Wayne. "And before you balk at that treatment plan, suicidal depression is a very serious mental health condition. It does not go away quickly, and if not treated, may lead to a successful suicide attempt at some point. The state child welfare agency usually sides with mental health care providers on these issues. If you want another opinion, the hospital will be happy to have someone else evaluate Louis, and either confirm or contradict my diagnosis. In the case of Louis putting a gun to his own head though, they will most likely confirm my diagnosis and treatment."

"I guess we'll go along with it for now." replied Louis's father. "I want to see my son though."

"As soon as he's finished visiting his friends, I'll see if he feels up to visiting you." said Wayne. "Please try not to do anything to aggravate his mental state right now though. I want to get him through this successfully before anyone puts any kind of pressure on him."

"We'll treat our son with the love and support we always have." replied Louis's mother.

Wayne quietly thought that he wished they could do much better than that, but he didn't want to complicate matters any further, so he kept that to himself.

While Wayne was talking to Louis's parents, Stephen came out to the courtyard and said, "Hey Louis, guess what? I'm your primary nurse now!"

"That's great Stephen!" replied Louis. "I want you to meet my friends. We have Jeff, Kevin, Carter, Billy, Kevin's brother Scott, and Billy's boyfriend Lester."

"Hi guys, it's nice to meet Louis's friends." said Stephen.

"Oh my freakin' God!" exclaimed Billy. "You're Louis's nurse Stephen?! Damn Louis, very nice!"

"You didn't tell them what we did, did you Louis?" asked Stephen, as a look of concern crossed his face.

"These guys are my friends Stephen." replied Louis. "They deserve to know who made me smile and be happy again. Besides, I ain't the least bit ashamed of what we did. I loved all of it, even swallowing your cum, and I can't wait to do it again. Trust me, all of these guys are happy for me, and they appreciate you making me happy."

"He's right Stephen." said Kevin. "We don't care that you're older than Louis. All that matters is that you made our friend happy."

"You guys really don't care that I'm in my twenties, and I had sex with Louis?" asked Stephen.

"Not at all." replied Carter.

"Your friends are great Louis!" exclaimed Stephen.

"Yeah, I'm starting to realize how lucky I am." said Louis.

"They may be great, but after talking to Louis's parents, I'm not sure they would understand." said Wayne, as he approached the group. "I loved hearing that last comment you made though Louis. Now for the bad news. When your friends are done visiting you Louis, your parents want to see you."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Louis. "They're going to give me the third degree about why I tried to kill myself, aren't they?"

"I gave them explicit instructions not to." replied Wayne as he smiled. "It's still up to you as to whether or not you feel up to seeing them though. If you do though, I want to warn you about something. I don't think your parents are ready to accept you being gay right now. It might be best if Stephen wasn't with you while they're here. As soon as they leave though, you two can do whatever you want."

"What will we do if they can't accept who I am Wayne?" asked Louis.

"Well first, I'm keeping you here for at least two weeks Louis." replied Wayne. "That will buy us some time. Maybe enough to figure out if you want to come out to them, and if you do, what to do if they take it badly."

"He can always stay with us." said Kevin.

"That might be okay temporarily Kevin, but our house is getting quite crowded as it is." replied Wayne. "We would need a more permanent solution. I'm sure if Louis came out to them right now though, it wouldn't be very pretty."

"I guess I don't have any choice but to keep being gay quiet for now then." said Louis. "I guess I can see them for a few minutes. Would it be okay to kiss Stephen, or are they watching?"

"They are most likely watching right now Louis." replied Wayne. "You can kiss him when we are back in your room though."

"Okay, tell them I'll see them in about ten minutes." said Louis. "I want to wrap things up with my friends first."

Ten minutes later, Wayne led Louis's parents out to the courtyard. Stephen was still there with him, and left as soon as Wayne got back. Then Wayne left Louis with his parents, after telling them to signal him when they were through.

"Son, whatever it was that caused this to happen, we'll fix it." said Louis's dad. "I promise that. Now, I'll only ask one time, and that will be enough for me. Do you have any idea what made you point a gun at your own head?"

"I wish I knew dad." lied Louis. "I can't think of any one thing that made me that depressed, so it must have been several things. I'll try to figure it out though."

"Please do baby." said Louis's mom. "We want our little boy back just as normal as he ever was."

"I must not have been too normal if I pointed a gun at my own head." replied Louis. "I'm sorry about that remark mom. It's just that the past twenty four hours have been kinda rough. I will try to help Wayne figure things out though."

"Yes son, just be careful of him." said Louis's dad. "I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure if he's the best we can get. Everyone says he's really good, and we can afford him since he'll work on something about his fees to take what the insurance will pay, but I'm still not sure. He mentioned working with queer kids, and seemed rather offended when I said I hoped he could cure them."

The last part made Louis flinch, but he hid it very well. He spent a few more minutes talking with his parents, before telling them he was getting tired. Louis's dad signaled to Wayne that they were finished, and Wayne came back out to get Louis. As Wayne wheeled Louis inside, they were immediately joined by Stephen. Wayne let Stephen wheel Louis the rest of the way back to his room.

Once they were in Louis's room, Stephen said, "Okay Louis, I need you to take off the gown, then give me the t-shirt and shorts. I'm sorry, but it's the rules of this ward."

"Hey, have I complained yet?" snickered Louis, which made Wayne smile.

Louis took off the gown, then removed his t-shirt and shorts in front of Stephen and Wayne. Wayne looked at Stephen, and saw Stephen look down at Louis crotch and smile.

"Okay Stephen, where's that kiss?" asked Louis, as he stood there naked.

Wayne watched as Stephen stepped up to Louis, and wrapped the boy in his arms. As soon as Stephen's lips met Louis's lips, Stephen reached down and caressed both of Louis's butt cheeks.

After a few minutes, Stephen broke the kiss and said, "I'm afraid that any more than that will have to wait for your doctor to leave Louis."

"Darn!" snickered Louis, as he put on his gown.

"Okay guys, let's talk." smiled Wayne. "As I said before, I'm keeping you here for two weeks Louis. I don't really think you need to be in a psych ward for two weeks, but I'm sure you agree now that this is better than sending you home right away. That would probably put you right back in here, or even worse. That's why I've agreed for Stephen here to be your primary nurse. He can keep you company for those two weeks. I don't know if you two have any exclusive type of relationship going on, but the head nurse has told me that Colin Burke wants to see you tomorrow. As for your parents, I will work on them for the next two weeks, but experience tells me that I'm not going to get through to them."

"I guess Colin can see me tomorrow." replied Louis. "What will I do about my parents though?"

"You have two choices Louis, and I'll help you prepare for either one you choose." said Wayne. "First, you can come out to your parents. They will most likely throw you out though, so we need somewhere for you to go. Do you know anyone who might be interested in taking care of a fifteen year old gay boy Stephen?"

"I'll do anything I can to help." smiled Stephen.

"I knew I was right about you Stephen, and I'm glad of that." said Wayne. "Your other choice Louis, is to try to remain in the closet, at least with your parents. Then when you are eighteen, you would most likely leave home. I don't even think they will learn to accept it by then."

"I hope you don't take this wrong Stephen, but I'd like to remain at home for now." said Louis. "If I can't get them to change by the end of this school year, then we'll think about the first option."

"It's okay Louis, I understand." replied Stephen. "I would want to stay home if I were your age too."

"Okay then Louis, I'll help you prepare for keeping this from your parents." said Wayne. "We are going to keep that first option ready though, in case we need it suddenly. There is always the chance that they could find out at any time, especially if you have an older man hanging out with you. And Stephen, Louis's parents are very intolerant of the gay lifestyle. If they were to get the feeling you were doing anything with Louis, they would likely have you charged with statutory rape. You need to be extra careful if you have any contact with Louis after he leaves the hospital. Louis, if they were to find out suddenly, they would kick you out just as suddenly. It will be very important not to panic if that happens. I'm going to make sure you have my phone number committed to memory, and if anything happens, you are to call me immediately."

"How do I keep them from finding out?" asked Louis.

"You'll have to become very good at hiding your feelings from them Louis." said Wayne. "Parents can see things in their children that most people would miss. If you have a boyfriend over, and look at him like you want him badly, they will notice that. You'll have to learn to keep your feelings platonic while you're around them."

"That sounds really hard." said Louis.

"It's the biggest hurdle that some gay teens face." said Wayne. "We have two weeks to get you ready for it though Louis."

"Wayne, thanks for not being mad about that me shooting you thing." smiled Louis.

"How could I be mad at you for something as trivial as that?" snickered Wayne.

Louis was going to have a lot to learn, and Stephen was going to help teach him. That night before he left, Stephen taught Louis about the sixty nine position. Louis couldn't believe how great it felt to get his cock sucked while he was sucking someone else's.

The next day was interesting. Scott had arranged for Kevin to spend a good part of the day with him and their twin sisters, Jenna and Gina. Of course that included Carter too. Once the girls got use to seeing their older brother again, and began to relax, Jenna asked Carter, "Are you my brother Kevin's best friend?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that." replied Carter.

"It goes further than that though." said Kevin. "I love Carter, and he's my boyfriend."

"You like boys, and you have a boyfriend?" asked Gina. "I have a boyfriend too, but yours is a lot cuter than mine Kevin."

"Thanks Jenna." smiled Carter.

"I'm Gina, my sister is Jenna." replied Gina.

"I'm sorry about that Gina, but still thanks." said Carter. "Who knows, if Kevin and I weren't boyfriends....."

"Down boy, you'd still like boys!" laughed Kevin.

That made everyone laugh, and Kevin had a great day with his brother and sisters. Scott, Jenna, and Gina did catch Kevin and Carter in a kiss, when Kevin and Carter thought no one was looking. All three of them giggled over seeing two boys kissing each other on the lips.

Meanwhile, Stephen had taken Louis to the courtyard to see Colin. "Hi Colin, thanks for coming to see me." said Louis.

"We jacked each other off bro, it was the least I could do!" laughed Colin. "So Louis, was I so bad that it made you want to kill yourself?"

"It wasn't you at all Colin." replied Louis. "I really liked what we did. When we were sitting in the principal's office, I was thinking that I should have at least got caught sucking you."

"Now THAT would have been worth getting caught for!" smiled Colin. "It's just that I've never known anyone who's tried to kill themselves before. Are you screwed up in the head? Is that why they have you here in the psych ward?"

"I was." replied Louis. "My parents really did a number on my head man. I know better now though. The doctor just has me here now to protect me from them."

"That's cool then." said Colin. "About that sucking thing, is there any chance we could try that sometime?"

"Not here ya horndog!" snickered Louis. "Everyone in the hospital could see us! The doctor will try to get me into a different room tomorrow though, so I can have visitors in my room."

"How about this then?" asked Colin.

Colin slipped his hand under Louis's gown, and reached through the opening in Louis's shorts. Soon Colin was caressing Louis's cock very erotically, as Louis let out a gasp. Colin looked into Louis's eyes and smiled, as Louis's cock began to throb in his hand.

"I hope this makes you feel good Louis." said Colin. "I love making you feel good."

"That feels awesome Colin." replied Louis breathlessly. "I can't wait until tomorrow!"

A few minutes later, Colin saw Louis's chest begin to rise and fall. Colin began to stroke Louis as passionately as he could, while keeping everything under Louis's gown. Then Louis began to moan softly but deeply. Finally Louis writhed in his chair, as his cum covered Colin's hand. When Louis's orgasm was over, Colin pulled his hand out from under Louis's gown. Then Colin put his hand to his face, and began licking Louis's cum from it.

"Oh God Colin, that was great!" gasped Louis.

"Just wait until tomorrow then." said Colin. "Have you ever had your cock sucked?"

"To be honest, yeah, I have." replied Louis. "I hope you're okay with that."

"Well, I kinda hoped I would give you your first." said Colin. "You sure do work quick though. Who was it with?"

"You can't tell anyone Colin, but it was ny nurse." replied Louis. "We've been having some fun together while I've been here."

"You mean you've been doing it with that hot twenty something year old nurse?" asked Colin. "You lucky dog! Do you think he might be up for both of us sometime?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask." replied Louis.

"Can you promise me something though Louis?" asked Colin.

"What's that?" replied Louis.

"I think I have feelings for you Louis." said Colin. "I don't mind that that nurse likes to have fun. Maybe all of us can have fun together. I do want to be the first guy who puts his cock in your ass though. Can you save that for me? Please?"

"I'd love to do that for you Colin." smiled Louis. "What will it be like to have a guy thrust his cock in and out of me?"

"I don't really know either." replied Colin. "When you put your cock in my ass, it will be the first time for me too. I really want to find out though."

"Me too!" giggled Louis.

When Colin had finished visiting, Stephen came back out to get him. The two boys looked a little close, but Stephen smiled at seeing them together. On the way back to the room, Louis said, "I had to tell Colin about us. We've done stuff together, and I think he really likes me. It's okay though. Actually he wants to know if you and me could include him tomorrow."

"I don't know about that Louis." replied Stephen. "I'm taking enough of a chance with one fifteen year old boy."

"Yeah, but he just turned seventeen." said Louis. "He'll be a senior next year."

"I'll talk to him tomorrow, but I can't promise you anything Louis." replied Stephen. "It wouldn't bother me if you two did stuff though, as long as I can still do stuff with you too."

"I wouldn't dream of stopping that!" smiled Louis. "I did promise Colin that he could be the first to put his cock in my butt though, since you were my first oral sex."

"That's fine with me Louis." smiled Stephen.

Wayne did go by to see Louis early that evening, after visiting with his parents again. Wayne was still convinced that they would never accept a gay son though, but he had to keep trying. He wanted to prevent Louis from going through that pain if he could.

The next day started off slow, but Stephen kept Louis entertained after the move to the new room. Louis didn't want to cum yet, but Stephen made him nice and hard a few times. In return, Louis made Stephen blast a very nice load down his throat. The first ones to stop by were Kevin, Carter, Scott, Billy, Lester, Jeff, and Ronnie, who decided to come with them today. Kevin gave Louis his assignments for the next two weeks, then the boys all talked together. After baseball practice was over, Colin stopped by to see Louis. The other boys talked to Colin for a few minutes, then left to give the two boys some privacy.

When Stephen started to leave, Louis called out, "Please don't go Stephen. I want you and Colin to get to know each other first."

Stephen did stay, and talked to the two boys for quite some time. There was something about Colin that didn't impress him, but the boy seemed likable. Stephen eventually began to relax around both boys.

"Stephen, I want to have some fun, and I really want you to stay around, so we can include you." said Colin. "I know Louis really likes you, and I can see why. I want Louis to suck my cock, and I'd like it if you sucked his at the same time."

"I don't know about this guys." replied Stephen.

"Come on Stephen!" said Colin, as he smiled seductively. "Louis says that you're really cool, and I kinda think so too. I want the three of us to have a little fun together tonight."

"Okay, I'm in." replied Stephen.

The three then got undressed, and squeezed onto Louis's bed. Colin turned so that Louis could get to his cock, and he could face Stephen's cock while Stephen sucked Louis. Louis immediately took Colin's cock into his mouth, while Stephen began to lovingly suck Louis's cock.

"Damn Louis, you really love cock now, don't you?" gasped Colin.

"Mmm hmm." moaned Louis, as he sucked Colin's cock hungrily.

"Stephen, I'm going to suck your cock now." said Colin. "I've always wanted to suck an adult cock. If you pull away, I'll know you don't want me to, and I'll accept that. I hope you don't pull away though, and let me suck that fantastic cock of yours. I can see what helped Louis love cock so much now."

Colin wrapped his lips around Stephen's cock, and went all the way down to the base. Stephen let him, and moaned softly around Louis's cock. The chain was now complete, and the three set about giving each other as much pleasure as they could. Colin knew that he loved sucking Stephen's adult cock, but he also enjoyed having fun with Louis. Louis was the first to begin cumming in Stephen's mouth, as his lips clamped tightly around Colin's cock. As Louis's orgasm was ending, Colin moaned around Stephen's cock as his cum started shooting into Louis's mouth. A few moments after Colin's orgasm had finished, Stephen began cumming into Colin's mouth. Colin swallowed every drop of Stephen's cum. When the last orgasm was over, all three guys finally released the cock that was in their mouth. Colin watched in anticipation as Stephen gave Louis a passionate kiss on his lips. When Stephen broke the kiss and saw the look in Colin's eyes, he gave Colin an equally deep kiss on his lips. Then Stephen had the two boys share a passionate kiss together as he watched. No one bothered putting any clothes back on, until Colin said he had to get home.

After Colin left, Louis said, "Stephen, I love both of you guys. I don't know how this will work, but I want to try it. Besides, when I go home, we'll need Colin to help all of us be together. It would look very suspicious for you to be hanging out at my house."

"I know you're right Louis, and I'll do whatever we have to for you to be happy." replied Stephen.

After that, Stephen began helping Louis with his school work, so he wouldn't get behind. Stephen was falling very deeply in love with Louis, but didn't get the feeling that Louis was ready for that kind of relationship yet. This was all still new to Louis, and he looked like a kid in a candy store. Besides, Stephen could see a slight attraction between Louis and the other boy Colin, since they were much closer in age. When Stephen tried to talk about that though, Louis assured him that both he and Colin were now his boyfriends.

The next day, Wayne stopped by after visiting Louis's parents yet again. Louis's mom and dad were getting very aggravating, but Wayne kept his cool. Then he went to the hospital to continue with preparing Louis to keep this from his parents.

"Wayne, is it wrong to love two people just as much, at the same time?" asked Louis.

"I'm assuming you have feelings for both Stephen and Colin, right?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, I think I love both of them." replied Louis. "I know when I go home though, Stephen isn't going to be able to see me there."

"Although Stephen is a great guy, you're right about that Louis." said Wayne. "I'm afraid your parents would immediately become suspicious of an adult coming to visit you at home."

"I like having a doctor who's gay too." smiled Louis. "I would never be able to talk about this to anyone else, except other kids who are close friends. I still love Stephen though. He's taught me so much about myself, and he's been very gentle about it. I sometimes wish I could have a dad just like him, except for the sex of course. That would just be too creepy."

"Yes, I can see your point!" chuckled Wayne. "But what if he wasn't really your dad, but you ended up living with him?"

"That would be a completely different story!" laughed Louis. "We'd be making love every night!"

"All I can say is that unless you do really well with the assignments he's helping you with, and your parents see his value as a tutor for you on their own, you probably wouldn't get away with having Stephen at your house very much, if at all." said Wayne. "On the other hand, they probably won't think anything of Colin or the other boys coming by to see you often. I know it sucks, but your parents aren't going to budge on their views of homosexuality."

"Then I'll have to be an A student when I return to school, and make them see Stephen as the greatest tutor ever!" smiled Louis. "I can't go without seeing him now."

"I'm just happy that you've learned to accept the love of another male so well Louis." replied Wayne. "That will help make sure you don't try to hurt yourself again."

It seems that Louis has a predicament now, but Wayne is helping him with it as much as he can. I know there seems to be a lot of sex right now, but it is important to the story, so I hope everyone understands. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: I will do one, or possibly two more chapters of this story before moving on, so look for the next update soon. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 15.